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Water by Women for Women

Cohasset, MA
Food & Beverage
Everybody Water is a women-owned for-profit company disrupting the packaged water business with social impact as its cornerstone. Offering premium water in a 16.9 oz carton alternative to a plastic bottle, our mission is to support sustainable clean water infrastructure projects that bring running water directly into homes for the first time, dramatically impacting communities and transforming the lives of women & girls.


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It Begins with Everybody
20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water
Water with a Heart
20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water + 5% bonus shares.
Let’s Create a Ripple Effect
20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water + 7% bonus shares.
Collective Impact
20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water + 10% bonus shares.
Forward Thinking
20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water +15% bonus shares + Join the founders for drinks and oysters at one of our all time favorite local customers, Island Creek Oysters Raw Bar, Duxbury, MA.
Make Amazing Change Happen
20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water + 20% bonus shares + Join the founders for dinner at Boston’s hottest new rooftop restaurant, Contessa, at the Newbury Hotel, one of our most exciting new customers.

Reasons to Invest

LARGE MARKET POTENTIAL: Revenue in U.S. bottled water segment was over $70 billion in 2021 and the #1 selling beverage over the last 5 years. The market is expected to grow annually by 8.2% through 2025. Even capturing a niche market within this industry could represent significant sales.
WE ARE DIFFERENT: Within the huge market of packaged water, we distinguish ourselves by offering a product that is culturally relevant working with customers that support our values. By offering customers the opportunity to make a statement with the water they choose, we bring water that is unique to the marketplace. In addition to our mission and carton packaging, our customers also support us because we are a women-owned small business with a unique story. 70% of all consumers will pay 35% more for sustainable and environmentally responsible brands.
BE PART OF A SOCIAL IMPACT BRAND: Our for-profit company is dedicated to a mission to donate a portion of revenues to non-profit organizations supporting clean water projects that bring clean running water into homes for the first time, dramatically impacting the lives of women and girls so they no longer have to collect water and have the time to attend school, earn incomes, and thrive. 92% of Gen-Z and 90% Millennials support brands with purpose.

our story

More than three years ago, co-founders and neighbors, Kimberly and Megan, began their journey with the intention to create a business that could impact some of the millions of lives of women and girls whose growth potential is stunted by one of the world's biggest problems: lack of accessible clean water in the home. What kind of a business could they create with a mission to support water infrastructure projects that dramatically impact entire communities while helping women & girls to no longer have to collect water so they may instead attend school, earn incomes and thrive? What kind of a product could excite a new generation and be an easy way to make a statement about change?

Then the idea came…a new brand of water.  Everybody Water was envisioned as a chic, everyday product that would not only offer alternatives to a plastic water bottle but also offer the opportunity to support a brand with a mission to help bring running water into people’s homes for the first time and end the walk for water. With enormous grassroots support beginning in their local community that has grown throughout New England and beyond, Kimberly and Megan have found customers in forward-thinking companies that want to make a statement about what matters to them...and they can do so with the water they choose.  We’re building a community of businesses that wants to change the lives of women & girls …. and the impact we’ve seen possible with clean water projects is incredible.

The Product

Our refreshing, premium water is filtered by reverse osmosis. Customers tell us they love the taste.

We source our unflavored water from a community system that flows directly into our filling facility where it goes through a multi-step filtration system to meet our taste standards. We don’t believe it is sustainable to be hauling around water in trucks from one place to another so we believe sourcing water where we package and filtering on-site makes a lot of sense.

Cartons are 100% recyclable.

Over 73.6 million households across the United States have access to carton recycling.

The paper in our paperboard is a renewable material sourced from forests where trees are replenished and keep on growing.

100% of the paper in our Tetra Pak® cartons is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® and can be traced back to a responsibly managed forest.

Our cartons are BPA-free and Non-PET.

Our bio-based plastic caps from Tetra Pak® are made from sugarcane, a renewable resource. 

This helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the carton.

Everybody Water believes it’s not enough to say you’re recyclable.

We consider the entire product lifecycle including how our cartons compare in the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and transport requirements to that of aluminum cans and plastic bottles. The renewable materials in the carton lower the carbon footprint because they preserve natural resources. The trees and sugarcane used to make our cartons absorb CO2 and release oxygen, resulting in fewer greenhouse gases.

The unfilled paperboard in our cartons is transported from the factory in paper rolls to the filling location which takes up much less space than unfilled round jars or bottles, significantly reducing the amount of trucks on the road and the associated CO2 emissions.


Also, our carton package’s lightweight paper-based structure delivers additional high transport efficiency compared to metal and glass packs, saving fuel during transport. When round jars or bottles are packed for transport, there are gaps between each unit. Our square and rectangular packages lie flat against one another, making maximum use of the space in the truck. That means fewer trucks are needed to transport our cartons than round jars or bottles.

Everybody Water is produced by a women-owned small business.

Dedicated to donating portions of revenue to supporting clean water infrastructure projects that bring water directly into homes to uplift women and girls globally so they no longer have to walk for water and instead can attend school, earn incomes, and thrive.


The Market

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sales channels

How we do it

We are not lost in the grocery aisles. Our initial focus is selling to customers who make a statement with Everybody Water, often as their exclusive water. Many highlight Everybody Water, invest in marketing campaigns, and get attention from the press…furthering awareness of the brand.

Our customers create powerful content like this video made with Levitate Surf Brand and Music Festival. 

Boston’s iconic Boston Harbor Hotel produced this video to highlight

their commitment to women on International Women’s Day.

our customers

Everybody Water customers are modern. They are environmentally and socially conscious people and brands who identify with mission-based businesses and are discerning in what they support.  Authentic in purpose, our customers are also drawn to the clean and smart aesthetics of the Everybody Water brand.  The businesses we partner with are willing to pay a little more for a better package, aesthetically beautiful design, and a compelling social mission that they recognize will also resonate with their customers.




Notable customers include five-star and boutique hotels, such as the Fairmont Copley Hotel, The Newbury Hotel, and several Auberge Resort Properties, as well as highly-respected businesses and institutions such as the Boston Ballet, lululemon, Boston Children's Hospital, MIT, and Boston Private.  We are popular among trendy fitness studios, juice bars, cafes, and specialty markets.

Everybody Water has been sought after to be the official water at some of the largest and most high-profile events in New England with dynamic activations as organizers look to elevate their messaging.

Our Traction

Since our grassroots launch in 2019, Everybody Water quickly acquired major corporate and hospitality accounts within the first year.  In one year of business, we quadrupled seasonal sales and distribution in premier resort areas like Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard and launched in Aspen, Co.

Despite all the challenges faced by the shutdowns of Covid-19, we still grew by 9% in 2020 and have established new accounts and relationships as businesses fully re-open in 2021.

We are presently the official in-room water at 19 of the most exclusive five-star and boutique hotels, many top hotels named by Forbes and Conde-Nast. We partner with leading brands, large and small, and have developed strong relationships with customers that fit with the values of our brand.

Everybody Water is sold throughout Boston and New England and in the resort communities of Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Newport, RI, and Stowe, VT. We have most recently launched in Aspen, Co.

Since our launch in January 2019, Everybody Water immediately caught the attention of the press and has been featured in top television, radio, and news publications including Boston’s most loved morning show “Matty in the Morning” on Kiss 108 I Heart Radio.

The business model

  • Direct sales to larger volume customers which account for 60% of revenue, with 49% profit margins.

  • Sales to local high-end distributors account for 25% of revenue with 38% profit margins.

  • We plan to grow our eCommerce channel for direct-to-consumer water by the 12-pack case, building up our subscription service, and creating ongoing recurring revenue (8% of our revenue).

  • Merchandise sales and other sales account for 7% of revenue

Everybody Water donates 3% of our annual gross revenues to support clean water and sanitation infrastructure projects that bring running water, sinks, showers, and toilets directly into homes for the first time… full solutions that hugely impact the lives of women & girls. 


We believe Everybody Water is reinventing packaged water into something businesses feel good about… offering customers an alternative to plastic water bottles while also giving businesses an opportunity to express what is important to them as a brand with the water they choose.  We believe we are a disruptor in the market for packaged water offering a simple yet powerful platform to demonstrate intentionality – the choice of an alternative to a plastic water bottle, the desire to align with improving the lives of women and girls globally by supporting water infrastructure projects that bring people their most basic need to their homes, and the support of a product sourced from a small, women-owned business.



How does Everybody Water support clean water projects?

In keeping with our ethos to be a socially-minded company, we donate 3% of our annual gross revenues to support clean water & sanitation infrastructure projects that bring running water, sinks, showers, and toilets directly into homes for the first time… not just community wells but full solutions that hugely impact the lives of women & girls especially.


Why do we support clean water projects?

Everybody deserves clean running water and sanitation in their homes.  Over 2 billion people lack access to convenient, clean water and sanitation… a leading cause of disease and hardship in this world that disproportionately affects women & girls.  When people have their most basic needs met, they can begin to thrive.  


How do the projects we support particularly impact women & girls?

In most developing countries the burden of collecting water usually falls on women & girls.  They are responsible for all the water needs and collecting water can take 5-7 hours a day. The unjust task is physically hard, oftentimes dangerous, and prevents women & girls from attending school or earning incomes.  


How do we choose projects to support?

We only support sustainably-run, permanent solutions that bring water & sanitation directly into homes… not just community wells but solutions that free women & girls from collecting water

our leadership

Co-founders Kimberly Reilly and Megan Hayes lead the team and bring excitement to the brand. Their story is a unique one and they are often sought after by corporate customers to do public-speaking events and interviews.  They are passionate about the power of business to tackle the world’s biggest problems and inspire others to join them in a compelling business model.  Personally traveling to places like Honduras and Bangladesh to see the need and success of clean water projects propels them to succeed and drive profits. 

Together Megan and Kim lead a talented group of individuals with expertise in branding, marketing, sales, legal, finance, manufacturing, distribution... a team that is also inspired by the mission to change the lives of women and girls around the world by ensuring they have clean running water in their homes.

why invest

We are excited to build a community of investors that share our vision to offer an alternative to plastic water bottles and a dedication to help improve the world by impacting communities worldwide with high-quality clean water and sanitation projects that significantly impact and empower women & girls.

This is just the beginning of the road for us and we look forward to having you onboard as we further our mission and impact – we believe a win-win for all.

Be part of a company with a triple bottom line: sales, people, planet.

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$500+ | It Begins with Everybody

20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water. 

$1,000+ | Water with a Heart

20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water + 5% bonus shares.

$2,500+ | Let’s Create a Ripple Effect

20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water + 7% bonus shares. 

$5,000+ | Collective Impact

20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water + 10% bonus shares

$10,000+ | Forward Thinking

20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water +15% bonus shares + Join the founders for drinks and oysters at one of our all-time favorite local customers, Island Creek Oysters Raw Bar, Duxbury, MA.

$25,000+ | Make Amazing Change Happen

20% discount on an order or subscription of 12-pack cases of Everybody Water + 20% bonus shares + Join the founders for dinner at Boston’s hottest new rooftop restaurant, Contessa, at the Newbury Hotel, one of our most exciting new customers. 

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Rhode Island School of Design Chooses Everybody Water

2 days ago

Love that Rhode Island School of Design, aka RISD, one of the country's most prestigious design schools in style and fashion fell in love with #waterwithaheart's mission and branding. 

Everybody Water is fueling female empowerment through clean water, become an investor today and be a part of this amazing cause!

Everybody Water Makes a Splash at the Aspen Food & Wine Weekend

2 days ago

Everybody Water makes a splash at the Aspen Food & Wine Weekend with Modern Luxury Magazine! Our premium water company is advocating for women globally, become an investor and be a part of this amazing cause.

#waterwithaheart #aspenfoodandwinefestival #cleanwaterforall #aspen #modernluxury 

Boston Private x Everybody Water

22 days ago

One of the country's most respected wealth management institutions, Boston Private, has partnered with us to share our mission with their clientele. Boston Private has 27 offices and were recently acquired by Silicon Valley Bank - we're excited for them to help us grow our impact.

Our First Professional Sports Endorsement!

28 days ago

What an exciting milestone…now playing in the Seattle STADIUM for every match!  This is our first professional sports’ endorsement by the Seattle women's soccer team OL Reign. This video speaks to the power of our shared commitment to bettering the lives of women and girls through clean water.

At everybody water, we're truly forming a community of like-minded organizations inspired to make an impact. 

We're honored to collaborate with an organization led by strong, female professionals and athletes equally dedicated to creating a social impact in the lives of women and girls. 

Thank you OL Reign for your continued support and congratulations to your team's players for their participation in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics!

#olreign #soccer #waterwithaheart #cleanwaterforall

A Peek Into Some Details of Our Latest Clean Water Project

30 days ago

Water 1st International just began a new project in Quezungual, Honduras and Everybody Water is contributing! The goal in Quezungual is to create a long-lasting safe water supply and successful long-term operation and maintenance of their water by the local community. This project is approached with the belief that people are their own best resource when it comes to changing their circumstances and systems around them which is why Water1st focuses on the organization of the local community in their projects.

The funds in this project go to implementing an integrated water supply, sanitation, and hygiene-education project. The Quezungual project will serve 90 households, one pre-school, and one elementary school by use of a water supply line that stretches over 11 miles to the 6,000-gallon storage tank. Everybody Water is funding a portion of this project, alongside contributions from the local mayor, Water 1st, and the local organization COCEPRADIL responsible for organizing all the community members who each also invest their time and labor.

This project officially began its work on May 5, 2021. After hearing the project agreement read aloud by the local mayor, COCEPRADIL, the mayor, and each family signed a contract to ensure their commitment to its completion. Each family invests two days of labor a week until the project is complete. In committing to this project each family will have a sink, shower, toilet, and meter installed in their home with clean, safe running water. The ultimate goal of Water 1st and its partners is to end the walk for water forever and with this comes high levels of commitment by community members for high quality systems to ensure sustainable long-term success.

Lululemon Ambassador Event Features Everybody Water

about 1 month ago

So grateful for partners who support the #waterwithaheart mission, like lululemon. Along with our partnership with this beloved fitness brand, the Everybody Water mission continues to grow. Lululemon served Everybody Water at an exclusive ambassador event in Boston. Check out the video to see the event unfold!

Everybody Water Expands distribution

about 1 month ago

Our debut in Aspen in December and our market presence there in luxury hospitality, private aviation, top event planners, and trendy fitness and retail establishments has had reverberations leading to an exciting new distribution partner. https://www.whatchefswant.com will be expanding our presence beyond the chic mountain town into the markets of Denver, Telluride, Vail and beyond in Colorado, as well as opening up potential of distribution in their greater network.

Notice of Funds Disbursement

about 1 month ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Everybody Water has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Everybody Water be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


The Iconic Institute of Contemporary Art Brings on Everybody Water

about 2 months ago

Next in the latest of exciting new customers and partnerships... the ICA/ The Catered Affair.  Located in the pulsing Seaport District, the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston brings the latest and greatest contemporary art of the world to Boston in a stunning architectural marvel designed by the world renowned architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro. The café and Sun Deck offer sensational venues for a lunch or cocktail, operated by the The Catered Affair, Boston’s premier catering company for the city’s most exclusive events and venues including several museums.

Owners of the Catered Affair immediately connected with Everybody Water's packaging type, branding, social impact, and local story and believed their clients would also love the product. The Catered Affair is the kind of amazing company that wants to help further our mission while also supporting our local women-owned small business.

Everybody Water attracting the buzziest properties in hospitality!

about 2 months ago

First in the line up of new accounts....The Newbury Hotel, Boston offering Everybody Water in their rooms!  The former historic Ritz-Carlton overlooking the Public Gardens has been completely restored and re-imagined.  It is the latest hotspot getting lots of attention by the press.  And why wouldn’t it be on every bucket list with the jaw-dropping design and views?  Check out the spectacular rooftop restaurant, the Contessa, designed by the incredibly talented Ken Fulk.  (It’s so fabulous we thought this would be a place for dinner with the founders, Kim and Megan for investments of $25K or more…. check out the perks!)

Read more on this trendsetting iconic property with whom Everybody Water is so proud to partner in our hometown!  https://www.elledecor.com/life-culture/travel/g36492996/best-american-hotels-2021/

Everybody Water crowdfunding is the lead news story in Bostinno!

2 months ago

To our investors and those following the campaign, we are excited to share that, Bostinno, Boston’s top outlet on local startup, funding and innovation news, has featured the launch of the Everybody Water crowdfunding campaign as their leading story!  


In addition, our story was featured as the “The Big One” in their weekly RoundUp newsletter that goes out to 23k paid subscribers.    

The response from the Boston business community to Everybody Water has been humbling from the start, and we are seeing this incredible support extend to our fundraising efforts.

Sip, sip hooray!

3 months ago

We've had an amazing start to the crowdfunding campaign and have already raised over $93k!  Thank you to all who have invested already and we are thrilled for you to be part of the Everybody Water story.  We are just beginning to get the word out to our larger network of customers and community and can't wait to see where this goes in the weeks ahead.  

We are also excited to share some company news and updates next week... so stay tuned to learn about new developments with Everybody Water Inc!  - Kim and Megan

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