Investing in Startups​

Discover cutting-edge startups raising capital on StartEngine. Read about their business models, market strategies, and how their products could change the world. Invest in the businesses that you believe in.

What Is StartEngine?

StartEngine is the largest equity crowdfunding platform in the US, allowing you to invest in pre-IPO companies for as little as $100. More companies have launched on StartEngine than any other platform, and more companies mean more investment opportunities. On StartEngine, you can review deals on our explore page, ask questions directly to the founders, and make investment decisions.

Join the Ride of a Startup's Journey


Have a Chance to Profit

By its very nature, investing in startups means you’re getting in early before the company IPOs. If the business does well and grows, you can make money on your investment in the future.


Become more than a customer

Now you can support companies you like more than just by purchasing their products. Now you can become an owner in that business and follow the founders on that company’s journey.


Fund the future

Investing in early-growth startups allows you to fund the next generation of businesses and ideas that could change the world. Fund the future that you want to see and back the people that you want to see  running the big businesses of tomorrow.

How Investing Works on StartEngine

Analyze different opportunities and find investments that match your interests and goals.

Invest in those businesses for as little as $100.

Exit your investment when a company IPOs, is acquired by another business, or launches on StartEngine's pending investor trading platform. Of course, your investment can also fail if the company fails.

Types of Investment Opportunities

On StartEngine, all kinds of pre-IPO businesses raise capital. In fact, investors have funded companies from 38 different industries on StartEngine’s platform. In this graph, you can see a breakdown of how much specific industries raised of the first $100M raised on StartEngine.


From electric car manufacturers to independent technology publications, from micro-green farms to translating earbuds, companies of all different backgrounds have raised capital on StartEngine. You could be an investor in any of them, or all of them.

Past StartEngine Raises

Attractive, Affordable Electric Cars

$1M Raised From 1,280 Investors

Urban Vertical Farm in NYC

$447K Raised From 301 Investors

Translating Earpieces

$1.07M Raised From 1,291 Investors

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