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Our Story

The mainstream food system in the US today is fundamentally flawed. Food is being grown and raised in ways that are ecologically damaging and nutritionally compromised, it is traveling vast distances to get to the plate, 30-40% of it is wasted, and it is often sold in inconvenient form factors with wasteful packaging. On the other hand, fresh, local, organic and sustainable food is expensive, inconvenient and often inaccessible. 

Lettuce bridges this gap. 

Lettuce is creating sustainable, hyper-local, technology-enabled food ecosystems in urban areas that turn unused urban land and resources into productive farms, package the output into healthy, delicious and convenient products, and deliver them to homes in zero-waste containers, all while increasing awareness and engagement around nutritious, local food. Our evolving social, local, commerce technology platform is connecting and empowering local food participants including growers, artisans, and consumers to do what they do well, with online tools, support, delivery, logistics, content, marketing and community engagement.

Our mission is to bring local, sustainable, nutritious food to the urban/suburban mainstream, by removing the major barriers of awareness, accessibility and affordability.

Sources: USDA, Mother Jones.

Who We Are

Lettuce got its start in Austin, Texas in 2016. Our co-founder & CEO, Yogesh Sharma, an entrepreneur and avid amateur backyard farmer was on a run, gawking at the ample irrigated space in his new city – almost all of it growing grass. He had always been curious about why local food wasn’t a bigger part of the modern food ecosystem. And right there, all around him was part of the solution – plenty of good dirt, sun and water to grow food that could feed cities. 

Meanwhile, Hal Roberts, who grew up on an urban farm in San Antonio had already been setting up urban farms in Austin. And Ved Prakash was writing software that streamlined hyper-local logistics, enabling digital visibility and commerce across people, products, locations, and millions of other potential nodes. 

The three of them got together, and collectively said, "Enough is enough, let’s do something about this!and started Lettuce. 

The Lettuce core team is now 12 strong and growing - on a mission to bring local, nutritious food to the mainstream, through technology, new business models and community involvement. We are experienced entrepreneurs, world-class software engineers, gourmet chefs, urban farmers and operational experts. The Lettuce team is diverse and committed to the singular vision and drive to improve what, where, how, and when food is grown, raised, delivered and prepared. We foster a culture of cooperation, innovation and fun that enables us to execute effectively.  

Paradigm Shift 

Healthier people, sustainable communities, and a better planet: 

Lettuce is changing the way food is grown and distributed . . .

Packaged and delivered using zero-waste processes and materials . . . 

And cycled back, completing a sustainable, and infinitely scalable circular economy . . .  

Why Local?

Locally grown, raised and produced food is better in so many ways:   

Sustainable Farming 

Large scale monoculture agriculture is responsible for 30% of global climate change. More local, sustainable farming practices can have a significant beneficial impact on climate change if robust economic models evolve to support it. 

Smaller Carbon Footprint 

Average distance ingredients travel to get to your plate: 1,500 miles - resulting in a high carbon footprint. Lettuce brings this down to <100 miles. 

Nutrient Dense

Food from large farms far away means it's often nutritionally compromised: Not as fresh, genetically modified to travel better, picked at sub-optimal times, and often sprayed with chemicals to maintain freshness. 

Less Food Wasted

With a long, opaque food chain, wastage is inevitable. Lettuce's subscription-based paradigm, increasingly more transparent supply-chain, and just in time local sourcing results in more precise prediction of demand, and less wastage. 


Packaging Waste

Lettuce's near-zero waste packaging results in a significant reduction in harmful waste all along the process.  

Economic Opportunities

Local food means more local jobs, more successful small businesses and stronger communities.  

Ecological Diversity

When food is grown locally, it leads to improved biodiversity in urban/suburban areas.  

Health Awareness

Locally grown/raised and prepared food results in greater awareness among consumers of where, how and when food is grow, leading them to making healthier and more sustainable choices.  

Lettuce is growing communities of people who:

Eat Local 

Eating fresh, nutritious, delicious and local food, conveniently, sustainably and affordably has never been possible since the development of industrial food chains. Lettuce is changing that  neighborhood at a time. 

Grow Food

Lettuce's GrowShare platform provides the services, content and support required for food to be grown on unused urban land, and a new generation of local food growers to evolve. 

Live Sustainably

Leading a sustainable urban lifestyle, without compromising convenience or cost is not a dream anymore. With reusable packaging, built-in composting, efficient logistics and more, Lettuce is enabling a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of urban residents and the cities they live in.

Eat Local 

Lettuce is dedicated to marrying local ingredients to world-class recipes, and delivering it all on the back of a solid technology and logistics platform. Our mission is to help people achieve their aspirations about how they eat: Healthy, Local, Sustainable and Delicious. This creates long-term customers into whose lives Lettuce is entrenched as a habit

Meal Kits, Done Right

Meal kits are a convenient and easy way for today’s busy families to cook and eat together. But national meal kit services are expensive, not local and deliver in wasteful packaging - resulting in high customer churn among those services. Lettuce meal kits fix all these challenges - local ingredients, near zero-waste packaging and affordable pricing because of more efficient cost structures, resulting in significantly less churn

Lettuce plans are uniquely flexible, giving customers the building blocks to cook and eat healthy. There are plans for 2 or 4 person households that serve dietary preferences ranging from omnivores, vegetarians, vegans to gluten-free and more. 

Add-on Plans & Products 

Aside from dinner plans, customers can add other subscription and one-off products such as fruit and eggs - all sourced locally. 

Lettuce create  

Local small and medium food artisans are a vibrant part of urban food ecosystems. But they often struggle with the multitude of things they need to do to survive and thrive. And consumers don't have a convenient and affordable way to get their products. The Lettuce create platform changes this: It gives local artisans everything they need to do what they do best - create amazing products - while Lettuce covers logistics, delivery, technology, customer support, inventory management, marketing, customer engagement, efficient ingredient sourcing, and more. Consumers, on the other hand, get convenient, transparent and affordable single-point access to those products. 

Lettuce create is in beta through the end of 2018, fully rolling out in early-2019. 


We ended 2017 making over 400 deliveries a month, and have tripled that in 2018. That's over 200,000 meals served per year, and growing - just in Austin, Texas.

Grow Food 

Led by co-founder Hal Roberts, Lettuce's evolving GrowShare program empowers people to grow food on unused urban land such as home front/back yards, school property, housing developments and commercial land, by providing material support, timely expert content, logistics, technology tools; and paying them for what they grow, harvest and supply. 

GrowShare urban farms serve as hotspots for community engagement and education, bringing Lettuce's value proposition about local food to the residents of those neighborhoods in an organic, personal way. GrowShare is jumpstarting a self-reliant, circular, local food economy that delivers greater access to fresh food for all, while creating a meaningful source of income for many. 


Since our start in 2016, we have set up, maintained and harvested from dozens of urban farms at homes, schools and housing developments in and around our first market of Austin, Texas. We currently have a growing waitlist of applicants ready to be activated, in and around the Austin region. After it achieves a level of efficiency, this model will be expanded to many other urban/suburban areas successfully. 

Live Sustainably 

Leading a sustainable urban lifestyle, without compromising convenience or cost is not a dream anymore. With reusable packaging, built-in composting, efficient logistics and more, Lettuce is enabling a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of urban residents and the cities they live in.

 Composting: Built In 

Built into the Lettuce service is a seamless composting feature. Customers put their food scraps into our delivery bins, which goes back into compost piles scientifically managed by us, which then end up in our urban farms. This completes a virtuous cycle that at scale can have a significant impact on a city's sustainability. 

Lettuce receives an average of 12 pounds of compostables per month per household - thus prevented from going into landfills. 

Source: Lettuce LocOS data analytics

Zero-Waste Packaging 

Disposable packaging materials are wreaking havoc: They are ecologically harmful to produce and transport, and once used, pile up in polluting land-fills or float around in our oceans. Recyclables are better, yet not without an environmental cost. 

Reuse of packaging materials is the best approach. And Lettuce is creating a new paradigm for delivery of food and other consumables in near-zero waste, reusable containers. It is also evolving the technology and operational processes required for the tracking, sanitization and life-cycle management of these materials. 

Lettuce customers pay a refundable Reusable Materials Deposit at the time of sign up as a way to participate in this new cycle that when scaled across the urban mainstream will have a significant impact on the amount of waste produced in urban areas. 

Pieces of plastic prevented from going into landfill: ~120 per household per month

Source: Lettuce LocOS data analytics

Fewer Last Miles

Compared to other local delivery paradigms, and individuals driving to grocery stores, Lettuce optimizes deliveries in ways that significantly reduces total miles driven - reducing pollution, and traffic congestion

For operational and financial efficiency, Lettuce deliveries are made by on-demand drivers, who use their own vehicles to make the deliveries. In forthcoming years as its network density increases, Lettuce plans to deploy low-cost electric vehicles for deliveries, further reducing its operational carbon footprint. 


Lettuce LocOS: A New Local Economy Technology Platform 

Lettuce has its own growing technology development team based in Mysore, India under the company’s co-founder and CTO Ved Prakash. It has developed, and continues to evolve Lettuce LocOS: A world-class hyperlocal sustainable commerce and logistics technology platform. LocOS aims to make an impact across the entire urban food chain: regenerative farming, efficient transportation, reduction in food waste, tracking of near-zero waste packaging, streamlined commerce, transparent inventory management and more. This platform can be deployed in most urban areas - giving the Company tremendous leverage and scalability. LocOS is also extensible, with the ability for it to be integrated with other technology platforms and services. 

Lettuce LocOS is already deployed and powers most of Lettuce's front-end, order management, logistics, payments and more. It is being developed using agile technology development methodologies, with improvement and release being pushed almost daily. In the future, as Lettuce scales, we intend to use blockchain technologies for the Network to more effectively and securely manage the flow of food, people and money. 

Lettuce LocOS is built on the following technology stack:

Database: MongoDB

Host: AWS for applications, Wordpress for marketing site

Cloud environment: Node.js; Language: PHP; Framework: CodeIgniter, Laravel 

Frontend frameworks: AngularJS, HTML5, CSS 3 

Payments platform: Stripe

Marketing automation & analytics: Mixpanel, 

Layers of Lettuce LocOS

Our Offering

Convertible Promissory Notes

Note converts to Series Seed - 1 Preferred Stock when the company raises $3,000,000 in a qualified equity financing.

Maturity Date:  01/31/2021

$6,000,000 Valuation Cap

20% Discount Rate

5% Annual Interest Rate*

*Annual Interest Rate subject to adjustment 10% bonus for StartEngine shareholders. See 10% Bonus below


All investors will receive a Lettuce investor goodie bag including a t-shirt, cap, magnets, stickers, and an investor welcome kit signed by the Lettuce team.

The following perks will be for investors in the Greater Austin, Texas area. Investors outside of this area will receive these perks when Lettuce is available in their area. 

$250+: One Orchard Basket + dozen eggs delivery

$500+: $50 off your next delivery 

$1000+: Membership to the Lettuce Pioneers Club
$2,500+: A 40 sq. ft. Food Garden (raised bed) installation 

$5000+: A Lettuce chef will cook dinner at your home for your family and friends (up to 10 people), including wine and dessert 

$10,000+: All of the above perks

*All perks occur after the offering is completed

Raising $ for:

Technology development



Expansion Beyond Austin

In the second half of 2019, after completing the next version of LocOS, Lettuce plans to start its expansion into urban areas beyond the pilot city of Austin. Here's the process we plan to follow:  

1. Pick location(s) based on our analysis and interest, set launch date, roll out platform, hire initial staff. 

2. Sign up suppliers, new urban growers, artisans, customers, assemblers and drivers.  

3. Establish physical infrastructure. 

4. Launch and grow to profitability and beyond. 

The Market for Local Food

In 2017, net farm income across the entire sector is expected to decline for the fourth consecutive year, according to the USDA. Yet, at the same time, there's been a wave of demand for healthy, locally grown food. And that wave is building. Local food sales in the U.S. grew from $5 billion to $12 billion between 2008 and 2014, according to food industry research firm Packaged Facts. The same study predicted local food sales would jump to $20 billion in 2019, outpacing the growth of the country's total food and beverage sales.


In the United States, obesity and diet-related chronic disease rates are escalating, while the public’s health is further threatened by rising antibiotic resistance; chemicals and pathogens contaminating our food, air, soil and water; depletion of natural resources; and climate change. The US industrial food system provides plentiful, relatively inexpensive food, but much of it is unhealthy, and the system is not sustainable. Although most US food consumption occurs within this industrial system, healthier and more sustainable alternatives are increasingly available.


Lettuce is well-positioned to be a leading player in the local food revolution.

Customer Acquisition & Retention 

Our customer acquisition has been mostly driven by word of mouth. Our customers love us - our retention rates are >80% after 3 months of customers signing up - some of the highest among similar subscription-based businesses. Our customers get an average of 7.5 deliveries per quarter, and spend on average $51 per delivery (Source: Lettuce LocOS data analytics). We provide world-class products that are created and delivered locally, accompanied by over-the-top amazing customer service

As Lettuce rolls out its online network of local growers, artisans and consumers that is deeply integrated with its hyper-local e-commerce and logistics platform, network effects are emerging, enabling the next phase of its sustainable growth. In the two years of building our service and interacting with customers, growers and creators we have learnt that beyond delivery the highest possible quality of food, Lettuce gives it's customers a way to a sustainable lifestyle and be a part of an evolving sustainable ecosystem. To grow into the mainstream at a much faster pace, instead of an advertising driven strategy, we plan to use the essence of the impact we have on the participants in our network, by giving them physical and digital ways of voicing their experiences in eating local, growing food and living sustainably. We believe this will result in strong and viable revenue growth at a sustainably low customer acquisition cost. 


Lettuce is evolving a partnership approach to make progress towards its mission. This enables us to tap into strategically aligned resources, while lending our capabilities to those entities. Here are a few areas in which we have piloted partnerships and we are ready to do more at: 


We believe that educating kids about sustainable living, healthy eating and growing food is a key to a better future.


Lettuce has pilot programs running in two Austin ISD schools, Lee Elementary and Gullett Elementary where we have put in and maintained demonstration farms at no cost to the schools. We have experimentally engaged with the school communities - staff, kids, parents and neighbors - via farm days, workshops, discount codes that provide donations back to the school and more. The result: 

  • Hundreds of students at these schools and their families now know more about food and its impact on health,
  • Dozens of families per school have become Lettuce customers - paying for itself in saved customer acquisition costs
  • And we have donated thousands of dollars back to the schools.

With the success of these pilots, we are ready to expand them to hundreds of schools in all the geographies we serve, as a part of Lettuce GrowShare. 

With the success of these pilots, we are ready to expand them to hundreds of schools in all the geographies we serve, as a part of Lettuce GrowShare. 

Housing Developments

There are thousands of existing and future master planned housing developments with often thousands of homes each, in urban and suburban areas across the country (Source). There’s usually lots of land within those developments - in common areas and home front/backyards - perfect for growing food (the land is often erstwhile farmland). Lots of these developments also don’t have grocery stores nearby - they are not large enough to attract the big chains, and smaller convenience stores don’t carry fresh food residents can rely on. Result: Residents have to drive long distances to get their groceries done.


Lettuce partners with such housing developers to create co-branded networks of farms and fresh food delivery services. We have been piloting this concept to great early success with a new housing development called Whisper Valley being built by a global development firm, Taurus, just east of Austin. We have successfully put up farms there, engaging the community on both growing food as well as being customers, achieving 25%+ adoption rate among residents (Source: Lettuce LocOS data analytics). 

In upcoming years, Lettuce plans to create several such partnerships that will give us access into large markets with entrenched marketing and land partners, enabling us to initiate our presence in new geographical areas. 


Accessibility & Affordability

Lettuce is serious about creating economically sustainable solutions to the food access problem in low-income urban neighborhoods / demographics that is a factor in so many multi-generational chronic health problems. Big Food companies are wreaking havoc in communities across the world - destroying traditional healthy eating habits, local farm economies and create health issues - while making significant profits. 

Good, local food must fight and win by well-capitalized strategic initiatives that are grass-roots yet scalable and profitable. Lettuce is making this possible by: 

  • Creating urban farms in communities. 
  • Educating residents through those communities. 
  • Delivering high quality food at a fair affordable price
  • Establishing donation-based popup markets in those communities. 
  • Giving special discounts for teachers, firefighters, students and other public and non-profit organization employees. 
  • Partnering with community organizations, powering the delivery of fresh, nutritious food to homes. 

Invest in Our Company Today!

Lettuce is conscious capitalism at its best. We want to reverse the malaise brought on by the big food industry - wreaking havoc on people's health by hooking them on unhealthy foods, disregarding the communities in which they peddle their wares and creating farming practices, supply chains, and packaging that is making significant contributions to climate change. 


We are dedicated to healthier individuals, stronger communities and a better planet, while building a financially strong, infinitely scalable business that generates outsized profits and returns for its shareholders. At the heart of this mission is a powerful business model that marries the sustainable ways of societies in the not so distant past, with modern day technologies that enable convenience, transparency and cost efficiencies. 

Investing in Lettuce, is investing in a better future for all of us. Join in!

In the Press

The New Urban Farmers
October 24, 2016

"Lettuce envisions upending conventional farming the way Airbnb reinvented travel lodging."

Lettuce Network Turns Yards Into Farms
June 22, 2018

"Lettuce’s omnivore plan costs $79 for three meals of four servings each. For comparison, the same number of meals and servings would cost more than $100 with Blue Apron."

Why You Should Hope Your Next Tomato's Grown Indoors By Robots
June 28, 2018

"Lettuce Networks is trying another approach. It is using cloud and mobile technology to create a network of urban farms."

Cool at School: Lettuce Farm at Lee Elementary
August 1, 2017

"Lettuce creates new experiences for students like 12-year-old Jayln Miles, "Today I learned what okra was and I didn't know what okra was, my principle told me try some, and it was really good.'"

Lettuce Networks are Saving the World
October 4, 2018

"I thought that I loved this business before I sat down with the co-founders... and now I realize, no, I didn't, now I really love them."

Growing A Meal Kit Service With A Distributed Farming Network
September 13, 2018

"As a backyard gardener and entrepreneur, Yogesh Sharma was struck by a thought: Why is more food not grown locally?"

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All investors will receive a Lettuce investor goodie bag including a t-shirt, cap, magnets, stickers, and an investor welcome kit signed by the Lettuce team.

The following perks will be for investors in the Greater Austin, Texas area. Investors outside of this area will receive these perks when Lettuce is available in their area. 

$250+: One Orchard Basket + dozen eggs delivery

$500+: $50 off your next delivery 

$1000+: Membership to the Lettuce Pioneers Club

$2,500+: A 40 sq. ft. Food Garden (raised bed) installation 

$5000+: A Lettuce chef will cook dinner at your home for your family and friends (up to 10 people), including wine and dessert 

$10,000+: All of the above perks

*All perks occur after the offering is completed

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Thank you for a great start!

10 days ago

Wow - within a few days of launching our campaign, we have raised over $11k, passing our minimum goal of $10k! A big thank you to all who have invested so far, left comments, asked questions, shared this opportunity or are following it! This is an important step in our journey towards creating healthier individuals, stronger communities and a sustainable planet - and we are honored that you are joining us on it! 

We will post updates here with campaign milestones, business updates, new product/service launches, opening new areas and more - there’s a lot in the works! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will be sure to answer it promptly. 


Yogesh Sharma, Co-founder & CEO 

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