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We bring interactive video to life.

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We Bring Real-Time to Life



Back in 2000 when Real Audio by Real Networks was the only audio player and Windows had released its Windows 2000 Media Player, we introduced our video email system called Cybermercial. For over five years, we served many U.S. and International brands.

In 2002, when video streaming started to gain traction, we innovated and introduced published technologies as Intelligent Media Middleware called IV8.  

In 2006-2008, we introduced the first live stream over the phone before iPhone and Android.  We connected our solutions to Content Delivery Networks (CDN) such as Akamai (Tech-Partner), Limelight, and others delivering seamless on-demand and live broadcast services. We introduced Live in 30 seconds - an on-demand live streaming service to the world.

In 2008-2012 we brought Interactive Video Services and sold properties such as iSocialTV and to the market.  We built special platforms such as interactive game show called "Game of Fame" in Holland (Netherlands).  The project was sponsored by OlafKitseroo Production, CamMore NL., DutchView, and Eva Media.  We also enabled "Voice of Holland" a major TV show backstage chat room for 10M viewers broadcast serving Talpa Studio (owners of Voice, Big Brother and other popular shows).

Today after working on many aspects of video, we understand the difference between traditional and real-time streaming. We now have introduced new advances that will allow delivering the next generation of many-to-many real-time broadcasting, collaboration, and communications to the mass market.

On January 18th, 2018, we launched PIXEL by NETSTAIRS. Followed by the introduction of Click-To-Video in 2016, we have started actively to demonstrate the latest innovations.   

We also anticipate launching the Wall of OZ, OZWALL.VIDEO with an Austrailian partner in late Summer 2018.  Building Real-Time Connected TV Interactive Over-The-Top (iOTT) integrated services On-Demand serving the OTT market is also part of our 2019 anticipated product rollout strategy.

Through local offices, agencies and strategic partners, we are operating on four continents with the primary and virtual presence in U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America.  

Important Notice:  The images supplied in this section are from NETSTAIRS DIgital Assets & Archives. These images represent Visual Works, Software Designs, Digital Media Rooms, Client Projects, Clients Sponsored Logos, Awards, and Online News Article Screenshots.  Award images are supplied by independent industry publishers.  The reference sources may be found at NETTSAIRS Press Room. 

Source: NETSTAIRS DMR with IBM Blockchain called Hyperledger

2018 MirrorReview Magazine's 10 Fastest Media & Entertainment Web Provider to Watch

Source:  NETSTAIRS Digital Assets represent projects, clients logos, Twitter followers, Wall of OZ by NETSTAIRS, PIXEL by NETSTAIRS, DMR with various integration including Hyperledger Blockchain Integration

WebRTC is a Technology. NETSTAIRS supports WebRTC, Websocket, Multi Video Codecs, Live Streaming, Podcast, and HTML5 as our ingredients.

The Offering

$6/share of Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future equity value will exceed $114,867,248.


$600+ A complimentary Digital Media Room (DMR) with 6-months paid subscription - $360 Value

$1,200+ One Gold DMR with a One-Year paid subscription for personal or business use - $720 Value

$4,800+ Five Gold DMR with a One-Year paid subscription for personal or business use - $3,600 Value

$12,000+ Ten Platinum DMR  with a One-Year paid subscription for personal or business Use - $7,200 value

$120,000+ One-Hundred Diamond DMR - with a One-Year paid subscription - $72,000 Value.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.

 Ascended from an IDEA - Quest for IDEAL

"Real-Time Communications is the genesis of an insightful digital transformation to a digital economy. By connecting creative minds, machine intelligence, AI, & multi-tier cloud integration, we serve real-time needs of human's diversity around the world".

Ahmad Moradi

What We Have Accomplished So Far

The company's key success has been attributed to the journey itself. For 18+ years, we pioneered introducing innovative video-based solutions and enjoyed sharing them with great people around the world.  Our company loves bringing new innovative video solutions to the market. Throughout our history, we have accomplished some of the most challenging media and video delivery solutions.  Along the way, we received several awards. 

Historically, we have had the pleasure of collaborating and working with the select global publishers, brands, major ad agencies, TV networks, Telecoms, MVN, Enterprises, Politicians, and industry-leading CDN service providers.

Collateral materials published herewith are either permission-based or they are a part of the company's digital assets.  Sample works represent corporate awards, recognition, events, campaigns, clients, and services.

Image Source: NETSTAIRS Digital Assets including client projects, creative designs, website screen shot, and the anticipated release of Video Wall of OZ in Q3 2018.

The images shown here are from NETSTAIRS Digital Assets and Archives.  They represent 18 years of past, present and future work. Images include clients projects, visual effects, technology demonstrations, and awards granted by third-party institutions and publishers.  

Awards and Accolades


NETSTAIRS brings integrated broadcasting, collaboration and communications to life.

Our products, services, and previous successes have granted NETSTAIRS several awards.  Here are a few:

  • Headline Technology Magazine - 10 Fastest Growing Companies 
  • Nominee for Top 20 Tech by Mirro Review Magazine - 2018 
  • CIOReview Magazine Award - 2016
  • TMT Magazine Award - 2016
  • CV Magazine Award  - 2016
  • World Innovation Forum Award - 2016
  • Tech 200 Award - 2014
  • Most Trusted  Silicon Valley Listed Company - 2017
  • Best of Business - Fort Lauderdale FL - 2015
  • Tech 200 Winner - 2013 

Our technologies have provided invaluable media solutions serving the digital media industry. 

Our Products


Source: NETSTAIRS Multi-Cast DMR

Source: K-12 School in Netherlands. (Olaf Kitseroo Production)

Source: NETSTAIRS Virtual Sample Demo Room

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Industry Veterans
  • Experienced Team
  • Seasoned Management
  • Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Visionary Products / Service Line
  • Creative & Intelligent Market Positioning
  • Strategic Investments (M&A)
  • Unique Product / Service Positioning
  • Products with Applied 4P's Marketing 
  • Knowledge of Cloud Computing & Infrastructure
  • Hand-on experience Building Communications Platforms
  • Expedited SaaS & programming service integration 

How Our Products Are Different From the Rest

We believe PIXEL by NETSTAIRS gives you more integration than others:

PIXEL by NETSTAIRS: 2018 - 2019

120+ Key Features

No App, No Download, No Install, and No Uninstall. Saves Time!

HTTPS + HTML5  Compliant - Latest Standards.

Made with User privacy in mind - Intuitively Simple-to-use.

Scalable SSL Onion-Layer Security. Privacy Matters.

Digital Media Rooms (DMR) with Full HTML5 integration.

Content-Centric Background  - Made for 25X Advertising Metrics.

YouTube  Embedded Video Support - Vast Video Content.

Vimeo / Live Stream Embedded Video Support

Slide Share Insert Support

Progressive & Variable Video Bit Rate Support

HTTPS Podcast - On-Demand Video Streaming

Room Dual-Task Foreground & Background Toggle

Hide Video Chat - VoIP Only

Many-To-Many Video Sessions

Help Desk (FAQ and Online)

Refresh Button (When All Fails, Simply Refresh the Page)

Privacy & Exit Buttons - Mobile Responsiveness

Moderator Defined Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons

Share Room Number / Send Short Code 

Video Livecast, Unicast, Simulcast, Multi-Cast Stream

Embedded Support of Vimeo Live Stream

Embedded Support of IBM Video (Upstream) 

Support of WISTIA CDN 

Android Support - Version 5.2 or higher

iOS 11 - Waiting for Apple Support (Anticipated Q4 2018)

Seamless HTML5  / SSL integration to 3rd Cloud Software

CAPEX-OPEX Cloud Services or On-Premise PTLA License

Optional  Screen Cast Features 

Optional Screen Recording

Integrated File Transfer and File Share

Add PIXEL or Click-To-Video DMR to any Website

Mobile Instagram Support

Mobile WhatsApp Support

Runs on NETSTAIRS Cloud

Runs on Google Cloud Platform (Anticipated GCP Rel: Q3 2018)

Runs on Amazon AWS - Available NOW!

Supports Embedded Twitter Video 

Optional Notification / Push Integration

Websocket Enabled (Only on PIXEL by NETSTAIRS)

Optional White Board ( Integrated Service)  

Intelligent Support of Most Standard HTML5 Video Codecs

Ability to Append New Content into Rooms

Embedded Support of Sound Cloud Music Insertion

Create Web Button: No App, No Download, No Install

Ability to Obtain One or a Large Volume of DMR
Customization & Creative Services

AWS Amazon Infrastructure Support 

NETSTAIRS Cloud Support

Digital Ocean + Akamai Infrastructure Support

Google Cloud Platform Infrastructure Support

CSPAN Video Insertion

Moderator Optional Timer

Program Manager Optional Weather

Diamond Account May Adjust Video and Bit Rates

Support of Background PDF File Format for Presentation

MPEG-Dash M3U8 Format Support

Supports 4 Live Cam Streams in a Room

Support 6 Live Cam Streams (DMR)

Support 8 Live Cam Streams (DMR)

Supports LQ, SD, SD+, HD, HD+, & 4K Codec - Diamond Users

Support 8K, and 16K (subject to bandwidth) 

Webcast / Webinar Enabled

Enterprise and Ecosystem

We win:

1. Blue Ocean

2. Easy niche integration and vertical markets

2. Better demand monitoring

Customer wins:

1. Monetization

2. Real-Time Service

3. Lower costs

4. More efficiency

5. More productivity

Facebook Live & YouTube Live Streaming Support

Twitter Periscope Mobile Phone Embedded Support

Personalised and Branded DMR. Ideal for Virtual Store.

Ad-View Metrics (CPT) - Build Peer-To-Peer- Branding

Supports QR Room Invite - Easy-to-access.

Ad Background Insert (Image, Slide Show, GIF & Video)

Workflow SSL & HTTPS Only Content Integration

Facebook Page Insert Support. Bring Social Media to DMR.

Twitter Account Integration

LinkedIn content Integration

DMR is G+ Supported

Share & Send Room Invites

Supports YouTube Virtual Reality Player (VR)

Supports Facebook VR Player 

HTML5 Game Insert Support

Peer-To-Peer - UDP, Mesh Network Topology

Expandable to Multi-Networks  (FSU and MCU Tolopogies)

Twitter Integrated as Text Message

Digital Media Room integrated Video, Audio, & Text Chat

Pay Per View - Pay-as-you-Go, Monthly - Annual Subscription

Embedded Video Ad Insertion 

Integration to Third-Party websites

MailChimp Connection Support

PC Support - Windows 10

MAC Support - OS X and Above

DMR is Campaign & Event Driven

Integrated with 3rd Party Web Analytics for Validation

Ability to change WebRTC Core Engine

Rehearsal and Production Room Settings 

Instagram Connect - Desktop & Mobile

Placeholder for Picture ID or Avatar ID

Music or Sound Bite Entry for Each DMR

Webcast & Webinar Ready

PayPal Integrated Payment System

Google Firebase Implementation

Video URL for External Use  (Anticipated Q3 2018)

WebRTC, & Derivatives Interchangeable

Default CDN Integration (Akamai, Limelight, KPN, Level3)

Support of Bloomberg's TV Player

Integrated RTC Professional Drawings

ESPN YouTube Live Support

Support of M3U8 Codec with MPEG-Dash

NO API (Application Programming Interface)

Video Panel Repositioning

Room Conversion into Broadcast Channel

Twitter Embedded Video Support

Reuters TV Video Support

TED Video Embedded Support

Other HTML5 Web Video Webm Support

MSNBC Embedded Video Support

Guest and Moderator Country Flag Identification

Safe Mode 

Ability to Change DMR Logo and Room Pictures and Images 

Invisible Moderator Mode

Ability to Change the Header Color

Match Background Color with Brand

Ability to Change Room's Sidebar Color

Voice Control (Beta)

Video Wall (Anticipated Q2 2018)

Supports CDN Sprout Video Player 

Supports Embedded Adobe Spark as Presentation

Supports Embedded

A Subscriber May Own Multiple DMRs for Personal or Business Use

Source:  2018 NETSTAIRS Creative Team Ad Page

"Real-time communication is the genesis of an insightful digital transformation to digital economy, by connecting creative minds, machine intelligence, while embracing human diversity around the world."

Ahmad F. Meradi Ph.D, CEO


What is a digital media room?

DMR Features

Integrated settings made for real-time broadcasting, video, collaboration and communications as a service operating inside a cloud platform that offers monetization metrics, carbon footprint reductions, travel-time reductions, and an increase in cost savings. DMR is ideal for personal and or business use.

DMR Features

With no app, no download, no instal / uninstall, and no API, DMR respects user privacy and security. PIXEL by NETSTAIRS is an integrated Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) with secured HTML5 integration.

DMR Features

Intelligent and progressive quality of video, audio with mitigated interruption algorithm making real-time   ommunications a shared link.  Easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use.

DMR Features

Privacy, security and ease-of-use. Intuitive DMR supports many facets of "many-to-many" live media streaming.  DMR supports uni-cast, live cast, simulcast, and up to 8 HD video multicast services. 

Our Market and Industry

Here are some facts and trends on WebRTC as an industry.

According to Transparency Market Research, the WebRTC market is expected to be worth US $81.52 Billion by 2025.

Business Wire also reports the "Global WebRTC Market to Reach $41.9 Billion by 2025 - Huge Growth Potential From Emerging Economics Across The Regions".

Our next ingredient comes from Messaging & Notification market.  

Statistica reports Mobile communication preference of internet users in the United States as of August 2017, by age group.

Business Insider Reports on average time spent on messaging apps. 

THE MESSAGING APPS REPORT: How brands, businesses, and publishers can capitalize on the rising tide of messaging platforms.

Adding other ingredients such as IoE or IoT, Grandview Research provides a comprehensive report. "IoT Market Analysis By Component (Devices, Connectivity, IT Services, Platforms), By Application (Consumer Electronics, Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Healthcare) And Segment Forecasts To 2022".

WebRTC uses JavaScript, application programming interfaces (APIs), and hypertext markup language (HTML5) to embed communication technologies within a browser. This technology helps in the easy exchange of audio, video, and data through browsers. The Internet engineering task force (IETF) and web real-time communications group work on improving WebRTC. Currently, WebRTC is available in Chrome, Opera, and the Mozilla Firefox web browsers. It is also available for apps on iOS and Android.

Technavio’s analysts forecast the global web real-time communication (webRTC) market to grow at a CAGR of 34.37% during the period 2017-2021. Grandview Research Reports: A suite of IP via Internet protocol television (IPTV) that provides an interactive visual experience for users; instant touch point offered by viewing live-events and advertisements; and apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and KakaoTalk for providing OTT content through video-calling feature are the proverbial growth factors for the video streaming market.

Source: WebRTC Market Adaptation 

NETSTAIRS combines industry know-how & technological expertise to deliver all-in-one, real-time cloud services. 

We rely on WebRTC, WebSocket, HTML5, livestreams, on-demand video podcasts, engagement, and video conferencing, mixing these ingredients to serve as NETSTAIRS real-time broadcasting, collaboration, and communications services.

Because of our expertise in cloud computing, platform construction, and software development, we support open systems and open standards. We handpick the right blend of web integration and intelligent algorithms connecting Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to interactive broadcasting, collaboration, and communications as a service. NETSTAIRS looks at each GEO IP and niche market as a monetization market exploring quantifiable markets with predictable ROI. 

The next segment of the market to explore is the livestreaming market.  

It represents another layer of market opportunity.  In a report prepared by Deloitte, "Live Thrives in an Online World",  live-streaming was revealed to account for a $10 billion USD market share.

The market research leader, Wise Guy Reports, found that WebRTC or

web real-time communication is an open source project that embeds real-time voice, texts, and video communications capabilities in web browsers. 

We expect a progressive market growth, as evidenced by this report from Digital Journal: "Web-Based Real-Time Communication 2017 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR 36.02% and Forecast to 2020". You can read more here.

CDN is here to stay.  

The Content Delivery Network market is expect to be worth $30.89 Billion USD by 2022, comprised of firms like Verizon, Akamai, Cloudflare, Amazon, Netflix, Limelight, Level 3 and many others. The report is published by Markets and Markets. 

When adding all of these elements, we bring a mesh of technologies and market size opportunities that sets us apart.  With a focused vision, building powerful creative business models will allow NETSTAIRS to reach out to a wide spectrum of clients. We ultimately serve clients who require integrated communications, broadcasting, and collaboration for internal or external use. 

Check out the Report Link, in a comprehensive report:

Global Cloud Video Streaming Market Research Report - Forecast to 2023, the report provides a key finding: The global cloud video streaming market is expected to reach USD $16.619 Billion by 2023.  By component segment, media players in cloud video Streaming account for the largest market share and are expect to grow with approximately ~19.10% CAGR during the forecast period. 

NETSTAIRS believes that some of the most compelling reasons to consider our  company for investment are based on the following attributes: 

  1. A seasoned, well-educated & informed management team
  2. NETSTAIRS' vision of product integration
  3. Niche products & market service positioning
  4. User-friendly products & services 
  5. Secured settings with diverse use  
  6. Monetization and use metrics 
  7. Respecting client & user privacy
  8. Building trust. We never sell data. 

PIXEL by NETSTAIRS is built on a variety of monetization metrics that will enable brands and target resellers utilizing NETSTAIRS cloud services. 

The diversity of NETSTAIRS technologies presents an opportunity for applying our horizontal cloud services into vertically serviced niche markets, thus introducing new platforms and that enable interactive business communities to thrive. Platform utilization may be defined as:

  • CAPEX and OPEX model for AS IS or Private Branding Use
  • Monetization: income producing platform
  • Reduction of carbon footprints, time, and travel expenses
  • Broadcasting: livestream channels serving marketing & sales 
  • Media & Entertainment: connected TV
  • Vertical Integration (e-learning, tele-health, and legal)
  • Industrywide integration (e.g. fintech blockchain, AI, ICOs, crowdfunding, BFSI, banking, finance and insurance)

Source: Interactive Academy of Arts - a NETSTAIRS Client.

Source: PIXEL by NETSTAIRS - Digital Media Room (DMR) with six live videos broadcast from six corners of the Earth.

What Makes Our Team Special

Source: NETSTAIRS Digital Asset - Wall of OZ illustration.

The NETSTAIRS Team is one of its most valued assets.  Our team has been a key differentiator for many years. Since we started, we rely on management's architectural vision and talented staff joining forces and bringing goodness through effective use of video and real-time communications that serve the needs of the digital economy.

Our team has a collective set of vision, know-how, skill sets and experiences that facilitate product and service evolutions. We have anticipated the arrival of the market, and the timing is right. With a set of educational backgrounds and diverse work ethics, like-minded colleagues are hand-picked to deliver exceptional broadcasting, collaboration and communication output with the applied use of science in AI and Machine learning. 

Invest in NETSTAIRS Today!

We understand you have many investment choices. Choose us!


Experience PIXEL by NETSTAIRS - Featuring weekly educational webinars held on each Thursday at 9:00 AM ET. 

We Bring Real-Time To LIFE.

Source: Branded DMR integration with 4 Live Streams, connected to Facebook, Production Digital Media Room Demo Session, screenshot from TMT Magazine 2016 Technology Award Page.

Source: Branded DMR for Client Session.  

In the Press

CIO Review Magazine - NetStairs: Defining the Paradigms in CDN
December 1, 2016

NetStairs: Defining the Paradigms in CDN

10 Fastest Growing Media & Entertainment Web Development Provider
May 15, 2018

The Technology Headline selected NETSTAIRS with a special issue of The 10 Fastest Growing Tech Media & Entertainment Companies of 2018.

NETSTAIRS - Helping customers optimize collaborative work environment.
May 1, 2018

Bringing Real-Time Communications to Life.

20 Most Promising Content Delivery Network Solution Providers - 2016
December 21, 2016

20 Most Promising Content Delivery Network Solution Providers - 2016

Rumrunning, Web 2.0 Style Malibu
November 1, 2016

When Malibu Rum wanted to launch its Banana Rum brand, they relied four times on NETSTAIRS technology.

Offering Summary

Maximum 17,833* shares of Common Stock, $106,998

*Maximum subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See 10% Bonus below

Minimum:  1,666 shares of Common Stock, $9,996


Corporate Address
6750 N. Andrews Ave. Cypress Business Park, Suite 200, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Description of Business
We bring Real-Time Communications to Life.

Type of Security Offered
Common Stock (the "Securities")
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 


$600+ Complementary One Silver Digital Media Room (DMR) with 6 Months Subscription - $360.00 Value

$1200+ One Gold DMR with a One-Year paid subscription for personal or business use - $720 Value

$4800+  Five Gold DMR with a One-Year paid subscription for personal or business use - $3,600 Value

$12,000+  Ten Platinum DMR  with a One-Year paid subscription for Personal or Business Use - $7,200 value

$120,000+ One-Hundred Diamond DMR - with a One-Year paid subscription -  $72,000 Value.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

NETSTAIRS.COM INC. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders (with ≥ $1,000 invested in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign) within 24 hours of this offering going live.

StartEngine shareholders who have invested $1,000+ in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign will receive a 10% bonus on this offering within a 24-hour window of their campaign launch date.  This means you will receive a bonus for any shares you purchase.  For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $6 / share, you will receive 10 Common Stock bonus shares, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $600.   Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid for one year from the time StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. investors receive their countersigned StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. subscription agreement.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

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Most recent fiscal year-end:
Prior fiscal year-end:
Total Assets
$58,129,369.66 USD
$52,634,554.66 USD
Cash And Cash Equivalents
$26,867.05 USD
$20,196.76 USD
Accounts Receivable
$4,765,019.67 USD
$4,277,674.00 USD
Short Term Debt
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Long Term Debt
$376,595.33 USD
$376,575.40 USD
Revenues And Sales
$5,613,046.43 USD
$5,635,451.10 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold
$91,592.12 USD
$91,592.12 USD
Taxes Paid
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Net Income
$4,852,987.07 USD
$4,852,987.07 USD


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


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