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What If We Could Reinvent Personal Transportation?

"Don Wildman, who founded Bally Total Fitness, one of the largest fitness center chains in the world, along with surfing legend and board sports innovator Laird Hamilton,  are the inspirations behind GolfBoard. Both avid entrepreneurs, passionate snowboarders and surfers, realized the beautifully manicured landscapes of most golf courses offered the perfect terrain for an entirely new boarding experience.   Their shared passion for snowboarding, surfing and innovation inspired them to develop an entirely new sport, we call it "GolfBoarding",  providing riders the same feeling as carving the slopes or surfing the ocean. 

After being awarded Best New Product by the PGA of America in 2014, we formed a world-class management team to help make there dream a reality. With nearly 2,000 GolfBoards now sold to over 250 golf courses worldwide, generating close to $10,000,000 in revenue, the genius of their idea has been strongly verified.

With rapidly growing demand from over 34,000 golf courses globally, plus our ability to leverage our proprietary technology to quickly and effectively expand into the even larger adjacent commercial and recreational transportation markets, the growth potential for our boards is massive. 

 John Wildman | Chairman & CEO


$1.25/shares | $9M pre-money valuation

When you invest you benefit as the company valuation exceeds $10M in the future. 

Minimum Investment 800 shares / $1,000

Investment opportunity available only to accredited investors, with $1,000 (one thousand dollar) minimum investment.


$50,000+: One special edition GolfBoard and "Surf the Earth" experience with Laird Hamilton in Malibu, California.

$10,000+: Invitation to annual GolfBoard Open tournament with Laird Hamilton in Bend, Oregon.

$5,000+: Invitation to attend the annual GolfBoard shareholder's luncheon at a private country club Southern California. You will have the opportunity to meet and network with the GolfBoard executive team.

Don Wildman, Founder of Bally Total Fitness and Inspiration for GolfBoard

GolfBoard's Mission

GolfBoard's mission is to increase the enjoyment of golf and to help make the sport more accessible to new fans. To expand on a sport with tremendous heritage, by adding a whole new way to enjoy the beautiful terrain. The GolfBoard’s purpose is to grow the game by enhancing the experience resulting in a lifetime of unforgettable moments and memories.

Golf’s biggest challenge to attract new younger players. The GolfBoard effectively capitalizes on the global popularity of board sports to attract millennials to the game. Today’s millennials, as well as Gen-X parents of young children, do not have the time to spend half a day on the course. With the GolfBoard, it’s not unusual for 18 holes to take less than 2 hours. GolfBoard is a proven solution to slow rounds, plus makes playing golf more exciting, entertaining and enjoyable.

Key Facts about GolfBoard

• $6,500 retail price or $156/month lease
• Up to 12.5 miles per hour surfing the course
• Decrease playing time by up to 40% compared to a cart
• Courses generate up to $1,500 in incremental rental revenue per mo. per board
• Already used on 250+ top courses worldwide
• Nearly 2,000 boards shipped worldwide
• Patent pending on 3 key elements
• Made in America

Why I'm On Board With GolfBoard

Surfer / Entrepreneur Laird Hamilton

"I've been riding the world’s biggest waves my entire life, and played a major role in the evolution of surfboard design and new technologies. During this time I helped advance surfing to include stand-up paddle boarding, tow in surfing , and hydrofoil boarding. This unleashed a whole new market of surfers. My passion for board sports advancements made me want to explore taking the surfing experience to land by joining forces with Don Wildman and the GolfBoard team. GolfBoard is going to change the way golf is played forever and help attract millions of new fans to the game" -Laird Hamilton, Big Wave Surfer and Serial Entrepreneur

GolfBoard Is Award-Winning and Patent Pending

GolfBoard has won many accolades from the golf industry. We are the only US company to manufacture a single passenger golf vehicle which lets players stay upright and active between shots. The company has filed a patent for three key elements of the GolfBoard that will allow us to offer a unique and revolutionary new vehicle that will increase golf course profitability, because it will increase the number of rounds played, as well as expand the golf market with millions of new players.

Watch the GolfBoard in Action!

Our Motors Are Quiet yet Fast

How It Works

The GolfBoard has been designed for up to 5 years of daily operation, with minimal maintenance required. The battery has up to an 18 mile range and takes about 2 hours for a full charge.

GolfBoard Can Carry up to 300 lbs at up to 12.5 mph

The GolfBoard contains two motors, fully enclosed and highly water resistant. The board has four wheel drive that can climb nearly any kind of slope. The onboard computer is programmed to control the acceleration and deceleration while providing a smooth and safe ride. The replaceable state of the art lithium ion battery requires zero maintenance and is good for 1,000 charges or up to 5 years.

How to Ride

The GolfBoard has been designed to give the rider the sensation of surfing. The board can be controlled with one hand or two hands. Press the thumb throttle to start the board, and the more you press the faster it goes. Release the button to brake and come to a smooth stop. A rear axle parking brake is automatically engaged once stopped to keep the board in place. Just lean your body weight left or right to turn.


The GolfBoard is highly stable and easy to use due to its low center-of-gravity, automatic braking system and integrated stability bar. The GolfBoard was designed for optimal safety. No insurance claims resulting from injury or property damage with hundreds of thousands of rounds played.

Better for the Grass

GolfBoard's weight is 65% less compared to golf carts delivering 30% less turf impact. This provides meaningful reductions in ongoing course maintenance and costs, plus enables the GolfBoard to go where golf carts can't, including tee boxes and the fridge of the green.

GolfBoard Is A Comfortable Ride

The GolfBoard is the only board available with our proprietary "Spring Deck” technology utilizing a flexible spring plates. This Spring Deck technology gives the GolfBoard amazing suspension and flex, while still allowing for a secure and rigid mounting location for our durable non-skid rhino liner deck. The GolfBoard's highly effective and adjustable shock absorber system provides an extremely smooth ride. The GolfBoard's suspension system can be quickly and easily adjusted to the performance preference and weight of each rider.

Golfboard and its Product Extensions

The ResortBoard offers users off-road and street use capabilities suitable for recreational and commercial applications. Appropriately named for its application as way to tour large resort properties, plus trail riding at ski resorts. With detachable carry baskets for moving merchandise tools,and small equipment, the ResortBoard is also ideal for getting around residential communities, college campuses, large commercial properties, and industrial parks. 

Designed for use on sand, gravel and lose dirt, the BeachBoard appeals to adventure sports enthusiast looking for a high-performance experience. A stand-up alternate to ATVs, the BeachBoard expands our off-road capabilities to the beach, sand dunes, and desert trails.  

Our Product's History

The Golf Industry Is Large & Growing

GolfBoard Surfs on Golf Courses Nationwide

We are selling the GolfBoard for $6,500, rent it for a season for $350 per month, or lease it for as little as $156 per month. Golf courses can choose to either purchase, rent or lease. GolfBoard generates on average $450 of margin per board per month for golf courses. This additional income to courses is without requiring significant upfront costs. Over 250 top golf courses worldwide have introduced the GolfBoard. One club, River Ridge Golf Club in Ventura, California, earned $3,580 in additional margin in its first month of offering GolfBoard. Below is our market acceptance across the U.S. and we are just getting started.

Our Network of Distributors Covers the World Market

With an extensive US GolfBoard Sales rep network, plus international GolfBoard distribution in the U.K., Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Australia, and Indonesia, GolfBoard is perfectly positioned to penetrate the more than 34,000 golf courses worldwide.

GolfBoard Has Fans All Over the Globe

"We’ve seen the success of GolfBoard at the handful of Troon courses who already have them, including the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Makai Golf Course on Kauai and World Golf Village in Orlando, and we’re excited to extend further adoption of Troon destinations around the world. Offering GolfBoards is a great way to bring new people to golf, it makes rounds faster and it creates great buzz. Frankly they’re just a blast, and golfers of all ages can use them." -Kriss Strauss, VP of Sales & Marketing Troon Golf 

"After several comprehensive beta tests labeled GolfBoard exactly what our Bill Casper Golf Venture initiative seeks: a contemporary, exciting and differentiating identity to attract and retain players. Not only is “Golfboarding” a thrilling and quick way to get around the course, its turf friendly and delivers ROI [a return on investment] to our operation." -Peter Hill, Chairman & CEO, Billy Casper Golf

Worldwide Media About Golfboard

How Your Investment Will Help Us

Product to Market

Our plan is to reduce the manufacturing cost and increase our margins.

Business Development

Our plan is to add over 300 GolfBoards per year to our golf course rental fleet, generating revenue of up to $350 per month per board with a payback less than 12 months.

International Expansion

Our plan is to build a worldwide distribution network with local partners to increase our sales

We've Raised Over $3.5M in Convertible Notes from Investors

"I have invested in many companies over my more than 60 years in business, but the $700,000 I have put in GolfBoard has been my most gratifying yet."Don Wildman, Key Investor & Co-Founder. 

Bio: Largely credited for building the $15 billion+ health club market through innovative service offerings and celebrity based marketing, Don was founder and owner of Health & Tennis Corporation of America, which he sold to Bally Entertainment, where it was rebranded to Bally Total Fitness. The originator of idea of the GolfBoard, Don is Co-Founder of Sol Boards Inc., and is currently the Company’s largest shareholder.

"As an early stage GolfBoard investor, I have welcomed the chance to support the growth and development of a product with such high growth potential”Star Faraon, Director 

Bio: A Sol Boards Co-founder and one of its largest shareholders. Star's lifetime vision has been to encourage the masses to experience clean and powerful electric propulsion that serves our people and planet. In the past, Star worked extensively with Quantya, an electric motorcycle company based in Switzerland. He then used his experience and expertise to develop the high performance 4-wheel skateboard that evolved into GolfBoard.

GolfBoard is a revolutionary single rider electric vehicle, which has been broadly celebrated by the golf industry as the future of the game. Easy to learn and appealing to all ages, our proprietary technology is being extended to an expanding range of adjacent applications creating large new global market opportunities.

Let's Reinvent Personal Transportation  Together

Dear prospective investor:

The golf industry is one of the most lucrative sports markets in the world, and GolfBoard has already started to command significant market share. With the broad support of key industry influencers, GolfBoard has proven it’s potential to revolutionize golf, and is quickly becoming known as a game changer for the golf industry.

For us, GolfBoard is only the beginning. Our boards are environmentally friendly, economical, convenient, and most importantly fun. With our new ResortBoard and BeachBoard offerings, our company has the potential to expand into the massive commercial and recreational transportation markets. 

So far the response to our boards has been tremendous, and I have no doubt we will continue to rapidly grow. We invite you to become a shareholder, and together we will build a great company that will reinvent personal transportation.


John Wildman
Chairman & CEO GolfBoard

Irregular Use of Proceeds

Up to $50,000 for the marketing and promotion of this campaign has been advanced to the Issuer by StartEngine as part of its Marketing Fund Advance Program, to be recouped by the Issuer regardless of campaign success. All advanced funds will be used in direct support of this campaign and will be verified by StartEngine. The issuer may incur other Irregular Uses of Proceeds which may include but are not limited to the following: vendor fees and salaries and/or expenses paid to the Company’s directors or officers or their friends or family, any “Administration Expenses” that are not strictly for administrative purposes, any “Travel and Entertainment” expenses, and any repayment of inter-company debt or back payments; provided however, that the foregoing fees or expenses, as applicable, exceed $10,000.

In the Press

Wall Street Journal
June 6, 2015

"Golf's latest innovation takes a page from snowboarding. Surfing The Earth down an open fairway is exhilarating" - John Paul Newport, Wall Street Journal

CNBC Squawk Box
May 7, 2015

“Its 30% to 40% faster. It’s an individual mobility device that allows you to play much quicker, because you go right to your own ball” – Andrew Ross Sorkin

HSBC Sport
January 20, 2016

Its Team USA vs Team Europe at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship 2016

Fox News
August 7, 2015

These electric golf surfboards might be the most fun you've ever had on the golf course

Offering Summary

Sol Boards, Inc., Class B Non-Voting Common Stock

Summary of Terms of Investment

Sol Boards, Inc.

1001 SW Emkay Blvd, Suite 100, Bend OR  97702

The following summary (“Summary”) outlines the terms of a proposed investment in Sol Boards, Inc., an Oregon corporation (the “Company”), by certain investors (the “Investors”).  No legally binding obligations between the Company and any Investor will be created until definitive agreements are executed and delivered by the Company and the Investor, which agreements, and the Company’s governance documents, shall control in the event of any inconsistency or conflict with the terms of this Summary.

Target Investment:        This offering is for up to $1,000,000 in total investment.  

Minimum Raise:              The minimum total investment for the closing of escrow and the purchase of stock is $35,000.   After close of the Minimum Raise, the Company intends to close escrow as funds are raised up the Target Investment amount.

Target Closing Date:       The target closing date for this offering is on or before April 7, 2017, unless extended in the Company’s sole discretion.  

Investors:        Accredited investors who subscribe through pursuant to a 506(c) offering.

Instrument:    The investment instrument is Series B Non-Voting Common Stock (the “Shares”).

Stock Price:      $1.25 per Share.

Number of Shares:          Up to 800,000 Shares are being offered as part of this offering (out of a total of 5,000,000 authorized shares of Class B Non-Voting Common Stock).

Capitalization Summary:             Immediately preceding this offering, the Company had, on a fully diluted basis, 6,400,189 Class A common stock issued or committed (including unexercised warrants and options representing 3,885,943 shares), plus 800,000 shares of class B non-voting stock.  If this offering is fully subscribed, the Company would have a total of 8,000,189 shares of Class A Voting Common Stock and Class B Non-Voting Common Stock (collectively, “Common Stock”) issued or committed on a fully diluted basis on closing of this offering.

It is the intent of the Company to issue an additional 1,600,000 shares of Class B Non-Voting Common Stock, at a stock price likely to be higher the the current offering price of $1.25 per share (but do not guaranty that any future equity raise will be at a greater stock price) through a Title IV offering as soon as possible following the completion of this 506(c) offering.   If both this 506(c) offering and subsequent Title IV offering are fully subscribed, the Company would have a total of 9,600,189 shares of Common Stock issued or committed on a fully diluted basis on the closing of the Title IV offer. The Company may also sell or otherwise issue additional Class B Non-Voting Common Stock or other stock in the future.

Minimum Investment:     $1,000 per Investor (800 Shares).

Dividends:         Payable when and if declared by the Board of Directors.  Any dividends will be paid on  Common Stock in proportion to the aggregate number of Common Stock shares issued and outstanding.

Voting Rights:      The Shares are non-voting except as otherwise required by applicable law.

Liquidation Preference:       In the event of a liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the Company, the holders of the Shares shall be entitled to receive any distributions available to the holders of Common Stock on a pro rata basis to the holders of the shares of Common Stock.

Restriction on Sale:      The Shares are subject to Market Stand-Off provisions and other
restrictions on sale.

Reports:      The Company will, for so long as is required under applicable law, file an annual report on Form C-AR within 120 days after the Company’s fiscal year end and post the report on the Company’s website.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

Example - The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

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Most recent fiscal year-end:
Prior fiscal year-end:


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


GolfBoard 506(c) Offering Extended Through Friday, April 7th

6 months ago

To ensure our 506(c) offering is fully subscribed, the closing date has been move 1 week to Friday April 7th. This will allow investors 7 more days to purchase Sol Boards stock at the current price of only $1.25 per share. The Company anticipates the recent announcement of its $1M+ financing agreement with Golf Capital Group to fund up to 300 more company owned trial boards in 2017 (plus even more in subsequent years) will result in the over subscription of this offering. With over $650K already commitment of $1M of availability, interest investors should subscribe quickly before this offering sells out.    


6 months ago

Sol Boards, Inc. of Bend, Oregon, has entered into a long-term financing agreement with Golf Capital Group (GCG) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to fund the rapid expansion of the Company’s managed fleet rental program. Through its new relationship with GCG, Sol Boards will significantly increase the size of its company-owned demo fleet from approximately 100 boards today to as many as 400 boards by year-end 2017.

GolfBoard has already deployed over 2,000 boards to over 250 courses worldwide. Many of these courses initially participate in a 60-day GolfBoard trial prior to making the decision to lease or purchase. Consequently, this potential 300% increase in company owned trial boards is expected to substantially increase the volume of follow-on purchases in the years ahead.

This new rental fleet financing agreement with GCG will also help accelerate the rapid adoption of the company’s new ResortBoard offering. By leveraging GolfBoard’s proprietary technology, the company expects to quickly penetrate the $15BN worldwide electric scooter marketplace.

The massive size of this adjacent market creates the potential for popularity of the Company’s new ResortBoard offering to eventually exceed its already highly successful GolfBoard.

“This multi-year financing agreement with Golf Capital Group will enable the company to accelerate an important growth engine by allowing significantly more golf courses and resorts to try our popular new offering,” said John Wildman, GolfBoard Chairman and CEO. “Our company’s growing demo fleet will also provide high-margin recurring revenue, which we expect to contribute millions of dollars to the company’s bottom line over the next few years.”

As part of this financing agreement, Golf Capital Group has the non-exclusive rights to develop ResortBoard rental centers throughout the southeast US. These “Surf the Earth” shops in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, and other southeast states will provide a valuable brick and mortar footprint, as well as further accelerate the company’s rapid growth.

Sol Boards, Inc. is now completing a second-round equity capital raise through its ongoing 506(c) offering which is being extended through Friday, April 7, 2017. The company has already raised approximately $1.6M so far this year, and anticipates reaching $2M by the close of the current offering.

For information on how to become a Sol Boards, Inc. shareholder and support the expansion of its revolutionary GolfBoard offering, as well as a global transformation in personal transportation, go to the company’s fundraising campaign page at .

About GolfBoard

Conceived by Bally Total Fitness Founder Don Wildman, and legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, GolfBoarding is an entirely new way to experience the game of golf. The four-wheel drive, lithium ion powered electric board allows users to turn by simply transferring their body weight as if they were surfing or snowboarding. GolfBoards are highly durable and built with a safety-first mantra and are now available  in the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Spain and Indonesia, with distributors in Switzerland and Australia.


The newly formed Golf Capital Group is committed to supporting high-growth-potential companies in the golf marketplace. With extensive experience providing seed capital and asset-based loans in other industries, the senior management team at Golf Capital Group is directing their talents and resources to mentor innovative product offerings that will enhance the game of golf.

Business Update to All Current and Potential Investors

6 months ago

Dear Sol Boards Investor

With the unaudited 2016 financials now available, and with Q1 2017 about to come to a close, we wanted to provide a business update to all current and potential investors, including some general financial performance metrics from Sol Boards’ CFO, Ali Fakhari.

As detailed below, operating results are in line with our internal projections, and with the assistance of our experienced executive team including Ali,  James Williams (Chief Strategy Officer), and Jeff Dowell (President), the company is making strong traction in its capital raise activities. After a successful, and over-subscribed, Title III campaign that raised $1M in January of this year, the company is now in the middle of a 506(c) offering which is open to accredited investors. Please share the link below with colleagues and fans who would like learn more about this round of financing and our company's growth.

Sol Boards continues to expand in order to meet the needs of our core golf business and penetrate new and large adjacent non-golf market opportunities. While GolfBoard has now proven its ability to capture meaningful market share of the $500M worldwide golf vehicle marketplace, we feel our unique product offering is ideally positioned to quickly penetrate the $15B global electric scooter market. With that in mind, we have made some recent organizational changes:

1) Sol Boards’ President, Jeff Dowell, will be assuming all responsibility for GolfBoard Sales with direct oversight of all GolfBoard Territory Managers. Jeff will be focused on growing our domestic and international golf business, capitalizing on the large order backlog that was created by major golf industry trade shows in Q1.

2) So that Jeff Dowell (and our Territory Manger team) is free to focus on maximizing golf sales, we have entered into a service agreement with Microcast Technologies (via MTC's COO, Dean Fuschetti) to provide most all service labor and parts. Given the MTC Team’s intimate familiarity with our product offerings, and large preexisting service parts inventory, they are ideally positioned to provide improved quality of service while controlling costs.

3) In collaboration with our CSO, James Williams, I will head-up new business development for our non-golf verticals, creating the foundation for our non-golf business, including our recently launched ResortBoard offering. Important to the success of these efforts will be the immediate creation of ResortBoard marketing and operational support materials, as well as establishing critical beta test sites to identify best practices and prove the potential for a high return on investment.

We hope you will take time to review the extensive information provided at our 506(c) campaign page, as well as share the investment link with others who may be interested. The company has maintained our pre-money valuation of $9M for this 506(c) fundraising round, and our goal is to increase our valuation to ~$20M by year end, and over ~$100M by 2020. As such, the purchase of Sol Boards shares today has the potential for growing returns.

Below are a few highlights of our unaudited 2016 financial performance:

  • Sol Boards is on track with our projections for fiscal 2016:
    • Revenue - Achieved $4.5M in board sales, and another $250K in other revenues (e.g., service, rentals, etc.), thereby meeting our $4.7M revenue target for 2016
    • Costs - managed our cost of goods sold (COGS) to a total of $3.5M, again consistent with our production cost estimates and projections.
    • Income - Net income was -$1.25M, compared with our budgeted net income of -$1.07M, primarily driven by a difference in income tax expense and other miscellaneous expenses compared to budget.
  • Sol Boards’ goal for 2017 is to achieve $12M in sales with nearly break-even net income of -$200K.
    • Q1 sales - tremendous progress taking nearly $2M in orders at the January 2017 PGA Show in Orlando, and projecting GolfBoard sales volume of over double the prior year.
    • Resort Board launch – now developing plans to further supplement our GolfBoard offerings and target high-potential adjacent markets. Resort rentals will provide recurring cash flow.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team, and we will follow-up with responses to all current and prospective investors by communicating through additional updates at our StartEngine campaign page.


John Wildman, Chairman & CEO

Financial Projections Updated & Sol Boards Sr. Management Announces Intent to Purchase Additional Stock through This Offering

6 months ago

Please be aware that Sol Boards Inc. has recently updated its campaign page to include Financial Projections through 2020. You will see that our Company projects to increase revenue from approximately $3,300,000 in 2015 and $4,750,000 in 2016, to $12,250,000 in 2017.  We encourage you to look at this additional information when making an investment decision. 

Investors should also take notice that Sol Boards Inc. now has over with over $350,000 of funds subscribed through this offering, and that our Senior Management Team intends to make an additional investment of approximately $200,000 to purchase 160,000 shares of Class B stock as part of this offering. Additionally, we recently received several inquiries and questions  (see responses below) from accredited investors looking to subscribe to this offering before it closes Friday, March 31st.  

The company is proud to report that in addition to exceeding its 2016 revenue target, it is well on the way to having record first quarter sales, projecting GolfBoard sales volume of over double the prior year. Additionally, in Q1 we have started fulfilling our first ResortBoard orders, with strong positive consumer reaction (

We are increasingly confident that our “non-golf” board offerings will provide a highly profitable growth engine for the company. The funds raised from this current offering will greatly help support the global expansion of our new product offerings.

Once again, please take time to review the newly posted Financial Projections, as well the responses to recent investor inquires provided below.

Thank you

John Wildman, CEO

Do you expect to reach the $1,000,000 offering by March 31, 2017? If you do not will you extend the time frame? When did this offering begin? 

The $1M 506-c round was launched on the StartEngine portal as of Friday, February 24th 2017 – this offering is currently schedule to end March 31st , but can be extend at our sole discretion. We recently updated our offering exhibits to include Financial Projections though 2020, so we may extend the offering a few days in order to allow current and new investors more time to review this additional information.

If you end up not meeting the $1m mark what is the company’s outlook on viability having raised the $272k so far?

The purpose of this 506-c offering round was to enable accredited investors who had oversubscribed to our successful $1M Title III capital raise to invest in GolfBoard at the same terms ($1.25/share). The company’s financial viability is not dependent on fully subscribing this follow-on 506-c raise (please reference our disclosures and financial documents)

What is your retention rate of clubs that use GolfBoard on a trial basis? Do they often purchase/lease more if they do keep them? Are any planning to get more? 

Generally, 40% of course that test GolfBoards under our 2 month trial program will opt to keep their boards or order a GolfBoard fleet for the following season. We anticipate many of the remainder will going forward choose to take advantage of our newly offered seasonal rental program (which was not available until this January).

Many courses start with a 4 board offering and then grow their offering to 8 or 12 boards (or more). We now have over 16 locations that have grown their fleets to 12+ boards (some over 30), with many more course offering the typical 8 GolfBoard package.

With our “Showcase Course” program, those courses with 12 or more boards receive preferential placement at This incentive does result in “follow-on orders” from course who want to better leverage 2,000 to 3,000 daily visitors to our website looking for “where To Ride”.