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Democratizing Geothermal Power Plants

Eden GeoPower Inc. is revolutionizing the energy industry by combining renewable energy and blockchain to develop off-grid geothermal resources. The value created will be in the form of a security token built, designed, and distributed by Eden. Our strategy is to 1.) take advantage of the low-hanging fruit which is to use existing geothermal resources for energy production and 2.) support and develop future technologies for commercialization of “Enhanced Geothermal Systems”. Our company's goal is to be directly involved with the development of over 10 GW of renewable energy infrastructure over the next 30-years. Each geothermal power plant that we develop will be capable of producing up to 50 MW of renewable geothermal energy, for up to 30 years, and at a levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) below 5c/kWh. Eden GeoPower is the future of renewable geothermal energy production.

In order to avoid transmission costs, Eden GeoPower aims to consume electricity on-site by targeting off-grid power consumers such as cryptocurrency mining. Future use cases for the off-grid powerplants we develop will include hydrogen production via electrolysis, and powering off-grid data centers.

“3D Eden GeoPower Geothermal Power Plant Concept”

Eden GeoPower is on a mission to promote, democratize and decentralize geothermal resources and their ownership

To do so, Eden GeoPower will be financing each of its power plants’ capital investment through the digital issuance of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). This digital SPV will take the form of a token, and will grant its holder (investor) ownership of a project, as well as recurrent dividends from that project’s net earnings.

The Offering

$10.75 per Share of Common Stock | When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $11M.

Investment Bonuses

Invest from Day 1-10 and get 20% Bonus Shares 

Invest from Day 11-20 and get 15% Bonus Shares

Invest from Day 21-30 and get 10% Bonus Shares

10% 30 Day Bonus

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10% additional bonus shares for first 30 days of campaign


Preparing for the "Green New Deal"

With the recent Green New Deal resolution supported by politicians and NGOs, Eden GeoPower foresees a great opportunity for the development of geothermal energy in order to meet the program's goal.  The Green New Deal resolution highlights the goals and vision to fight climate change and meet the required limit on global temperature increase below 1.5C.

The resolution's relevant points to this offering include: 

  • Meet all of the power demand through renewable energy
  • Repair and upgrade existing buildings and infrastructure to lower emissions and improve energy efficiency
  • Overhaul existing transportation by investing in infrastructure that supports zero-emission vehicles and building public transit systems and high-speed rail
  • Restore and protect “threatened, endangered, and fragile ecosystems"
  • Promote the sharing of ideas and innovations internationally, “making the United States the international leader on climate action, and to help other countries achieve a Green New Deal

"There is enough untapped geothermal energy potential to meet 100% of the United State's renewable energy demands"

"The Green New Deal is a recent and ambitious resolution to meet the U.S. energy demands with 100% renewable energy by 2030."

Eden GeoPower will work with existing oil, gas, and geothermal companies to develop 100% renewable energy projects. The following goals are within our mission statement:

  • Create 100,000+ American jobs
  • Develop billions of dollars in renewable energy infrastructure
  • Transform abandoned oil and gas resources into cheap, 24/7, renewable energy sites
  • Accelerate the development of renewable technologies in the geothermal industry
  • Educate the public about the environmental and economic impact of global climate change
  • Cut down 500,000 metric tons of GHG emissions related to power generation annually.

Harnessing Power From The Earth's Core

The earth’s core is estimated to have the same temperature of the surface of the Sun (~6,000 C) and is the source of geothermal energy. Considered a renewable resource, geothermal energy is the only scalable renewable energy resource capable of providing a 24/7 (baseload) energy supply. The conventional method of geothermal power generation is to tap into natural geothermal reservoirs which contain hot water/steam, paths for the fluid to flow within the rock, and an impermeable cap rock that prevents these fluids from flowing to the surface. Once a reservoir is drilled, hot water/steam is flown to the surface through the wellbore, turns the blades of a turbine coupled with an electric generator at the surface, and generates renewable, geothermal energy.

A major drawback of commercial geothermal energy projects is their intensive capital cost, thus making projects financing consistently problematic. For example, a 10 MW geothermal power plant would require a total investment ranging from USD $25 to $50 million, around 50% of which goes directly to exploration and drilling costs

"Geothermal power is converted from heat at Earth's core"

"Approximately 50 TWs of heat flows from the Earth's 

core to the surface"

Given the high uncertainty in finding a geothermal resource when drilling, debt financing usually only becomes an option when the resource has been successfully proven. Scaling up geothermal power development requires the government to grant-finance portions of the costs of the initial project development, including exploratory drilling. Furthermore, debt instruments are usually provided to large project developers with high credit ratings limiting the options for innovation in the field.

In addition to high financial risks, commercial geothermal resources are location specific meaning that geothermal resources are located only in certain geographic areas. The most active geothermal resources are usually found along major tectonic plate boundaries where most volcanoes are located. Consequently, the majority of geothermal resources are located in areas far from access to the grid so conventional geothermal projects have large costs related to the construction of transmission facilities.

This consequently decreases project profitability as cost increases and/or drains geothermal entrepreneurs’ negotiation power to profit of potential customer.

Earth’s Installed Geothermal Capacity

"World map of geothermal countries installed capacity and countries with developing projects (shown in green)"

Off-Grid Consumption of Geothermal Power

"Estimated Levelized Cost of Electricity for new generation resources entering service in 2022 (2017 $/kWh), Energy Information Administration"

Because of the high cost of energy transmission, geothermal energy is most economical when consumed on site. We researched some of the possible off-takers for off-grid energy and found that the fastest growing consumer group of energy is blockchain miners. These miners will be the initial target for our energy projects.   

In 2018, we saw record lows in Bitcoin prices, which many critics attributed to 1.) regulation uncertainties in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market, 2.) lack of an asset backing the value of a Bitcoin, and 3.) growing public concerns on the impact Bitcoin mining will have on climate change.

Due to the unexpected proliferation of ICOs, the SEC has attracted its attention to reviewing these offerings on a case by case basis leaving an uncertain path for issuers of ICOs to comply with all regulations. On the other hand, the value of Bitcoin is directly related to the amount of hash power on the network, which is directly related to the cost of electricity and the availability of energy resources. Previous projects have tried to address some of these concerns by installing energy infrastructure to meet Bitcoin mining needs and “backing Bitcoin by power”, but unfortunately most of these projects have failed due to a lack of reliable energy resources.

Most renewable energy resources like solar and wind can generate power cheaply (below 7 cents/kWh) during part of the day, but would require expensive storage units which would cost up to 39 cents/kWh (in the case of a solar PV+storage system) to meet the energy demands of cryptocurrency miners.  Additionally, there has been growing concerns about the energy usage of cryptocurrency, and many environmentally conscious individuals have been slow to adopt Bitcoin due to the potentially negative impact cryptocurrency mining could have on accelerating global climate change. Geothermal energy is the perfect solution for meeting the world’s emerging cryptocurrency mining energy demands due to the 24/7  renewable energy generation capacity, low cost, and more than 100 GW of untapped geothermal potential in the US alone.

Geothermal Energy is the only renewable resource capable of providing a 24/7 365 power supply without requiring energy storage

"Geothermal power is perfect for

"Proof-of-Work" due to the 24/7, cheap, and renewable energy"


Our mission is to install off-grid geothermal renewable energy infrastructure to meet the world's increasing energy demands. We are currently developing a proprietary heat harnessing mechanism that can be used in Enhanced Geothermal Reservoirs to transform abandoned geothermal resources at these locations into cheap (below $0.05 per kWh), baseload electricity. However, due to the remote locations of many of these wells, and high costs associated with setting up transmission lines to connect these resources to the grid, the project will be uneconomical unless the power is consumed on-site. This creates the perfect opportunity for us to decentralize these facilities by utilizing the cheap, baseload electricity generated at these locations for cryptocurrency mining operations. Eden is the future of off-grid energy consumption and blockchain infrastructure.

Our ultimate goal is to use blockchain’s “Proof-of-Work” power demands as the perfect opportunity to build renewable energy infrastructure. Geothermal energy is one of the few renewable energy technologies that can provide baseload electricity. This is important for cryptocurrency mining specifically, due to the 24/7 energy demands of miners.


The power infrastructure we build is initially developed to be consumed for off-grid cryptocurrency mining operations, however, these facilities will last for 20+ years and can be used for emerging off-grid technologies that will benefit from baseload supplies of cheap renewable energy. This includes energy to produce hydrogen fuel cells via electrolysis and hosting off-grid data centers in the future.

Product Differentiation / Competitive Advantage

Geothermal resources are divided into different groups including high and low enthalpy. High enthalpy resources are considered to be in excess of 250 C while low enthalpy resources have temperatures between 90 to 150C. This provides a wide range of resources that can be developed from areas without conventional geothermal systems such as abandoned oil and gas wells and areas with low geothermal temperature profiles. 

Zero Mass Withdrawal (ZMW)

There are large amounts of geothermal resources associated with oil and gas reservoirs for power generation and other purposes. Texas alone has thousands of oil and gas wells that are sufficiently deep and reach temperatures of over 121°C and sometimes 204°C. The main advantage of the co-produced geothermal power is the low cost, lower than that of EGS because the infrastructure, including wells, pipes, roads, and in some cases even grid, is already there.

EGP’s is innovating in the geothermal power production space by offering an alternative solution to project developers in underperforming geothermal and idle oil and gas wells.

"EGP heat harnessing technology is intellectual property protected by a provisional patent"

"Oil wells in Corpus Christi area in Texas possess a great geothermal power potential"

  • Our "Zero Mass Withdrawal" method involves a single well acting as an injector and producer eliminating the need for a two well system (injector and producer) found in conventional geothermal systems.
  • The hot brine is pulled from deep within the reservoir and interacts with a second working fluid with a much lower boiling point in a downhole heat exchanger (DHE). As the working fluid changes phase, it passes through a turbine-generator assembly placed in the well, generating electricity on its way to the surface.

  • The increase of hydrostatic pressure with depth in the wellbore allows the system to run in a supercritical power cycle with much higher efficiency than what can be achieved in a traditional, hot brine-to-surface binary cycle design.

  •  The provisional patent granted on the technology used in this system will avoid thermal depletion and provide a full retrievable system that can run up to 30 years.

"EGS system: Source, DOE Geothermal Technologies Program"

Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)

Next Generation Renewable Energy Technologies, Enhanced Geothermal Systems, is a breakthrough in renewable energy technology that is revolutionizing the clean power generation industry. By creating “manmade geothermal reservoirs” through a combination of directional drilling, zonal fracture stimulation, and reservoir fluid saturation, wells in hot-dry rock environments can be utilized to provide cheap sources of renewable energy. This new geothermal technology is unique because it has the potential to install 100+ GW of new sources of baseload renewable energy at a Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) below $0.05/kWh. However, the technology is underdeveloped because most ideal locations for EGS development are in remote locations, leading to sites that could generate cheap electricity, but with no energy off-taker under conventional geothermal business models

One of the hot spots in the geothermal industry over the past decade has been Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) since the publication of the 2006 MIT report (“The future of geothermal energy”). Accordingly, the EGS geothermal resource at a depth from 3.0 to 10.0 km is equivalent to 2,800 times of USA's 2005 annual total energy consumption assuming only a 2% recovery factor. In China, 2% of the EGS resource at a depth of 3.0-10.0 km is about 5,300 times of China's 2010 annual total energy consumption. According to the data shown above, EGS has a great theoretical potential to greatly increase the world’s renewable energy resources.

Given the untapped potential of geothermal energy in the U.S alone, the Geothermal Technologies Office at the DOE has taken as a high priority the development of EGS technologies. In this sense, Eden GeoPower is also working on a well stimulation technology on a research project sponsored by the NSF to improve EGS by developing a breakthrough stimulation method that increases the flow rate within the reservoir, consequently increasing the thermal exchange between hot rocks and fluids and generating more power.


Market Analysis (US)

Power Source

Power Profile

LCOE Without Energy Storage (1)

Average LCOE + Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS) (2)

Solar PV


4.6 cents / kWh

12.4 cents / kWh


Baseload (24/7)

cents / kWh


(No storage required)



3.7 cents / kWh

11.7 cents / kWh

(assuming same increase as in solar)

“Geothermal vs Other Renewables”

1. Geothermal is a 24/7 power source: Geothermal has the potential to provide baseload amounts of power. Constant, renewable power able to meet the baseload energy demand of the electrical grid is a challenge for most other renewable energy resources. In order to make a full transition to renewable energy, geothermal is the only resource able to replace the benefits and load supply from coal, petroleum and natural gas power plants.

2. Low cost of energy source: Geothermal energy has a low LCOE due to its high capacity factor and high power production compared to the capital investments for the project. Systems of batteries coupled with solar PV at utility scale have a cost of 108 to 140 $US/MWh. Additionally, geothermal net power production is at its maximum when solar energy tends to produce the least throughout the year.

3.    Geothermal untapped potential: According to the U.S Department Of Energy, Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) can facilitate access to more than 100 GW of baseload renewable energy. Currently in the U.S., geothermal only provides ~3.7 GW of power to the grid. EGS has the potential to produce geothermal power from places where there are no conventional geothermal reservoirs. Additionally, with no emissions and relatively small surface footprint, geothermal power plants take a negligible amount of environmental disturbance.

"Geothermal Power is a 24/7 available renewable energy resource"

Global Geothermal Market

The global geothermal market is expected to grow from 5.5 billion in 2019 to $8.5 billion (CAGR of 11.5%) by 2024. In terms of geothermal power generation capacity, the expected growth will go from 14 GW to over 17 GW by 2023 with the biggest capacity additions expected in Indonesia, Kenya, Philippines, and Turkey.

"The Global Geothermal Market is projected to nearly triple over the next 5-years"

The estimated number of abandoned wells in the United States ranges from 2.3 to 3 million. We estimate that 5% (150,000) of these wells have geothermal gradients and surface conditions suitable for geothermal development. Between EGP and the companies we partner with, we assume that we will be able to capture 10% of the market (15,000).

“Utilizing off-grid abandoned geothermal energy to mine Bitcoin can accelerate the development of renewable energy infrastructure

while increasing the incentive to mine cryptocurrency

Geothermal Energy will Revolutionize the Cryptocurrency Mining Market in 2019

The cryptocurrency mining market is projected to grow from 1.33 billion in 2019 to USD 3.82 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 30% over the forecasted period (2018-2023). Despite recent lows in Bitcoin prices, energy consumption for cryptocurrency mining has continued to increase by almost 100% (as of November 2018) globally since Bitcoin peaked at $20,000 in 2017. Additionally, big institutions have been leveraging those low crypto prices to quietly enter the space, signaling that cryptocurrency is here to stay. To only cite a few examples:

  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) launched Bitcoin Futures in 2017.
  • Goldman Sachs is planning to open a Bitcoin trading desk.
  • Jeff Sprecher, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and CEO of its parent company, Intercontinental Exchange, said that despite headlines of cryptocurrencies flopping, digital assets have a future in regulated market.
  • Nasdaq and NYSE will launch their bitcoin derivative within the first half of 2019.
  • Leaders of the G20 came to the agreement to create an international framework to tax cryptocurrency transactions by 2020.

According to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, Bitcoin’s network current estimated annual electricity consumption is above 50 TWh as of December 2018. In context, this represents enough electricity to power 4,927,360 U.S. households, more than Israel, Greece and Algeria annual consumption.

The 24/7 energy makes geothermal the only renewable resource that can economically be developed specifically for cryptocurrency mining

"The global demand for energy to mine Bitcoin is projected to triple over the next four-years"

In terms of carbon footprint, the consequences are enormous as the network is mostly fueled by coal-fired power plants in China (coal-based electricity being abundant and really cheap). This translate with an alarming carbon environmental footprint of 277.74 kg of CO2 per transaction or 26,076 kg of CO2 per year.

Blockchain Integration into the Geothermal Industry

In order to disrupt the geothermal industry, Eden GeoPower had to rethink the entire value chain of a geothermal power plant enterprise. This novel approach has been designed in a way to vertically integrate all components of an energy project from its financing mechanisms to the geothermal technology and power off-taker.

Financing: Power to the People

Eden GeoPower will leverage the use of blockchain and smart contracts to do the following:

"Blockchain technology will revolutionize the renewable power generation industry"

CrowdFund/Finance Projects

After thorough technical and economical analysis of a project, Eden will present the investment opportunity through our own website and platform. All details of the project will be showcased, including installed capacity (MW's), estimated capital costs, project partners, tax incentives, and levelized-cost-of-electricity (LCOE).

Distributed Ownership 

Eden GeoPower future project’s investor will receive equity of the project they are investing in. A tokenized special purpose vehicle will therefore be developed for each of the company’s project. The valuation of those SPV and portion of equity to be offered to investors will vary depending on project’s scale and economics.

Profit Sharing

Relatively to their share of the project and predefined terms of the project SPV, investors will be subject to dividend payment on a quarterly basis. To do so, a portion of project net income will be withdrawn every quarter, and then distributed in the form of tokens to the SPV investors through a smart-contract.

Project Milestone Tracking

A roadmap with clear milestones will be published along other details about the project and investment opportunity prior this project’s crowdfunding starts. The fund raised will be lock in a smart contract and gradually distributed to Eden GeoPower with the project advancements and milestone accomplishment.

Thinking BEYOND Cryptocurrency Mining: Off-Grid Geothermal Energy for Hydrogen Fuel by the Year 2023

Renewable energy infrastructure for hydrogen fuel production is needed for the world to transition to a carbon-free society. 

The global hydrogen market is projected to grow from 146.4 billion USD in 2019 to 199.1 billion USD by end of 2023, growing at a CAGR of around 8.00% between 2019 and 2023. In our opinion, widespread Hydrogen fuel adoption will accelerate the clean energy transition by: 

1. Enabling large-scale renewable energy integration and power generation

2. Distributing energy across sectors and regions 

3. Acting as a buffer to increase energy system resilience 

4. Decarbonizing transportation 

5. Decarbonizing industrial energy use 

6. Helping to decarbonize building heat and power 

7. Providing a clean feedstock for industry. (no period needed)

"Global Hydrogen Market Projections (2019-2023)"

“Geothermal Power Plants can be used to produce clean hydrogen for fuel-cells via the electrolysis process”

"Electrolysis Process"

"Hydrogen fuel is crucial for the future global energy landscape

and releases water as a by-product"

Hydrogen will become a valuable source of energy in 2050 by providing an estimated 18% of the world’s total energy demand. By replacing methane with captured carbon and using Hydrogen as feedstock, up to 30% of the methanol demand can be produced without the need for fossil fuels. 

Moreover, Hydrogen can be used for residential heat by leveraging the existing natural gas infrastructure and blending Hydrogen with natural gas and providing 15% of the heat and power demand required. Additionally, Hydrogen would reduce about 6 Gtons of CO2 annually and account for 20% of the CO2 abatement necessary to reach the scene of global temperature below 2 C.

One of the major drawbacks in today’s Hydrogen industry is the high energy costs related to its generation. The most effective process for generating Hydrogen up to date is the Proton Exchange Membrane electrolysis which has an 80% efficiency and scientists believe the efficiency would improve up to 86% around 2030. This means that in order to produce 1 Kg of Hydrogen the energy lost in the process would account for 0.2 Kg of Hydrogen. It is important to mention that Hydrogen production today is not ideal due to high energy demand and high emissions involved in using power from the grid. Currently, the DOE is working on the generation of hydrogen from renewable sources at distributed or centralized production centers as well as improving the capital costs and efficiency of electrolyzers.

At Eden GeoPower, we plan to improve the efficiency of the electrolysis process by making use of supercritical water steam partially replacing energy in the form of heat that otherwise would be required in electricity for the electrolysis process. In consequence, the electrolysis process becomes more efficient in generating more Hydrogen per unit of power input. 

“World’s hydrogen projections (Hydrogen Council report, 2017)”

A Brilliant Trustworthy Team with Years of Experience

Our dynamic team takes holistic approaches to issues currently impacting the energy industry. We’re comprised of a talented group of mechanical engineers, petroleum engineers, geophysicists, blockchain developers, software developers, business developers, public relation representatives, and venture capitalists. Our relationship with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology allows us to receive counsel from an amazing group of advisors who are alumni of MIT, as well as members of institutions such as TechStars Boston, and the MIT Venture Mentoring Service. Our knowledge, proven industry experience, and innovative ideas will bring considerable advancements to the blockchain, geothermal, and the energy industry as a whole. Eden GeoPower is a champion of ideas for innovation, simplifying complex issues, and creating sustainability in the realm of energy and technology.  

"Eden GeoPower team has access to a vast network of resources"

Invest in Eden GeoPower today, to spark change towards a new age in geothermal technology, blockchain development, and renewable energy infrastructure

Current Development Stage

Eden GeoPower is currently at the technology development stages of our proprietary heat harnessing system for abandoned geothermal resources. This technology is based on a research project sponsored by the U.S Department Of Energy in 2016. In this sense, the system utilizes a single well to generate power from an idle well using a supercritical power cycle without the need to extract any geofluids to the surface. 

The system will be created by using commercially available parts and components readily available in the oil and gas and power generation markets. Moreover, the innovation of this method relies on the integration of different components or equipment with a successful record within the oil and gas and power generation industries. 

Eden GeoPower is currently performing a feasibility study for the development of a geothermal power plant with our technology using an idle geothermal well. During subsequent months, we will continue working on the simulation of the downhole equipment in order to estimate with an acceptable level of confidence the thermal resource that will allow us to develop a techno-economic analysis. The simulation activities consist of the use of complex geophysical and thermodynamic infinitesimal models that will help us estimating qualitatively and quantitatively the portion of the energy useful to generate power. Additionally, we are actively seeking partnerships with Geothermal companies holding idle geothermal wells to co-sponsor the development of off-grid Enhanced Geothermal Systems.

In relation to the reservoir stimulation technology being developed under the NSF SBIR grant, the research team is currently performing laboratory experiments to study the effect of the oscillating electrical current on small reservoir samples. This experiment is specifically carried on to study the influence of different electrical parameters on rock samples’ permeability and to develop a small scale prototype of the system.

In the Press

Eden GeoPower secures grant on technology to increase permeability in geothermal reservoirs
August 8, 2018

Massachusetts based company Eden GeoPower has announced that it has been granted the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) Phase I award of $225,000 from the National Science Foundation

2018 Top 10 Energy Technology Startups: Eden GeoPower
August 3, 2018

An insightful introduction to Eden GeoPower as part of Energy CIO Insights' annual Top 10 Energy Technology Startups election.

New startup looking at tapping into abandoned oil & gas wells for geothermal power
July 25, 2018

With a pilot project possibly kicking off this summer in California, Eden GeoPower, a new technology startup by MIT graduates is looking at utilising abandoned oil & gas wells for geothermal power generation.

New tech could pull power from old wells
May 26, 2018

Eden GeoPower, founded by graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is testing new technology that transforms low-grade heat from depleted oil and gas reservoirs into geothermal power while utilizing existing infrastructure, cutting costs for a geothermal project by about 60 percent.

Hult International Business School Is Championing Sustainability Across Its MBA Programs
April 19, 2018

n the US, he says, there are around one million abandoned oil wells. “They have the potential to produce geothermal energy,” he explains. “We see an opportunity here to supply energy to data and cryptocurrency centers, which take a lot of energy.”

Eden GeoPower: The Future of Geothermal Energy
March 9, 2018

Our new member company, Eden GeoPower, is truly embodying the saying “every end is a new beginning” by leveraging what’s left of traditional energy extraction methods to pave the way for new, sustainable ones.

Geothermal from abandoned oil wells – initiative finalist in 2017 MIT Clean Energy Prize
April 15, 2017

As part of this business plan pitching contest, sponsored by GE Ventures, the Eden Geothermal Initiative was set up to “develop solutions that make geothermal heat extraction a reliable resource during the global shift to renewable energy.

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Investment Bonuses

Invest from Day 1-10 and get 20% Bonus Shares 

Invest from Day 11-20 and get 15% Bonus Shares

Invest from Day 21-30 and get 10% Bonus Shares

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


Part Two- Explainer Video Series

2 days ago

Our second Explainer Video is now up. Make sure to listen to our CEO explain our startengine page.

The Pulsed Power Device for our $225,000 NSF-SBIR Phase-1 Grant is here!!!

5 days ago

In June 2018, we received a $225,000 non-dilutive grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation to develop a "water-less fracking" technology. This technology will be used to replace hydraulic fracking and other current reservoir stimulation methods in the future, which currently exceeds $50 Billion market globally. 2-months ago, we ordered our "Pulsed Waveform Device" from an engineering firm in India, and it has finally arrived as of this morning!

The device is shown in the picture above, along with members of our team that our currently working on this technology. We are eligible to receive an additional $1.25 Million in funding from the U.S. government August this year, to assist us with further prototyping and commercializing this technology.

We are currently seeking investments from the StartEngine community to assist us with our journey. The capital we raise now will be used to purchase more laboratory space, better equipment for prototyping our technologies, and enhanced software for analyzing the data. We want to make sure we submit the best project possible when we are being analyzed by the U.S. government for further support.

Please join us at Eden GeoPower! We would love to have you as a member of our fast growing community!

From Paris,

With Love,

Paris Smalls - CEO, Eden GeoPower Inc.

$50,000 award - Eden GeoPower is selected for I-Corps™

8 days ago

SBIR/STTR & I-Corps™ announced that Eden GeoPower has been selected for the National I-Corps program. This awards our team with a non-dilutive $50,000 grant to conduct customer discovery over the next 6-months.

During this program, we will be conducting 100+ interviews with potential customers to learn more about how our technology can be integrated into their businesses. We are proud to be a part of this great U.S. government sponsored program!

Watch Our CEO Explain The StartEngine Page

10 days ago

Hello StartEngine Community!

You can now listen to our CEO explain the startengine page starting today! Listen to the first short video (2-minutes) in the series below. We will be posting 2-videos daily, and please feel free to leave questions in the comment section.


Team Eden

Robert MacArthur has Joined Our Advising Team

12 days ago

We are excited to share that Robert MacArthur, CEO of SoliPoints and founder of Confluent Energies, has joined our advising team.

Robert has taught Boston University courses on Management of New Enterprises and Marketing for over 37 years. He is a seasoned consultant, marketer, industry expert, and has founded multiple businesses. His expertise in CO2 emission reduction and publicity will prove a great asset in furthering our continuous growth.

Our new advisor will be working with us to determine how our projects can become more economical through the use of carbon offsets. Welcome to Eden, Robert!

Minimum Funding Goal Reached In Only 8 Days!

14 days ago

We are proud to announce that we reached our minimum funding in only 8 days. We would like to thank all of our early investors. It motivates us all to see how many people share the Eden GeoPower vision for a cleaner world.

Remember to continue to spread the word about our project. You can do so, by following us online and telling your friends, in person and/or on Social Media. Every single retweet, like, follow, and share helps us tremendously. Social Media is designed to favor content that is relevant with people who have similar interests. It’s likely that some of your friends and family share an interest in our business model.

Some news you could spread: “Some analysts say that the rate at which Bitcoin is polluting the environment, we may push the global climate over the edge in as little as 15 years. - VICE” If you’d like to learn how you can help visit https://startengine.com/edengeopower

MIT Sandbox Funding Award $14,000 to further develop our Electrical Permeability Technology for maximizing the economics of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal reservoirs

20 days ago

We are excited to announce our most recent MIT Sandbox funding award!

This program provides funding for MIT entrepreneurship ideas, advising from the broad of committed partners, and new educational experiences. Additionally, the Sandbox program includes mentoring from people and organizations across many different fields and industries, including: large organizations, investors, entrepreneurs and laboratories.

Following our presentation and $14,000 award, the Executive Director of the program commented:

“Dear Eden GeoPower,

Thank you for joining us for the Spring 2019 Funding Board Meeting. We were impressed with the quality of presentations and the professionalism displayed during the board meeting. We received excellent feedback from our Funding Board Members who are experts in their field and provide our teams with invaluable advice and guidance.

We are pleased to inform you of the results for your Spring 2019 funding award. You have been approved for a Spring Funding Award of:  $14,000 . This will bring you to a cumulative total award of: $15,500 .

Feedback from the Funding Board is below, we hope that you take this feedback and incorporate it into the work you’ll be doing over the Spring cohort. If you didn’t get your requested amount, don’t be discouraged. Take this opportunity to dig deeper into the feedback and come back for additional funding. This could provide an opportunity to re-think the product or market or both making your pitch stronger a couple of months from now. Please be sure to discuss it with your mentors and how it can help inform and strengthen your progress.

Funding Board Feedback:

Knowledgeable team, directly operating in their academic space.

Really compelling and innovative idea.

One of the Funding Board members has a contact that could be good for you to talk to."

ThinkGeoEnergy Announces Our Startengine Campaign

22 days ago

We are excited to have ThinkGeoEnergy post a press release on our campaign! ThinkGeoEnergy is one of the most reputable sources for geothermal energy news. For the last 11 years, they have provided geothermal energy news coverage, research advances, a map of geothermal power plants and weekly newsletters.

Use the following link to read their article on our campaign:


We will continue to update the community on our progress and we look forward to working for you all!

Geothermal Resources Council- Shares Their Support For Our Campaign

23 days ago

We would like to thank all of our current investors and supporters!

Today, the Geothermal Resources Council shared their support towards our campaign. The GRC, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of geothermal research, and outreach.

It is exciting to have a supporter whose passion for renewable energy is as strong as ours!

We look forward to working with the GRC and the StartEngine community to democratize Geothermal resources!

To learn more about our project and the Geothermal Resources Council please visit: http://geothermalresourcescouncil.blogspot.com/2019/02/usa-massachusetts-geothermal_26.html

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