Kari Gran

Women-owned, clean, sustainable skincare.

Kari Gran

Women-owned, clean, sustainable skincare.

Seattle, WA
Consumer Products
Kari Gran Skincare is a pioneer in the rapidly-growing clean beauty business, headed by passionate female founders disrupting the category with differentiated products targeting an underserved market; women 40+ experiencing dry skin due to menopause. We know the stresses and challenges that come with dry skin, but more importantly, we also know the solution.


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20% discount on all products for 1 year Access to the Private Investor Group with quarterly updates on financials, new product trials, and trends conducted by email or video conferencing.
($2,500+) The Essential SPF Tier
25% discount on all products for 1 year Access to the Private Investor Group with quarterly updates on financials, new product trials, and trends conducted by email or video conferencing.
($5,000+) The Hydrating Duo Tier
30% discount on all products for 1 year 5% Bonus Shares Access to the Private Investor Group with quarterly updates on financials, new product trials, and trends conducted by email or video conferencing.
($10,000+) The Mighty Big 3 Tier
40% discount on all products for 1 year 10% Bonus Shares Access to the Private Investor Group with quarterly updates on financials, new product trials, and trends conducted by email or video conferencing.
($20,000+) The Complete KG System Tier
50% discount on product for 1 year 15% Bonus Shares Access to the Private Investor Group with quarterly updates on financials, new product trials, and trends conducted by email or video conferencing, and a private skincare/makeup consultation for 1

Reasons to Invest

We are pioneers in the burgeoning clean skincare industry with an established line of premium products that are organic, naturally derived, and non-GMO. Our customers are wildly loyal and repeat purchases accounted for 68% of revenue in 2021.
We have maintained strong financial progress and momentum with over $8.5 million in sales-to-date, and the ability to scale rapidly.
Kari Gran fills a significant gap in the market. There are 83-million women over the age of 40 in the U.S. alone, and they’re looking for solutions for their changing skin due to natural estrogen depletion.*

*Information provided by Statista (source)


Kari Gran Skincare is a woman-owned and operated business. We have a deep understanding of our customers’ hopes, dreams, and desires because they’re the same as ours. We’re passionate about bringing high-quality products, honesty, and transparency to an oversaturated industry. 

We are pioneers in the clean beauty business with a line of differentiated products targeting a largely ignored market; women over 40. Our broad appeal and revolutionary skin solutions have already created a loyal customer base.

The Problem

Anti-aging skin products on the market overpromise and underdeliver.  

A lifetime of advertisements for miracle products that claim to take 20 years off overnight have created healthy skepticism around anti-aging products, especially with older women.

As skin ages, it can become dry, flaky, and dull due to estrogen depletion, and the loss of collagen and natural oils (source). Women experiencing these unwelcome side effects of aging want simple, effective solutions. 

Aging doesn’t mean we need more skincare products, it means we need better ones. Kari Gran products contain no added water, only 100% naturally nourishing ingredients that result in softer, fresher skin.


A clean skincare line made by women, for women

Kari Gran skincare is simple and solution-based. We don’t believe in negative marketing about aging or fear tactics to get women to buy. We want every woman to feel her best and have carefully crafted each of our products to restore and rejuvenate the skin. 

We don’t use added water, fillers, or synthetic fragrances, so customers receive our products in their most potent state possible to maximize efficacy. We believe this commitment to quality has created our wildly loyal customers. Repeat purchases accounted for 68% of revenue in 2021

We ship free every day of the week using eco-conscious packaging, and have a no-questions-asked return policy. We even have a subscription option to ensure customers never run out.

  • Natural Ingredients. We use the highest quality organic, naturally derived,  and non-GMO ingredients. Even our product scents come directly from the source – no added synthetic fragrances.
  • Oil-Based Skincare. Other moisturizers can be 70% water or more. Instead, we pack each product with 100% pure product that nourishes, moisturizes, and strengthens skin.
  • Fast and easy shipping.  All orders are eco-consciously packed and shipped seven days a week. Always free shipping.
  • Easy returns. We have a “no questions asked” return policy which further endears us to our customers, yet our return rate is well below industry averages. 

*This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success

(source, source)


Focused on an underserved audience in a fast-growing market 

Kari Gran is uniquely positioned as an independent clean beauty brand focused on a largely ignored audience.

Clean beauty has gone from a buzzword to a complete shift within the beauty and skincare industries. What was once a trend is now an expectation that heavily influences a consumer’s purchasing decision. In fact, clean beauty is one of the fastest-growing segments in the beauty industry, worth over $5-billion, and is expected to grow to over $11-billion in the next 5 years (source).

Just like clean beauty, independent and niche brands are having a moment. Reports have proven that small business is the new big business, following sales trends that show consumers want to know who they’re buying from

By 2025, 
1.1 billion women worldwide will either be experiencing perimenopause, menopause, or be post-menopausal. This is a huge audience that often goes unrepresented. Menopause creates specific skincare needs that can’t always be addressed by mixing and matching current products. By focusing on these women, we’re able to tailor our messaging and product line specifically for them.


Broad appeal, competitive differentiation, and a strong, loyal consumer base

Kari Gran is a fully functioning in-market business, with growing sales-to-date of over $8.5-million. Our current product line consists of seven categories; skincare, lip, SPF, makeup, soap, accessories, and gifts. 

Led by experienced women, we've grown our Amazon presence, distributed across the United States and Canada, and created what we believe is an amazing e-commerce experience at karigran.com. We've also obtained shelf space in leading clean beauty retailers such as Credo and Detox Market, and sell our products online through Saks, Macy’s, and The Grove Collaborative. We recently received regulatory approval to launch the Kari Gran line in the UK and the European Union.

Kari Gran Skincare is a pioneer in the rapidly-growing clean beauty business, headed by passionate female founders disrupting the category with differentiated products targeting an underserved market; women 40+ experiencing dry skin due to menopause. Kari Gran’s broad appeal and competitive differentiation have generated a strong consumer base with fiercely–loyal customers.  An investment in Kari Gran Inc. is an opportunity to ride the wave of one of the fastest-growing segments of the $483-billion global beauty business.


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($500+) The Better Balm Tier

15% discount on all products for 1 year

($1,000+) The Magic Mini Kit Tier

20% discount on all products for 1 year

Access to the Private Investor Group with quarterly updates on financials, new product trials, and trends conducted by email or video conferencing.

($2,500+) The Essential SPF Tier

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Access to the Private Investor Group with quarterly updates on financials, new product trials, and trends conducted by email or video conferencing.

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Access to the Private Investor Group with quarterly updates on financials, new product trials, and trends conducted by email or video conferencing.

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Access to the Private Investor Group with quarterly updates on financials, new product trials, and trends conducted by email or video conferencing.

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Access to the Private Investor Group with quarterly updates on financials, new product trials, and trends conducted by email or video conferencing, and a private skincare/makeup consultation for 1 with founder Kari Gran.

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The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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-$380,002.00 USD


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Our New Vitamin C Serum is Flying Off the Shelves

21 hours ago

This new product is on track to become our most successful product launch ever with 84% higher revenue than the first three days of our Tinted SPF Launch in 2020 (which quickly became a best seller).  In fact, August has traditionally been a slower month for skincare sales and the launch date of our Vitamin C Serum surpassed our highest day ever in daily August revenue by 17%. 


We purposely don’t launch new products often. So, when we do, it must fit into our simple routine and make sense for our line and our customers.  


NEW Vitamin C Serum - A concentrated, stable, waterless 10% vitamin C oil-based serum moisturizes, evens skin tone, brightens, and fights free-radical damage. Blended with an Organic Antioxidant Super Blend of Plum Seed, Cloudberry, and Lingonberry oils that nourish and strengthen skin. While Algica (Swedish Algae), similar to hyaluronic acid without the tackiness, locks in moisture to keep your skin hydrated.


We love it, our customers love it.  It’s a win-win all around.

Q2 Investor Update | Hosted by Lisa Strain & Kari Gran

6 days ago

Join us Thursday, August 11 at 10am PT for our Quarterly Investor Update.  Learn about everything that happened in Q2 and exciting news about Q3 and Q4. An email has been sent to all eligible investors (those who invested over $1,000) with meeting details.  If eligible and you didn’t receive an email, drop us a line in the comments below and we will reach out.

Join us for our Investing 101 Webinar | Hosted by Lisa Strain

9 days ago


Have questions about investing in our company?  How does it work? Why are women-owned companies so underfunded?  Well, we’ve got answers for you.  In August and September, we will be holding zoom webinars to answer all your questions.  At 30 minutes each, they are the perfect amount of time to learn and get back to your day.


Our first one is Tuesday, August 9 at 11 am PT.


Click here to sign up


Click here to sign up for future webinars


We hope you see you there!

From itzy-bitsy to zero. Kari Gran is 100% plastic neutral.

13 days ago

At Kari Gran, we’ve been championing green beauty long before it became trendy.  Our aim is to be as kind to our planet as we are to our skin. From sourcing our ingredients from earth-friendly suppliers, using glass packaging, to our low-impact shipping, we’ve been dedicated to our planet from day one.  Another way we support is through our partnership with Plastic Bank.


For every piece of plastic we ship (like our pumps), we collect and recycle an even higher amount in ocean-bound plastic pollution. To do this, we weigh and record the amount of plastic in every product we sell. This allows us to calculate how much plastic we’re sending in each order. Then, through our financial contribution to Plastic Bank, we are preventing 1 million plastic bottles yearly from polluting the oceans and, in turn, are also helping create good-paying jobs for folks in still developing countries.


As David Katz, Founder & CEO of Plastic Bank says, “ We can all be part of the solution and not the pollution.” And here at KG, we couldn’t agree more.

Meet Cynthia, Sakinah and Tarik

16 days ago

Kari Gran is made up of a small group of hard-working women.  We manufacture, ship, and conduct business all in the same Seattle office with everyone dedicated to growing the brand.  Today, get to know a few of us who are behind the oil-based products that you love.


Cynthia Pryor

Marketing Manager

Our resident millennial.  Cynthia was born and raised in Southern California but moved to Seattle for college and never left.  She has worked for Kari Gran for over three years.  Every time you see an email, that’s Cynthia! 

Favorite Lip Whip(s): Cora Gold for Spring/Summer and Georgia for Fall/Winter 

Favorite Skincare:  Essential SPF


Sakinah Rahman

Shipping Manager

Sakinah is the woman who gets you your products.  Originally from Southern California, Sakinah’s family has strong roots in the Seattle area which brought her here.  She’s worked for Kari Gran for over three years and is the co-leader of our midday dance breaks.

Favorite Lip Whip(s):  Rosie Gold and Georgia

Favorite Skincare:  Lavender Tonic


Tarik Gibe


Tarik has worked with Kari Gran for over six years.  She is the one who whips your Lip Whips and blends your skincare products.  Born and raised in Ethiopia, Tarik was a competitive marathon runner before coming to the United States. 

Favorite Lip Whip:  Marsala

Favorite Skincare:  Essential SPF and Essential Serum


From our youngest team player Cynthia to the not-so-younger management team, we’re a committed group of women just getting ‘er done and delighting our customers every day of the week.

Kari Gran Launches Affiliate Marketing Program

20 days ago

We are affiliate official—and this is a crucial step when trying to gain press in magazines, tv, and online in order to reach the unserved menopause market.   Our full-funnel marketing strategy will complement other channels through PR to paid search to increase revenue and build our customer base.


By introducing an affiliate program, we can:

  • Build relations with the media to introduce, educate and convert potential customers.
  • Capture consumers searching for relevant keywords by acquiring placements across niche partners that offer trusted, third-party validation.
  • Capture users in the consumer mindset across loyalty, rewards, and cashback partners.  These sites offer trusted audiences ready to shop new brands and earn rewards simultaneously.  


We are excited to have launched, see immediate interest from influencers and watch it grow!

Super small in stature, so freakin’ big in impact.

23 days ago

Meet the latest member of our team—ZenBooth.  Another company in our building was moving locations and we were able to do some trade to acquire this practically new ZenBooth, which retails for about $5,000.   It’s cool, ventilated, ergonomically flexible, bright, cheerful, and surprisingly comfortable.

Kari Gran is located in a beautiful big loft space.  Our lab/production area is sealed off and controlled.  However, our marketing, admin, receiving, operations, accounting, and shipping team is all together in a big, bright, open space.  Lovely space to work in and even better for collaboration and building a team.  But try to have a private conversation, attend a zoom meeting, or do real headwork that requires quiet, and you’ll be missing the days of doors on an office.

This seemingly small change to our office has transformed us and our ability to work efficiently.  So simple, but such a gamechanger.  We wanted to share this as a demonstration of our commitment to innovation and efficient use of money here at KG.  If you’re ZenBooth curious, check it out.

Yes, we are probably in for a bumpy ride--but we don’t scare easy.

27 days ago

Just like when the unthinkable happened--a global pandemic that actually had us send our entire staff home for safety—we managed to dig in, get creative, and actually do more than just ride it out.  We thrived and it was due to the KG team, our customers, and our product category.

Our customer base is smart.  They put a priority on taking care of themselves. But this is true, not just with our customers, but it turns out with the majority of US Adults.  The chart below illustrates that Personal Care items are very low on the list of categories where US Adults are willing to reduce their spending.

Are we bullet-proof? Completely safe from inflation or a possible recession? Of course not.  But our product category is considered one of the last places to cut in personal spending.  Couple that with the vast majority of our business being DTC where we cultivate a trusted selling relationship with our customers—and that is our secret sauce.


Dress for Success + Kari Gran + Nordstrom + Alaska Airlines + Walgreens

29 days ago

If you’re not familiar with Dress for Success, you might be surprised to learn that it is a global not-for-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Since starting operations in 1997, Dress for Success has expanded to almost 150 cities in 25 countries and has helped more than 1.3 million women work towards self-sufficiency.   We partnered with some other pretty great companies to help put on a Summer Soiree that raised $86,000 for our Seattle chapter--$10,000 over their goal.

We love helping where we can and partnering with other like-minded companies.  Let’s hear it for DFS!

Leaping Bunny Joins our PETA Certification

about 1 month ago

While we have NEVER tested on animals, nor have we even understood the need to test beauty products on animals, we have just traversed the paperwork and certification process to be approved by Leaping Bunny.  This is followed by the certification already in-hand from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) a few years back, certifying our cruelty-free status as well.

But what is Leaping Bunny?

By 1996, 'cruelty-free' shopping had become popular, but it was also confusing, sometimes misleading, and ultimately frustrating. Companies had begun designing their own bunny logos, abiding by their own definition of 'cruelty-free' or 'animal friendly' without the participation of animal protection groups.

In response, eight national animal protection groups banded together to form the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). The CCIC promotes a single comprehensive standard and an internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo. We work with companies to help make shopping for animal-friendly products easier and more trustworthy.  

Wholesale Momentum is Finally Building

about 1 month ago

Last fall we made a big bet and it’s paying off.   We have always had our focus on our most profitable channel of business which is DTC on karigran.com.  We have not had any outbound selling to build our retailer network, through word-of-mouth, they always reached out to us. We were lucky that companies like Sephora and Credo Beauty "just found us". 

Five years ago, we decided to no longer rely on luck, and we hired an outside company to rep us and build our wholesale business.  We were making some (but not great) progress after a couple of years, then Covid hit and changed everything.  The business model of sales reps was already slipping and Covid dealt it a lethal blow.  At the same time, a new wholesale ordering platform FAIRE was beginning to show promise and we were watching them gain credibility and work out the kinks.

So, last September we terminated our relationship with our wholesale rep firm and laid off our part-time, inside salesperson. We then shifted all our sales efforts to the Faire Wholesale Platform.  The idea was to reduce our selling costs, cut out the middleman to get Kari and her expertise closer to the customer, and to expand our business into the over-looked network of small indie retailers.  The pandemic also brought a shift to buying more local and supporting small businesses.

It worked.

Since September of last year, we have increased the number of wholesale customers by 44%. At this rate, we hope to double our distribution within the first year.   We've also managed to achieve Faire Top Shop status which is a merchandising score comprised of high retailer and reorder rates with perfection in shipping speed and accuracy.  Top Shop status then improves the algorithmic delivery of our brand to potential new accounts. 

And these new accounts are turning out to be great customers. They pay in advance of shipment, cover the cost of shipping, have no returns, and best of all, have been reordering at a steady, growing rate.

The bulk of our business is still eCommerce, but the growing network of retail outlets carrying Kari Gran products is a big part of our multi-channel strategy. Customers find us in their local shops, salons, and spas. They keep buying there, or just as frequently become loyal eCommerce customers where they can access our entire line of products.

A good day at the office is any day you can reduce costs and increase sales. We’re kind of old-fashioned in thinking that way, but we make no apologies.

Notice of Material Change in Offering

about 2 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Kari Gran offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is extending campaign end date.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

KARI GRAN + PACT | Introducing our recycling partnership

about 2 months ago

Kari Gran Skincare is now a proud member of Pact, a nonprofit membership organization that collects hard-to-recycle beauty products such as pumps and spritzers.

Through Pact's Mail-Back Collection Program, Kari Gran customers can ship their pumps, spray tops, lip whip tops, and makeup packaging directly to Pact.  Customers can also drop them off at our Seattle location.  If not in the Seattle area, Pact has other participating stores and locations across Canada and the US where you can drop off your empties.

We join companies like Beautycounter, Ilia, Credo, Milk, and others who are working with PACT to make a difference.

Free, same-day shipping. Every day for 10 years.

about 2 months ago

From the start, we’ve been 100% committed to fast shipping. Does it matter? Absolutely. Just read this article.  Even better, browse through our reviews.

It’s amazing how many customers mention their delight with our lightning-fast shipping speed, our tightly packed shipping boxes, and a personal note of thanks.  We set a standard on day one: Any order that arrives by 2:00 pm is shipped the same day. And we’ve never missed a day.

And every domestic order includes free shipping. From the start, we included shipping costs in our Cost of Goods calculation. We hate being nickel and dimed, so we sure don’t want to do it to our customers.

Kari and I started our careers at Nordstrom and have brought that slavish devotion to customer satisfaction to every aspect of our business.

And that’s why we get little love notes from our customers all the time.

Putting Your Investment to Work

about 2 months ago

In our offering detail we said 70% of the money we raise in this offering will be used to expand our marketing efforts. Last week we took our first drawdown from StartEngine, and immediately put that money to good use.

Email is our most efficient marketing channel, but we have been limited in our email tactics due to a lack of available funds. Now, with this new investment money, we have the resources to launch best-in-class automated email sequences proven to deliver dramatic increases in customer retention, average order volume, and lifetime revenue.

These emails will include abandoned cart follow-up, welcome messages, new-customer education, cross-sell offers, subscription promotions, and more. Once these are set up in the system, they will be fully automated, so our messaging will be more targeted and powerful, with no need to gobble up precious time on manual processes from our hard-working staff.

At the same time, we will be launching a sophisticated SMS program (text messaging). Research has shown high-value customers prefer receiving promotional offers via text. Not surprising given that today 66% of our eCommerce business is transacted on mobile devices.

Both new programs are in launch phase. We expect to be seeing results next quarter, with the full impact coming in our critical fourth-quarter peak selling season.

Thanks for your investment in our marketing efforts and stay tuned.

Cosmopolitan Readers’ Choice Awards. Every Vote Counts.

2 months ago

We are proud to have TWO products nominated in the Cosmopolitan Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards. Our Lip Whip in Best Clean Lip Gloss and our Essential SPF in Best Clean SPF. Cosmo reaches out to its readers every year to vote on their all-time favorite products in each category and this year Clean is a new category. The survey will be up until June 13th and the winners will be announced in August of this year.

$200K in committed investments. The future is looking bright.

2 months ago

The last few days have seen a nice bump in Kari Gran's committed investment dollars on the StartEngine platform.  As of Monday, we now have over $200,000 in committed investments from 175 committed investors. Plus, we now have hundreds of followers learning more about our brand.  What’s more exciting, the vast majority of these investors continue to be Kari Gran customers.

It’s gratifying to see our customers step up to support our growth.  They’ve seen first-hand the benefits of using a pure, natural product, and like us, they want to share the news with the rest of the world.

So hop on board!

They say that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If that is true, we are superwomen.

2 months ago

Gov. Inslee issues ‘stay at home’ proclamation for Washington state

Mar 23, 2020, 5:30 PM | Updated: Mar 24, 2020, 6:56 am

“This order is enforceable by law and can be enforced,” Inslee said.  Businesses have 48 hours to close following the 

signing of the proclamation.

We just passed the anniversary date of what we once thought unthinkable—sending all our employees home due to a global pandemic.

It was just two short years ago when we were mandated to close our operation and forced to furlough all nine of our employees.  We were sick to our stomachs for a few hours, then we made a case to ourselves that we were “an essential manufacturing operation” that needed to continue to produce our own version of cleaning products.  We described what our company produced, put it on KG letterhead, printed it out, and kept it in our cars in case we were stopped by police while we drove to work.

For two months, it was just Kari and me holding down the fort.

Kari was able to keep up with a modified production schedule on her own, so we could continue to replenish safety stock out of inventory-on-hand.  Lisa handled all daily shipping to our karigran.com customers and the wholesale accounts that managed to stay alive through online channels.  Our mighty-marketing team of two continued to work from home, to keep building the business.

We also read that old-fashioned hand washing with soap was effective in killing Covid bacteria.  Kari went into overdrive and luckily had already been in conversations with a like-minded, woman-owned soap maker in Florida, with a herd of happy, milk-producing goats. In less than two weeks, we had a product and packaging, and launched our first soap product ever—the Essential Bar Soap.  We also kept the pricing very fair as a service to our customers during a difficult time.

While most of our wholesale business tanked, and lip whip and makeup sales evaporated when masking became mandatory, there were two shining bright spots.  Our direct business in skincare grew to more than compensate for the loss of lip whip, and our largest online retail partner, Grove Collaborative, experienced unprecedented growth.  

With Kari manufacturing, Lisa shipping, and both of our husbands helping, we were never out-of-stock of an item and continued seven-day a week shipping.  We never once missed a shipping date or had to say no to a customer.  Grove narrowed its product line and we were included as we were one of the few suppliers that could guarantee stock and shipping.

We were also able to navigate the new, clunky government website, and successfully applied for a PPP loan in the first few days of availability, later having the loan forgiven as we were able to bring back every single one of our nine employees after a two-month shutdown.  And as a group we were all vaccinated as soon as each person qualified, to protect each other and stay safe.

Yup, we were exhausted after those two months, probably drank a little too much wine at the office, and resorted to wearing only stretchy pants and clogs, but we got ‘er done.  And nobody could see how fast we were paddling under the water—it just looked like smooth sailing on the surface to our customers.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when your company is backed by passion and commitment to a higher mission.

No matter what, you just don’t give up.

Test Driving the Urban Hike for National Rollout

2 months ago

Perseverance prevails again at KG.  We had this idea three years ago, Covid derailed it, but last Saturday the event finally happened in Seattle.

Our vision is that we will scale this to a nationwide event in urban centers (big and small) where we do business.  It directly supports our karigran.com awareness and gives support to our local retail partners around the country.

The event started at KG Headquarters with a large group of women having a quick coffee while Kari captivated them with facts about the damaging rays of the sun, our simple routine of skincare, and how it all relates to menopause.  Each participant walked away with our powerful 4-piece Mini Kit

The group then started off on an urban hike to another part of the city where they were hosted by the first US retail location of the hot Aussie brand Frankie4, which touts game-changing comfort for stylish women’s shoes. 

The all-day hike ended up at The Refind Closet, Seattle’s premier location for luxury resale where they empower women to extend the life cycle of designer goods. 

We love being a part of a women-owned, women-run trifecta of companies that all embrace the concept of honesty and transparency in selling to women.  The group put on some serious hiking miles, had some fun, shared ideas as they walked, and coincidently helped pick trash up along the route to put a little bit back in the karma bank.


Memorial Day Weekend Sales Event

3 months ago

We’re always open to new and innovative marketing ideas here at KG, but sometimes what’s in order is a good old-fashioned sale, especially during a period when the market swells with online shopping.   We have never offered a deeply discounted site-wide sale, so our customers really step up when we offer even small discounts across the board.  This long weekend is historically a very good selling period with 15% off and a coveted travel size SPF for orders over $75.  Since we control our own manufacturing, we were able to produce travel sized SPF product without a long-lead time.  We call it fishing, where the fish are!

Kari Talks it up as a Guest on the Meno Lounge.

3 months ago

Bossabars are protein bars designed for women going through all stages of Menopause. The founder, Julie Gordon White, was a business coach for woman founders (The WELL for Women Entrepreneurs) teaching women how to crack the code of growing to a million before founding Bossabars. She is a serial entrepreneur and a big help to other women.

Her company, Bossabars is focused around educating about menopause and sharing tips & tricks. She encourages women to open up about menopause and not be embarrassed about this natural phase of our lives, so obviously our companies are in lock step! 

Get to know Kari a little more and learn about her no-nonsense approach to caring for your skin in this recent Instagram Live event she had with Julie.



Sometimes men build great companies too.

3 months ago

It started with Lisa pitching Stuart Landesberg to invest in Kari Gran back in January 2019 when we were wrapping up our angel round of funding.  Stuart said no to a personal investment, but then in a kismet moment he discovered his wife was already a fan of KG Lip Whip, so he asked us to send samples of our line to Grove to consider.  Kari Gran products on a household cleaning site?  We were confused, but little did we know Grove was secretly researching clean beauty and preparing to enter the category in a big way.  Our product line and company mission lined up with Grove and Kari Gran became one of four brands launched during their test.   Three years later, Grove Collaborative has grown to become our largest retail partner and we just love them.  

Now Grove is in the news as Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, has become an investor and will be part of taking Grove public. Richard Branson and Stuart Landesberg are a couple of visionaries that the ladies at Kari Gran can get behind.

More about the Grove Collaborative + Branson venture here  https://www.inc.com/jordan-hickey/richard-branson-grove-collaborative-sustainable-products.html

Female Founders Lisa & Kari Featured in Authority Magazine

3 months ago

We were recently interviewed by Authority Magazine as part of series about ”Why We Need More Women Founders”. Authority Magazine is devoted to sharing interesting feature interviews of people who are authorities in Business, Film, Sports, and Tech. We had to dive into our past, how we got started, and our thoughts on what is currently holding women back from founding companies and acquiring funding for growth. Thank you to Authority for the interview, which you can read here Female Founders:  Kari & Lisa

Authority Magazine has 82,481,884 unique monthly visitors.

Stamp of approval from Environmental Working Group

3 months ago

It's an honor to be included in the EWG’s 2022 Guide to Sunscreens again! 

EWG scientists reviewed more than 1,800 products with SPF for this year’s guide, but only 500 met the stringent standards for adequate sun protection without using health-harming ingredients.  Our Essential SPF (all three tinted shades plus our original formula) have met the criteria for daily use in the category of best moisturizer with SPF and we couldn’t agree more.

And here's a link to the complete report.  https://www.ewg.org/sunscreen/report/executive-summary/

Our Community Joins In--Insider Investment Notice

3 months ago

We're excited to see our community come in and invest in Kari Gran!

Our Insiders have invested a total of $27,336.90 into the offering.

We hope you'll join us as well.

Please refer to the Company's offering materials for further information and refer to the Company's Risk Factors.

Trendio--When technology, shopping & beauty intersect with Kari Gran.

3 months ago

When your business is in the same neighborhood as Amazon, Facebook and Google—you can get in on some exciting new ideas.  So when the founder of Trendio, Alex Perez-Tenessa, and his team of beauty big shots came calling, we were all in.

We're psyched to be part of the beta launch this summer along with other premium brands looking to reach new customers through innovation.  This town has a history of incubating business ideas that can seriously mix it up!  It's exciting to part of something new.  Here's the link for more details Trendio

Women Don’t Need Mentors. They Need More Investment Money.

3 months ago

42% of US businesses are woman-owned, yet only 2.3% of venture capital went to women entrepreneurs in 2020, and that was down from the high of 2.8% in 2019.  Kari Gran is not just an idea, but a proven business that just needs capital to grow.  This team of women know how to get 'er done, 7 days a week, all year long.  Come join in our mission.

70% of our committed investors are loyal customers and boy are they vocal!

3 months ago

I'm thrilled at the opportunity to invest in Kari Gran! I have been using your products since I lived in Seattle (moved away in 2017) and love them. I couldn't be happier with the opportunity to help other female entrepreneurs reach more women.   – Tory

I already invested!! So excited about this opportunity to support your business and make sure my favorite skincare stays available forever. I only wish I had more to invest. Best of luck as you grow!  – Rachel

I’m so excited to be a part of this exciting phase.  I absolutely love Kari Gran, and I thank you for your commitment to our earth and to women’s health.  Brava!    – Ingrid

Invested and couldn’t be more excited! I started using your products years ago and fell in love! I will continue to share with everyone I know this fabulous opportunity to invest!   – Robin

Hello from the Dominican Republic! I just wanted to send a big congrats to you and Kari on the crowdfunding campaign.  My mom just told us about it so we just invested, too! I use nothing else on my skin but Kari Gran and have been since 2013. I believe so much in the products, so I just wanted to share my excitement, and tell you congrats. Love what you guys are doing.   – Ashley 

I invested! So excited! Thank you!   – Jeanne


Lisa & Kari

Lip Whip Sales Come Roaring Back

3 months ago

 March 2020. One day our Lip Whip ecommerce sales were sliced in half, almost overnight. Turns out the entire lip-product industry went into a tailspin when covid hit and women started wearing masks.

 But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Through April, our Lip Whip sales are up 22% over last year. And if we can get back to pre-pandemic levels, we will more than double our ecommerce Lip Whip sales over the coming year.

Lip Whip is an easy, good margin, and popular add-on for our loyal skincare customers. That’s why we just launched a new Lip Whip color and featured Lip Whip heavily in our Mother’s Day promotion. We’re focused on reminding women they need to keep those lips hydrated now that they’re coming out from hiding.


Lisa & Kari

A chicken in every pot and sunscreen for all!

3 months ago

This unidentified 69-year-old trucker has been on the road for 28 years and his face illustrates the damage and premature aging that is caused by the sun.  This is why our SPF Mantra has always been:  SPF all day, every day, all year.  Our SPF protects from UVA & UVB rays and blue light.  It is also reef and ocean safe as we only use non-nano zinc oxide.

Next week we are launching our 10% off promotion, so our beloved customers can catch a small break and stock up for the year.  SPF is also a great driver of new customer acquisition, so a little discount is sometimes all someone needs to step up and give us a try.

And when a couple of ladies from rainy Seattle tell you to wear SPF every day—women listen.

Kari Gran Customers Have Skin in the Game

3 months ago

Wowie.  Just saw the investor roll with names from the first week of our campaign and we are smacked with gratitude once again.  Out of 105 investors, over 70% are already Kari Gran customers!  And our info email line has been rocking with nothing but good wishes from our proud new investors, who were once just customers, but who are now business partners too.

Female-founded companies are raising more money than ever from venture capitalists, but in 2020 that was still only 2.3% of the pie.  So, when there is a system failure, you get creative.  The Kari Gran pitch is resonating to our mostly female customers, and now thanks to the funding platform StartEngine, we are at the table.

Lisa, CEO

Very Exciting New Product Launch

3 months ago

At Kari Gran we don’t believe in launching new products just because.  And we don’t fear-monger that our customers must use all of our products to have a healthy skin care routine.  New products need to fit into our ethos and serve a purpose to skin.  We believe Less is really More--so new product launches have real meaning to our brand and our customers respond.


For three years, Kari has been working on a new vitamin c formula slated to launch late this summer.   Packed with vitamin and antioxidant rich organic botanical oils, this new formula also contains a new “supercharged” ingredient that shows benefits similar to hyaluronic acid but without the tacky feeling and proven SPF boosting powers. We are excited as we know this glow inducing formula will be a big hit and is filling a genuine need for our customers.


Internally we have been testing and refining the formula for the last 6 months and have just released samples to a customer group for final testing and feedback.  We are on-track with packaging, ingredients, and production to make the launch in August.  We will also have a big PR and marketing push as a new core product from Kari Gran is a big deal.

Nordstrom Trunk Shows Confirmed

4 months ago

 Female Founders help each other—and it just happened again!

Ashley Johnson, founder of Mohala Eyewear https://mohalaeyewear.com/ graciously invited us to partner with them in upcoming trunk shows at flagship Nordstrom stores in Downtown Seattle (May 13) and Bellevue (May 14).

There will be in-store, social and email product giveaways, along with all the social media sharing between Nordstrom, Mohala and Kari Gran that we can push out.

On a personal note, it is always great to be involved with such a prestigious retailer, especially when it is Nordstrom, where Kari and Lisa both learned the retail ropes themselves.  The customer service ethos at Nordstrom is legendary and we strive to duplicate it, in everything we do.

It's always Earth Day at Kari Gran!

4 months ago

Happy Earth Day,

We are excited to announce the start of our In-Office Collection Program for hard-to-recycle beauty packaging with the PACT Collective. This non-profit organization is bringing the beauty industry together to create more sustainable packaging.  As an inaugural member we’re working with other clean beauty companies like Ilia, Grove, Indie Lee, and more, to reduce, recycle, educate, innovate, and drive towards circularity.  

 For those in Seattle, come drop off your empty beauty products!  And for those of you in the rest of the country, remember all our glass & paper packaging is recyclable at your local facilities, and we are working hard to launch our mail-in program for all the difficult plastic pumps and lids, which you will see very soon.

We love being a member of PACT Collective--working with other beauty companies to share resources, ideas and to be part of the greater good.

Nice Press Hits Today

4 months ago

We hate bragging, but we love earned press coverage! Here are a couple of nice mentions that came through today.

 InStyle.com article featuring the Mineral Setting Powder in the story titled, “How to Get More Defined Cheekbones” (Media Impressions: 7,823,195).


 BeautyNewsNYC.com article featuring the new Lip Whip in the story titled, “Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Kari Gran Lip Whip Peppermint Blush” (Media Impressions: 5,828)


KG Customers Show Support for Ethiopia & Our Ladies in Production!

4 months ago

In January we were presented with a wonderful opportunity to support and honor our Kari Gran production team--most of whom have immigrated from Ethiopia.  Ethiopia has been suffering through civil war, political unrest, drought, and covid.  We found the group Retrak Ethiopia with a long-track record helping the most vulnerable children living on the streets in Ethiopia, and we wanted to help.  We had a two-day flash sale in January with all profits going to https://www.globalgiving.org/fundraisers/4425/.  Our customers responded big time and we were able to send a very generous donation.  Just this morning we received a big thank you from the director of the program--and we now have smiles all around the office, knowing we were able to support our ladies in production and do a little good in the world.

Love is in the air

4 months ago

Wow, we are feeling the Kari Gran love! We’re getting off to a fast start, with over $50,000 committed investments in the first 3 days, and 78 followers. We have lots of exciting news coming, so watch this space for regular updates beginning next week.  In the meantime, we’ll be working hard to hydrate the skin of every woman on the planet and are so grateful for your support!

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