What You Need to Know

Reg A+ and the StartEngine Process


Make a Profile & Build Your Campaign

Have a company that needs to raise up to $50M in capital? Build an easy-to-create profile on our platform. For any questions at any time, visit our FAQ or contact a customer service team member.

Once your profile is set, explore the platform and build your campaign. Include a video that shows your personality so potential investors can get to know you. Once your profile is approved by StartEngine, you can market your offering. Use social media and ads to bring in interested investors.


Test The Waters & Gauge Interest

Regulation A+’s Tier 2 allows companies a period to “Test The Waters” during which they can communicate with potential investors. There is no obligation by either party to take part in a transaction, nor is it possible at this time. This period is just for both sides to learn.

When companies Test The Waters, they are gauging interest in their future offering from potential investors. Companies will list a partial campaign on the “Testing” side of the platform, and will be able to talk to interested parties, while Investors research their investments.


Submit to The SEC & Actively List

Once a company has received the right amount of interest, you need to submit your Form 1-A to the SEC and complete a full financial audit. For more information on these steps, visit our FAQ.

Once you have been approved by the SEC, StartEngine will email all of the investors who expressed interest to purchase their shares in your company.


Reporting Requirements & Following Through

With a complete campaign and a fully realized funding goal, the funds from the investors are transferred from an escrow account into the company's account, but your obligations haven’t ended!

After you are successful, you must continue to report twice annually to those investors who hold your securities.