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EdTech tools leveraging AR + Blockchain.

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Where Education             Comes To Life.

From the outside looking in, educators often find themselves at the bottom of the technology totem pole. Thankfully, a wave of accessible technology is on the verge of crashing into schools across the globe. Breaking these technologies free from the novelty phase, Leap With Alice leverages augmented reality (AR), blockchain technology, and machine learning (ML) to deeply impact the way we learn.  


We believe students require personalized learning experiences and engaging lessons in order to achieve their maximum potential. Unfortunately, educators lack the money, time, and resources needed to properly guide each student. Leap With Alice reimagines education, removing these critical pain points. Targeting these every-day struggles, we provide a variety of EdTech resources that facilitate the creation, buying, and selling of enhanced educational content. 


Empowering educators on a global scale, Leap With Alice creates a world where students learn through innovation and educators earn through imagination.

The Common Struggles of Educators and Students

We believe the time and energy required to effectively educate each student is astronomically high. Paired with financial stress (nearly three in four adults — 71 percent — considered teacher pay to be too low), not only are educators exhausted, their performance becomes diluted in the classroom. While there are quality tools available that could provide support, restrictive budgets and lack of funding prevent them from reaching the classroom. Leap With Alice provides FREE resources that avoid these financial hurdles, allowing educators to create engaging content, save valuable time, and generate a "revenue in your sleep" business model.


With the efforts of educators being stretched so thin, special needs can often go ignored in the classroom. In addition to struggling with everyday fundamentals of education, unique learning abilities (such as dyslexia) also hinder higher level skills. The market for tools created with unique abilities in mind is essentially nonexistent. While one in five students battle dyslexia, according to the Hechinger Report, teachers do not have the time or resources to individualize their efforts and are forced to blanket the classroom with general education. This has led to student engagement plummeting.


According to a recent Gallup study, only half of students surveyed reported feeling engaged in school. Further, engagement levels show a strong decline as students get older, hitting bottom in the 11th grade. Introducing augmented reality into education has shown to increase engagement and retention by up to 290% (Data: Neuro-Insight), fostering a more immersive learning experience. We believe a multi-modality approach presents educators the opportunity to identify how each student best learns, creating Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) that target every student’s unique learning needs

Leap With Alice was founded on the belief that augmented reality has the power to transform traditional methods of education into immersive learning experiences, increasing knowledge retention and overall comprehension. Encompassing all of the tools and applications that Leap With Alice provides, the aliceSuite will establish an ecosystem that alleviates the hurdles that educators face on a daily basis. Four key puzzle pieces come together to form the aliceSuite.


Easily create free educational content, enhanced by AR.

(Launching Q4 2018)


View augmented creations and rediscover the world.

(Demo Available on iOS and Android)


Sell creations on an incentive driven Educator-to-Educator marketplace.

(Launching Q3 2019)


Dashboard detailing KPI's such as student growth and engagement.

(Launching Q1 2019)

Everything starts inside of aliceLabs. Educators are provided free tools that empower the creation of educational content that has been enhanced by augmented reality. aliceLabs hands the power to educators, transforming their classroom from a passive work environment into an immersive learning experience. Simple drag-and-drop tools and templates generate interactive content that increases engagement, eliminating the learning curve. aliceLabs provides templates and guides on how to create effective content, fast and free.

The aliceExchange facilitates an Educator-to-Educator marketplace with the capacity to buy and sell enhanced content. Reaching a global community, aliceExchange transactions are flexibly conducted using USD or the ALICE Utility Token. Educators may browse specific topics that target a variety of modalities, customizing the learning experience for every student. If a more collaborative environment is the goal, interactive lesson plans can bring the entire class together for an immersive group experience. An expansive library of enhanced content is just a click away, saving educators hours of planning.

Engaging the aliceLens App on any smart device, creations from aliceLabs come to life. Quickly identifying predetermined targets or surfaces, aliceLens displays 3D models, immersive video, and informative text that the creator has chosen. aliceLens empowers educators with technology that showcases interactive and deeply engaging content; taking the existing world around us and overlaying new information on top of it. 

The aliceClassroom serves as a dashboard and data center for educators and students to monitor their educational journey

Educators will have the ability to add students into their classroom, tracking progress and growth. Analytic tools, driven by machine learning, will give educators the ability to see valuable data and identify unique learning needs. The user interface will display basic profile information such as reputation level, transaction history, and available balances. Notifications will alert users when their content has been bought, rated, or reviewed.

Leap With Alice provides free resources for users to create, buy, and sell enhanced educational content. Initial revenue streams are provided by aliceExchange, a marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of original content that has been enhanced by AR. This is monetized through a SaaS business model with a supplemental revenue stream generated from sales commissions

Further, the use of blockchain technology allows us to facilitate Digital Rights Management for all content created within the platform. This ensures the integrity and quality of content that is distributed throughout the exchange while providing transparent ownership of digital assets for a small fee.  

SaaS Model + Exchange Sales Commissions

Users may onboard and use our services under a free model or elect for a paid subscription. This allows for easier adoption and less friction on the user’s end. Driving monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and existing user growth, users are heavily incentivized to elect for the paid model. Utilizing the SaaS model, users receive a percentage of their sales, based on the model they have elected to use (free/paid). For each sale made, Leap With Alice will receive a percentage - ranging from 15% (paid subscriber), up to 50% (free model). 

Digital Rights Management

As users upload and register original creations, content is time-stamped and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Users are able to access the securely encrypted content based on the ownership rights that have been agreed to, via smart contract. Creators have the power to track any of their work for infringement, thanks to the transparency of the blockchain. 

Through this offering, you are purchasing equity in Leap With Alice in the form of the LWA Security Token. In addition to the equity purchased (in LWA Token), investors also have the opportunity to qualify for the perks* listed below.

*All perks will be delivered after the campaign is complete,.  See Offering Summary below for additional terms.

  • Invitation to Annual Investor Meeting
  • 20% Off Purchases in aliceExchange for 30 Days
  • Invitation to Annual Investor Meeting

  • Invitation to Leap With Alice hosted events/conferences

  • 20% Off Purchases in aliceExchange for 30 Days
  • Invitation to Annual Investor Meeting

  • Invitation to Leap With Alice hosted events/conferences  

  • Free Purchases in aliceExchange for 30 Days
  • Invitation to Annual Investor Meeting

  • Invitation to Leap With Alice hosted events/conferences

LWA Tokens will represent a single Class A Unit with rights and preferences as designated in the Company's Operating Agreement and summarized in the Offering Document, and will be issued on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Leap With Alice has already developed and released a Demo App, as well as two prototype apps that showcase augmented reality and machine learning. Look forwarding, we are slated to launch our creation software (AliceLabs) in late October of this year. Further, we will be launching our data analytics tool and educational marketplace in 2019.

Academic Validation

Leap With Alice has partnered with UCF to conduct impactful research studies, collecting valuable data in order to strategically implement our technology and better the future of education. Leap With Alice’s offices are located on campus. Collaborating with Dr. Trey Vasquez (Associate Professor, Child, Family, and Community Sciences) and Dave Edyburn (UCF Dean of Research), Leap With Alice will participate in studies through the National Science Foundation to show the efficacy of AR in the classroom. Further, we will determine how our approach best targets students with unique learning abilities. Future plans include the establishment of an endowment to further the progress of EdTech and the development of optimized education. 

The University of Algarve (Portugal) partnership will deliver free educational resources across the globe, allowing educators to create powerful content that has been enhanced by emerging technology. Through the University of Algarve, we will collaborate with the MILAGE Project, which has built a community of partners, including universities and schools located in Norway, Spain, Turkey, and Portugal. This developed network of educators and students will be the first to engage Leap With Alice’s free creation tools; enhancing content and cultivating a more immersive learning experience.

One Click Away...

Partnering with the largest university in the United States (UCF) has allowed us to kickstart our rapidly growing community, adding 1.6 million educators, students, and alumni to our network in the month of August. Further, collaboration with the University of Algarve opens the door to global expansion into Europe and beyond. As we approach the launch of aliceLabs in October -- our next major milestone -- we are one click away from reaching 6+ million educators, students, faculty, and alumni (and growing).

Available Technology

aliceLens Demo App, available on iOS and Android. With aliceLens, users can catch a glimpse of the augmented reality capabilities that Leap With Alice provides. For an interactive experience, visit LeapWithAlice.io and download the “targets” that link to the aliceLens. The targets will come to life when engaged with the aliceLens, showcasing how AR can impact education and promote a more immersive learning experience. In October, we will be launching aliceLabs and giving the power of creation to the educators. They will be able to create educational content that is enhanced by AR and these creations will be brought to life through the aliceLens.  

Looking further ahead, we have released two prototype applications that give users a peek at the power of machine learning in education. We offer a look at our language processing capabilities and ability to target a variety of modalities through aliceSpeaks and aliceThinks.

AR Market

“Augmented reality has the potential to revolutionize learning in primary and secondary schools more than any other technology has done in the recent past,” reports NJIT. “… Several studies published in the last four years have shown that it enhances learning and classroom interactions.” 

The AR market is expected to grow to $659.98 million by the end of 2018. The technology has broad mass appeal with surveys showing that consumers value AR products 33% higher than non-AR offerings. (Data: NJIT) Shipments of augmented reality glasses will increase 10 times, from 340,000 in 2017 to 3,716,000 units in 2018. (Data: Statista)

Edtech Market

Existing educational marketplaces have seen over two-thirds of teachers in the United States use their services. Still, in the last year, over five million unique educators have exchanged on existing marketplaces. Not only are educators across the globe engaging in the exchange of educational content, they are creating notable streams of revenue. In 2016, 80,000 contributors combined to earn over $100 million, including a dozen individuals that have generated over $1M each. (Data: Teachers Pay Teachers)

STO Market

STO Market Source - NASDAQ

(All future events are anticipated and may be subject to change)

Leap With Alice was founded with the belief that augmented reality and other emerging technologies can drastically impact education on a global scale. Team Alice conducted an initial research trial with the University of Central Florida that showcased the efficacy of AR in the classroom. This launched us to where we are today, a group of six passionate founders that are motivated to engage students and incentive education.

We all find common ground with the belief that improving education is to improve our future. We’ve experienced educators that impacted our lives, for better or for worse. Regardless, there is a lasting impression that shapes who we are today. At Leap With Alice, we believe that our tools will alleviate the stress that prevents educators and students from reaching their true potential. Investing in Leap With Alice is investing in the future of education. Come take a Leap With Alice!

Leap with Alice has received a Compliance Check from CrowdCheck for the purposes of raising $1,070,000 in an offering of the company’s Class A Units on StartEngine (the "Offering").  The Compliance Check looks for evidence indicating that the company is a legitimate venture conducting the type of business it claims, is properly incorporated in a US state, and meets all legal requirements to seek investment through an online securities offering under Regulation CF.  In conducting a Compliance Check, CrowdCheck obtains information and documentation directly from the company and from other sources that support statements made by the company and statutory and regulatory requirements.  CrowdCheck reviews only the material referred to in this Report; we do not review other offering materials that may appear on StartEngine website or have been filed with the SEC, except to ensure that the regulatory requirements are met. CrowdCheck has been able to obtain sufficient evidence from Leap with Alice and outside sources to provide Leap with Alice with a Compliance Check.

Offering Summary

Maximum 200,000 Class A Units deliverable as tokens ("LWA Tokens") ($1,070,000)

*Maximum subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See 10% Bonus below

Minimum 1,869 Class A Units deliverable as tokens ("LWA Tokens") ($9,999,15)

Leap With Alice LLC

Corporate Address
12703 Research Pkwy Suite 100
Orlando FL, 32826 United States

Description of Business
Leap With Alice leverages augmented reality, blockchain technology, and machine learning to create an educational ecosystem that incentivizes learning.

Type of Security Offered
Class A Units (deliverable in token form as "LWA Tokens")( the "Shares" or "Securities")
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 


  • Invest $999 or Less
    Invitation to Annual Investor Meeting

  • Invest $1000 - $4999
    20% Off Purchases in alice
    Exchange for 30 Days
    Invitation to Annual Investor Meeting
    Invitation to Leap With Alice hosted events/conferences  

  • Invest $5000 - $9999
    20% Off Purchases in alice
    Exchange for 30 Days
    Invitation to Annual Investor Meeting
    Invitation to Leap With Alice hosted events/conferences

  • Invest $10000 or More
    Free Purchases in alice
    Exchange for 30 Days
    Invitation to Annual Investor Meeting
    Invitation to Leap With Alice hosted events/conferences

*All perks  will be delivered after the campaign is completed..

Terms of Tokens

LWA Token (representing Class A Units)

Description: The LWA Token will represent a single Class A Unit of the company, with rights and preferences as designated in the operating agreement and summarized in the Offering Document.

  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Exchanges: We currently intend listing the token on exchanges, but this may change, pending approval to list on such exchanges, changes to the regulatory landscape, or any other reason. Security Tokens may be eligible for trading on SEC approved alternate trading platforms as they become available. There is no guarantee that such a trading platform will be available at that time.

Material Terms:

  • Voting Rights: 1 vote per unit
  • Restrictions on Transfer: 1 year from closing of this Offering
  • Dividends/Distributions: a the discretion of the managers (see Operating Agreement)
  • Redemption Rights: NA
  • Other: NA

Please see Offering Document for complete set of rights and preferences.

The Company currently does not have a functional distributed ledger based business model nor a blockchain based token and there is no guarantee that such will be developed in the future. The promise of future tokens is contingent upon the successful development of such items.  There is no guarantee that successful development will ever occur.  The right to receive future tokens and the offering of future tokens is being offered as part of this offering exempt from registration under Regulation CF.  

Irregular Use of Proceeds


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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


aliceOne Coming Soon!

3 days ago

Partnership Announcement: Amazing Explorers Academy

14 days ago

Leap With Alice is incredibly excited to announce our official partnership with the Amazing Explorers Academy

The Amazing Explorers Academy is a groundbreaking day care and early childhood education program that is setting the standard for pre-school learning. This innovative daycare and early childhood education concept is currently expanding through franchised and corporate-owned locations in Florida and other states. At Amazing Explorers, we believe that it’s never too early for children to develop a genuine passion for learning. Recent studies have shown that the first five years of a children’s life are the most impressionable, and that study habits and interests develop during these early years can set the tone for their later education, as well as their later career.

Amazing Explorers offers a unique curriculum that even the youngest children love. Through hands-on learning supervised by highly trained educators, children can develop an interest in learning that can be sustained throughout their education career and beyond.

Leap With Alice will partner with and train the educators at Amazing Explorers to utilize our flagship application -- alice one -- launching at the end of October. Eliminating the traditional "lesson", our flagship application -- alice one -- operates in a similar fashion to Snapchat. Using the viewfinder, anyone can select an object or image and set it as a "target". Users then choose from a massive repository of 3D Models, Videos, and Text to link with that target. Now, whenever our application identifies that target, it will come to life with the interactive AR layer that has been added. These experiences can be shared with everyone!

Imagine an educator using alice one to turn their classroom into an immersive learning experience. As students walk into class for the first time, above each student's desk is their name, written in 3D AR-text. In order to get to know where things are in the classroom, they participate in a scavenger hunt, locating targets around the room that give them detailed information and training. Afterward, they're handed a worksheet on the planet Neptune where the image of the planet engages with our application, popping up a 3D model that details the layers of the planet and even links to a more in-depth video. 

We're excited to begin working with the Amazing Explorers Academy!

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