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GoSun Inc.

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Cincinnati, OH
Consumer Products
Portable power for people who want to live more independent, healthy and resilient lives. GoSun has developed breakthrough solar technologies that perform better than today’s outdoor gear, meet your essential needs and produce no emissions.


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previously crowdfunded
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Get rewarded for investing more into GoSun Inc.:

StartEngine Owner’s Bonus
This offering is eligible for the StartEngine Owner’s 10% Bonus program. For details on this program, please see the Offering Summary section below.
First Tier
Investments start at $250 minimum, all investors receive the GoSun VIP Preferred Pass to get 10% off anything at gosun.com
Second Tier
GoSun Go Package: package includes an ultra-portable solar oven, valued at $139
Third Tier
GoSun Sport Pro Pack: valued at $379
Fourth Tier
5% bonus shares + Ultimate Fusion Bundle: package includes GoSun Fusion hybrid solar and electric oven, Powerbank+, 30watt flexible solar panel, carrying case and two small solar lights. Valued at $1,014
Fifth Tier
10% bonus shares + Complete Solar Kitchen: package includes GoSun Fusion hybrid solar and electric oven, Powerbank+, GoSun Chill ice-free portable fridge and collapsible 60watt Solar Table. See move below!

Reasons to Invest

The Outdoor Recreation Industry is ripe for investment. In 2019, outdoor recreation accounted for $459.8B and the industry has continued to soar throughout 2020. Solar and Climate Change investments are going viral; they more than doubled in 2020
GoSun has a proven track record of growth, with $3.9M in revenue in 2020, over 100,000 products sold across 70 countries, and a 109% sales increase over 2019
Experienced team (with multiple successful exits and public IPO’s) has developed a process for launching innovations that power essential needs with renewable energy


A lean start-up approach helps GoSun move quickly to meet major consumer needs and markets with today’s latest climate technology.  Gaining traction initially with solar ovens, over the past few years, GoSun has expanded into portable fridges, lighting, charging, water purification, tiny houses and is now addressing power generators.  

The Problem


Traditional energy sources cannot keep up with today’s needs because they are vulnerable, inconvenient, and harmful to our environment. Grid power cannot be trusted with its long, complicated, and often compromised supply chain (Source). Centralized utility power has stripped individuals of freedom and locked us into unnecessary, expensive, long-term debt (Source).  

When headed outdoors, we are forced to compromise too many comforts of home unless we bring an expensive RV or boat.  Again, we are left vulnerable, buying more supplies everyday and throwing single use items in the trash after use.  Thriving while off-grid should not be difficult. 

The Solution

Combining the latest in solar, energy storage and electronics, GoSun builds consumer products that meet essential needs and are better than today’s incumbent without compromising quality, performance or affordability. Not only do these portable devices make it easier to enjoy the outdoors, they are also capable of answering the call during times of need. 

GoSun has developed a formula for launching clean tech innovations thanks to an experienced team, a robust online community, and an international presence.  By listening to customers in a massive online community, GoSun has leveraged insights to become a hub of clean living on the Fuel-Free Frontier.  These durable, portable power solutions fit into both outdoor recreation and emergency preparedness markets. 


Our Traction

Growth is the DNA of GoSun and now is time to scale.  Consumers demand cleaner products and GoSun is fine tuned to rise to the opportunity.  In a few years, GoSun has become the first consumer solar products manufacturer to break into mainstream markets.  Centered around enjoying clean power, food and drink while outdoors, business more than doubled during COVID-19 pandemic. With more innovation on the way, GoSun anticipates these growth trends to continue.


This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.”

People are seeking more resilience and healthy living.  GoSun creates innovative solutions that allow consumers to explore the solar future while meeting their immediate needs.  Through powerful new online tools, customers share how GoSun products are perfect for off-grid adventures or for everyday use. 

GoSun has empowered a large, engaged audience who’ve supported nine successful product launches, putting the company in the top one percent of all crowdfunding innovators. By focusing on real customer’s needs, GoSun has grown a lovable and valuable brand identity with a wide customer base.


*Award sources include CES 2021, CES 2019, CTA 2017, Fast Company 2017.

Breakthrough innovations get attention. GoSun has appeared on Top Chef, Science Channel’s All American Makers, The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation and many news channels.  Media coverage in major publications has driven a ton of eyeballs to witness GoSun and dream of the brighter future.  

Seen In

GoSun has been featured in publications by dozens of renowned companies and organizations.


This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.”

More than just annual revenue growth and awards recognition, GoSun is committed to assisting in disaster relief efforts and establishing social enterprise in emerging markets. GoSun is one of the first solar manufacturers awarded by the United Nations Clean Cooking Alliance, UNDP and the American Red Cross.  GoSun is currently building a presence in several developing countries to introduce low cost solar solutions.

Patrick Sherwin (Founder and CEO) works with non-profits in Haiti.

The Market

*Date based on sources from DNV and Our World in Date.

Expanding beyond recreation, GoSun is meeting needs in Emergency Management. This is already a $117.2B industry and increasing with the effects of Climate Change. As the world moves away from burning fossil fuels, the Solar Energy Industry is predicted to grow 6,500% through 2050 (Source). Finally, in emerging markets overseas, about one billion people live without access to electricity and three billion people still burn wood and charcoal to cook everyday  (Source).

What We Do

GoSun is quickly becoming the household name for portable, reliable solar products for recreation, emergency, and off-grid applications. Through community engagement GoSun is the center of a value hub that relies on customer feedback, technological opportunities and market trends. As a result, the new clean technologies, championed by GoSun, are affordable and capable of meeting our everyday needs.

GoSun products allow people to:

Thrive off-grid - Our products work during power outages

Avoid messes - No smoke, no melting ice, no waste, plus a portable sink 

Save money - Sustainable energy saves time, money, and resources

Help the climate - Solar power reduces environmental impact

Live healthier - More nutrients, less carcinogens

Prepare for change - Build resilience with available, versatile power sources

  • Cook without fuel, smoke or fire
  • Keep food and drinks cold without ice
  • Charge your cell phone and laptop without grid or generator power
  • Brew coffee in an all in one travel mug without a stove
  • Purify water with only a little bit of sunshine
  • Shelter in a tiny house that does not need grid power or water service
  • Portable solar generator makes the noisy gas generator obsolete
  • Travel with a solar kitchen that doesn’t need gas or cords
  • Beat the heat on a warming planet

The Business Model

People want better products, made with better missions. The outdoor gear industry lacks clean tech products that are both affordable and consumer friendly. GoSun builds solar gear that is high quality, high performance and affordable.

GoSun’s solar products align with all 17 of the UN SDG’s because they are free to use, produce no emissions, improve health, empower women + children, and save time + resources.

GoSun’s solar products align with all 17 of the UN SDG’s because they are free to use, produce no emissions, improve health, empower women + children, and save time + resources.

In the humanitarian realm, GoSun products are geared towards both disaster relief and areas of the world with vulnerable or limited energy sources.

Institutions are  seeking solutions that support a triple bottom line, creating a positive impact on: Local Economy, Environment and Human Health. GoSun’s salesforce has value engineered products for governments, large NGO’s and relief agencies. 

GoSun Sales Channels: 

Website. gosun.co

Online retailers.

Crowdfunding platforms. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, & more.

Nationwide dealers.

International distributors.

Institutions. Governments, GEM, American Red Cross, & more.

Competitive Landscape

GoSun is a pioneer in creating, engineering, and building consumer solar products.  By focusing on meeting customer’s essential needs, GoSun builds a more identifiable brand compared to other companies who are only providing solar power.  When compared with existing product’s lifetime cost of ownership, GoSun is far more eco-friendly and affordable.  Like Tesla’s electric vehicles, GoSun’s products are better than the incumbent without compromising convenience or performance. 

How We Are Different

GoSun Solar Ovens are a game changer when cooking outdoors. They produce the juiciest and tastiest food you'll ever make. With five patents and six trademarks, GoSun’s innovative approach to harnessing solar energy sets it apart from the other solar solutions on the market. Prior to GoSun, solar ovens were slow, bulky and impractical.  GoSun solar ovens are fast, portable and convenient, plus they are safe to touch even while over 500°F (260°C). Our breakthrough solar cooking technology is:

-  Fast & Safe. Meals in minutes, but always cool to touch.

-  Versatile. Steams, bakes, roasts, and boils using only the Sun.

-  All-Weather. Near perfect insulation so that no weather is too cold.

-  Cook Day or Night. The world’s most efficient oven, solar and electric hybrid.

The GoSun Chill is more than a cooler, it's an off-grid refrigerator without the noisy generator. These Solar Coolers don't need ice, in fact, they can make ice.  A portable 12V fridge designed to keep food cold or frozen, dry, and organized. Say goodbye to fishing for soggy sandwiches in a pool of hotdog juice, the solar alternative has arrived.

A cooler that runs on the Sun is better because:


- No Ice. More space, less weight and fresher food.

- Sustainable. Primary power: Sun | Back-up power: 12 Volt & AC.

- Lasts Longer. Keeps foods frozen for hours.

- Charges Devices. Includes integrated PowerBank (lithium ion battery).


*The above graphic contains images of our beta product which is currently in production.

GoSun knows today’s best solar and battery technology. A series of powerbank solutions unleash the freedom of portable power to keep you going while off-grid. From small to large, these devices are making gas generators obsolete. Capable of charging laptops, tablets, cameras, phones, lights, and other devices - just plug in anywhere, anytime. 

A generator that runs on the Sun is better because:

- No noise, no fumes, no fuel. Silent and steady operation.

- Sustainable. Primary power: Sun | Back-up power: 12 Volt & AC.

- Lasts longer. No moving parts, very low maintenance.

- Charge multiple devices at once. AC, DC, USB

Water is key to life, so GoSun has built a purification and sanitation system that supplies your off-grid water needs. Joining a USB powered pump to a small solar power bank provides months of fresh drinking water. A kitchen sink that fits in your backpack, GoSun Flow sets up in seconds and can also turn into a shower.

A water system that runs on a micro pump is better because:

- No hand pumping, no waiting for chemicals to sterilize drinking water

- Versatile. Water purifier, kitchen sink or shower 

- Conserves water during usage so you don’t break your back hauling

- Set up a sanitation station anywhere to wash hands and gear

Tiny Houses are sweeping the nation, for good reason. Downsizing makes like easier and more free. The GoSun Dream is an off-grid, solar, smart home that can be placed almost anywhere to become a: vacation home, rental, office, mobile home/RV.  It brings its own power, water and waste management so you’re independent and autonomous.

A tiny house that runs on the Sun is better because:

  • No need for utilities, the Dream makes its own power
  • Hybrid solar + electric oven, solar cooler, water system, & energy storage.
  • All services hooked up: onboard water, electricity, heating and cooling.
  • GoSun portable products can be used in or outdoors

Our Team

Experienced designers, engineers, and change-makers, GoSun’s team is intent on serving the world with unparalleled clean power solutions. Through collaborations and by living with their creations, GoSun’s tight knit team is able to make innovation happen quickly. 

Fast, nimble, and well connected; when GoSun sees an opportunity, we go for it.

Why Invest

With a growing awareness of Climate Change and natural disasters, consumers are seeking more efficient, self-reliant products. GoSun is seeking investors who want to help us in creating and delivering real solutions.  GoSun’s solar products are easy, fun to use and they actually work better than conventional products.

The concept sketch above depicts  GoSun's capabilities; the lightweight camping trailer can be set up in just 30 minutes, providing: cooking, water purification, cold storage, wash station, prep area and solar + battery power supply.  Users can have more fun in the Sun and rely on the trailer to be prepared for anything. 


Mainstream consumers are demanding cleaner, healthier products and institutional investors are seeking environmental and social impact. GoSun allows the solar energy boom to meet everyday consumers. The company and team have grown strong over the past few years, now they are ready to scale.  GoSun stands in the intersection where sustainability and profitability meet.

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Live Offering Company Perks:

Investments start at $250 minimum, all investors receive the GoSun VIP Preferred Pass to get 10% off anything at gosun.com

$1,000 | GoSun Go Package: package includes an ultra-portable solar oven, valued at $139

$2,500+ | GoSun Sport Pro Pack: valued at $379

$5,000+ | 5% bonus shares + Ultimate Fusion Bundle: package includes GoSun Fusion hybrid solar and electric oven, Powerbank+, 30watt flexible solar panel, carrying case and two small solar lights. Valued at $1,014

$20,000+ |10% bonus shares + Complete Solar Kitchen: package includes GoSun Fusion hybrid solar and electric oven, Powerbank+, GoSun Chill ice-free portable fridge and collapsible 60watt Solar Table. Let's you cook, cool, and charge - anytime, anywhere. Valued at $1,699 And

Free weekend staycation at GoSun Tiny House

* International investors will be contacted individually to resolve shipping and logistics.

*Perks are by threshold and won't include lower tiers.

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

GoSun will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Series A Preferred Stock shares at $5.00 / share, you will receive 110 shares, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $500. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors' eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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Investor Perks

6 days ago

Hello StartEngine Investors,

With the Sun high in the sky, the gettin' is good for GoSun.  Our team is getting stronger and more expansive with each day.  Sales are on record trajectory and the trends that send people toward GoSun are gaining momentum.  Most importantly, our hearts are full of joy and optimism, giving us the determination to press harder. Let's all take a moment to embrace the future.

 Recently, two of our heroes are were recognized by Jeff Bezos, for their Courage and Civility, given $100 million dollars to carry on their path.  Congratulations, José Andrés, and Van Jones, your hard work is paying off.  Let's build a solar future together.  

image thanks to Solar Energy International

Welcome to the Roaring 20's

a time of more solar, major infrastructure improvements, economic growth, more explosive start-ups, and disruptive innovations

Whether you believe in global warming or not, we have all seen the impact of manmade pollution and destruction. We can all agree that it would be nice to protect more of the planet's limited resources.  We love nature and we love our family. We may also all agree that outdated, centralized utility infrastructure is a threat to our families security - access to power, clean water, etc.  

People who don't own a GoSun often do not understand a core tenet of our product development and design process.  We aren't just going solar because it is better for the planet, we make solar appliances because they are better than traditional outdoor products.  Similar to how Tesla has changed our roadways, we aim to free our customers from old drudgery by making products that perform better while being easier to use.  

Where's Your Investor Perk / Bonus / Reward ?  

Since GoSun aligns with new market surges in outdoor recreation and resilience, we have struggled to keep products on the shelf. Add to this a general backup in global supply and freight networks and it has become a recipe for delays.  Thanks for your patience, your Perk will ship by the end of summer (Sept. 21).

Here's the breakdown of when we will ship your Perk based on Tiers: (please allow about one week for delivery)

  1. $1,000 | GoSun Go :  July 30th
  2. $2,500+ | GoSun Sport Pro  : July 30th
  3. $5,000+ | Ultimate Fusion Bundle :  August 5th
  4. $20,000+ |Complete Solar Kitchen : September 30th

Finally, since you are an investor we have a VIP Perk for you.  Take 15% Off Anything on our website for the next month (ends August 20th).  Use the Promo Code "SEInvestor15" at the checkout.  

For a brighter future,

Patrick and the GoSun Team

Heat Waves Incite Solar Freezers

13 days ago

Hello StartEngine Investors,

These heat waves are super intense... 

The highest temperatures ever recorded were in the last few days. First up the Pacific Northwest, then in Southern California. With record-breaking heat and increased storm intensity comes the need to take action, ask tough questions, and invest in clean technology.

 It is hard not to see these weather extremes and not think of atmospheric carbon/global warming. With that it's important to note that solar powered products fight against climate change, because once created, they do not produce carbon emissions.  GoSun uses best in industry refrigerants that are nearly 400 times cleaner than industry standard.

Plus, GoSun's products are simply better than their carbon intense predecessors. 

Solar Freezer Market

Meanwhile, an interesting trend is developing in the refrigeration industry that is helping to answer both customer needs and climate change concerns.  The global solar freezer market is targeted to hit over $15 Billion by 2030.  This industry has become GoSun's bread and butter over the past few years as we grow sales and market share in portable solar fridges.

Refrigeration is an interesting topic, especially at a time when vaccines are needed to be maintained at a perfect temperature and transported to the far reaches of the world.  In many places, access to refrigeration is very limited and ice is also out of the question.  While some are looking at expensive, complex solutions to these problems, when combined with GoSun's portable solar energy solutions, an off-grid fridge is very accessible.  

GoSun Chillest Raises over $930K on Indiegogo

Since May, we've pre-sold over 1,000 new solar fridges and broken the record for the most successful crowdfunded fridge/cooler of all time.  GoSun is planning to fulfill these pre-orders at the end of the summer/early fall.  

 No company has been able to marry solar energy to power products better than GoSun.  With this track record of launching innovations, GoSun is making its mark, winning over customers and tech enthusiasts by building better tools.  

and, this is just the beginning, the tip of the iceburg, the foot in the door...

We hope you'll be around for the longer, deeper conversation as we transition to more independent, resilient, solar living.  

For a brighter future,

Patrick and the GoSun Team 

Notice of Funds Disbursement

15 days ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, GoSun Inc. has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in GoSun Inc. be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Declaring Energy Independence

26 days ago

Hello StartEngine Investors,

As the full swing of summer gets going, GoSun is firing on all cylinders (...that's a fuel-free engine).  Inventory is flowing like a river as our team paddles downstream, navigating rapids, welcoming new side streams and gaining more experience on a growing volume.  Global trends in outdoor recreation, preparedness and sustainability have aligned to deepen the canyon as the GoSun river makes its mark in history.  Let's Paddle On!

More People with Solar Power

Our mission is simple.  We want people to have more independence and resilience so we create portable solar power solutions that are better than today’s typical appliances.  No compromise of convenience or performance required, plus with GoSun, you’re not creating waste or emissions in the process of cooking, cooling, charging, etc.  

Solar is great to help fuel the fun, but it is also there when you need it.  In fact, a massive thunderstorm just hit our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio and this message is being written on solar power stored within a portable lithium ion powerbank.  Constantly testing new products, everyone in the office was hand delivered a powerbank by our lead engineer within minutes of the utility outage.  

Chillest Solar Cooler Pre-Sale Ends Today

Over 1,000 Backers and almost $900,000 in pre-sales, GoSun’s latest and greatest solar cooler has crushed it on Indiegogo over the past six weeks. If you ever wanted to try our technology, now is the time.  Scroll other updates below to see more details about this innovation or visit the Indiegogo campaign before prices increase tomorrow, July 2nd.

Here are our Chillest VIP deals just for investors:

Declare your Energy Independence this 4th of July

It may seem impossible to cook food, keep the drinks cool, and clean up after the party, all without tapping into gas, ice, and water resources. But with GoSun, you can do it all without relying on grid power or burning resources.

At GoSun, we build amazing solar powered appliances so you don’t have to deal with fire, ice and resupply trips. Since our products are solar powered, they’re perfect for this weekend’s cookout. 

Four Products to Improve your Outdoor Experience:

1. Sizzle Solar Oven 

The Sizzle solar oven is just the thing for you to whip up some hot, yummy grub outdoors. Even if the sky is overcast, your Sizzle can still cook a full meal. Its innovative vacuum tube technology can cook, boil, steam, bake, or roast food at temperatures over 600°F.

Even though this oven is considered large, it is still light enough to easily fit it into the back of your car or truck. Transport it to a park or another house, and bring the sun food fun with you! 

2. Go Portable Solar Oven 

For an even more portable solution, try out Go portable solar oven. This little baby weighs only 2 pounds - 2 pounds! Each load in the vacuum tube and cooking tray feeds 1-2 people, and cook time is about 20-30 minutes. This makes it the perfect oven for a small gathering or for whipping up some warm sides at your 4th of July shindig. 

The greatest part about this product is there’s no need to bring your own generator or find an outlet to plug it in. That’s because it’s completely solar powered. No matter where you go, as long as you have an outdoor space and daylight, you can keep on cooking with the Go. 

3. Chill Solar Cooler 

Ever heard of a portable cooler that didn’t need ice? The Chill solar cooler uses the power of the sun to keep the entire unit nice and chill. That means no matter where your 4th of July celebration is located - in the backyard, at the beach, at the park, or wherever - your favorite food and beverages will stay cold. 

4. Flow Solar Water Purifier + Sanitation System 

A cookout is fun, but it can also be messy, thirst inducing work putting it all together. Hauling water is difficult, and the plastic containers are a strain on the environment. As an alternative, why not use whatever water source is available to you - lake, river, or rain - and purify it to make it clean enough to drink? 

It’s for this purpose that we developed the Flow solar water purifier + sink. This solar powered device is small enough to fit in a backpack, it can filter and pump 100 gallons of water. Our three-stage filter system removes 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and cysts, so that the water you end up using is safe for washing hands and dishes, and even for drinking. 

Cooking out this 4th of July without burning resources doesn’t have to be a head-scratcher. Try our solar-powered appliances today! 

For a brighter future,

Patrick and the GoSun Team

Passing Gas

about 1 month ago

Hello StartEngine Investors,

The world is changing.  With more information at our fingertips, people are growing in awareness and many are working to create a healthier future that is not reliant on fossil fuels. At GoSun, we are not trying to throw out our old ways or create villains, but we want society to move forward with new and better ways that are more in tune with available resources and thus more likely to result in abundance, independence, and resilience. 

Cars and trucks are going electric, utility grids are going with solar and wind, and now, with awareness of the many disadvantages of natural gas, many are moving to other energy sources for cooking and heating. Recently, the State of California has began outlawing natural gas for new homes because gas has more disadvantages than benefits.

3 Reasons why we are moving away from Natural Gas

  1. Gas is a major pollutant - although it is one of the cleaner fossil fuels, natural gas is a huge contributor to global emissions, it accounted for an estimated 36% of US carbon emissions in 2020 (see Bloomberg article below)
  2. Gas is unhealthy - emissions from burning gas are toxic and many don't have adequate ventilation to maintain safe air quality inside their homes
  3. Gas is a long term trap - once a building is plumbed with gas it will be consuming gas for decades with no ability to improve, unlike the electrical grid and appliances that are getting cleaner and more efficient over time 

Research about the transition away from gas with these articles:

  1. How the Fossil Fuel Industry Convinced Americans to Love Gas Stoves
    1. "they’ve urged us not to think too hard—if at all—about what it means to combust a fossil fuel in our homes."
    2. "I talked to one scientist who studied indoor air quality for decades and she said, without ventilating your home, you’re basically living in a toxic soup."
  2. Are Americans Willing To Drop Gas Cooking To Cut Back On Carbon Emissions?
  3. Is Your Gas Stove Destroying the Planet?

How do we replace gas?

The transition away from fossil fuels is not as hard as you may think. At GoSun, we believe that the Sun really is the answer, and since we all want resilience and independence, we make appliances that run on the Sun, plus they can run on AC and DC electricity.   Today’s technology allows GoSun to build fossil free alternatives that do not compromise performance or convenience when compared to traditional appliances.  

You may already know, Tesla is the most valuable car company in the world.  Just a little older than GoSun, they too have never designed or built a product to run on fossil fuels.  The reasons for Tesla’s explosive growth are many but the reality is that their cars are just way better than gas cars.  GoSun's portable solar powered products are way better than traditional products that rely on a constant supply of resources.

Why electric cars and appliances are better than traditional gas versions?

  1. Electric is cleaner and healthier - loads convert electricity at much higher efficiency than internal combustion engines can convert carbon, one large point source of pollution is much easier to manage than a bunch of emission sources everywhere (the smaller the gas engine, the dirtier the emissions)
  2. Electric is abundant and safe - utility power is ubiquitous with power lines and safety controls already in place so end users are both served and protected, plus you can make your own solar electricity anywhere you go (good luck making your own fossil fuel)
  3. Electric is getting better - appliances, controls and motors are getting more efficient and the national grid is getting smarter and cleaner (more solar and wind) with each year

Go With GoSun

Consumers are demanding cleaner, healthier products as we become more aware.  Governments and institutional investors are seeking more environmentally friendly and socially conscious solutions. GoSun allows the solar energy boom to meet everyday consumers with highly effective, portable appliances. The company and team have grown strong over the past few years, now they are ready to scale.  GoSun stands in the intersection where sustainability and profitability meet.

Join Tomorrow's Live Update and Q & A with GoSun's CEO

about 1 month ago

Join Us Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 15th at 2:30 EST on Google Meet. 

We want you to know what's happening with GoSun by taking a look under the hood and hearing directly from our CEO, Patrick Sherwin.  Let's talk trends, tech., growth, and what's next on the Fuel-Free Frontier.

GoSun Live Update with Question and Answer

This 90 minute presentation by GoSun's CEO, Patrick Sherwin, will go over the past few years of growth while looking at new opportunities ahead. Learn more about: market trends, technological advancements, partnerships, existing GoSun products and future developments. Plenty of time will be given for questions from stakeholders seeking deeper insight.

Event Details

Add to your calendar: Live Q and A with GoSun

Tuesday, June 15 · 2:30 – 4:00pm EST

Google Meet joining info

Video call link: https://meet.google.com/xvn-dekd-gyx

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 484-546-8384‬ PIN: ‪157 199 349‬#

More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/xvn-dekd-gyx?pin=4155537805265

New Product Launch Goes Supernova

about 2 months ago

Our Biggest New Product Launch Ever

GoSun’s latest is an iceless solar cooler packed with fun features that has raised over $700,000 from +800 Backers in less than one month.  

Tomorrow (6/10/21 by Midnight PDT) is the final chance to pre-order at the lowest prices. 

Coolers are a pain in the ICE

Who likes sandwiches getting soggy and smashed? How is it that everything inside your cooler gets destroyed and stinky?  Why do we tolerate over 50% of our cooler's volume consumed by frozen water?  Good luck finding anything in that melty iceburg before your hand goes numb.

How about a cooler without ice?  

GoSun wanted a cooler that made its own ice and had so much fun built into it that we would look for excuses to get outside and enjoy it.  So, we created the GoSun Chillest…..

Temp Control in Two Zones

The Chillest is a complete redesign of what a cooler can be.  First, you’ve got a built in compressor to set the temperature right where you want it.  And with two zones, you can keep ice cream on one side and veggies on the other.  With temp. control, and a built in battery, you can have the coldest beer in camp, or become a hero anytime, anywhere. Time to say goodbye to soggy sandwiches and resupply trips to the gas station.  

Modern Power and Controls

Coolers got fancy in the past couple years but they are not making anything easier.  The Chillest brings you into the 21st century with built in battery to charge your devices, lights inside to find what you’re looking for and a smartphone App so you can relax.  A battery and solar upgrade gives you days of refrigeration and charging for all your devices.  

Travel Ready

One of the biggest hassles of outdoor fun is hauling your gear back and forth.  Coolers are rarely designed to for anything but back problems, so we combined large wheels with a sturdy, telescoping handle for pulling. Bungees and tie-downs lock your load so you can carry everything in just one trip.  Plus, Chillest itself is built to go anywhere you go: Vanlife, RV, boat, beach, etc.

Stay Organized

How about being organized when you’re outdoors?  The Chillest becomes the center of your outing with plenty of storage for devices (EVA pouch), removable baskets to organize food and drinks, a cutting board and a place for your waste/recycling (trash clips).  

Bluetooth Speakers

And what’s a party without some music?  The optional bluetooth speakers kick out amazing sound, while connecting to your smartphone from up to 50 feet away.  You may want to pack some extra drinks for the neighbors.

Stay Cooler

The Sun is very good to us, but since coolers like the shade, GoSun added an optional umbrella that plugs into the Chillest and creates an oasis of Chill.  The umbrella stands alone or can be held in the attachment that also fits the optional solar panel.

Is that a Solar Table? 

What’s missing from your hangout?  How about a swiveling table to play cards, serve food or use as a desk?  oh, and we’re making that out of a 20watt solar panel, plus we have a 120watt portable table, so you can recharge your Chillest during the day and keep it going indefinitely.  

Full Solar Kitchen

Those of you who know GoSun, know we deliver. You may also want to integrate the Chillest into a Solar Kitchen, where you’ll have the ability to cook, cool, clean, purify, and brew, with our breakthrough technology.

Save Money and Time

If you were to go out and buy all the gear we packed into the Chillest, it would cost you well over $1,000. That doesn’t include the long term debt and worry about buying the next bag of ice. By backing this campaign, you can be one of the first people in the world with a cooler that actually cools.

And instead of making you work, the Chillest works for you. 

Ending tomorrow, check out the Indiegogo campaign here.

Why Invest in GoSun?

about 2 months ago

Hello StartEngine Investors,

GoSun is growing and breaking our own records in 2021.  

Our latest product launch for the GoSun Chillest has hit over 700 backers and $600K in pre-sales over the last three weeks on Indiegogo.  There is just one week remaining on the campaign, here's the best deal.


GoSun has been a crowdfunded company since day one and and we don't intend on stopping anytime soon.  Thanks to people like you,, we've successfully funded ten products placing GoSun in the top 1% of all crowdfunded companies.  

Equity Crowdfunding here on StartEngine is a unique opportunity to be a part of the solar future while earning rewards and VIP deals.  Many of you have wanted the ability to share your investment in a concise fashion, beyond the the offering page, so here's...

Five Reasons to Invest in GoSun

1. Serious Traction

  • Sales - no not the kind of sales where you get 20% off (although we like those kind of deals), but real, significant revenues, as in $3.9M in 2020
  • Delighted customers - with over 100,000 products delivered worldwide, we know our customers and how to reach them
  • Audience - @GoSun has over 200K followers on social and 200K subscribers across preparation and recreation markets

2. People with Purpose

  • Leadership - lean, responsible and organized, plus GoSun’s leadership has several led major exits and publicly traded companies
  • Experience - GoSun’s CEO has worked exclusively with renewable energy for over 20 years, while the VP of Development brings over 40 years of clean tech entrepreneurship 
  • Dedicated - building a solar future requires vision, commitment, and endurance

3. Patented Technology

  • Solar Gear - GoSun has a portable, solar powered product to meet your needs: charging, lighting, cooking, cleaning, cooling, shelter, brewing, etc.
  • Fuel-Free Frontier - this is about solar powered future where we step away from fossil fuels without compromising convenience and performance
  • Disruptive - not only are GoSun products cleaner, they are better than traditional appliances which aids in rapid adoption

4. Growing Markets

  • Outdoor Recreation - to witness the explosive growth of this sector, just visit your local trailhead or campground to see how outdoor living is very strong
  • Emergency Prep - with an increase in natural disasters, even mainstream consumers are planning for future uncertainties  
  • Developing world - still more than three billion people cook with wood or charcoal everyday, over two billion do not have safely managed drinking water, and almost one billion lack access to electricity
  • E-Commerce - GoSun has been investing in web sales for years and a healthy ROI is found through online channels like: Amazon, Facebook, Google and others

5. Bright Future

  • Solar Energy - growing over 30% per year, solar will be the dominate source of energy on the planet by 2050 according to the IEA
  • New Products - GoSun launches several new products each year and there are many more breakthroughs to come
  • Ongoing Expansion - this capital raise is allowing GoSun to grow along existing expansion efforts to reach into emerging markets with significant need for our technology 

Here's a depiction of our growth since launching in 2017

Thanks for taking a deeper look at this investment opportunity,

Patrick and the GoSun Team

Notice of Funds Disbursement

about 2 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, GoSun Inc. has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in GoSun Inc. be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


The Solar Era Has Arrived

2 months ago

Hello Investors,

There are moments in our lives when we know, 

we are in the right place and it is the right time. 

Everything is trending up for GoSun as we scale up from our strong roots.  The COVID pandemic brought a mix of emotions, successes and failures, but it seems 2020 allowed GoSun to catch a groove.  That momentum is attributed to a bunch of factors, thus creating a new reality moving forward.  You are a part of that Solar Future.  

Here are several of the trends that have created GoSun's short and long-term success:

  • Outdoor Recreation is going nuts, just look at everybody that's at the trailhead or campground these days
  • Preparedness kicked in, even amongst the mainstream, because we all have to admit that toilet paper is important 
  • Global Cooperation earned a new degree of respect and importance, setting forth a dialog to begin addressing Climate Change, together
  • Backyard fun and micro vacations instead of giant blowouts to Disney World, made our proximal surrounding more important
  • E-Commerce got completely justified, necessary and often superior to shopping in store

GoSun's leadership team has been working toward this moment for many decades.  Our focus in renewable energy, energy storage, electric vehicles and efficiency is beginning to pay off as the entire world shifts focus away from the old carbon-based economy.  

The Future Will Be Solar Powered 

Unlike most solar companies competing for rooftops, government incentives and regulatory permissions, GoSun is focused on portable and durable products that meet everyone's essential needs, like cooking, cooling, cleaning, and purifying water. We have something for everyone to experience the real power of the Sun.  

Just like Tesla is a better car, people buy GoSun products because they are more efficient, more useful, and much easier:

  • We cook without fuel, smoke, or fire
  • We keep food and drinks cold without ice
  • We charge our cell phones and laptops only with the energy from the Sun
  • We brew coffee without a stove - because we want to keep you going strong
  • We purify water with only sunshine
  • We make people's outdoor lives easier and more efficient

What Others are Saying about GoSun

If you want to learn more about the Fuel-Free Frontier with GoSun, take a look at the links below or listen to this recent podcast with SunCast.  You can listen via iTunes: Suncast on Itunes or on their website. It's also available on most podcast players, like Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, etc.

Here are more recent articles about GoSun:

GoSun Chillest Press Coverage

The Chillest is hot.  After launching last week, our latest portable fridge innovation has received a ton of support and press attention.  This kind of coverage only happens with real break-throughs.  

Thanks to you, we are a crowdfunded company, so it makes a lot of sense to have customers become investors to fuel our rocket ship. We hope you'll join us, for a brighter future, 

Patrick and the GoSun Team

New Product Launch: GoSun Chillest

3 months ago

Hello Investors,

Introducing GoSun Chillest, the ultimate cooler that's guaranteed to make your adventures more enjoyable. Without ice, your food/drinks stay dry and organized, plus you can use 100% of the cooler's volume. 

We launched the GoSun Chill in 2019 and thanks to feedback from over 1,000 customers, the Chillest is the result of another couple of years of innovation. The new  Solar Cooler is complete with a Built-In Battery, Solar Table, Umbrella, and Bluetooth Speakers. What's even better - Chillest contains dual cooling zones, which means you have a freezer and fridge in the same device.

And, of course, it can be powered by the Sun!

The crowdfunding campaign launched on Indiegogo on Tuesday, May 11th at 10AM EST and just 90 minutes later, the campaign had raised over $55,000 in pre-sales.  This product launch marks the tenth successful innovation GoSun has launched on crowdfunding, putting us in the top 1% of all crowdfunders.  

Since you are an investor in GoSun, we have set aside a couple special offers here:

The Chillest is full of extra feature to make it the coolest cooler on the market, including:

This video shows you that you can say goodbye to ice forever thanks to Chillest's 45 liters of cold storage with two zones to keep food cold and frozen, dry, and organized.

We are pretty excited about this new portable fridge.  Not only is it an amazing piece of green technology, it is a big step towards refining the GoSun Solar Kitchen experience. GoSun is committed to smart, resourceful consumers, plus we seek to make outdoor experiences as enjoyable as possible.  Take a closer look.

Stay Cool,

Patrick and the GoSun Team

Off to a Sizzling Start

3 months ago

Hello Investors,

Thanks to you, GoSun is off to a great start with this Equity Crowdfund raise on StartEngine.  We are delighted to see new and old investors stepping in to fuel our growth.  This fundraise helps us to reach towards our

 big, hairy, audacious goals* 

as we compete for market share in significant arenas.   * Rockets are not one of them, we are staying down to Earth. 

The past year has been a very challenging mixup for many small business models, but it has been an incredible year of growth, validation and opportunity for GoSun.  The increase in the outdoor recreation industry is a trend we anticipate will continue as more people realize the benefits of being in nature.  But, having fun is not all that GoSun is about. More importantly:

Impact, Resilience, Combating Climate Change

Those of you familiar with GoSun will know we launch new products based on your wants/needs.demands all of the time. Most of these solutions also find their way onto Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but sometimes we just go direct to our amazing customer base. In all cases, we are trying to push the limits of the Fuel-Free Frontier.

Meet the GoSun Sizzle

Introducing GoSun Sizzle, the most powerful, fuel-free oven of all time, it offers Sun-powered cooking for six people in less than 30 minutes!  The Sizzle is handmade with care and precision in Canada, by one of our lead investors, Glen MacGilivray.

Cook as you would on fire, just without the drama of smoke, dangerous flames or a nasty clean up job. Sure, you could use this on Mars, but the GoSun Fusion will take up less space in your rocket ship. Bake, boil, roast or fry with space aged technology that’s down to Earth!  

Other GoSun Updates

We are off to a great start in 2021.   Here's a quick breakdown of activity thus far:

  1. Delivered the first 1,500 GoSun Flow: Water Purification and Sanitation Systems
  2. Under Production with GoSun Brew: All-in-one coffee maker, travel mug and french press
  3. Launched Power 266: small powerplant that fits in your pocket, charges laptops, phones, cameras, etc
  4. Launched GoSun Sizzle: most powerful, fuel-free oven of all time
  5. Landed deal with REI to carry our top selling portable fridge, GoSun Chill in their stores for Summer

...and we are working on more.  Again, your investment here on StartEngine makes all of this possible.  

What Others are Saying

Thanks for sharing the good news about this new campaign with your network,

For a brighter future,

Patrick and the GoSun Team

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