Gratwick Productions, Inc. is a Title III - Regulation Crowdfunding Campaign and is actively accepting investments.
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Gratwick Productions, Inc.

Transparent, Audience-Owned Studio

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The idea. The artist. The audience. 


That's what matters the most in entertainment, and Gratwick Productions aims to make that tangible. For too long, creative output has been dictated by the wrong things. By Hollywood politics. By who has the money. By everything but what really matters: 


At Gratwick Productions, we’re changing entertainment.


We're reimagining the Entertainment Industry from the ground up. We're putting the power in your hands, the hands of the audience. We’re providing artists with ethical, transparent financing, marketing, and distribution. 

What Is Gratwick?

We're artists ourselves, and we've been working in the entertainment industry as independent artists for decades. We know what goes on behind closed doors, not just what you see on the internet. We created Gratwick to be the type of studio we wanted to work with. We envision an efficient, streamlined infrastructure that relies on emerging technologies to vertically integrate finance, marketing, and distribution in a way that can be managed and owned by a collective of artists and avid fans.


We're running this public offering because we want core investors who love and care about artists as much as we do.  This offering is the first public step toward building a community-owned studio where owners get access and influence over the entire creative process.

Why Take On The Studio System?

As storytellers we realized early on that our quality of work was too dependent on whomever controlled the financial strings. The average artist has little or no influence over the marketing and distribution of their project. 


Because of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, we can finally build our new studio model, the artists can ensure the projects original vision and the audience can have a voice in the creation of their own entertainment.


Our plan is designed to be proven on a micro-scale, in local communities, utilizing the amazing talent that has too often been overlooked, then scaled up to serve as many artists as possible. Our first goal is to start local community-owned media funds. We don’t want to just bring the creative process to the people, we want to bring the physical productions to them as well. There is a large untapped market of industry talent in local communities who can provide advantages that large entities often overlook. 


The local community-owned media funds will invest in local artists, crew members and innovators while relying on the strength of our infrastructure to provide leverage, cost savings, and collective bargaining power in the distribution marketplace. 


Our first production offices will be in Buffalo, NY. Other communities on our short list, in no particular order are Austin, NYC, Seattle, New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, Portland, Albuquerque, and San Francisco.

The Offering

$1/share│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $8.56M


$100 (or more) Gratwick A-List Membership
*We are offering ONE perk package for the campaign, all investors receive the same perks regardless of the amount invested.

  • Exclusive access to our company app to virtually sit in on every audition, creative meeting, decision, and production set. 
  • Influence over which project is greenlit, who is cast, and what charity each project supports.  
  • As an A-Lister, you receive free access to every digital product produced and distributed by Gratwick Productions.  
  • If you are a Creator, Producer, Actor or Crew, you also get early notice and preference for every opportunity the company offers, as well as an open-door submission policy.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

We hope to inspire our fellow artists to also bet on themselves with or without the help of Gratwick. 

- Kris Hulbert (Filmmaker, Founder) 

Join A New Inclusive A-List

Artists. Audience. Accountability.

That’s what the Gratwick A-List is. With an investment of $100 or more you will join our audience and hold artists accountable to those who believe in them and have invested with Gratwick to create a new studio system. 

Upon completion of the Campaign, you will receive login information for the Gratwick app. (Initially during Stage 1 this will be our Discord community until the app is ready.) There, you will have real-time access to the creative process and the ability to influence the production of movies, TV shows, music, books, video games, and VR/AR experiences. 

The Gratwick A-List includes:

Full Engagement

Become part of the creative process with in-app polling and streaming capabilities. 

Open Door 

You will have an open-door submission policy for creative projects and career opportunities.

Lifetime Access

Get lifetime access to all Gratwick digital products, including movies, series, books, songs, games, and apps.


Have input on what projects are funded, who gets cast, and which charity each project will support.

Real-time Access

We will live-stream creative meetings, auditions, production sets, and special events for A-Listers.

Provide Feedback

Submit your promotional material and projects in development and we will provide you with feedback.

A-Lister Information

You’ll have access to company reports, pitch packages, projections, and unpublished artwork.


In-app polling allows you to provide feedback and impact company decisions in real-time. 

If you are an Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Grip, PA, or just someone who could benefit from the opportunities of working with a flourishing studio, all Gratwick A-Listers enjoy our open-door submission policy and are the first to learn about every new opportunity.

Giving Back

Gratwick is passionately committed to giving back and supporting our local communities. Every project funded by Gratwick will be required to donate at least 1% of their proceeds to a charity nominated by our A-Listers and approved by the creator.

We will match the creator's donation with up to 5% of our own equity in the project.

Our 3-Stage Plan To Establish Gratwick As A 21st Century Studio System

Stage 1: Raise $100,000 from early investors for operating funds and create sustained revenue streams.


  • Legal/Accounting

  • Branding/Marketing

  • Establish Revenue Streams

The initial funds raised by this campaign will be used in the following ways:

The first $20,000: will be used to increase brand awareness for the campaign and recruit talent (Legal, Accounting, Marketing, etc) that will package a $50 million proposal for our Stage 3 funding round that includes a full-service studio and Esports arena in Western New York. The package will include financial studies and projections for every revenue stream, expense, and tax incentive.  

The next $50,000: will be used as our advertising budget for our Stage 2 offering. The goal will be to reach a national audience. 

The final $30,000: will be used to develop our community app.  Initially, the app will provide augmented reality services powered by Twisted Rope as an immediate revenue stream. Our sales efforts will be targeted at our most viable product which is selling AR services. For example, at golf courses where golfers could activate a drone flyover for each hole before they tee off by scanning a tee-box trigger image with their phone. The fly-over will provide on-screen interactive information about the upcoming hole. A demo will be available in one of our campaign updates. 

Strategic partners, like Rebel One Studios, Twisted Rope, TalkBoy TV and Codes Socks help set us apart from current and future competitors. Thanks to them, we can offer a wide range of secondary services such as: producing podcasts, music videos, commercials, feature films, pilots, animation, and augmented reality experiences.

Over each stage, the app will gradually evolve into our headquarters for community engagement, access to the creative process, and a blockchain distribution marketplace.

Stage 2: Raise $1,000,000 from the national market for prototypes of the ownership experience.


  • Prototypes/Experience

  • Hire Talent

  • Rapid Growth & Increased Revenue

What makes Gratwick Productions the premiere fan-owned studio is our deep pool of in-house Intellectual Properties. As an A-Lister, your first chance to join the Gratwick production team will come in Stage 2. Gratwick A-Listers will receive early access for all casting and crew opportunities with the projects that are funded by our second offering. You will have exclusive access to several of our Intellectual Properties, including treatments for not only the pitches below, but our other slate of tv shows, feature movies, apps, etc. You will have the power to provide feedback directly to the creators and help guide the projects that will be produced by Gratwick Productions:

Just Drive

A contained thriller about a Hollywood whistleblower who survives an attempt on his life and escapes Hollywood in the middle of the night. Our protagonist hunkers down in the back of a limo somewhere in the Midwest while he tries to determine who he can still trust and who betrayed him. The story culminates in a 21st century “OJ chase” as the world watches him choose between his legacy and his life. It’s a story about a flawed messenger of truth, the need for anonymity, and the perils of being anonymous. 

– Created by Kris Hulbert

Because We’re Just Better

A single camera sitcom about 3 best friends, one stalker, who could be the greatest punk rock band ever, if they could only make bail. 3 misfit best friends believe they are so talented that they are the greatest punk rock band ever. They just never seem to get around to practicing. They live in a hyper version of our world where there are no real-world consequences to their misbehavior, and there is a lot of misbehavior. More than can be put into words here. The show is a heavy satire of celebrity culture, entitlement and lack of remorse for personal actions.

- Created by Tess Bodley

Drinking With Celebrities

A reality game show, where the Winner is the Loser. Today, people are aware that excessive drinking is a bad thing. And it is. But not on our show.  The highlight of most reality shows is when the cast loses control. Imagine a show where that is the whole point—and you have Drinking With Celebrities. Our charming comedic host runs each episode of DWC in a dive bar with two celebrity contestants trying to win money for charity. While drinking. 

– Created by Martin Olson & Antoine Guilbaud  


A cyber crime drama, Five disenfranchised college kids struggle to figure out their place in a world that has lost its way, that is until they find each other and discover their collective power as a hacktivist group.  

The series will explore unbridled ambition, power without experience and a generation that is educated, unemployed and fed up. 

- Created by Kris Hulbert

The funds raised in this stage will be used to establish a community-driven Digital Media Fund to green-light our initial slate of 3 projects, each budgeted at $250,000. The initial projects will serve as prototypes for our social filmmaking model. The remaining $250,000 will be used for marketing and distribution. In addition, all Gratwick owned Intellectual Properties will commit 30% of their revenue back into the Digital Media Fund. 

Similar to how the major studios operate, Gratwick Productions will know their release dates before production. VOD will be arranged with an aggregator like Distribber and eventually through own in-app digital platform.  Theatrical releases, when appropriate, will rely on a service like Tugg to crowdsource the releases in an efficient manner that matches the audience demand while reducing financial waste.  These tools allow marketing and distribution efforts, including pre-sales, to begin in pre-production so independent artists have the opportunity to compete with established content.  Post-production will typically take 90 days with our marketing and distribution efforts ramping up for release dates during this period. If more than one project is funded by the Stage 2 campaign, we will take three to six months (depending on how many projects are funded) to coordinate marketing, release dates, and our Stage 3 Series A offering to run simultaneously with production.

Marketing And Distributing Gratwick Content


  • Gratwick Branded App (Blockchain) – Best consumer value  

  • Distribber (Traditional Digital – PPV, Amazon, iTunes, Google, etc)

  • Tugg (Theatrical) – Request additional screenings and reserve tickets during production

International, Netflix, Commercial Licensing:

  • Gratwick Sales Agent - We will hire an in-house Sales Agent. Do you have international sales experience? Send us your resume!

Stage 3: Raise up to $50,000,000 from a Series A offering for a physical facility and the first 10 franchise DMF’s.


  • Studio/Esports Arena – To generate revenue

  • Replication targeted at 10 markets

  • Scalable Revenue

Our Stage 3 funding round will also be crowdsourced. The first two stages raised our Seed Money from Angel Investors like you, where as the third round will be what’s called a Series A which is typically the first round of Venture Capital funding. Anyone will be able to invest in this round, including Venture Capitalist, but the VC’s will only have the option of investing on our terms through the campaign rather than through private negotiations where they typically leverage one opportunity against another to tilt the terms drastically in their favor. This is where many promising Startups lose control over their direction. The highlight of our business plan is a full-service studio and esports arena Our first facility is planned for Western New York where state, local and federal incentives provide a unique window of opportunity that aligns perfectly with our current needs of the community. 

This round will also establish 5 subsidiaries for our parent corporation which include a full service studio and Esports arena in Western New York under out Real Estate Holding Co, which is the cornerstone of our business plan. They will be key pieces of how Gratwick generates a continuous revenue stream and gives us an additional avenue to advertise our content to new markets.

The subsidiaries will be LLC’s set up for a Real Estate Holding Co, Finance Company, Marketing Agency, Sales Agency, and our Community App. This element will take advantage of several local, state, and federal incentive programs while the real estate property serves as collateral on the business investment. The finance entity will establish up to ten community-owned Digital Media Funds in regions like Austin, Atlanta, NYC, Seattle, New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, Portland, Albuquerque, and San Francisco. Cities and Regions with a large population of Gratwick A-listers will also be considered in our first and future expansions.

Each Digital Media Fund (DMF) will be managed by a panel of local artists who are also Gratwick A-Listers. The panel will qualify funding submissions then present the opportunity to the community to provide a round of feedback and influence regarding which projects they would like to see get funded. Based on the results of the projects that get funded, each DMF will have the opportunity to establish a full-service studio facility in their community.

Preference and reduced rates will always be extended to local productions, whether they are tv shows, feature length films or anything they can imagine creating in our studio(s).  Outside productions coming to the region will be happily welcome and courted as well.

Our state-of-the-art community-owned facilities will feature a public mezzanine designed to allow tourists and foot traffic to pass through and watch productions in progress or professional gamers competing at the highest level.

The ultimate goal for Gratwick is to be a community-owned safe haven for independent artists. 

Our First Funded Project!

The first project funded by Gratwick Productions will be the film Just Drive. The project was designed to serve as a prototype for our transparent productions, innovative marketing and ethical distribution models. 

Just Drive is a perfect example of why studios like Gratwick Productions need to exist. The established Hollywood insiders universally praised the Just Drive script, but they were too scared to produce it. The subject matter posed too great a threat of rocking the boat. Even in the era of #MeToo, successful careers in Hollywood are still contingent on silence. 

Just Drive is a contained thriller about a Hollywood whistleblower who survives an attempt on his life and escapes Hollywood in the middle of the night. Our protagonist hunkers down in the back of a limo somewhere in the Midwest while he tries to determine who he can still trust and who betrayed him. The story culminates in a 21st century “OJ chase” as the world watches him choose between his legacy and his life. It’s a story about a flawed messenger of truth, the need for anonymity, and the perils of being anonymous. 

Just Drive, like all Gratwick productions, will be produced with full transparency for our Gratwick A-Listers. 


What's new about what you're doing? How is it different?

In one sense, there is nothing new about what we are doing. At our core, we are a vertically integrated studio that keeps as much entertainment business under one corporate umbrella as possible. This is similar to how Warner Brothers and the other five major studios structured themselves since the early days of Hollywood. What is new is our commitment to utilizing emerging technologies to offer full transparency for investors and accountability for our creative partners. 

How big is the market?

Our market is limitless. Everyone loves a great story. But more importantly, how many people around you have complained recently about Hollywood? Whether it's the lack of diversity, the propaganda, endless remakes, or the personal conduct of the silver screen elite, everywhere you look someone is shaking a fist in Hollywood's direction. We seek to restore the public's faith in artists and storytellers. 

Who are your competitors? How are you different?

We do not shy away from the fact our competitors are major studios like Warner Brothers, Universal, Fox, Disney, and Netflix. We are different in several very important ways. First and foremost, our leadership is not comprised of former Hollywood establishment executives seeking to represent themselves as champions of the little guys—while using your investment to maintain Hollywood business-as-usual operating procedures. Also, we are not looking to raise tens of millions, if not "hundreds of millions" of dollars from a “legion of one million fans.”  We are the creators that said “No” to established Hollywood and their illusion of acceptance in exchange for obedience and silence. Innovation, early adoption and anti-establishment is in our DNA. We are the creators who were so disgusted by the treatment of artists, talent, and storytellers that we took it upon ourselves to not just complain about how there should be a better way, but we set out to build it for ourselves and creators just like us. 

We own our intellectual property and so will our creative partners.  We do not need to pay for it, option it, or acquire it. We know what can be done with limited resources and smart, talented people. We seek to spend only what we need to tell our stories and pay our people properly.  Our profits will be used to provide dividends and finance more content for you. 

The biggest difference between the big guys and us: they’re like Kendall Jenner and Pepsi trying to do an anti-establishment ad -- clueless that their mere presence makes that impossible. Whereas we are the counter-balance to a century of exclusion and entitlement.

What do you understand about your business that others don't get?

If you tell great stories and conduct yourself with integrity and character, there will always be enough rewards to go around. We are confident treating people right will always result in enough revenue and profit for all of us to win.

What's your biggest risk? What keeps you up at night?

Our biggest risk is falling on deaf ears. With so much noise and manipulation in the media, true authenticity and sincerity are often drowned out when the advertising & marketing budgets are not substantial. Word of mouth will be critical to the success of Stage 1. If you want a studio like this to exist, if you want direct access to talented new artists and to see they receive the opportunities and support to rise above the noise, we need you to be our biggest champions. We need you to share, tweet, and shout our name from the rooftops!

How will you make money?

We will make money from the finance, marketing, and distribution of our in-house IP and that of our creative partnerships. We will reduce third-party expenses, unethical reporting practices, and shady marketing practices that misrepresent the product in the interest of initial sales. The reduction in budget waste and fraud combined with the elimination of unnecessary, over-priced third-party revenue splits will increase anticipated profit margins and reduce consumer price points (anticipated). The overall result will be lower sales thresholds to profitability achieved at much shorter timelines (anticipated).

How do you acquire customers?

We will acquire new customers by conducting business with full transparency. By putting our corporate character, work ethic, and talent on full display we will offer a new form of real-time entertainment that will inspire people to check out our scripted content. Quality content, powerful stories, and burning passion will keep them around for a lifetime. 

How do I know I can trust you?

In business, there will never be an absolute answer to this question. However, the more familiar you are with someone, the easier it is to trust them. We believe in the character of our team. So we are confident that the more access you have the more faith and trust you will have in us. This is the primary reason we have chosen to operate with total transparency. We are also pretty entertaining in our own right. We have been on this path for over a decade waiting for technology, funding laws, and culture to catch up to us. Our window of opportunity has finally opened! You won't find any embarrassing Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts in our past - we encourage you to scour our social media and see how long we've been championing a new, more diverse and inclusive entertainment industry!

What does Gratwick mean?

The name Gratwick was derived from our founder's hometown neighborhood in a suburb of Buffalo, NY where it has always been synonymous with 'family'.

Why start in Western New York?

The region is an untapped well of talent and is in the midst of an economic and social renaissance in part due to a tremendous amount of federal, state, and local incentives. Gratwick has spoken with passionate members of the WNY public and private sectors who are committed to bringing a full-service production studio and esports arena to the region. 

In the Press

Gratwick Founder Returns Home
October 23, 2018

At Gratwick, ownership is an experience, and every investor will be able to assist with: selecting which films are produced, who gets cast, and what charities each project will support.

Gratwick Productions Scouts Buffalo for Studio Space and Industry Creatives
October 25, 2018

The team is spending the next few days looking around WNY for the ideal home for their new project – a full fledge studio. They are also on the hunt for like-minded supporters, industry creatives, and others who see the egalitarian upside to this vision.

FlickLaunch to build ‘House’ on Facebook
July 15, 2011

The path to a viable online film launch may be getting shorter, as FlickLaunch, the fledgling movie distribution platform embedded in Facebook, plans to premiere horror thriller “The Perfect House” on Oct. 1. The seven-day rental will be available for $5 via the film’s Facebook fanpage.

Up Close and Personal With Gratwick's CEO
January 21, 2019

I had the pleasure of interviewing KRIS HULBERT, founder of Gratwick Productions. Kris is an entrepreneur, writer, and award-winning filmmaker who was born with the gift of storytelling.

LA Talk Dr. Tongie Show
February 27, 2019

Interview with Gratwick Founder, Kris Hulbert. Starts at 24:21

The Douglas Coleman Show
March 18, 2019

Interview with Gratwick Founder Kris Hulbert.

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The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

Gratwick Productions will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders who invested over $1,000 or made at least two investments in StartEngine's own offerings.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 200 shares of Common Stock at $1 / share, you will receive 20 Common Stock, meaning you'll own 220 shares for $200. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

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$100 (or more) Gratwick A-List Membership.
*We are offering ONE perk package for the campaign, all investors receive the same perks regardless of the amount invested.

  • Exclusive access to our company app where you can virtually sit in on every audition, creative meeting, production set and decision. 
  • Influence over what is green lit, who is cast and what charity each project supports.  
  • As an A lister you receive free access or download of every product produced and distributed by Gratwick Productions. (Maximum 10,000 A-Listers) 
  • If you are a creator, producer, actor or crew you also get insider access, open door submission policy and preference for every opportunity the company offers.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

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The end of the road.

4 days ago

If you don't stand by your principles when they're being tested they're slogans not principles. 

Even though our new client is not in the entertainment business over time they demonstrated the worst characteristics that are commonly found in our industry. Those malicious characteristics were the driving force behind us forming Gratwick Productions as a safe haven from being beholden to those types of individuals. For those reasons we have chosen to walk away from the client. 

This campaign will also be concluding unsuccessfully. At the end of the day our voice wasn't large enough nor our community/network big enough to reach the amount of people required to make this campaign successful.  We had hoped once people saw the idea, authenticity and passion that our small circle would grow.  It became painfully obvious early on that without a large already existing budget for advertising there was no path forward.

We put our hearts, souls and livelihood on the line for this campaign and for Western New York, but sometimes everything isn't enough. 

I want to thank each and every one of you who supported this campaign and our vision to provide an ethical infrastructure of support for the modern artist. 

I still 100% believe in our vision and it's fit in the marketplace, but we simply cannot exist without the capital to push forward. 

Going forward the future for Gratwick as a corporation is uncertain, but I will personally continue to push the goal of bringing an Esports Arena and Production Facility to WNY. If/when the time is right, we will launch another campaign. 

Until then I'm going to finish my novel and focus on saving ourselves right now. 

A Week Of Meetings In Buffalo

about 1 month ago

I flew back to Los Angeles after a very productive and inspiring week in Buffalo (and a few bonus days in Florida). Here’s a recap of the trip, the new people we’ve added to the team and what lies ahead after all the dust settles. 

A Few Days In Florida

Much of the details surrounding my mysterious detour through Florida must remain confidential until everything that was discussed on the trip has been finalized. But, the most important reason for the trip was to verify that a new contact/ally was in fact who he said he was and capable of doing what he says he can. The answers to both of those questions were a resounding 'Yes'.  We might have even landed our first big client out of the trip as well.  Stay tuned, because there is much more coming on this front.

I even found time to meet with fellow Gratwick ally, Dan Gambino (Codes Socks)

Saturday Meeting With Josh Lonczak 

On the ground in Buffalo, the first meeting of the week was with our newest member of the team, Josh Lonczak. Josh has joined Gratwick as our Esports Consultant. He is the former founder and owner of the largest LAN center in Western New York.  Josh brings a wealth of professional esports experience and community leadership to the team. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a fellow North Tonawanda Lumberjack. We are excited and very thankful Josh has joined our team!

Josh gives an Esports Presentation at our Town Hall

Sunday Bills Game With Mom 

On Sunday, I took my Mother to the Bills/Ravens game as an early Christmas gift.  We had a blast at our family tailgate that my uncle hosts for every home game. I still found an opportunity to squeeze some business in. During conversations around the tailgate fire, one of the regulars at the party mentioned the local bank she works for is currently focused on being extremely aggressive and competitive with their commercial lending. Any interest in a community-owned interactive entertainment complex? Absolutely, she said, come visit me later in the week! The Bills lost, but we had a great time and generated another new ally. 

Always time for Family and Football

Monday Craig/Dana Brainstorm

Monday was my first chance to sit down with our chairman Craig Turner and go over everything that happened in Florida and what the strategy would be for the rest of the week. It was also my first opportunity to meet face to face with another awesome addition to our team. Dana Lynn has come aboard as our much-needed community manager. She brings a ton of passion and energy to our team. Dana has already proven to be relentless at reaching out, talking to anyone she crosses paths with and inspiring them to support and follow along as Gratwick continues to grow. There are few forces in this world more powerful than a motivated person from WNY, one of those forces is a stage mom who wants to see her children have the best opportunities possible while protecting them from dark undercurrents of the entertainment industry.  In Dana, we have the rare combination of two unstoppable forces!

Dana rallying the troops at our Town Hall

Tuesday Meeting With BFLO Experience & An Old Friend Resurfaces

Tuesday brought a long-awaited meeting of the minds with two board members from the non-profit BFLO Experience. Their goal is to bring an interactive Hall of Fame to the region for Sports, Music and Broadcasting. We compared notes on what pieces we each have and what we still need for our equally ambitious commercial real estate plans. We also explored the possibility of joining forces to execute both of our visions under the same roof. It was all preliminary fact-finding talks, but we all left the meeting excited to continue those conversations while pledging to support each other’s community drive projects whether we end up under the same roof or not. 

Another development Tuesday was the official reunion of a long lost friend and colleague. Their name will be kept a secret for just a little longer, but this person played a key role in my first film The Perfect House, in fact, I’ve more than once referred to them as the heart and soul of that film. Their absence from my life the last few years was something that never sat right with me and I am so thankful time has brought us back together at the perfect moment for both of us. 

Wednesday Meeting With Niagara Falls Developer & Our Gratwick Town Hall

Wednesday was the big day the entire trip was scheduled around. First up was a meeting with one of the largest developers in Niagara Falls. The meeting was more an exploratory meeting as I was/am extremely skeptical of the Niagara Falls political climate and the legitimacy of city officials actually being supportive of economic development in the community.  The time spent with the well-traveled and highly experienced individual was absolutely priceless, he not only bought lunch but gave us two hours of his extremely valuable time.  He gave us invaluable insight into the Niagara Falls climate and his opinion regarding what direction it’s headed in, he also generously took the time to impart the kind of advice people pay a fortune to access. With this being my first trip down the commercial real estate journey I soaked up every word of it. 

Later on that night we held our “town hall” meeting which faced a bit of adversity at every turn. Thanks to Facebook the time zone was wrong because it was scheduled from the west coast and for whatever reason Facebook offers no option to change the time zone. Some thought the event was starting at 3pm eastern while others thought it was starting at 9pm eastern when it was actually 6pm eastern. The weather also didn’t cooperate with Wednesday being the only bad day of the week, we got 6 inches of snow and blustery winds all night. The turnout suffered as a result, but it was a very intimate and hands-on experience for everyone that did come.  In the end, I think it worked out just the way it was supposed to because both our speakers and our guests were able to speak freely the entire time.  The excitement and belief in what we can all accomplish in our community was evident from start to finish, it was the right group of people to start with and we’ll grow our group bigger and stronger from here. 

Our Initial Core Group

Thursday Meeting With 26Shirts Del Reid & Bank On Buffalo 

Thursday I went to the home of 26 Shirts to kiss the ring of #BillsMafia founder Del Reid. Few people in WNY have had a more positive influence and impact on the community than Del and his team. I was flattered to discover during our meeting that Del already generously invested in Gratwick and was eager to learn first hand about our plans for the community and how we want to use the platform we’re building to give back. A purpose that was very much inspired by his commitment to using his company to support local causes throughout the region. We also hammered out a plan to get our Augmented Reality Buffalo shirt in the hands of #BillsMafia in time for the playoffs! 

From there it was back to Niagara Falls to meet with our friend from the tailgate party at her branch. I met with her and another executive at the branch who were excited to hear all about our project.  This one was more of a fact-finding mission in regard to what information and documentation we will need when it comes time to apply for commercial lending to cover any gap in funds raised versus the expected budget.

Our #BillsMafia AR Shirt that will be ready for the playoffs.

Friday I was a sleepy Uncle

Before I headed to the airport Grandma and Uncle Kris had a few hours of Piper babysitting time.  When I wasn’t getting goo’d up with mashed banana chunks I was serving as a half-asleep jungle gym for the happiest baby I’ve ever been around. 

Piper Party!

The Road Ahead

We collected a tsunami of information this past week and welcomed several new members to the team while also identifying some of the critical players that we will need to rely on to bring our vision to life. The next big hurdle is getting a feasibility study that will breakdown all the dollars and cents coming and going from our proposed facility and what the exact price tag will be for such a project. A study like this is rather expensive at an estimated $25,000 so continuing to raise awareness of our campaign offering remains the highest priority.  Now that we have Dana and a foundation of great people who truly believe something this big is 100% within the realm of possibility, all we need to do is continue to work together and attract more people who share our passion to redefine the Western New York landscape in a way that generates limitless opportunities for everyone. 

A Buffalo Town Hall And An Adventure Kicks Off

about 2 months ago

This week's update is focused on what's on tap for the next 2 weeks.  Kris is headed back to Buffalo for a week of meetings with developers, city officials and local business leaders.  In addition to all of those meetings, Kris, Craig and other members of Gratwick will host a Town Hall style meetup at 6pm on December 11th.  The purpose of this meetup will be to inform the community about where we are currently at with our plan to build an interactive entertainment complex in WNY.  We will share all the updates and latest information from our meetings and answer questions from those in attendance. If you would like to attend the Town Hall the address and confirmation button are available on the facebook event page found here

Before Kris arrives in Buffalo he will be taking a detour to Florida to meet with a businessman who has expressed serious interest in investing a large amount into the campaign and also supporting Gratwick's real estate goals. Kris will be meeting face to face with this person to verify their interest and establish what we hope will be a very critical relationship for the future of Gratwick.  You can follow along with Kris's trip through Florida on the Gratwick Productions twitter and instagram accounts.

Finally, Kris did a podcast interview this week where he joined Aaron "Static" Render to discuss how our CEO lives 'Uncontained'. Check out the show right here.

What The Gratwick Community App Will Look Like

about 2 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving!!  We are extremely thankful for everyone who has invested already and all our volunteers in Buffalo working with us to bring something special to the community.  This past week our focus has been on expanding our Esports team. We brought a few new members of the community on to our team and we’ve started setting meetings for our week in Buffalo. 

The focus of this update will be on our vision for a branded distribution app built on a blockchain network and facilitated by a well-adopted utility coin ecosystem. 

Why build our own distribution app? The 30% problem. 

The standard commission for ‘access’ to mainstream digital storefronts like Amazon, Google Play and Apple is 30%. There is no other value for that commission than access to their platform.  In fact, without your own aggressive marketing campaign, you’re at a disadvantage when surround by endless options and limitless budgets.

Disadvantages of Traditional VOD

  • 30% commission

  • Endless competition, most with limitless P&A budgets

  • Zero carry-over on marketing from one product to the next

  • Quarterly royalties - Accounting uncertainties 

Over time, direct distribution through a branded app provides exponential value from the increased revenue and compounding impact of all marketing efforts driving traffic to the same sales funnel.  Traditional distribution platforms will still be populated with Gratwick content, but our marketing efforts will point consumers to our just as convenient, yet lower-priced platform. 

Advantages of Branded Distribution App 

  • Immediately increase sales revenue by 30%.

  • Eliminate outside competition at the point of sale.

  • Compounding impact from all marketing efforts.

  • Point of Sale royalties and revenue disbursement. (Smart contracts)

  • Added encryption, copyright protection.

  • Utility coin, ICO options.

Our vision for the Gratwick App is to combine community engagement with convenient access to content. 

Features of Our App

  • Community chat, engagement

  • Surveys, polls and feedback

  • Submissions, Career opportunities

  • 3-Tiered Digital Distribution (PPV, Download, Subscriptions, Free/Ads)

  • Regional Augmented Reality Experiences

  • Esports/Crypto Ecosystem

  • Affiliate program for our Gratwick A-list

Roadmap For Development

The Gratwick app will be developed over a 2-year period that will start at the conclusion of our seed round. In the meantime, there are two free publicly available apps that can serve as a bridge until our app is ready to deploy. 

Discord: Our Gratwick server on the discord app allows us to engage and communicate with our community with similar features that will be applied inside our app. Join our community at 

LBRY: Is a decentralized digital distribution platform that allows content creators to monetize and distribute their digital goods with zero commission.  

A Town Hall In Buffalo and A Preview Of Blockchain Distribution

2 months ago

It’s been a busy past week for Gratwick. We launched our sales efforts this week for our first service, augmented reality experiences for high end golf courses. Gratwick offers golfers the opportunity to bridge the gap between real life golf and the information rich experience of video game golf.  When a golfer holds their phone up to a hole marker it will trigger a drone flyover of the hole with animated 3D graphics highlighting the points of interest.

Everyday we get stronger thanks to the people who continue to reach out and volunteer to join our team. A special thank you and shout out to Dana who has come aboard like she’s always been here and recently brought Gratwick to the attention of William Fichtner and Kim Coates at their Cold Creek premiere. It’s individual efforts by people like Dana and her daughter that will make Gratwick an unstoppable force. We were also honored to see former all-pro WR for the Buffalo Bills, Stevie Johnson tweet about Gratwick and our Esports plans this week. 

We set a date for a Gratwick Town Hall in Buffalo at 6pm on December 11th. CEO Kris Hulbert will be back home to attend the town hall and meet with city officials, developers and local businesses about the interactive entertainment complex.  The town hall will be an opportunity to meet members of Gratwick, learn more about our plans for WNY and also meet with fellow members of the community who all want to work together to bring a community owned studio and media fund to the region, and a cool esports arena to go with it!

The immediate goal for the campaign is too reach $10,000 as quickly as possible so we can use those funds to build a detailed presentation that includes a financial analysis. If you’re following along and thinking about becoming a Gratwick A-Lister there is no better time than right now.  If you’ve already invested in Gratwick, try and find one friend or family member this week who will join you on the Gratwick A-list or even just follow the campaign. We get exponentially strong with every new ally and follower. 

In the next few days we will post our next update on our business model and company direction. It will focus on the benefits of blockchain and a branded distribution app. 

How Community-Owned Digital Media Funds Will Work

2 months ago

In the last update, we discussed how a community-owned movie studio is a great tool for Creators, but in order for any Creator to make use of such a facility, they need an ethical source for funding.  This is where our plan for community-owned and driven digital media funds comes into play.

Thanks to Regulation CF it is possible for a community-owned and driven Digital Media Fund (DMF) to exist in each region around the country.  The Gratwick model is built around establishing a network of media funds and providing them with the infrastructure of marketing and distribution in a manner that allows Independent Creators to compete head-to-head with Hollywood's best. 

Using the Regulation CF exemption Gratwick will sell up to 49% of a DMF to the public through multiple rounds of offerings. Gratwick and the community will partner in the DMF, Gratwick will provide the Administration, Marketing, Distribution and gap financing, while the public will provide investment and influence over which projects move through the pipeline. 

Demonstrate Model, Then Roll-Out Nation Wide

Starting with Buffalo a finance subsidiary will be formed under the Gratwick corporation and under that the first DMF. It will invest in projects and creators based in the Western New York region. This initial DMF will serve as the prototype for future DMFs established in film communities around the country. The next round of DMF's will include up to 9 more regions based on where the highest percentages of Gratwick A-Listers are located. 

Submission Eligibility

There will be several requirements to be eligible to submit a project for funding from a DMF. 

  • The creator must be a Gratwick A-Lister who has invested at least $100 in Gratwick or a DMF subsidiary. 
  • The creator must agree to work with Gratwick to provide our A-listers with as much realtime access to the creative process as possible. 
  • The final requirement is the creator must commit at least 1% of their revenue to a local charity voted on by the DMF community. The creator has final approval on the charity. Gratwick will match up to 5%.  

In order for a submission to be considered for funding the creator or a location in the production must be in the region of the DMF. IE, a DMF in Western New York will only fund creators living in and around Buffalo and/or projects that intend on shooting in the region.  Similar scenario if the DMF is located in Austin or another city.

Qualifying Submissions

Each DMF will have a panel of 9 respected members of the local creative community handle the responsibility of qualifying the submissions with a 'Ready' or 'Not Ready' rating based strictly on production readiness.  If a project is not ready to advance they will provide notes that support this opinion and those notes will be returned to the creator so they know what they need to work on before resubmitting. Every submission will receive a response.

If a project receives 6 or more Ready ratings it moves on to phase two which is the community feedback round.  The project is then presented with projections and a market study to the community of investors for that given DMF.  The community then has 14 days to provide comments, feedback, and rating surveys for each qualified project. That information is then shared with the Gratwick board of directors who will decide which projects are packaged and slated in what order. 

Once a project is qualified and slated, it will move into development where initial funds are released to begin packaging the project with talent, key personnel and a custom marketing/distribution strategy. Once a full slate of projects is packaged and ready to go, schedules, locations and release date will be locked in before the project is officially greenlit for production. 

Gratwick will work with each creator to design a custom marketing and distribution strategy and then provide the P&A budget to execute it. If additional funding is needed to complete a slate Gratwick will either leverage the value of the corporation or the given DMF or seek traditional outside investment in the slate depending on what is most advantageous.  The most successful DMFs will work with the parent company to build studio facilities in those regions. 

Co-Production Terms

While each project is unique the general terms of the deals with creators will be standard with slight fluctuations based on creator preferences. Here is a break down of what a standard Independent Hollywood finance/distribution deal might look like versus a Gratwick deal. 


  • No marketing plan, budget or release date until it reaches a distributor.
  • 20% plus expenses to a Sales Agent. - No accountability or Access to books. Quarterly royalties.
  • 30% to VOD platforms/distributors - No marketing included. No value for the commission.
  • Investor Repayment plus 15% or more, then a 50/50 split between investors and producers. 

Gratwick DMF

  • Marketing/Distribution/Release date set in development, budget included with funding.
  • 10%  plus expenses to Gratwick to handle marketing, distribution and serve as the sales agent. All part of co-production responsibilities. 
  • Unavoidable 30% commission to traditional VOD platforms/Distributors (Aggregators used to eliminate additional costs.)
  • 0% commission from Gratwick branded blockchain distribution platform - Marketing funnel focused here from development through release. Point of sale Royalties.
  • DMF Repayment plus 10%, then 40/60 split between DMF and Creator minus charity pledges. 
  • Additional secondary content (live & edited) that can be monetized.

What A Gratwick DMF provides a Creator

  • Ethical funding at better rates
  • Marketing and Distribution expenses
  • Higher profit margins, lower prices points for your audience
  • Pure revenue streams with immediate point of sale royalties
  • Access to all accounting, don't forget as a Gratwick A-lister your part owner.

What A Gratwick DMF provides an Investor

  • The opportunity to invest in local talent
  • The opportunity to submit your own projects
  • Influencer over project funding choices
  • Access and engagement with the entire creative process
  • Transparent accounting and Dividend reporting

What A Gratwick DMF provides a community

  • A way to retain hometown talent
  • A way to increase regional productions and opportunities 
  • A source of community pride and entertainment
  • Support for local none-profits

Next Update: Branded Blockchain Distribution App

How and Why We Can Build A Full Service Studio and Esports Arena In Western New York

3 months ago

Let’s talk about how and why we’re going to get a 200,000 sq ft community-owned interactive entertainment complex that features a full-service studio and state of the art Esports arena in WNY.

Up First, The Why?

Revenue streams, expense reduction and property value.  

Revenue: Interactive entertainment continues to capture an ever-increasing mindshare around the globe as it grows at a clip of around 10% every year since 2010. Reference. The interactive entertainment industry generated over $91 billion in revenue through video games, eSports and other such forms of interactive content last year. Reference.

Revenue Streams

  • Tournaments/Leagues/Lan Center
  • Concessions/Bar/Retail
  • Private Events, Concerts, Presentations, Premieres
  • Naming Rights, Sponsorships, Advertising
  • Stage, Broadcast, Equipment Rentals
  • Tenants, Subcontracted Services
  • Studio Tours, AR/VR Experience, Drone Racing
  • Home of Esports Franchises, College Tournaments

Expense Reduction: Owning our own facility allows us to reduce content creation costs across the board.  This includes events, premieres and screenings. It would also be the official production studio for our community digital media fund.

Gratwick is also establishing a Community-Driven Digital Media Fund (More on this next week) and all productions funded will use the facility for their production needs. This ensures every investment brings guaranteed equipment/stage rentals.

Property Value: Owning a piece of the property is an investment that will continue to gain value while serving as the foundation for the Gratwick investment portfolio. 

How? Community Investment, Developer/City Support, Local/State/Federal Tax Incentives

All of these things combined make the numbers work in everyone's favor. But it all starts with the community demonstrating a desire for such a venue in the region by getting the ball rolling and investing in Gratwick so we can pull it all together.

Key Details

  • Location: Downtown Buffalo or Niagara Falls
  • Size: 200,000 sq ft
  • Cost: $40-50m
  • Capacity: 2,000- 10,000
  • Purpose: Multi-Use Interactive Entertainment Complex
  • Anchor Tenants: Community Media Fund, Esports Franchise/Arena, Retail
  • Worldwide Tourism Draw, even in the winter!
  • Civic Pride - Community Ownership

Breakdown of Facility

  • Arena Floor - 2-5000 spectators, LAN stations, locker rooms, training/practice pit.
  • 2nd Floor - Suites, Broadcast studios (2)
  • 3rd Floor (Mezzanine Level) - Concessions, Bar, Balcony 
  • Ground Floor - Sound Stages, Rental Warehouse, Editing Suites, 
  • 2nd Floor - Production offices (3 companies)/audition rooms overlook sound stages.
  • 3rd Floor - Observation deck, one-way glass. 
  • Mezzanine (3rd-floor common area) - Retail spaces, lounge/bar 

Real estate is all about making the numbers work. The facility broken down has several cornerstone tenants that provide leases that account for one element of positive numbers. 

Anchor Tenants

  • Studio: Gratwick/Community DMF
  • Arena: Esports Arena
  • Mezzanine: Concession Vendor
Possible Secondary Tenants
  • 3 production companies
  • Local brands (concessions)
  • Trainwreck Sports - Broadcast/Live Content
  • Buffalo Store - Retail
  • Codes Socks - Retail
  • Just Dishin - Retail
  • Gaming Equipment - Retail
  • Rebel One Studios - Animation
  • Esports Franchises
  • Sneaker Brand - Retail
  • Sports Betting

The Square Footage Breakdown

100,000 Sq ft for Gratwick offices, sound stages, storage and post-production.  The stages will be multi-use spaces for AR/VR experiences on off days.


  • Local Creator Productions funded by the DMF (10-20 per yr)
  • Development of creative content (On-Going)
  • Community Driven Digital Media Fund


  • Studio Tours
  • AR/VR Experiences on Stages
  • Post Production Services
  • Hollywood Productions
  • Stage/Equipment Rental (Day-to-Day)

30,000 Sq ft for the Esports arena that will hold 2-5,000 guests. It will be multi-use for concerts, TedTalks, Drone Racing. We’ve spoken with Esports Arena who attracts the largest esports events in the world to their venues and they have expressed interest in being the managing partner.


  • World Class Tournaments (3-4 day events, 20 per year)
  • Leagues (Daily)
  • Lan Center (Day-to-Day revenue)
  • Scholastic Events

Secondary Uses

  • Intimate Concerts
  • Private Events
  • Ted Talks
  • Drone Racing
  • AR Experiences
  • Screenings, Premiere Parties

20,000 Sq ft for a mezzanine that overlooks the sound stages and arena. It will have retail shops and a lounge. 


  • Retail Spaces
  • Lounge/Bar
  • Concessions
  • Common Space
  • Observation Deck

50,000 Sq ft is reserved for another tenant such as the BFLO Experience. We could provide the space and maintain the interactive AR/VR experiences they have planned.

Expressed Interest

In addition to Esports Arena, City officials from Buffalo and Niagara Falls, as well as two major developers in the region, have expressed interest in seeing a formal proposal.  Community Investment will cover the cost of running the full financial numbers, lawyers and artwork to present a shovel ready proposal to the developers and city.  

Once the project is approved, another public offering will be run for the actual cost of the facility. Whatever the amount raised and presented by Gratwick will count as the community’s investment in the project. 

The rest of the budget would be covered by a combination of Developer investment, incentives and bridge funding. Speaking of tax incentives…

Local, State and Federal Incentives

WNY is at the epicenter of a perfect storm of local, state and federal tax incentives that help to make the numbers much friendlier for all parties. 

Local: Revitalizing old buildings - 20% tax credit - We intend to renovate an old factory or similar building.

State: StartUpNY - No State Taxes for 10 years. The company will work with Buff State and other colleges to provide student access to programs, events, career opportunities and internships. 

Federal: Opportunity Zone - No Capital Gains Tax After 10 years. The areas we are considering all qualify for the highly successful opportunity zone credit. 

Most Important Variable Is You!

All of this starts with a community of people who realize what we believe in shapes our reality. If enough of us believe something like this is worth the risk of a micro-investment, it will happen!

Become a Gratwick A-Lister today and let's renovate the Buffalo skyline together!

BillsMafia Augmented Reality T-Shirt And Fan Art Contest

3 months ago

Our first update is a new perk we're including with our A-lister package and community art contest. 

As you probably already know we'll be launching the first stage of our plan in Buffalo, the hometown of our founder Kris Hulbert and Vice President Michael Dirmyer. As a life long fans of the Bills and Sabres, they wanted to create a unique gift for the early investors who also have a soft spot for Western New York.

In addition to all the A-Lister perks, each investment in Gratwick will receive our Augmented Buffalo Sports t-shirt.

That awesome image was created by Buffalo artist Ken Newton. Gratwick has teamed up with WNY businesses Rebel One Studios and Twisted Rope to handle the animation and AR elements before Codes Socks delivers the shirts at the end of the campaign. 

What is an AR Shirt?  When you look at the shirt through your phone the BillsMafia will come to life as an animated intro for a montage of fan submitted videos that will be updated each week. 

The back of the shirt will give a shout out to all the brands and allies that have had our back. The goal is to have the shirt available for the start of the NFL playoffs, but we need your help to make that happen! This first round we must rely entirely on word of mouth. If you see what we're trying to do here and believe like we do that it's an idea thats time has come, we need you to tell your family and friends to come check out what Gratwick is building.  Ask us questions and follow the campaign, this round is for the people who understand you have the power to shape your reality. If you believe a company like this should exist, you ensure we do by becoming a Gratwick A-Lister right now. 

Let's build the future we want, together. 

Fan Art Contest

There is one thing missing from our BillsMafia Shirt and it's Pancho Billa. We want to include a fan submitted image in the sky above the Mafia as a nod to Pancho. 

To have your idea considered, submit your image to before the end of the campaign. 

The prize will be a few of the shirts and a meeting with one of our executives to discuss your creative ambitions. 

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