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About "It Came From Beyond"

"It Came From Beyond" is an original 1950s sci-fi musical-comedy opening soon in New York at a top Off-Broadway theatre to be produced by two of the leading Off-Broadway producers. The show was successful in Los Angeles with its sold-out run at the Write Act Theatre in Hollywood, receiving Six Ovation Award nominations for Best in Theatre in Los Angeles including Best Musical and Best Writing of a Musical.

The show is ready to go. Minimal funding is required to open the show in New York – since we have components of the show that ran in Los Angeles. We already have the staging by Tony Award-winning director (Jeff Calhoun "Newsies"), the choreography, the recorded music, the recorded sound effects, the 1950s sci-fi video projections used in the show, the costumes, the props, the set design, the special effects, the graphic design, and the marketing email lists. 

We have the legal rights to use in the show film clips from 18 1950s sci-fi movies including “Invaders From Mars”, “Brain From Planet Arous”, “Hideous Sun Demon”, "Monster From Green Hell", “Devil Girl From Mars”, “The Flying Saucer” and “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.

Our award-winning theatre, St. Luke’s Theatre, has a great location in the Broadway Theatre District at 46th Street and 8th Avenue. It has a 70-year tradition of presenting highly entertaining and commercially successful musicals. We have over 50,000 emails of people who enjoyed musicals at this theatre. They will be offered $49 tickets for the discount price of $39.

The shows producers, John Lant and Edmund Gaynes, are two of the leading Off-Broadway producers, each having produced over 100 musicals. John Lant currently runs the three theatres at Carnegie Hall as its Production Manager and Edmund Gaynes was recently named the "Legend of Off-Broadway" by the Alliance of Off-Broadway Producers and Theatres.

The Opportunity


Investment Type: Investor Non-Managing Membership Units

Units: $100 each

Minimum Investment: $100

Round Size: Min. $10,000, Max $100,000

Pre-Money Valuation: $100,000

Pre-Recoupment: Investors will retain 100% of Adjusted Gross Receipts after payment of Production Expenses, Running Expenses, Loans and a Reserve (See Operating Agreement).

After Recoupment: Investors will retain 50% of Net Profits from the New York production and after 28 performances will share in income streams from cast CD,  national tours including Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto, international tours including China and Japan, screenplay, film/TV rights, sequels, merchandising, product placements, sponsorships, colleges, high schools and community theatres according to standard Off-Broadway business practices.


 $500+ Two free tickets when the show comes to a city near you.

 $1,000+ Above plus two more free tickets.

               Plus pitch an idea to a producer.

 $5,000+ Above plus two free tickets to Opening Night & Party in city near you.
 Photo with lead actors and creators.

 $10,000+ Above plus two free tickets to Opening Night & Party in NY and Los Angeles.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed. Travel not included.

"Hilarious...the next Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Major Achievements So Far

 *  6 Ovation Award nominations from Los Angeles Stage Alliance including Best Musical and Best Writing of a Musical.

 * Recommended by the Los Angeles Times which called the show "thoroughly entertaining".

 * The Pasadena Weekly called it "hilarious" and "the next Rocky Horror Show".

* By popular demand, had its run extended at the New York Musical Theatre Festival where it was selected from over 400 musicals submitted.

* called it "hysterical" and said "the lyrics are a riot".

* Back Stage said "a nifty score, witty staging and a terrific cast".

* LA Splash said the "choreography was clever and surprising".

 * Our dance finale was named to "The Greatest Scifi Dance Routines Of All Time" along with dance routines from Buck Rogers, Doctor Who and Flash Gordon by Gawker's Gizmodo international blog.

Aliens Are Turning People Into Zombies!

The Comic Book Characters Come Alive!

Is This The End Of The World?

A Love Story Suitable For All Ages With A Positive Message

The story takes place in a high school science classroom in 1959 and switches between two parallel stories. It centers on a nerdy, high school science geek whose only chance to save the popular, beautiful girl that he loves, is to find the secret hidden in a new comic book called “It Came From Beyond”. In the parallel comic book story, an astronomer seeks the same secret in order to stop an attack on Planet Earth from aliens from outer space. The cast is composed of five main actors who play dual roles for a total of ten main characters.


One newspaper described the play as “Grease” meets “War of the Worlds”. It deals with comic books, aliens, zombies, the 1950s and dancing, all highly commercial elements.

Our theatre features 175 seats in a prime location and approximately 65% of the seats are expected to be sold. With five performances every week and an average ticket price of $31,  “It Came From Beyond” expects to recoup our investors' money within the first 36 weeks of the run. But the true return for the investor comes not from the first Off-Broadway run, but from the national tour and international tour in big sci-fi markets like China and Japan. 

We Have Pre-Existing Brand Strength

It's the World of Comic Books / Science Fiction / Aliens / UFOs / Zombies

* Several celebrities have agreed to attend Opening Night of our show in NY and LA including Katie Sackhoff ("Battlestar Galactica"), Dee Wallace ("ET"), Marta Kristen ("Lost in Space") and the stars of History Channel's "Ancient Aliens".

*  93% of the people who saw the show "liked" or "loved" it, according to audience questionnaires.

*  Its theme of 1950s Communist paranoia directly reflects today’s terrorist paranoia. And its music couldn’t be more relevant with songs like American Way, Are You One of Them? They’re Here, and Find a Hero.

*  LA Weekly said “The most inventive aspect of the show is writer Cornell Christianson’s dual storyline, the first being that of a dork in high school who’s reading a comic book to find the secret to completing his science experiment; the other is the sci-fi story of the comic book, which features the same actors in parallel roles.”

* Out the 16 new musicals at the New York Musical Theatre Festival, Fox News selected a song from “It Came From Beyond” to be performed on the Fox News morning television show, “Good Day New York”. Fox chose the song "Daddy's Girl" believing it would have popular appeal to mothers and children. The song was performed on the morning show by two of the play’s actors and seen by nearly two million viewers.

* We shared a booth at the first ever AlienCon in San Jose in October 2016 sponsored by the History Channel with over 15,000 people in attendance. We collected thousands of emails from alien fans and handed out flyers offering discount tickets to our show.

* We have the rights to use in our show film clips from 18 1950s sci-fi movies including “Invaders From Mars”, “Brain From Planet Arous”, “Hideous Sun Demon”, "Monster From Green Hell". “Devil Girl From Mars”, “The Flying Saucer” and “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.

Theatre in New York Is Breaking Records

Over 13 million people paid to attend theatrical productions in New York City last year, according to the Broadway League. As an Off-Broadway show with remarkably low overhead, “It Came From Beyond” is an affordable alternative to other Broadway shows. At only $49, our full ticket price enables “It Came From Beyond” to reach an audience who might otherwise be unable to afford a New York musical.

We Will Use Targeted Social Media Marketing

Our producers, John Lant and Edmund Gaynes, have put together an extensive social media network that includes over 100,000 emails of people who have purchased tickets to Off-Broadway musicals. These people will receive a marketing campaign of emails offering discount tickets, discount merchandising and news about the show including reviews, celebrity appearances, and corporate sponsorships.

Our two producers know how to make money Off-Broadway by producing their shows in their own theatres (reducing rent and deposits) and on lean budgets with non-union personnel. They are able to leverage their vast experience, resources, and wide network to minimize costs while maximizing returns.

The two sequels to the play have been written called “It Came From Beyond: Second Attack”and “It Came From Beyond: Third Attack” as part of a trilogy. In the 1950s, comic books contained several stories. For this project, “It Came From Beyond” is the name of the comic which includes three stories. Each story continues where the last one left off, with the same characters. But there is one over-riding story arc that concludes in the third story. This is similar in structure to “High School Musical 1, 2, 3”, the only successful musical sequels ever. You are investing in a franchise. 

“It Came From Beyond” is a comedy with characters that you can root for, a plot that will take you in, and unforgettable songs destined to be standards that will have the audience singing as they leave the theatre.

Our Team Has Vast Experience

In the Press

The Next "Rocky Horror"
February 16, 2006

"One hilarious ride...could very well shape up to be the next "Rocky Horror Show"

It Came From Beyond - Review
September 15, 2005

"It Came From Beyond is a hysterical show. The energetic music, campy style and terrific performances should entertain even those Earthlings who’ve never heard of Klaatu."

The Greatest Scifi Dance Routines Of All Time
February 7, 2008

It Came From Beyond. This 1950s-ish stage musical features "Mind Power Dance," a Culture Club-esque dance number about using your telepathic powers to overcome alien invaders, no matter how cheesy their gold capes. Do this dance routine in front of any evil aliens, and they'll tumble for ya.

It Came From Beyond - Review
September 22, 2005

"A nifty score, witty staging and a terrific cast"

It Came From Beyond - Review
January 29, 2006

"Thoroughly entertaining...recommended"

Offering Summary

Maximum 1,000 Investor Non-Managing Membership Units ($100,000)

Minimum 100 Investor Non-Managing Membership Units ($10,000)

ICFB Productions LLC

Corporate Address
353 W. 48th St 4FL #PMB 450, New York, NY 10036

Description of Business
Produces musical theatre

Type of Security Offered
Investor Non-Managing Membership Units
Purchase Price of Security Offered
$100 per Unit

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor)


 $500+ Two free tickets when the show comes to a city near you.

 $1,000+ Above plus two more free tickets.

               Plus pitch an idea to a producer.

 $5,000+ Above plus two free tickets to Opening Night & Party in city near you.
 Photo with lead actors and creators.

 $10,000+ Above plus two free tickets to Opening Night & Party in NY and Los Angeles.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

No plans for any irregular use of proceeds.

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Video of Audience Participation

8 months ago

"It Came From Beyond" ran 15 months Off-Broadway before it lost it's theatre.  It will resume next year in a larger theatre.

Adding Audience Participation to the show has been a big boost, since no other stage musical has it. The 2-minute video shows the Alien played by Jacob Wright commanding the "blanked" people of earth, including the theatre audience, who have been placed under his mind control. --Cornell

Changing Theatres

10 months ago

"It Came From Beyond" has left St. Luke's Theatre after 15 months and is transferring to a new theatre.

"Wicked City Blues" opened Off-Broadway on July 31, 2019 at Actor's Temple Theatre where "It Came From Beyond" may move to.  Audience members have posted these comments on the Internet.  --Cornell

Wicked City Blues... FABULOUS! A must see!!”
J. J., New Jersey - 08/01/2019

Found it very entertaining. Songs were wonderful. Cast very good. Nice
night out.”
Estelle Siegel, NY - 08/01/2019

if you grew up with Sam Spade, see this musical.
maintains excellent Pace. much fun”
Leonard Berman - 08/01/2019

Fun show with amazing songs and great dancing.”
kirsten paulos - 08/01/2019

We loved the performance! It was very entertaining and actors did great work!”
agata m., New York, NY - 08/01/2019

Fun, polished musical. The performers were excellent and it was a good
time. Definitely one for the grownups though!”
M. C., New York, NY - 08/01/2019

Wonderful original music lyrics, good strong male lead- perfect
casting for voice and personification of the 1940's seedy detective.
Interesting dramatic premise - good villain- voice and dance.
The radio station voices are great, in looks, costumes and voices.
Carmen Ross, New York - 08/01/2019

This is a show that has a lot of promise and deserves an audience.
Music was really good. Performers were committed and had good voices.
I think the more they perform this really enjoyable show, it will take
off nicely. I recommend it.”
M. A., NYC - 07/25/2019

This terrific take-off/tribute to film noir and radio days is a whole
lot of fun. Norman Thalheimer's book, music, and lyrics keep the
audience guessing and laughing throughout. Kudos on the music! The
versatile actors/singers/dancers, change roles often and never miss a
beat through many scene changes. And Charles Murray's direction and
choreography do the impossible, delivering a full scale musical,
replete with hysterical sound effects, in this tiny theater. With some
polishing and noiring up of the two lead roles, this is a show that
deserves a full scale production and a life on the road.”
Janice L., New York, Ne York - 07/25/2019

I really enjoyed the show. It was comical and enticing all at the same
time. The actors did a very good job making the story come to life.”
Cynthia McKinstry - 07/25/2019

A fun show. Elements of film noir mystery, humor and well crafted
period music. The music contained echoes of big band swing as well as
references to Cab Callaway and other performers.”
Sheldon Brooks, NYC - 07/25/2019

Very well done! Excellent musical numbers with strong vocals. We
enjoyed this show!”
Debra M., Nyc - 07/18/2019

I really enjoyed it. Lovely voices. Original songs. Good story line.”
d. lind, New York - 07/18/2019

A Murder Case that makes you feel good with nice dance moves & good
singing, with a beautiful & excellent suspect, you have to go to show
!!! to solve this Case...……..”
Michael Wagner, New York City - 07/12/2019

Enjoyed the show. Good story and music.”
S. R., NYC - 07/11/2019

A play in the noir style with a rugged detective, a damsel in distress
and a murder. I really enjoyed it and would suggest it to anyone who
wants to see a 50s style play. I enjoyed the singing, but, of course,
it's off Broadway...”
Mikhail Shklyar, New York - 07/11/2019

Very entertaining, the cast had a lot of enthusiasm.”
L. K., N.J. - 07/11/2019

In its 15th Month Off-Broadway

12 months ago

Alicia Buxton stars as the femme fatale Charlotte Blane in "Wicked City Blues" beginning July 10th Off-Broadway. (below)

"It Came From Beyond" is in its 15th Month Off-Broadway. --Cornell

14 Months Running

about 1 year ago

Our 4th Cast is now performing "It Came From Beyond" in its 14th month Off-Broadway.

From left, lead actors David Curtis as Colonel, Samantha Connolly as Jayne, Michael Zak as Harold, Alex Dominguez as Becky, Jacob Wright as Steve. 

"Wicked City Blues" is now in rehearsals with a great cast and is on schedule to open Off-Broadway this spring. 

One Year Off-Broadway

about 1 year ago

"It Came From Beyond" has now run ONE YEAR Off-Broadway. Only 10% of musicals run that long. 

"Wicked City Blues" has hired a great cast and director and begins rehearsals next week. 

Photo of Cornell Christianson (left), lead actress Alex Dominguez and investor Any Purdy who said "show was thoroughly enjoyable and greatly enhanced by the Audience Participation which is something extra you don't see any where else."

In 12th Month Off-Broadway

about 1 year ago

"It Came From Beyond" is in its 12th month and "Wicked City Blues" is beginning rehearsals in April for an Opening Night Off-Broadway scheduled for June 9th.

Brian-Paul Mendoza, who choreographed the show in Salt Lake City, has a scheduling conflict as a film director and we do not want to delay the show and miss the lucrative summer tourist season.

The new director-choreographer is CB Murray who appeared on Broadway as a dancer in Michael Bennett's "Dreamgirls" and Joe Morton's "Honky Tonk Nights". He has been director-choreographer for seven New York musicals  and won awards for "Pearl" and "Children of God". He felt the Salt Lake City version of our show was "choppy" and that he can give the show, scene to scene, a better flow. (CB on left, Cornell on right)

In 11th Month Off-Broadway

over 1 year ago

Cornell's interview in William & Mary Magazine:

"It Came From Beyond" is in its 11th month Off-Broadway, with new Audience Participation.

"Wicked City Blues" is on track for opening this May Off-Broadway, with great new director.

"Marilyn Exposed" is being prepped for opening this November Off Broadway. --Cornell

New Audience Participation

over 1 year ago

Now in its 10th month, "It Came From Beyond" has added Audience Participation as a new dimension to the show. An actor goes into the audience and leads them in the I'm Blank Dance (shown in photo) and the Mind Power Dance, as well as booing the villain and cheering the hero. Most of the audience joins in, laughing and having fun.

Auditions have begun for "Wicked City Blues" which is on schedule to open Off Broadway this May and for "Marilyn Exposed" which is scheduled for November.  -- Cornell

Third Cast Begins

over 1 year ago

"It Came From Beyond" has begun its third cast since the show began and each cast keeps getting better. They sign a 4-month contract:

April thru July - First Cast

August thru Nov - Second Cast

Dec thru March - Third Cast

Our show is attracting quality actors who want to perform in our show. They get to showcase their talents often leading to higher paying jobs.

Our famous one was in the Los Angeles show, where Alison Brie played our lead actress Becky and was seen by TV producers who cast her in "Mad Men", "Community" and now in "GLOW" where she got two Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress. You can route for her on Jan. 6th. --Cornell

Show Has Run 8 Months

over 1 year ago

"It Came From Beyond" has run Off Broadway for 8 months and the longer it runs, the more lucrative it becomes for licensing and streaming.

We have raised enough money to open "Wicked City Blues" Off Broadway this May.  --Cornell

Last Week to Invest

over 1 year ago

This week is the last chance to invest in "Wicked City Blues" on StartEngine, offering closes Nov. 8th.

It looks like "It Came From Beyond" is not closing during the cold winter months of January and February as expected. New cast members are being signed to 4-month contracts starting in November and ending in March. 

Our brand will be "A musical that ran Off Broadway for a year" which will mean a lot to theatres and schools around the world.  Also to "streaming" customers. 

My best, Cornell

Celebrate Seven Months

over 1 year ago

We are celebrating "It Came From Beyond" has now run SEVEN MONTHS Off-Broadway. And we are going for more. --Cornell

Investors to Vest

over 1 year ago

To Members,

This Tuesday, investors will "vest" in not only all future productions

of "It Came From Beyond" but also will share in income streams from

cast CD,  national tours including Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto,

international tours including China and Japan, screenplay, film/TV

rights, sequels, merchandising, product placements, sponsorships,

colleges, high schools and community theatres according to standard

Off-Broadway business practices. Also the new income source:


This is an important milestone. -- Cornell Christianson

The Colonel allows the Aliens to use fear to control his mind and "blank" him.

over 1 year ago

Milestone Reached

over 1 year ago

The creators of "Wicked City Blues" have reached a milestone with their musical "It Came From Beyond" -- it has now run for SIX MONTHS.  Any musical that runs Off Broadway for six months is considered a "success" by the theatre industry.  Most shows close in one month.  This means that theatres and schools around the country will be interested in licensing the show, which the investors will share in. 

NEW TREND: Just this year, something new is happening to musical theatre -- "streaming".  Stage musicals have begun to be streamed into homes for a fee of $8.  This new revenue stream for stage musicals could emerge as the future to reaching a global audience.  --Cornell Christianson

WCB Goal Reached

over 1 year ago

To ICFB Investors,

"Wicked City Blues" has reached its Minimum goal of raising $10,000 on StartEngine, which means it is assured to opening Off Broadway even if we have to borrow the remaining funds. We intend to move quickly to open this show. 

It is unheard of to have two new musicals written by the same authors (Cornell Christianson and Norman Thalheimer) playing at the same time Off Broadway. This should create a lot of publicity for both shows, including from the main stream media.

This should be of great benefit to your investment in "It Came From Beyond". 

See it here:

My best,

Cornell Christianson

Aliens from Outer Space are about to attack

almost 2 years ago

Review: "Sounds like John Williams' Star Wars"

almost 2 years ago

Review: "Fantastic musical numbers"

almost 2 years ago

Our Cast in Action

almost 2 years ago

PHOTO:  Our characters in the comic book story react to the dooming threat of an alien invasion from outer space.

Show Extended to Six Months

about 2 years ago

St. Luke's Theatre has extended the four-month contract for "It Came From Beyond" for an additional two months assuring at least a six-month Off-Broadway run through September. 

Audiences have been laughing and applauding the performances, Luke Engelhaught said "I never laughed so hard in my life".

"It Came From Beyond" has made history. It is the "First Equity Crowdfunded Off-Broadway Musical" and the "First Equity Crowdfunded Theatre Production in America".

Author's Newspaper Interview

about 2 years ago

First Review

about 2 years ago

Opening Night Photos

about 2 years ago

Photos from New York Off-Broadway Opening Night on April 24, 2018

4 Photos on Broadway World

about 2 years ago

Performances Have Begun

about 2 years ago

"It Came From Beyond" is now an Off-Broadway musical now performing at St. Luke's Theatre (175 seats) 308 W. 46th St at 8th Avenue.  Audience reception was strong at the First Preview, with Opening Night on April 24th.

Photo of lead actors Kayleen Seidl (Becky), Bryan Walton (Steve) and Clint Hromsco (Harold) with our largest investor who said "I can't wait to see it again".

Rehearsals Have Begun – Opening Night April 24

about 2 years ago

On March 4, 2018, rehearsals began for the musical-comedy “It Came From Beyond” with a great group of actors who have been signed to 4-month contracts.

A contract has been signed with the Off-Broadway theatre St. Luke’s Theatre, 308 West 46th Street at 8th Avenue, for a 4-month run starting with Preview Performances April 10th and with the ability to extend the run. Opening Night is set for Tuesday April 24th at 7 pm with VIP Party afterwards at 9 pm.

There will soon be a Press Release from our publicist Stephen Sunderlin and you will receive a copy.

Here is our lead actress, Kayleen Seidl, who will play the duel role of Becky. See her at and click on “Media” to hear her sing. –Cornell Christianson

Musical Completes Auditions For N.Y. Opening

over 2 years ago

We auditioned 97 actors last week for "It Came From Beyond" and called back 35 of them for auditions in singing, acting and dancing. We have a great cast that we are signing to four month contracts and they will be announced soon.

The auditions were arranged by casting director Tamra Pica and attended by producer-writer Cornell Christianson, producer John Lant, director Jim Blanchette, choreographer Mark Blowers and musical director Austin Nuckols.

Rehearsals begin the week after next and Opening Night is only eight weeks away at the Off Broadway theatre St. Luke’s Theatre on 46th St at 8th Avenue.

Our amount raised through StartEngine was $20,500 from 50 investors with an average of $410 each. We received an additional amount greater than that from two other investors under our current Regulation D offering. This gives us enough money to open in New York in April and in L.A. in July in NoHo and run for at least four months in each city.

If you would like to make an additional investment under Regulation D (you have to be an accredited investor and the minimum is $1,000), please email me at

We are not going to have a set like we did in L.A. Instead, we are going to have projections utilizing film footage from 18 sci-fi films that will provide the backdrops to every scene and turn some songs into music videos. The entire show will be run by computer and be completely portable. It will be able to move easily from city to city, with extraordinary visuals that will make the live actors appear to be in an actual 1950s sci-fi film.

Today is Last Day -- Invest $100 More

over 2 years ago

LAST DAY TO INVEST - DEC 27 by Midnight

Thomas Tracy wrote this Comment - he invested $300 then just put in another $200

With one day left, can we get this to $25,000 and give our production a good head start? If every one of us did an additional $100 investment, we certainly could. Often, it is the final rally of a campaign that sees the most action. If you're new to ICFB, read closely - investors could start to see a ROI as soon as Spring from the NY production. There is no other investment right now that is offering such a quick ROI. At $100 per share, this is an easy one to invest in. And, if you know anything about the Sy-Fy market, we will also see some serious returns once this goes overseas. The more we help now, the better equipped our producers are to get this thing off and running! Let's do this!!!

Big investment - very excited

over 2 years ago

Just got a big commitment from a woman who is going to invest in January under Regulation D, so we will not only have enough money for an Off Broadway production in March but also a Los Angeles production in NoHo in July and a San Francisco production in October.

"It Came From Beyond" Update

over 2 years ago

Thank you for your investment --- you will have fun and are a part of history. 

"It Came From Beyond" can forever say it is "The World's First Internet Equity Crowdfunded Theatre Production" although we are mostly going to call it "The World's First Equity Crowdfunded Musical" and "The First Equity Crowdfunded Off-Broadway Musical".

We have raised $13,400 with 20 days to go in the campaign. We would love to reach $15,000 so if there is any way you could invest even another $200 it would be greatly appreciated.

Regardless, we are going to open the show Off-Broadway at the historic St. Luke's Theatre according to this 2018 schedule:

Weeks of 1/22 and 1/29 -- Actor auditions to finalize the cast. We have expanded the cast to 9 actors and will have numerous minority actors.

Weeks of 2/5, 2/12. 2/19 -- Rehearsals.

Weeks of 2/26, 3/5 -- Preview Performances

Tuesday March 13 -- Opening Night

If any of you are in New York during any of these periods, let me know and I can get you and your people in to see the activity for a short visit.

When the show opens, if you invested under $500, I can get you and your people half price tickets and if you invested $500 or more, I can get you and your people free tickets.

Here is my email:

Please feel free to contact me and ask me any questions -- Cornell Christianson, Author

Note: You will also share in the two sequels which I think are the two best scripts I have ever written. 

3-Minute Video Highlights of "It Came From Beyond"

over 2 years ago

Please share with others this 3-minute Video Highlights of "It Came From Beyond":

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