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A recent report by the National Fire Protection Association sheds startling light on a potential danger nearly everyone faces on a daily basis: home fires involving cooking equipment. "Ranges or cooktops, with or without ovens, accounted for the majority (62%) of home cooking fire incidents and even larger shares of civilian deaths (88%)." (Source)

While building codes in commercial kitchens have required fire suppression systems for many years (Source), residential kitchens are often taken for granted as safe when they could very well be the most dangerous room in ones home.

Every Year, on Average, Home Cooking Equipment is Responsible for:

  • Over 170,000 home fires
  • 5,470 bodily injuries
  • 510 deaths
  • Over $1.2 billion in property damage


It's Time for a Solution To Prevent Half Of All Residential Fires

In the U.S. alone, cooking equipment is involved in nearly half (47%) of all reported home fires! (Source).  Smoke, flame, and water damage take their toll every year on individuals and property. Many times the effect is multiplied in apartments and condo dwellings.

FireBot is a small, battery powered, device that will automatically activate in case of a fire to properly extinguish a stovetop fire to prevent damage and injury. 

FireBot inconspicuously attaches to the underside of your range hood, out of sight. It waits until it reads an abnormally high temperature that signals an out-of-control stovetop fire. 

Upon activation, it sprays environmentally friendly, non-toxic, water-based fire suppressant to extinguish a fire -- even a grease fire on all four burners. At the same time, it activates an audible warning alarm, sends a z-wave signal to turn the electric or gas to the stove off and notify the owner or monitoring station of activation or even low battery. 

FireBot costs $45 to manufacture; FireBot will retail for $165. There are over 100 million kitchens in the United States. If we can place a FireBot in just 1% of those kitchens, that's one-million units sold, which equals $165 million in gross sales, and that's just the U.S.!  We hope we can provide the solution to put an end to this yearly problem.

The Offering

$110/share of Class B Non-Voting Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $2.3M.

FireBot hopes to reduce home fires, injuries, deaths, and property damage due to the #1 cause of home fires: kitchen stovetop fires.

What We Have Accomplished So Far

We have working models that perform to the same specifications as the final retail model. It is engineered to pass UL-300A certification testing, which means it can keep a four-burner stovetop fire extinguished for a minimum of 5 minutes. U.S. and International Patents have been applied for. We are on final preparation of our final components, and we have manufacturing facilities ready.

Successful Live Prototype Test!

This FireBot prototype successfully activated in under 15 seconds and extinguished a real-life fire in a situation exactly like those encountered far too often in unprotected kitchens around the world!

Potential and Traction

  • Apartment and Condominium Management Companies: Responsible for 30 million units and their occupants, FireBot would solve a problem on many different levels.
  • Range Hood Manufacturers: Inclusion with new hood installations
  • Home Automation Integration: Currently a $13 billion market and growing
  • Builders and Fire Restoration Companies: With over 166,000 ires per year, a Firebot is a good addition to add to every rebuild.
  • Insurance Companies: We will work toward recommendations and premium discounts to help facilitate sales
  • Boats, RV, Mobile Homes, Military Housing, Aviation: Additional areas of sales
  • Fire Fighters, Fire Marshals: Will recommend installations
  • Local, City and State Governments: To add FireBot to building codes
  • Home Stores and Online Sales: A highway to reach every home
  • Alarm Companies: With 1000s of systems sold and monitored, Firebot's a great addition for their safety networks

Our Original Working Prototype

Prototype #2

Original circuit board with battery housing

What Makes FireBot Different?

Everything. With a solid team laying the foundation, FireBot is poised to be a premier addition to the Smart Home of Today.

WiFi / Z-Wave / ZigBee integration is planned to communicate with smart-home hubs, alert if a fire is detected, and shut off gas/electricity to the range automatically. This will make FireBot an attractive target for acquisition by some of the big players in the rapidly expanding smart-home market.

FireBot’s patent pending design and delivery system ensure superior fire suppressant coverage, and our low power consumption means batteries will last for years. Our replaceable bladder even allows for refills/reuse. We are working closely with the top patent firm, Baker and Hostetler LLC, for our patents. Both National and International Patents have been filed.

FireBot has been working closely with M&M Technology, Harbor Design and Manufacturing, and Clare Controls for invaluable assistance with product design, prototyping and manufacturing. “Flexible, talented and attentive to detail, our assemblers have years of experience for producing quality-conscious work.”

PyroCool Fire Extinguishing Additive used in conjunction with our FireBot Fire Suppression delivery device makes an unbeatable combination to extinguish stovetop fires. PyroCool allows us to use a water-based solution that, unlike other chemicals, is environmental friendly and is non-toxic.

Many homes today, especially new constructions wherein residential sprinkler systems are required by code, give the illusion of safety from home fires when nothing could be further from the truth. Home sprinklers, while certainly a great step in the right direction (as shown in the photos below from a NIST report), still leave the victim of a home fire (or their insurance company) with many thousands of dollars in repairs to not only the cooking equipment, but also nearby walls, ceilings, cabinets, countertops, etc. 

These types of damages are where FireBot really stands out from the status quo of home sprinkler systems. By reacting to the fire sooner than sprinklers and limiting the area in which it acts, FireBot prevents many types of damage than one can still expect from traditional fire suppression technologies.

Without A Suppression System

With Only a Sprinkler System

With FireBot

Basically no damage!

FireBot is a Necessity for Everyone

Marketing Strategy

Eventually we envision FireBot as a regulatory necessity, much like residential smoke alarms and sprinkler systems have become in many municipalities. 

Long terms goals include:

  • Lobbying for inclusion in building codes
  • Working with kitchen appliance manufacturers to have FireBot technology built into all new range hoods. 

In the short-term we are focusing on 30 million multi-family housing (apartments, condos, assisted living facilities) both through:

  • Direct sales
  • By working with insurance companies 

We want to be able to provide property owners with lower premiums in exchange for installing FireBot in their units. With all the money that goes into replacing damaged property after home fires, this is a win-win for all parties involved.

There are over 100 million kitchens in the U.S. alone. If we can sell a FireBot to just 1% of these potential customers, FireBot Inc. would anticipate gross profits of $120 million!

Leading Causes of Home Cooking Fires

Click here to read the full report from the National Fire Protection Agency

Source: A Report by Marty Ahrens of the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), "Home Fires Involving Cooking Equipment," November 2017.

Some Logical Thoughts in Today's Illogical World

Residential fires caused by stovetop fires cause $1.1 billion worth of damage per year, 480 deaths, and 5,000 injuries. Displacements of families while repairs are being made while incurring deductibles and temp-housing costs lead to the loss of millions of dollars more.

We already spend money to prevent and contain fires. We use sprinkler systems, commercial range hood systems, smoke detectors, state-of-the art fire departments and all sorts of UL fire ratings for locks, doors and construction. 

Why not just stop the fire before it starts? When you install FireBot, you have an instant device to not only warn but also extinguish a fire.

We have all kinds of wonderful car safety devices, costing thousands per car, and we of course are glad to pay. Why not add a $165 device to your stovetop to save billions of dollars in damage, deaths, and injury? 

If FireBot is installed in all kitchens it would cut residential fire department responses in half. City, County and city budgets would love FireBot savings. Consumers and Insurance Companies save money and heartache.

So, Invest in Firebot Today!

Firebot, Inc. has received a Verified Check from CrowdCheck for the purposes of raising $106,920 in an offering of the company’s Class B Non-Voting Common Stock on StartEngine (the "Offering").  The Verified Check looks for evidence indicating that the company is a legitimate venture conducting the type of business it claims, is properly incorporated and is in good standing with a US state, and meets all legal requirements to seek investment through an online securities offering.  The Verified Check confirms that the company is complying with the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation CF. In conducting the Verified Check, CrowdCheck obtains information and documentation directly from the company and from other sources that support statements made by the company.  The Verified Check additionally looks for evidence to confirm material assertions made by the company in the Form C filed by the company.  CrowdCheck has been able to obtain sufficient evidence from Firebot, Inc. and outside sources to provide Firebot, Inc. with a Verified Check.

Offering Summary

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000:

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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


Manufacturing Facility Set

almost 4 years ago

We have had successful meetings with Harbor Designs & Manufacturing. Located in Baltimore MD they will assemble FireBots units for sale. Please Check out their Website:

Final product design, UL300A certification, Orders for Firebot. They can make 100,000 no problem. We are in good hands. MB

"We help our clients realize the full potential of their innovative ideas or core technology. Our cutting edge and diverse manufacturing processes enable our experts to create your products on time and within budget. If you need a part, 10,000 parts, or 100,000 complete packaged assemblies, we have the expertise and resources on hand to meet all of your design, engineering, and contract manufacturing needs. Harbor Designs can even act as your authorized repair facility and coordinate your daily logistics through inventorying, kiting, and shipping your product directly to your customers.

Why capitalize on equipment, and costly personnel to run your production in burst when you can make use of ours and only pay for it as you need it? Our state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise and cost effective pricing are unmatched. See for yourself and contact one of our knowledgeable sales associates today!"

3rd Generation Housing

almost 4 years ago

FireBot is pleased to announce our new housing with an 8" by 8" Footprint it is our smallest yet.  separate compartments for electronics with battery replacement door, pump and suppressant bag. Easy mount with magnets, 2 way sticky tape or sheet metal screws. This housing is designed to fit standard range hoods. With this configuration we can supply FireBots to a huge slice of  the 100 million kitchens and their range-hoods. We will 3D print 6 of these housings and outfit with our components to take up to for UL testing. 

Our 3rd generation circuit boards will be ready to go also by the end of the month, "Board is made. Basic testing of board is completed. I am making minor programming changes to keep the power consumption down and thus longer battery life. I have to optimize putting uC in sleep mode, standby mode, etc." from Jonathan Babaie with Compsolusa. So we are set with our second major component.

Everything else is ready.

So what this means for a timeline.

By September 

6 units ready for UL testing, analysis to see is this FireBot ready for Mass production or any final modifications are needed.  

We will have retail FireBot Units done and able to pass UL certification. 2 Goals done Met.

3rd Goal, Sales of 10,000 units but before that... 

We need 30 K More with 6 days left so we can pay for the back half of UL300A testing. Any more each individual can invest, friends, family you have that can help we will be here. Appreciate everyone's help, Mark   

Final Push

almost 4 years ago

Hello friends and fans,

The July update coming at you with nothing but good news. We are fervently in the final cycle of production model assembly. We will produce 6 of these for UL testing, show and final component feasibility. We have money to complete this phase. We are halfway there in funding for the UL300A testing phase.  

But we have enough to get started.

Once we finish our production models I am up to Eau Claire Wisconsin for initial testing for UL. At: Here we can set all possible conditions you would find in a kitchen, test and modify as necessary, test again. When FireBot passes UL standards. We call in a certified UL tester to observe and Voilà we have UL300A. (A device, which keeps a stovetop fire out for 5 minutes, if reigniting occurs it, still extinguishes the fire.)  

We are getting close to  our goal of $81,400. Please help invest a little more or tell a friend about FireBot. So we can get our product to market. Thanks Mark

Notice of Funds Disbursement

almost 4 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, FireBot Suppression has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in FireBot Suppression be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Request from Fire Marshall in suburb in Atlanta GA. Just one of many requests and interest in FireBot. The answer was Yes to John

almost 4 years ago

I have a couple of questions for you.  First, can I purchase a unit that we could use for our public education program?  Secondly, is there a mailing list that I can be added to so that I can get updates on the product?  I think this is a great idea that could very well gain some acceptance in the regulatory world. 



John Dunlap, C.F.P.S.

Fire Marshal

Peachtree City Fire Rescue

105 N. Peachtree Parkway

Peachtree City, Ga. 30269


Office:  770-631-2526

Fax:  770-631-2528

UL Certification for FireBot

almost 4 years ago

Response to Gerald (Red)

Wonderful we can get preliminary UL work done. As soon as I get my 4 models I am up to Wisconsin to start process. Expected expense $5,000  for 4 days. Thanks Mark

Folks this it getting real please help out a little more $2000 will get us $20,000 as you can only draw out draw out investment in 10K increments. You have seen the prototype now think even smaller 100 to 64 sq. inch foot print and that will be the one tested.

Mr. Baldino

I received an email that explains your new product. I also noticed that you stated that it is designed to pass the UL 300a test. I manage a UL third party test facility that is located in west central Wisconsin, close proximity to UL in Chicago and on an interstate highway system. We have accommodated clients in the past in a much shorter time frame than UL and they come to our facility and conduct witness verification testing which will save you time as well as money. We are able to build mock rooms and or apartment size sets in our burn room and would be able to keep it up for several weeks to complete the testing process. Please let me know if you would like to visit our facility, my personal cellular phone is 715-215-2341.

Gerald E. Van Ert Jr. MS, MPA

Fire Science/Fire Safety Center Coordinator

Emergency Services Education Center

620 W. Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire WI 54701

Office 715-855-7561

Here is a link to our facilities and our abilities and I have attached a current brochure of the facility and our location.

Important Updates about FireBot (July 2018)

almost 4 years ago

To all current and future investors:

Here is the latest news from FireBot. We are pleased to announce that our design and implementation team is 90% finished working on our final retail product. Thank you for your patience, but we believe the wait will be more than worth it!

We now have a new plastic housing engineered for mass production. We have reduced FireBot's footprint from 12x12 inches (144 sq. in.) to 10x10 (100 sq. in.) and we believe can reduce the unit's size even further. In two more weeks we anticipate our housing size will be down to 8x8 inches (64 sq. in.), an impressive reduction in size of over 50%! This is accomplished by arranging the same components more efficiently in their physical space, and represents tremendous progress!

The next big development is our 3rd generation circuit board, which will have the capacity for wireless communication for stove shutoffs (gas or electric), as well as low battery and activation alerts. This will allow FireBot to communicate with alarm panels, home automation, central stations, and even cell phones.

Click here to see our latest live test and watch FireBot in action!

I would say we are good to go in exact specifications with 90% of FireBot's components. We have 65% of our needed component manufacturers in place and are currently vetting the remaining vendors in anticipation of our first order for procurement.

There are still some minor internal enhancements we would like to complete before going to production, such as a direct 3/8" fitting to the suppressant bag and smaller diameter quick connects that attach the suppressant bag to the pump. Work on these small yet important details is happening right now. In 4 more weeks I believe we will have a product 100% ready for sales. Whew!

FireBot now has enough funding to complete our primary goal of manufacturing a completed, retail-ready product. Thank you again too all who have given us a vote of confidence by investing! But the fundraising doesn't stop here. There are still some outstanding pieces that, while not absolutely necessary for production, will go a long way towards helping to ensure FireBot is as successful as possible. Those are:

1) Funds for UL 300A certification costs

2) 50 demo units for our sales team

3) Basic print and online marketing for sales

This is what we still need! Please help us spread the word!

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