The Innovative Eyewear offering is now closed and is no longer accepting investments.

Innovative Eyewear

Smartglasses with prescription lenses

Innovative Eyewear

Smartglasses with prescription lenses

Miami, FL
Innovative Eyewear develops and sells cutting-edge eyeglasses and sunglasses that protect your eyes and allow customers to remain safely connected to their digital lives. Our flagship Lucyd® Lyte Bluetooth audio glasses enable the wearer to listen to music, talk on the phone, and use voice assistants to perform many common smartphone tasks handsfree. After our successful launch of the Lucyd Lyte line in January 2021, we experienced significant interest from many eyewear retailers, so we are returning to StartEngine for help addressing our inventory needs, and to build the most complete line of smart eyewear on the market. Our mission is to Upgrade your Eyewear®. Consistent with this we are developing an exciting software app called Vyrb which will enable Lucyd Lyte users to hear and reply to social media posts with their voice, hands-free, through their glasses. We are planning to launch Vyrb this September for both iOS and Android as the first social app with a focus on wearables. Our smart eyewear acts like headphones and glasses in one, bringing vision correction and protection together with digital connectivity and clear audio, and offers a safer solution for listening to music outdoors compared to in-ear headphones.


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previously crowdfunded
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This offering ended on September 25, 2021 and is no longer accepting investments.

Reasons to Invest

Launching the largest line of Bluetooth prescription glasses on the market, that match the fit and finish of designer eyewear, costing the same as regular glasses to enable mass market adoption. Actively expanding from ecommerce-only operations to brick and mortar resellers, including big box stores, optical chains and sporting goods outlets.
Strong intellectual property position with exclusive rights to 24 total pending and granted patents, including three utility patents and 21 design patents.
Developing a breakthrough new app called Vyrb which will enable voice posting to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook via Lucyd glasses and other hearables.

Upgrade Your Eyewear®

Our Story

Creating a seamless experience between eyewear and your digital life

Innovative Eyewear was established to upgrade the world’s eyewear, by producing fashionable and affordable prescription frames with Bluetooth features, enabling the wearer to both correct their vision and stay safely connected to their digital life. Our team was the first to develop Bluetooth prescription glasses three years ago, and we continue to develop, manufacture and sell them around the world. Since launching in January, our Lucyd Lyte line has become the go-to glasses for thousands of customers, since it offers incredibly useful Bluetooth features in a light and fashionable frame suitable for all-day optical wear. Since the launch of our product this year we have received more than 200 5-star ratings on Amazon and

*Images are computer generated versions.

Innovative Eyewear has launched a new generation of Bluetooth glasses, that are indistinguishable from high fashion eyewear in looks and price, and provide the ability to perform many smartphone functions using just your voice. We offer a unique combination of prescription, fashion and wearable utility. With its open-ear audio, Lyte glasses are inherently safer for outdoor activities as customers can hear the traffic around them and can perform many smartphone tasks without having to look at their phones. Previously, under the Lucyd brand, our team was the first to deliver prescription Bluetooth eyewear in 2018, and delivered a number of beta products to gain valuable customer feedback.

Now in 2021, thanks to incredible customer feedback, we are expanding Lucyd Lyte from an ecommerce-focused model to one that also offers Lucyd eyewear in optical, sporting goods and other big-box retailers across the US. We have already onboarded several dozen optical stores to offer our frames! 

The Problem

Smartphones present a safety hazard to pedestrians, cyclists, and to many professions, and can distract us from the task at hand.

Pedestrian deaths are at a 28-year high. Every 88 minutes a pedestrian is killed in the United States. A significant contributor to this is that pedestrians and drivers alike are distracted on their smartphones.

This distraction takes place in two forms, via headphones, where the user is deprived of full audible situational awareness, and via the visual interface of the phone which distracts the user completely from their surroundings. Lucyd Lyte open ear audio helps address this problem by having the speakers mounted in the temples on the arms of the glasses. There is nothing in the ear canal, and as a result individuals can better maintain situational awareness, such as hearing the traffic around them. Furthermore, through the quick and easy touch controls on the Lucyd Lyte, the wearer can perform many tasks they would normally pull out their phone for, reducing the screen time needed throughout the day. 

Having developed a dependence on smartphones for information, people constantly focus their attention on their screens, and are distracted from their surroundings. Pedestrian fatalities increased by 60% from 2009 to 2018, due in large part to the widespread use of smartphones by drivers and pedestrians alike. 

The Solution

Comfortable, affordable Bluetooth audio glasses that seamlessly integrate vision correction and protection with your digital life

We have launched a unique line of smart eyewear that enables  eyeglass and sunglass wearers to interact with AI voice assistants and social media handsfree, thereby improving the safety and convenience of accessing digital information and apps. Our eyewear provides both optical-quality glasses and a bluetooth headset at the same price as a traditional pair of glasses.

We have successfully launched a designer form factor for Bluetooth eyewear that looks very similar to fashionable optical glasses, but also enables useful smart features when connected to your phone, smartwatch or computer. We’ve created a line of comfortable and affordable smartglasses that add tech capabilities without sacrificing anything from a typical eyewear experience. We will further enhance those capabilities with mobile applications that expand the potential of voice assistants. We have already introduced six styles of Lucyd Lyte, and plan to offer 18 different styles by the end of 2021, in our effort to offer the world’s most customizable e-glasses experience. 

Our Traction

Exclusive partnerships and a first-to-market advantage

In March 2020, Innovative Eyewear, Inc. acquired the exclusive license to use the Lucyd eShop and brand. Lucyd launched Lucyd Lytes in January 2021, its first mass-market smart eyewear product.  Innovative Eyewear has sold over 2,500 units from January - June 2021.  We have onboarded pro golfer Chris Clark and musical artist Hadar Adora to support our brand, as well as many other influencers.

We have also entered into a multi-year distribution agreement with D. Landstrom Associates, a product distribution firm that helps companies get their products on the shelves in big box stores like Walmart, Best Buy and Target. They have over 40 years of experience in getting products into these major retailers.

We have three utility patents (one granted and two pending) and 21 design patents (13 granted and 8 pending), that we believe provide a strong competitive advantage in the tech eyewear space:

  • A granted US utility patent for a mobile application that provides methods for organizing and prioritizing wireless connections, including the flow of audiovisual information among multiple connected devices. 

  • A pending utility patent for features in our upcoming  Vyrb™ app, which will enable the user to engage with social media using their voice, and create new voice command automations. 

  • Glasses-as-a-Service™ is a pending hardware utility patent  that describes modular Bluetooth eyewear with user-replaceable frontplates, enabling the wearer to change the look and lens function at a low cost compared to buying a whole new smartglass.

  • 21 design patents filed, 13 granted and eight pending, adding additional protections to every pair of our Bluetooth eyewear.


As a community-powered company, user feedback drives our product improvements and line expansions.

We’ve already received 200 5-star reviews on the Lucyd Lyte. To see all of our reviews so far, please visit the Lyte Amazon page and

"For starters, I am no stranger to sound glasses—I have owned 3 versions from Lucyd as well as Bose Frames. This is the first pair that looks like normal glasses. The arms are slim and the glasses themselves are not noticeably heavier than regular glasses."



"These glasses are PERFECT for riding and have transformed my exercise routine. I'm able to listen to music but still be aware of cars and people around me, which is an absolute game changer. I don't go riding without these anymore."



"It really is so hard to comprehend how effective and luxurious the glasses feel for the price. As someone who imagined my Lucyd shades best on the golf course, I enjoyed them just as much strolling along downtown."



"It makes things so much more convenient for me. I don't have to worry about losing my headphones or charging my wireless ones. The price is also way more affordable than at my optometrist's office."


The Market

Innovative Eyewear sits at the intersection of three growing markets

How We Are Different

The smartest glasses for the price

While many companies offer some kind of tech eyewear, very few are suitable for extended wear and are delivered with corrective lenses, which are needed by ⅔ of the population. According to user reviews on Amazon, even fewer are of high quality, or are attractive enough for the fashion conscious buyer. None of our competitors currently offer voice control of social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Other smart eyewear products tend to lack touch controls or have imprecise control systems, whereas Lucyd frames have easy and reliable one-touch controls. For example, on Lucyd frames you can adjust volume, skip tracks, use your voice assistant and answer calls with a click.

A leading excellent competitor, Bose® Frames, is in another price category at nearly double the cost of our products, and in our view not as fashionable or comfortable due to the ir increased girth and weight. The cost to add a prescription to a Bose frame is much more expensive at over $125 extra, while Lucyd frame prescriptions start at $35. The total cost of a Lucyd prescription frame is $155, compared to $326 for Bose. Their product is also in a larger sunglass form factor, while Innovative Eyewear has developed a full optical line. Further, none of the competitors offer a proprietary voice-controlled app called Vyrb™ which allows you to listen and post to your social media programs using your voice, without looking at your phone. Vyrb images are computer generated demo versions. Product is still currently under development and will launch September 2021.

The Business Model

Direct-to-consumer and wholesale sales channels

Innovative Eyewear has two major sales channels, one being ecommerce via the Lucyd eShop and Amazon, and the other is our development of a network of retail eyewear and sporting goods establishments offering our frames. Innovative Eyewear also offers two affiliate platforms for peer-driven sales. 

Innovative Eyewear has two levels of margins, one for direct-to-consumer which is higher, and one for B2B which is more competitive. Our frame margins are approximately 60% for direct-to-consumer and 38% wholesale. We have an average profit margin of 20% on custom and prescription lenses. 

The Vision

Becoming a pioneer in the tech eyewear industry

As part of our mission to make smart eyewear accessible to the mass market, we are seeking to develop a complete line of Bluetooth eyewear for every size and style preference, with 18 styles available by the end of 2021, and 40 styles by the end of 2022. When paired with the Vyrb app, Lucyd Eyewear will provide a new, safe and wearable user experience suitable for everyone.

Our long-term goal is to earn 1% of the global eyewear industry over the next five years, which would amount to approximately $US 1.47B in sales. As a result of this expanding ecosystem that Innovative Eyewear is helping to pioneer, we are planning to earn a leadership position in the tech eyewear market under the Lucyd brand. 

Our Team

A team with expertise across the eyewear, tech, and online spaces

In addition to being passionate about tech eyewear, the Innovative Eyewear team has a significant background in technology and product commercialization. Thanks to the success of our last Startengine raise, and the incredible response to our Lucyd Lyte launch, we have recently expanded to a full sales team with decades of collective experience in eyewear and fitness tech sales, brand creation and licensing, including our new VP Sales Frank Rescigna, an optician and the former President of Viva Eyewear, the fifth largest eyewear company in the US. We have also brought on Ken Strominger as Sales Director-Sports and Electronics, who built the Iron Man athletics brand through a number of licensing deals, and was Sports Marketing Director for Timex. 

Team Lucyd Influencers

Why Invest

A unique position in multiple growing markets

Innovative Eyewear is well-positioned to develop the first mainstream smartglasses because we have an exciting product line that customer’s love and our team has been in the space for years and understands from a personal and consumer perspective the market drivers for success in this sector. Innovative Eyewear has licensed a large portfolio of IP for a young company, with exclusive rights to 24 patents (both design and utility) that create a technology moat in this sector. We also have significant prospects for introducing our unique smart frames into brick-and-mortar retail outlets around the US and beyond. We are looking for investors to help us continue to push the technology, design and affordability of smartglasses forward to create a safer, more comfortable experience for those looking to embrace an ergonomic, optical wearable that functions as great eyewear first and foremost. Help us bring about the future of eyewear with your investment. We are bringing smart eyewear into a lightweight spectacles format suitable for everyone, and launching the exciting Vyrb social media app to bring the voices of the world together. 

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*Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

Company Perks*

All Investors Club:

One pair of standard glasses will be donated to a South Florida homeless charity on behalf of every investor.

All investors will receive an NFT digital artwork showcasing the unique Lucyd brand, available only through this campaign. 

10% discount on all Lucyd frames, lenses and accessories through December 31st, 2022.

Affiliate program Legend Membership. Share Lucyd with your network and receive a boosted 15% cash bonus when they purchase Lucyd eyewear. 

Early Bird

These discounts are in addition to the volume tiers. 

First 48 hours - Friends and Family Early Birds | 15% bonus shares

Next 7 days - Early Bird Bonus | 10% bonus shares


$500 Lucyd Teammate (Free pair of Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth e-glasses + $35 custom lens credit, which fully covers Single Rx lens upgrade)

$5,000+ Lucyd Captain (Upgrade your family's eyewear with four free Lucyd Lyte e-glasses + $35 custom lens credit for each unit + 10% bonus shares)

$10,000+ Lucyd Legend (Limited edition, handmade "Lucyd Legends" NFT e-glasses + free pair of standard Lucyd Lyte e-glasses + $35 custom lens credit + 10% bonus shares. Lucyd Legends are unique pairs of Lucyd Lyte with custom art on packaging and frame, and include a corresponding NFT artwork. The Lucyd Legends series features 10 one-of-a-kind art-infused Lucyd Lytes from each artist featured.)

$50,000+ Lucyd Dreamer (Limited edition, handmade "Lucyd Legends" NFT e-glasses + Upgrade your family's eyewear with four free Lucyd Lyte e-glasses + $35 custom lens credit for each unit + 25% bonus shares + two standard fare tickets to Miami, FL to meet the team)

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

Innovative Eyewear, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $3.56 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $356. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors' eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


Mar 5 Update - New Products on the Horizon

6 months ago

Dear InnoEye investors and followers,

Thank you for your patience while we work to build the global standard in smart eyewear! We have been extremely busy since the end of the crowdfund, rolling out new product styles, improvements and accessories. 

Some major developments to look forward to in the Spring:

1) The launch of four additional styles to our main Lucyd Lyte line, including our first XL frame and first tortoise frame, and a striking gold aviator. Here's a quick preview of the new Lyte® Titanium Timewarp model:

2) A new Lyte Sport wraparound sunglass style. 

3) Four new Lyte styles designed specifically for women and youth. 

4) The introduction of our new cordless charging dock to make charging your Lyte (and other devices) easier than ever. 

As a special thank you to our supporters, we will be including FREE Lucyd Pro 2-year insurance on all Lytes you purchase in the month of March. This $79 value covers your frames against all damage for two years, and provides a 50% credit for lost or stolen frames. It's a great way to make sure your smart eyewear is protected for the long haul! Simply check the insurance option when adding frames to cart or before you head into the prescription form. Done and done! Head over to now to upgrade.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for supporting our community-funded, employee-owned company. 

Best wishes always,
InnoEye Team

Crowdfund Closed - What's Next?

11 months ago

Hello InnoEye investors,

Thank you so much for participating in our latest crowdfund. As a community-powered business, we could not make our amazing products without you. 

We had a wonderful show at Vision Expo last week, take a look at our booth below! It featured a massive video wall and brought a lot of attention to the brand. We signed on 21 new optical resellers at the show, and are now in over 85 stores across the US and Canada! We have also begun development of the third collection of Lucyd Lyte, which will include shorter temple styles for youth and women, and expect to have over 20 styles of Lyte by the end of the year! 

If you need any support for your investment, or just have some questions or comments, let us know at

Final free Lyte codes will be going out to the rest of our $500+ investors starting next week, once all of the remaining investments have fully processed. Eligible investors will receive an email from Harrison Gross with their Lyte code, titled "Free Lucyd Lyte code". 

Please keep an eye out for an update about the Vyrb app launch next month, as we need our community to join us on the app and give us feedback! 

Thanks again for all your support. We look forward to upgrading the world's eyewear with your help! 

All the best,
InnoEye Team

Final Update - Campaign closing, new stores, virtual try-on kiosk

11 months ago

Hello InnoEye investors, 

Thanks for following our mission to upgrade the world's eyewear! It has been a great journey together so far, and our campaign is closing in just three days. This is your last opportunity to invest in the company making the most strides toward bringing smart eyewear mainstream. 

We are making terrific progress toward widespread adoption of our frames in the optical industry. We have 58 confirmed locations on our store map, we have signed WNBA star Monique Billings to our influencer roster, and we will be attending Vision Expo West this week to introduce our frames to a huge number of optical retailers. 

We have also nearly completed our in-store try on kiosk, which we will be deploying to retailers across North America in Q4 to provide a fun and innovative experience to eyewear customers. See a sample video of it in operation here. We also have a great new Lyte tutorial on our Youtube

It's hard to express how excited we are for the road ahead. The response to our new titanium and sport frames has been fantastic, and the preorders have already started to pour in. They start shipping early next week! We also expect our Vyrb app to launch into beta next month, on October 20th. 

Thanks for reading this final update. We are so grateful for your contribution to the company. As a community-funded business, we could not do it without people like you. Please consider a final investment as we need your support to bring the Lucyd dream across America and beyond.

All the best,
InnoEye Team 

Sep 13 Update - New Lyte Styles Available for Preorder, Ship Sept. 30

11 months ago

Hello Innoeye investors and followers, 

Thank you for supporting our mission to upgrade the world's eyewear! We are excited to announce the launch of our Lyte Titanium and Lyte Sport capsule collections at Head over to our site to check out the new styles!

Lucyd brand ambassador Hadar Adora rocking the new 0° Lyte Sport frame.

With 12 styles now available and tons more on the way, at 56 total lens types on offer, the Lucyd brand has established itself as offering the most variety for any line of smart eyewear. 

Thanks again and have a wonderful day! 

All the best,
Innoeye Team

Sept. 8 Update - First Free Lyte Codes Released, Vision Expo and More!

11 months ago

Dear InnoEye investors and followers,

We hope you had a terrific holiday weekend. Thank you for your support as we work to build the wearable future with our innovative products. As a community-funded business, we rely on contributions from people like you to make the best smart eyewear on the market! 

We have some exciting updates for you today. The first round of FREE LUCYD LYTE codes have gone out to our investors who reached $500 or more in this crowdfund. For those of you who don't see it yet, your investment may still be processing (it takes a few weeks). Allow to the end of September to receive the code. The name of the code email is "Free Lucyd Lyte code", please search for it before contacting us. 

We have signed all-star pro basketball player Monique Billings of the WNBA to our influencer roster! She has joined us for a three-year brand ambassadorship, to help promote the Lucyd brand and bring her unique personal flavor and ambition to the world of smart eyewear. She is a leading scorer on her team, the Atlanta Dream. 

Monique Billings, #25 of the Atlanta Dream, sporting the Lucyd Lyte Moonshot model.

Finally, we have the biggest eyewear show in the country coming up this month. We'll be attending Vision Expo West in Vegas from Sept. 23-25, stay tuned for some awesome footage of our massive 20'x10' booth where we'll be introducing our smart eyewear to optical businesses across the US! 

Thanks again for being a part of the Lucyd community. Have a wonderful day! 

All the best,
InnoEye Team

Press Release - Wholesale Business Growth Report

12 months ago

MIAMI, FL: Since the launch of our Innovative Eyewear's wholesale business in June 2021, the company has made significant strides towards its goal of mainstream adoption of smart eyewear, making several inroads in the brick-and-mortar optical industry. After launching to the optical industry at the Vision Expo East event at the beginning of June, the company has grown from no resellers to 50 confirmed locations, visible on the Lucyd store map. Many of the company's resellers have already placed multiple orders in this short window of time. Additionally, the company has gained valuable feedback from several successful optical businesses to inform our product development strategy and better meet the needs of the sector. 

The following notable eyewear businesses have begun reseller partnerships with us:

·    Marca Eyewear has signed on to be our national distributor in Canada, and has already distributed hundreds of units to eyewear stores across Canada. They have signed a multi-year exclusive distribution deal with us, with a minimum purchase requirement of over $4m in Lucyd Eyewear over 30 months to maintain retail distribution exclusivity in Canada.

·    Metro Optics chain of eyewear stores in New York City has signed as a reseller with a large 155-unit stocking order.

·    The EYE.QUITY eyewear chain in the Great Lakes area has had a strong initial order and a commitment to work together to bring smart eyewear to the region.

Additionally, two of the top ten optical resellers in the US are testing Lucyd's products for potential inclusion in their stores across the country. Furthermore, a key big box electronics retailer, and one of the largest sporting goods retailers in North America are evaluating our smart eyewear for inclusion in their online stores.

In tandem with the aggressive expansion of our wholesale business, we are working towards significant additions to our product lineup, including a larger selection of styles to suit the full scope of eyeglass wearers. Lucyd plans to have 20 styles of Bluetooth eyewear available by the end of 2021.

We are pleased to share news of our rapid progress since the launch of Lucyd Lyte to the optical trade this past June. In just a few short months, we have built a robust network of resellers to introduce Lucyd products to consumers where they are most comfortable trying new glasses: at their local optician. We are grateful to have the opportunity to expand our business from a direct-to-consumer operation to one that also addresses the established optical industry, and provide its customers with a smart eyewear option that is attractive, ergonomic, useful and affordable for the first time.


Aug 27 Update - Campaign Closing Date, New Store Map

12 months ago

Hello InnoEye Investors,

Thank you for following our mission to upgrade the world's eyewear. Our amazing progress since the launch of the Lyte this past January has shown that with the power of community, a startup can disrupt a monolithic industry like the eyewear market. 

To focus our efforts on the upcoming launch of our Vyrb app and six new styles of Lucyd Lyte, we have accelerated the close date of this campaign. Our Startengine campaign end date has changed to September 24th, 2021, so be sure to get in any final investments before then!

Please note that an investor may cancel an investment commitment for any reason until 48 hours prior to a close on funds, unless the company has already closed on your funds previously. To those who invested $500 for free e-glasses, we'll be sending the first round of free Lyte codes to your emails at the end of August. If you just recently invested, you will be included in the next round at the end of September. This code will include a $35 custom lens credit to fully cover clear Rx lenses if needed, or it can be applied to any of our 16 main lens types. 

We have recently built a store map on our site, showing dozens of locations around North America where you can try on our frames in person, and have them customized by a local optician! 

We hope you will continue to follow our progress as work to build the wearable future! If you haven't invested yet, please consider a contribution – all investors, even at the minimum amount of $199.36, will be given a 10% running discount on the eshop through the end of 2022, and permanently boosted 15% cash back in our referral program. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! 

Best wishes,
InnoEye Team

Notice of Funds Disbursement

12 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Innovative Eyewear has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Innovative Eyewear be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Aug 18 Update - Vyrb Demo, Safety Glass Prototype and more!

12 months ago

Hello InnoEye investors,

Lots of exciting news to share today!

First, check out a video of our upcoming Vyrb app in action! We have completed the posting module and we are now working on direct message and voice command features. We have lots more in store for Vyrb over the coming year, as we have a full multi-phase development plan in place to make Vyrb an immersive and fun experience. Vyrb is slated to enter open beta on September 30th. 

Second, our development of a Bluetooth safety glass is underway, take a look at an early prototype below (note: final form factor will differ significantly). We have received significant interest from several entities that would like to offer all of their employees a Bluetooth safety glass, so we're working hard to make it happen and expect to have it available in Q4.

We are also developing an additional batch of our Lyte frames for Q4, to bring our total available styles up to 20 pairs by the end of the year. This third release will include a shorter arm version for youth and women with smaller faces. 

Next, we've welcomed Helen Maschmeyer onto the team here in Miami, and she'll be responding to your support requests and helping our lead developers on Vyrb. 

Our new free glasses contest is live, join here and share for extra entries! 

Finally, if you're wondering what sets Lucyd eyewear apart from the competition, check out this review in the Odyssey. And if you get a chance, check out our Instagram - we've got some great new shots up and could use your follow! 

All the best,
InnoEye Team

Aug 12 Update - New press coverage, new site & more.

about 1 year ago

Hello InnoEye investors,

Thank you for coming on this journey with us to upgrade the world's eyewear! We have some exciting news to share today.

First off, Vyrb development and the new Fall collection of Lucyd Lyte are progressing well, and we expect both to launch in the last week of September!

Check out our new article about why Lyte is a great tool for students heading back to school. As always, we are pleased to share an 18% discount for students and educators (military and healthcare workers too!), just contact us through to receive the discount. 

Next up, we want to let our community know we will be attending Vision Expo West September 23-25th in Las Vegas, if you're in the area we would love to meet you at the show. We expect another incredible show like the last one, and we plan to onboard dozens of new optical resellers, as well as get valuable industry feedback about our products. 

Also, our new site is up at, so please check it out and let us know your feedback! 

As part of our mission to enhance the world's vision, we donate a pair of high quality glasses for every Lyte we sell online, and for every person who invests in our campaign. We just donated 290 pairs of sunglasses to the Miami Rescue Mission, a charity focused on helping South Florida houseless people. It's one way we like to make a local community impact! Want to learn more about how Lucyd is making an impact in people's lives? Check out our blog

We have nearly completed our appointment of our first board of directors, and are working on several promising deals with large eyewear chains, so stay posted for the next update! Thank you for all your support. 

InnoEye Team

Aug 5 MAJOR Update - Team expansion, Lyte improvements and more!

about 1 year ago

Hello InnoEye investors,

Thank you for coming on this journey to upgrade the world's eyewear! We have some incredible news today.

First off, we have appointed Olivia "Dibby" Bartlett as non-executive director to our our board. Dibby is an incredibly experienced optician and is currently President of the Opticians Association of America. She was named by Vision Monday, a leading eyewear industry publication, as "One of the Most Influential Women in Optical" in 2018. Dibby is an incredible addition to the board and will help the Lucyd brand achieve its goals in the optical industry – namely, to get our smart eyewear on the shelves of optical stores in all 50 states and beyond! Read the release on Yahoo! Finance.

Dibby Bartlett, OAA President 

Next up, we have just contracted a new Community Manager. Our new team member, Helen Maschmeyer, starts next week. Helen comes to us with a background of six years of content creation for fashion brand Paula Hian, and also worked in sales at Tesla. She also has also developed several apps, including MoodFood, and will be assisting our lead developers with the launch and marketing of the Vyrb app. 

That's not all! Working closely with our manufacturer, we have developed a new Bluetooth chipset for the Lyte, which will debut in our upcoming models, expected to launch late September. This new chipset brings several benefits, namely a more balanced audio experience with an improved bass response, and an increase the Bluetooth range to 100 ft! This means you'll be able to enjoy higher fidelity music on our glasses, as well as leave your phone on the sidelines or in your bag during physical activities, and still have a strong connection on your Lyte. 

Thanks to all of our investors for enabling this incredible progress with their contributions. Please consider adding to your investment in us, we are very grateful for your support as it truly makes the company stronger and better positioned to capture the emerging smart eyewear market. 

All the best,
InnoEye Team

July 28 Update - Distribution info, new CEO interview

about 1 year ago

Hello InnoEye investors, 

Thank you for supporting our mission to upgrade the world's eyewear! Our new campaign is off to a great start, thanks to our amazing investors from around the world. 

Our massive distribution deal with Marca Eyewear is underway, and we have shipped out their first stocking order of 650 frames to Canada! We look forward to continuing to supply our friends in the north with the best smart eyewear on the market. 

We have an exciting new podcast interview of our CEO with optician Perry Brill of the Eyetrepreneur podcast, check it out here!

Thanks for checking out our new campaign. Don't forget, you can get a bonus Lucyd Lyte e-glass when you invest $500 or more. This pair will include a $35 custom lens credit which fully covers standard prescription clear lenses. 

Thanks and stay tuned for more updates!

InnoEye Team

Letter from the CEO

about 1 year ago

To our dear investors,

I'm sending you this update because you were a part of our first crowdfund on Startengine. We are so grateful for your contribution to the company. It enabled us to do incredible things, like bringing the first smart eyewear to market that looks, feels and functions like regular eyeglasses. As we relaunch on Startengine to help continue our rapid growth, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what we were able to accomplish in just one year thanks to our investors.

-Launched Lucyd Lyte e-glasses in six styles, to a terrific response from our customers. Over 200 5-star reviews have been received. Six new styles of Lyte will launch in the next 60 days, including some models with industry-first titanium frontplates that weigh just 30g, on par with traditional eyeglasses. We believe this will make Lucyd the most expansive line of smart eyewear worldwide.
-Began development of our Vyrb social media app, which we expect to launch this September to enhance our e-glasses with social features.
-Attended the Vision Expo East eyewear show, where we onboarded fifty optical stores as resellers of Lucyd Lyte, and received loads of useful feedback from optical professionals.
-Secured a national Canadian distribution deal with Marca Eyewear, who committed to buying over $4m of our eyewear from us over 30 months. Read the release on Yahoo! Finance.
-Built a full sales team including a 30-year eyewear industry veteran as head of sales, and a successful fitness tech sales director.
-Signed a partnership deal with D Landstrom Associates to aggressively pursue placement of Lucyd Lyte in big box stores.
-A number of key sporting goods and electronics retailers are currently evaluating Lucyd Lyte for inclusion in their stores.
-We were granted our first utility patent for a software application to manage wearables and IOT devices.

Snapshot of the six upcoming Lucyd Lyte™ styles, launching this September.

As exciting as our progress so far has been, it is difficult to express how thrilled our team is for the future. In just one year, we took the company from a humble startup to a fully-fledged wearables corporation. In light of this terrific growth, I would like to invite you to further build your position in our pioneering wearables company. Please consider making an investment. We won't let you down!

Warm wishes,

Harrison Gross

CEO & Cofounder

Innovative Eyewear Inc.

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