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StartEngine Founder's Summit

Helping companies to raise the capital they need.

The StartEngine Founder's Summit is a one-day event that features panels, speakers, and workshops to help educate companies and entrepreneurs on how to raise the capital they need to grow their business.

StartEngine Fonder's Summit

Why attend?

1. Learn about fundraising

Get fundraising advice from entrepreneurs & investors who have been in your shoes.

2. The Path to Success - what it takes

From marketing to management, what practices build a successful company.

3. Complimentary Services

Work one on one with CPAs lawyers, and marketing experts (free for all attendees).

Startup Pitch Decks
Social Media for Business

Event Details


Santa Monica, CA


August 2nd, 2019


Fairmont Hotel


8 AM - 5 PM PDT


FREE for admitted applicants

Get Free Help

CPAs & marketing experts

How to Attend:

In order to attend the StartEngine Founder’s Summit, we require that you submit an application. To get started, apply below.

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During the last panel of the day, StartEngine’s Vice President of Sales & Business Development Allen Jebsen led a discussion with…

In one of the early afternoon panels, StartEngine’s Chief Marketing Officer Johanna Cronin led a discussion with marketing experts on creating…

Vice Presidents of Sales & Business Development Allen Jebsen and Josh Amster walk the audience through the StartEngine platform and how…

StartEngine’s Director of Compliance & Due Diligence Jon Reyes and Kristen Howell, a Partner at Fox Rothschild, walk the crowd through…

StartEngine’s Content Marketing Manager Max Crawford (me!) sat down with co-founder & CEO Howard Marks to discuss liquidity in secondary markets…

For the opening keynote of the StartEngine Founder’s Summit, the company’s co-founder & CEO Howard Marks shared his vision for the…

In a conversation with StartEngine’s co-founder & CEO Howard Marks, Ron Wilson, the CEO of Hylete, a community-driven fitness brand, discussed…

When you break down social barriers, everybody wins, or perhaps this is better said as everybody has the same chance to…

This event is a free event and StartEngine reserves the right to determine who can and who cannot attend based on their application. If accepted to the StartEngine Founder’s Summit, it does not guarantee that you will or can launch on

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