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Gab is now accepting reservations for their next funding round!




Gab is an ad-free social network for creators who believe in free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information online. 

Invest in Gab AI Inc

Gab stands for bringing folks together of all races, religions, and creeds who share in the common ideals of Western values, individual liberty, and the free exchange of ideas. Here at Gab, it is our mission to put people first and provide them with the tools they need to create and shape their own experience.

Whether you realize it or not, there is only but an illusion of choice when it comes to what technology products and services you can use to communicate, find information, network, and discover news. The web is being shaped and influenced by a handful of companies with special interests pushing a very specific agenda. In the free market of ideas, the best ideas always win. When those in control realize that they are no longer winning, they have no choice but to censor and suppress opposing views, information, and better ideas. 

At Gab we believe in the power of people and in the strength of community. It is our goal to keep the social web grounded in the freedom of expression, information, and speech. This crowdfunding campaign levels the playing field and gives The People an opportunity to invest in Gab and join us on our journey to build a social network that people love. Gab is powered, operated, and funded by you The People; not special interests or the old guard in Silicon Valley.

Stand with us and help to build a new platform owned by The People and built for The People.

Andrew Torba, 
CEO Gab AI Inc


$1.10/share | When you invest you are betting the company's future value will exceed $10.9M.


$200 — If you invest $200, you will receive a Gab investor badge. 

$1,000 — If you invest $1,000, you will receive a Gab coffee mug. 

$10,000 — If you invest $10,000, you will receive a video chat with the team over Skype. 

$50,000 — If you invest $50,000 or more, you will get a discount of 10% on the price per share ($1.00/share) and meet with the team next time you are in town. 

Gab's mission is to empower creators and put free speech first. 

What We Have Accomplished So Far

Gab launched into private invite-only beta in August 2016. In just over nine months we've been able to attract 191,000+ users from around the world who are creating over one million posts every month. With our nimble technology team we've built out an impressive suite of products including GabTV; our live-streaming product, Gab Chat Rooms; our private group chat product, and Live Topics; our crowdsourced news and discussion product. Gab is a top 9,000 website in the United States and a top 27,000 website globally. Since launch, Gabbers have driven over 85 million page views. Users spend an average of 12 minutes on Gab every time they login. In March of 2017 we launched GabPro, a premium version of Gab with additional features for a small monthly subscription fee. To date we have 1,950 customers subscribed to GabPro. 

Pictured: user growth August 2016-May 2017 (internal data)

  • $150,000 crowdfunded from the community
  • 3,000+ donors
  • 85,000,000+ page views since launch
  • GabTV live-streaming product 
  • Gab Chat Rooms launched Q2
  • Android app launched in Q2 2017

  • 191,000+ users from around the world
  • 1,000,000+ posts created every month
  • GabPro business model launched March 2017
  • 1,950+ GabPro subscribers

Pictured below: GabPro growth (internal data)

Welcome to Gab, Where All Are Welcome To Speak Freely

GabTV: Engaging Live-Streamed Broadcasts And Videos

Live Topics: Crowdsourced Information On Current Events And News

Gab Chat Rooms: Private Group Chats

GabTV: The New Generation of Media

Gab Empowers Creators 

Gab's business model is to empower creators. One way we are doing this is by offering a premium version of the product for a small monthly or annual subscription fee. This helps us keep Gab ad-free, community-focused, and free of tracking and mass data collection for advertisements. Gab has always and will always be powered by The People.  With an optional upgrade to GabPro, users unlock additional features and tools to enhance their Gab experience and help make Gab possible for everyone. GabPro is $5.99/month or $59.99/year. Some of the benefits of GabPro include: early access to new features, the ability to get verified, list creation, private group chats of up to 50 people, bookmarks, category insights, and the ability to stream live on GabTV. 

Since launching GabPro in mid-March 2017, Gab has earned over 1950 GabPro customers. As we continue to develop GabPro and add more value for our current and future customers, we are confident that we will continue to see strong customer growth with our people-first business model. As Netflix, Apple Music, Hulu, Spotify, and countless others have proven: the subscription model works at scale. We believe the time is right for this model to transition to the social networking ecosystem as consumers become more aware of the mass data collection, privacy invasion, and ad-targeting happening on other establishment networks. 

GabPro Features:

In the next quarter we plan to fully launch GabTV. GabTV is the future of video streaming and content creation online. GabTV empowers content creators of all types by giving them a unique and engaging way to connect directly with their audience. Instead of relying on advertisers for revenue, GabTV hosts will have the ability to offer premium content to those in their audience who subscribe to them. For example, a computer programmer could offer live or recorded video lessons that are only accessible to subscribers. They will also have the ability to earn tips directly from their audience both during and after a broadcast. By eliminating the middleman of advertising from the GabTV, viewers get a better experience and content creators can focus on creating great content that their audiences love instead of appeasing advertisers. 

Gab's Android Mobile App

Our Market and Industry

Gab welcomes everyone, but sees a unique opportunity to carve a niche in a massively underserved and unrepresented market. We estimate that there are over 50 million conservative, libertarian, nationalist, and populist internet users from around the world who are seeking an alternative to the current social networking ecosystems. These users are also actively seeking out alternative media platforms like,,, and others. In November 2016 alone, had over 45 million unique visitors from around the world. As mainstream social networks continue to crack down on "objectionable content" and censor conservative views, we believe the need for alternative platforms will only continue to rise. We believe the trend of "cutting the cord" will continue as the popularity of streaming content over the internet increases. We believe this will also begin a fragmentation process of the social networking ecosystem into smaller niche communities with shared values and ideals. 

Ad Blocking Is Exploding, New Models Are Rising

According to a report from PageFair, ad blocker usage grew 30% in 2016.  There were 615 million devices blocking ads worldwide by the end of 2016, 62% (308 million) being on mobile devices. Desktop ad blocker usage grew 17% year-on-year to 236 million.

Recognizing this existential threat, Facebook and other giants began fighting back by blocking ad blockers. This launched an all-out war between ad blocking companies and social media giants, in return only creating more consumer awareness of ad blocking. 

Many content creators and publishers rely on advertising as their core business model. Unfortunately with the rise of ad blocking and the backlash of creator demonetization on other platforms, it has become difficult for content creators to generate an income. Content creators feel that they can no longer trust establishment social networks. As platforms like and have proven, both tipping and paid subscriptions for premium content are models that work at scale for content creators. 

Our vision is to implement a tipping and subscription system directly into the Gab platform so that any content creator can connect directly with their audience and bypass that middleman of advertising completely. Instead of relying on ad dollars for income, content creators can provide exclusive content to paid subscribers and those who tip them. 

Conservatives are turning off biased networks and content. People are tuning out of traditional media and turning to streaming.

About 50% percent of all ad dollars flow to to Google and Facebook, as ad blocking rises this business model is in jeopardy. Source: eMarketer

Ad Blocker Growth On Mobile Devices Is Growing (Charts courtesy of and source: Pagefair.)

Blue header charts source: Mary Meeker's 2017 internet trends report

50% of the top apps are owned by the same company (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger)
Graph courtesy of

In the Press

Feeling Sidelined By Mainstream Social Media, Far-Right Users Jump To Gab
May 21, 2017

"For whatever reason, we're shying away from individual liberty, individual responsibility to this nanny-state, Big-Brother-esque forum or model of the Internet, which is really scary to me,"

Banned from Twitter? This site promises you can say whatever you want.
November 24, 2016

In a way, “the purge” was the best thing to ever happen to Gab. Suddenly, the small social network that was built by a conservative Christian Republican and promises “free speech” for all, became more active than it had ever been.

As Twitter cracks down on alt-right, aggrieved members flee to 'Gab'
November 28, 2016

Now a new social network start up – Gab – is trying to take advantage of what they see as Silicon Valley’s biased censoring of conservative voices, by putting its focus on uncensored free speech.

'Alt-right''s favored social network: Fake news welcome here
December 8, 2016

“We don’t see human beings as sheep. We trust them,” said Sanduja. "We trust their ability to understand things. They can discern reality from distortion."

Where Do We Draw the Line When It Comes to Free Speech Online?
December 7, 2016

"The reason for the massive demand is simple: People around the world feel that they cannot speak freely and express themselves online. They've seen censorship at scale, progressive-leaning bias, and recognize the monopoly that Silicon Valley has on information, communication, and news online," Torba told NBC News.

The faces of America's young alt-Right pack
December 8, 2016

“If I had to pick a single event that pushed me over the edge to take action and found Gab,” its CEO Andrew Torba told Breitbart in August,

Germany vs. Twitter
June 21, 2017

That’s bad news for Twitter, as users are likely to flock to alternative platforms like

Offering Summary

Gab AI Inc

Corporate Address
PO Box 270116 Austin, Texas 78727, USA

Description of Business
Telecommunications and social networking services, namely, providing live-streaming of video, online chat rooms, and electronic bulletin boards for the transmission of messages among users in the field of general interest.
Type of Security Offered
Common Stock

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 


$200 — If you invest $200, you will receive a Gab investor badge. 

$1,000 — If you invest $1,000, you will receive a Gab coffee mug. 

$10,000 — If you invest $10,000, you will receive a video chat with the team over Skype. 

$50,000 — If you invest $50,000 or more, you will get a discount of 10% on the price per share ($1.00/share) and meet with the team next time you are in town. 

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

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Most recent fiscal year-end:
Prior fiscal year-end:
Total Assets
$16,187.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Cash And Cash Equivalents
$16,187.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Accounts Receivable
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Short Term Debt
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Long Term Debt
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Revenues And Sales
$58,792.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold
$46,151.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Taxes Paid
$1,554.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Net Income
$11,087.00 USD
$0.00 USD


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


Gab ICO Hits $4.7 Million

almost 3 years ago

Hello Everyone,

We've had one of the best and most productive quarters ever at Gab, if you haven't signed in for a bit now is the time to check out what we've been working on.

Over the past 5 months we've been working with auditors, lawyers, and Start Engine to make history with our Regulation A+ ICO. This past week we filed our Offering Circular with the SEC for review, becoming one of the first companies in the world to do so. We expect to hear back from them sometime over the next several weeks.

Our Testing The Waters campaign has reached a phenomenal $4.7 million dollars in reservations for our ICO out of our goal of $10 million total. This is truly a people-powered revolt against Big Tech and Silicon Valley and we are excited to continue on this journey with you to defend individual liberty, free speech, and the free flow of information on the internet.

‪In the last quarter alone we have shipped many new product improvements and features. We've also expanded our engineering and design teams and are in the process of revamping the entire user interface of Gab to make it easier to use for everyone.

Here are just some of the many things we have shipped this quarter: 

‪-The ability for creators to make money via tips/subs‬
‪-Longer posts up to 3,000 characters, formatting (bold, italic, underline)
‪-Totally overhauled Android app
‪-A brand new mobile site‬ experience
‪-Favorite topics feature‬
‪-Revamped search feature‬
-A new Gab Shop with GabSwag like stickers, shirts, and more.

We also recently passed a big milestone of 400,000 total Gab accounts

What's next? 

We are going to continue working to make Gab easier to use for everyone with our user interface redesign. As mentioned we've hired an A+ designer who worked for some of the top tech companies in the world. We plan to continue to expand the engineering team after the ICO goes live and start building out our vision for the Exodus Protocol, our solution to the censorship happening across the web. We will be laser focused on product development, reaching sustainability, and driving user growth through new marketing efforts. 

Thank You

We are humbled, honored, and blessed to serve all of you. Each and everyday we wake up and can't wait to get to work. Very few people have that privilege. We are working hard to become better leaders, better people, and better patriots everyday. Thank you for being here and thank you for supporting our shared dream and vision of defending liberty for everyone on the internet for generations to come. 

Gab ICO Hits $1.1 million Reserved

almost 3 years ago

Hello Everyone,

The past week has been one of the most incredible of Gab's existence. First, the totally dishonest New York Times wrote a hit piece on Gab and our community. This caused a massive surge in reservations made for our ICO, bringing us to $1.1 million reserved total in just a few short days.

Next, the FCC repealed Title II regulations and even cited Gab as an example of Edge providers abusing their market power to stifle innovation and censor content. "If anything, recent evidence suggests that hosting services, social media platforms, edge providers, and other providers of virtual Internet infrastructure are more likely to block content on viewpoint grounds." 

Finally, Newsweek called Gab "Twitter's prison," because we empower dissidents who have been silenced from other platforms.

Together, we are making history. There's a reason mainstream media outlets are attacking Gab just one week before Twitter's new enforcement policies go into place. We are making a difference.

Our community is growing. In the past few weeks alone we've added 40,000 new users. 
Our fundraising efforts have been a massive success. We reserved hundreds of thousands of dollars for our next funding round this week alone from The People; not Saudi Princes or Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists. 
Our product is improving quickly. We've recently hired more engineers and have made big improvements. If you haven't signed in for a few weeks it's a great time to check it out or download our latest Android app.

Thank you all for your continued support. If you want to keep an eye on the progress of our ICO you can view our new StartEngine Page here:

Have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday! 

$738,000 Reserved For Gab's ICO

almost 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

We've made some incredible progress this month on the product in preparation for Twitter's strict new enforcement rules that will be going live on December 18th. Twitter will be judging user behavior both on and OFF of their website. Meaning if you visit another website that they don't like or show "support" for groups they don't like, you can get banned. This unprecedented level of censorship and blacklisting of groups from the public square is unlike anything in history and will be a huge opportunity for Gab.

In just 30 days we've been able to reserve $738,000 in our ICO Test The Waters Campaign. We expect the ICO to go live sometime in Q1 2018. This will be one of the first Regulation A+ ICO's in history and will once again allow our users to become owners in Gab as we continue to take on the Silicon Valley elite and Big Social. If you want to reserve your investment you can do so now by visiting our testing the waters campaign page. No exchange of money or bitcoin happens yet, this is simply a way to reserve your spot for when the ICO goes live. Our last campaign was oversubscribed by hundreds of thousands of dollars and filled up very quickly, so be sure to reserve early.

In just the last few weeks alone we've shipped:

-Creator Monetization tools like tipping and premium subscriptions for exclusive content
-A totally revamped direct message system
-Reply and repost counters
-Improved search results
-An on boarding experience that walks new users through the entire product
-Native GIF uploading
-A completely redesigned Android app, version 2.0
-Plenty of bug fixes!

We hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Thanks and remember to speak freely! 

Gab's Testing The Waters Campaign

about 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

I have a lot of exciting news to share in this update. This summer the crowdfunding campaign for our seed round was one of the most impressive campaigns in crowdfunding history. We reached our maximum investment amount of $1,070,000 in just over a month's time and oversubscribed the round by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After this wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, we are now excited to announce our next stage of financing. Gab will be one of the first companies in the world to launch a Regulation A+ ICO (Initial Coin Offering.) Through this new form of crowdfunding Gab will be able to raise capital from both cash holders as well as those who hold cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

The SEC allows us to launch what is called a "testing the waters" campaign and allows investors to reserve their spot for the Regulation A+ round. No money will be exchanged yet, you'll essentially be reserving your spot in line to be notified first when the Regulation A+ campaign goes live.

We have a big vision for the future. One that takes Gab to the next level and defends the free and open internet as well as the free flow of information for generations to come. We're calling this The Exodus Protocol. You can learn all about it here and reserve your spot on our testing the waters campaign page.

You can also watch our pitch at StartEngine's ICO Summit here starting at 1:07:10. Feel free to check out the rest of the event in order to learn more about ICO's in general and how they are revolutionizing finance. 

Gab's growth has continued to surpass our expectations.

-We now have over 325,000+ users from around the world.

-This quarter we've made some big improvements to the backend of Gab, positioning it for further growth in 2018 and beyond. As part of this effort, we also secured a 3 year commitment deal with our hosting provider to ensure we have the resources to sustain our infrastructure for longterm growth.

-GabTV is now fully launched with video uploading and live broadcasting

-Gab's Premium Creator monetization tools are now live. Creators can earn tips and charge a monthly subscription for exclusive subscriber-only premium content.

-Our Android app has received a complete overhaul from top to bottom.

Thank you all and remember to speak freely! 

Investment Update

about 3 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to send a quick update on where we are at in the post-offering process. Thanks to all of you we had a massively successful and very over-subscribed offering. This has taken StartEngine some time to process all of the current pending investments. At this point, we are just waiting for the team at StartEngine to finish the process of diligently reviewing each investment. If you have any questions or concerns before then please reach out to StartEngine's team directly. Thank you for your time and patience. Once this processing finishes we will begin to award investor perks. We will reach out to shareholders via email about perks.

Other Updates
Gab's CEO Andrew Torba was recently featured on Fox News speaking about Big Tech.

Gab News Is Now Live

Gab Is Suing Google

Read the Complaint Filed Here

Gab Is Hiring Engineers

Click the link above for more info. 

We Hit Our Goal!

over 3 years ago

Big news: we have officially hit our goal of $1.07m!

Thank you so much for supporting our mission to protect and defend free speech and expression online. While we have now exceeded the $1,070,000 limit for a Title III raise, please feel free to continue to invest and refer others. It is likely that some early investors will "fall out," and anyone who invests now will be given preferential treatment over those who invest later.

This has been one of the most incredible and humbling weeks of our lives. Thank you kindly for your support.
Remember to speak freely!

Andrew Torba

Our Second Closing

over 3 years ago

Gab has exceeded their minimum funding goal and will continue to accept investments through 9/08/2017.

Per their offering terms, and because their equity crowdfunding campaign has now exceeded the minimum funding goal, Gab has decided to conduct a closing on 8/23/17. If your funds have cleared you will have up until 48 hours prior to this closing to cancel your investment. If your funds have not yet cleared by this date, then you will be part of the next closing if and when your funds do clear.

Our team is excited to keep building and improving the product, thank you for joining us on this journey!

$861,000 Raised!

over 3 years ago


Over the last 4 days we have raised $354,000 for a total of $861,000 in our campaign. There is still time left to invest as we approach our maximum limit of 1.07m. We were also featured on CNBC yesterday, did you catch our interview?

Thanks and remember to speak freely!

Gab has Raised $500,000 So Far!

over 3 years ago


The Alt Tech Revolution has begun. In just over 30 days Gab has raised $507,000 from people just like you from all around the world. Together we are going to build a community and product that people love and cherish.

We are also proud to announce the Alt Tech Alliance, a passionate group of brave engineers, product managers, investors and others who are tired of the status quo in the technology industry. We are and will continue to be the defenders of free speech, individual liberty, and truth.

Gab was featured in press around the world this week after speaking out against the firing of James Damore, a Google employee who was fired for his now infamous Google Manifesto.

Check us out in the press from this week here:
Gab in Fortune Magazine
Gab in The Guardian
Gab in The Washington Post
Gab in Breitbart

Thanks and remember to speak freely! 

Amending our Securities Offering

over 3 years ago

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Gab offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of that change:

The issuer is adding a new perk which allows a 10% price per share discount when investing $50,000 or more.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

GabTV is Now Live!

over 3 years ago

Hello All, 

We wanted to thank you all so much for your support during our equity crowdfunding campaign. Together we have raised over $368,000 so far from Gabbers just like you in our very first funding round. There is still time to invest and join us on our journey to build a product and community that people love. 

What's new on Gab?

GabTV, our live streaming audio and video service, is now live for GabPro members!

How do I go live?

GabPro subscribers can use third-party apps like OBS Broadcaster, Larix, and others to go live on GabTV in front of the Gab community. Streamers can choose to broadcast both a live or a prerecorded video/audio stream. To learn more about going live on GabTV, check out this helpful blog post for getting started.

What are you working on now? 

Very soon we will be launching our tipping system for GabTV, which will allow creators to accept tips from their audience and give audience members a chance to reward their favorite creator. It will also open up a new revenue stream for our business to thrive and grow. 

Anything else going on?

Yes, our Make Speech Free Again hats are shipping out this week. Get yours on the Gab Store here.

Remember to speak freely! 

Our first closing

over 3 years ago

Gab has exceeded their minimum funding goal and will continue to accept investments through 9/08/2017.

Per their offering terms, and because their equity crowdfunding campaign has now exceeded the minimum funding goal by over 3056%, Gab has decided to conduct a closing on 8/1/17. If your funds have cleared you will have up until 48 hours prior to this closing to cancel your investment. If your funds have not yet cleared by this date, then you will be part of the next closing if and when your funds do clear.

Our team is excited to keep building and improving the product, thank you for joining us on this journey! 


over 3 years ago

Hello Folks,

We've passed a huge milestone of over $250,000 raised in under 10 days! We are incredibly humbled and motivated by your support. On behalf of the team I'd like to welcome you to our family of freedom fighters. Over the past ten days we've been able to accomplish a lot on the product side of Gab. During this timeframe we were able to ship:

-The official Gab Shop: 
-Our beautiful new main landing page and instant sign up process 
-Branched replies to make the flow of conversations on Gab easier to read and follow
-The ability to "pin" posts at the top of Gab profiles for PRO users
-A redesigned dropdown menu to pin, delete, edit, or save a Gab post
-Hover over a user's profile photo to get a quick look at their bio/profile without leaving the page
-Hover over the notification bell to get a quick preview of new notifications 
-View who reposted a Gab by clicking on the vote number to the left of any post
-A 6 month $29.95 GabPro pricing tier 
-Bug fixes🐛

We have so much more on the way over the next few weeks and can't wait to share!


over 3 years ago

We are about to pass day four of being live with our campaign and have already raised $180,000! Our team is incredibly humbled by your amazing support. From the day we launched in August of 2016 Gab has always been powered by The People. We knew we were taking the right path by launching this campaign and allowing our community to join us on our journey to build a product people love. We're excited to continue innovating and improving the product for Gabbers around the world. Thanks to your support we will be able to keep building and expand our core team. Please be sure to share the link to the crowdfunding campaign on other channels to help us get the word out!


Why can't Canadian investors participate?

Unfortunately Canadian securities regulators have imposed this restriction for their residents to be able to invest in a US licensed FINRA portal under Reg CF and Reg A+. In order for StartEngine to take Canadian investors, they would not only have to apply to the FINRA equivalent in Canada and be accepted, but also apply to each Canadian province. Thus, unfortunately at the moment we cannot take Canadian investment.

When will the investment perks be awarded? 
We will contact investors about the investment perks after the crowdfunding campaign has been completed.

How can I help Gab and the campaign?
Share the link to our campaign everywhere! Talk about it with friends. Write a blog post. Make a video. Anything helps. Thank you again for your support!

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