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Autonomous ground-based delivery robots

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We intend to reduce the costs and solve the problems associated with last mile delivery for both businesses and end consumers, by creating a fleet of automated ground delivery vehicles.

At Eliport we have designed a unique solution that we believe will not only revolutionise the last mile delivery industry but also influence consumers’ shopping habits, as well as having a hugely positive social and environmental impact on our planet.

So, are you thinking bigger than 'big'? Are you looking to the future? Because we are...

We have been exploring the enormous, thrilling (and sometimes daunting) space of human-robot interaction. With the recent progress made in robotic and autonomous technologies, we see a world where numerous robots of different sizes, shapes and functions will soon be sharing our streets: autonomous cars will move people, autonomous trucks and ground vehicles will move goods, and service robots will undertake all manner of different jobs - from cleaning, to monitoring, to security. So, the question is no longer 'will it happen?' but 'when will it happen?'. 

Our extensive experience in the delivery world means that we will be focusing on solving the previously unsolvable problems of this industry before turning our attention to all other areas of service robots. We have a pending US patent, which covers all aspects of a delivery robot that can unload itself into a receptacle/gate or even unload an entire container onto a fixed platform. We already have 3D designs of our robot, strong agreements in place with future business clients for trials, and robotic subcontractors and institutions ready to go with the prototype production. Now we need your support to make these dreams a reality!

At Eliport, we are going one step further than any other company in that we intend to completely automate the entire delivery process. We are building a technology that we believe will change transportation channels and how we order and consume, altering our cities for everybody's benefit. Are you ready to participate in what is going to be a BIG journey?

Help us to create an automated, people-centric future by developing robots that serve humanity: invest with us today.

$0.30 per share | $1.8M pre-money valuation

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor): $270.00 (900 shares)

Maximum Investment Amount (per investor): $106,999.80 (356,666 shares)


$500+ Your name will be listed on our website as a Eliport backer

$1,000+ You will receive an Eliport blueprint poster, plus all of the above

$5,000+ You will receive a 3D-printed scale model of first Eliport robot, plus all of the above

$25,000+ We will put the logo of your business on the side of our first robot prototype, plus all of the above

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.

The cost of couriers

Goods must be transported from logistic hubs or stores to their final destination. This last leg of the supply chain is the least efficient and most expensive part of the journey, often accounting for up to 50% or more of the total cost to move goods. This not only costs businesses but customers too, and often unnecessarily since return rates for e-commerce average at 17% - 25%. Our robots will thus save everyone time and money.

Damaged Packages

Unfortunately, humans make mistakes and packages get mishandled while in transit. Packages left outside houses are subject to weather damage and vulnerable to theft. In the UK alone, 8% of recipients reported damaged parcels or items in 2016. Imagine how many people this affects on an international scale and how it will become a thing of the past when the entire process of last mile delivery is automated.

Delivery Attempts

Unsuccessful Delivery Attempts (UDAs) have become a significant issue among dedicated courier companies as well as in-house delivery fleets of supermarket/grocery stores. This leads to unnecessary cost increases (£780M/$994M in UK, 2016) and resource wastage. The idea of removing UDAs - i.e. removing the need for people to be at home to receive their purchases - is incredibly exciting because it will potentially have an enormous growth impact on the e-commerce sector.

We plan to solve the last mile delivery problem in its entirety by creating a fleet of autonomous ground vehicles that will travel on pavements and in pedestrian areas. They will be automatically loaded at the logistics hub and, on arrival at the end user's address, they will be able to unload themselves into a pre-installed 'trunk', or another opening within a secure location.

The traditional courier service that is dominated by the likes

 of UPS and DHL

The growing grocery delivery service that is being led by the big supermarket chains and specialised grocery delivery companies.

          London, UK. 

          The World’s 3rd 

          most profitable supermarket

TESCO finds the Eliport project extremely interesting and wants to test with us as soon as we have a functioning prototype.

          Barcelona, Spain. 

          Spain's most disruptive 

          online supermarket

Ulabox is already sharing key delivery data with Eliport in order to perfect the prototype design and are excited to trial with us in the future.

Companies such as Uber, Alphabet and Tesla are investing heavily in the area of autonomy. There has therefore never been a better time for us to develop our own autonomous ground robots: we are able to benefit from a collective movement that is pushing forward the technology, legislation and cultural change surrounding un-manned vehicles.

We believe that sharing the same technology stack and approaches as autonomous cars will lead to our service robots being cheaper and more efficient to produce as the tech involved becomes more commonplace.

While we may initially surf the wave of autonomous cars, which we assume will have a shorter route to commercialisation and profitability, we feel that it is highly probable that service robots won't need to be as smart as autonomous cars as they will move at slower speeds and, on encountering a difficult situation, can simply stop without any of the grave consequences associated with malfunctioning AV's. They will also be designed in such a way that allows them to get help from a robot fleet manager, who will be able to teleoperate the robot when it encounters unique and unforeseen circumstances.

Although the connection between autonomous transport and autonomous delivery looks distant right now, we feel that they are falling more inline every day. Indeed, in the near future, they are likely to share the same vehicle sensors, 3D maps of our cities, and combined legislation laws. As they pose similar questions over their ethical and psychological impacts on our societies, they will probably also be subject to the same regulations concerning these questions.

The market size of robotic automation is, we believe, set to be enormous. It will draw billions of dollars from all of the industries that it advances, in essence creating its own industry-sourced market.

As we are going to be developing Eliport for the delivery industry first, we thought it would be best to give some numbers about that sector and, of course, the e-commerce industry - the fuel that keeps the fire burning.

Research by Pitney Bowes summarises what every other research agency has stated recently: that global parcel volume is growing at an extremely aggressive rate.

Between 2014 and 2016 alone, it grew 48% - from 44bn parcels to 65bn delivered worldwide. It predicts that this will continue to grow by 17-28% each year between now and 2021.

The Statista e-commerce figures came out at the beginning of 2018 and show where the majority of the parcel growth is most likely to be coming from. Between 2014 and 2017, global e-commerce grew by 71% to $2.29 trillion (2014 - 2016 = 39% growth).

The total addressable market for Eliport is therefore vast. Even tapping into just 0.1% of the global delivery market would result in presently delivering around 1.78 million parcels per day, and therefore yearly revenues of well over €2bn per year (with current proposed pricing model) from parcel delivery alone.

  • What if somebody tries to steal the robot?
    Our plan is for the robot to have between 10 and 14 sensors that can all record and transmit instant data, acting as a deterrent for anybody thinking about stealing or tampering with it.

  • How are you going to deal with vandalism?
    We believe the robot will be as safe as leaving a car on a street, with the added advantage of knowing what the vandal looks like, and being able to alert police/security immediately.

  • How big and heavy will the robot be?
    The best way to imagine our robot is as an m3 - more or less the size of a family shopping trolly. We plan for it to weigh approximately 40kg (88lbs) unloaded and be able to take a payload of around 30-40kg (66-88lbs).

  • Is this robot only going to unload to dedicated storage units?
    No, we intend for them to be multi-talented. Although the main aim is that they will unload to a 'trunk' or gate, they will also be able to be opened by humans in certain circumstances. Access will be gained by facial recognition or a code.

  • How safe is this machine going to be (towards humans and animals)?
    Remove any images of the “Terminator” from your head: we will design it to be gentle and always give humans and animals priority. It's also going to be designed to travel at low speeds and have built-in fail-safes, meaning that if anything were to go wrong (mechanical, electrical or software), it would simply stop where it was and not cause any harm/ limited inconvenience.

  • Is it possible for robots like this to work in crowded cities?
    Ultimately nothing is impossible, especially with the progress that AI is making. We believe that the latter will allow robots to behave like people in a crowd. Despite this belief, we will initially be focusing more on suburban/less crowded areas.

  • Will the robot be able to mount curbs?
    The current designs we have for the software mean that the robot will have an HD, 3D map of the neighbourhood in which it is operating and will therefore know all the possible routes to avoid going-up and dropping-off curbs. We do also have plans to adapt the chassis to curb the issues caused by curbs!

  • Are you planning to install your trunks in every corner of the world?
    Yes and no. Our aim is to standardise the unloading mechanism and gate that the robot unloads to. Eventually this can then be built in to buildings, garages, gates etc. Private houses with detached trunks are a first step towards this.

  • Will legislation and the public be ready for all of this?
    Technology is on the brink of changing the world in many ways and 100's of questions like this will need to be addressed. We believe at Eliport that anything that leads to more convenient and environmentally-friendly lifestyles will be embraced by the public and policy-makers alike. Other robotics companies are already addressing legislation concerns, with many cities already accepting autonomous ground robots as a viable means of delivery.

Offering Summary

Offering Type: Class A Common Stock (non-voting)

Purchase Price of Security Offered: $0.30

Maximum 356,666* of Class A Common Stock ($106,999.80)

*Maximum subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See 10% Bonus below

Minimum 33,333 of Class A Common Stock ($9,999.90)

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor): $270.00 (900 shares)

Company Information

    Eliport, Inc
Corporate Address:    
    Carrer de Roc Boronat, 117, 08018 Barcelona, Spain
Description of Business:    
    Robotic solutions for delivery and logistics


$500Your name will be listed on our website as a Eliport backer

$1,000You will receive an Eliport blueprint poster, plus all of the above

$5,000+ You will receive a 3D-printed scale model of first Eliport robot, plus all of the above

$25,000We will put the logo of your business on the side of our first robot prototype, plus all of the above

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

Eliport Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders (with ≥ $1,000 invested in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign) within 24 hours of this offering going live.

StartEngine shareholders who have invested $1,000+ in the StartEngine Reg A+ campaign will receive a 10% bonus on this offering within a 24-hour window of their campaign launch date.  This means you will receive a bonus for any shares you purchase.  For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class A shares at $0.30 / share, you will receive 10 Class A bonus shares, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $30.   Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid for one year from the time StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. investors receive their countersigned StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. subscription agreement.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company will not incur any Irregular Use of Proceeds.

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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.



about 4 years ago


Your support has been fantastic: 40% increase in $ and Investors on board in the last 24 hours 

Keep it Up!

Thank you thank you thank you

p.s We'll work on our photo poses for the next round of photos ;)

Closing in 1 day

about 4 years ago

Eliport crowdfunding campaign is closing in 24 hours! For all of you that like the project and want to invest - hurry up, time is running out!

the Press loves us

about 4 years ago

No Such Thing as Too Much Press

Well, the phrase doesn't go quite like that, but we like to make a statement. So much so that we've been featured in lots of different websites lately, mainly because of our unique approach to solving last mile delivery. 

So that you don't have to waste any time Googling these lovely articles, we've listed a few of them below so you can see what's being said about us in the media:

  • We were super stoked to get a mention in Tuvie - a fantastic online resource for future designs
  • The aptly named New Mobility had to feature the newest of mobilities
  • Big thanks to Robotics Tomorrow for giving shining a light on us
  • ...and for all those that speak German, LEAD digital featured us in their 3 part miniseries regarding future delivery methods (or for those that don't, just hit the 'translate' button!)

Happy reading :-)

Remember, only 7 days to go! Keep spreading the word people, we hugely appreciate it.

Dmitry & Patrick 


30% Investor Increase in last 7 Days

about 4 years ago

The Home Straight

Good morning Eliport Fans,

Last week was hectic. We got our 2nd advisor onboard AND increased the amount of investors on StartEngine from 30 up to 40. Absolutely rocking!

Whether you shared the page with your family and friends, or simply chatted about it with the person next to you on that midweek flight, it's really helped - thank you! We're pushing everything on our SM channels and blog, as well as with our commercial and industrial partners in order to finish with a massive amount of activity.

Just 10 days left. 

Dmitry & Patrick

Michael Müller Joins Eliport Advisory Board

about 4 years ago

Another Position Filled on the Advisory Board

The Eliport Co-founders are very excited to announce that the German Robotics and 

Mechatronics expert, Michael Müller,  will join the advisory board as principle hardware advisor.

Michael joined the advisory board the week of 16th April 2018 and has already been providing invaluable insights into the design of the prototype robot. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from previous roles as an engineer, leader and consultant to Daimler, KUKA and Audi, to name but a few.

Currently based near Munich, Germany, Michael spent much of his early years in various parts of the world working on many different robotics projects. He started out as an apprentice at Mercedes-Benz in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was there that his passion to learn more about mechatronics was fuelled and led to him being one of the first to ever study the subject in an academic remit.

Fresh out of education, Michael went on to hold many different positions over the subsequent years, ranging from being a robot programmer, researcher of automated laser processes, robotic retrofitter of industrial milling machines including 3D construction, support engineer for the automotive industry to being a project leader for medical robotics with over 100 relevant contact persons and head of a research department.

Whilst at KUKA (one of the world's leading industrial robotics manufacturers) Michael was responsible for many projects. Many went on to become commercial products, two of which were in the medical field involving modified industrial robots operating side by side with doctors for diagnostics and caner treatment purposes.

Most recently Michael has transitioned into a more consultancy based role, offering his services to industrial juggernauts such as Audi and Huawei. His focus here has been on rapid development of mechatronic systems using microcontrollers and rapid manufacturing as well as drawing on his influence in the areas of 3D artists, data and AI experts.

The appointment of such a prestigious and accomplished robotics expert to the Eliport board comes just two weeks after the appointment of Lukas Neckermann, the renowned autonomous and smart cities expert. This is a clear sign of their desire to speed up everything in the company's plans: from prototype design and route to market, to securing top talent to help make all of their plans a reality.

Michael is bound to be a true asset to the team and ensure they stay ahead of the quickly evolving robotics curve.

Great news: Closing Campaign ahead of Schedule!

about 4 years ago

Hello followers,

Official Announcement

This is an update letting you know that Eliport (we) will be closing their (our) campaign early. The Eliport campaign will officially close on May 4th, 2018. Investors who have not been included in previous disbursements have up until 48 hours prior to this date to cancel their investment.

If you have any questions about your investment, please contact StartEngine at

Funding Update

OK, so now the official stuff is out of the way we can fill you in on the exciting reason as to why we've taken this decision to close early, and be completely transparent in the process!

We've met with a number of consultants now and have it on good authority that we will be able to receive our first funds from public entities in September of this year. This means that we are no longer required to raise as much cash as possible through our crowdfunding campaign, but can instead obtain much "cheaper" money than selling equity of our company.

We also believe that in reducing our time to prototype demonstrations (please ask/email if you'd like more info on this) we will be able to raise our seed round of funding earlier than anticipated, which is another reason for closing the crowdfunding campaign ahead of schedule.

We are so so excited to be able to speed up all of this process and so grateful for all those that have invested so far and will continue to do so until May the 4th (no Star Wars references intended!). 

So, please share with your friends and spread the Eliport project word far and wide, we want as many of you onboard as possible for, what will undoubtedly be, an absolutely amazing (and profitable!) journey!

Dmitry & Patrick

Notice of Funds Disbursement

about 4 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Eliport has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Eliport be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Lukas Neckermann joins Eliport Advisory Board

over 4 years ago

Great Monday Morning News!

After an extensive search and vetting process, Eliport co-founders are excited to announce that

 Lukas Neckermann has been appointed as the first strategic advisor to join the Eliport Board.

Lukas will join the Advisory Board of Eliport from April 1st and fill the position of Mobility, Smart Cities and Business Expertise. After lengthy discussions between Dmitry, Patrick and Lukas in order to guarantee a healthy fit between both parties, it can be confirmed that the 1st of 3 advisory board positions has been filled and we are extremely excited to start working very closely with Lukas, who is widely renowned as one of the leaders of his field.

Lukas is Managing Director at Neckermann Strategic Advisors, a consultancy based in London with a focus on emerging new mobility trends and their strategic impact. He has 20 years of leadership experience in automotive, media, and financial services. 

He began his automotive career in BMW’s Central Marketing department in Munich, where he codeveloped the first website, helped launch the innovative Z8 sports car, and – as an internal consultant – recommended pricing, marketing communication, and positioning strategies for BMW’s brands (BMW, MINI, Rover, Land Rover, and MG). 

Lukas joined Allianz in 2002, reporting to the Group’s CEO, Michael Diekmann. He rose through various strategic and line leadership functions at Allianz, including Head of Business Development for Allianz Automotive and Commercial Director and member of the Executive Board at Euler Hermes UK plc, the UK and Ireland’s leading credit insurance company. While at Euler Hermes UK, Lukas led the most significant innovation and strategic change program in 20 years of the company’s history.

He is an advisor to three startup companies besides Eliport: NEXT Future Transportation Inc. based in Silicon Valley, as well as Flock and Splyt, both based in London. He has co-founded Monoventure srl (a real-estate investment company in Romania), MN Innovative Communication Inc. in New York, and Neckermann Ltd in London. Lukas is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), Adjunct Instructor at New York University, and has lectured and taught courses to executives from over 40 countries; he is frequently called upon to give keynote speeches on “The Mobility Revolution”, as well as on topics related to marketing, business development, communication, leadership, and innovation.

We are very excited to have Lukas onboard - we hope that his wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts will help Eliport to stay lean, relevant and sustainable in the years to come.

The Journey Starts Here...

over 4 years ago

Hello everybody and welcome to our StartEngine Crowdfunding page!

We are completely overwhelmed to have already raised a healthy base amount of funds and are excited to watch this progress over the coming weeks as we direct more and more people to the page. 
A huge thank you to all those that have already committed their money to the project and a thank you in advance to all those that will do so before the campaign ends. 

Although there is a limit of $107k stated on the page, we have already agreed that we will raise this up to $450K depending on demand and how quickly we approach the first money limit.

We are working relentlessly to raise additional resources from public funding and grants, to bring on key strategic advisors and speed up every aspect of the project so that we can bring complete autonomy to the last mile of delivery as soon as possible. 

So, stay tuned for updates on Eliport's progress that will be posted here, as and when they come in.

Many thanks,
Dmitry, Patrick and Giuseppe

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