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Find, Hire and Pay Handymen

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Find, Hire & Pay Handymen

HireJoe is a home repair specialist!

  • FREE to use
  • EASY upload of Photos & Description, in < 1 minute
  • ALL handymen charge the same low rates, no haggling
  • Track costs & Pay all in one place!

We take out the Middle Man

HireJoe levels the playing field. Why pay the 50-100% labor cost mark-ups of most handyman companies?

  • All HireJoe handymen charge the same market competitive rates 
  • We never charge annual fees or lead fees
  • We never give you computer generated estimates
  • We connect you directly with the handyman of your choice

Your money is safe with us!

Pay only when your job is done right. Every HireJoe handyman can get the work done, so you don't have to worry about your handyman getting sick or injured or making off with your deposit.

Use HireJoe and stop worrying about getting over-charged and under-delivered.

The HireJoe beta is currently available in the Denver-metro area. Download the HireJoe App at GET IT DONE!


$100 - if you invest $100, you will receive a social media shout-out and signed thank you card from the HireJoe team.

$250 — If you invest $250, you will receive a Limited Edition "Get it Done!" T-shirt and signed thank you card from the HireJoe team.

$ 500 — If you invest $500, you will receive a personal phone call from the CEO, a free 30-minute business consultation and our Limited Edition "Get it Done!" T-shirt.

$1,000 — If you invest $1,000, you will receive an invitation to our official launch party in Denver, CO, plus $100 in HireJoe Credits, Limited Edition "Get it Done!" T-shirt. 

$5,000 — If you invest $5,000, you will receive RT airfare + 1 nights lodging for 1 person to our launch party, plus $500 in HireJoe Credits, and our Limited Edition "Get it Done!" T-shirt.

$ 10,000 — If you invest $10,000, you will receive RT airfare + 1 nights lodging for 2 people to our launch party, plus $1,000 in HireJoe Credits, a framed photo with the HireJoe Team and of course our Limited Edition "Get it Done!" T-shirt.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

The App

Transparent - Open - Effective


We all want to know how much we're paying and for what. With HireJoe, there are no subscription or lead generation fees. Our service fee of 15% is factored into the total labor cost. Our handymen keep 85% of work well done and have the opportunity to earn more based on positive reviews and hours worked per month! 


HireJoe is a family of home service pros and customers. HireJoe handymen charge the same rates according to job-type and estimates are based on how long it will take to complete a job. The more efficient or experienced home pros typically offer the better rates! Customers have access to handymen profiles, each one rated by customers just like them.  


The HireJoe platform was developed through working real home repair jobs, not in a lab or through computer modeling. HireJoe has proven to be more than 95% accurate in providing remote estimates. And HireJoe home pros can easily edit labor and supply costs before and after starting a project, in case there's more work to get done. The HireJoe process is effective, helping the customer find, hire and pay reliable home service pros at great rates, all in one place.  

HireJoe. Get it Done.

HireJoe, a brief history

  • January, 2016  HireJoe is founded in order to address a real need by a local property management company.  The original founders were tasked with addressing a sever backlog in work orders, while identifying key sticking points in managing a variety of home repair scenarios. From hiring contractors, managing costs, billing and payment collection. HireJoe hit it out of the park - right from day one.  
  • March, 2016  $28k in revenues and 30+ projects later, we begin development of a more sophisticated version of the HireJoe apps.   
  • June, 2016  The Alpha version of the apps are launched within a closed group and eventually opened to the Colorado market, reaching an 80% referral-base and countless repeat users.   
  • November, 2016  Updates and new functionalities are developed, tested and implemented, all based on initial user feedback. Seeing the need for a larger-scale property-management app, we begin to develop functionalities that address this massive market.
  •  March, 2016 Seasoned tech-investor and tech-author Paul Wagner joins the team, assesses the organizational and technology needs and begins to invest in the next generation of the HireJoe Apps. He assumes the role of CEO in August 2017 with a vision that reflects his impressive background.    
  • November, 2017  The Beta version of the HireJoe apps are released. Currently in testing. Early signs show that the apps are faster, more reliable and show incredible promise. These are the apps we've been waiting for. GAME ON! 

We Got Your Back!

Once you Start your home repair project with HireJoe, your deposit is safe with us.  

You don't pay until your repair is done right, or you get your money back!

HireJoe takes its time finding quality and reliable handymen. They work for you to get the job done right!

When your HireJoe home pro arrives, just show them where to go and click Start in your App. Most customers typically add an item or two after their handyman arrives - no problem! HireJoe handymen can easily modify labor and supply costs before and after a project has started. 

“My handyman did a great job. Prompt, efficient, friendly. Will use again!”

– Amy P, Homeowner

“Great app with what seems to be a good group of professionals targeting small to medium sized projects. Definitely worth a try next time you need some help with home or business projects."

– Joe, Denver CO

“This service solves a major problem with home ownership. It's saving me and the people I hire a lot of time and energy.”

– Bart, Denver CO

“Simple and straightforward. Great beta. If you’re in Denver and surrounding areas, highly recommended. Although services are expected to grow nationally."

– John, Denver CO

Start a Project in a MINUTE

To start a home repair or maintenance project:

  1. Take a photo
  2. Upload it to our app with a description
  3. Pick your handymen to deliver a quote

No wasted time scheduling estimates or annoying phone calls.

You pick who contacts you. You pick your estimate.

Clear Pricing  All HireJoe home pros charge the same rates. And the more experienced ones are typically more efficient and offer the best estimates! So you get to avoid bidding wars and price haggling. Plus, no invoices or cash needed. Sign-up and pay with your credit card!  Easy-peasy.

Quality Matters  Rate your handyman at the end of the project. HireJoe rewards good reviews with bonuses. Higher reviews = higher earnings. The more experienced handymen typically bid the best prices. Win/Win. 

Handyman Services Industry: Past - Present - Future

Over the past five years, revenue for the Home Maintenance industry grew at an annualized 2.8% to $2.5 billion, including a projected 0.7% increase in 2016 alone. Commonly known as the jack-of-all-trades, these businesses provide a range of household repairs and maintenance activities such as minor plumbing work, electrical system repairs, minor roofing repairs and painting projects. During this period, the industry’s close ties to the residential construction market aided in its expansion. 

In 2012, demand for handyman service franchises jumped 6.6% as per capita disposable income grew by more than 2.0% for the first time since the recession. Moreover, federal tax incentives aimed at energy-efficiency upgrades have also benefited the industry by increasing demand for insulation work and window and door installation services.  Overall, analyst consensus estimates project revenue to grow an annualized 1.8% to $2.8 billion through 2021.

Source: IbisWorld Industry Research Report, 2016

The Future

Online shopping for home services is just starting to happen. Your SMART home will be doing it for you in the future. The HireJoe platform is already proving to be a highly transparent and scalable solution. Our home repair focus and remote estimating model sets-up HireJoe to directly interface with the future of SMART homes: automatically notifying repair technicians of a home repair need without the homeowner ever having to get involved in the process!

Books, Travel, Home Goods... all have successfully ventured into the online purchasing arena and have doubled or tripled annual revenues, year-to-year. So what's holding home services back?  The same issues that held back the average vehicle owner from carrying paying passengers, or the average home owner from renting a room: a transparent, open and effective platform.  

Offering Summary

Maximum 100,000 shares of Common Stock  ($100,000)

Minimum 10,000 shares of Common Stock  ($10,000)

Hirejoe, Inc., a Colorado corporation (the "Company").

Corporate Address
2525 Arapahoe Ave, Ste E4-242, Boulder, CO 80302

Description of Business
Is a free and easy way for homeowners to hire handymen and manage home repair projects from inception to completion.  

Type of Security Offered
Common Stock
Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 
$100 ( 100 shares)

$1 per share.


$100 - if you invest $100, you will receive a social media shout-out and signed thank you card from the HireJoe team.

$250 — If you invest $250, you will receive a Limited Edition "Get it Done!" T-shirt and signed thank you card from the HireJoe team.

$ 500 — If you invest $500, you will receive a personal phone call from the CEO, a free 30-minute business consultation and our Limited Edition "Get it Done!" T-shirt.

$1,000 — If you invest $1,000, you will receive an invitation to our official launch party in Denver, CO, plus $100 in HireJoe Credits, Limited Edition "Get it Done!" T-shirt. 

$5,000 — If you invest $5,000, you will receive RT airfare + 1 nights lodging for 1 person to our launch party, plus $500 in HireJoe Credits, and our Limited Edition "Get it Done!" T-shirt.

$ 10,000 — If you invest $10,000, you will receive RT airfare + 1 nights lodging for 2 people to our launch party, plus $1,000 in HireJoe Credits, a framed photo with the HireJoe Team and of course our Limited Edition "Get it Done!" T-shirt.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company will not incur any Irregular Use of Proceeds.

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Most recent fiscal year-end:
Prior fiscal year-end:
Total Assets
$2,236.82 USD
$681.31 USD
Cash And Cash Equivalents
-$43.18 USD
$681.31 USD
Accounts Receivable
$435.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Short Term Debt
$17,508.47 USD
$0.00 USD
Long Term Debt
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Revenues And Sales
$139,614.02 USD
$28,895.64 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold
$90,357.36 USD
$17,710.58 USD
Taxes Paid
$3,856.00 USD
$1,700.00 USD
Net Income
$7,440.88 USD
$8,468.00 USD


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.



almost 2 years ago

OMG - 2 hours to GO!

almost 2 years ago

Who's awake??

I AM =)

There's still time to help us reach $14k total investment on our Start Engine raise!!!

We won't be back on Start Engine. This will be it. 

If you've already invested, this is your LAST chance to invest some more and get a BONUS from Paul - email him at for details. Trust me, you'll like it. 

But you need to invest before our campaign ends. And this is my LAST reminder email. 

Sending all our appreciation and gratitude your way!

John R.

Grateful and looking forward to 2018

almost 2 years ago

Hey everybody!

We're grateful for so many investors!  

For those of you who'd like to deepen your commitment, we have a special offer for you. Please reach out to for details.

THANK YOU once again!

More updates coming as the clock ticks down!

Paul & John

Final Day PLUS latest news!

almost 2 years ago

We are in the final stretch!  Our app community is growing and we'd love to have you add to your investment as a show of support. 

ALSO, we recently starting working with a Denver-based property management company and are working out plans to deliver our platform to them, in a way that better streamlines HireJoe with their work order and invoice tracking systems. 

We'll use this model to start approaching several more warm leads in the Denver market - so stay tuned!  

And once again, thank YOU so much for your support and investment.

We are JUST getting started.


Paul and John

The Internet of things (IoT) and your home - HireJoe is poised to be your automated home repair man

about 2 years ago

Below is an expert from a recent article by Forbes on IoT and it's impending impact on the "smart" home. 

Sensors will connect your home and all of it's components to a single monitoring service, like Amazon's Alexa. So when something breaks down, like your HVAC or garbage disposal, you get an error code with options for service. 

Like the Fitbit on your wrist or the smart computer chip on your car, you'll know when it's time to clear the gutters, clean out the air vents, replace a water filter or repair a leaking water heater. 

Enjoy! Look forward to your comments below.  


The Future Of The Smart Home: Smart Homes & IoT: A Century In The Making

It’s the dead of winter and you’re driving home. In my case, it’s to my house outside of New York City on the eastern end of Long Island. I remember coming home in the dead of winter and huddling with blankets on the couch until the place warmed up. The use case for a thermostat that could be accessible over the Internet was so obvious, I wondered why it took until 2011 for Nest to launch. 

It would have been prohibitively expensive for me to heat a weekend home throughout the week, and a timer wouldn’t work, as I was never really sure I was going to be at the house on a weekend. The perfect solution: a thermostat that could be remotely accessed from a smartphone over the Internet to turn on the heat as I’m on the highway and still a couple of hours away from getting home.

That’s what Nest does. It’s a thermostat that is connected to the wireless network in your home. There’s a corresponding downloadable app for your Android or iPhone that, when you open it, shows you the temperature of the room. If you have multiple zones in your house, you can see the temperature in each zone. You can even see the temperature outside of your house. Best of all, there’s a friendly interface that allows you to adjust the temperature upwards or downwards. In my case, I typically pull over in traffic on the Long Island Expressway about an hour away from my home to adjust the temperature.

You’d be forgiven if you thought that the Nest was the first instance of a connected device that was part of the smart home. The truth is that people have been talking about and building some variation of a smart home for decades. When I refer to a smart home, I’m referring to a house featuring “intelligent” technology that simplifies and automates everyday activities such as turning on lights, locking the door, lowering shades, and, yes, changing the settings on your thermostat. You can call any device “smart” that is capable of doing something autonomously. A smart thermostat automatically adjusts the heat downward if there isn’t any motion in my house. That’s what makes it autonomous...

The smart home space fascinates me — first, because it promises to transform the way we live. Second, because it has been at the cusp of taking off for decades. And lastly, because it represents big business for technology companies and tech startup entrepreneurs.

Think about smart homes as places where people live that contain devices connected to the Internet. Companies write software to program these devices all with a design to make your life easier. Let’s imagine for a moment all of the places you might want connected devices outside of the home. A car could have a device that monitors where it goes and the wear and tear on the wheels. This would all be reported back to the cloud, sharing with the driver at some later date that’s it’s time to realign or change the tires. Machinery within a factory might send out a report of their performance and then be adjusted to increase the output of whatever the factory is making. The Fitbit bracelet on your wrist captures your steps and can suggest what you need to do to improve your health. All of these examples are smart devices. And all of them, including devices that make up the smart home category, are part of the bigger category the Internet of Things, or IoT.  

The IoT space is already huge. Total global spending on IoT devices and appliances across all environments (work and home) was an estimated $737 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach up to $1.4 trillion by 2021.

The FUTURE of home repair services

about 2 years ago

Hello campaign followers and investors!

If you've invested once - thank you! If you've invested MORE THAN once - WOW! If you haven't invested yet, please keep reading.

I sat down with a prospective investor the other day. We talked about differentiators. About timing and traction. 

Stuff you obsess about if you're in the start-up world. Start-ups, we live and die by those words. 

It’s not good enough to have a great product or service. You have to continue to show upward momentum. HireJoe has to keep new projects coming in. We have to keep investors coming in.  

And we have to continue to do this with NO budget! Sounds insane right? Welcome to the world of start-ups : )

So this would-be investor asked how we were different? I answered:

HireJoe is the FIRST, 100% remote-estimated focused and direct to contractor platform on the market today! This is beyond any end-to-end solution currently in the market.

Why does this matter?

Because technology is becoming faster, cheaper and integrated everywhere. Because it’s silly that we still have to ask our friends or neighbors or pay annual fees to find local, trust-worthy and fair-priced handymen and home pros. And because SOON our homes will be calling home pros for us!

Soon, when your fridge stops working or gas fireplace is out of gas, a sensor will alert software that reports the issue to a platform of techs. Each tech able to respond directly through the software with a very reliable estimate.

So that before you even KNOW there is a problem, you will have your favorite techs standing-by with estimates for you to review and choose.

You won’t have to rely on one tech, in case he gets sick or shuts down his business, or one company that can bill you whatever they want!

You’ll have at your fingertips, like you do RIGHT NOW with HIREJOE, a platform of independent home pros - all skills and background vetted - ready to provide estimates based on an error code, like we will one day soon, or based on your photos and description through our app RIGHT NOW!

Each handyman in HireJoe is provided with the same rates to bill based on job type. So you know every estimate is coming from the same playing field.  

You also know that every tech in HireJoe is rated by customers of HireJoe. Not the competition. No fakes.

It’s about time there was a real option for finding and hiring handymen to take care of broken things in your home. It’s about time it was fair priced. It’s about time the quality and reliability were guaranteed.


I had the attention of our would-be investor. He was leaning forward. He continued with another question,

So, what's my possible ROI in this venture? What are companies like yours being acquired for in this space?

I was so glad he asked. He knew his stuff. And I considered telling him what we thought we would be worth and when. But decided to just share what's what in the industry now. And what kind of response HireJoe is now seeing from existing users. 

Home Advisor parent company IAC acquired a majority stake in mHelp Desk two years ago. They're the "project management tool" part of HireJoe without the community part. As a home pro, you have to pay to use - even if you're not using it! Check them out. It’s pretty crazy. 

Btw, Home Advisor is based out of Golden (I know some key people there) and IAC is still in acquisition mode - they bought out Angie’s list this year for more than $.5b.  

As far as what HireJoe is doing NOW, I told him what I already shared with you in our last update. 

Since we released our open beta in mid-October through our small network here in Denver, we’ve seen 50% repeat user rate. In other words, 1 out of every 2 customers that completed projects CAME BACK and started another project!

Finally, he asked, how do I invest?

So I told him about StartEngine. That it is our early-stage funding round, meaning our valuation will probably not be this low again - ever. And if he wants to get-in at $1 per share, THIS would be the time!

I then asked him if he knew what 1,000 pre-IPO shares of Uber were worth after it’s IPO? Think somewhere along the lines of 2,000X their initial investment (

Could we be the next UBER Repairs?  

I asked him if he knew what 1,000 pre-IPO shares of AirBnB are worth now? Are we an AirBnB? For home services, you bet! Each handyman is his own “property” that is rated by real customers and are part of an open and transparent community. 

I STOPPED there.

He got it.

Are there risks. Of course. Were there risks for any industry-changing platform and tech. You bet. 

So you go with your instincts. You look at current results. And you look at the team. 

This isn't my first rodeo. I sold my first tech start-up GoStayPlay back in 2011. And Paul has actually recently written a book called Start-up Confidential ( and tours the world offering keynotes and seminars on getting companies from start-up to start-ing. He know his stuff!

Soooo... if you feel inspired to INVEST again in HireJoe - you won't see a better time or opportunity than NOW!

And if you haven't invested YET - guess what our would-be investor did? Yeah - he did. 

Hope to have you join us TODAY. Our campaign will be over before you know it! And that'll be it. 

Click on the invest link NOW. Takes just minutes. 

Very sincerely,


50% repeat user rate!

about 2 years ago

Hello investors!

Some quick news from HireJoe HQ: Since October 15th, we've seen 50% of users return to start another project! 

Customers are experiencing the real benefits behind HireJoe. And the proof is in the pudding!

Two of the biggest obstacles keeping shoppers from going online for home services has been bad customer service and lack of transparency. Dealing with individual home pros for warranties and consistent customer service would be like using Amazon just for their shopping cart! Insane, right? 

People trust Amazon because it backs up every purchase with money-back guarantees and makes sure that it's sellers understand their strict policies. The same must apply for home services before it can be mass-consumed and trusted by online shoppers.

HireJoe delivers on BOTH points!

HireJoe controls the flow of funds, so that if you're not happy, you can hire another home pro or get your money back. 

HireJoe also promises full transparency. All HireJoe handymen charge the same rates depending on job type. And HireJoe earns a set percentage of total labor cost. That's it.  


Customers can view labor and supply costs as they're entered into the App. They can also view photos of work completed, as their handyman uploads photos after a project. 

Thanks for supporting HireJoe. Please continue to share what we do with your friends, family, co-workers - everyone! 

You're part of a lucky few that have discovered what we're up to and taken advantage of our early-stage seed funding round. It's capped at $100,000. Once we reach that level, it will be all OVER! 

If you haven't already, please copy and paste my template for sharing our campaign (I posted in an earlier update) and use to share our campaign via email.

As always feel free to comment, ask questions and share your ideas as the days tick down on the campaign.



Helping families in need with home repair projects!

about 2 years ago

Dear investors,

We just launched a pretty exciting campaign to help raise awareness of HireJoe while helping families in the Denver area with home repair needs!  Here's the link,

If any of you are from the Denver area or have friends here, complete a home repair project or encourage all friends and contacts to download the App and complete a project.

It only takes a minute to Create a project through HireJoe. Here's a quick video explaining how:

Help us share the exciting news!

about 2 years ago


We're so excited and grateful that you've backed HireJoe. It really means a lot. 

All of us at HireJoe are busy on-boarding more home pros and reaching out to more customers (50% are repeat this month alone)! Our StartEngine campaign is barely out the gate and the holidays are fast approaching. Busy all around! 

I wonder if I could ask a quick favor of you?  

I would love it if you emailed your friends, family, and co-workers about HireJoe. This would really help us get the word out, specially from our backers - our number one fans! 

I even typed something up that you can copy/paste to save time:

Hi _________, 

I’m a recent investor in an amazing new company. It's called HireJoe and it’s a new mobile app, for both iOS and Android, that helps home owners not only FIND, but also HIRE and PAY handymen for home repair projects - all in one place. It's currently only available in Colorado, but soon to go nationwide!  

They need to raise $100,000 on StarEngine to further develop and promote HireJoe outside of Colorado. They JUST launched the campaign. Check it out and if you like it, consider backing it. For $100 you get 100 shares of this sure to be a game-changing start-up. They’ve already completed over 500+ home repair projects and are preparing for a multi-state release in the coming year. You can learn more and see a cool video here —>  


That's it. If you can take a minute or two of you day to email your friends, co-workers and family about us - that will help us get that much closer of reaching our goal of $10,000 in investment dollars by this time next week. 

Thank you once again for your support!  


P.S. If you have any media contacts that would be interested in covering our launch on StartEngine, please email me directly at

We're on our way!

about 2 years ago

Dear backers,

We're writing to say one thing: YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates soon!
-John & the HireJoe team

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