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Global Startup Ecosystem

Access Tomorrow's Workforce, Today

Global Startup Ecosystem

Access Tomorrow's Workforce, Today

New York, NY
With a mission to educate, inspire and prepare future generations for the digital age, we believe Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE): is one of the fastest-growing networks for remote tech professionals.


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This offering ended on December 29, 2021 and is no longer accepting investments.

Reasons to Invest

Institutional clients and industry leaders who use our platform include Linkedin, Forbes, SAP, US State Department, Mastercard, Intuit, Google, AWS, IBM Cloud, Facebook, and more.
A community of over 258,000+ individuals including past speakers such as Jack Dorsey (the founder of Twitter), Ndaba Mandela (the grandson of Nelson Mandela), Sophia the Celebrity Robot, Billionaire Kevin Okyere, Vicky Jeudy from the Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black, and VPs/CEOs from Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber and more.
Featured in media outlets such as Forbes Magazine, Black Enterprise, Essence Magazine, Huffington Post, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, and active in high growth markets (Africa, latam, and the Caribbean)

Preparing individuals and organizations for the digital age

GSE is tackling global unemployment by building the tech workforce of the future. Our motto is to engage, inspire and prepare individuals for the digital age. The 3 pillars by which we do this are employment, entrepreneurship, and education. We are committed to tackling unemployment, especially in marginalized communities, by empowering youth ages 18-35 around the world. Today, we believe our platform is in high demand, due to the remote work culture shift and the exponential rate of unemployment in 2020.

The Problem

We believe there is an ever-growing need for remote employees and freelancers in today's digital economy, but there is a talent shortage and a growing skills gap amongst Millenials and future generations

Why does this matter now? The world is changing, from how we live, to how we work. We are experiencing historic levels of unemployment especially amongst younger generations especially in minority communities and emerging markets. In one generation we experienced two major global recessions from the 2008 financial crisis to the 2020 pandemic lockdown. Furthermore, this generation is not prepared for the global shift in talent needs of employers. While exponential technology and automation are optimizing our world, this rapid rate of change is also causing fundamental shifts in our societies, where we believe many of the jobs of today will become irrelevant and replaced by the jobs of tomorrow.

We need a better way to recruit, train, and prepare this generation for the future of work. We believe that global unemployment and rapid upskilling will be defining challenges of our time. And we are taking it head-on with a technology that enables employers to train and hire unique diverse talent pools while making an impact on this global challenge. We believe this fundamentally improves their brand reputation amongst this generation and revolutionizes the recruitment industry.

Additionally, civil unrest has erupted around the world, we believe in part, due to a lack of alternative career opportunities. In 2019, 22 countries witnessed violent street riots led by youth ages 18-45. We believe things will only continue to worsen if we do not create global digital solutions for career upskilling, and business mobility. 

The Solution

An automated talent recruiting technology platform that upskills the remote workforce of tomorrow and connects diverse communities to employment opportunities

Our career app gives companies the opportunity to upskill this generation by launching digital career accelerator programs that attract, train, and hires the best talent from all over the world. It takes on average 36 days to hire a person for a job position. Our career app reduces that number to 30 days. While giving candidates the opportunity to not only train with their dream job company but also learn company culture. Imagine, you can find out what it feels like to work at Facebook while getting trained by them before you even start the job. How's that for better career choices? It takes on average 3-6 months for someone to find the right job. It's so frustrating that 72% of job seekers have reported sharing bad candidate experiences on sites like Glassdoor, on social media, or directly with a colleague or friend. We believe that we are disrupting the process entirely. And for the companies joining this movement, you're going to leverage a new way to find the right people for the job while building a positive reputation amongst this generation.

Our automated app provides access to 3 main things: 

  1. A continuous stream of career development training (career accelerators, workshops, and boot camps)
  2. A virtual marketplace of career opportunities (career fairs, offerings, remote jobs, and fellowships)
  3. A curated community of peers, recruiters, and career coaches. The dashboard hub will be customized to each user thanks to AI automation matching

The Market

The market is worth over $500 billion and continues to grow since the pandemic

The global recruitment industry is worth $536 billion and remote work has grown by 400% in the past decade (HR News). Remote work has rapidly accelerated during the pandemic and is projected to grow in the coming years (Recruiter in 2018, Global Recruitment Market, Recruitment market, Statista).

Source 1 and Source 2. *$43.39B is a projection for 2027 and $374B is a projection for 2026.


*The information contained in the graphic above is based on third party projections.

An estimated 60% of employees have been working from home since the pandemic (Finder) and freelancing income stood at over $1 trillion in 2019 and growing (CNBC, Website planet). The global reduction in work hours in the second quarter of 2020 was equivalent to the loss of 495 million full-time jobs, which became groups of people searching for new roles and opportunities to complement income (Global Finance, IMF).

We believe there is currently a mismatch between the demand and supply, with a high supply of roles and high demand for jobs, but a major skills gap and lack of a talented remote workforce.

Our Traction

World-class mentors, and a clientele that includes Forbes, LinkedIn, and Google

We prioritized user growth and product development over the past few years and tested the pricing needs of the market. This is reflective of pilot revenue traction. As such our user base has grown to over a quarter-million members within the community.

Our bespoke and corporate and government paying clients include Forbes, Linkedin, SAP, Google, NYU, and the US State Department. We have a network of over 600 world-class speakers, mentors, trainers, instructors, ambassadors, and corporate leaders. A few past speakers include Jack Dorsey (the founder of Twitter), Ndaba Mandela (the grandson of Nelson Mandela), Vicky Jeudy from the Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black, and VPs/CEOs from Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, and more.

We believe we are one of the only recruitment and talent-sourcing platform covering advanced technologies and advanced tech roles and problems (AI, Blockchain, Space, VR, AR, XR). We have been featured in over 200 media outlets, blogs, and newsletters including the Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, and the Financial Times, and at events like the Forbes ‘Her Future’ Summit and NASA’s ‘Space Tech Summit and Career Accelerator Program’.

What We Do

Building the tech workforce of the future

For individuals, GSE is a career development dashboard. You simply download our app and join the community by completing a registration and application channel. Once they complete their profile, they are able to engage with the community, participate in the education courses, and receive curated opportunities relevant to their craft, through our AI augmenting system.

For institutions, GSE will be a talent pipeline community dashboard. They simply download our recently released app and will complete their profile to receive support in framing their branding, messaging, and guidelines. Institutions are able to navigate the community and find remote talent, join GSE recruitment and career program initiatives, and potentially host customized bespoke career development programs. Bespoke service for high-level clients leverages the accelerator model and programming to help them find the best talent. Our AI and team help by fine-tuning the process for them and providing recommendations.

The Business Model

Three revenue streams

Our B2B and B2G client base is activated through our annual program sessions and has seen 4x YOY growth. We generated $277,000 in 2018, $283,500 in 2019 and $202,000 in 2020 (with the pandemic year pivot to virtual). Our Average Order Value is $0-$99 for individuals and $499- $100k for institutions.

We have 3 Revenue streams: 

  • Subscription (B2C/B2B) 
  • Sales (B2B/B2G)
  • Service (upsell from account management of clients)

Our freemium model allows people to join our community and access our resources, programs, and training sessions. But members must pay a subscription in order to access premium networking opportunities, content, and other perks.

How We Are Different

We focus on the digital market worldwide and work to empower marginalized communities 

What sets us apart is our focus on remote, digital, and emerging markets. We believe The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is one of the world’s largest remote work recruitment companies that leverages ecosystem-building programs and digital education to curate the world's largest digital tech community of remote talent. We believe we were the first to truly build for remote work and remote talent placement, making us highly poised for the needs and problems that the pandemic exacerbated. We also focus on marginalized groups who have faced economic disadvantages.

We believe we also have one of the largest global footprints across 90 countries, helping us to support the right placement irrespective of the region and also for companies searching for people in set regions. This combined with our educational programs, workshops, courses, and career accelerator programs has helped reach and impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

We also focus on marginalized groups who have faced economic disadvantages and a segment who are having to navigate a world with two major global disasters: the 2008 Great Recession and the 2020 global pandemic/lockdown.

*The above information is based on internal research and management's experience.

The Vision

1 billion people by 2030

Our vision is to upskill 1 billion people by 2030 for the future of work. We see ourselves becoming the top company in our space as we continue to grow our global network of individuals and institutions.


A highly skilled and diverse team lead by a remarkable, award-winning founder

Our company lives the solution that we provide, as a global remote-based team. We speak over 7 different languages, have traveled and work in over 62 countries, and have a combined 40+ years of work experience in the tech and recruitment sector.

Mrs. Christine Souffrant Ntim is an award-winning Haitian-American & Ghanaian, tech ecosystem expert for emerging markets. She was selected and featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, AdAge 40 Under 40, TEDx, Entrepreneur Magazine, Essence, Black Enterprise, Ebony Magazine, Huffington Post, Inc Magazine, Haiti Changemakers 1804 List, and more. After a successful career in banking and nonprofit development, Christine started her tech career as the founder of Vendedy (currently a case study at Harvard business school). Today she is the founder and CEO of Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE), a tech recruitment company that is home to the world’s fastest-growing digital talent career accelerator platform and the fastest growing network of tech summit programs in emerging markets. A well sought after serial entrepreneur, Christine speaks on digital entrepreneurship, personal branding, career planning, and future tech for emerging markets at over 20+ global conferences a year- which includes former appearances at the United Nations, Davos, TEDx, SXSW, European Union Forum, SEC- Security Exchange Commission, US State Department Tours, New York City Mayor's Office, Startup Grind Global, SeedStars World, and more. For fun, she travels and binge-watches top business shows with her husband and 3 kids.

Today she is on a mission to build the workforce of the future with her award-winning digital career accelerator platform - Global Startup Ecosystem. The recruitment company hosts tech ecosystem-building summit programs with high-profile celebrities, corporates, and government officials to build tech career hubs in emerging market countries like Haiti by 2030 and build the tech workforce of the future.

Why Invest

We’ve grown as we tackle one of the biggest challenges of the digital era 

The global recruitment industry is worth $536 billion and remote work has grown by 400% in the past decade (HR News). Today, 60% of employees work from home since the pandemic (Finder) but despite a high supply of roles and demand for jobs, there is a major skills gap and lack of a talented remote workforce. GSE is solving this problem and empowering marginalized communities by targeting youth ages 18-35 around the world, and has been unstoppable in doing so! We have 169 bespoke, corporate, and government paying clients including Forbes, Linkedin, SAP, Google, NYU, and the US State Department. We’ve been featured in over 200+ media outlets, blogs, and newsletters including the Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, and the Financial Times, and have around 190 million social media impressions across our various platforms. Because we started digital remote work career programming before it became a norm during the pandemic, we believe we are poised to be a major leader in this space!

*This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Quick Insert

In the Press

Forbes Magazine

GSE Her Future Summit To Explore AI And The Future Of Work For Women LeadHer Future Summit powered by the Global Startup Ecosystem will take place virtually with 1000+ digital delegates. This will be the largest virtual summit for women to date featuring digital stakeholders from over 60+ countries.

Essence Magazine

50 Black Women Founders To Watch

How Two Founders Launched the 1st Digital Startup Accelerator in 7 Regions around the World

In an effort to increase exposure of local startups to global investors and resources, Global Startup Ecosystem launched the first digital accelerator in 7 major regions around the world in 2016. Entrepreneurs from the Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and Americas.

Forbes Magazine

Entrepreneur Christine Souffrant Ntim On Her No Excuses Approach To Her Work | Unfiltered | Forbes

Face to Face Africa

Christine Souffrant Ntim: The Haitian entrepreneur and powerhouse who is changing the game

Atlantic Black Star

This Entrepreneur Has Launched the First Digital Accelerator In the Caribbean

Essence Magazine

GSE Haiti Tech Summit Founder Christine Souffrant Ntim Is On A Mission: 'Haiti Is Not Open For Business, It’s Open For Disruption'

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Today is the last day! Invest Now in GSE!

6 months ago

GSE Community- Become an investor in our company! 

****For the first time, our company opened up to the public and allowed investment during this funding round. For a limited time only, you can now get equity stake in Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)- one of the leading tech community platform. Invest now and join our global community of impact makers! 

#investment #startup #tech #funding #globalstartupecosystem 

Invest via:

24 Hours Left to Invest in A Community Tech Platform

6 months ago

We announced our capital raise with our community this year and this is the last chance to own a piece of GSE!  24 Hours left!  Become a startup investor today ! 


We are excited to announce that, for the first time, our company is opening up to the public and allowing investment. For a limited time only, you can now get equity stake in Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)- a leading tech hub community platform. Since inception, our platform has been the go to place to engage with tech hubs and tech talent from all over the world.

We’re now giving you the opportunity to invest in a growing brand that has accomplished:

  • Programs in impact experience locations such as Haiti, Nigeria, Ghana, and more! 
  • Partnerships with giant brands such as US State Department, US Mission to the African Union, Forbes, Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Mastercard,  etc. 
  • 258,000 community subscribers from over 90+ countries. 

Founded by Forbes 30 Under 30, serial entrepreneur Christine Ntim, who is a coder, thought leader, and speaker who has been featured on TEDx, Forbes, Essence Magazine, Inc Magazine, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and more. 


Thank you to everyone for sharing an excitement for the announced opportunity to invest in our mission and growth for the first time.


Invest now and join our global community of impact makers! 

7 Days Left to Own a Piece of GSE

6 months ago

Hello Investor Community,

We are building one of the largest tech communities in emerging markets and reaching out to our community to empower this growing network of emerging innovators. 

We announced our capital raise with our community this year and this is the last chance to own a piece of GSE!  Become a startup investor today ! 

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Platform? 

  1. You can make an impact. You can support a platform that has accelerated thousands of people around the world in emerging markets. 
  2. You can tap into a global community. We have a growing community of 250,000 thousand subscribers who you can meet at any of our live annual programs.  
  3. You can meet tech and business icons. Over 600+ global speakers have spoken at our programs! Top speakers in the network include Jack Dorsey (Founder of Twitter), Ben Horowitz, Billionaire Kevin Okyere, Ndaba Mandela, Sophia the Celebrity Robot and more.  
  4. You can network with Fortune 500 companies. We closed partnerships, contracts, and sponsorships with giant brands such as Forbes, Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Mastercard, Intuit, and government entities such as the USA State Dept,  Inter Development Bank, and more. 
  5. You can change the face of tech and business. Our programs highlight and connect you to the entrepreneurs and tech talent of emerging markets and marginalised communities. Connect with the disruptors of tomorrow. 

Since inception, our platform has connected influencers like you to the emerging tech hubs of tomorrow in all parts of the world. We are building the tech workforce of the future and welcome you to invest in our future growth. 


Invest now and join our global community of impact makers. 

You May Be Able To Trade GSE Investment Shares!

6 months ago

You May Be Able to Trade Company Shares! 


What a year it’s been for Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)! We’re excited to bring you more great news. We’re proud to announce that as of this month, Global Startup Ecosystem has agreed to be listed on StartEngine Secondary! 


This agreement means that investors in Global Startup Ecosystem may soon have the ability to trade their shares through StartEngine Secondary, one of the first markets in the US where non-accredited investors can publicly trade investments in private startups that have raised capital via Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation A+.

Trading Shares? Wow! Here Top Q/A : 


What does this mean for investors in Global Startup Ecosystem?

The planned listing will allow investors in our current offering to buy, sell, or trade their Global Startup Ecosystem shares. StartEngine Secondary is an alternative to waiting for a liquidity event, such as an acquisition or IPO, giving investors the option to trade available shares in a company with other investors.


When will Global Startup Ecosystem’s shares start trading?

We must close our current offering to enable trading. Therefore, we have added a new offering close date on our current offering. The earliest Global Startup Ecosystem’s listing will go live on StartEngine Secondary is thus December 28, 2022, but there will likely be a short diligence period once our offering is formally closed.


What actions do investors need to take?
None. We’ll publish more information in the coming weeks as we approach the offering close. Keep a close eye on our updates.


What does this mean for people that have not yet invested in Global Startup Ecosystem?

If you want to lock in your investment at the current offering’s price per share, you need to invest before December 28, 2021. After this close date, the price per share value is not static and may change.


While the company has signed a quotation agreement to trade the securities offered on StartEngine Secondary’s new alternative trading system (the “ATS”), a company which intends to be quoted on the marketplace will be subject to certain requirements which the company may or may not be able to satisfy in a timely manner. Even if a company is qualified to quote its securities on the market, there is no guarantee an active trading market for the securities will ever develop, or if developed, be maintained. You should assume that you may not be able to liquidate your investment for some time or be able to pledge these shares as collateral.

You Are Invited: Global Startup Ecosystem CEO Town Hall Nov 18th

7 months ago

(GSE) Continues to Scale Community Programming With the Global Health Summit

8 months ago

Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is scaling its summit line up to impact people in emerging markets and emerging communities with pertinent topics such as global health. This Friday the company will be hosting the iconic Global Health Summit, which is an international virtual program featuring motivational speakers, healthcare experts and cultural icons addressing thousands of digital delegates in real time. It’s leading mission is to spark conversation on pandemic preparedness and to raise the social consciousness of global health. The virtual live series will feature a range of pertinent topics that seek to empower and enable stakeholders to address the third sustainable development goal of Health and Wellbeing for all.

The theme for the program is Global Health and Mental Wellness in a Post Pandemic World? What’s Next?  The speaker line up includes: 

  1. Erdogan Cesmeli GM, Breakthrough Initiatives Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions

  2. Einstein Ntim Chairman, Global Startup

  3. Scott Parazynski Founder and CEO, Fluidity Technologies, Inc. and 5 Time NASA Astronaut (Retired)

  4. Daniel Kraft Founder of Exponential Medicine

  5. Daryl Woodhouse Award-winning expert in performance, productivity & burnout. CEO of Advantage Business Partnerships Limited

  6. Dr. Dave Richards Cofounder, MIT Innovation Lab

  7. Naveen Jain Billionaire Investor and Founder and CEO Viome


The summit will also address topics such as globalization, crisis management, pandemic equipment devices, food security, and workforce shortages, technological disruptions. 

Global Startup Ecosystem will continue to scale programming and will be attracting 3000+ delegates for this edition. Investors can join the program for free via the company website or event page: at

(GSE) CEO Christine Ntim Selected As Tory Burch Foundation Fellow Amongst Thousands of Women Entrepreneurs

8 months ago

The Tory Burch Foundation announced the 50 early-stage women entrepreneurs selected for the 2021 class of the Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Program, now in its seventh year. Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) CEO Christine Ntim was selected in this year’s group. 

Receiving over a thousand applications, the Foundation selected a cohort of diverse small businesses for the year-long education program. ” Hailing from 18 states and Washington, D.C., and ranging in age from 24 to 60, the 2021 Fellows are diverse in every sense of the word. The top industries represented are retail, apparel, food/beverage and technology, with two entrepreneurs making strides in the male-dominated construction industry. Several of the companies represented are purpose-driven, with many focusing on sustainability initiatives. Fifty-eight percent are founders of color. 

The majority of the entrepreneurs have been in business less than five years, and considering that nearly half of all small businesses fail within those first five years, it is a critical time. The foundation hand selects top female founders for their traction and potential to scale in their respective industries. 

Global Startup Ecosystem Founder- Christine Ntim- will be leveraging the network to accelerate business development opportunities and scaling programs in high impact areas. 

Senior Editor at Linkedin Interviews GSE CEO Christine Ntim about Tech and Future Communities

8 months ago

Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) scaled its community during the pandemic and plans on increasing summit programs in more emerging markets over the next few months. The Senior Editor at Linkedin had a sit down with GSE CEO Christine Ntim to not only hear her entrepreneurial career journey but to also hear what’s next with the Global Startup Ecosystem community expansion roadmap. 

Here is an excerpt from the interview: Christine S. Ntim shares the importance of building with community in mind, and it's about to get technical

Victoria: "Can you share with us your career journey, and what inspired your entrepreneurial focus?"

Christine: "So I would say my entrepreneurial journey started with learning from my parents, especially my mom. I grew up in Haiti as a street vendor alongside my mom and my aunts, selling items in Port-au-Prince, until we immigrated to New York. So I learned about persuading customers to buy products, being bold, being creative. People have told me that I’m one of the best pitchers they’ve ever seen in the startup world, and I speak at conferences about the art of pitching and building your story's narrative, and part of it came from selling alongside my family. My first company, Vendedy, was about digitizing street markets. After Vendedy I realized that I had a passion for digitization and democratizing access—and continued on with creating more companies that I’ve built and sold as well. Now I’m leading Global Startup Ecosystem, which hosts the largest series of national tech summits in the world.

"As a founder who grew up building communities in emerging markets, I knew that emerging market nations' governments will need to embrace technology and to have an official mandate on technology for their respective countries." 

Despite the feedback that Silicon Valley would be the main hub for global entrepreneurs, we launched tech initiatives in the Caribbean and Africa with Haiti Tech Summit, Ghana Tech Summit, Nigeria Tech Summit, Ethiopia Tech Summit, UAE, and more. In 3 years we've hosted national tech summits in 20+ countries across Africa and 50+ around the world targeting diaspora communities, Black communities, minority and women of color-led communities. We go where people overlook, and scale technology ecosystems that prepare people for the digital workforce of the future with programming—centered on 3 pillars of entrepreneurship, education and employment." 

Check out the full interview: 

GSE) Announces 2021 Fall Summit Schedule Scaling Impact in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa.

8 months ago

In 2019, GSE hosted 23 global summits in top emerging market cities in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. In 2020 we took many of its programs online and increased our reach to over 258,000 subscribers. 

For the fall 2021 calendar, Global Startup Ecosystem is expanding its impact with the next edition of 3 major regional summits which includes the Caribbean Future Summit to tackle climate change and tourism sustainability in the region, the Latin Future Summit to kick off economic development in the region’s hardest hit countries and the Africa Future Summit to scale the tech and funding momentum that the region is facing during this pandemic year. 

More announcements will be shared regarding the major country summits that will take place in December following the series of regional summit programs. Community leaders are invited to join and connect with top stakeholders from each of the regional gatherings. 

These summit programs are key gateways for entrepreneurs, investors, and government stakeholders to meet the next wave of emerging tech talent in these hard to reach places. Top Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) investors will be featured at the program. 

You can check out more information regarding speakers, partners, and media  via  and, and

Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) CEO Christine Ntim to focus Company Objectives on Upskilling Millennials for the Future of Remote Work

9 months ago

Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) was founded by serial entrepreneur Christine Ntim who will spearhead the company’s evolving focus on tackling the current global unemployment crisis and workforce challenges. 


Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is well known as a platform for accessing emerging tech hubs and sourcing tech talent from all over the world. The future of work is now here and as one of the fastest growing private companies upskilling millennial talent from around the world, in particular in emerging markets countries such as Haiti, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia etc and emerging communities in the United States targeting women and people of color, GSE is now poised to expand its efforts in workforce development as a market leader. 


During the pandemic, Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) experienced a huge spike in subscribers growing from 117,000 members to 258,000+. The company also experienced a surge in demand from institutional clients searching for platforms that can source tech talent via Global Startup Ecosystem’s  pioneering digital accelerator program structure. For example,  applications for their career accelerator programs targeting Nigeria welcomed 62,000+ applications for only 1000 spots.  The same demand is happening for other high growth countries as more millennials see the GSE platform as more relatable, practical and community centric. GSE has already supported supranational clients such as Forbes, Linkedin, US State Department, Microsoft and more.  


The demand will continue to grow as the global unemployment crisis continues with talent shortages becoming a huge workforce challenge for fortune 1000 companies. 400-800 million jobs could be displaced by 2030 according to McKinsey Global Institute’s latest reportKorn Ferry predicts a coming global human talent shortage of more than 85 million people. Freelancers Union predicts that over 50% of US workers will be freelancing by 2027. And according to recruiter Robert Half, 94% of global business leaders are sourcing contractors from online digital job platforms. These numbers are only accelerating as a post pandemic remote work world continues to unfold.  


The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) mission is to prepare millennials and future generations for the digital age and aims to fulfil the objective of upskilling 1 billion people by 2030 under the leadership of Christine Ntim. 

GSE featured in VentureBeat as #91 in "Growjo's 10K Fastest Growing Companies"

10 months ago

We are pleased to share some exciting news at GSE. Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) was recently featured in VentureBeat as #91 in "Growjo's 10K Fastest Growing Companies

According to the publication, “The 10K companies show growth in a variety of industries including FinTech, Digital Health, IT, Biotech, SaaS and more. The list is released to highlight growth for companies that are on the rise and committed to staying on the path for the foreseeable future. “I think the companies on this list are an incredible representation of growth, both from a revenue perspective as well as overall job growth,” explained Tom Blue, Founder of Growjo.”

During the pandemic, Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) experienced a spike in subscribers as more young people tapped into remote work opportunities. We are excited for the future growth opportunities in helping people tap into emerging markets. 

Your Invited to Join the GSE Global Investment Summit to Kick Off Investment Offering to the Public

10 months ago


It has been an exciting time for the GSE Team. Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) launched a Regulation Crowdfunding round to give non accredited investors an opportunity to invest in our business. 

We first shared the opportunity with our community and social network. We are happy to share that we gained the support of close to 100 investors!

To broaden our offering to the wider public, Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is pleased to announce the launch of the GSE Global Investment Summit to take place live on GSE social channels on September 15, 2021. This culminating summit will welcome over 10,000+ registered investors and influencers from all over the world and will feature the GSE investment offering opportunity. 

Our investors will be given access to the private GSE investment networking session during the program. If you already placed your investment in GSE, stay tuned for more details.  If you haven't invested yet, please do so prior to our GSE Summit to get private networking access. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we keep you updated on announcements, offerings and invitations! 

Best, Christine Ntim CEO at Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)

Notice of Funds Disbursement

11 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Global Startup Ecosystem has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Global Startup Ecosystem be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


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