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Real Wood Garage Doors - 1/8 the cost!

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GarageSkins - Welcome Home!

Invest in GarageSkins

"You are going to change the garage door industry!" - Dan Hughes, QVC's Home Improvement Host

Dan's right.  GarageSkins real wood garage door overlays are a simple, elegant solution to a long-standing problem:  How to make a plain metal garage door look amazing without breaking the bank.  With our easy installation and long-lasting materials and finishes, GarageSkins overlays will make purchasing a high-end real wood door obsolete.. and give millions of homeowners throughout America an easy and affordable way to dramatically improve their existing home.

"We love it!"  - John and Akos, My Cool Inventions

So do we, guys.  And so do over 2000 other families that have signed up to be the first on their block to show off their new GarageSkins systems.  Let the other guy buy his Mercedes.. your GarageSkins system will continue to beautify your home and be the talk of the neighborhood for years to come!

Come to Louisiana and put one on my home! - Michael King,                      On The House syndicated home improvement radio show

Will do, Michael.. with the help and support of the millions of homeowners that now have the opportunity to invest in this product, we'll soon be selling thousands of systems across America.

How can I get in?  - Kim Neufeld, Colorado Springs, CO

Through the newly released SEC Title III rules, now anyone can invest! We have accomplished all the legal tasks necessary and have lots of information for you to review.  And we're always just an email away should you have any questions. 

Read about our amazing GarageSkins overlays!!  Then decide if you want to help launch this disruptive product, or slap your head in frustration when your neighbors installs their new GarageSkins real wood garage door overlay system!

Selling up to $100,000 in Convertible Notes

Notes will carry the following provisions:

  • $4,000,000 valuation cap
  • 7% annual interest rate
  • 1x liquidation preference
  • Maturity Date: October 31, 2019 


We will reserve the first 10 GarageSkins systems for the first 10 investors that come in at the $1,000 or higher level.  This will include a $200 discount ($100 for a 1-car system) to thank you for being one of the first to see the vision and take the chance on us!

Mission Statement:  

GarageSkins, Inc. will manufacture and sell only the highest quality home improvement goods in a safe, clean atmosphere that encourages diversity, accountability, equality and open communication while ensuring strong profitability.  We will provide the highest service standards in our every interaction with end customers, suppliers, retail partners and fellow team members.


What Are GarageSkins Overlays?

A simple, ingenious solution to beautify your home.  

According to, we spend billions of $$ every year making the exterior of our homes warm and inviting, adding stunning landscaping, patio furniture, even outdoor kitchens.  But every day we walk right by the largest and a lot of the times most unattractive part of our home... that big, boring metal garage door.  

But there's an answer.  Simply snap on our real wood GarageSkins garage door overlays to turn that boring garage door into a work of art that will be the talk of the neighborhood!   Our GarageSkins overlays exactly reproduce what a real wood garage door looks like.  Once installed, neither you nor your neighbor will be able to tell that you haven't installed a real wood $10,000 door!  Our panels are lightweight enough to ensure that your garage door springs and opener will handle the extra weight, and simple enough to install that almost anyone can do it.  And at $1199 for a 2-car garage system, it's an affordable enhancement to your beautiful home.

In just under an hour you can completely and dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your home.  Simply snap the panels onto your garage door in the order they are packed and watch the creation come to life!  Watch the video above to see Amanda install a GarageSkins system for the first time ever.  It's easy and intuitive.. and you will enjoy the beauty of your new GarageSkins system for years to come.

Designed to Enhance Almost Any Home

Our Secret Sauce

Real wood veneers make all the difference.  You can touch our GarageSkins overlays, run your hand over them, and you'd swear it was solid, dimensional wood.  Why?  Because it is real wood.  Even though it is only a fraction of a millimeter thick, it still looks and feels like a solid piece of lumber.

We vat-dye our veneer to mimic a variety of species.  Dyeing ensures that the color penetrates all the way through the veneer so that if there is a scratch or slight bump down the road, the color will be stable throughout.  It also allows us to mimic any wood color and species we choose!

Neodymium magnets (also called "rare-earth") provide an amazing amount of force holding your GarageSkins overlays solidly onto your metal garage door.  They are even strong enough to reach through aluminum cladding and attach to the steel stretchers underneath.  The result?  Easy installation and permanent, dynamic adhesion.

Can You Tell the Difference?

We Know Where We're Headed


  • US Utility patent issued protecting our real wood garage overlays systems
  • Expanded utility patent issued protecting the non-wood, paintable versions
  • Over 2000 eager customers waiting for our launch (that's well over $2M in initial revenue at full conversion!)
  • Contact from several home improvement television shows wanting to do a product feature once we are launched
  • Manufacturing site identified with below market rates and adequacy for first 2 years of operations
  • GREAT TEAM committed and ready to spring into action once we have our funding secured


Our targeted production facility in Redmond, Oregon takes advantage of a ready labor market along with great support from the business community there. As a favorite part of Oregon for local adventurers, Central Oregon is ideal for attracting top talent as we grow into a national entity.  And yes, that's a real alpaca farm there!


Our planned facilities are more than adequate to meet our production and corporate needs for the first two years of operations.  With 18,000 sq ft of production space and 7,000 sq ft of office/warehouse space we'll have what we need to launch our amazing product.  As we scale to the national markets, we'll reach out to partner manufacturers that have capacity and proven quality to provide regional supply and fulfill orders immediately.

We're Different from Our Competitors


The garage door.  Almost everyone's got one, most ignore it.. it's just there.  Over the years there have been some attempts in the marketplace to provide solutions to enhancing this boring large chunk of metal that stands so prominently on the front of millions of American homes.  

Real Wood Garage Door

$8500 and up installed

Beautiful.  And expensive!  And what they don't tell you is that in a couple of years the end grain will have mold and mildew beginning to intrude, leaving that black fungus look around the edges.  Plus the finish will soon wear off and need to be refreshed.  However this is the only current option if you want a real-wood look.

Faux Painting

$800 - $1200 / door

You get what you see.  A painted door.  There are a few artists that can really make a metal door look great, but most can't.  It is, however, a better look than just boring paint.  Expensive, though..

Screw-on Vinyl Windows

$200 / 2-car garage door

At least it's something, right?  And they are paintable so that you can match the trim of your home.  But you have to drill screws into your metal garage door.  Not great.  And the acrylic "windows" scratch easily and lose their shine over time.

Screw-on Faux Hardware

$50 at The Home Depot

A quick, screw-on dress-up that's better than nothing!

So if you want your garage door to look like the $10,000 door, but don't want the maintenance or cost, let alone contributing your old garage door to the waste stream for no good reason, then a GarageSkins real wood garage door overlay system is your best choice.  Nothing else looks like real wood, because nothing is.  Period.  

Why Invest in GarageSkins?

  • We believe there is no other system like it.
  • Patent protection will keep it that way.
  • Real wood veneer, not cheap-looking plastic.
  • Compatible with over 16,000,000 steel overhead doors**
  • So lightweight anyone can install it themselves
  • No alteration needed to your garage door's hardware or opener
  • Over 2000 ready buyers waiting at $1199 per 2-car system, all with zero dollars spent in marketing outreach
  • Marketing partners lining up
  • Manufacturing expertise on board
  • Future products will expand our company by a factor of 10
  • A strong team assembled that is wholly committed to success
  • Average age of our successful leadership team is 50 - We know what it takes because we've been there and done that.


Home Improvement Sector Exploding

Rapidly rising home prices and a generally good economy has meant that people want to surround themselves with better things.  Having a beautiful home has become a new sign of affluence.  And with our chaotic lives, we are paying more and more attention to ensuring that our homes are place of peace and pride.  It's this drive to improve our surroundings that has caused the home improvement sector to top $326 BILLION in retail sales in 2016 and is projected to top $408 BILLION by 2019.*  

GarageSkins, Inc. will create a brand new sector in this massive marketplace with the introduction of our GarageSkins real wood garage door overlay systems.  We will reach out to homeowners, builders and remodelers, Realtors and stagers through a multi-pronged effort.  Direct mail, social media interaction, targeted SEO, and partnership with online retailers will expose homeowners and potential referral partners to this brand new concept.  Once they see how easy it is to instantly and dramatically improve their home with a GarageSkins system, it will only be a matter of time until they convert to buyers and become great advocates of our product.

*Source -


A Growing Marketplace

We wanted to know just how large the market is for our GarageSkins real wood garage door overlay systems, so we commissioned the Oregon Manufacturers Extension Partnership to perform a survey to determine how many steel overhead garage doors there are in the US.

Here's what they found:

  • 97,000,000 single family homes in America and thousands more built every day
  • 61,000,000 have garage doors
  • 31,000,000 of those garage doors are steel overhead sectional doors
  • Our GarageSkins garage door overlays are compatible with over 16,000,000 of these**




Performance and Projections

-Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership study Feb 2015


Let's be clear - when you choose to partner with GarageSkins, Inc., you aren't pre-purchasing a product.  You are buying a piece of GarageSkins, Inc.  and will be a willing participant in our success.  Or failure.  But know that our team is wholly committed to nurturing your investment and turning your "seed" into a national company.. one in which you will be proud to tell your friends and family that you saw the early vision and took the risk.

Convertible Notes

We have decided to use Convertible Notes for our first round of investments. A Convertible Note is an instrument that basically says that once a certain event happens, you will be issued common stock in GarageSkins, Inc. at a certain value. We have decided (and it will be in your Convertible Note) that once we have accrued $500,000 in Notes or equity sold, you will be issued common stock in the amount of your original investment plus all interest accrued.

Why not just issue the stock upfront?

We want to prove to not only the investment world but to everyone that our GarageSkins real wood garage door overlays will have universal appeal across America. Delaying issuing stock allows us to show that traction before setting a company value.

Is $100,000 enough?

While it will take roughly $750,000 in investment capital to launch our amazing GarageSkins real wood garage door overlays, raising $100,000 from real-world people that will be potential purchasers of our GarageSkins systems will resonate deeply with the investment community. We'd love to raise all $750,000 from individuals that will eventually have a GarageSkins systems on their home but we anticipate that once we reach the $100,000 level of investment, larger investment entities will provide the rest of our start-up funding.

How Do I See a Return?

There are 3 ways you will see a return.


  1. We sell the company.  It's anticipated that once GarageSkins, Inc. has grown into a national presence that we will be approached by a larger entity in the space that sees us as a great fit for their business model. If it makes sense for GarageSkins, Inc. and our product line, we may elect to negotiate a sale of the company. If that happens you will receive payment in the amount that is determined by taking your number of shares and multiplying by whatever the price per share that is negotiated. You don't have to track anything, you will be notified if this happens.
  2. We "go public." If we ever choose to list shares for sale on one of the many stock exchanges via an initial public offering (ipo) you will then have the opportunity to sell your shares on that exchange at whatever the price per share is at that time. Going public is not our target, however it is definitely a possibility once we have reached a significant size in sales.
  3. You sell your shares back to GarageSkins, Inc. We may from time to time reach out to our shareholders and offer to repurchase your shares. This of course will be at a good multiple of what you initially invested. You will never have to sell your shares.. you can just hold them and watch your portfolio grow as the company grows.

Once GarageSkins, Inc. reaches a point in our business cycle where we have accumulated significant cash reserves, we will from time to time consider issuing cash dividends. This will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Should this happen you will receive a payment that reflects your percentage ownership in GarageSkins, Inc. This will not affect your ownership of your shares. However it is anticipated that for the first several years any cash accumulated will be re-invested in GarageSkins, Inc. to grow our market share and develop new products.

Thank you for considering partnering with GarageSkins, Inc.

Convertible Notes are complicated legal documents. Please make sure you understand the terms, risks, and exactly what you are signing before jumping in. We are excited that you want to be an important part of our team and that you have chosen to take the chance on us! Please know that we have committed our lives to making GarageSkins, Inc. an incredible, meaningful, profitable company that will continue to grow and thrive for years to come.

In the Press

GarageSkins Give You a Wood Look without the Cost
January 1, 2015

Street facing metal garage doors are a tough design problem to overcome. But Rick Medlen of Creswell, OR who invented GarageSkins has the answer. This product will allow any homeowner with a standard metal overhead garage door to add the look of a real wood carriage house door in under an hour and for less than $1000.00

May 9, 2014

Millions of people own nice, modern homes. But no matter how big or small they are, and no matter how simple or elaborate their architecture may be, the vast majority of these homes have the same basic stamped-metal garage doors on them.

Garage Skins Can Change Your Garage Doors Forever
May 27, 2015

Rick Medlen talks with the Carey Brothers about how Garage Skins are indistinguishable from a solid-wood $10,000 garage door.

The Pitch: Giving your garage a facelift with magnets
March 20, 2015

There are a lot of ways to spruce up the appearance of a house. Updating a tired garage door with a designer one is one sure way to boost curb appeal — and put a dent in the home improvement budget.

Offering Summary

GarageSkins, Inc. will issue of $100,000.00 in Convertible Notes.  These notes will carry a 7% interest rate and have a valuation cap at $4,000,000.00 with a 2-year maturity date from date of issue.  They will carry a 1x liquidation preference.

GarageSkins, Inc.

Corporate Address
2191 Meadow Place SE, Albany, OR  97322

Description of Business
Manufacture and sell the patented GarageSkins real wood garage door overlay systems

Type of Security Offered
Convertible Debt

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 

Convertible Note | Minimum $250 Investment

Note converts when the company raises $500,000.00, including any previously raised convertible notes and debts.

Maturity Date: October 31, 2019

$4M valuation cap

7% yearly interest rate

What is a Convertible Note?

A convertible note offers you the right to receive shares in GarageSkins, Inc. The number of shares you will receive in the future will be determined at that time when the Company sets the valuation by taking your money invested plus 7% annual interest (calculated from the date of your Convertible Note's issue to the date of that Note's conversion) and dividing that amount by the price per share set upon Company valuation. The highest conversion price per share is set based on a $4M company valuation cap as detailed in your Convertible Note.  When the maturity date is reached and the note has not converted then you are entitled to receive your investment and interest back from the company.


The Company will reserve the first ten GarageSkins systems for the first ten investors that have purchased at least $1,000.00 in Convertible Notes.  This reservation will also include a $200.00 discount on a 2-car GarageSkins system or $100.00 on a 1-car GarageSkins system.  Should an investor not wish to take advantage of this perk he or she may transfer that reserved spot and discount to anyone he or she chooses.  They would simply notify GarageSkins, Inc. of the receptor of that assignment

Maximum  one hundred thousand dollars of convertible promissory notes ($100,000.00)

Minimum ten thousand dollars of convertible promissory notes ($10,000.00)

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

Show More
Most recent fiscal year-end:
Prior fiscal year-end:
Total Assets
$56,042.00 USD
$667.00 USD
Cash And Cash Equivalents
$50,009.00 USD
$667.00 USD
Accounts Receivable
$6,033.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Short Term Debt
$16,795.00 USD
$9,778.00 USD
Long Term Debt
$186,374.00 USD
$55,200.00 USD
Revenues And Sales
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Taxes Paid
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Net Income
-$75,799.00 USD
-$8,319.00 USD


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


2019 Update - prototype installed in Houston TX

about 1 year ago

Good morning!  I hope this email finds you in great health and spirits this Easter season.  He is Risen!

This is our first update of 2019 with many more to come.. we've spent the first part of this year outfitting a small shop to produce multiple prototypes (and test some production procedures) and are happy to show off our first set that we've installed in the Houston, Texas area. 

Check out this video!!

As with any thing that's a brand new design, we were incredibly excited to see Melissa, with absolutely no experience with this system, pick the panels up out of the box and snap them onto her garage door.  First time was indeed a "snap" and with just a slight bit of adjustment, the system performed flawlessly.   They were incredibly happy with the final appearance and were already starting to show it off to their neighbors when we pulled away.

She and her husband are current investors in GarageSkins, Inc.  Check out this testimonial from him about the process of deciding to invest in what was at that time just a concept:

Where are we at currently?  Several conversations have opened around bringing in partners that can fund the $750,000 it will take to move into full production.  To continue these conversations and continue to create others we are doing the following:

Installing systems in Houston TX, Cincinnati OH, Portland OR, Boston MA, and potentially one in the greater LA area.  We have partners lined up for all of these cities except Los Angeles.. if you are a current investor in GarageSkins, Inc. and have a very nice, photogenic home that could use a set of "skins" please contact me directly at and please include a photo of the home.  We are carefully selecting our sites based on site orientation of the home for maximum SW sun exposure, overall appearance of the home (upscale where our skins could bring the garage door to the level of the home's architecture) and location for potential large-scale investors to see the product first-hand.

Concurrent with this we are preparing a blitz campaign targeting high-net-worth individuals that have shown an interest in start-up investing.  We are using a professional marketing firm to do this so that the messaging is very clear and highly targeted.

As you can imagine, we are busy.  We'll get our 2018 financials posted both here and on our website in the next week and send out notification so you can see how the money's being spent.  

Thank you again for your trust, it may seem that this is taking a very long time but you are watching a process that normally occurs behind closed doors.  Most companies do not make a product public until it's market-ready, and of course it then becomes an "overnight sensation" but in reality it's taken 5-7 years and millions of dollars in product development to get to that phase.  

I appreciate your trust and look forward to a GREAT 2019!   Happy Easter!

-Rick Medlen, CEO

GarageSkins, Inc.

Our New Campaign is Going Great!

about 2 years ago

It seems that several hundred people are clicking to this campaign a week, I just want to remind everyone that our new campaign is live at

 Please visit this site to invest and learn all about this amazing product and opportunity.


Rick Medlen, CEO

GarageSkins, Inc.

GarageSkins, Inc.'s Second Equity CrowdFunding Campaign is now LIVE!

over 2 years ago

GarageSkins, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of our second round of Equity Crowdfunding here on!!!  To see all of our details and the new terms of the offering, please visit:

There you can see all of our product details and have the chance to become a ground-floor investor in what we believe will be a truly disruptive company in the home improvement marketplace.

If you are a current investor, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  If you have looked before but for whatever reason have chosen to wait, now's your chance.   Click the link to see our progress and our terms.

Thank you again for your interest!!

-Rick Medlen, CEO

GarageSkins, Inc.

The end of the road? NO WAY!

over 2 years ago

Here we are, at the end of an incredible 3 months.  A sincere thank you to all of those who have taken a look at this campaign and our amazing GarageSkins product.. We've completely validated the marketplace with over 500,000 video views, almost 1000 private messages, and dozens and dozens of people reaching out to become distributors or otherwise participate.

But the goal of this campaign was to raise $100,000 to help move our product forward to the home improvement marketplace!  And because of you, our investors, we've blown that out of the water.  We'll be closing this campaign today at 4pm Pacific, but stay tuned.. December 15th we'll be launching a new equity crowdfunding campaign here on StartEngine, with a goal of almost $500,000.  To get there we'll have to change some things, including our targeted outreach, but our amazing team is already hard at work getting that ready to roll. 

So if you've followed us, we'll reach out to you once we launch to give you that opportunity to invest.  We've had outreach from large investors but we still remain committed to the idea that the people that want this product on their homes should be given the  chance to participate financially.

Once we close, you'll be given 5 days to decide to keep the investment active.. We hope you do!!  Once the dust has settled with all the legal backend stuff, I'll be reaching out to you all with a welcome to the team letter that will include a much more detailed game plan moving forward. You are, after all, part owners now in GarageSkins, Inc. It will be a great ride!

-Rick Medlen, CEO

GarageSkins, Inc.

What a Ride!

over 2 years ago

 4 years ago when I quit my "day job" and started developing the GarageSkins overlay systems, I could have never imagined that the idea would resonate so well with so many homeowners across the country.  From the minute we put up our website, we were flooded with interest, not only from homeowners wanting to have this on their homes, but from installers, distributors, and design professionals wanting to know how they could become involved.

We've flown cross-country to present to investment groups, and have been offered a partnership that, while it wasn't the right fit, completely validated this product in our minds.  So we set out on this journey to raise our launch funds from the very people who can see the vision of where this amazing product can go!

I want to personally invite you, with only 2 days left, to consider partnering with us.  We will have some "next steps" that we'll detail tomorrow in the final update,  We firmly believe that we are on God's path and that this incredible new product will get to market soon and in the highest quality imaginable.  We'll run the company fairly, sticking firmly to our missions statement.  Employees and management will be treated with respect and will be held to a high standard in how they treat others.

If you choose to pass on this opportunity, best to you in your investment endeavors.  I firmly believe that StartEngine and other platforms will give entrepreneurs the ability to bring products and services to the marketplace that would never have a chance in the traditional investment arena, and that's a HUGE step forward for everyone.  

2 more days, then off to the races.

-Rick Medlen, CEO

GarageSkins, Inc. 


over 2 years ago


Be part of an amazing story

We are wrapping up our equity crowdfunding campaign and invite you to take a second look at partnering with us on this amazing adventure that is GarageSkins, Inc.!

It’s been quite a journey, and one that I never imagined would take so many twists and turns, and yet I wouldn’t change a thing.  Our product is better, we are much smarter as a company, and we’ve started to realize just how big a product our amazing GarageSkins overlay systems will become.


Here are just a few of the challenges we’ve faced:

· There is no “off the shelf” adhesive to bond wood and plastic and still let the wood move with humidity fluctuations

· Large scale investors aren’t interested if you aren’t already on the market

· People will search for a reason to keep you from being successful

· Bills keep coming even if there’s no income stream (imagine that!)

· Sometimes it seems that no one believes in your vision except you (and in my very fortunate case, my wife!)

It’s been a crazy journey.  But through it all we have kept focus on what’s important—the product.  We’ve constantly been improving and searching worldwide for the right providers of our materials and processes.  And some amazing things have happened along the way!!!

Adhesive issues—SOLVED!

Veneer stabilization issues—SOLVED!

Team assembled and committed—CHECK!

Perfect manufacturing facility identified—CHECK!

Materials providers secured—CHECK!

$100,000 raised in equity crowdfunding campaign—SO CLOSE!!

Join our story.


Who knows, you might make a little money in the process.

Just sayin.


over 2 years ago

Imagine you are a garage door company.  You break even selling standard steel/aluminum/fiberglass doors, but where you make your real profit is in doors with wood overlays ($4500) and of course real wood garage doors ($8500 and up for custom work).  All is going well, and nothing has changed substantially in your industry for over 30 years.  Life is good.

But here comes this pesky start-up who can make your basic doors look like your most expensive doors, and do it all in under an hour and for a small fraction of what you charge.  Think you might take notice?  Here at GarageSkins, Inc. we've already fielded calls from garage door manufacturers saying don't waste your time, give up, can't be done, yada yada.  But we have the working prototypes and testing to prove that not only can it be done.  it is being done.  Now.  And with our 2 Utility Patents we'll be able to control this amazing product for the foreseeable future.

FAST FORWARD 2 YEARS:  You are a home builder or remodeler.  You know about the GarageSkins overlay systems and now, instead of installing a real wood door, you recommend to the homeowner that they just get a standard $800 steel door and then choose their own wood species, patterns and options with a GarageSkins overlay system.  Total cost for both about $2,000.  With almost no maintenance needed in the future. 

 That is called industry disruption.

BUT THAT'S NOT THE REAL MARKET FOR OUR GARAGESKINS OVERLAYS:  We will reach in to the tens of millions of America's homes through social media and traditional advertising to show homeowners nationwide just how easy and affordable it is to completely change the curb appeal of their nice homes without having to junk their perfectly good garage door.

16,000,000 TARGET HOMES.




over 2 years ago

We've here at GarageSkins, Inc. have had an amazing journey... from initially being horrified at the cost of a real wood garage door in 2005 when the founder built his little home in Creswell, Oregon, to gluing some plywood to his metal door only to discover that it was WAY too heavy to operate properly.  

Many steps have followed in our journey.... an early launch followed by retraction when we discovered our veneers were not stable enough for humidity fluctuations... reaching out and securing our first investor (who has been an amazing partner along the way!) ... filing and having issued our 2 utility patents... finding and securing raw materials suppliers.... watching our organic list of people who want this product on the market and on their homes grow daily... getting up the nerve (and funds) to fly across the country to present to investment groups..

The list goes on and we could fill a book with all of the great things that have happened to get us where we are.

Now the next great things are happening, and they involve YOU!  Join our team and watch the inner workings as we bring our amazing GarageSkins overlays to the home improvement marketplace.

Invest.  Enjoy.  Profit.

-Rick Medlen, CEO

GarageSkins, Inc.


over 2 years ago

Clock is ticking...only 6 more days to jump on board for what is bound to be a wild ride.  

Look around you as you drive to work today.   How many plain vanilla garage doors do you see?  10?  100?  maybe more.  Every one of those are potential customers for our GarageSkins overlays.  Our train is pulling out of the station.. climb aboard!

God is good to us and we just received our social media report for October, here's yet more reason to take the chance and invest:

  • With just a couple of Facebook ads we've had over 68,000 click-throughs.. and over 400,000 views!  Our people are stunned at the acceptance and need for this product in the marketplace.
  • We've had dozens of people reach out wanting to purchase franchises.  While that's initially not the way we'll go it says a ton that people are willing to part with their hard-earned cash to make sure they are the only provider in an area.

We raised almost $5,000 just yesterday alone.  The goal is in site!  Help us get there.  More to come.

-Rick Medlen, CEO

GarageSkins, Inc.

Only 7 Days Left!

over 2 years ago

Time is getting short!  GarageSkins Inc.’s equity crowdfunding campaign is anticipating reaching our goal of $100,000 soon with funding raised from the very people who want our product on their homes.

There are only 7 days left to take advantage of this unique opportunity to be part of something that will change an industry.  If you have considered partnering with us but have yet to come on board, take a second look!

We’ve been overwhelmed at the response we’ve received from just a few Facebook ads supporting this campaign:

  • 368,000 engagements throughout social media platforms
  • Over 800 private messages asking questions, mostly about where and when they can purchase a new GarageSkins system.
  • Dozens of contacts from professionals in the industry wanting to become retailers or distributors
  • 2600 people on our waiting list

All of this in just a month and a half of targeted outreach.  What do you think will happen once we really start to push our great message out to the world?

Partner with us!  Change America’s neighborhoods.. one garage door at a time!

If you have taken the step to invest, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Your funding and support have allowed us to take several important steps forward.  We’ll update some of those successful steps in the next posting.

-Rick Medlen, CEO

GarageSkins, Inc.

Time is Short!

over 2 years ago

Thank you to everyone who has shared our vision and invested in our amazing new GarageSkins overlays.  I appreciate your trust and know that the wheels are already turning in the background to move us to market.

For those that are still considering joining the team, don't wait!  Time is running out with just a couple of weeks left in our campaign.  We have taken the legal steps to be able to accept investments past our initial $100,000 goal so take advantage of this true ground floor opportunity to be a meaningful part of something big!

Some numbers to consider:

  • Over 2,000 Facebook likes in the past 2 months
  • 500 people added to our 2500-person waiting list - that's $600,000 extra in immediate potential revenue!
  • Thousands of interested contacts from potential purchasers
  • Interest from dozens of retailers and distributors
  • Good conversations started with manufacturing partners to speed us to market

Join the team!!!  if everyone that is "watching" this campaign but hasn't invested yet contributed $1,000 we'd easily hit the $300,000 mark.  

Get excited!  


Thank You For Your Support So Far!

over 2 years ago

We here at GarageSkins, Inc. want to thank everyone sincerely for their support through not only financial commitments, but generally liking and sharing our campaign with the many thousands of people who have visited our campaign page.  We have received our first disbursement and are actively engaging a professional marketing agency to start to really spread the news far and wide about our unique product and opportunity.

With $55,000 raised so far we see our intermediate goal of raising the first $100,000 in clear sight.  There are well over 100 people who are actively following this campaign but have yet to commit to invest.  If you are one of those, please consider jumping in!  With just $500 invested from each of our followers, we'd easily and quickly reach our $100,000 goal.  That would allow us to move into the second phase, where we will actively push our message nationally to accredited investors to reach our launch target of $750,000.

Thank you for following us and your continued support!

-Rick Medlen, CEO

GarageSkins, Inc.

Notice of Funds Disbursement

over 2 years ago


As you might know, GarageSkins, Inc. has exceeded its minimum funding goal.  When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's able to begin withdrawing funds.  If you have invested in GarageSkins be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future!

-Rick Medlen, CEO GarageSkins, Inc.


over 2 years ago

Thank you to everyone who has shown us their trust by investing in GarageSkins, Inc.  We are truly humbled by the amount of support that has poured in during the first three weeks of our campaign.  We will be initiating our first close soon so make sure to open any emails coming your way from StartEngine and read carefully.


To keep the great investment momentum going, we are announcing that the next 25 investors to commit at least $500 to our campaign will be entered into a drawing to receive a free GarageSkins overlay system for a one or two car garage once we are in production.  These investors must complete the investment through to receiving their convertible note to be eligible.  You may transfer this prize to anyone you select should you win, however you cannot resell the product.


Thank you all again for your continued support!

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