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After successfully raising over $170,000 from 94 investors for our stroke-risk monitoring device, Eclipse Diagnostics is back! Introducing Canabinox – a rapid testing device to monitor the levels of cannabinoids and other chemicals in plants and their products.

Max Yield at Max Potential

Handheld Cannabis Testing Device

CANABINOX is a handheld testing device that can accurately measure levels of cannabinoids and other chemicals at affordable pricing:

  • Easy to use
  • Under 5 minutes
  • Lab-grade accuracy

Cannabis growers want to hit max yield at full cannabinoid potential. How do they do it? They don't! Simply because they lack appropriate tools to achieve the max cannabinoid potential. They rely on experience and "sixth sense", which is not enough in this technological society.


Canabinox is a cannabinoid testing device that will help growers to effortlessly and quickly measure cannabinoids in the field, as well as to determine the most efficient harvest timing.

Although a small number of current portable testing solutions in the market enable accurate monitoring utility, they lack user-friendly experience and go way beyond affordable pricing.

Security Type

Common Stock

Price Per Share



$11.1 M

Prior Reg CF Raise

$171,000+ Raised 

Our Product

What is Canabinox?

Canabinox is a handheld reader that enables detection and measurement of cannabinoid levels in fresh or dried plants and their products. The device is based on our proprietary technology that is accurate, cost-efficient and simple to use.  You can easily test for THC(A), CBD(A) and other cannabinoids, IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES.

The quality of substances in a plant varies from day to day and growers face difficulties when choosing the right harvest timing. Thus, plant quality monitoring could significantly improve the grower’s success. The time is critical depending on what growers want to achieve:

  • Highest potency: Some growers seek to produce plants with maximum THC (or other cannabinoids) content. The THC content can fall significantly in the final days of a plant’s growth cycle. Our testing device could enable growers to daily monitor the THC (and THCA) content in plants and determine the best time to harvest (i.e. when THCA content starts dropping or plateaus).

  • Consistent results: Some growers already achieve high enough THC content in their plants and products, however, they are faced with batch to batch differences that affect product consistency. Our device could enable them to monitor the cannabinoid content on a daily basis and determine the right time to harvest based on their desired cannabinoid levels. This could also enable them to offer lower-potency variants of popular strains.

  • Hemp: Hemp growers face rigorous requirements for THC content in their plants and products. Hemp products have to have a THC percentage below 0.3% in order to be compliant. Our device could enable hemp growers to monitor the THC content daily and make sure they harvest before THC content reaches or goes beyond 0.3%.

Canabinox is industry-changing innovation because it will enable growers to take control of their growth operation and increase their efficiency.

The Technology

How Canabinox Works?

The proprietary system is comprised of a handheld spectrometer that enables readings of the individual, single-use tubes that contain our plant extraction chemical. Tubes are linked to a dedicated smartphone app via BLE. A user inserts a piece of the ground plant into the one-time use disposable tube that contains our proprietary chemical and leaves it for around 5 minutes to extract. Lastly, all that is needed is to insert the tube in the reader and click “Measure” in the smartphone App. Results are displayed in the app within 10 seconds and the content of sample’s cannabinoids is now visible on the smartphone. At the moment, we enable measurement of THC, THCA, CBD, CBC, and CBN. However, we will be including more cannabinoid and other chemical detection in the future. 

"Take the guesswork out in less than 5 minutes!"

Why Canabinox?

"Be on time and hit the max potential!"

1 Time course of cannabinoid accumulation and chemotype development during the growth of Cannabis sativa L

2 Cannabinoids production in Cannabis sativa L.: An in vitro approach

"Our vision was to develop something that is easy to use and affordable, while still being of laboratory-grade quality and precision." Luka Fajs, CEO

Where Are the Benefits and Why?

Canabinox Innovation

We do not only provide time-saving benefits to encourage an industry shift to Canabinox, but also lower costs of each test along with the convenience and reliability, making it the test of choice of the future. 

Our team have validated the performance of the Canabinox system in the laboratory and cross-checked it with the performance of cannabinoid testing with HPLC system. We were able to achieve a test variance of 12% and continue to improve the algorithm to decrease variance and increase the performance of the device. The key next stage of our development is to do larger scale validation of the technology in the field with growers in order to finalize the user protocol and tweak the detection algorithm before launching the product to the general public.

Canabinox reader prototype render

Current Development Stage

A substantial amount of hard work has already been done, however, our hardworking mentality will not rest until we bring the best out of Canabinox. The following information indicates what stages have been completed and what stages still require financial support.

What we have now: 

  • As of April 2019, we have successfully completed the 2nd generation Canabinox working prototype that enables measurement of THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA in fresh plants. We have completed the beta version of the smartphone app (Android) and have the test kits assembled in-house.

  • Accuracy was shown internally, and Canabinox reader is now ready for validation in the field.
  • After comparing Canabinox and HPLC (Lab) tests, we confirmed matching results with a maximum discrepancy of 12%.
  • Our software currently enables THC, THCA, CBD, CBN and CBC measurement.
  • Our hardware has been finalized as currently have a 3D printed prototype casing.

Work to be done:

  • Although some field testing has already been performed, further field validation will be performed to ensure repeatability of results in different environments and cross-referenced testing with HPCL laboratory tests.
  • Despite promising validation and current test results from the lab, the detection algorithm might still require further optimization. We are confident our collaboration with growers and their feedback will reinforce larger scale validation of the technology and result in improved detection algorithm.
  • Troubleshooting is part of further development and it has not been finished yet.
  • The final product design is yet to be completed. The product will be manufactured by either mold injection or CNC machined casing. We estimate a time frame of 2-3 months to complete this stage.
  • We have not yet applied for FCC certification. We are using components that have already been FCC certified, therefore we do not foresee a delay due to FCC certification.
  • We have not selected contract filling services and packaging for disposable test tubes yet. 
  • We have not selected a manufacturer and packaging of final Canabinox devices yet.


Canabinox Progress in Images

1st Gen prototype

(THCA measurements only)

2nd Gen prototype

(THCA measurements only)

3rd Gen prototype

(THC(A), CBD, CBN, CBC measurements)

3rd Gen prototype performance comparison with HPLC

(compound 1: THC, compound 2:CBD; testing was done in-house)

Cannabis Industry

We Are Getting in on Time, Are You?

Over the past few years, the number of companies operating in the cannabis market has significantly increased. Shares in these companies across the U.S. quickly increased since the first signs of legalization campaigns, adding almost $2 billion in market value.

Legalizing this plant in both, medical and recreational purposes is going to have a noticeable impact on the industry over the coming decade. The North American market is witnessing this growth mostly due to legalization and decriminalization of marijuana.

According to Ameri Research Inc, the global legal marijuana market was valued at $14.3 Billion in 2016 and is forecasted to grow annually 21.1% between 2018 and 2024. It is expected to reach an astonishing $63.5 Billion in 2024 global sales. As it is written in some research articles, the cannabis industry is expected to out-earn many of the major industries (film, NFL, organic food, tobacco).


Source: MJBizDaily; Published May 9, 2018, by Eli McVey, John Schroyer, and Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier.

Competitive Advantage

Canabinox vs. Market Today

Cannabis growers currently lack mechanisms to hit max yields at full cannabinoid potential, which makes them rely on instinct and past experiences. 

As the cannabis industry kept growing, Eclipse Diagnostics recognized the opportunity to come up with a solution for cannabis growers. Unlike other alternatives in the market, Canabinox grants time and money savings, accurate measurements and easy-to-use concept.

* We have not performed direct performance comparisons between the technologies. The competitive advantage assessment is based on our internal comparison with HPLC testing, literature review and our experience.


The Market

How Big is our Opportunity?

Cannabis market is rapidly growing as the number of licensed producers and cultivation acres increases worldwide. Suppose that consumption of our one-time use testers will be the highest during the last week prior to the harvesting day. Then, growers are expected to consume 20-100 (Or more depending on acres) one-time use testers during that one week period before harvesting day. Now, consider each grower has several harvesting days per month, week or even several harvests per day. We conclude there is a huge market opportunity out there, ready for us to cover it.

Being in touch with cannabis growers continuously allows us to receive real-time feedback from the market, which is why the THC, THCA, CBD, CBN and CBC measurement is only the beginning. In the near future, we will expand it to other cannabinoids, Terpenes panel and other applications. That is how our opportunity and market will consequently expand.

Financial assumptions and calculation rationale:

- Consider that 10.1M pounds of cannabis are produced each year. Now, for every third pound produced, growers need to take a sample and test it. The process should be repeated every day (at least 5 times) in the pre-harvest week. That amounts to 16.8M tests per year. 

(10.1M pounds produced/year / 3 pounds) x 5 testing days = 16.8M+ preharvest tests/year

- Consider there are 66K+ of cannabis growers (and constantly increasing) and the price of the Canabinox Reader is $200, if all growers are reached we can conclude that $13M+ can be generated in Reader sales alone. (If only 50% of the growers decide to use Canabinox Reader our generated profit would be over $6.5M)

66K+ number of growers x $200 Readers = $13M+ from Canabinox Readers 

- Consider there are 16.8M+ preharvest tests per year and the cost of our one-time use tester is $15. That amounts to revenue of $252.5M.

16.8 M+ Preharvest THC test/year x 15$ (test price) = $252.5M from Canabinox tests


Growth Potential

Legalization as a Driving Force

The increase of worldwide awareness of other uses of marijuana, other than recreational, has triggered a lot of ideas to facilitate cannabis use in the medical field. Various products and instruments that are inevitably needed and helpful for both, commercial and consumer use are being developed. One of these essential instruments is the latest device of Eclipse Diagnostics. Also, legalization of marijuana in some major states in the US has allowed recreational use of marijuana to be more easily tracked and regulated, which has numerous positive influences on the industry and society as a whole. Another encouraging factor of the legalization and acceptance of cannabis uses is the ability to be tracked in more legit ways than before. The production and distribution process is shifting from the illegal markets to legitimate businesses and governments, which are much more likely to contribute to this industry than their predecessors. Our business will grow steadily as international local regulation agencies follow the North American lead.

Source: Statista; Published Jun 15, 2017, by Martin Armstrong.

 "The global cannabis testing market is expected to generate revenue of around USD 2,012 million by the end of 2024, growing at a CAGR of around 12.0% between 2018 and 2024."

Source:, Published Oct 30, 2018

Producers are constantly showing interest in new cannabis-related technology. Being able to quickly and precisely test the THC and CBD levels in the flower can be very useful at different production stages. 

Currently, some of the main methods used are flower pistil and color examinations or trichome observation. Another option is to use third-party laboratories, which is time-consuming, plus cost per each test sample often exceeds hundreds of dollars.

The overall goal of Eclipse Diagnostics is to contribute to this expanding industry* and increase the marijuana quality at high productions volumes by making the potency testing process more efficient, affordable, fast and accurate. 

*Expanding industry - The number of legalized/licensed Cannabis growers and their acres is continuously growing. That fact is crucial for us and our business because every additional cannabis pound produced means more potential business for us.   

A new report shows that hemp cultivation in the U.S. significantly increased last year, from 26,000 acres in 2017 to 78,000 acres in 2018. That was in fact before the crop was formally legalized via Farm bill.

Our Mission

Support Us!

The funding that we are raising on Start Engine is necessary to start larger scale validation, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of the Canabinox technology. Even though our focus is currently directed towards previously described use of our device, Eclipse Diagnostics has working patents that can revolutionize various aspects of the health industry.

We see the medical cannabis industry as a great start of our venture which will potentially allow us to influence the whole medical field in more direct ways. We are confident that our significance for the medical field as a whole does not stop at our current achievements and that we have many more useful ways to contribute. We chose Start Engine as it gives an opportunity to the wider population to be part of our vision while, at the same time, allows us to research and create.

Invest Today!

Perks for Investors *

*All perks occur only after the offering is completed and if the products are available in the market

Our Team

We've Compiled Top Talent

Dr. Luka Fajs (Feiss)

Founder and CEO

Luka comes from Slovenia and holds a PhD in Medical Microbiology. Before starting the company he was doing research and clinical laboratory diagnostics of hemorrhagic fevers, biothreats and other infectious diseases. He spent a lot of time in the field, helping doctors and nurses in low-income countries to set up and improve their diagnostic preparedness. During his work, he saw firsthand the drawbacks of the existing medical diagnostics system that is mostly centralized, capital-intensive, with many people not enjoying adequate access to it. That was the motivation to join Prof. Robert's laboratory in Singapore where he took over the fundraising and startup activities of the technology. He continued as CEO of Biosensorix and helped secure early funding and directed the research and development activities. He is a passionate entrepreneur with deep knowledge of diagnostics, user expectations, and basic science.

Prof. Robert S. Marks

Founder and Chief Scientist

Prof. Dr. Robert S. Marks is the co-inventor of the technological platform and is a renowned expert and key opinion leader in the field of biosensors. He is a Full Professor at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, at the Department of Biotechnology Engineering. Prof. Marks has extensive experience in the development of biosensors. He is the Editor-in-Chief of a 2007 2-volume Wiley Handbook in Biosensors and Biochips and a 2014 Viral Diagnostics book for virus detection. He is the author of 155+ papers (H-index 27), and numerous chapters. He has 4 issued patents as well as a dozen filed.

Tina Semolic

Marketing Advisor

Previously at (clients: Prada, Miu Miu, Moschino, Pinko, Max Mara, Armani etc.), (over 50 clients: Generali insurance, Mercedes, Audi, STO - Slovenian touristic org. etc.), (Head of Business Development SMB), (over 500 clients: Adidas, Nike, Ferrari, illy, Morellato, Fossil, Head, Hugs etc.)

Team of Engineers 

Research & Development

VB Center d.o.o. - R&D

A team of experienced engineers, programmers and business developers in the field. Years of experience and successful development of several projects on a  worldwide level. 

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Exclusive content and regular company updates 

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Exclusive content and regular company updates 

Your place on the Technology Ambassadors Page of the website

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*All perks occur only after the offering is completed and if the products are available in the market

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

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StartEngine shareholders who invested $1,000 or more in that StartEngine Reg A offering will receive a 10% bonus on this offering within a 24-hour window of this offering’s launch date. This means you will receive a bonus for any shares you purchase. For example, if you buy 10 shares of Common Stock at $11 / share, you will receive 11 Common Stock shares, meaning you'll own 11 shares for $110. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

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Notice of Funds Disbursement

4 days ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Eclipse Diagnostics has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Eclipse Diagnostics be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Message from the CEO and Founder, Luka Fajs

12 days ago

Message from the CEO and Founder, Luka Fajs

The CEO and founder Luka introduces the Canabinox testing device and answers a few key questions that we received from our community. We welcome your feedback and comments!

If you cannot see the video or the link does not work go to

-Eclipse Diagnostics Team

CEO, Luka Fajs Introducing Eclipse Diagnostics and Canabinox

12 days ago

-Eclipse Diagnostics Team

Amazing Results are in From our First Third-Party Laboratory Validation

14 days ago

Happy to share some great news!

We have received the first round of results from the lab and they show great correlation with our measurements!

We received the preliminary results for 23 samples that were done by our Canabinox device and a third-party laboratory. Results show the comparison between the laboratory THCA levels and the THC measurements done on the same samples using our Canabinox device. 

Results show that on average we fall within the standard error of the laboratory measurements and our development team is already busy tweaking the algorithm so that we narrow down the variability even more to that of the standard lab.

We will be posting the full validation report (with the expanded cannabinoid panel)  once available and we anticipate the variation to narrow down will each consecutive validation.

Support and invest in our company!

Eclipse Diagnostics Team

Visiting the lab

18 days ago

Visiting our third-party validation lab to ensure our handheld testing devices meet the highest standards. 


First Funding Milestone Achieved in Under a Week!

about 1 month ago

Great news everyone!

With your help have reached our first funding milestone in less than a week! That is an amazing accomplishment and we'd like to thank you for your continuing support!

We are currently performing further beta-testing with growers in California and getting new beta-testing partners on board as we speak

We will also be posting a Frequently Asked Questions section in the Updates based on the feedback that we are getting from the community.

Help us get to our next funding milestone, so please share our campaign with your friends and familyLooking forward to more great news in the following days. 

Eclipse Diagnostics Team

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