The Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters offering is now closed and is no longer accepting investments.

Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters

Innovative Local Roaster Going Global

Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters

Innovative Local Roaster Going Global

Charlottesville, VA
Food & Beverage
Major growth trends converge for this multi-faceted, innovative coffee company with a 29-year record of success — now poised for international expansion.


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This offering ended on November 24, 2021 and is no longer accepting investments.

Reasons to invest

  • Huge Growth Potential: Coffee is booming internationally. In an industry dominated by mature companies, Greenberry’s is a growth opportunity, expanding our footprint throughout the U.S. and in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.
  • Diverse and Innovative Portfolio: From company-owned cafes to franchises we sell our beverages through; roasting, canning, and direct-to-consumer sales; RTD coffee, Hard Coffee, and robust retail and distribution networks, Greenberry’s is fully equipped with proven revenue streams and innovative products. Our newest offering, the first-to-market Nitro with Alcohol, targets multiple cutting-edge growth trends in the exploding hard coffee segment (11,000% growth 2019–2020).
  • Outstanding Character: Since our start in 1992, Greenberry’s has been committed to superior quality, ethical sourcing, community-oriented business, innovation, and bringing people together over great coffee. We’re proud of our record of success in restaurants (3 cafes in Virginia & DC), roasting and distribution (top seller for Costco and one of the first local roasters sold at Mid-Atlantic Whole Foods), franchising (6 domestic and 25 international locations), and direct-to-consumer online sales (228% average quarter-over-quarter growth in 2019–2020).


Growth-Oriented Opportunity in the Expanding Global Coffee Market

Since we started in 1992 as the first craft roaster in Charlottesville, Virginia, we’ve steadily expanded our footprint domestically. In the last seven years, Greenberry’s launched internationally, with 19 franchise locations in Asia and the Middle East selling our coffee. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Greenberry’s went national with the launch of a new eCommerce store. More recently, growing distribution and retail partnerships in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast are putting our products directly in front of more and more customers. 

With 29 years of success under our belt, Greenberry’s continues to focus on quality, hand-crafted products. Our vertical integration (we do everything but grow the beans) provides economies of scale, improved coordination and reduced costs, and less fluctuation in the supply chain. 

Greenberry’s continues to diversify, introducing Cold Brew in 2015, Nitro Cold Brew in 2016, and the groundbreaking Nitro Cold Brew with Alcohol in 2020. 

This delicious new beverage is riding a wave of multiple market trends converging in the hard coffee space, which has experienced 11,000% growth since 2019.


Existing Coffee Opportunities Have Already Matured

The global coffee market continues to grow, but it is dominated by multinational conglomerates (JAB, Starbucks, Nestle, Keurig, Dr. Pepper, Dunkin, etc.). There is space for smaller, community-oriented businesses if they have the right mix of resources, products, and connections. 

WATCH — Experienced Craft Coffee Roasters


Successful Coffee Innovator with an Upward Trajectory

Greenberry’s, a 29-year veteran in the beverage industry with an existing footprint in 5 countries, is delivering craft coffee to consumers around the U.S. and internationally. We supply hand-roasted beans and high-quality RTD coffees to the domestic and international markets through direct-to-consumer sales, a growing network of distributors, retailers, cafes, and franchises. 


Building on a history of strong sales and innovation in the coffee space, we are now rolling out our new Nitro Cold Brew with Alcohol, introduced in 2020. In 2021, we’ve already signed deals with distributors to get this popular new product onto shelves around the Southeast. We anticipate that the rest of the U.S. and our international markets will soon follow.



This is a chance to invest in a company with room to grow that brings people together over coffee they feel good about.

WATCH — The Nitro Hard Coffee Opportunity


Riding the Waves of Top Coffee Trends

Consumers continue to enjoy coffee in cafes, but preferences are changing. Greenberry’s is positioned to meet consumers’ needs no matter what their coffee preferences are. 

Whole Beans and Cafe Coffee: Consumer appetites for specialty coffee continue to grow, and consumers are willing to pay more for beverages they consider high-quality. 

Greenberry’s hand-roasted craft coffee appeals to both today’s cafe culture and coffee lovers enjoying their drink at home.


RTD Coffee: Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee was growing in popularity. The RTD Nitro Cold Brew market grew almost 40% in 2019. The pandemic accelerated that trend as consumers looked for more ways to enjoy coffee at home or on the go. 

Greenberry’s Nitro Cold Brew, introduced in 2015, is a consumer favorite that continues to grow in popularity. 


Hard Coffee: Right now, hard coffee is outpacing almost all other beverage categories — combined — at 11,000% growth in 2019! Consumers are demanding quality in the midst of this innovation on the world’s two favorite beverages, and no other brand is getting the product right. This new market segment is at the convergence of multiple trends: 

  • Alcoholic RTD  – 46% average annual growth 2018–2020
  • Craft Spirits – 25% average annual growth 2017–2020
  • Nitro Cold Brew Coffee – 40% growth 2019


As sales of traditional alcohol (beer, wine, etc.) slump, alternative alcohols such as hard coffee are booming, following the pattern set by hard seltzers in the last decade. 

Greenberry’s Nitro Cold Brew with Alcohol is our first-to-market beverage in this space, introduced in 2020. It combines ethically sourced beans, pure and delicious flavor, neutral spirits and bourbon vs. the malt alcohol or wine used by other hard coffee brands, and perfect levels of caffeine (34mg) and alcohol (4–5% ABV).


WATCH — Inside the Innovation


29 Years of Craft Coffee

Greenberry’s has been roasting, brewing, selling, packing, shipping, and distributing coffee since 1992.


Today, Greenberry’s products are distributed in 48 U.S. states and 4 other countries, so the road is already paved for rapid domestic and international expansion of the new Nitro lines.


Online direct-to-consumer sales are growing too, with an average of 228% quarter-over-quarter growth in 2019 and 2020.

WATCH — Savvy Business People


Greenberry’s Plans to Deliver Exceptional Coffee across Four Continents

We aim to take our blend of bold flavors, quality ingredients, and consumer convenience to the next level.

Regional partnerships with Whole Foods, Walmart, and Costco are ready to expand into national distribution.

Connections in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East are gateways to international distribution.

We believe that in the next five years, Greenberry’s spirit-infused nitro cold brew and other coffee products will have distribution footprints across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


We are especially excited about the prospects for Nitro with Alcohol — our team is on track to establish distributor and retail partners in each region, and our bolder, healthier hard coffee will surely make waves in those markets.


Meet the Greenberry’s Founders

Founders Sean and Roxanne Simmons have over 30 years of experience in the specialty coffee industry. Greenberry’s, which brought the first high-quality locally roasted coffee to Charlottesville, VA, in 1992, has now grown into a blossoming brand gaining traction in international markets.  

The recent launch of Greenberry’s hard coffee shows what Sean and Roxanne are best at — roasting world-class coffee with an entrepreneurial spirit for innovation. Greenberry’s business and coffee management team members share this vision and have made it a reality.

With our sights set on broader expansion and future innovation, now is the time to invite investors like you into the journey.

WATCH — Coffee + Business, A Love Story


You Can Own a Share of Every Bean and Cup of Coffee We Distribute

With a 29-year track record, a growing domestic and international distribution network, and superior products, Greenberry’s is the right brand to excel in the changing coffee market, especially with the rise of RTD coffee and RTD coffee cocktails.


We believe the growth we've seen so far in our Nitro lines is just the beginning of an explosive shift in the beverage markets. 

Alongside our craft roasting and distribution, Greenberry's Nitro Cold Brew with Alcohol is the innovative product that uniquely positions us for the future of coffee.

Are you ready?


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Time-Based Perks

  • Invest within the first 4 days and receive 15% bonus shares
  • Invest in days 5-10 days and receive 10% bonus shares
  • Invest within days 11-17 of the campaign and receive 5% bonus shares

Volume-Based Perks

Tier 1 – $197

  • Nitro Owner’s Certificate
  • 5% off all online purchases for 1 year 

Tier 2 – $497

  • Nitro Owner’s Certificate
  • 1 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Owner’s Sticker
  • 10% off all online purchases for 1 year  

Tier 3 – $997

  • 2% Bonus Shares
  • Nitro Owner’s Certificate & Nitro Up “Founders Club” Lifetime Status
  • 2 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Owner’s Stickers
  • 2 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Coasters
  • 2 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Pint Glasses
  • $25 Online Gift Card
  • 10% off all online purchases for 1 year 

Tier 4 – $2,997

  • 3% Bonus Shares
  • Nitro Owner’s Certificate & Nitro Up “Founders Club” Lifetime Status
  • 2 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Owner’s Stickers
  • 2 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Coasters
  • 2 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Pint Glasses
  • $35 Online Gift Card
  • 15% off all online purchases for 1 year 

Tier 5 – $4,997

  • 5% Bonus Shares 
  • Nitro Owner’s Certificate & Nitro Up “Founders Club” Lifetime Status
  • 2 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Owner’s Stickers
  • 4 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Coasters
  • 4 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Pint Glasses
  • $50 Online Gift Card
  • 15% off all online purchases for 1 year 
  • Invitation to a Nitro Canning Session

Tier 6 – $9,997

  • 8% Bonus Shares 
  • Nitro Owner’s Certificate & Nitro Up “Founders Club” Lifetime Status
  • 4 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Owner’s Stickers
  • 4 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Coasters
  • 4 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Pint Glasses
  • $100 Online Gift Card
  • 20% off all online purchases for 1 year
  • Invitation to a Nitro Canning session

Tier 7 – $19,997

  • 9% Bonus Shares
  • Nitro Owner’s Certificate & Nitro Up “Founders Club” Lifetime Status
  • 4 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Owner’s Stickers
  • 4 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Coasters
  • 4 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Pint Glasses
  • $100 Online Gift Card
  • 20% off all online purchases for 1 year 
  • Roaster and Brewer for a Day Experience

Tier 8 – $49,997

  • 10% Bonus Shares
  • Nitro Owner’s Certificate & Nitro Up “Founders Club” Lifetime Status
  • 4 Exclusive Greenberry's Nitro Owner’s Stickers
  • 4 Greenberry's Nitro Coasters
  • 4 Greenberry's Nitro Pint Glasses
  • $100 Online Gift Card
  • 20% off all online purchases for 1 year 
  • Nitro Up Experience – 2 night stay in Charlottesville, invitation to Roast and Brew for a Day with the owners followed by local excursions in the restaurant, winery, and brewery capital of the US

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

StartEngine 10% Owners' Bonus

Greenberry's Coffee Roasters, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $11 / share, you will receive 10 additional Common Stock shares, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $1,100. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are cancelled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

Example - The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

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Accounts Receivable
$80,824.00 USD
$134,305.00 USD
Short Term Debt
$351,100.00 USD
$390,026.00 USD
Long Term Debt
$159,900.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Revenues And Sales
$1,785,849.00 USD
$2,376,867.00 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold
$1,232,785.00 USD
$1,562,405.00 USD
Taxes Paid
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Net Income
$149,828.00 USD
$141,128.00 USD


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Cold Coffee Grows, Greenberry’s Follows Suit

12 days ago

Greenberry’s introduced the novelty Nitro Cold Brew back in 2016. Since then, it has proven to be a consumer favorite that continues to grow in popularity.

In 2020, the introduction of Nitro Cold Brew w/ Alcohol marked the beginning of a new era for Greenberry’s. Both product lines capitalize on a current trend in the RTD market.

The RTD U.S. Market is predicted to grow by 67% in the next five years, and it currently makes up roughly 20% of the U.S. coffee market as a whole. (Mintel) With canned coffee on the rise, Greenberry’s plans to take advantage of the expanding market and increase distribution of nitro cold brew products.

Click Here to Invest in Canned Coffee Growth

Greenberry’s Strengthens its Team after First StartEngine Campaign

15 days ago

In 2021, Greenberry’s launched its first crowdfund campaign on StartEngine for Nitro Cold Brew. The funds raised during this campaign has allowed the company to step into the next phase of growth!

Because of generous investors like you, Greenberry’s was able to strengthen the team behind the coffee you love.

  • Our team now includes a Marketing Director that guides us with a clear strategy as we expand and the talent to execute as our coffee products’ availability grows. 

  • Our Director of Sales and Distribution also provides dedicated connections to our brokers, retailers, and wholesalers along the East Coast and the Midwest. 

  • The Director of Retail Operations gives us the resources we need to add additional company-owned and franchise cafes in the next 3 years. 

Click Here to Invest in Strengthening the Greenberry’s Team

Coffee Still the Most Consumed Drink in America

20 days ago

Americans continue to consume more coffee than any other beverage.

With the increase in ready-to-drink coffee products, such as canned cold brew, more Americans are turning to coffee as their beverage of choice.

In September 2021, the National Coffee Data Trends reported that “more Americans (60%) drank coffee in the past day than drank any other beverage (including tap water).” (NCA)

Greenberry’s capitalizes on this national trend by providing a diverse range of RTD coffee products and an increased focus on cafe expansion.

Click Here to Invest in the Most Consumed Drink in America

Cafe Spaces Welcome Coffee Lovers Back Post-Pandemic

24 days ago

Coffee lovers are finally able to sip their favorite beverage inside a cafe space again.

2020 will go down in history as a tough year for the coffee industry. With many independent coffee shops going out of business and major chains shifting their focus solely to drive-thrus, consumers have been itching to return to their beloved local cafes. 

Recent data highlights a 20% increase in coffee consumption at cafes and restaurants. (NCA)

As more people return to coffee shops, Greenberry’s prepares to meet their needs and continue to expand cafes across the globe.

Click Here to Invest in the Post-COVID Cafe Surge

The Future of the Cold Brew Coffee Market Looks Hot

25 days ago

Since cold brew coffee hit the market years ago, its popularity has skyrocketed.

In 2017, the cold brew coffee market “stood at around 166 million U.S. dollars.” However, research estimates that the market will increase to a whopping $944.16 million by the year 2025. (Statista)

As the market increases, Greenberry’s is taking steps to grow along with it. 

With the support of investors on StartEngine, Greenberry’s is doubling production capacity for ready-to-drink products and continuing to expand distribution in grocery chains, retailers, and convenience stores. 

Click Here to Invest in the Rapidly-Expanding Cold Coffee Market

The “Third Place” Vanishes, so Greenberry’s Steps In

25 days ago

Coffee lovers across the globe are losing their neighborhood gathering places – that beloved “Third Place” between home and work or school.

During the COVID pandemic, an astonishing number of coffee shops closed their doors. More than 7% of coffee shops closed in 2020 alone. (Food and Wine

Even Starbucks has abandoned its sit-down cafe model of providing the “Third Place” and has shifted focus to drive-thrus. In fact, roughly 60% of Starbucks were drive-thru focused as of January 2021. (QSR)

Greenberry’s is stepping in to fill this gap, and create a place where good people can gather to enjoy great coffee. 

Click Here to Invest in the Future of Greenberry’s

Greenberry’s Products Now Sold in Over 300 Locations

27 days ago

Since introducing ready-to-drink Cold Brew Coffee in 2016, Greenberry’s continues to expand distribution to over 300 different venues.

Greenberry’s proudly opened its doors back in 1992! Since then, it has continued to grow and evolve. The creation of RTD Nitro Cold Brew and Nitro Cold Brew with Spirits has allowed Greenberry's coffee to reach an even larger audience.

Costco, Whole Foods, and Walmart are merely a few of the many stores that now carry Greenberry’s coffee products.

The amount of stores that sell Greenberry’s products has more than tripled since 2018, from 96 locations to 333.

Click Here to Invest in the Growing Distribution of Greenberry’s Coffee

Cold Coffee Consumption is on the Rise

28 days ago

Hot coffee is still number one, but maybe not for much longer.

“Cold coffee is rapidly rising in popularity, especially among younger Millennial and Gen Z consumers. As iced tea has replaced traditional hot tea as the go-to drink for younger generations, many have projected that in the next decade, cold coffee will outpace hot coffee as the format of choice,” according to restaurant industry authority FSR.

Cold coffee, such as Greenberry’s Nitro Cold Brew and Nitro Cold Brew with Alcohol, is especially popular during the warmer months of the year, but consumers enjoy it year-round and customize it to drink any time of day.

Greenberry’s successful first investment round on StartEngine helped us double our production capacity for our RTD cold coffee lines.

We are building on these investments and 30 years of profitability with this raise. Join us today!

Click Here to Invest in the Rise of Cold Coffee

Americans Drink More Coffee Now Than 20 Years Ago!

about 1 month ago

More Americans drink coffee now than at any time in the past 20 years.

“The number of Americans who said they drank coffee within the past day was 66%, which is 1% higher than reported last fall, and 4% higher than the final NCDT report before the pandemic onset in early 2020,” according to Daily Coffee News.

That’s not only at home. Coffee consumption outside of the home is up 8% in the past year.

And 43% of those coffee drinkers were enjoying “specialty coffee,” such as Greenberry’s craft-roasted coffee.

As coffee lovers return to cafes seeking top-quality coffee, Greenberry’s is growing to fill the gap left by independent cafes and specialty roasters that closed during the pandemic.

Click Here to Invest in the Growth of Coffee Consumption

The Increasing Need for Coffee Shops

about 1 month ago

Americans’ coffee tastes are becoming more sophisticated.

Those changing preferences are fueling a strong and growing demand for coffee shops.

“A large number of people in developed markets appreciate coffee as [an] artisanal product and focus on sustainable sourcing and brewing techniques … The coffee culture has moved toward added value and sophistication. With increasing demand for coffee, the need for coffee shops is expected to rise … Speciality coffee shops that focus mainly on baristas and gourmet coffee are witnessing steady growth.”

That’s from a new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., which shows that the global coffee shops market could reach $193.4 billion by 2026.

Greenberry’s is expanding its cafe footprint to meet consumer demand in the wake of record closures of independent coffee shops during the pandemic and a shift toward drive-thru among the major coffee chains.

Click Here to Invest in the Growth of Coffee Shops

Greenberry’s Cafes Delight Coffee Purists and Indulgers Alike

about 1 month ago

There are two types of coffee drinkers: Indulgers and Purists.

According to restaurant industry authority FSR, Indulgers see coffee as a treat and expect their cup to include milk, foam, chocolate powders, you name it. They are the latte, cappuccino, and macchiato drinkers of the world and like having that special ingredient added to their drink. The Purists, on the other hand, view their coffee as a treat in and of itself. They explore the subtle nuances of high-quality coffee and love learning about the different properties that each cup delivers.”

For coffee shops, this highlights the importance of the cafe experience, where consumers can sit and enjoy a coffee beverage they can’t easily prepare at home. Greenberry’s provides that experience with craft-roasted, ethically sourced coffee for the Purists and everyday favorites and seasonal specialties created by our baristas for the Indulgers. And everyone can enjoy our chef-inspired menus and comfortable surroundings.

Greenberry’s is expanding our cafe footprint to bring that beloved cafe experience to more coffee lovers around the U.S. and internationally.

You can invest in top coffee trends through our new raise on StartEngine – click below to learn more –

Learn More about Top Cafe Coffee Trends through Greenberry’s New Raise

Exclusive Investor Q&A Webinar: 24 Hour Countdown!

about 1 month ago

🚨Calling all Greenberry's Fans, Investors, and Followers 🚨

Our executive team will be hosting an exclusive investor Q&A webinar in 24 hours April 14th, 2:30 PM Eastern Time. 

This is a unique opportunity to meet our co-founder and CEO, Sean Simmons for a live pitch update and get all of your questions answered!

Time is running low, you can register for the webinar on Zoom here.

We encourage you to invite a friend or coffee lover that you think would be interested in this opportunity. I look forward to seeing you there!

Sean Simmons
Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters

Register to Meet Greenberry's CEO with Live Q&A Here

Webinar Reminder: Time is Running Out!

about 1 month ago

Hello, Greenberry’s Followers & Investors! 

Our executive team will be hosting an exclusive investor Q&A webinar on April 14th, 2:30 PM Eastern / 11:30 AM Pacific Time! There is only 5 days left before we go live!

We look forward to discussing everything related to Greenberry's and answering all your burning investment questions –

You can register for the webinar on Zoom here.

We encourage everyone to spread the word to their network about investing and joining this exclusive online event!


Sean Simmons

Greenberry’s Co-Founder

Click Here to Register for the Investor Q&A with Greenberry's Co-Founder Sean Simmons

Momentum Continues as Another Major Milestone Eclipsed!

about 1 month ago

Greenberry’s Grows to Meet Demand for Cold Coffee

about 1 month ago

Cold coffee is booming, and Greenberry’s is expanding to meet the demand.

Over the past four years, iced coffee consumption grew 19% and cold brew consumption grew 245%. The pandemic was just one influence, as many delivery consumers chose to try cold coffee for the first time. According to GrubHub, cold brew became a top-five delivery item in 2020, with 206% growth over the prior year (Business Insider).

Cold coffee is more popular among younger consumers, but consumption is growing across age groups: up 29% among ages 45–59, up 27% among ages 30–44, and up 27% among consumers under 30 (Foodservice Director).

The growth in cold coffee is good news for coffee companies and their investors because cold coffee is a premium product with higher prices compared to traditional coffee.

Greenberry’s was an early innovator in cold brew with our RTD Nitro Cold Brew and our first-to-market Nitro Cold Brew with Alcohol.

With support from StartEngine investors, Greenberry’s is doubling production capacity for our RTD coffee lines and expanding distribution through major grocery chains, smaller retailers, and convenience stores.

Click Here to Invest in Greenberry's New Offering on StartEngine

FINAL DAY for 15% Bonus Shares (Friends & Family Round)

about 1 month ago

15% Bonus Shares End Today at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST – Click Here to Invest in Our New Offering Now

As a previous investor and follower, we wanted to make sure you saw that today is the final day to get the friends and family 15% bonus shares as part of our new raise.

We believe good coffee brings people together – but there are far less places like us in a post-COVID world. Nearly 1 in 10 smaller coffee shops closed for good during the pandemic and the majority of big chain coffee shops are now focusing on drive-thru and drive-thru only stores.

But coffee lovers are still seeking a place to meet friends, catch up on some remote work, and grab a bite to eat.

We are stepping up to fill this void left after the pandemic, and we want you to join us!

Click Here to Invest in Bringing People Together Around Good Coffee and get 15% Bonus Shares

New Raise Hitting Momentum – Passes $50K + 50 Investors!

about 1 month ago

And just like that, our second milestone has been eclipsed – $50,000 raised and 50 investors!

We believe there is a big opportunity in the cafe space due to so many independent coffee shops closing for good during COVID and the two biggest chains focusing on drive-thru for most of their stores.

We are stepping up to fill in the gap – take a look at our new offering here:

Click Here to Learn More About Greenberry's New Offering

New Raise Eclipses First Major Milestone!

about 1 month ago

With our new raise, we've already eclipsed our first major milestone of $25,000!

THANK YOU to all of our first-time and repeat investors that share our vision of good coffee bringing people together!

Click Here to Invest in the New Offering from Greenberry's


about 2 months ago

Greenberry's just launched a new equity crowdfund through StartEngine.

You can learn more here:

While the initial raise focused on the new line of Nitro products, this exciting new opportunity for investors focuses on aggressive cafe expansion in the US and increasing our international distribution.

"We had an incredible experience and were overwhelmed by the support of our fans, customers, and the StartEngine community in our initial raise. As we look at the post-COVID landscape of coffee shops with nearly 1 in 10 independent cafes closing permanently and over 2/3 of the big chain cafes focusing on drive-thru, it was a no-brainer to open this opportunity up to our fans and the StartEngine community as well. I hope you will take the time to review our new offering and consider whether to add Greenberry's into your portfolio."

- Sean Simmons, Greenberry's Founder

With 30 years of profitability, we have big plans for the future. You can learn more about our new StartEngine offering by clicking here:

Click Here to Explore Greenberry's New StartEngine Offering

Thanks to SE Investors, We've Been Growing!

2 months ago

We wanted to take a moment and tell you how much we appreciate your support of Greenberry’s!

With the help of investors like you from StartEngine, we have already started scaling our growth. This includes:

  • Hiring our first Marketing Director, giving us a clear strategy as we expand and the talent to execute as our coffee products’ availability grows.

  • Hiring our first Director of Sales and Distribution, providing dedicated connections to our brokers, retailers, and wholesalers along the East Coast and the Midwest. 

  • Nearing completion of our new 10,000 square foot roasting, brewing, and taproom facility to meet increasing demand; this new facility doubles our roasting capacity, doubles our brewing capacity, doubles our roasting team, and gives a unique coffee experience to both locals and travelers.

  • Promoting one of our long-time employees to Director of Retail Operations, giving us the resources we need to add additional company-owned and franchise cafes in 2022.

None of these new team members or expansion efforts would be possible without the StartEngine community – thank you!!!

With overwhelming gratitude,

Sean and Roxanne Simmons – Greenberry's Founders

*FINAL UPDATE* Offer Closes in 3 Hours

6 months ago

This is our final ask.

The offer closes at midnight. Take action and make our success your success!

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6 months ago

The time is now. Join over 350 investors who are catching the waves of global coffee trends and are making Greenberry's success their own success.

You can join us. But hurry, this offering closes for good at midnight tonight.

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FINAL HOURS TO INVEST! (Craft coffee roaster expanding internationally)

6 months ago

We have a clear roadmap and big horizons. The only thing missing is you!

Click Here to Invest Now

“Proliferation” Next for Nitro (16 hours left to invest)

6 months ago

Nitro coffee continues to grow in popularity in the United States.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the product and looking for it not only in cafes, but also in restaurants and retailers.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, nitro’s appearance on restaurant menus grew 300% over the past four years.

Research from Datassential shows that nitro coffee is in the “Adoption” stage in the restaurant menu adoption cycle, with “Proliferation” coming next, followed by “Ubiquity.”

That’s great news for nitro investors, as this new product appears to have a long growth period ahead of it. (Nation’s Restaurant News

But Greenberry's offering is coming to a close. You have less than 16 hours to make this growth potential part of your portfolio.

Click Here to Invest in Nitro and the Rest of the Greenberry’s Roasting Operation


6 months ago

This is the final full day to take advantage of this opportunity!

Click Here to Invest

Trained by Craft Coffee Legends: Anderson’s and Peet’s

6 months ago

Greenberry’s rich coffee heritage goes way back to the roots of American craft coffee.

“My husband’s father introduced us to a guy named Jamie,” says co-founder Roxanne Simmons, “Who ran a small coffee shop in Austin, Texas.”

That was Jamie Anderson of Anderson’s coffee, a storied roaster and cafe that still serves customers in Austin and nationwide today.

Jamie connected Roxanne and Sean with his friend, craft coffee pioneer Alfred Peet. (Peet’s Coffee is now owned by conglomerate JAB Holding Company.)

“I really consider Alfred to be the original specialty coffee guy in America,” says Sean Simmons. “He was the impetus for Starbucks.”

Roxanne and Sean apprenticed under these two masters and brought their expertise to Virginia.

For the last 29 years, Greenberry’s has delivered that same quality coffee experience to customers through traditional coffees and espressos and innovative products such as Nitro Cold Brew and Nitro Cold Brew with Alcohol.

You can take advantage of this rich heritage and become a co-owner of Greenberry's. But invest today because this offering closes on Tuesday at 9 AM Pacific.

Invest in the Future of a Rich Coffee Tradition

2 Days Left to Make Greenberry’s Success Yours!

6 months ago

You have 2 days left to catch the waves of major coffee trends in the US and around the world.

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Millennials Set New Coffee-Drinking Record in 2021

6 months ago

Great news for coffee investors: coffee continues to grow in popularity among younger generations.

The Food Institute reports that 65% of Millenials drank coffee in the past day, a record for that demographic. 46% of Gen Z reported drinking coffee in the past day, up 10% since the beginning of the year.

These tastemakers (and their growing spending power) are helping maintain coffee’s status as the most-consumed beverage in the U.S. 

One reason for the growth in consumption among these age groups is innovative coffee beverages (such as Greenberry’s Nitro and Nitro with Alcohol).

“Rather than grabbing a coffee on the morning commute, consumers are treating themselves to a cold coffee beverage with unique flavors they cannot make at home,” said Linda Zayer, a marketing professor at Loyola University Chicago. (The Food Institute)

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Greenberry's Investment Opportunity Closes in 3 Days

6 months ago

You have 3 days to make Greenberry's success story part of your success story.

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Bringing Craft Coffee Culture to Japan

6 months ago

Vending machine coffee was king in Japan in 2016, just as Greenberry’s was establishing its footprint there.

Japan’s coffee culture, though, was starting to move toward “kodawari,” roughly translated as “passionate devotion to a craft” — in this case, the art of brewing a delicious cup of coffee.

Greenberry’s has opened 12 franchise locations in Japan to date and continues to bring the home-away-from-home coffee shop feeling and specialty coffee experience to Japanese consumers.

In addition to its locations in Japan, Greenberry’s has 9 franchise locations in Saudi Arabia and is preparing for expansion in Europe.

Click Here to Invest in the International Growth of Craft Coffee


6 months ago

You have 4 days left to make Greenberry’s success yours.

The highlights of this opportunity:

  • 29-year-old company with a proven track record
  • Multiple exposures in eCommerce, retail, wholesale, cafes, and franchises
  • Varied product portfolio that includes coffee beans, canned RTD coffee, K-cup, and hard coffee
  • Robust international opportunity with active expansion in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe

If you are looking to invest in beverages, coffee, or a domestic company moving international, this is your shot!

Invest in Greenberry’s Today

Specialty Coffee Capturing the Convenience Store Market

6 months ago

Specialty coffee is reaching a wider audience than ever before with the explosive growth of cold brew coffee and RTD beverages.

The cold brew market could grow to $1.63 billion by 2025, and the entire RTD market could grow to $36 billion by 2025 as consumers discover and buy new coffee products in places such as convenience stores, gyms, and local eateries.

Coffee has long been a top seller in convenience stores. Now, as cold brew and RTD coffee show up more often in these retail locations, specialty roasters (such as Greenberry’s) are getting their products noticed by a wider audience.

“It’s given more people a reason to drink better coffee … a jumping-off point for specialty coffee when they might have otherwise walked right by,” said Charles Babinski, co-founder of Go Get ‘Em Tiger Coffee Shop in LA. (Perfect Daily Grind)

Greenberry’s Nitro Cold Brew is hitting convenience stores and other retailers (including major grocery chains) around the Southeast, with more distribution deals in the works.

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Capture Profits at Multiple Layers with Greenberry’s

6 months ago

Greenberry’s has been a vertically integrated company from its start in 1992. The benefits for the business are clear: steadier supply chains, economies of scale, less fluctuation, more coordination …

For the investor, that means more potential profit. CEO and co-founder Sean Simmons explains:

“We allow for the capture of the multiple layers of profit in the production and distribution of the products that we sell.

“Greenberry’s secures and roasts the coffee in our own facilities, creates and brews the Nitro Cold Brew in our own facilities as well, including the canning of the products, and are able to bring it to market.

“So if someone’s looking to invest in our company, they have the added benefit of that vertical integration, and the ability to capture multiple layers of profitability.”

Invest in a Vertically Integrated Coffee Company Today

Plenty of Room to Grow for RTD Coffee

6 months ago

RTD coffee has a promising future according to industry analysts. Coffee remains the most popular drink other than water, and consumers continue to look for innovative ways to enjoy it.

“[RTD coffee’s] growth has been fueled by wider cold coffee trends, convenience, and a focus on health and wellbeing in some cases … In 2020, 46% of surveyed Generation Z consumers said they drink RTD coffee.”

The RTD hard coffee subset is an “incredibly young product class,” with many consumers still encountering it for the first time, so it still has plenty of room to grow. (Perfect Daily Grind)

With Greenberry’s RTD Cold Brew and Cold Brew with Alcohol appearing on more retailers’ shelves throughout the U.S., investing in this offering is a great way to take advantage of the growth potential.

Click Here to Invest in RTD Coffee with Greenberry’s

Whole Foods Now Sell Greenberry’s Nitro

6 months ago

Great news! Greenberry’s just signed deals with Whole Foods to stock Non-Alcohol Nitro.

Whole Foods, which already carries other Greenberry’s coffee products, has more than 500 retail locations across the United States. Greenberry’s was one of the first craft coffee roasters carried in Whole Foods, starting in 2006.

Greenberry’s coffee products are also carried by other major retailers like Walmart and Costco plus numerous local and specialty stores.

Click here to invest in Greenberry’s growth

*NEW FACILITY UPDATE* – Doubling Roasting & Brewing Capacity (again)!

6 months ago

New Facility Update from Greenberry's Founder, Sean Simmons!!

  • DOUBLES Roasting Capacity (for the second time in 5 years!)*
  • DOUBLES Brewing Capacity (for the second time in 3 years!)*
  • DOUBLES Roasting Staff (new facility will house a second roasting team, dedicated to our Nitro Cold Brew lines)

Click Here to Invest in Greenberry's Growth

Own a Share of Every Bean We Roast

7 months ago

Greenberry’s began as a craft coffee roaster in 1992, and we’ve maintained a tradition of excellence and quality for the last 29 years, even as our roasting capacity has multiplied.

Today we supply hand-roasted beans to our Greenberry’s cafes, franchise locations around the world, large retailers such as Whole Foods, and independent coffee shops.

As an investor in Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters, you own a share of every bean we roast and sell. So you can profit from the growth of our distribution network around the U.S. and internationally.

Invest or Add to Your Investment in Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters

Gen Z Loves RTD Coffee

7 months ago

In 2020, 46% of Generation Z consumers drank RTD coffee. Considering the generation’s trendsetting influence and entrance into the full-time workforce, the future looks good for RTD coffee.

This is part of a broader move toward greater consumption of retail coffee of all types. Data suggests continued growth in the at-home coffee market, which experienced a boost during the COVID-19 pandemic (Mintel).

That’s good news for Greenberry’s investors as canned Nitro and Nitro with Alcohol expand distribution around the United States and internationally.

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Parallels Between Hard Coffee and Hard Seltzer

7 months ago

Ready-to-drink coffee has been one of the fastest-growing coffee segments. Now, industry experts believe RTD coffee with alcohol (“RTD hard coffee”) could follow the trajectory of hard seltzer (

Hard seltzers appeared in the early 2010s as lower-calorie alternatives to sugary cocktails. Innovators and imitators emerged, and now most consumers are familiar with White Claw, Truly, and other major brands.

Greenberry’s introduced its first-to-market Nitro Cold Brew with Alcohol in the spring of 2020, featuring craft coffee, neutral spirits and bourbon, and a selection of perfectly-balanced flavors. It is a lower-calorie, full-flavor beverage that capitalizes on consumers’ search for new ways to enjoy coffee and alcohol conveniently.

Your investment in Greenberry’s positions you to profit from potential growth in this market segment.

Click here to invest in Greenberry’s today

Your Investment Can Grow with Our Franchise Network

8 months ago

Many Greenberry’s fans are familiar with our company-owned cafes, retail distribution, and direct-to-consumer sales. But did you know that franchising is also a major part of our business?

Greenberry’s franchise cafes are found in the U.S., Japan, and Saudi Arabia. While these franchises are individually owned, they source their coffee from Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters, so your investment in Greenberry’s benefits indirectly from our growing franchise network.

Invest in a growing coffee company

Notice of Material Change in Offering

8 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Greenberry's Nitro Hard Coffee offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer extended their campaign to November 23.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

Notice of Material Change in Offering

8 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Greenberry's Nitro Hard Coffee offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer extended their campaign to November 23.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

Greenberry’s Named to 7 Best StartEngine Startups

8 months ago

InvestorPlace included Greenberry’s in its recent list, “7 of the Best Startups on StartEngine to Hop On Right Now.”

Here’s a quote from the review:

“Greenberry’s Nitro Hard Coffee is set to benefit from not just one market, but three markets that all have witnessed rapid growth — and this growth is expected to continue. These three markets are nitro cold-brew coffee, craft beverages and ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages.

“Greenberry’s Nitro Hard Coffee combines coffee with alcohol and comes in six varieties. I find the combination of craft roasted coffee with neutral spirits or bourbon exciting, being a coffee lover.”

Click Here to Invest Now

Thank you for your support!

8 months ago

Dear Coffee Lover,

We just added our 360th investor in Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters! We are so grateful for your support. Thank you for following our progress and sharing with others who might be interested in this investment opportunity.

Investor rewards are still available as one way to show our appreciation. Please click here to see the rewards.

We’re so excited about bringing our craft coffee and innovative Nitro products to more consumers around the U.S. and in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia — and about sharing that opportunity with more people like you.


Roxanne and Sean

Greenberry’s Founders

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Vertical Integration — Not Just Canning

9 months ago

Greenberry’s isn’t merely an RTD canning company.

When you invest in Greenberry’s, you get a stake in a vertically integrated company that does everything but grow the beans, which are ethically sourced from local farmers.

Your investment in Greenberry’s includes —

  • Multiple coffee products including whole bean, K-cup, cold brew, and the canned Nitro lines

  • An established roasting operation

  • International distribution 

  • International franchise network

  • Retail sales

  • RTD canning

  • Direct-to-consumer sales online

  • Company-owned cafes

Vertical integration brings many benefits, including —

  • Improved coordination and reduced costs

  • Less fluctuation in the supply chain

  • Economies of scale

All of that adds up to a well-established enterprise built for growth, and with our new Nitro products hitting new markets, we’re excited about the future.

Click here to invest in Greenberry’s, a vertically integrated coffee producer

Nitro Hits the College Campus

9 months ago

Greenberry’s just agreed with foodservice giant Aramark to make Non-Alcoholic Nitro available in all five on-campus convenience stores at the University of Virginia.

This puts Nitro at the fingertips of the University’s 28,000 employees, 16,000 undergrads, and 7,800 graduate students — plus the hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Greenberry’s already has three cafes on the UVA campus (or Grounds, as it is locally known). 

Universities are steeped in caffeine culture, so we anticipate a significant boost in retail sales with this new agreement.*

*This is considered a forward-looking statement, as students have not yet returned for the fall semester when Nitro products will be made available.

Click here to invest in Greenberry's

Greenberry’s Is on 3 Continents

9 months ago

Greenberry’s is based in central Virginia, but our coffee roasting distribution footprint is already established on three continents.

In addition to cafe and retail sales around the United States, Greenberry’s has franchises in Japan (10) and Saudi Arabia (9). All coffee sold in these locations is sourced and roasted by our company, so while investors do not gain shares directly in these overseas cafes, they do still benefit because these cafes sell coffee and other products from Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters, the company listed through StartEngine.

Preparations continue for expansion into European markets through our affiliate company in Ireland.

Invest in an established and growing international coffee distributor

Lower Calorie RTD Coffee

9 months ago

Historically, RTD coffee and coffee liqueurs are sugary, high-calorie drinks.

Consider the popular coffee liqueur Kahlua and the White Russian and Black Russian cocktails made with it. Or the famous bottled Frappuccino, with 200 calories per 9.5 oz bottle.

Greenberry’s Nitro is a lower calorie option than most sugary, milky coffee beverages and coffee liqueurs, with 25% fewer calories (and less sugar!) per serving.

So people don’t feel icky after drinking it, which is perfect for today’s more health-conscious consumers.

Click here to invest in a RTD Hard Coffee right for today’s health-consious market

Capacity Doubling with New Facility

10 months ago

Greenberry’s broke ground this spring on a new roasting and brewing facility in Central Virginia that will double capacity. It will also host visitors in a new taproom.

This new facility is the foundation of future expansion, alongside partnerships with key distributors such as Breakthru Beverage, Hop & Wine Beverage, and Blue Ridge Beverage.

Greenberry’s non-alcoholic products are already distributed in 48 states, and we’re excited about expanding the Nitro with Spirits line throughout the US and internationally. 

Thank you for your support!

Invest in the growth of Greenberry’s Nitro

Consumers Love Convenient Coffee

10 months ago

Ready-to-drink coffee is growing fast, according to new sales data.

“Refrigerated RTD coffee amassed $487 million in sales … as of the 52 weeks ending May 17, according to data from Chicago-based Information Resources Inc. (IRI). This is a nearly 20 percent increase compared with the year prior.” 

Shelf-stable RTD coffee also grew by 3 percent.

“The segment has gotten a boost from recent process-driven innovation like cold brew and nitro coffee,” said Gary Hemphill, managing director of research at Beverage Marketing Corporation. “Cold-brew coffee has given a boost to the RTD segment. Its smoother taste profile appeals to consumers” (Beverage Industry).

It’s no wonder that Greenberry’s Nitro has been a hit, with coffee lovers going for the smooth, craft cold brew in a can, and spirits enthusiasts finding an innovative way to enjoy their beverage of choice.

Join the success story of our first-to-market RTD coffee with spirits by investing today.

Invest in Greenberry’s Nitro

90 Proof Neutral Spirits from 100% Organic Cane Sugar

10 months ago

There are plenty of alcohol varieties out there, but not all of them go well with craft cold brew coffee.

During extensive trials, the Greenberry’s Coffee team tested many alcohol pairings with our dark roast cold brew. Other major brands have used malt-based alcohol (like a beer base) or wine. We tried these, as well as vodka and other spirits. None of them delivered the right balance of flavors with the coffee.

Bourbon, however, was the perfect match. It’s also a very popular flavor right now, experiencing a decade-long boom and still growing fast. 

“In terms of absolute volume growth in spirits, bourbon grew the most in the U.S. in 2019, followed by tequila, Canadian whisky, and vodka,” according to BevAlc Insights.

Two Greenberry’s Nitro varieties feature bourbon alongside the cold brew. Salted Caramel with Bourbon has been a consumer favorite so far.

For the other four varieties, we decided to go with neutral spirits, which are distilled from 100% organic sugar cane. This ends up as a 90 proof product, so a little goes a long way and we can keep the craft coffee flavor front and center.

Each can of Nitro, though, is just 4–5% alcohol by volume, compared to as high as 12.5% in some other brands’ hard coffees. And with about as much caffeine as a quarter cup of coffee, this is a beverage consumers can enjoy any time of day.

Click here to invest in quality ingredients and flavors consumers love

Another Milestone Eclipsed for Greenberry’s Crowdfund

10 months ago

Nitro Enthusiasts,

We just passed $175,000!

We’re so grateful for your support as we increase our production capacity and prepare for further expansion around the US and in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Please click one of the links below to share this opportunity with someone. Let them know that this opportunity is only available for a limited time, so it’s time to act now.


Roxanne and Sean

Greenberry’s Founders

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RTD Coffee Projected to Double Over Next 6 Years

10 months ago

The RTD Coffee market globally is expected to almost double by 2027, according to recent market research.


Why the projected growth?

Consumers are giving up sugary soda and turning to beverages they consider healthier, including coffee and tea.

Convenience continues to be a driving factor in consumer decisions. Consumers, especially younger ones, lead ever-busier lives and are looking for drink options that they can enjoy on the go or at home.

With its innovative Nitro Cold Brew beverages and a coffee quality that sets it apart, Greenberry’s is positioned to grow with this global trend.

Greenberry’s international footprint, covering East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, presents excellent opportunities to take advantage of the projected growth in these markets.

Source: Fortune Business Insights

Click here to invest in the surging popularity of RTD Coffee with Greenberry’s Nitro

8 Reward Tiers Still Available for New or Returning Investors

10 months ago

FAQ: Are your Reward Tiers still available? What if I’m adding to an investment I already made?

Good news! You can still take advantage of the Greenberry’s Nitro Reward Tiers when you invest — whether you are making your first investment or adding to an investment you already made.

Note: If you are making an additional investment, your Reward Tier will automatically be updated. No need to take any special action.*

Your support is appreciated, and it helps us expand and reach new markets (like summer hot-spot Florida, just added!).

Your potential rewards include —

  • Discounts on Purchases at

  • Greenberry’s Gift Cards

  • Exclusive Greenberry’s Swag

  • Owner’s Certificates and Founder’s Club Status

  • One-of-a-Kind Experiences Reserved for Owners

*The only exception to this is “bonus shares”. “Bonus shares” are allocated through StartEngine, and are given when an individual investment is made. "Bonus shares" can not be given for the aggregate of multiple investments.

Click here to invest and see the rewards available to you

Interview Sheds Light on Greenberry’s International Expansion Plans

10 months ago

Greenberry’s co-founder Sean Simmons talked recently in an interview about the company’s history of international expansion:

“We realized that in many other markets overseas, we weren't going to face the same stiff competition from [Starbucks]. We took that opportunity, and we were actually very successful to get Greenberry's into Japan, where we now have 12 stores and [are] growing very rapidly. And we also have stores in the Middle East as well. We'll be opening our first stores ... in the European market, the UK in particular.

“Bringing Nitro Coffee to the overseas markets, both in Asia and in Europe, is going to be a big opportunity for us as a company. The US tends to lead in consumer products, so many of these countries really haven't fully seen or understand what Nitro Cold Brew is yet. We're going to come there with a new product, a new idea, and bring it to them. It's been successful here, and in this global world that we have, if it's successful in the US, it's going to be successful elsewhere.” 

Greenberry’s is currently in Phase II of its distribution plan in the US, which includes growing partnerships and expansion in the Southeast. 

Phase III is expected to take Nitro with Spirits throughout the continental US and into international markets through connections in Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Europe.*

*These statements are considered anticipated as products aren’t yet distributed in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Invest in the International Launch of Nitro with Spirits

What Sets Nitro Apart: the Coffee

10 months ago

The spotlight has been on the innovative use of neutral spirits and bourbon whiskey in Greenberry’s Nitro with Spirits.

Here’s a little more information about what else sets us apart: the quality of our coffee.

Apprenticeships under Peet’s and Anderson’s Founders

Roxanne and Sean Simmons, founders of Greenberry’s, trained under Alfred Peet (of Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley) and Jamie Anderson (of Anderson Coffee in Austin). These master roasters perfected the art of a dark roast, accessing the richness of every bean and offering a thicker body and bold flavors. Alfred Peet is considered the “grandfather of specialty coffee.”

Nitro with Spirits is for people who love coffee. 

Greenberry’s has been roasting and serving craft coffee for almost 29 years. We’re involved at every step of the process except growing the beans. We partner with premier growers and importers of fine Arabica coffees so we have access to the best and most interesting coffees available. Our master roaster selects the coffees we feature and develops dark roast profiles that bring out the best flavors in each coffee.

That’s the coffee we use in our Nitro with Spirits, so you enjoy the best possible coffee experience.

Consumers who appreciate good coffee enjoy Greenberry’s Nitro with Spirits.

Click here to invest in premier coffee and spirits

First Shipment Sent to Florida!

11 months ago

On June 14, we sent off our first Florida shipment of Nitro with Spirits. Thanks to our new partnership with Breakthru Beverage, we are hoping to make a big splash in this sunny vacation state during the summer and beyond. Florida’s warm climate makes it an ideal place for the fun, smooth, cool Nitro with Spirits experience.

Stay tuned for more updates on our expansion in the Southeast!

Invest in the new Summer Fun Drink

Key Consumer Data Explains Remarkable Growth in Coffee

11 months ago

It’s probably not news that coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the U.S.

But here are some numbers to show just how big coffee is today:

70% of consumers drank coffee in the last week.

62% of consumers drank coffee in the last 24 hours.

Among all beverages, only bottled water is consumed more often than coffee.

(Beverage Industry and National Coffee Association)

People love coffee!

And there’s more — 41% of consumers reported trying a new type of coffee drink during the pandemic (Daily Coffee News).

That’s why Nitro with Spirits is growing, and you can profit from that growth by investing today. 

If you’ve already invested, you can add to your investment and take advantage of perks in higher tiers.

Invest in Coffee with Greenberry's Nitro

Nitro Now in Florida: Distribution Deal Opens Huge New Market

11 months ago

Just in time for summer, we’ve linked up with Breakthru Beverage, a leading alcoholic beverage wholesaler with 7,000 associates around the U.S.

The immediate outcome is that we are expanding into Florida and connecting with retailers and customers there.

Florida is an important market for Nitro for three reasons:

Population: Florida is the third most populous state in the U.S. and one of the fastest-growing states (2.7 million new residents since 2010).

Climate: A cold, refreshing beverage like Nitro with Spirits is perfect for the long warm season in Florida.

Tourism: Florida is a major vacation destination. More than 100 million tourists visited the state every year from 2015 through 2019. And while they vacation, they are looking for something fun to drink!

This exciting news marks the beginning of our Phase II expansion plans, which also include distribution in the vacation states of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.*

After these, Texas is the next major market.*

Thanks to the support of our amazing investors, Greenberry’s Nitro is on track to continue growing!

Click here to invest or add to your investment and take advantage of the Nitro expansion in Florida

*These events are considered anticipated, as products are not yet distributed in the states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, or Texas.

Behind the 11,000% Growth of Hard Coffee

11 months ago

FAQ: “Can you explain the 11,000% stat you highlighted in your listing?”

In the 52-week period ending July 18, 2020, hard coffee sales were up 11,000% compared with the same period a year earlier. Total sales were $18.9 million (Beverage Industry).

While hard coffee is a new product and still small compared with other hard alternatives like hard seltzer, it seems to be following the same trajectory of growth and is riding some of the same market trends as consumer tastes shift away from beer and wine.

Ann Vanevenhoven, marketing director for Twelve5 Beverage Co. says that hard coffee indexes strongest with two critical consumer segment opportunities for alcohol: females and millennials.

“Coupled with the popularity of coffee and the continued call for something new and different, current success suggests that the move to hard coffee is a natural progression that will be very popular among these demographics and beyond” (Beverage Industry).

This innovative product is already becoming a favorite. Click here to invest or ask your questions in the Comments section.

Thank you for your support!

Invest in Hard Coffee Growth

“Hard alternative beverages” explained (+ who drinks them)

11 months ago

As the “hard alternative” category explodes, many investors have asked, “What exactly are ‘hard alternative’ beverages?”

Great question!

Hard alternatives are alcoholic beverages that don’t fall into the traditional categories of beer, wine, or spirits. Or, to put it another way, they are hard versions of traditionally non-alcoholic drinks such as tea, lemonade, and coffee.

These new beverage options are skyrocketing in popularity.

The follow-up question we often get is, “Who is drinking these hard alternatives?”

The largest generation in the U.S. – Millennials.

“Millennial customers especially tend to be adventurous when it comes to seeking out beverages with new flavor combinations, making them drawn to the bold and unique flavors often found in hard seltzer and RTD cocktails” (

Millennials are also willing to pay more to get a premium version of a drink (for example, a $5 pour-over vs. a $2 drip at a coffee shop).

With hard coffee sales growing 11,000% from 2019 to 2020, Greenberry’s Nitro is a great way to reap some of the benefits of these trends.

Click here to invest in the growth of hard alternatives with Greenberry’s Nitro

Another Milestone for Greenberry’s Crowdfund

11 months ago

Nitro Enthusiasts,

Our 300th investor recently signed on, and we’re now up to 322 investors!

THANK YOU for the overwhelming support!

We’re so proud to be the first craft coffee company to offer Nitro Cold Brew with Spirits, and we’re excited to welcome our loyal customers and new investors as co-owners.

YOU play a vital role in our success – please click one of the links below and share this opportunity with a friend who loves coffee, innovation, or entrepreneurship — or all three!


Roxanne and Sean

Greenberry’s Founders

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Pandemic RTD Cocktail growth isn’t slowing down — it’s accelerating! Hard Coffee investors will benefit

12 months ago

Recent expert analysis reveals that Greenberry’s Nitro with Alcohol is riding high on major shifts in the way consumers are enjoying their favorite beverages.

The RTD (ready-to-drink) Cocktail growth we saw in the past few years accelerated during the pandemic as consumers looked for convenient ways to enjoy their favorite flavors at home.

Market watchers don’t see the trend slowing down, even as life returns to normal.

“Hard alternatives … are poised to gain share as 2021 unfolds,” according to BevAlc Insights.

Consumers are also looking for options they perceive as healthier alternatives to traditional beverages:

“RTD cocktails with lower alcohol by volume, health-focused flavors, and natural ingredients are likely to resonate with customers looking to make healthier choices. What’s more, most RTD cocktail consumers are selecting the product due to convenience, and they tend to perceive the product as both quality and premium. RTD cocktails also score high marks with customers on both refreshment and flavor” (

Your investment in Greenberry’s Nitro — a delicious, convenient, all-natural drink — puts you in a position to benefit from these trends.

Invest in Greenberry's Nitro Now

Greenberry’s Hard Coffee Questions, Answered!

12 months ago

We recently sat down with one of our good friends at The Charlottesville Guide and discussed everything about Greenberry’s equity raise.

Get an inside look at the thought process of Greenberry’s founder Sean Simmons on raising capital, StartEngine’s benefits, the future of Nitro coffee, and more!

Nitro is Getting a New Look!

about 1 year ago

Our new boxed packaging for Nitro 4-Packs are in!

This is a big step for us to stand out on shelves with our top retailers. The boxes really pop and give customers a larger visual for the product. We believe this will help us continue to accelerate sales as we move into the summer season!

Additionally, customers can purchase a variety pack for the first time.

Can’t decide which Nitro is right for you? Try them all!

Shop Nitro Products Online

Investing in Greenberry’s gets you FAR more than just Nitro

about 1 year ago

When you invest in Greenberry’s Nitro, you are getting more than just a stake in Nitro. A TRUCKLOAD MORE.

Your investment is in Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters. This is the company that not only houses the Nitro, but additionally produces every single bean of coffee we roast, package, and ship.

This coffee is the core of every part of our business and affiliated companies. It includes: 

  • All coffee served in our 6 domestic cafes
  • All coffee served in our 25 international locations
  • Every bag of coffee sold through major retailers in the Mid-Atlantic such as Whole Foods and Costco
  • Every coffee product sold through
  • Every cup of coffee distributed through our relationships with Sysco and PFG which include hundreds of restaurants and establishments in the mid-Atlantic

AND it includes our two Nitro lines – both the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic. 

But that’s not all…

Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters also supplies all cafes and franchises with cups, equipment (like espresso machines), flavorings, and other food as well as foodservice items. In fact, Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters holds distribution rights for most of these items, therefore making additional layers of profit.

When you invest in Greenberry’s, you are getting a stake in our largest revenue source for all of our companies – the production of coffee and affiliated products. This is in addition to the rapidly expanding Nitro lines!

If you have yet to invest, it is time to get your share of this diversified company with exposures in multiple countries and multiple product lines.

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You can now buy Nitro online; NA shipping nationwide!

about 1 year ago

Nitro enthusiasts – our most asked question is where to buy Nitro.

Today, we have great news – you can now purchase our non-alcoholic Nitro on our website and have it shipped to anywhere in the US.

Shop non-alcoholic Nitro products at this link: 

Additionally, you can purchase alcoholic Nitro online in Virginia and DC.

Shop Alcoholic Nitro in Virginia & DC at this link:

One of our biggest objectives a part of this raise is to increase Nitro distribution. With the increased availability from our online store, we hope you will enjoy a Nitro yourself in the next few days!

Cheers to the Weekend,

Roxanne and Sean

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One of faster starts in StartEngine history; crushing $100K in first week

about 1 year ago

The start of this raise has exceeded our expectations in every way. We knew we had a standout product in the hard coffee space (a market segment that grew 11,000% in 2020), but we have been overwhelmed by your support!

In only one week since the launch of the campaign, we blew through our next benchmark of $100,000, and we now have over 240 investors that have joined in the Nitro opportunity!

This is only possible because of YOU – THANK YOU for your support in bringing this product to life and reaching more people!

Will you help us keep the momentum? We’d love it if you would take a moment and share this campaign with one person that you think would be interested in investing in Nitro.

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Key state added with new alcohol distributor contract; Nitro enters Florida!

about 1 year ago

Nitro enthusiasts – we have great news, and you are the first to hear about it.

Starting in the month of May, Nitro will be available on shelves in Florida!*

Furthermore, we are adding our largest distributor partner to date – Breakthru Beverage Group!

Breaktrhu Beverage has a distribution footprint in 14 US states as well as 10 Canadian provinces. This partnership gives us the footing to continue our rapid Southern Vacation State expansion, while simultaneously giving us leverage for future expansion with Breakthru across the country and internationally.*

We are only getting started, would you help us spread the word? Please share this campaign with one person that you think would be interested in investing in Nitro.

Cheers and Sincere Thanks!

Roxanne and Sean

Greenberry’s Founders

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*These events are considered anticipated, as products are not yet distributed in Florida or other states our countries with Breakthru Beverage.

Major launch milestones eclipsed in only 72 hours; join the founders on Facebook Live

about 1 year ago

WOW – thank you so much for the support as our campaign officially launched!

In only 72 hours we blasted through our first major milestones of over 100 investors and $50,000 – THANK YOU!!!

We are excited to bring you into the inner circle. We are inviting you to join us on Facebook Live Monday at 4 PM EST, 1 PM PST as we discuss the potential of this raise and the company's vision. There will also be some live Q&A time so you can get specific questions answered.

You can get more information at

This is only the beginning – we hope you will take a moment when you read this to share this campaign with another person that might be interested. 


Roxanne & Sean Simmons

Greenberry’s Founders

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