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Reservable Charging Stations

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Reservable Charging Stations for all your life's portable energy needs

Invest in iJuze 

iJuze is a network for individuals who rely on power to get them through their day. In an age where our lives run on electricity, iJuze provides you with the peace of mind that you'll be able to recharge your devices wherever you go AND when you want to. From laptops and cellphones to Portable Oxygen Concentrators, even electric wheelchairs and scooters, iJuze alleviates the stress of worrying about where your next, possibly life-saving, charge will come from.  iJuze was founded with the vision of letting people enjoy their life worry-free of the threat of running out of electricity (or as we say back at the lab ... out of "juze").  

For many Americans that depend on oxygen therapy from a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) device, running out of battery power is more than just an inconvenience, it's life threatening.  iJuze transforms ordinary AC electric sockets at your favorite venues into reservable ePorts by simply installing our ePorts onto their existing AC outlets.

Who Needs iJuze? 

  • Individuals with portable oxygen therapy devices
  • Individuals who are dependent on their electric wheelchair 
  • Individuals who own electric kick-scooters or hoverboards
  • Individuals who work remotely, on cellphones, tablets and laptops
  • Restaurants and cafes suffering from "Laptop Squatters," - individuals who order one cup of coffee so they can stay and work on their laptop for hours - with iJuze, these businesses can charge for their electricity, gain back profit and entice new customers in for a convenient charge.

Once Launched, our goal is to make iJuze Easily Accessible All Over The Place.

There are over 1.6M potential retail establishments or public venues in America that could potentially join the iJuze Network by installing our ePorts onto their existing sockets for reservable paid power access. 

Once installed, we expect every hour of paid charge to increase our profit faster than our cost increase! 

iJUZE HAS NOT YET LAUNCHED COMMERCIALLY, but that's why we're offering shares to you, our investors. We're eager to launch the iJuze Network on a national and global scale, and we need your support to do so.  Please read all about us and consider investing in your future!  

"No more boundaries, worries or anxiety, the iJuze Network is an investment in your future. We are providing a better life for a community of people who truly needs someone to step in and provide a support network to help them enjoy the rest of their lives."

Esmond Goei, Founder/CEO

The Opportunity


Minimum investment $98.00

$3.50/share│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $10M. 


Invest at least $497 and receive a 1-yr membership in iJuze Network

Invest at least $997.50 and receive  a 2-yr membership in iJuze Network PLUS $500 credit towards charging fees during the membership period (if you are a non-USA investor your membership is for 3-years)

Invest at least $4,998 and receive a 5-yr membership in iJuze Network  and equal amount of credit towards charging fees for 5 years (if you are a non-USA investor you will also participate in an annual call with our CEO)

Invest at least $9,999.50 and have an ePort named after you for one year (details to follow) PLUS receive a lifetime membership in iJuze Network and equal amount of credit towards charging fees until its used up (if you are a non-USA investor you will also participate in a quarterly call with our CEO)

*All Perks are valid only after the offering is completed.

What We've Accomplished So Far

iJuze Corporation was incorporated in Delaware by Esmond Goei, Founder and CEO. With successful seed financing in place, he helped set up a 3rd party development facility in Singapore under contract to our Company for the development of our ePort, mobile App and iJuze reservation network. Since January 2017, iJuze has gotten seed funding, gained support from IBM, completed a working prototype and has a patent pending. And this is just the beginning... 

Our Progress So Far...

  • $150,000 in seed financing
  • Established development facility with 3rd party which is not owned by iJuze Corp. but which is under contract to develop software for the Company.
  • Obtained support from IBM Singapore to use their IBM Bluemix Internet cloud environment for one year to develop and test our mobile App and iJuze Network
  • In-Process of developing our ePort, mobile App and iJuze Network
  • Filed a broad utility patent with the US Patent Office for an invention entitled "AUTOMATED SYSTEM FOR MANAGING AND PROVIDING A NETWORK OF CHARGING STATIONS" and the application has since been assigned to iJuze Corporation
  • Demonstrated a working prototype of ePort, mobile App and iJuze Network.  The use of IBM's Bluemix Internet cloud environment makes it possible for us to control the operation of the ePorts globally from one location as we demoed by controlling an ePort across the Pacific 
  • Built a team of experts with proven startup track records, expertise in portable oxygen concentrator technology and the healthcare industry, successful brand marketing, venture capital and investment successes as well as broad corporate and commercial law expertise on our Board with a senior lawyer from a powerhouse Silicon Valley global law firm.

iJuze in Action

We charge up your life's devices, everywhere!

What Makes iJuze Different

The iJuze Network will be the first patent-pending global network of reservable charging ports (ePorts) for portable and personal electric/electronic devices ranging from handheld devices, portable medical devices like portable oxygen concentrators (POC), electric wheelchairs, and even hover-boards and electric kick-scooters. Gaming, watching your favorite movie or streaming your home team, we hope to keep you charged from the kick off to the final whistle! In a park, stadium, at the mall, the goal is to have a reservable ePort nearby so you can do the things that make you happy without interruption.  With every ePort installation we estimate a cost payback within one month.  With just one additional hour per week of usage by our target members across our iJuze Network potentially doubles our projected revenues!

The Basic ePort Subscription

  • ePorts will be located in generally frequented places such as restaurants, cafes, cinemas, beauty salons, libraries, etc. 
  • An iJuze member can then reserve an ePort via a smartphone APP or any web browser enabled electronic device such as a tablet, laptop or desktop PC
  • Members of iJuze Network may search for an available ePort  anywhere and reserve an available time slot subject to verification
  • Initially any normal electrical/electronic device that uses a regular North American 110V AC socket with a current limit of 15A can recharge their devices for a fee at the prevailing rate
  • In promoting the deployment of the iJuze Network by retail establishments or venue operators in the country we will provide revenue sharing with all venues that offer ePort charging
  • We will also help these venues increase revenues from existing customers while remaking them to be more attractive to new potential customers who need electricity to charge their life-support or lifestyle devices

Premium Service Availability

For those looking to get more from their subscription, we'll offer iJuze's Premium Subscription with unique features such as ...

  • Trip Planning Service: an iJuze Network member can provide a list of locations that he/she is planning to visit and the sequence or itinerary and the iJuze App will revert with a "Trip Plan" that lists various ePort locations that the iJuze member needs to visit to charge up during the Trip
  • Trip Planning members will be provided with the option of scheduling and reserving the respective ePorts on the itinerary they've created
  • Party Pack Service: helps a member plan a group event and schedule the required ePorts in support of the event, eg. a group of electric wheelchair members will need special considerations such as wheelchair accessible ePorts as not all ePort venue operators may be adequately equipped to handle multiple electric wheelchairs  
  • The Party Pack feature will also incorporate smart scheduling that takes into consideration the event locale and availability of ePorts. It will recommend certain venues that could accommodate the members' Party needs  
  • Guardian Premier Service: requires a member to "check-in" from time to time to correlate the member's actual location with the submitted itinerary whereby iJuze can oversee the member's trip and initiate intervention with a 911 call to a designated helper
  • Also planned is a premium feature for realtime assessment of the member's device's battery charge level whereupon iJuze will initiate a reminder to reserve and charge at an ePort nearby or enroute 

Product and Design

The iJuze Network is the only reservable charging ePort network for all portable and indoor maneuverable 110V AC capable electronic devices including health-support or mobility devices. 

Many unique features are in development to allow for:

  • All electronic devices to be chargeable on the iJuze Network as can normally be plugged into a residential 110V AC socket
  • On-the-go reservation via a smartphone App for any ePort on the iJuze Network subject to user location and cancellation policies
  • Extendible reservations subject to availability of the ePort in use or at adjacent ePorts
  • Proxy reservation by a member for another member or non-member subject to frequency limitations
  • Multiple payment options
  • "Frequent User" club membership with special privileges such as free charges and priority ePort reservation considerations
  • "Personal Registry", a feature which enables a member to label their favorite ePorts for ease of making reservations
  • And many more...

We expect that the iJuze network will not only provide convenience for users, but also revenue for businesses.

Our Market and Industry

In addition to Americans with special health needs, we believe that there is an overall huge market opportunity because the majority of Americans all have portable power hungry devices that need frequent charging on-the-go… 

  • reports that there are over 208 million smartphone users in America as of 2016
  • The Pew Research Center noted that the rapid rise in smartphone use was fueled by a "sharp uptick" in users over age 50
  • The Pew Research Center also reported that tablet ownership among adults had reached 51%
  • Conclusion: Overwhelming majority of Americans have portable electronic devices that could use on-the-go charging on iJuze. Imagine if only 1% of the 208 million smartphone users were to use iJuz just once a week and paid a small fee!

And for those with special needs....

There are 2.4 million Americans that need POCs (Portable Oxygen Concentrators).

Derived from Inogen, Inc. 2016 Annual Report.

There are 2.7 million non-institutionalized wheelchair users in the U.S.

Derived from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Feb 11, 2014.

Other Market Findings

  • Inogen, the leading manufacturer of electronic POC reported a 48% revenue increase in 2016 thus confirming that oxygen therapy users are increasingly migrating to portable oxygen concentrator devices, away from liquid oxygen tanks.  It further reported that it had sold or rented out 228,000 POCs as of December 2016. There are currently an estimated 2.4 million Americans on oxygen therapy that could migrate to POCs, and who could use our iJuze Network. 
  • If a mere 1% of the current COPD population of 3 million Americans were to use a POC and were to use our iJuze Network to charge their POC device once per week for 1 hour each time for a fee of $2 each hour, that alone could generate about $3 million in annual POC charging revenues for iJuze.
  • Based on a publication by the Institutional Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health in 2014 it is estimated that there are over 1 million Americans today that uses an electric wheelchair which requires frequent charging.

  • If 1% of the estimated 1M electric wheelchair users were to charge 1 hour per week at $2/hour on an iJuze ePort that could generate about $1 million in annual PMD charging revenues for iJuze Networks
  • Over the next 5 years we anticipate that the boomer population that is entering retirement are expected to have the most discretionary income than earlier retirees and the most aware of what technology offers for lifestyle continuance and enjoyment.  

Businesses will benefit from iJuze too.

As early as 2011 it was reported by that Starbucks started covering their outlets in New York City to cut off "laptop squatters".   In March 2017 Fox News reported that the same chain removed its electric outlets West Hollywood in a move to "discourage loitering".  With the iJuze Network, these coffee chains could control the use of their outlets by installing ePorts and requiring these squatters to pay to use one, that's better than just selling one cup of coffee.  By allowing anyone to reserve the use of an electric outlet and pay for the use of such an outlet, squatting may become a thing of the past.  There are 1.6 million retail and public venues that are potential sites for locating a reservable ePort AC outlet to charge your device and there are millions of Americans needing the support of such a network of charging venues to enjoy their livesWe all have to eat, won't it be nice if we could recharge our devices while we eat, at one of the 624,301 restaurants in America!

Your Investment

Now that we have a prototype, we need funds to complete the development of the first commercial release of the iJuze Network and ePorts slated for April 2018.  Since the iJuze Network and ePort services are planned for consumer usage across the country, we believe that equity crowdfunding would accomplish two objectives in one campaign, which is to raise funds and simultaneously reach out to a broad audience of potential users of the iJuze Network.

In the Press

Offering Summary

Maximum 305,714 shares of Common stock ($1,070,000)

Minimum 2,857 shares of Common stock ($10,000)

IJUZE CORP ("iJuze" or the "Company")

Corporate Address
2516 Waukegan Road, Suite 111, Glenview, IL 60025

Description of Business
iJuze provides a membership network of reservable electric charging stations in publicly accessible locations.

Type of Security Offered
Common Stock
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 


Invest at least $497 and receive a 1-yr membership in iJuze Network

Invest at least $997.50 and receive  a 2-yr membership in iJuze Network PLUS $500 credit towards charging fees during the membership period (if you are a non-USA investor your membership is for 3-years)

Invest at least $4,998 and receive a 5-yr membership in iJuze Network  and equal amount of credit towards charging fees for 5 years (if you are a non-USA investor you will also participate in an annual call with our CEO)

Invest at least $9,999.50 and have an ePort named after you for one year (details to follow) PLUS receive a lifetime membership in iJuze Network and equal amount of credit towards charging fees until its used up (if you are a non-USA investor you will also participate in a quarterly call with our CEO)

*All Perks are valid only after the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

See "Related Party Transactions".

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We Did It !!

over 3 years ago

Dear Investors:

I set the minimum raise at $10K in 3 days for Bridge investors to earn 50% in Bonus shares!  In less than 36 hrs we received commitments of $12K, so once we close the bonus is earned!

If you are still on the fence, please note that only Bridge investors get a first right to participate in future financings!

Now we only need $17K to hit our target of $150K by midnight tomorrow March 15, 2019. 

Please get your friends and family on board !  They don’t need to have a StartEngine account, as long as they qualify as accredited investors.  Get them to email us their commitments to before the deadline.

Thank you!

Esmond Goei

CEO & Co-Founder

Bridge Financing Update

over 3 years ago

Dear Investors:

We would really like to close out the Bridge at $150K so that we can expand our Beta this month!  All we need is another $29K!

As such our Board has approved increasing the Bonus shares to 50% from now till closing on March 15, 2019.   All you have to do to hold your place is to submit the Investor Questionnaire by midnight this Friday and wire funds the following week.  If you have any questions or need an Investor Questionnaire please email us at with the subject line “Bridge”.

All existing Bridge investors will be accorded the same Bonus retroactively as long as we receive at least $10K in commitments between now and Friday March 15, 2019. 

If we do not get at least $10K of new Bridge investment commitments, the new commitments will be given the option of completing their investments under the existing 20% Bonus shares Bridge terms, or withdraw their new commitments entirely.

Esmond Goei

CEO & Co-Founder


over 3 years ago

Hello Everyone:

I wish to clarify that my last update referred only to the ePort hardware beta being on track for October.

The software app beta is on a separate path and scheduled for release much sooner with a limited beta this month with full roll-out in Q2.

The ePort hardware is complementary to the app and not necessary for us to launch and start recruiting users and hosts (Heroes).   The ePort will allow hundreds of thousands of apartment buildings and parking garages to easily drop EV charging sockets (Level 1) for workers and tenants.

Stay tuned!

Esmond Goei

CEO & Co-Founder

Arrow Electronics Partnership Update !

over 3 years ago

Dear Investors & Followers:

One of the nice things about having Arrow Electronics as a partner is feeling like we’re a billion dollar company with unlimited resources!

We’re pleased to announce that Arrow has put 5 engineers on our ePort development to build our first 100 Beta units for delivery in October 2019. Right on schedule!

Having Arrow in our corner is one reason that we have been able to do so much with so little money. Airbnb was at our stage when they raised $600K. With the current Bridge financing of $111K we will be at $441K in cash funding and Arrow’s support alone is like having another $100K of paid resources for a total of $541K.

With Arrow and our pending grants we have decided to close our Bridge in two weeks, on Friday, March 15, 2019.

If you want to get in on our last public round for accredited investors please let us know soon at and mention Bridge in the subject line of your email.

Esmond Goei

CEO & Co-Founder

Federal Grants Are Back Online!

over 3 years ago

Dear Investors & Followers:

Now that President Trump has signed legislation to fund the Federal Government and avoid another shutdown our grant funding process is back on track!

In addition we will soon be submitting our hardware design to our partner Arrow Electronics for manufacturing review. We anticipate that this relationship will further mitigate our cash needs due to Arrow’s favorable inventory financing terms.

As such we will be capping our Bridge Funding at $150K; currently at $111K.

If you are thinking of participating in the Bridge please secure your place by sending us an email to with indication of your desired investment amount and we will send you the necessary investment documents. Make sure you mention "Bridge" in the Subject field of your email.

Esmond Goei

CEO & Co-Founder

Reg D Bridge Funding Update

over 3 years ago

$92 K committed since our Bridge launch.

Thank you investors for your Bridge participation.  We are pleased with the reception and we expect that we will be doing another Bridge update next week.

In answer to investors’ questions:

  1. Minimum investment is $1K;
  2. Our Reg D Bridge Funding is OPEN to all Accredited investors, even if they did not invest in our 2018 StartEngine campaign;
  3. Investors may aggregate their investments with other Bridge investments from their friends and family members provided they are also accredited, and the Bonus shares will be split within the group;
  4. If you would like to do a group investment and earn larger bonuses, or have any questions just write to us at with the subject title of “Bridge”; and
  5. Only investors in our Bridge funding will have prorata right to invest in future Reg. D financings.


Power Hero

New Power Hero Investor and Investment Opportunity

over 3 years ago

We are proud to announce that Power Hero has been picked by Collective Innovations as a strategic investment for their first innovation fund.

Collective Innovations is an initiative of McWilliams Collective. They are spearheading our federal government grant applications and recently broke ground on their first of 27 global innovation centers. Collective Innovations’ goal is to use their significant government relationships (both domestic and abroad) to accelerate R&D and market growth for its portfolio companies.

Power Hero is also proud to announce that Collective Innovations has committed to invest $75K in our new bridge financing round.

Because of your standing as an early investor we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate and will recognize your prior investments in qualifying for additional bonuses. This is a private Regulation D financing and open only to accredited investors. If you like, we can send an Accredited Investor Questionnaire to confirm your status. If you are not yet an investor and have been following us via our StartEngine campaign page this is your chance to invest as an accredited investor and get pro rata rights to future rounds.

We are only raising $300,000 so please reach out to us directly at and reference "Bridge" in the Subject line.

Esmond Goei

CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder


Major Power Hero App Milestone Reached

about 4 years ago

This week we released the “Alpha-1.0” version of our Power Hero app, which is an internal release to test key functionalities of our app in development and test usage such as registering EV charging stations and EV driver members, managing EV stations, searching for EV stations including non-Power Hero stations, etc.  We plan to have another Alpha release next month wherein any issues with Alpha-1.0 will be corrected, and more functionalities added for testing. 

We are excited with the progress in our app development as it gives us increased visibility of our launch date and the superior patent pending features that we will have compared with other EV charging station listing services.

Thanks to your investments we have been able to begin detailed hardware development to take us beyond the current prototype; you might recall that our proprietary hardware will allow for dynamic reservation of our charging stations, which is unique.  As we get more investments we will apply more resources to our hardware effort.  Help us get there sooner, share our progress with your friends and families and invite them to invest in Power Hero!


CEO & Co-Founder

AI And CRM Expert Joins Power Hero

about 4 years ago

We are pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Manu Das to our Advisory Board as Technical Advisor.  His years of experience in customer resource management (CRM) software and artificial intelligence (AI) will help us deliver incredible user experiences and automated digital sales processes.

Manu is the CEO and Founder of Soffront Software, Inc., which he started in 1992. There, he created one of the first products in CRM, and grew it to a leading supplier to Small/Medium Businesses.  

Prior to founding Soffront, Manu dedicated several years to the application of AI with Olivetti’s Advanced Technology Center in Silicon Valley, carried out research and development at Stanford University in the area of object recognition, and was one of the main researchers of a highly visible DARPA project on automatic test vehicles.

Mr. Das received a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of New York, Buffalo as well as a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with distinction from the Indian Institute of India.

We are excited to welcome Manu Das to the team and eager to take advantage of his knowledge and experience to deliver a breakthrough platform for EV owners.

Invest in Power Hero today!

Esmond Goei

CEO & Co-Founder

Increasing Shareholder Value Through Innovation

about 4 years ago

Dear Investors and Followers:

At Power Hero we believe innovation is the foundation of customer satisfaction and growth.

Last week we filed our 6th patent with the US Patent Office which will enhance the ease and security in which home based EV chargers are accessed.

This new innovation will make it easier for EV owners to offer their EVSE for public usage and enhance our peer-to-peer charging model. 

Your investments make it possible for us to continue innovating. Invest in Power Hero and spread the word!


CEO & Co-Founder

Verizon & Power Hero

about 4 years ago

Dear Followers,

Recently we updated you about Power Hero's ePorts and Cameo; hardware that allows anyone to connect a 110V power outlet or EV charger to our network, so it can be found, reserved and brokered.   

We are now happy to announce that we will be partnering with Verizon to connect and deploy those devices!

Verizon is the leading wireless service provider in America with over 150 Million subscribers!

Power Hero has been approved for the Verizon Partner Program.  This is a national program that will allow Verizon’s 3,000 inside and outside sales reps to promote our product and give us eventual co-branding opportunities.

We are excited to put Verizon’s reputation and expertise on our side as we get closer to launch.

Invest in Power Hero today!

Rob Kent

Vice-Chairman, Co-Founder, and Chief Marketing Officer

Power Hero

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Invest in a High Growth Market!

over 4 years ago

Dear Followers,

As you know we have transitioned to focus on Electric Vehicles with a new name Power Hero.  Well, "Inside EV" just released their March sales report card with a record month of 26,000 EVs sold in the month.  They are projecting sales to easily beat 300,000 this year which is a 40% growth.

With the EV market breaking the 1M mark this year it will still be far less than 1% market share.  IHS Global Insight and Volkswagen expect the market to hit 8% in five years.  This is going to put astronomical demands on EV charging.

Norway, who leads the world in EV adoption at 7% market share, has one public EV charging station for every 15 EVs.  We are woefully behind in the US with one station per 44 EVs. 

The need for Power Hero has never been greater!  Our infrastructure-free model can rapidly scale public EV charging and allow us to close the gap much faster than all other manufacturers combined.

This is your chance to invest in a breakthrough solution for a rapidly growing market!  Invest in Power Hero today!

Power Hero

Announcing Power Hero Perks – Member Incentive Program

over 4 years ago

Dear Power Hero Followers,

I’m extremely excited to announce the coming launch of Power Hero Perks

Power Hero Perks is a comprehensive rewards program that will give our Power Hero Network members exclusive access to over 350,000 web and mobile discounts to hundreds of online brands.  Another initiative that our investors have made possible with their investments.

It was extremely important for us to have this program in place before recruiting members.  Not only can we give EV owners a sense of community and peace-of-mind with a P2P charging network, we can now also reward them with $2,000 in annual savings for being a member.

The program will include major brands like Six Flags®, Papa John’s ®, Ramada® and Men’s Warehouse® to name a few.  Members will see average discounts of 30-40% on select restaurants, attractions and travel – all easy to find and redeem via our mobile app.

We plan to launch Power Hero Perks this spring in line with our member-recruitment efforts.  If you wish to be kept posted on Power Hero Perks updates, go to our website to register your email.  Please  share the Power Hero investment opportunity with your friends and family! 

Esmond Goei

CEO, Power Hero

Update on Power Hero

over 4 years ago

Hello iJuze Investors and Followers:

We are so happy to see that some of you have decided to invest in Power Hero, and for quite a bit more than you had invested when we were iJuze.  Thank you for your show of confidence.  You're not alone in embracing the Power Hero business model as other investors have pushed our Power Hero crowdfunding campaign to 350% of our goal in about 3 weeks, and with that we’ve been able to accelerate some of our product development efforts. 

New Product Announcement

We have now added an exciting new product to our development pipeline, the Power Hero Cameo for Level-2 EV charger equipment.

The Cameo is a connected piece of hardware that attaches to an existing Level-2 charger and connects it to our Power Hero Network.  Any  ‘dumb’ charger then can easily become a ‘smart’ charger that can be found, reserved, and brokered.

The patent for the Cameo was filed on February 19, 2018 and that makes it our 4th pending patent.  After review with our development partners we felt it was time to announce it to our followers and investors.

Deployment Priorities

To optimize early market penetration, our priorities will be the 110V Outlet Adapter (or ePort) followed by the Cameo.  With these two devices, we can canvas our target markets much more quickly and integrate existing power sources into a robust network. 

As you know the 110V ePorts are already prototyped and will allow any outdoor power outlet in a parking garage or outdoors near a parking spot to become a networked Level-1 charger.  Specifically it allows landlords, garage owners, and homeowners to generate revenue from overnight charging with very little investment.  For apartment building managers that means that they can get a return on converting existing 110V AC outlets into reservable paid outlets, thus opening up the apartment residential market for EV sales; that's some 30+ million households that were largely excluded from driving an EV before!

The Cameo will allow business owners, retailers, and homeowners to upgrade very basic Level 2 chargers into an automated public charging station.  Our network will allow owners to dynamically price and control access – prioritizing employees, comping customers, and charging fees after hours.  It will also allow us to create a robust automated network using the 500,000 private level 2 chargers in existence or being installed, while our competitors sluggishly install infrastructure.

Our smart hardware is designed to automate the supply-side of our business for reservations and brokering power.  Hardware deployment is estimated for Fall 2018 as more investments come in.

Thank you for your continued support and may we suggest that you follow us on the Power Hero campaign page so that you are registered for more updates!  Better yet, why not consider as others have to re-invest in Power Hero and tell your friends and family too of the new Power Hero!


over 4 years ago

Hello again:

I would like to clarify that exchanging your iJuze shares "equally" for Power Hero shares means that you will get an equal dollar value of Power Hero shares for your iJuze shares.  

Thus, if you had bought 100 iJuze shares @$3.50 per share for $350 then you will get 350 shares of Power Hero @$1.00 per share in the exchange.

Also, please note that our pivoting to the EV market is an effort to enhance the value of your investment as we believe that the EV market has a better and more immediate potential.  Please check out Power Hero and we think you will agree.

Meanwhile if there are any questions relating to the name change or share exchange please email us directly at 


An Update On Your iJuze Investment

over 4 years ago

Hello Friends and Investors of iJuze:

Since my Update of February 14, 2018, iJuze Corp. has re-branded itself and changed its name to Power Hero Corp., and we have adjusted our business strategy to roll out to the electric vehicle (EV) market first.  

There were many reasons for doing so, of which the most compelling was the indication that the EV market, already growing at an annual rate of over 20% just could not wait.

Also, we have re-launched a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine as Power Hero.  Please visit us at  Feel free to invest again as we think you will be pleased with the new application of our technology and the much greater potential of the EV market.

If you are an Investor already, don't worry; your iJuze shares will be automatically exchanged, equally for Power Hero shares.  If you have any questions regarding your investment please feel free to contact me at

If you are just following us and want to get updates please send us your email address to, or follow us on our campaign page

Thanks for your continuing support!



Power Hero Corp

In The News

over 4 years ago

Hello Friends & Investors of iJuze !

Now that the fundraising campaign is complete our corporate department will be handling our "Investor Updates" and "News Alerts" directly via the email addresses provided by our investors.

For those those of you that didn’t invest and want to stay in touch you can get the News by getting on our mailing list.   Simply send an email to and write “Updates” in the subject column.  

For those that invested, THANK YOU !


Closing Soon and Taking Off!

over 4 years ago

Hello Everyone!

With the proceeds from the campaign so far we will be able to proceed to the next step and we anticipate going live with our first app in April as projected.  We believe you will be pleasantly surprised.  

We have learnt a lot in the last few months and have clarified our priorities and the market sectors to target with our technology.  We are pleased to report that the opportunities appear even bigger than we first imagined.

For those who have invested we thank you for your support and faith and we expect that after closing of the campaign we will have your direct contact information to maintain communications with you.  

For those who have been following us we thank you for your interest and hope that you will keep an eye out for us.  If you hurry you might still have the chance of becoming an investor before we close.


Notice of Funds Disbursement

over 4 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, iJuze has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in iJuze be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Notice of Funds Disbursement

over 4 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, iJuze has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in iJuze be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


We heard you!

almost 5 years ago

Three days ago we shared that Lisa Martin blogged about iJuze and is running a contest giving away power credits for use on the iJuze Network.  To date 295 of her viewers have entered her contest.  Another blog called "What U Talking ABout Willis" is running a similar contest and so far has garnered 835 entries!  I think thats saying a lot and we wanted to make it easier for our fans to own a piece of iJuze so we lowered the minimum investment amount to give more people the opportunity to be part of a growing power movement

Let's get the iJuze Network up and running!  Invest in iJuze!

Amending our Securities Offering

almost 5 years ago

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the iJuze offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of that change:

Ijuze is extending the end date of their offering and adjusting the minimum investment amount to $98.00.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

More and more are seeing the light, daylight!

almost 5 years ago

Let's hear it for forward thinking social responsibility in government!  The city of Victoria, the provincial capital of British Columbia, our Canadian cousins up north has decided to champion the use of bicycle lanes by users in electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters " the paved road surface in bike lanes would have less undulations than sidewalks, and would allow for faster travel speeds than would be acceptable on sidewalks."  Further, Edward Pullman, president of the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition remarked that “This is essentially just combining like modes of transportation .... would also be a natural extension of the city allowing skateboarders to use bike lanes."  Read all about it here.

We think this would result in more of our mobility disadvantaged brethren venturing out of their homes to enjoy the sunshine and what their communities have to offer.  Let's hope such responsible city planning catches up at home in America, and with your help our American riders will have the iJuze reservable power network to keep them going.  We invite you to invest in iJuze

Investing in your future.

almost 5 years ago

Two weeks ago, we launched our crowdfunding campaign and in 4 days we passed our 25% funding target.  Two days later we shot past our 50% mark and we just hit the 75% milestone.  

The iJuze Network was created to take advantage of the electricity grid that is already in place.  Why carry a spare battery if you know you can control where and when you need to charge, sparing the environment of more battery disposal and waste while keeping you powered up.  Never letting your battery drain down also increases your battery life before a replacement is required.  The iJuze Network is for you and all your life's devices.  Laptops, phones, electric wheelchairs, portable oxygen devices and so much more.

Be a part of the iJuze Network and help make the world a greener place and a better place for people who rely on power to make it through their day.

Click here to invest and join our mission of power to the people.

Founder & CEO/Director

almost 5 years ago

The news about iJuze Network is spreading and we couldn't be more excited.  When you have a mission to bring power to the people who need it most, people want to share the news.  Check out this great blog post by Lisa and My Thoughts Ideas And Ramblings. She understands the value that The iJuze Network can add to the world.  Great stuff Lisa!!  Thank you

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