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A Censorship-Proof P2P Social Media Protocol 

Gab is building a revolutionary ad-free, censor-proof social media protocol created for people who believe in free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. 

Given the current state of the digital landscape, there is only an illusion of choice when it comes to what technology products and services may be used to communicate, network, find information and discover news online

But the general public is gradually coming to see that their internet experience is increasingly being shaped and influenced by a handful of companies with their own special interests and agendas at stake.

At Gab, we believe in the power of people and the strength of community.  Our goal is to keep the social web grounded in the freedom of expression, information and speech.

Reserve shares in Gab to join and support a growing global community of people committed to free speech unencumbered by regulatory interference from special interests or the old guard of Silicon Valley. In order to be true to its mission and maintain its exclusive place as the world's first and only ad-free social network, Gab must be owned, powered and funded by you - The People.

- Gab Co-Founder & CEO Andrew Torba


Our mission is to provide everyone with a censorship-proof social networking protocol that champions free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information online.

The Exodus Protocol

Gab started as a single, centralized application built on top of the existing internet infrastructure. We soon learned that centralized gatekeepers could prevent anyone from building and distributing an application, stifling innovation and market opportunity. After realizing this empirically when Gab was rejected from Apple's App Store for "objectionable content," removed from Google's Play Store for "hate speech," and threatened by our domain registrar for the same reasons: we knew that it was time for a new solution. 

Our vision is to evolve beyond one application by empowering developers from around the world to build on top of an open peer-to-peer social media protocol. We are calling this the Exodus Protocol and will be building on top of existing open sourced peer-to-peer technology to create a new peer-to-peer social media protocol of our own. We recognize that existing blockchain technology has many limitations including latency, cost, scalability, and a rapidly evolving ecosystem. While we are excited by the future potential of many projects in the blockchain space, we believe that building on top of existing peer-to-peer protocols such as the Dat Project, IPFS, and existing cryptographic peer-to-peer protocols are the best immediate path forward to getting the Exodus Protocol off the ground. 

Peer-to-peer connections and exchanges of value are paramount to our vision for the Exodus Protocol. With this in mind, we've determined that an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the crowdfunding approach that aligns most directly with Gab's market offering.  We believe that, like many of our users, investors in Gab will be supportive of a crowdfunding campaign that champions a decentralized and truly democratic approach to raising capital. The crypto community inherently understands the importance of defending a free and open exchange of ideas on the web. Our aim is to empower everyone, not simply VCs or the 1%, to participate in our ICO. Unlike many ICOs, Gab has an existing product, customers, brand, and track record of success. We are seeking partners who share our longterm vision for the future and want to help us build a protocol that defends the freedom we love for generations to come. 

The primary objective of this ICO fundraising campaign is to establish an Open Developer Ecosystem for the Exodus Protocol.  We will follow these key steps to make this happen:

  • Incentivizing developers to build on top of the Exodus Protocol
  • Recruiting select developers who have been scorned by 'Big Social'
  • Providing an open source protocol that any developer can contribute to or build on


The Only Social Media Protocol Where All Are Welcome to Speak Freely

The Exodus Protocol stands for bringing people together of all races, religions, and creeds who share in the common ideals of Western values around individual liberty and the free exchange of ideas

Here at Gab, we put people first, providing them with the tools they need to create and shape their own online experience. Gab was launched to appeal to consumers unhappy with censorship. Like other social media platforms, Gab allows users to upload and stream their own videos - but then distinguishes itself by not censoring content based on viewpoint. The Exodus Protocol will compete against pre-existing platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook others by appealing to digital consumers who oppose political and/or ideological censorship.



Engaging Live-Stream Broadcasts & Video Content

Live Topics

Crowdsourced Information & Feedback on Current News/Events

Chat Rooms

Private Group Chats


Free, Legal Speech

From its inception, Gab has been committed to appealing to people of all races, backgrounds and political persuasions who support the free flow of information.  As Co-Founder & CEO Andrew Torba said upon its launch, “Gab is not FOR any particular group of people, political leaning, race, beliefs, or anything.  Anybody is welcome to express themselves on Gab.”

Of course Gab does not advocate hate speech.  In fact, Gab terms state that it “treats all people with respect and dignity, regardless of their background, origins and point of view.”

But while Gab prohibits rhetoric that advocates violence or illegal activity and allows users to block hateful speech, Gab does not forbid any speech based solely on viewpoint.


Gab's Simple & Straightforward Terms of Use






Gab AI Inc Transition To Public Benefit B Corp

Gab AI Inc is exclusively committed to the Exodus Protocol. Gab AI Inc plans to transition from its current state as a Delaware C Corp. to become a Public Benefit, B Corp., with a mission of creating defending free speech online and growing the Exodus Protocol ecosystem. Adopting this B Corp. status will require Gab AI Inc to act not only in its shareholders’ interests, but for the benefit of the Exodus Protocol Ecosystem and defending the public benefit of free speech on the internet. 


How The Exodus Protocol Disrupts the Market & Industry

Google’s exclusion of Gab from the Google Play store in April 2017 was arbitrary, anti-competitive, and in clear violation of federal antitrust laws. 

This analysis was made under the narrowest and most conservative interpretation of the Sherman Act, rather than under any broad view of the market power created by network effects or by making free speech an intrinsic good.  Nonetheless, it’s impossible not to consider the larger issues of internet censorship.

Gab has been directly impacted by the digital gatekeepers of the centralized internet as we know it, and we take this to be a dangerous attack on free speech across the board.  Those who support free speech on social media should support the Exodus Protocol as a revolutionary new means of communication and connection protected from censorship, regulatory interference and/or intimidation.  

While Gab’s fight against BigTech’s control on speech may not immediately topple the giants, it is a critical first step in showing that these companies cannot arbitrarily use their market power to stamp out pro-free speech competitors.

As mainstream social networks continue to censor certain views and crack down on what they choose to be 'objectionable content,' consumers' hunger for alternative platforms will only continue to rise.  In addition, the trend of 'cutting the cord' will also continue as the popularity of streaming content over the internet increases. 

The Exodus Protocol is well-positioned to outlive, outlast and benefit from this fragmentation of the mainstream social networking ecosystem into smaller niche communities with shared values and ideals.

Ad-Blocking is Booming

Ad-blocker usage grew 30% in 2016 according to PageFair.

  • Since the start of 2017, more than 615 million devices have been blocking ads worldwide.  
  • 62% of these devices were mobile devices - 308 million.
  • Desktop ad-blocker usage has grown 17% yearly and is currently being used on over 236 million devices.

Recognizing this threat, Facebook and other similar social media giants began fighting back by blocking ad-blockers.  This has led to a clash between ad-blocking companies and social media giants that's only served to further consumer awareness of ad-blocking tools and technologies


Dear Investors,

The Internet was an amazing innovation. It was the world's first 'decentralized' communication system. In a simpler time, the Internet's ad-hoc was designed to combat censorship. It was designed to withstand the forces of onerous governments and corporations. But as the Internet matured, the limits of its initial design are becoming obvious. What was once considered decentralized, is no longer decentralized enough. The free and open Internet has become increasingly controlled and closed. The freedom brought to us by the Internet, and the economic expansion it offers, is under threat.

Neutrality was the primary driver of the Internet's early success. With neutral access, came open competition. Through this competition, users and businesses were enriched at expense to incumbent powers. But yesterday's maverick enterprises are today's incumbent Goliaths. Much like the incumbents of our past, these institutions are starving newcomers.

Thankfully, there are promising new solutions. With these solutions have come promising new regulatory opportunities. Market forces are changing and the time is right to begin work on a new foundation. What follows is a chance to participate in the development of a bold new infrastructure.

Gab was founded on the basis of pushing the limits to what a centralized company can achieve. Gab's success has been achieved by pushing these limits. Gab is now at a crossroad. It is rapidly approaching the limit of what its centralized architecture can achieve. We at Gab wish to continue our growth. To do so, we need to leverage the innovation of decentralized technology.

Gab's need for better infrastructure is real. Content delivery networks arbitrarily denying access. Domain registrars are threatening to revoke ownership of domains. We need a better option. Our proposal is reasonable: we seek to build the peer-to-peer infrastructure that we need. We want infrastructure that we can't unilaterally control. With such technology, we can arbitrage corporate regulations towards the service of users. We seek to build a data routing infrastructure that we don't have to own. Such an infrastructure will empower us to offload the risks of routing data. To create an economy that is better suited to bear the risk of problematic demands by those who seek to censor and silence. 

Gab's team has a track record of success. Unlike most decentralized teams, our competency is earned and real. Our vision is to augment existing decentralized standards. To provide the features we need, and to ensure equal access by similar service providers. Open standards are what allowed the first generation of Internet apps to grow to the size they are today. Open standards will empower the next generation of decentralized services to displace incumbents. We are creating a new decentralized layer of message storage and routing infrastructure. We seek to share our growth, with investors, and others in the modern Internet community.

The Internet needs a peer-to-peer, censorship-proof communication backbone.

So why is now the time to build this backbone? The JOBS Act. Traditional venture capitalists are the usual path to fund large engineering challenges. But the risks of free speech are incompatible with the Venture Capitalists that brought us here. With the JOBS Act, there's now an alternative path. Our solution is to embrace the support of the US government, via the path set forth by the JOBS Act. Our goal is to offer on of the first fully compliant ICOs with American funding laws. Our decentralized needs are not an act of fraud. Our pursuit is noble, and in the tradition of American Free speech standards. By legally soliciting investors, we offer accountability alongside an embrace of American ideals.

Now is the time to renovate the Internet. To fulfill its noble promise. To maintain a system by which everyone can pursue humanity's most virtuous goal: the right to speak freely.

Andrew Torba

CEO, Gab

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