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Helpp is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that focuses on the needs of the service contractor, assembling benefits such as business, financial and professional services, insurance, software tools and technology to help make service contractors successful. People may list services they currently offer, or explore our library of services introducing them to the price point, marketing techniques, equipment requirements, and other aspects of services they may offer to start their own business. 

Our platform delivers customers to listing service contractors for free. Service contractors retain 100% of their earnings, where Helpp profits by selling supporting services to our network of service contractors, businesses, and consumers.    Visit to learn more.

Helpp plans to generate revenue in four ways: 

  • Premium Services - providing tools and technology to enhance how service contractors manage their business.
  • Helpp for Business -  negotiating lower price points on business, financial and professional services from companies on a local, regional and national level and resell them to our service contractors 
  • HelppMart -  presenting a clearinghouse for discounted product & service offerings where our service contractors and member businesses use a coupon system
  • Training and Education that link into advertising and sales systems, designed to make the service contractor offerings stronger.

In market testing, we have found every age group would use this service. 16-22 year-olds in high school and college who wish to earn dollars while focusing on school; 22-35 year-olds who wish to start their own business while controlling their destiny; 35-65 year-olds with primary jobs wishing to augment their income; and senior citizens who are looking for earning opportunities in their free time. When we speak with people, we find they relate to the service contractor earning side instead of the consumer side, considering what skills they have to offer.

Helpp applies a ‘Freemium’ business model, where ‘Free’ is connecting service contractors to consumers where they keep all the revenue they generate from their hard work, and ‘Premium’ is the business development products and services, tools and technology, and advertising we sell to make them successful. Service contractors would be able to generate revenue without fees while consumers may access a broad range of services from a centralized source saving them time and energy. This model works to create a captive audience of users Helpp plans to monetize.

Traditional Gig Economy companies typically take a percentage of the service contractor’s revenue while setting market price and placing them in direct competition with each other. They often treat the service contractor as an employee, but classify them as independent contractors receiving no employee benefits. Service contractors enjoy the freedom the Gig Economy delivers, but are generally disillusioned by the business model these companies offer.

Helpp plans to challenge these existing platforms by targeting their negative aspects and providing positive options. Helpp service contractors may retain 100% of their revenue, set their market price, and maintain control of all aspects of their service offerings by empowering them as true independent contractors. This model further differentiates Helpp as the money transacted within the community stays within the community, making Helpp a “for the people, by the people” community play that local businesses would support.

Helpp’s Land & Expand Marketing Plan is designed to engage directly with communities and forge relationships with banks, businesses, government, education, veteran’s affairs, unemployment, and media using local on-the-ground resources. These resources would also be responsible for growing the base of service contractors and consumers on Helpp while selling local businesses on the Helpp for Business program.

Helpp has also developed a first-of-its-kind stock incentive program for independent contractors using a leading plan designer and their associate legal counsel, Perkins & Coie. The Sharing Economy Equity Distribution (SEED) Plan was designed to encourage participation and retention with Helpp solutions by rewarding users with stock ownership for providing application feedback. It is our intent to use the SEED Plan to improve the Helpp platform by incentivizing service contractors in order to accelerate market adoption and service engagement at the community level.

Helpp’s culture advocates for the worker by arranging products and services crucial to their success, while the SEED Plan gives them a voice in our developing company. Adopting this philosophy would keep Helpp focused on what is important: People. Protecting business assets and family through insurance while optimizing cash flow management processes increases the probability of success. It is our belief that a holistic approach to the workers’ well-being would retain service contractors and attract consumers.

Investing Options

Investment Details

Common Stock $0.40 / share | Minimum $100 Investment

$2,655,300 pre-money valuation

Investment opportunity available to accredited and non-accredited investors, with $100 minimum investment.

          25,000 shares | $10,000 offering minimum

267,500 shares | $107,000 offering goal

See Offering Summary for more information.


The Rewards program is planned to commence with the live system launch that includes the Helpp for Business, HelppMart, and Education portals, anticipated for January 2018.  Investors may delay the start date of their Rewards for up to six months after launch.

$100+ One Month Access to Gold Level Premium Service
$250+ Three Months Access to Gold Level Premium Service

$500+ Six Months Access to Gold Level Premium Service or Three Months Access to Platinum Level Service

$1,000+ One Year Access to Gold Level Premium Service or Six Months Access to Platinum Level Service

$2,500+ One Year Access to Platinum Level Premium Service, or One Year Access to SMB Helpp for Business Services

$5,000+ Two Years Access to Platinum Level Premium Service or Two Years Access to SMB Helpp for Business Services

$10,000+ Sponsorship for Three Months of Three Education Courses of your choice across the entire United States.

                 ALSO: Two Years Access to Platinum Level Premium Service or Two Years Access to SMB Helpp for Business Services

$25,000+ Sponsorship for One Year of Five Education Courses of your choice across the entire United States. 

                 ALSO: Two Years Access to Platinum Level Premium Service or Two Years Access to SMB Helpp for Business Services

Other Benefits of Investing

All investors may delay the start of their rewards for up to six months.

All investors are planned to have access to our Beta release with the ability to provide immediate feedback about the application. 

*All rewards occur after the offering is completed.

What Helpp Has     Accomplished So Far

Helpp built out its technology platform and has been performing market testing in several communities. Our marketing site acts as an introduction to Helpp that leads into our platform that manages the service contractors that register with us.

We utilize social media groups on Facebook to attract users (see the Market Traction section) on this page, attracting more than 2,000 service contractors and consumers. We have held community events to meet with prospective businesses and understand our clients needs.

We have evolved through three versions of interface based on feedback from our Beta users, and have developed the specifications for our Helpp for Business, HelpMart, and Education programs.

We have met with school, government and business leaders in our test communities to understand how to effectively reach their counterparts in each community we approach.

Helpp has secured $110,000 in credits from the Amazon Web services platform covering our platform operating expenses through August 2018.

How We Plan to Apply Funding

Helpp plans to extend its user interface as a true mobile application. While the backend database systems are in place, and the user interface technology is fully functional for the Services page, the Helpp for Business, HelppMart, and Education sections need to be brought online. These are core revenue generation systems that augment the Services portal that exists today. 

A scalable software development team is ready to start work once the budget is available. The work is primarily user interface (UI/UX) development and is projected to be completed in approximately six weeks. We estimate that the time to raise the necessary funds and complete the development process would position us for a January 2018 release. 

We plan to allocate the majority of funds to Marketing & Sales activities. We have negotiated with a Public Relations firm to assist us in our launch within our targeted communities, as well as community engagements as discussed in the Land & Expand Marketing Plan section below. Helpp plans to use the six-week window where software development is occurring to implement the Public Relations firm and prepare for sales activity of our Helpp for Business, HelppMart and training course offerings. 

Market Traction

Our test markets represent a variety of economic footprints, including a major urban market, destination ski resorts, agricultural, and college towns. We have used significantly different strategies for engaging with a large urban area such as the Denver Metro/Front Range comprised of many governmental structures versus the Roaring Fork Valley (Aspen area), versus the college region of San Marcos, Texas.

The challenge has been how to assess how long it takes to achieve a critical mass of service contractors, consumers, and businesses based on the size of the population. Helpp is developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to better understand traction and gauge success.

The rewards program is planned to commence with the live system launch that includes the Helpp for Business, HelppMart, and Education portals, anticipated for January 2018. Investors may delay their Rewards start date for up to six months after launch in order for the volume of users in their geographic area to increase. All investors are invited to participate in our Beta release to provide feedback on the solutions we plan to present.

The Gig Economy Is Large And Expanding Rapidly

There are now multitudes of mobile apps for seemingly every service imaginable. Apps for ride sharing, food delivery, errand running, laundry service, home repair, yard care, car sharing, babysitting, lessons, personal fitness, pet sitting, and moving, to name a few. This is known as the Gig Economy as the service contractor and consumer engagement is typically not regularly repeated.

Helpp operates in a subspace of the gig economy known as the local on-demand economy where the service contractors physically interact with their customers. Helpp contractors satisfy local demand as it arises within communities by offering services in the previously mentioned categories.

Study dated January 2016 by Burson-Marsteller, The Aspen Institute, and Time Magazine.

As fast as this segment of the economy is growing, it is still in its infancy. First generation companies have simply added technology to the traditional contractor/consultant business model substituting one middleman for another. Uber used a mobile app to replace taxis similar to how GrubHub replaced restaurants from keeping delivery drivers staffed.

Several factors have aligned to spawn this new economic model and create fertile ground for its growth:
• The smartphone revolution has created high-power computing to go, and this trend is anticipated to continue to accelerate for the foreseeable future.
• The Millennial generation, ages 18-34, has a well-documented sense of immediacy that lends itself to on-demand services. Millennials and Gen Z, the generation still under 18, together make up over half of the U.S. population, and nearly three-quarters of them want to be independent and start their own businesses.
• Middle-aged and seniors have all indicated in market studies their desire to earn extra income through the adoption of an independent lifestyle like what Helpp offers.

These trends are playing out in dramatic fashion in the American workforce.

Current Gig Economy     Business Model Has Issues

The traditional Gig Economy business model creates a lot of issues that may easily be avoided by adjusting the business model. Helpp believes that each-and-every one of these challenges present a monetizable opportunity, and when collectively addressed, create a new and exciting business model. Welcome to the Helpp philosophy.

There are many problems within the existing gig economy which are generally caused by applying older business models that do not align with the modern-day world. The most notable is the contractor model concept of taking a significant portion of the worker’s pay for little or no value beyond providing a marketplace for them to make money.

Classification of workers as “independent contractors” versus “employees” may be the most discussed in the press, with the ultimate legal showdown between Uber vs The People. This has led to suggestions that a new class of worker be established, called the Dependent Worker.

In almost every gig economy model, the company sets, or influences price points, which generally leads to competition between service contractors based on their level of availability during demand from the marketplace. While this appears to be good for the consumer, the result is that the service contractor is often paid less, while still burdened with fixed expenses, and often must absorb downtime cost due to increased marketplace competition.

When earnings are low and the operational expenses are placed on the service contractor, with the company demanding they maintain a level of service, the result is increased service contractor stress. Lawsuits have arisen, and in extreme cases the courts have allowed independent contractors to unionize for collective bargaining rights.

In December 2015, the city of Seattle, Washington moved to allow Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize, due to the oppressive conditions that had developed within those companies. (Seattle Times, 8/25/2017, "

Federal judge clears way for Seattle Lyft, Uber drivers to unionize")

California followed suit in February 2016 (Fortune, 4/26/2016, "

A Local Union Wants to Help California Uber and Lyft Drivers Organize"), and Uber left Austin, Texas completely in May 2016 from legislative action requiring them to offer employee benefits to drivers. (, 05/08/2016. "Uber and Lyft to leave Austin after losing vote on fingerprinting")

In other companies, there are class action lawsuits where workers complain and claim they are essentially charged 20% for every job performed even though the same customer is serviced week after week. Companies justify this percentage based on the initial customer sourcing, which has led to customers becoming disgruntled and taking their repeat business off the platform.

Companies establish employee like conditions by enforcing workers to wear uniforms, require hours of availability, background checks, vehicle inspections, and workers to maintain certain levels of performance. These employee-like conditions cause service contractors to feel like they lose their independent contractor status becoming employees, but without the benefits.

Some companies which avoid any form of employee benefit to ensure service contractors are not misclassified as employees have begun to implement contractual regulations to block social media communications to prevent disgruntled service contractors from forming class action lawsuits. These lawsuits could have a profound impact across the gig economy if courts side with service contractors. 

Freemium Business Model

TaskRabbit Service Fees,

There are three general types of gig economy models: 1) A virtual contractor business model to generate revenue from consumers and service contractors. Service contractors lose 20- 40% of their pay to this model; 2) A lead-generator business model which involves selling the contact information, or bid of an interested consumer, to multiple contractors, who then compete for the job. This also leads to a loss of 20-40% revenue by the service contractor; and 3) A club model, such as Angie’s List, which charges a membership fee.

Companies such as Skype, Evernote, and Dropbox employ a ‘Freemium’ business model where limited premium content is offered for free. While increasing the customer base, companies are able to tailor premium services to the needs of the consumer. Users can access basic features for free and are able to pay for premium upgrades.

Helpp empowers independent service contractors by bringing the freemium model to the gig economy. Unlike existing marketplaces who take a big cut of the service contractor’s revenue, Helpp is free for both consumers and service contractors to list, book, and transact through the platform. Helpp presents premium services in the form of business, financial, professional, advertising, education, and many other product offerings to generate revenue through business partnerships. A big problem for many existing contractor based marketplaces is “leakage,” or the tendency for contractors and consumers to circumvent the marketplace in future transactions. This creates an incentive to avoid paying marketplace fees enabling consumers and service contractors to share savings in some manner.

Because Helpp is free, contractors and consumers are more likely to perform repeat transactions through Helpp. In addition, there are many other advantages for service contractors to complete transactions using Helpp such as stock incentive, advertising credit rewards, and service contractor websites.

Among our competitors, TaskRabbit and provide unique perspectives that highlight why we believe Helpp would become a successful and sustainable business in the gig economy. TaskRabbit provides an online marketplace to request home services. Their business model has recently led to global worker disgruntlement and leakage. TaskRabbit takes 30% of service contractors’ revenue from each job, and charge consumers a 7.5% fee for each service requested. Contrastingly, offers a freemium type model, similar to Helpp, and recognizes the need to prioritize service contractors; however, they are only focused on providing one type of service. Within a short time, they have expanded into 19 countries and recorded healthy profits. Unlike, Helpp is creating a horizontal marketplace, offering customers and service contractors a one-stop shop for a variety of services. We believe this would accelerate Helpp’s growth and allow long-term sustainability in the gig economy. Our goal is to grow larger and faster than our competitors.

Helpp Translates Issues Into Opportunities

Helpp is Free. A worker can use Helpp to generate income without ever paying a dime to Helpp. This makes Helpp attractive to workers since they retain 100% of their earnings. Helpp’s philosophy is to enhance the service contractor’s business making it easier to manage through platform offerings and improvements.

While using multiple applications is an inconvenience for consumers, it is a logistical nightmare for the increasing number of service contractors who offer multiple types of services to earn money. Helpp solves this inefficiency by enabling contractors to offer any combination of services through one streamlined platform.

Service contractors, or Helppers, set all aspects of services offered including price and availability, as well as others such as establishing confirmation and cancellation policies, determining forms of payment, and setting the minimum rating of customers they are planning to help.

While almost every other company avoids benefits, Helpp sees any and all benefits as potential product and services to be monetized. The Helpp for Business program is designed to bring best of industry benefits at lower than public market rates through purchasing power with economies of scale.

Helpp plans to negotiate discounts of greater than 20% for the service contractor from local, regional and national companies. We plan to initially prioritize viable solutions to healthcare and branch out. Helpp has been negotiating with HealthLink of Colorado to provide a grant of $20,000 to be used for office visit payments and co-pays. If successful, we plan to bundle a high-deductible policy from a major health care provider while covering flu shots and well care checkups in order to offer an attractive solution. While Healthcare is considered a monumental challenge to America at-large, Helpp plans to create opportunities for service contractors through attractive packages.

Leveraging Web Services API technology and a standardized form system, Helpp plans to act as an information middleman to collect data and deliver to companies. By example, for a comprehensive background check, Helpp plans to collect $149, passing the data electronically to the vendor, and acting as a reference point for others the service contractor authorizes. Helpp plans to retain a portion of these type of data interactive processes as revenue.

Through our voucher system, customers would be able to pre-purchase services that may be fulfilled by the local company by displaying their coupon from their cell phone, which the company would verify with an easy-to-use interface. The company would be able to control the vouchers they issue, opting to adjust price point, the number of vouchers issued, and influence rate of discount within the parameters established by Helpp.

In addition, another difficulty individual’s face is learning new skills and trades. It is anticipated that as service contractors use Helpp, so would the desire to grow their business and expand their income potential by improving and learning new skills. As the Helpp for Business program develops, along with the affiliate program members, Helpp plans to establish education, certification, and apprenticeship programs that users can enroll into that would help them master and expand their skill sets.

Instead of creating problems and frustrating workers, Helpp plans to equip service contractors with the ability to manage their business more effectively.

Helpp's Plan To Make Money

Using the North American Industry Classification System (NACIS), census data, and other publicly available government data, Helpp has the ability to determine the number of target businesses within a community, set KPI’s, establish metrics, and project the number of individuals a community needs to grow successfully.

Helpp is aiming to revolutionize business in the gig economy with the freemium model. Every free feature on Helpp was designed for premium upgrade as the platform was built to offer free basic connectivity between service providers and consumers. 

Examples of feature upgrades include advanced booking systems, custom profile templates, and mapping systems. We plan to combine these upgrades with Helpp for Business offerings through API connectivity where 3rd party systems would be integrated into the platform. Other feature upgrades would be custom built by Helpp. The premium upgrade model underscores Helpp’s commitment to service contractors as all features would focus on helping them launch, build, and manage their business.

Helpp for Business is a platform to connect Businesses and Service Contractors. The program would initially focus on core service the individual needs to start their business on Helpp: background checks, insurance, taxes and accounting; and other business offerings such as legal and bookkeeping can be sold as a straight service offering. As Helpp’s business grows, so does the ability to expand its products and goods by selling ancillary items people need to run a business: tools, technology, retirement plans, food, and even vacation packages to name a few.

To attract users, Helpp plans to offer goods and services below market value as a membership reward for using Helpp. These goods and services would assist service contractors in their business and provide access to worker benefits such as healthcare plans to maintain a positive work-life balance.

Business affiliates would be able to manage offerings, redeem codes, view analytics, and engage with Helpp. Helpp Products are aimed at larger big box stores, online retailers, department stores, local retailers, and any local goods store looking for an alternative outlet to sell physical goods. Access to Helpp for Business is free to any user, with all companies who list pay a subscription fee.

Helpp for Business is also an advertising package designed to cater all businesses from small to global corporations, locally regionally and nationally. Helpp can deliver highly targeted ads at the precise time users are most likely to take notice and act as they search, book, and interact with the platform as Helpp plans to know exactly who needs what, where, and when.

Helpp for Business is a subscription model in the B2B environment. Businesses pay for packages depending on the the size of their business, desired area of coverage (# of U.S zip codes), and the number of advertising impressions. We plan to target local, regional, and national companies.

While Helpp for Business connects service contractors and businesses, HelppMart is a platform for Helpp users to source materials and services at a lower cost. The goal is to bridge the gap between consumers and products through e-commerce, and increase consumer traffic on Helpp. For example, Scott wants to paint his living room but does not know the best place to get all the materials. The HelppMart platform would allow him to choose paint and materials from different companies at a lower cost than available in store. This in turn would channel more customers onto the Helpp platform, increasing traffic for service contractors. The online marketplace is planned to drive competition between manufacturers and provide customers with relatively cheaper options. Helpp would work with companies to sell direct to consumers through the Helpp platform.

Helpp’s revenue program integrates advertising as one element of the offering. Businesses on Helpp for Business are advertising their products and services to service contractors, while service contractors have the opportunity to showcase themselves through opting into the premium features. Consumers have the opportunity to find service contractors on Helpp for free and buy products through the Helpp platform at lower than retail price.

Helpp promotes Education through the development of curriculum designed to deliver essential information on specific subjects, such as Accounting, Tax Payments, Tax Preparation, Securing Legal Counsel, Selecting an Accountant, Basic Banking Principals, Securing Bank Funding, and many more. This initiative wold be sponsored by local businesses relevant to the subjects delivered. Business advertising is embedded to conclude the business is a natural place to fulfill the subject covered.

Training programs for vocations requiring a higher level of skill are partnered with a business that specializes in training those skills. States require certification in hair cutting, guide services, electrical, plumbing, cosmetology and many more. 

The combination of education courses provide an ever-expanding library of documents and training programs for Helpp to develop advertising strategies against. 

'Land & Expand' Marketing Plan Builds Communities

Helpp plans to focus on specific geographic areas to achieve pre-established objectives, maintaining a managed-growth philosophy. We have identified 102 cities to launch Helpp based on urban, suburban, rural, destination resort, etc. to increase the efficiency of campaigns within specific community types. During the rollout, we would work to accelerate the number of communities we can successfully launch in the shortest period of time. The goal is to launch 3 cities/communities per month during our first quarter. To maximize our growth strategy in each community, we plan to execute on three strategic initiatives: Outbound, Inbound and Direct Sales methodologies.

The objective is to generate brand awareness for Helpp’s web-based platform/mobile marketplace and attract both service contractors and consumers to our platform. Our initial outbound strategy is based around how we plan to attract users. In doing so, we would hire an integrated marketing/communications firm with expertise in public relations, advertising, branding, social media and event management. Our agency of record would be responsible for media, civic, and social outreach per designated city, securing press opportunities with local media, engaging with civic leaders and building out our social media population.

Implementation of Helpp’s inbound marketing strategy begins with our content marketing strategy and by selecting a marketing automation platform that can scale with our growth projections. Hubspot, Pardot, and Marketo are the most scalable, userfriendly and cost-effective platforms for our particular needs. Our inbound marketing approach, while also designed to attract new users to our platform, would extend further with content-driven interactions to “registered” service contractors, consumers and prospects.

Our prospects would begin to find us through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media, while users already registered on Helpp’s platform, would build our database for more targeted marketing campaigns for Helpp’s revenue-generating services. Our more targeted campaigns would involve developing a lead scoring system, conducting drip campaigns for the purpose of nurturing leads, while generating MQLs and SQLs, and converting these leads into sales for our Premium Services, Helpp for Business and HelppMart. Maintaining and understanding our database is critical for our growth strategy as this would allow us to tailor our inbound marketing campaigns based on user’s needs and care-abouts.

Each campaign would be well-planned and metrics driven to meet our growth projections and build our revenue-generating services. Finally, as a core principle or our business. i.e. putting the service contractor first, we plan to conduct surveys and social media monitoring to provide the best possible customer experience. This customer-first philosophy would turn customers into promoters, further growing our overall user base.

Utilize an external call-center responsible for our direct sales efforts while developing an in-house team as Helpp launches in more highly populated communities. Initially, the team’s core focus would be to attract new users to our platform. We believe this initial approach is an easy sell, given our Freemium business model.

As our user base increases from region to region, our direct sales efforts are planned to begin to focus on fulfillment of Helpp’s Premium Services, Helpp for Business, HelppMart and training initiatives.

Helpper Incentive Program Accquires & Retains Workers

The Sharing Economy Equity Distribution (SEED) Plan was developed for Helppers to earn ownership in Helpp ensuring they feel connected and have a voice with the company they build. The SEED plan is an incentive for Helppers to perform specific services within a geo-location based on consumer need and company directive.

The SEED Plan rewards participants based on the dollar volume they process through the Helpp platform by providing feedback on the Helpp experience. There are a series of cycles of stock offerings whereby Helppers perform work within a given cycle, and are rewarded in points. The points earned translate into shares of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs).

Helppers would qualify for SEED through a training system that ensures participants are fully briefed on the program as this is a stock plan covered under SEC regulation. It is mandated not only that participants be briefed, but that it can be proven participants were aware of the risks associated with compensation through a stock program. Information relating to the dollar volume transacted, points earned, and shares in relation to points for a given cycle with current valuation of RSUs is managed through the Helpp platform. The Helpper Incentive Program requires that those participating in this program perform tasks beneficial to the company. In this case, we require a survey be completed at the end of each cycle, whereby the participating Helppers give valuable insight into various aspects of the business operation. We use this input to adjust the Helpp platform to deliver ever-improving solutions based on this valuable feedback.

Shares issued are limited to 15% of issued shares. We plan to use this program until a critical mass is achieved and inertia would carry us forward to build momentum in one territory after another.

Technology Stack

Helpp’s Technology architecture leverages the cloud to rapidly expand our capabilities across the earth. We utilize Microsoft Azure for web hosting and application servers to deliver our user interfaces to PC and mobile devices, and to manage our XML Web Service Application Programming Interface (XAPI) to connect to external data sources, Helpp for Business partners, and other data exchanges. Our platform is a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) solution built around Microsoft .NET, but expandable to use any application development environment by connecting via XAPI.

At its core, Helpp is regulated by Microsoft SQL Server, the database system that ensures integrity of data records. Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise database solution capable of replicating its servers across the planet, while supporting backup systems that ensure data integrity and the ability to recover with very precise benchmarks in time for 14 days, and static recovery back in time for months.

Our software development process utilizes three stages of servers, with each set consisting of database and web servers, in order to maintain the integrity of our solution:

  • Development Servers
  • Staging Servers
  • Production Servers

Application servers are also replicated across server farms and applied to functions such as payment processing, Web Services API, and proprietary Automated Data Collection and Delivery (ADCD) systems. Helpp in turn leverages external data systems, such as French-based Algolia for search optimization, Cloudinary for Image and Video storage and delivery, Stripe for payment processing, Google for mapping, locator and email, and Twilio for SMS interactions. Our Customer Retention Management (CRM) solutions are also connected via the XAPI. Hardware and software mapping diagrams are available in the Appendix of this business plan.

The Microsoft cloud environment has 25 server farms strategically placed across continents, all of which are accessible and available for expansion of our operations. Cloud-based operations allow for an affordable deployment of servers, eliminating the need for in-house server farm deployments. Use of cloud-based systems across multiple geographic locations not only increases performance to customers, but dramatically reduces risk and reduces maintenance and upgrade costs for the operation.

 Helpp technology is based upon the body of work by our founder, Scott Hankinson, over the past three decades, including the events management system utilized by Microsoft Corporation, and data collection and delivery systems acquired and deployed by S&P Global, two of America’s Fortune 500 companies. The premise is a database system capable of expanding in any direction, facilitating growth in perpetuity. This design pattern has processed hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions, processing billions of records, and are directly attributable to Mr. Hankinson’s design pattern.


In Closing...

Thank you for taking the time to review Helpp, and I hope that you plan to join us by investing in our company and help us in our mission to create jobs, connect service contractors to consumers, and provide the support these developing businesses require in order to be successful.

SEC Regulation requires all communication related to the crowdfunding campaign be conducted through the comments section found towards the bottom of this page.

Again, thank you for your time...

Offering Summary

Maximum 265,500 shares of common stock ($107,000)

Minimum 25,000 shares of common stock ($10,000)

Helpp, Inc

Corporate Address
2620 Woodberry Drive, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Description of Business
Helpp is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform connecting service contractors to consumers. Helpp is a ‘Freemium’ business model, where service contractors list their services for Free, paying a ‘Premium’ to become members in order to access tools and technology, benefits such as insurance, business, financial and professional services, training and education, advertising and social media promotion. Consumers are provided a centralized search for local service contractors of any kind who list their skills and services on Helpp.

 Helpp has four methods for generating revenue: 1) Membership of Service Contractors to access premium services; 2) Local, regional and national companies promoting their products and services through a membership program; 3) HelppMart, a business portal where companies and service contractors offer their goods and services at a discount fulfilled using a coupon-based system; and 4) Education and training programs developed by Helpp and in partnership with businesses.

Type of Security Offered
Common Stock
Purchase Price of Security Offered
40 cents ($.40) per share

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 


Access to Premium Services or Helpp for Business Services  will commence with the live system launch that includes the Helpp for Business, HelppMart, and Education portals, anticipated for January 2018.  Investors may delay the start date of their Rewards for up to six months after launch.

$100+ One Month Access to Gold Level Premium Service
$250+ Three Months Access to Gold Level Premium Service

$500+ Six Months Access to Gold Level Premium Service, or Three Months Access to Platinum Level Service

$1,000+ One Year Access to Gold Level Premium Service, or Six Months Access to Platinum Level Service

$2,500+ One Year Access to Platinum Level Premium Service, or One Year Access to SMB Helpp for Business Services

$5,000+ Two Years Access to Platinum Level Premium Service, or Two Years Access to SMB Helpp for Business Services

$10,000+ Sponsorship for Three Months of Three Education Courses of your choice across the entire United States.

                 ALSO: Two Years Access to Platinum Level Premium Service, or Two Years Access to SMB Helpp for Business Services

$25,000+ Sponsorship for One Year of Five Education Courses of your choice across the entire United States. 

                 ALSO: Two Years Access to Platinum Level Premium Service, or Two Years Access to SMB Helpp for Business Services

Other Benefits of Investing

All investors will have access to general systems during the Beta development period with the ability to provide immediate feedback about the application. 

*All rewards occur after the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to operational officers of the Corporation; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments. It is the intent of the company to apply funds mainly to R&D Production and Sales & Marketing activity, however some salaries and repayment of debt application of funds are necessary to maintain the integrity of the company and its officers. Any Irregular Use of Proceeds shall be duly noted in the Financial Statements and Annual Report of the Company.

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$0.00 USD
Short Term Debt
$13,600.00 USD
$2,680.00 USD
Long Term Debt
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Revenues And Sales
$247.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Taxes Paid
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Net Income
-$485,567.00 USD
-$28,595.00 USD


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


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