The Flower Turbines offering is now closed and is no longer accepting investments.

Flower Turbines

Innovative Small Wind Turbines

Flower Turbines

Innovative Small Wind Turbines

Lawrence, NY
Clean Technology
Flower Turbines has created sleek, innovative, and efficient small wind turbines—with the goal to make those turbines the foundation of a large global renewable energy company. We are already expanding into e-bike charging. Join us as we scale up!


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Price per Share
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This offering ended on December 31, 2021 and is no longer accepting investments.

*As described in the Offering Circular, the Company retains the right to continue the offering beyond the Termination Date, in its sole discretion

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For more information on Flower Turbines, Inc. download and review the Offering Circular. The Offering Circular should be reviewed before making an investment decision.

Reasons to Invest

  • Two oversubscribed StartEngine campaigns with Reg CF. Named one of America's top 10 most fundable companies 
  • Our small wind turbines increase productivity by 20-50% when positioned close together
  • Strong IP portfolio with multiple patents granted and pending in multiple countries 

“Beauty combined with aerodynamic innovations that change the market for small wind.”

What does it mean to be one of America's most fundable companies?

 Pepperdine University Business School picked 20 out of 4500 companies as the Most Fundable Companies in America after an intensive review of the people, financials, and business plan, followed by interviews and background checks. After that, the public was asked to vote for their favorites, and Flower Turbines was in the top 3.

They picked companies using the criteria a venture capitalist would use to evaluate an investment. Here is a link to the site and here is an explanation of what it means from a venture capital point of view.

We believe this Reg A round of fundraising will accelerate our sales and growth so that we can achieve that prediction.

The Problem

Until now, the small wind sector of the renewable energy market has lagged behind solar

We believe there are two major problems preventing the small wind sector from heading toward the trillion-dollar mark.

  1. Typically, low noise and high efficiency do not go together as most small wind solutions have to compromise on one of these two fronts. As a result, this makes them unusable for most areas where people live and work.

  1. Wind turbines cannot be placed without interfering with each other's wind flow.

Additionally, there can be problems including the safety of birds, physical appearance, and cost-effectiveness. The aerodynamic interference of one turbine with another means they have to be widely spread, resulting in lower cost-effectiveness in settings where most people live and work.

Until now, in our view, smaller wind turbines have not provided a viable solution.

Another global problem: The growth of e-bikes is limited by the charging infrastructure.

The Solution

An entirely new type of small turbine

Flower Turbines has addressed the problems of the past with technology improvements. The turbines have less turbulence, more efficiency, and work together in a way that no one thought vertical axis drag-type turbines could. We are also disrupting the market by combining them with a beautiful design that makes people proud to own them.

Flower Turbines feature a cluster effect that causes one turbine to make its neighbor perform better. One turbine makes its neighbor perform 20-50% better as in the graph below —enabling a better solution: slightly more cost-effective than solar in a windy area, but hugely more productive per square foot. 

In the illustration below, red is the highest velocity, blue is lowest, the wind comes from the left, and this is a horizontal slice through the middle of the turbine with the shaft in the middle. Note that as the wind enters the turbine and reverses direction in order to hit the second blade as well (call it two for the price of one!), the illustration reaches “red” speed in the middle. The higher the effective speed when the wind hits the blades, the more energy the turbine produces. The red area of increased speed to the side of the turbine shows why the cluster effect works.

This is a huge advantage for Flower Turbines in places where space is limited—close to people, buildings, and parking lots. And it accompanies solar beautifully, because using both together means energy during more of a daily and seasonal cycle, thereby saving on costly battery storage.

*This image is an example of one of our models.

We have an additional product line of on and off-grid e-bike chargers, some of which are powered by our wind turbines.

The Market

Small turbines are projected to hit a CAGR of 17.4% over the next five years

The expected revenue from the small turbine sector is projected to reach $400M in 2024, growing 42.5% in just five years. This level of growth is expected without factoring in the effect of our product entering the mass market.

The market report states the following:

"The global Small Wind Turbines market size is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2020 to 2025, with a CAGR of 17.4%% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2025 and will expect to reach USD 316.7 million by 2025, from USD 166.6 million in 2019." Flower Turbines is clearly in a high growth market and has the opportunity to increase the size of that market and its growth rate by specifically targeting the underserved markets of the location close to people and close to or on buildings because of the combination of quiet and efficiency.

We believe our technological improvements to small wind will eliminate some of the past barriers in the industry, allowing us to contribute to further market growth. With these changes, we think that small wind can grow on a similar trajectory as solar.

Additionally, Solar PV experienced large growth while being in the public domain. But only Flower Turbines can produce a Tulip thanks to our Intellectual Property.

Bloomberg predicts that wind and solar will power half the world's grid by 2050 and receive $9 trillion of investment. We hope Flower Turbines will be part of that. Additionally, Flower Turbines has entered the exciting market of electric charging, one of the top trends in cleantech.

Our Traction

Our "cluster effect" has demonstrated success

In our decade of development, we have had success in pitching our design and product to investors and accelerators all over — we were one of the 3% chosen to participate in Dreamit Venture's first Urbantech Accelerator, we were among the winners of the US-China Innovation Forum contest, were chosen by PortXL Rotterdam as one of the 20 companies out of 1000 for investment and we won the 2019 Energy Award in the Netherlands. 

We have demonstrated the successful execution of the benefits of our ‘cluster effect’ and recently started the manufacturing. In addition to this, our achievements speak for the power of our technology.

  • Won an innovation loan from Rabobank, a vote of confidence from a top bank in Europe

  • Acquired and developed a product line of wind-powered electric bike charging stations

  • Set up a manufacturing supply chain close to our entry market for the EU

  • Won a national competition in the Netherlands, whereby a city is paid to buy one of our turbines

  • Chosen as one of the top 45 inventions in the history of Israel (the technology was developed there before incorporation in the US)

  • Set up our own small wind tunnel and research facility in Rotterdam

  • Won contracts and a tender in the Netherlands.

The charging station market depends on sales of electric bicycles and scooters.  A recent report from Deloitte estimates that 300 million electric bikes will be on the world's roads by 2023, which is 50% more than in 2019.

With more sales in process, we are also planning manufacturing and development in the US. As of September 2020, we have signed a contract for the development of our own brand of motors and we are also developing our own brand of charge controllers. These initiatives will result in components that fit our demands exactly and lead to lower costs.

What We Do

Building a great global wind technology company

The last round of funding enabled us to develop our team and high-quality supply chain in the EU, with mostly Dutch manufacturing. With this next round of funding, we’ll be concentrating on expansion particularly in the NorthEast region of the US, and manufacturing in the Midwest.

We see the market of electric vehicles on-grid and off-grid charging for bikes and devices as one of our large future markets in addition to selling the turbines for grid electricity. 

We also believe in our part in saving the planet by creating technological improvements that will make our products useful choices. Our goal is to provide 5% of electric power in most major markets within 20 years. If we can achieve mass production through this next funding round, we will try to achieve a growth trajectory similar to that of solar.

 *Images are computer generated demo versions.

The Business Model

Creating the future of small wind farms

Our technology enables a new model in small wind. The fact that we can cluster the turbines means a small wind farm sales model, which is cheaper for the customer. Now, a mall or school building can have 100 turbines on their roofs or in their parking lots—the same on a lesser scale with residences. 

As Flower Turbines grows, it plans to sell not just turbines, but also electricity. We believe, from our own assessment, the US commercial market alone is a total potential market of $225 billion and the residential market is another total potential market of $50 billion.

We have also diversified our revenue generation through our electric bicycle charging product line.  This enables us to sell products in non-windy areas and where the grid electric price is very low.

 *Images are computer generated demo versions.

Flower Turbines is creating partnerships that will lead to new markets for our turbines. Here is one current proposed partnership using wind and solar together for greener transportation.

How We Are Different

We make small wind turbines with a mass production and installation model

An indication of the efficiency of our Flower Turbines is that they are able to begin generating electricity at a wind speed of just 1.2 m/s (industry standard is 3 m/s).  This conclusion is based on testing data in a low wind environment.

If you were to place our turbines next to the average competitor with 3 m/s wind, the large model Tulip will already be producing 30 Watts of electricity as the competition is first beginning to rotate.

Our ‘cluster effect’ is also one of our key advantages, as it allows us to scale wind farms and enter urban markets with tight spaces. 

The carefully crafted design of the Tulip is so aerodynamically efficient, it is actually able to take the wind entering the turbine, reverse its direction, and point toward the second blade at a higher speed than the initial wind outside.

Pictured below is Dr. Farb at a contract signing after Flower Turbines won a tender from a city in the Netherlands 

*This video contains images of a working demo model of our product.

The Vision

Building a Great Company With Environmental Responsibility

We believe in our part in saving the planet, not by asking for subsidies, but by creating technological improvements that will make our products useful choices. Our goal is to provide 5% of electric power in most major markets within 20 years. That is a significant goal and a significant impact on the planet.

Fulfilling our business plan requires an up-front investment, but we believe that the quality of our products and demand for more will result in potential growth once people become acquainted with first installations.

*Images are computer generated demo versions.

Our Team

Veterans of renewable energy and project management devoted to changing the landscape of clean energy

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Daniel Farb, has degrees in business, science, and literature. He won awards for renewable energy technology and is completely focused on the success of Flower Turbines. 

Working under Dr. Farb is a team of project managers, professors, and engineers with decades of expertise in design, startups, wind energy, electronics, and sustainability.

Why Invest

Help change the landscape of sustainability forever

Our first $1 million enabled Flower Turbines to expand patents and engineering and begin with manufacturing several sizes and versions, to expand its product line to the fast-growing segment of electric vehicle charging, and to develop a critical team mass in the European market. The second funding round allowed us to move into an upward sales trajectory and work on manufacturing. This third funding round is aimed to move us into profitable operations and develop a critical mass in the US market as we did in Europe.


Additional Videos:

Dr. Farb, CEO, speaking at the US Congressional Office Building

Installation in South America, showing how the birds avoid the turbine

Flower Turbines 1 Meter High Turbine

Intellectual Property Listing

One of the advantages of investing in Flower Turbines is a strong protective portfolio in multiple countries. All is owned, assigned, or licensed to Flower Turbines.



Title: 2-Bladed Vertical Axis Turbines

EU: 10780138.3, granted, entered in:

- Switzerland/Liechtenstein
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Canada: granted as 2,800,765



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Title: Savonius Wind Turbine Ratios, not yet in national phase in PCT countries

In national phase in Argentina: P190103382

US Provisional Patent 63023969

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Blade Connections

More Patents in Planning Stage

Flower Turbines: US serial number: 86328894, EU: 018027912
Turquoise/green flower turbines logo—granted in US, Serial #number 86329027, in EU: granted as 018028119
Flower Power, US serial number: 86349230, granted
Bitulip: U.S. serial number: 86349235, granted
Tritulip: U.S. serial number: 86349236), granted
Tulip Power: EU: 018180058, US: 88773467
Wind Tulip: EU, 018028120, granted

Charge To Go: US, 88800033, granted

All small vertical axis wind turbine components of “Eco-Art”, granted with registration number VAu-1-311-252
Metallic Tulip straight middle, curved outer edge, granted with registration number VAu 1-377-424
Vertically symmetrical Tulip Turbine, granted with registration number VAu 1-377-423

Rounded Nubbin on Wind Turbines, 1-8817985821




Quick Insert

In the Press

Flower Turbines on Dutch TV

The TV channel loved the Wind Tulips.

Online Interview with Devin Thorpe

Devin Thorpe of Good Crowd and Your Mark on the World Show interviews Dr. Daniel Farb about small wind turbines:

Tulips chosen as one of Israel's Top Technologies

See company 10, a company that led to Flower Turbines.


Pepperdine Graziadio Business School Reveals 3rd Annual List of Most Fundable Companies®


2021 IMPEL+ Innovators


Pepperdine's Most Fundable Companies of 2020


Fascinating New Client for Flower Turbines

25 days ago

Our new US manufacturing already has a celebrity client. After using our turbines for charging batteries during their most recent US concert, the band Coldplay is taking them on their European tour. Click here to see our turbines on German TV:

Here is a photo from the setup in their US tour:

New manufacturing equipment

about 1 month ago

Here is our latest arrival, a CNC machine costing $100,000 used, at our Texas facility. When we have this in operation, we will be able to reduce the cost of our simpler parts dramatically and outsource only the more complex parts. We already have a new shop technician working for us. We are making lots of progress in our US development plan

Flower Turbines Update 5-27-22

2 months ago

       To our investors and followers,

Flower Turbines continues to make engineering advancements. We have filed three provisional patents on wind turbine electronics in the last few months and are trying to make important innovations in small wind electronics just as we did for aerodynamics.

The goal is to produce a high-efficiency power electronics controller that will serve both as a battery charge controller, as well as a buffer between the turbine and a solar grid-tie inverter. Our engineers have designed and assembled electronics to improve efficiency and are in the process of testing and data collection.

Flower Turbines is also testing a small generator and charge controller under development for the past year.

 Flower Turbines has also selected and acquired equipment for future electronics development and testing including soldering equipment, power supply, electronic load, current clamps, and multimeters.

Reminder for those who did not finish their investments

3 months ago

There are still $300,000 of incomplete investments. According to Startengine, all you have to do in most cases is complete your investor questionnaire! The round will officially close out those with incomplete paperwork around the end of June. We look forward to having you on board. If you need assistance please feel free to contact Investor services at 

Patent Granted in Australia

4 months ago

Our very important patent on blade shape ratios for better aerodynamic performance was just approved in Australia on the first examination with no changes from the examiner--not so common. That is a very good sign for this patent, which is submitted to many countries around the world and is a core part of our intellectual property strategy and strength.

Post-Closing 2022 Newsletter 1

5 months ago

To our investors and followers,

 We've given you a break from all our emails during the funding campaign, but I’d like to give you an update.

 The funding campaign was very successful, and we are currently well-funded to continue our business plan with more energy. We have added to our US team and you will soon get photos of our first US manufactured turbines for testing. We have set up US operations in Lubbock, Texas, and are moving into a new combined office and warehouse. We are preparing for a US sales introductory launch in the next few months.

 We have also been developing our intellectual property and just filed another patent on wind turbine electronics.

 We feel that the war in the Ukraine shows us all the importance of energy independence and that will be a strong selling point for the company.

Our Texas team members, pictured below, moving into our new office and warehouse.

One of our talented engineers at work on the first US manufactured Flower Turbines and pictures from the assembly line at our Rotterdam location. 

Last Day to Invest--Closes Dec. 30 at 11:59 PM

7 months ago

We have received $8.1 million in investments already on this round. This makes Flower Turbines financially strong as well as innovative. So any additional investment is generally understood to make the company more secure than before and this is your last chance to get in on this round.

This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.   

More Recent Progress; Closing Dec. 30 at 11:59 PM

7 months ago

Our manufacturing is gearing up (pun intended). Here are pictures of current production of our largest size turbine: Blades, shaft, bearings. 

Correction to update on the investor webinar

7 months ago

Apparently a period after the link makes it not work for some.

Here is the link for you without a period at the end:

Last Chance Today Dec. 30: Flower Turbines Round Closes Today

7 months ago

We close at 11:59 PM on Thursday, December 30. As a reminder of the global brand we are trying to create, here is a short video about the company: 

In addition, as described in the Offering Circular, the Company retains the right to continue the offering beyond the Termination Date, in its sole discretion.

Flower Turbines Passes $8M Raised; Closes Dec. 30 11:59 PM PST

7 months ago

The rate of investments is shooting up. Not too late to be a part of it.

Photos from Start of US Manufacturing

7 months ago

Flower Turbines' suppliers are making the parts now that will be assembled in Texas in the next few weeks. Here are some photos. 

Reaction to Webinar; Last One Before Closing Dec. 30

7 months ago

Here is a selection of comments about our recent webinar, which you can see at (Responding in advance: We don't know what the glitch was that some people couldn't sign in. It could be that you needed to have a zoom account before and be signed into it. 70 out of 180 people did make it in. There seems to have been another glitch with Zoom. I have given webinars before and the "Mute All" control was not available this time.) 

-Thank you for the great info. Make sure to learn how to mute people -The webinar convinced me that the company's plans are solid and that they share my concerns about protecting the environment. -Very informative, thank you very much for hosting this. 

-I think that I am very pleased to have gotten involved with Flower Turbines, and I'm excited about their future. 

-This was great. Your comments were very helpful to further understand where the company is at the moment! I wish you great success going forward!! -I could not connect, email and password combination was not correct -I would love for my city hall, in Dearborn Michigan, get the flower turbines for their flat roof 

-Hi - I'm sure it was terrific; congrats for doing it. Some technical glitch kept me out. I entered my email address, and the password given, and got a diagnostic, "incorrect email address or password." If you've heard of this happening before, and if there is a solution, I'll hope to make the next webinar! Eric A.

Disclaimer: These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is no guarantee of future performance or success.  

Offering Closes Dec. 30! Wind Turbines and Integrated Solar

7 months ago

Flower Turbines started installing turbines with solar panels on the turbine side panels that we use to protect the generator, brake, and other equipment inside the turbines. We think that could be a great way to combine wind and solar in less space.  

Only 2 Days Left; Flower Turbines Round Closing

7 months ago

Thanks to those of you who invested already in Flower Turbines. Any additional investments will be used to accelerate company growth through higher level manufacturing, product streamlining, and business model implementation. We've been raising $1 million every few weeks. If you or your friends want to invest in the current round, you have till Dec. 30 at midnight. Send your friends to

Final Days to Invest: Flower Turbines Will Split Its Stock

7 months ago

The SEC just published our intention to make a 1-for-10 forward stock split on Dec. 31 at This will take effect for the current investors 6 months after the round concludes on Dec. 30 in order to allow time for Startengine to confirm investments. In simple terms, instead of a $70 share you will have 10 $7 shares. This will enable Flower Turbines to expand its pool of investors on future rounds by offering lower priced shares.. 

Disclaimer: This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

Round Closes Dec. 30. Flower Turbines Enters Lighting Industry

7 months ago

Here is a video of our first installation of a wind/solar lighting system in collaboration with Sun Park Innovations. We hope this is the beginning of a large niche market. 

Another video:

Only 3 Days Left on Flower Turbines Round

7 months ago

Flower Turbines has seen fantastic growth this year. We thank those of you who have invested over $7 million. There are only 3 days left to invest at the current valuation. Share with your friends so they can have a share of what we hope will become a large global renewable energy company. 

This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment. 

In addition, as described in the Offering Circular, the Company retains the right to continue the offering beyond the Termination Date, in its sole discretion.

Campaign Closing Soon! Flower Turbines New Patent Filing

7 months ago

Dec. 20, 2021: We filed a provisional patent today, the first of our patents on wind turbine electronics. This one is on the generators. It is our policy not to publish details when our patents are in provisional phase, but the significance is to reduce costs and improve performance by reducing friction. This fits in with an intellectual property strategy of multiple levels of innovation and protection. We now have coverage in all the areas below: 1. Turbine aerodynamics 2. Turbine to turbine aerodynamics 3. Building to turbine aerodynamics 4. Manufacturing 5. Electronics 6. Design patents and copyrights

See This Before the Round Closes: Interview With CEO and COO

7 months ago

Benzinga, a financial content site, interviewed Flower Turbines. Here are links to their post: 




Only 4 Days Left; Flower Turbines Round Closing

7 months ago

Thanks to those of you who invested already in Flower Turbines. Any additional investments will be used to accelerate company growth through higher level manufacturing, product streamlining, and business model implementation. We've been raising $1 million every few weeks. If you or your friends want to invest in the current round, you have till Dec. 30 at midnight. Send your friends to 

Closing in 5 days: Message for Dec.25

8 months ago

Closing in 6 days: Message for Dec.24 from Flower Turbines

8 months ago

Here is a greeting.

Closing in 1 week. See Investor Webinar 12-20-21

8 months ago

Here is a link to the webinar, featuring CEO Dr. Farb, COO Warren Stoll, and audience participation:

Campaign closing Dec. 30; we hit $7M already

8 months ago

Here is our milestone snapshot:

Still time before closing; thanks to you who invested so far

8 months ago

We made $7 million with 9 days left.

Flower Turbines: Arrival of Large-Size Blades for Customer

8 months ago

We are in the middle of producing our largest size turbines for customers. Here are two new sets of snowy white blades just in time for the winter snow, with our demo large size turbine in the background. 

Nine white turbines installed

8 months ago

Rotterdam is a city that is at the forefront of renewable energy. Flower Turbines has a great relationship with the city, which has resulted in the installation of six medium sized turbines on the roof of a municipality building. The combination of wind with solar PV panels on the base of the turbines facing south leads to a wonderful synergy of green energy. A cluster of three small sized turbines has also been installed on a nearby roof. These turbines are also accompanied by solar panels mounted on their foundation, taking full advantage of the available sun and wind and roof space.

reminder on upcoming webinar--over 100 signed up

8 months ago

All our investors and interested investors are invited to our next webinar Dec. 20, 2021, 1200 EST. Sign up at Featuring CEO Dr. Farb and COO Warren Stoll.

New Article on Flower Turbines

8 months ago

"13 amazing projects that made cities around the world greener in 2021". One of our projects is listed as number 9.

Flower Turbines Signs MOU with Texas Tech

8 months ago

Flower Turbines is excited to announce its partnership with Texas Tech University’s Global Laboratory for Energy Asset Management and Manufacturing (GLEAMM) to research the benefits of using Wind Power. We will place several turbines on site, in Lubbock, Texas, at the Reese Technology Center. 

Our collaboration will focus on joint sources of grant funding to do projects in microgrids and other sustainable energy projects. Flower Turbines will collaborate with GLEAMM researchers to improve the electric grid and understand the effects of renewable energy sources utilization. This endeavor enables and accelerates successful commercialization by providing a research platform for academic and industrial research on new electrical grid technologies. 

The State of Texas created GLEAMM with a $13 million investment in 2020. The facility is a place for businesses to economically test pilot ideas, certify and commercialize products while collaborating with world-respected researchers. 

Texas Tech University is recognized as a “Tier One” Research university by Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. The university is home to 40,000 students and dedicated more than $84 million to research last year. 

Flower Turbines is proud to call Lubbock, Texas, our home for manufacturing and customer service. We employ several Texas Tech alumni, and look forward to growing our business on the windy South Plains.  

Deeper Dive into Turbine Efficiency Data

8 months ago

We compiled the data from two mid-size turbines with thousands of data points measuring wind speed and power output (from the generator directly, not after passing through an inverter, which introduces other issues, and the two turbines had slightly different equipment). As background, our Tulip is a Savonius type of turbine with several improvements. Most experts will tell you that a Savonius turbine is at most capable of 15% efficiency. Now look at the data below from the Flower Turbines, even at the size of blades only 2 meters high and 1 meter diameter. At a speed of around 2 meters per second, the efficiency is around 15%. and rises as the wind speed increases from 1 to 5 m/s to around 28%. It is normal for turbines to increase efficiency as wind speed increases. What is interesting for us is that Flower Turbines reaches the efficiency level of small horizontal axis wind turbines, around 30%, but it does so with no noise and with starting to produce electricity at lower speeds. At the point that our turbine reaches 20% efficiency, the horizontal axis turbines are just starting to move. So here are the conclusions: 1. We really have an innovation in terms of efficiency. 2. Our turbines have a big advantage in lower wind speeds, up to average 6 m/s, which is really the majority of places around the world. 3. Once we can bring down our price through mass production, we have a product with even more advantages.

Flower Turbines New Branding Video

8 months ago

Flower Turbines Investor Webinar

8 months ago

All our investors and interested investors are invited to our next webinar Dec. 20, 2021, 1200 EST. Sign up at Featuring CEO Dr. Farb and COO Warren Stoll.


Patents Entering into Country Phase

8 months ago

Our very important patent on the increased efficiency that comes from properly sizing the blades, shaft, overlap, etc., has now entered national phase in the following countries, with their file numbers included: 

Argentina P190103382 

US    17/277,299 

Canada     3109428 

EU    19883344.4 

Japan    100082072

India    202147024348 

South Africa    2021/01083 

Mexico     MX/a/2021/002850 

China    201980070040.4 

UAE    P6000774/2021 

Brazil    not assigned 

Chile    202101253 

Australia 2019380766

The patent already passed the preliminary search report, so it is highly likely to be granted in numerous countries around the world.

Online Article on Our EU Company

8 months ago

Here is a link to an article that identified Flower Turbines BV as one of the top 5 Brigade Tech startups in the Netherlands:

Summary of Flower Turbines Raises and Plans

8 months ago

Flower Turbines Passes $6 Million

8 months ago

Flower Turbines: Another Repeat Customer

8 months ago

Two more bright red wind turbines installed at Roodhart Rotterdam Earlier this year, we have installed two turbines in company colors at the Dutch company of Roodhart in the harbor of Rotterdam. The people at Roodhart were very pleased with the result and the look of our turbines on their roof. Last week we installed another set of turbines in the same color next to first two. Now all four corners of their industrial complex are crowned with the red turbines and Roodhart is making their sustainability ambitions even more visible while enjoying the electricity produced in a location open to the wind. 

Flower Turbines CEO Mentioned on Linkedin

8 months ago

Dr. Farb (and Flower Turbines) referred to among technology experts by a Department of Energy program. 

Another Sale of Our E-bike charging systems

8 months ago

We just received an order of around 20,000 Euros from the city of Nissewaard.  

Hanukkah Greetings with Wind Turbines

8 months ago

Happy Holidays to our investors and followers.

Why our being in electric charging is important

8 months ago

The charging market is growing. Here is a link to a report from the UK about the need for many new vehicle charging stations: Another issue is that e-vehicles will overload the grid. Part of the answer is people being able to make their own energy. We aim to be part of that solution. Here is a link to an article on that:

Flower Turbines Is Innovation Winner of VERBUND X Program In Austria

8 months ago

Flower Turbines has been crowned the winning team of the VXA 2021 Innovation Camp at this year’s edition of the VERBUND X Accelerator Program in Austria! VERBUND is Austria’s largest electricity company and a leader in renewable energy. The VERBUND X Accelerator Program helps start-ups and scale-ups in the energy and infrastructure industry to develop business cases and demonstration projects for VERBUND’s partners. Flower Turbines competed and created a business case involving its wind turbines to help various big Austrian companies like Asfinag, Austria’s toll and highway company, with achieving their sustainability ambitions. Our company was compared with other participating wind companies based on technology and adaptiveness, and its business case was picked as the winning project by the management of VERBUND and its use case partners. As a result, Flower Turbines will be installing its turbines next year at a beautiful location in Austria!  

Another New Texas Team Member

8 months ago

We are adding to our team in Texas that is handling marketing, social media, customer relations, etc. Niki Fleming has joined us. She has a degree in Public Relations from Texas Tech and experience with marketing and digital media. 

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Weekend

8 months ago

Flower Turbines is on the Move

8 months ago

We are getting investments and fulfilling orders.

Flower Turbines Chosen for Program

9 months ago

Flower Turbines of the EU was one of the companies chosen by the Netherlands to participate in  a smart energy technology program of 40 innovative companies in the Choose Paris program at Company criteria for participation: - Company with the capacity to expand internationally - Already having turnover - Technological innovation - HQ outside France

Customer Site in Rotterdam

9 months ago

During my visit with the EU team, I had a chance to drive by a customer site and take this short video:

A Beautiful Design for a New Client

9 months ago

This turbine is the first of what he hope will be many about to be shipped to an energy company in Europe. It matches their logo colors.

Sets of blades in our assembly facility

9 months ago

I was at our Rotterdam facility this week and it is abuzz with activity as the staff are assembling 25 turbines for customers. Our next step will be 50-100 at a time. The green blades are for a customer in Denmark and the yellow ones for a customer in the UK.

Waving Goodbye To Flower Turbines On Their Way To Denmark

9 months ago

We enjoyed building these turbines for our Danish sustainability partner. The turbines have been shipped November 11 to Denmark and have already arrived at their new destination, where they will help to power several offices. This shipment of seven turbines is the first batch delivered to Denmark and the second will follow later this month. As you can see from this colorful bouquet, our turbines come in various colors. The ideal combination between eco and art, our vertical wind turbines are low in noise, animal-friendly, and add beauty to any environment.  

Flower Turbines Inc. Selected for New Program

9 months ago

Flower Turbines was just accepted into the TRIAD program, a New York State program that connects technology companies with relevant customers in the Department of Defense. In addition, we were granted funding to cover the costs of the educational part of the program. A general explanation of the state programs is available at but our specific one is not listed.

Flower Turbines Hits $5 Million

9 months ago

November 12, 2021: We passed $5 million raised on this Reg A+. Closing Dec. 30. Time to join us as we use our capital to try to become the largest small wind company. 

This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

Leasing a new company car

9 months ago

We just leased an electric car for the EU company to use when visiting customers. We feel it enhances our putting our money where our mouth is as an ecologically concerned company. It only costs around 1000 a month.

What to do with wind turbine blades?

9 months ago

We often get the question of what happens to wind turbine blades after the turbine is finished. In Rotterdam this week to meet with the EU team, I saw this very creative way of recycling wind turbine blades as brightly colored park benches. (This is one of those fun updates for you to enjoy.)

External Validation of Flower Turbines Power Performance

9 months ago

A regulatory affairs consulting group wrote a letter of validation of the data of the actual performance of one of our medium size turbines. You can access the report at

Another New Employee

9 months ago

Welcome to Hasna Safi in Rotterdam. Hasna is working for us as international sales manager. She has worked as a sales manager and contract manager. She has a degree in European Studies.

Video of Our Booth at Solar Exhibition

9 months ago

One of our most important entry markets is combining with solar projects. Flower Turbines BV was at a major solar exhibition in the EU and we received around 150 quality leads for follow up. Here is a video of our booth.

Happy engineers at our EU facility

9 months ago

This week I was able to visit our EU facility after a year and a half of lockout. I was more impressed by the progress than I thought I would be. Here are our engineers enjoying a free moment in an "apple green orchard" of the newly assembled turbines.

Additional Project Manager in Rotterdam

9 months ago

Welcome Boris Gaboumounga. He is a project manager whose experience includes well known companies such as Shell and Engie. He has a graduate degree in Eco-Engineering from a university in France.

101 top energy startups in NY

9 months ago

Celebratory unveiling of Flower Turbines sun & wind charging pole

9 months ago

In honor of Flower Turbines winning the EZK Energy Award representing all Dutch municipalities, our sun & wind e-bike charging pole was unveiled in the Dutch municipality of Oostzaan. The municipality has earned the award because of its leading role in innovative sustainability solutions and the energy transition of municipalities throughout the Netherlands. Representatives and councilors of the award committee and the municipality unveiled the off-grid charging solution in a festive event. Our charging pole made a great impression on the present sustainability officials and the turbine was spinning beautifully in the strong wind.

Mold in Process for North American blades

9 months ago

This is for the medium size fiberglass blades.

Preparing inventory for manufacturing

9 months ago

The generators for our first production run of 25 small size turbines arrived in the factory in Texas. 

New Engineer Joins Our Texas Team

10 months ago

Welcome to Vincent Cline, who has many years of experience in mechanical engineering, including gears for large wind turbines, and has a BS in Engineering Technology and an MS in Mechanical Engineering.

New Closing Date

10 months ago

We have filed with the SEC a new, slightly earlier closing date of Dec. 30, 2021 for this raise.

Flower Turbines Chosen for Program

10 months ago

Flower Turbines of the EU was one of the companies chosen by the Netherlands to participate in  a smart energy technology program of 40 innovative companies in the Choose Paris program at Company criteria for participation: - Company with the capacity to expand internationally - Already having turnover - Technological innovation - HQ outside France

Flower Turbines Passes $4M in Funding

10 months ago

This week we passed $4 million in funding and are accelerating quickly. Click here for a short video message:

Customer Comment on Lack of Noise

10 months ago

This is a customer comment that confirms our recent measurement of a noiseless turbine: "During storms we did several times a sound test. It was nice that the sound of the wind was in all cases stronger than that of the windmills. Or in short: you don't hear them. Which is especially in a heavy populated city like Amsterdam of great importance" Sjaak Besselink, Municipality Amsterdam

Noise Testing Results

10 months ago

We just had a third-party noise report. The full report should be on our website this week. The major points are: 1.    There was no sound of the turbines distinguishable from the background noise. 2.    In fact, the background noise of 45 decibels decreased, after passing through our turbine, to 39 decibels at 4.5 meters and 32 decibels at 10 meters . This is something we have predicted theoretically because, if the turbine adds no or minimal turbulence, the energy consumed by the turbine reduces the energy carrying the sound. This is very significant. We are in the middle of a proposal to a large railway company about using our turbines both for energy and for sound reduction.

Flower Turbines is flourishing!

10 months ago

Flower Turbines is expanding rapidly, both as a company and as a team. These happy faces (minus a few sad faces who were unavailable to visit Rotterdam at the time of this picture) are standing in front of the first ever 6-meter Flower Turbine. This turbine is a milestone for our company and this team symbolizes our growth. We are growing into a diverse and enthusiastic group. All ladies and gentlemen with various skills and input, both technically and commercially, that will help Flower Turbines make a big impact on the world of small wind energy and the global energy transition.

Another New Associate

10 months ago

Welcome to Nina Salaz Beatty, who is starting part-time with our Texas team on social media and graphics.

New Orders On the Way and What It Means

10 months ago

Our current order of parts for 25 medium turbines in the EU is sold out. We had a verbal confirmation of another 44 units for Denmark today (Oct. 6, 2021) and a request from a company in a non-EU country to make a proposed contract for around 50 units. This means that we are looking to scale up our next series in the EU to 100 units for lower cost production, while we are planning production of 100 units of the medium size and the first 25 of 100 of the small size in the US. We are in the middle of ordering parts.

New Assemblies Update

10 months ago

Our latest orders of the parts for 25 medium turbines in the EU have arrived and we have started assembling them. Here are two of them outside our facility in Rotterdam for quality testing.

A New Employee

10 months ago

Welcome to our new Customer Communications Officer, Audra Coffman, who is part of our growing Texas team. 

Flower Turbines Selected for VerbundX Accelerator

10 months ago

The accelerator VerbundX, working with the Austrian toll company named ASFINAG, chose Flower Turbines in a competition for the companies that could best help them provide energy for their roadway toll systems. The selection process was run by WhatAVenture (, which manages corporate venture programs. Verbund, Austria’s leading electric company, initiated the program. See, where we won in the category of micro-wind turbines for highway and traffic systems. The main focus of the accelerator program is to validate specific use cases together with VERBUND and its partners and implement joint proof-of-concept. Participants receive a dedicated proof-of-concept budget for the Acceleration phase with the aim to speed up their company's success.

Photos From Our Dutch Military Contract

10 months ago

These photos show the turbines in our assembly area and being shipped to the Defense Ministry for use in radar stations. 

The Large Size Turbine and Company Strategy

10 months ago

The entry of our large size turbine into the market in Europe and soon the US is an important strategic step. From the beginning, we saw our major business plan as the sale of larger size turbines to corporate and government clients such as mall, school, and factory parking lots as the biggest profit maker for Flower Turbines. This is because efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and profits increase with size. Our evaluation of our market as being a trillion-dollar market is largely based on the potential to make millions of urban/suburban wind farms, enabled by the cluster effect to put many turbines adjacent to each other, on parking-level properties in windy areas around the world. We have been building experience with smaller versions and allocating money from funding to enable us to build larger sizes.

What Investors Are Saying About Flower Turbines

11 months ago

We know people love our turbines as art combined with energy. That’s not the only thing they love. Here are some comments from our investors. Thanks to them, we just hit $3.5 million in investments for the year on Startengine.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Fifteen meter version is... Wow! And having the FT advantages of quiet, bird friendly, and generating power starting at a lower wind speed than competing products... makes me smile.-- I am so happy with the company: its people, its strategy, its momentum, its use of funds, and its potential.--Neil

Thanks for creating such a great product! So much potential to grow! Wind farming is still such a huge market and I believe a product like this might be able to revolutionize how most individuals and businesses harness this energy. Thank you and keep up the great work.--David

Keep up the good work, the world is waiting for this breakthrough wind technology.-- Isaiah 

I am excited to join your investor team. I thought you might be surprised to learn where I heard about your company! I teach English as a Second Language online all around the world; there is a website that I use with some of my students called Engoo which has various news articles written for English learners. One article I read with a student this past week was about your wind turbine company, and I just had to research it later. Wow, I was impressed and couldn't wait to take advantage of being a part of it! Totally hoping all the best for you. -Laurie 

I invested for me and my children's future, and their children.—Jessica

Testimonial Disclaimer: 
These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is no guarantee of future performance or success.

Before and Now with Large Size Turbine

11 months ago

First, the Jerusalem Science Museum evaluated the Wind Tulip as one of the 45 best technologies in Israeli history after the display of our first Wind Tulip at the Hilton Hotel in Eilat in honor of Earth Day and then in the desert.  (Photos below)

Earlier, we posted on our campaign site the mold for the updated large size turbine based on some new patents.

Now we have installed the large version based on that in our showroom and are preparing it for customers. In the meantime, we have been selling our two sizes of smaller turbines and our charging stations. A picture containing light

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A group of men standing next to a large white object

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A picture containing indoor

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Semi-finalists in TechUnited Better Planet Competition

11 months ago

You can see Flower Turbines' one-minute video presentation on Sept. 16 at noon EST and vote for us! Register here:

Recording of second investor Q&A

11 months ago

We had an intimate group and answered some questions and talked about some updates and plans. Here is a link to the recording: So everyone knows for next time: Sorry to say, the event management software scrambled the time zone from what I entered, so I regret that some of you got up super early in the morning to participate. It was posted once on the site by one person who noticed this, but we ask everyone to keep in mind for the future that, if the time for a meeting sounds unusual, it probably is a mistake. I made a complaint to the company to correct it.

Flower Turbines Project Featured in Dutch Military Magazine

11 months ago

Go to and right click for English translation if you need to.

Great Results From Turbine Data—Product Validation

11 months ago

This data is from a grid-connected installation in the Netherlands. We used our “3-meter” medium turbine with blades approximately 2 meters high and 1 meter in diameter. 

A plot of average wind speed on the x-axis and power in watts on the y-axis gives the attached power curve.


This graph is based on 3064 data points of average wind speed computed at an interval of 15 minutes each. The spread in values is likely from the different gusts. Taking the average readings, the efficiency is 23% (Cp=0.23) with a range of 17% to 31%. 

How does this compare with traditional wisdom about small wind turbines? Even the 17% is better than what experts thought was possible for this category and size of wind turbine. 

Since efficiency increases with size, it is reasonable to expect that larger sizes such as our “6-meter” model will have average efficiencies in the 30+% range.

What is the speed at which power, even a little, starts to be produced?

Here is a sequence in time when the wind speed rose from zero; first column is wind speed, second is electricity in watts:

























In this sequence, the speed at which the turbine first produced electricity was at 1.41 m/s. There is not electricity worth using at this speed, but at least the Flower Turbines started producing before other ones start, usually above 3 meters per second.

Combined with the advantages of low noise and beauty, this turbine is a solid competitor to lift-type small turbines. In addition, the cluster effect enables them to produce more energy per cross-sectional area of the installation than lift turbines, when the installation area is considered as a whole. (Technically speaking, that is not efficiency, but rather greater production of power due to an aerodynamic effect. For the purposes of calculating expected power, we can treat this effect as if it were greater efficiency, in which case, a larger Flower Turbine would have an efficiency of 40-50% and higher than that of the more common horizontal axis turbines.)

Second Webinar Sign Up

11 months ago

We are offering the second of a series of virtual question and answer sessions with the CEO on September 9 at 1400 (2 PM) Eastern time. We will limit the size to keep it intimate. Sign up now at This intimate conversation is a new type of access for the StartEngine community. As such, there are a few ground rules: Make sure you can attend. Please be prepared to have your video on. We want this event to be interactive.

Recording of August 29, 2021 Webinar

11 months ago

Here is the link to our recent webinar. I enjoyed it  just as the participants seemed to. The feedback score was 4.7/5 and here are some of the comments: "That was great. I appreciate Dr. Farb meeting with us and taking the time to answer so many questions. I'm very glad to be a part (even small) of Flower Turbines." "Everything was fantastic and the conversation was quality. Thank you Dr Daniel for taking time out to engage with us!" "Dr. Farb was wonderfully informative and forthcoming on every question that we brought up." We plan to schedule another in the next few weeks:

Stats on installations as of August 25, 2021

11 months ago

28 turbines installed or in process of installation mostly in US and EU. Another 40 actively in contract or in near term. Over $1M in sales pipeline. This report does not include our non-turbine bicycle charging units. Customers include cities, individuals, corporations (including one of the world's top brands; we don't have permission to disclose until the project is finished), Dutch Ministry of Defense, energy companies, and harbors. Countries include Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain, US, Portugal, Belgium, Israel.

More About Joining Startengine Secondary

11 months ago

Having a secondary market open for our shares is good for the company, and good for investors for whom liquidity is important. One potential negative is that we would prefer our investors to purchase more shares by investing new money so we can grow.  The compromise might be that we open the secondary market for small periods of time to enable those who need the money to cash out. Usually, investors in a startup expect that they won't see liquidity for their money for five or more years. This eliminates one of the risks of startup investing and should be an overall positive for the company. Everyone following these messages will get equal access to information about when we will open for secondary trading.

While the company has signed a quotation agreement to trade the securities offered on StartEngine Secondary’s new alternative trading system (the “ATS”), a company which intends to be quoted on the marketplace will be subject to certain requirements which the company may or may not be able to satisfy in a timely manner. Even if a company is qualified to quote its securities on the market, there is no guarantee an active trading market for the securities will ever develop, or if developed, be maintained. You should assume that you may not be able to liquidate your investment for some time or be able to pledge these shares as collateral.

Flower Turbines Joins Startengine Secondary

12 months ago

Flower Turbines has now joined Startengine Secondary. To summarize, this means that we may be able to give investors an opportunity to trade their shares. This allows those who need their money back sooner for whatever reason possibly to have liquidity for their investment. The lack of liquidity has traditionally been one of the downsides of early stage investing. Startengine has made a significant step forward for the equity crowdfunding industry and we are glad to join them. The next update will give some more information on the strategic significance of this milestone. 

Disclaimer: A company which intends to apply to list its securities on the marketplace will be subject to certain requirements which it may or may not be able to satisfy in a timely manner. Even if a company is qualified to quote its securities on the market, there is no guarantee that a demand for these securities will exist. Even if a company does meet the requirements for listing its securities, we do not know the extent to which investor interest will lead to the development and maintenance of a liquid trading market. You should assume that you may not be able to liquidate your investment for some time or be able to pledge these shares as collateral.

Reminder: New Webinar Sign Up

12 months ago

We are offering the first of a series of virtual question and answer sessions with the CEO on August 29. We will limit the size to keep it intimate. Sign up now at

This intimate conversation is a new type of access for the StartEngine community. As such, there are a few ground rules:

  • Make sure you can attend - If you register for this event and do not show up, you may not be eligible for future town halls or webinars.

  • Please be prepared to have your video on. We want this event to be interactive.

New Webinar Sign Up

12 months ago

We are offering the first of a series of virtual question and answer sessions with the CEO on August 29. We will limit the size to keep it intimate. Sign up now at

This intimate conversation is a new type of access for the StartEngine community. As such, there are a few ground rules:

  • Make sure you can attend - If you register for this event and do not show up, you may not be eligible for future town halls or webinars.

  • Please be prepared to have your video on. We want this event to be interactive.

New Mechanical and Project Engineer

12 months ago

David Acquaye came from Ghana to the US to develop his career. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a graduate certificate in technology management from University of Oklahoma and an MBA from Louisiana State University. He has managed innovative projects for large oil companies such as Baker Hughes, where he also won an award for the best engineering solution of the year. 

Largest Flower Turbines Version in Our Showroom

12 months ago

August 5, 2021 was an exciting day. We assembled our biggest turbine in our showroom in the Netherlands. With its 5-meter-high blades, this marks another great milestone for our company. This turbine size will be our elegant workhorse for companies and governments that want to thrive on wind energy cost-effectively. Our beautiful and silent turbines will fit in any environment. They are available in any (RAL) color, with branding and custom-designed foundations! In the fall, we will install more of our turbines for the city of Rotterdam, among other customers.  

Flower Turbines Expands in Nordic Countries

12 months ago

The Dutch Government is organizing at the end of September a trade mission to Denmark and Sweden for companies active in the field of sustainable building (solar /wind/energy management), to promote solutions produced in NL. Flower Turbines with its EU offices in NL has been asked to participate. We are coordinating this with our local Danish agent.  We are making other progress in Denmark. We started selling turbines there and expect more orders to be finalized soon.

Flower Turbines Has Another New Team Member

12 months ago

Jonathan Forbes is a PhD from Texas Tech in electrical engineering. He specializes in power electronics and solar energy. He is part of the team that is advising Flower Turbines on its development of power electronics and solar integration. 

Entering the Boating Market

about 1 year ago

Flower Turbines is starting on the niche market for yachting. The photo shows our turbine installed on a yacht in the Mediterranean. We will be getting feedback from the customer before we offer this on the general market. If a yachter wants to turn off the engines but still not run out of electricity, this is a great solution. 

Progress with Blades in North America

about 1 year ago

We got news from one of our manufacturers today that the mold for fiberglass medium size blades is now ready and will soon start producing our first blade samples. Our engineer will view the first samples in Mexico in a few weeks and then approve or disapprove their shipment to Texas for attachment to the metal parts of the turbine that will be produced there. 

Welcome to a new employee

about 1 year ago

Jackie Chavez is a new part-time office administrator and is located near our planned production sites in Texas. Jackie is a very experienced administrator. She was the senior administrative assistant to the dean of Texas Tech University.  She has over 20 years of administrative experience and is adept at Microsoft and Adobe programs.  She possesses marketing and publishing skills as well as customer service experience.  

More Publicity for Flower Turbines

about 1 year ago

We are even covered on a blog in China!

Another Manufacturer in Texas

about 1 year ago

I'm visiting a company for manufacturing metal parts of the turbine in Texas. I'm standing in front of a water jet cutter. Also seen here is the paint room. I enjoyed seeing the old time metal rolling machine from an era when machinery was more often made in the US. It's a nice antique and still works. 

More Manufacturing in US

about 1 year ago

Here we are at a factory in Texas that has the capability to make the shaft cost-effectively for our medium size turbine. We'll be placing an order after some more details are taken care of. 

Flower Turbines Hits Milestone

about 1 year ago

We just passed $3 million raised on our RegA+ campaign. Our major use of the money is developing manufacturing volume in the EU and US.

Another E-bike charging project

about 1 year ago

This project uses solar only in a park in the Netherlands.

A picture containing text, tree, outdoor, green

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Another Solar E-bike Charging Project

about 1 year ago

In this sunny week, four of our charging poles equipped with solar panels have been installed in the Dutch municipality of Loon op Zand.  These stand-alone charging stations will power e-bikes and e-scooters throughout the community.

The poles are branded with the city’s coat of arms; these beautiful dark green colored charging poles make the sustainability ambitions of Loon op Zand clearly visible.

The photo of the simple base insertion on one side of the sidewalk shows the value of independently powered charging stations where a city doesn’t want to incur the expense of digging up a lot of sidewalk and finding a municipal grid connection.

Article on Flower Turbines in Spanish in Europe

about 1 year ago

Spanish media is carrying the article on our company from Euronews Green at and the result is a lot of inquiries about sales coming from Spain.

A group of people standing in front of surfboards

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Another Wind/Solar Charging Installation

about 1 year ago

Here are two photos from the recent project in Oostzaan, one at a distance, one close up. Those of you who have been following our products carefully may notice that our solar/wind charging poles have progressed from one panel to two.

A picture containing sky, outdoor, grass, green

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Article on Flower Turbines in the Guardian

about 1 year ago

Increasing Sales in 2021

about 1 year ago

Here is a graph of sales for this year compared to last year for the EU only.

Below it is a graph of our current EU pipeline. Generally, we get actual sales from 70% of our pipeline.

Chart, bar chart

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Flower Turbines Was in Earth Month Event

about 1 year ago

Flower Turbines collaborated on an Earth Month Planning Committee virtual event along with 511 Rideshare Long Island and Nassau and Suffolk County planning officials by presenting its role in the charging infrastructure for light electric vehicle transportation. Our charging products have the potential to address "range anxiety" and speed the introduction of small electric vehicles. We will update you as a video comes available. In the meantime, here is a graphic of the meeting announcement.


New COO for Flower Turbines Inc.

about 1 year ago

Warren Stoll joins Flower Turbines, Inc., as COO. Trained as a lawyer, he has a record of success with many types of companies. He founded a software firm that was sold to Microsoft. He raised venture capital for other companies and brought them from inception to sale. He also has extensive real estate experience, and, more recently, made a successful exit from a combined fintech and healthtech company.


A picture containing person, person, outdoor, suit

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Expansion of Flower Turbines Rotterdam Industrial Space

about 1 year ago

Peter Blokdijk from the Port of Rotterdam and Flower Turbines EU Director Roy Osinga cut the ribbon for the expansion of the Flower Turbines workspace.

Flower Turbines plans to use the space to develop, test, and assemble its small wind turbines and e-mobility charging solutions, and to enhance the creativity of its products. 

New blade production technology

about 1 year ago

This shows the manufacturing PCT international patent discussed a few updates ago in actual use. Also, a few updates ago, we showed the problem of connecting round blades to the shaft without causing ripples or loss of strength at the point of connection. The photos below are from the first blades produced the new way according to our patent.

Our patent involves making pockets of similar thickness to and continuous with the main part of the blade. We embedded something that looks like a thumbtack inside that pocket and coated it on the outside (not a necessary step, but it looks nice) with fiberglass. The first picture is an outside view of the blade. The second picture is an outside view of the blade with the coating over the pocket. The third picture shows the inside of the blade, where it can connect firmly to a strut without causing ripples and areas of weakness in the blades.

A picture containing indoor

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Small Turbines Decorating Our New US Office

about 1 year ago

Some of our small Tulips are now on display in our Long Island office. Click here for a short video walk through:

The silver-colored metal is the base for one of our small installation poles.

New Ebike at our Rotterdam Office

about 1 year ago

We bought an ebike for employees to use for personal or business errands during the workday, and for testing with our ebike charging stations.

Another installation of a charging pole

about 1 year ago

One of our resellers in Frankfurt Oder, Germany, installed this charging pole for the national railway. Click here for a short video. Our charging systems can help be part of the mass transit infrastructure. It’s sometimes called the “last mile” problem. For example, what does someone do when he gets off the train? Take his car or his bike?

Our patent on the relationships of the turbine structures

about 1 year ago

This very important patent, patenting one of the reasons for the higher efficiency of our turbines, has now been filed in the following countries: US, Canada, EU, Japan, India, China, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, UAE, Australia, Mexico, and South Africa.

New PCT patent filed

about 1 year ago

New PCT patent on blade manufacturing

Flower Turbines just filed an international phase PCT on how to make improved connections from the blades to the shaft.

This picture shows one of the current ways of connecting them: using flat rods and washers (2) against the curved surface of a blade. You can see the ripples (3) formed in the blade from this approach.

A picture containing black

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Our solution to this is to make the blades with similar thickness pockets and a flat base to these pockets that enables a strong fit that doesn’t shorten the blades’ lifespan.

Flower Turbines Featured on Euronews Green

about 1 year ago

Flower Turbines’ contribution to the global energy transition has been acknowledged by Euronews!

Our innovative ways of producing renewable energy, with a focus on environmental friendliness and eco-art, have caught the eye of this prestigious international platform in regards to eco-innovation.

In an interview with Euronews Green, EU director Roy Osinga discusses the ways in which Flower Turbines aims for a greener world with our wind turbines and charging products. 

“The future of energy transition is that there is no one source of energy. So we have to use multiple sources. The idea is to combine efficiency with art,” Roy Osinga explained.

Sustainability, environmental friendliness and eco-art are the pillars on which Flower Turbines stands. Let’s help make the world a greener place, powered with sustainable energy.

You can read the video news article on the Euronews website here.

New Flower Turbines Generator

about 1 year ago

Flower Turbines has started producing its own electronics, first for the smallest turbine size. We produced 10 generator prototypes for testing and use in our products, like the ZW bike charging pole. They are specially designed to be built with high quality materials and have voltages capable of working with low wind speeds. We can also sell it to other companies in the future. The picture below shows the testing and then a closer view. Rated production: 100 watts. It goes up to 300 watts. One of the stress tests was spinning it at 250 rpm (everyday use expected to be in the range of 25-100) for 30 minutes, and the temperature went up by only a few degrees. This mass-produced product cost will be below that of current Far East prices after we finish the initial investment in tooling. This is how our investors are enabling US manufacturing and better control of our supply chain.


Another e-bike infrastructure sale

about 1 year ago

Today we packed three of our SL charging poles for delivery to a French transnational train company for one of their locations in Belgium. We will share some pictures once they are installed. We can’t wait to have more of our charging solutions pop up throughout Europe in the future!

A picture containing indoor, factory

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Bright red wind turbines installed at Roodhart Rotterdam

about 1 year ago

Look at the fiery red colors of our wind turbines! 

This week, we have installed two beautifully colored wind turbines on top of the industrial complex of Roodhart in the harbor of Rotterdam. 

With two more Flower Turbines to be placed here soon, Roodhart’s sustainability ambitions cannot be overlooked. The turbines have their beautiful company colors – a passionate bright red, as the company’s name means “Red Heart” in Dutch and symbolizes the passion and the name of this family business.

As a European business with its roots in the Rotterdam harbor, the company specializes in industrial pumping systems and mechanical seals. Like us at Flower Turbines, the people at Roodhart put great value in sustainability and feel that their industry should aim for a greener world. We at Flower Turbines couldn’t agree more. To show this to the world, our vertical wind turbines are a great contribution to Roodhart’s sustainability ambitions. 

Interviewing Manufacturers

over 1 year ago

Arthur Bayzer (Chief Engineer) and Dr. Farb (CEO) visited potential manufacturing sites in the US this week. One of them even produced a prototype base for discussion prior to our arrival. These pictures shows Arthur standing near it and inspecting it.

Flower Turbines Reg A+ Crowdfunding Reaches $2 million

over 1 year ago

Flower Turbines hit the $2 million mark on its RegA+ crowdfunding campaign after just 3 months. This allows us immediate steps to grow the company faster. One current goal is North American manufacturing in addition to our current EU manufacturing. We are about to start our installations in the US market and are developing our US team.  This photo shows 5 wind turbines that have been packed up in Rotterdam and are on their way to the ranch of a movie star in Los Angeles.


Flower Turbines wins spot as approved efficient solution

over 1 year ago

Flower Turbines has been awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label, a proof of high standards in profitability and sustainability to protect the environment.

To receive the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label, the Wind Tulip was thoroughly assessed by a pool of independent experts according to 5 criteria covering the three main topics of Feasibility, Environmental and Profitability. All labelled solutions are part of the #1000solutions portfolio that will be presented to decision-makers in business and government by Bertrand Piccard, Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation. The aim of this initiative is to encourage the adoption of more ambitious environmental targets and fast-track the implementation of these solutions on a large scale.

 Here is a link to the page about us on their website:


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Inside tour of electronics manufacturing plant

over 1 year ago

Here are some pictures of the amazing equipment our contractors in Nebraska will be using to produce circuit boards for our charge controllers. (The product should be moving in the next few months from design to prototype phase. A charge controller controls the generator and converts its output into DC.)

Visit to electronics manufacturing partners

over 1 year ago

Here are pictures before we began our tour of the electronics manufacturing plant in Nebraska. They had one of our Tulips in their entry hallway. In the group picture: third from left: Dr. Farb, CEO; fourth from left: Arthur Bayzer, chief engineer; fifth from left: Jim Boyle, consulting electrician.

A new employee 3

over 1 year ago

Tom Mulder is concentrating on our social media activities. He has a bachelor’s in Communications and Media.

A new employee 2

over 1 year ago

Andrei Dita is an electrical engineer with an additional diploma in mechatronics. One of his recent projects was making a navigation device for the visually impaired.

A new employee 1

over 1 year ago

Adriana Nieves is joining us in our US office as a general administrator. Her previous experience includes business development for a solar company and working in the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.

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New US Office

over 1 year ago

We are just starting to rent at a location in Long Beach, NY. It’s a nice location, and we are in a windy area, so we are close to a large number of potential clients. Long Island, NY is one of our priority markets because electricity prices are high and winds are good along the long coastline.

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Fantastic Sales January 2021

over 1 year ago

Our sales for January 2021 were around $95,000. The following graph shows cumulative sales from the first half of 2020 next to sales from January 2021.

The important detail is that we are starting much higher than last year.

Flower Turbines of EU visited by Dutch Minister of Defense

over 1 year ago

On March 3rd, 2021, Dutch Minister (Secretary) of Defense Ank Bijleveld-Schouten visited the Innovation Event of MINDbase, a center for stimulating defense innovation.

At the event, Flower Turbines EU director Roy Osinga presented its vertical wind turbines, e-bike charging stations, and a special mobile energy platform to the Minister. Object of research is also the turbines and less radar distortion.

See here ( the link to the article (in Dutch) on the official website of the Ministry of Defense.

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Another patent granted in China

over 1 year ago

Patent Application No. 201780055226.3, Rooftop Wind Turbine Flow Improvements, was just granted in China. The same patent is currently pending in the US. Its significance is making rooftop structures such as aerodynamic spoilers, that improve flow to the turbines on the top of a building.

Wind Turbines Powering Bike Chargers

over 1 year ago

Here is a link to a video of our wind turbines on one of our e-bike charging stations.

Flower Turbines elected to two more memberships

over 1 year ago

Flower Turbines was accepted into the international startup organization Startup Grind and the World Alliance of Efficient Solutions, run by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

New employees

over 1 year ago

We would like to introduce you to two new employees at the EU office. One replaces Bharat Srinivas.

Manolis Serdakis-Tsioukanis is a mechanical engineer who loves sustainable energy and hopes to see our products in his native Greece.

Joris Feijen is a graduate of the Technical University of Delft with multiple skills in mechatronics, aerospace, and system engineering.

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Series of Off Grid Bicycle Chargers Installed in Rotterdam

over 1 year ago

Here is a photo of the combined wind/solar chargers after installation.

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Tulips in the Snow

over 1 year ago

With all the interest in large wind turbines in Texas freezing, we thought you would enjoy a recent video montage of our turbines in different locations in a snowstorm:

Flower Turbines of the EU expanding to more EU countries

over 1 year ago

Here is a picture of one of our solar e-bike charging poles installed in Portugal.

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Rotterdam City Council Director on Energy Transition on virtual Flower Turbines tour

over 1 year ago

February 3, 2021: Arno Bonte, the council director on sustainability and energy transition from the municipality of Rotterdam, virtually toured Flower Turbines' EU offices at RDM Innovation Dock. Mr. Bonte and his colleagues wanted to see at first hand the developments at Flower Turbines, under the guidance of EU Director Roy Osinga. We discussed our shared vision in the energy transition, sustainable mobility, and the Smart Energy Systems program (SES). As part of of this SES program, Flower Turbines (with support of the city) will install a 6-meter-high turbine in the port of Rotterdam. To be continued ...

Quarterly investor webinar

over 1 year ago

Here is a link to the recording:

 This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

Important Step for Important Patent

over 1 year ago

Flower Turbine’s patent on the ratios of the different parts of our Wind Tulip turbines recently received an acceptance of novelty and inventive step under the Patent Cooperation Treaty in the “International Preliminary Report on Patentability”. This patent is an important basis for our creating more efficient and simultaneously quiet turbines; the concept is that certain blade relationships, air spaces, tip speed ratios, etc., when correctly combined, make its category of turbine substantially more efficient than it was before. This is what we were waiting for before submitting the patent for national phase in important countries or groups of countries throughout the world. (The patent was already submitted in Argentina, which is a large country not a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty.)

Flower Turbines on the Green Carpet

over 1 year ago

The port of Rotterdam is committed to combating climate change and wants to play an important role in the global energy transition. Therefore they pay attention to sustainable entrepreneurs.

 Flower Turbines was selected as one of these sustainable entrepreneurs. We walked the green carpet at the Rotterdam Drydock Company (RDM) and inspired the audience about the global potential of our small Wind Turbines.

To see the video and read the interview, see link: Global rise of small wind turbines from the port of Rotterdam | Port of Rotterdam

Flower Turbines is in the Top 5 Cleantech Trends

over 1 year ago

Antenna Group published its evaluation of the top trends in cleantech at

We are in both renewable energy and mobility, two of the top themes.

E-Bike Charging Installations 3

over 1 year ago

Here is a photo of one of our charging station installations in Europe.

E-Bike Charging Installations 2

over 1 year ago

Here is a photo of one of our charging station installations in Europe.

E-Bike Charging Installations

over 1 year ago

Here is a photo of one of our charging station installations in Europe.

What we’re doing with the campaign money already

over 1 year ago

Our deep thanks to our wonderful investors who are making this round successful already. The money coming in already enables us to initiate some important things:

1. We are developing the electronics for our turbines at a faster rate. This is important because if we can exactly match the generators and charge controllers to our turbines, it allows our aerodynamic innovations to shine better. Currently, we are using off the shelf electronic products. So now, we will have more efficient products, at a lower cost than those made in developing countries because of the use of molds and tooling instead of hand wiring and so on, with supporting a labor force in the US where the workers are paid a solid wage, with better features like corrosion proofing at the basic production level instead of later coatings and seals, and we may even be able to sell the products to other companies.

2. We are planning improvements to our e-bike charging product line that will make them higher quality and more useful.

3. We are interviewing manufacturers for a second site of manufacturing, in the US market in addition to current production in the EU market. That will take money for early production runs at low quantity.

4. We have some patent filings coming up soon.

In a future update, we’ll talk about plans for using future money that comes in after this.

Photo of a Small Size Turbines Installation

over 1 year ago

Here is a photo of an installation of 3 of the smallest Wind Tulips on a roof in Amsterdam



Data on Low Wind Speeds

over 1 year ago

The following graph is based on data logged over several years at a low wind speed area compared to an average wind turbine. Points to pay attention to:

1. Most wind turbines start turning at 3 meters per second. This Wind Tulip started to produce power at just over 1 meter per second.

2. This is smaller and an earlier design than our current large model. So we expect even better results from our current large version.

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3 Installations in 1 Photo Montage

over 1 year ago

Left: A bicycle charging pole customized for a customer in Denmark

Upper right: A wind measurement project for a city. This shows how we are adding wind-related services to our income mix. This is the first one, but we hope there will be more.

Lower right: An off-grid solar bike-charging project in a park.

Flower Turbines granted another patent

over 1 year ago

Flower Turbines was just granted a patent in India titled Two Bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. This patent is already granted in the US, Canada, EU, Australia, and Israel.

This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

q4 report for larger investors

over 1 year ago

We started in Q3 making a webinar for investors of $2500 or more. We will be separately emailing those who are on our list for that. Since it is likely we made some mistakes, due to incomplete processing of investments from this round showing up, and due to the waiting list status from the previous round, please email if you did not receive an invitation by the end of the day on January 20 and you think you should have. If you think you are eligible, please indicate in your email which round you invested in so we can check it.

New Installation at Marina in Netherlands

over 1 year ago

Flower Turbines was the winner of a tender issued by the city of Hellevoetsluis. Part of that was our recent installation of two wind turbines on top of a container. We simultaneously provide the marina with clean energy and extra storage space. The city staff commented favorably on the quality of the workmanship and installation.

Here are photos of the installation.

US Department of Energy chooses Flower Turbines as a 2021 Innovator

over 1 year ago

IMPEL+, a program funded by U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, and implemented by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, chose Dr. Farb, CEO, and Flower Turbines for its 2021 Innovators program and the project "Building-integrated Wind Turbines". You can read about the program at

Flower Turbines in December issue of Entrepreneur Magazine

over 1 year ago

Flower Turbines is mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine online and in print because of being chosen as one of the Most Fundable Companies in the US.

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