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Intelligent Beverage Technology

AI robot serving custom sports drinks

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AI Robot Makes Custom Sports and Energy Drinks On The Spot

An Unexpected Market Opportunity at the Intersection of Robotics - Consumer - Health - Software - AI - Media

Automated Personalized Sports Drinks

Our company, Intelligent Beverage Technology, Inc., is developing a new type of advanced vending machine (a robot really) to make custom sports drinks for the patrons of health clubs. It is a space that is hungry for innovation. It's called the PUSH Machine™. (Performance Using Superior Health™)

Not Just Health Clubs and Gyms

It will have applications in a number of other venues such as corporate offices, airports, schools, colleges, and hospitals. 

Made Your Way

The PUSH Machine invites consumers to design their own optimal sports drink, freshly concocted and delivered on demand. While the PUSH Machine is preparing and serving the consumer’s custom beverage, it may present them with targeted, paid advertisements (which they will have agreed to watch) on the large touch screen. These targeted ads will be combined with messages about health or the quality of the ingredients in their drink. The large, top-to-bottom full face LCD screen will be used to regularly engage and interact with our customers while they are using the PUSH Machine. 

Networked As Part Of The Internet Of Things (IoT)

PUSH Machines are connected to the Internet by secure wi-fi and report on their daily use, revenue, number of users, level of consumables, and any maintenance or operational issues, as well as receive regular updates to the operating software. Paid, targeted advertising can be sent to each machine over the Internet to be displayed to consumers on the LCD touch screen. Consumers will be able to respond and express interest in certain display ads, creating valuable sales leads.

A Demand For Personalized Service

We have gotten feedback from patrons of gyms, health club owners, and regional vending machine operators on the desirability of our machine and the products it will deliver. (They are warning us we will need to manage the lines of people waiting their turn to use them! We can solve this a number of ways, including allowing pre-ordering on the phone app and installing two or three more machines at high-volume locations.)


Tony Materna


Image is a preliminary prototype design, actual product may vary

We currently do not have advertising agreements with the following companies and personalities, the images shown are for reference only.

The Offering


$0.15/share of Common Stock | When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $3.1M

$150 minimum purchase — 1,000 shares of common stock.

Offering people healthy beverage options which they can tailor to their nutritional needs.

The Time is Now

We Are Ready to Begin Full Scale Development of Our Prototype Machine

We have a preliminary design and operating specifications for the PUSH Machine. We have selected a development partner—an engineering firm with vast experience in the design and development of vending machines. We have conducted market tests and identified our first beta sites.  

We have met with health club owners and operators

  • They love the idea of people being able to make a personalized sports drink.
  • They think it will add prestige to their gym to have a PUSH Machine. 
  • They look forward to taking advantage of the advertising capabilities of the full face LCD screen which can promote their health clubs and membership programs.

We have also talked with patrons of health clubs, many who currently bring their own specially prepared drink mixes with them to workout. They think the convenience and competitive price of PUSH Machine drinks will be very inviting to them as well as to people who would like a customized drink but don't have the time or dedication to pre-make one for themselves.

Image is a preliminary prototype design, actual product may vary

The PUSH Machine

A New Type Of Vending Machine

Simple To Use

After the customer presses the “Push To Start” button the center LCD panel retracts up behind the top LCD screen, revealing the drink Fill Area. The User Interface appears on the screen. The customer can either create a customized drink or select from a previously saved drink combination. While the drink is being mixed, the customer may be presented with targeted advertisements they have agreed to watch (for a discount on their drinks), mixed in with health, sports and nutrition messages.

All Payment Methods Accepted

Consumers will have the option to purchase drinks with their credit card, mobile phone, by using their personal identification number (PIN) or by selecting the facial recognition option. Once identified, the PUSH Machine asks them if they want “The Usual?” Or, if they desire something different that day, they can re-customize their drink specification. (A PUSH Machine can store up to 100 different drink combinations for each user.) The price to the consumer for a sports drink will typically be $1.50 - $2.50 and the cost to IBT for the ingredients is approximately $0.15. Protein shakes will sell for $2.50 - $3.50 and the ingredients will cost $0.85 per shake. Likewise, for energy and weight loss beverages.

Image is a preliminary prototype design, actual product may vary

 Image is a preliminary prototype design, actual product may vary

  • It allows you to customize the ingredients in your sports drink.
  • It remembers what you like and serves it to you. 
  • You can have a personalized pre-workout, during-workout or post-workout drink. Up to 100 different beverage combinations can be saved per person. 
  • It can interact with the fitness app on your mobile phone and make drink and ingredient recommendations based on your exercise regime. 
  • While you wait for your drink to be made, the PUSH Machine will give you quick health and nutrition tips, along with advertisements on subjects you are interested in.
  • You can interact with the PUSH Machine verbally or by using the LCD touch screen or through your mobile phone app. 

People will feel the PUSH Machine is looking out for their health. We think people will develop a personal relationship with the PUSH Machine akin to having a friendly bar tender.

Business Model


We currently do not have advertising agreements with the following companies and personalities, the images shown are for reference only.

Targeted Ads

The PUSH Machine will present consumers with targeted, paid advertisements on the large touch screen.

Image is a preliminary prototype design, actual product may vary

Consumer Control

The PUSH Machine Is All About Customization

This AI driven robot will allow customers to personalize what they are consuming rather than having to take what's available.  People want choice in their lives, and never so much as with what they put in their bodies. Almost by definition, someone working out at a health club or gym is committed to a healthy life style and usually knows something about nutrition. The PUSH Machine allows them to tailor their sports beverages to best fit their personal needs. They select and save their drinks' ingredients which are made for them on the spot. 

The PUSH Machine will get to know each customer and make health and nutritional recommendations. Just done a strength work out? Perhaps you should have more protein in your drink? Just finished an endurance run? 

Maybe you need more healthy carbs in your beverage to restore your glycogen stores. It will always be completely in your control with the PUSH Machine. 

The PUSH Machine will provide a disposable cup for your drink if needed or allow you to fill your own personal sports bottle with a customized beverage—convenient for you, good for the environment.

Protein Shakes

Research has suggested that there is an "anabolic window" after a workout when there is an optimum time to consume protein. The Push Machine will let you select how much high quality protein to have, choose between animal or plant based protein, and decide if you want to supplement it with vitamins or carbs.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are designed to increase energy and mental performance. Multiple studies confirm that energy drinks can indeed improve measures of brain function such as memory, concentration, and reaction time while also reducing mental fatigue. With the PUSH Machine you can decide what combination of ingredients works best for you.

Vitamin Water

Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are absolutely crucial as part of a healthy diet. They may help prevent a range of diseases, including heart disease and cancer. The PUSH Machine will allow you to stay hydrated while you enhance your water drinking experience with the vitamins and electrolytes you need—in many different flavors.

Weight Loss Drinks

Certain combinations of drink ingredients can help promote weight loss by keeping hunger pangs away and stopping metabolism from dipping. Choosing the right beverage ingredients can tweak your metabolism, curb your appetite, and help cut calories.

Perhaps you need an energy drink without the sugar? With the PUSH Machine, you got it! How about a protein shake boosted with guarana and caffeine? No problem! Want to add some B vitamins to that? Consider it done!

Our Market and Industry

An Enormous Industry

               U.S. Energy and Sports Drink Sales, in billions of dollars

The world market for sports drinks was projected to be $28 billion in 2017, according to Mordor Intelligence. In the United States the sports drink market was $8 billion in 2017 according to Bloomberg with Gatorade accounting for $5 billion in market share and Powerade having approximately $1 billion.

The wholesale market for regular bottled water in the U.S. was $16 billion in 2017 according to the International Bottled Water Association. This is significant because potable water is available from any faucet in most places in the country, and yet consumers will buy 12 billion gallons of water this year. One could infer that people care a great deal about the quality of liquids they drink.

The global energy drink market size is expected to reach $72 billion by 2024, rising at a market growth of 7.1% CAGR according to the Cision PR Newswire. After coffee, the leaders in the category are Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar. Separately, the out-of-home, indoor advertising market for health club venues continues to grow. Market leader Zoom Media is in 3,600 individual gyms and health clubs in which they have screens. Patrons of health clubs are typically evenly divided between men and women, between 20 and 50 years old, likely college educated, skewed toward the professions, have above average incomes and clearly are health and lifestyle aware; in other words, one of the most sought-after demographic segments in advertising.

There were 36,000 health clubs, fitness centers and gyms in the U.S. in 2017, with a total membership of 66 million people according to Bloomberg, generating an annual revenue of $28 billion.

Consumers can order their customized drinks through a phone app.

There will be no need to wait in line to use the menu on the PUSH Machine's touch screen. Customers can order their drink combinations through their phone, even specifying what time they want the drink served to them. They can also receive the PUSH Machine's personalized nutritional information and drink recommendations on their phones, as well as view the advertisements they've agreed to watch. Perhaps most useful of all, they will be able to link their fitness apps to the PUSH Machine, to more perfectly tailor their workout drink combinations to match their body's needs. Through the deep learning neural network AI feature, the PUSH Machine will analyze each person's height, age, weight, endurance, strength and other factors and make targeted recommendations for their beverages. Consumers can engage in question and answer sessions with the AI, either verbally or with text, about what their health and fitness goals are and what they are doing to get there.

Our Team

What Makes Us Special

This management team has 40+ years of entrepreneurial experience with a dozen start-up companies. They love the challenge of bringing something new, different and way, way better to the market. They've done it before and know how to do it again.

With backgrounds in hi-tech, AI, biotech, food, beverage and fashion, they have a breadth of experience and management savvy. 

They know product development, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, branding and advertising. They are intimately familiar with every step of the start-up process.

Join this top-flight management team today as they build a world-class company and transform how people hydrate and nourish themselves.

Join Us

Invest With Intelligent Beverage Technology

It is not just our name, it's our mission. Using technology to let people create the most intelligent beverages possible

The sports and energy drink markets have grown huge and stable by selling preformulated and prepackaged beverages. It's time for disruption!

In the 21st Century, sophisticated consumers want the power to control precisely what they are putting in their bodies. Modern nutritional knowledge says they are right in wanting to personalize how they satisfy their nutritional needs. Properly crafted liquid supplements, i.e. sports and energy drinks, can be part of a healthy, balanced and convenient lifestyle.

While we are going to initially target patrons of health clubs and gyms, people everywhere want to manage and improve the quality of what they are consuming. We see PUSH Machines popping up at corporate offices, airports, hotels, hospitals, schools and colleges, military bases and sports stadiums. People may be using them several times a day.

Starbucks was successful putting customized coffee on every corner. Where can we go if we put customized sports drinks in every venue? Gatorade became a giant with just one drink formula. How phenomenal could we be if we let consumers design their own personalized drinks?

Please invest today so we can bring the drink technology of the future to the World tomorrow. And have a drink on us!

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