In Force Technology

Advanced Emergency Communication Software

In Force Technology

Advanced Emergency Communication Software

Lynnfield, MA
IN FORCE911 is a threat alert service for use in schools, hospitals, colleges, government office buildings, and other at-risk organizations. When used in schools, the IN FORCE911 service enables school personnel to instantly and silently send emergency alerts directly to law enforcement officers in their patrol vehicles, the local 911 center and their mobile phone in just seconds. The alert is activated with the mere click of an icon, from any device. Simultaneously, a notification that an alert has been issued is also sent to all teachers and administrators at the school, alerting them of imminent danger. We expect our IN FORCE911 service to reduce emergency response time from minutes to seconds!


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Reasons to Invest

Dr. Joseph Erardi, the former School Superintendent of Newton, CT serves as Senior Advisor and subject matter expert to the company. Dr. Erardi was recruited by Newtown to restore and rebuild the community after the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school.
Since introducing IN FORCE911 to the market in late 2018, the Company has approximately 300 total schools and 10,000 total users and continued to grow the business and its customer base despite a global pandemic.
Year over year, the Company has achieved a 95% Customer Retention rate since inception and maintains very low COGS in a serviceable addressable market that is $1.8 billion annually.


Protecting what matters™

Founders, Don and Brandon Flanagan, set out to establish In Force Technology (“IFT”)  in response to the national rise in active shooter incidents. Our flagship product, IN FORCE911, is designed to reduce police response time, enhance communication among responders, and ultimately save lives. It is our goal to positively impact communities and organizations by creating a safer, more secure environment for teachers to teach, students to learn and employees to work. By partnering with major industry-based organizations, we are on a mission to make our life-saving technology available nationwide.


The Problem

Response times to active shooter incidents are much too long

The average active shooting situation lasts approximately 5 minutes, with one person shot every 15 seconds (source). But, according to the US Department of Justice, the average national response time to an active shooter incident is 12.5 minutes (source).

Most people don’t realize that when you dial 9-1-1, your call is received by a centralized answering point, before being routed to the local responding agency. This means that the process of routing the initial emergency 9-1-1 call takes anywhere from 2-4 minutes.

Often, it’s too late by the time law enforcement arrives, and statistically speaking, the situation has already ended by the perpetrator either turning the weapon on themself, turning aggression toward law enforcement or fleeing the scene. 

The Solution

IN FORCE911 is designed to save lives by reducing police response time

Realizing that traditional 9-1-1 has an inherent delay in the process, IN FORCE911 was developed to empower teachers, faculty and staff the opportunity to launch an alert, via the app, from any device within arms reach. 

The alert is simultaneously sent to local, responding police officers in three points of receipt: directly to computers inside the police cars, the local dispatch/communications center, and to the mobile phones of officers despite duty status and/or location.


A teacher under this scenario will send an alert, specific to their classroom location, in 10 seconds or less. During live scenarios, we have successfully sent an alert from the classroom to police responders in-field in exactly 4 seconds.

The Market

Our total market is worth over $1.8 billion annually

Our target market is public schools in the U.S. and correlating police departments, which equates to about 130,930 schools. This market alone is worth $517 million (Source).  

Other applicable markets for our product include municipal buildings ($68M), places of worship ($921M), colleges and universities ($265M) and private K-12 schools ($125M).

The sum of our entire services addressable market plus our total available market equals approximately $1.8 billion.

Our Traction

Major industry partnerships and continued expansion

IN FORCE911 became publicly available in June of 2018. In the last year, IFT has established major industry-based relationships with the AASA (The National Superintendents Association), with 13,000 members nation-wide, and a non-profit foundation called “I Love U Guys”, which is the leading provider of school safety response training and has partnered with 20,000 schools across North America. 

IFT has a customer presence coast-to-coast and has experienced a customer churn rate of less than 5% year over year. This year, we were actually hand-selected to participate in a formal bid for the state of Florida (worth $8M annually). Among our customer sites, we have installed on college campuses, municipal buildings, county courthouses and notably in Worcester, Massachusetts, which has a school district of 50 public schools and 400+ police officers. We have also deployed in secure government locations in the state of New Hampshire.

What We Do

Reaching first responders in seconds, with real-time communication technology

IN FORCE911 is a real-time virtual panic button that notifies and communicates a threat from the point of contact, directly to local law enforcement. Once a teacher initiates a threat from their application (which can run on any device, utilizing any mode of connectivity), an alert is sent within 4 seconds, to law enforcement in the field, the local dispatch center and to cell phones.

Officers are immediately notified of the type of threat, location of threat, name of sender and address of threat location. Law enforcement receives critical information specific to the building under threat, including floor plans, emergency operations plans, aerial photos of the campus and integrated IP camera feeds. The initiating school staff may also send real-time information directly to the first responders, along with every other user in the building, allowing first responders to receive information from multiple points of contact.

The Business Model

We sell directly to school districts and organizations, using an annual subscription

IFT charges an annual subscription fee to both the school district (or other organization) and the correlationing police agency or agencies. The school district pays a site license of approximately $3,000 per school which renews annually (SaaS), as the agreement runs a three-year term. The price increases by 8% annually to account for any major software enhancements.

Law enforcement is charged an annual subscription fee determined by the number of sworn officers. Often times an agency of up to 25 sworn will pay an annual fee of $1,200.  Strategically, once IFT sells to a local or county law enforcement agency, the sales teams will pursue every available opportunity thereafter, including municipal buildings, courthouses, private schools, colleges, and other at-risk facilities.

The average sale is roughly $20,000 based on a three-year contract for an ACV of $60,000. The COGS are only $1,200 monthly/ $14,400 annually, meaning margins are in the high 90th percentile.

How We Are Different

Our versatile technology and data-sharing capabilities set us apart from competitors

We are the only all-inclusive school safety application for school staff and law enforcement. Our technology can be used through any device and with any mode of connectivity (cellular data, WiFi, ethernet) and has indefinite storage capabilities. It is CJIS-5 compliant and FIPS 140-2 compliant. Data is secured and court-admissible under chain of custody and encryption protocols.

Our law enforcement data and information sharing interoperability platform is one-of-a-kind, and our reverse alert notification enables law enforcement to send a targeted alert from the agency to key school administration of an imminent  threat in the area.

The Vision

On a mission to save lives

In Force Technology’s goal in deploying its software is to reduce police response time, increase communications and save lives. We aim to seek an exit opportunity within the next 3 to 5 years. Given the current growth trajectories, market demand, and scheduled software innovations, the company believes this is a very conservative outlook.


Strong leadership, plus a diverse and highly knowledgeable team

IFT was founded by a father-son duo, both with incredibly unique backgrounds and extensive experience in their fields. Recently we hired a chief financial officer whose expertise, guidance and processes have already improved our efficiency and effectiveness. We’ve also brought on Dr. Joseph Erardi, the former school superintendent of Newton, CT, who is one of the most honored and awarded school superintendents in the nation and regarded as the foremost authority on school safety and violence prevention. His contacts and reputation alone have driven new prospective customers to IFT. His background, expertise and vision have made us stronger.

Why Invest

Help us save lives and be a part of the change

We believe IFT is offering a tremendous opportunity to invest in a high margin SaaS business, with the ability to save countless lives and make a major difference for future generations. The company has successfully raised institutional money to date, and has demonstrated its ability to grow, scale and innovate. IFT has high margins, low COGS and a churn rate of less than roughly 5% year over year. Given the company's’ success and demonstrated ability to sell and grow, despite a global pandemic, we believe IFT is on a path of success. Join us and become part of the change our country deserves!

In the Press

How an app can help police, teachers work together in emergency situations
January 1, 2017

This publication in 2019 upon the successful rollout of the IN FORCE911 software throughout the 50 public schools in the city of Worcester, MA. The city of Worcester is the 2nd largest largest city in New England!

Amherst County officials work to keep schools safe
January 1, 2017

This highlights the continued deployment of IN FORCE911 in county school districts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. At the time of this publication, IN FORCE911 has been deployed in more than 10 total county-based school districts.

Londonderry to upgrade building security, crisis alert system
January 1, 2017

The presence of IN FORCE911 spans throughout the rural state of NH. This article highlights the deployment of our school safety technology throughout the district's public schools and the expanded use throughout the city's municipal buildings.

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Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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Why Acts of School Violence Will Continue to Increase

3 days ago

For students of Watson Chapel Junior High School in Pine Bluff, Arkansas yesterday marked the the first day of the school's return to in-classroom learning.  At approximately 10:00am gunshots rang out and a 15-year old boy was critically shot while he remains in critical condition.  During the shooting, the school went into lockdown and the assailant fled the building, but was later found by a police K9.  Not one day since the return to the classroom learning and our country has begun to experience the unwelcomed wave of targeted school violence.

Subject Matter Experts across the county have warned and cautioned that once students return to full-time, in-person learning that districts must be prepared to targeted acts of school violence.  The reality is we have a mental health crisis on our hands resulting from the cumulative effects of the pandemic.  Among the many factors several include:  prolonged social isolation, cyber bullying, spikes in domestic violence, increased rates of suicide and depression, and increased substance and alcohol abuse.

IFT's Senior Advisor, Dr. Joe Erardi, the former Superintendent of Newtown, CT who lead the recovery, rebuilding and re-opening of Sandy Hook, stated how important it is to recognize that public secondary schools without the pandemic create anxious students, staff and parents.  He explained that if you layer the pandemic on top of that, you have anxiety and the unknown at a level no one has ever experienced.  He continued to say, “anxiety leads to bad behavior, and off-centered behavior and leads young adults to really bad spaces.”  This year has been like no other, “we have all seen defiance across the country, sadly with celebration.  For kids that want to fall into that lane, have had the opportunity to watch and learn. Coming out of the pandemic, everyone needs to have a laser focus on student and school safety."

The time to Join Our Mission is now - before it's too late and the cascading effect of violence perpetuates across our nation.  I encourage you to consider investing now which will allow IFT to remain steadfast in its mission to enhance school safety and protect both staff and students from horrid acts of targeted violence!


Best always,

Brandon Flanagan 



Welcome to In Force Technology

10 days ago

I would like to formally welcome you to the Campaign Page of In Force Technology, Inc! IN FORCE911 is an incredibly unique application because of two extraordinarily important life-saving features. The first, to reduce police response time to a critical event, like an active shooting, from minutes to seconds because time equals lives. Secondly, IN FORCE911 enhances communications with those experiencing the threat, directly with local law enforcement in real-time providing valuable information.   

When calling 911, it can take upwards of 5 minutes to simply route the call from the centralized answering point to the local, responding agency. The problem, of course, is that most active shooting events are over within 5 minutes while the national response time is 12.5 minutes according to the US DHS.  

I am inviting you to join IFT by investing in our socially redeeming mission. With your help, we will remain steadfast in our pursuit to protect school children and teachers from horrid acts of violence – and save lives!

For your review, here is a link to the Company's REG CF Introductory Video: 

Let's go win!

Brandon D. Flanagan 

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