StartEngine Founder's Summit​

Leverage the Crowd for Your Next Funding Round

Santa Monica

How did we raise $10M from over 7,000 investors for StartEngine?

Learn how equity crowdfunding works from our team and the companies we’ve worked with at the StartEngine Founder’s Summit, and find out how you can make your customers your next investors.

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Why attend?

1. Meet StartEngine's Team

Meet our CMO Johanna Cronin and Doryn Fine, an Account Executive, and learn firsthand how equity crowdfunding can help you maintain control of your business.

2. Learn How We Raised $10M

Discover how we raised $10M from over 7,000 investors and turned our customers into our power users.

3. Get $5,000 in Ad Spend

If you attend the summit and then launch on StartEngine within 5 weeks, you will receive $5K in digital ad spend with our in-house digital marketing team. On us.

Upcoming Summits

march 5
New York

march 25
Los Angeles

Stay tuned for more details on the New York and Los Angeles summits.

New York Event Details


New York City,
New York 10001


This event is FREE for all admitted applicants.


March 5th, 2020



New York Speakers

Learn how you can leverage the crowd to fund your business from the StartEngine team.

Johanna Cronin
Chief Marketing Officer, StartEngine

Johanna is the Chief Marketing Officer at StartEngine. She was the first employee of the company and began working for StartEngine in 2014. Prior to that she served as an SEM analyst, managing paid media budgets and purchasing media placements for small businesses, at  Dex Media. Johanna received her Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University, where she was a psychology major with a Spanish minor

Doryn Fine
Account Executive, StartEngine

As a certified pilot, electrical engineer, airframe mechanic, and Designated Engineering Representative for the FAA, JD has held key engineering roles at several aerospace manufacturers. JD and xCraft co-founder Charles Manning were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2015 and negotiated a deal with all five Sharks.

New York Summit Agenda

3:30 PM: Coffee & networking

3:45 PM: StartEngine Presentation

Allen Jebsen, VP of Sales at StartEngine, walks through equity crowdfunding and the StartEngine platform.

4:15PM: A $10M Case Study

Hear Johanna Cronin, StartEngine’s Chief Marketing Officer, explain what strategies StartEngine has used to raise over $10M from over 7,000 investors.

4:45 PM: Conclusion & Next Steps

Johanna and Allen describe the onboarding process of StartEngine and how companies can take the next step to launching their campaign.

5 PM: Networking

Interested Investor

How to Attend:

In order to attend the StartEngine Founder’s Summit, we require that you submit an application. To get started, apply below.

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