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Premium Denim + Luxury Closet Essentials

Regulation Crowdfunding
West Hollywood, CA
Accepting International Investment
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Digital Brands Groups' next funding round is now open!


Premium Denim + Luxe Essentials. No Retail Markup.

DSTLD ( pronounced ‘distilled’) is a digitally native brand designed with the creative class in mind. Through our direct-to-consumer approach to contemporary fashion, DSTLD crafts premium denim and luxury closet essentials at ⅓ traditional retail price. Our name is derived from the word ‘distilled,’ meaning to extract only the essential. As such, DSTLD boasts an unembellished line of key wardrobe pieces in a fundamental color palette of black, white, grey, and denim.

Our LA-based brand launched in 2014 under the premises that ethically produced, well-crafted clothing shouldn’t cost so much, and that Fast Fashion is an excessive and unsustainable industry. Inspired by the creatives that constitute Los Angeles, filmmakers, writers, entrepreneurs, artists, and designers, Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn set out to build a contemporary brand based on the modern uniform they saw around them: Jeans, t-shirts, and other luxury-level basics no person can live without.

Our goal is to combine utility, quality, and a contemporary aesthetic to remove the guesswork in getting dressed. We’re ignoring passing trends to concentrate on lasting style. Fashion is no longer about labels; it’s about being effortless and stylish. We are the everyday uniform for the creative class.

Invest in The Clothes You Wear

In 2016, to our knowledge, we became the first-ever fashion brand to raise funds through Regulation A+, raising $1.7M from customers and the crowd. That success led us to a second Reg A+ round in 2017 where we raised an impressive $3.1M. We’re beyond excited about the progress we’ve made since, but we’re still going. 

We believe in this approach to growth and consider an online public offering a necessary step in 'distilling' down the retail chain; by directly inviting our customers to become our backers, and share in the returns, we’re building a passionate, motivated team of brand advocates with the power to push DSTLD forward and grow even faster. It’s not big power-player VCs we need to shine. It’s you.

Invest in DSTLD. Join the #retailrebellion.


As a valued leader in our community, we're offering exclusive perks* to investors:

  • $20 store credit ($299.52 - $499.72 investment)
  • $40 store credit ($500.24 - $999.96 investment)
  • $100 store credit ($1,000.48+ investment)
  • Investor-only offers throughout the year, including events, sales, and product launches
  • An Investor Portal where you can check real-time data and inititiaves; an unprecedented amount of transparency for a private company

  • Monthly Investor Relations email update

  • VIP customer service

*Perks will become available to investors once the individual's investment has been closed.

dis·till; v. -- to purify or extract only the essential elements.


Of the $315BN+ US apparel market, Fast Fashion leaders Uniqlo, H&M, and Zara have a market capitalization of $200BN combined. Moreover, $80BN of all apparel and accessory sales are currently happening online, with $50BN in apparel predicted to move online in the next four years. As a digitally native brand that combines Fast Fashion affordability with Premium (Contemporary) quality and experience — delivered via a data-driven omni-channel platform, we believe DSTLD is  at the forefront of the growing e-commerce movement; online sales were set to grow 20%+ in the next four years (2016-2020), compared to just 10% eight years ago in 2010.




According to some estimates, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, only behind oil. In fact, the average American discards about 82 pounds of clothing each year. Between the cheap mass production of fast-fashion brands and the high cost of premium brands, the fashion industry has become unsustainable, excessive, and inefficient.

DSTLD was built from the ground up in opposition to these pervading ethics of waste in the fashion industry - our name is derived from the word ‘distilled,’ meaning to extract only the essentials. As such, DSTLD boasts an unembellished line of key wardrobe pieces in a fundamental color palate of black, white, and denim. We focus on simplicity to guarantee quality: Our collection consists of well-crafted, ready to wear staples for men and women, like premium denim, silk tops and t-shirts, outerwear, denim jackets, cashmere accessories, and leather goods.

DSTLD’s commitment to revolutionizing retail and fashion’s impact on the world is achieved through utilizing eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable production partners wherever possible. It works with a small circle of best in class suppliers, manufacturers, and wash houses to ensure its factory partners are 100% sweatshop free. And by by cutting out Department Stores and Boutiques, we provide their premium denim and luxury essentials at 60-80% off retail prices via a streamlined e-commerce experience.

No Sweatshops

We demand a higher standard not just in denim, but also in labor practices and conditions. We carefully screen our suppliers, laundries and factories to ensure our products are fairly manufactured and 100% sweatshop-free.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Our line is equipped with top-of-the-line premium fabrics, many of them eco-friendly and fully sustainable. When possible, we use natural dyes and softening techniques to achieve our denim’s striking range of hues and irresistibly soft handfeel.

Ethical Pricing

The goal of our direct-to-consumer, middleman-free stance is not only to filter out extra steps and excess markup. It is also an effort to preserve the integrity of our line and honor our relationship with clients.

Why Do Quality Jeans Cost $200?

DSTLD started with the premise that premium denim should not cost $200


From winter wools to cool cottons, we have a full range of outerwear in classic cuts that fit any wardrobe.

Leather Jackets

An absolute staple of any wardrobe, DSTLD has crafted beautiful and unique leather jackets for men and women.

Tops & Shirts

Offering a timeless look that's appropriate for most any situation,  our tops & shirts embody our quality and craftsmanship.

Artist Partnerships

We don't just make clothing for creatives; we believe in giving creatives the opportunity to express themselves too.


We provide the finishing touches for any outfit, offering accessories like hats, wallets, leather bags, belts, scarves, and gloves.

Skirts + Dresses

Our women's line features a variety of silk, leather, suede, and denim skirts and dresses.


Designed in LA, the denim capital of the world, we offer only the essential fits, styles, and washes you'll ever need.


The t-shirt is a timeless wardrobe essential, and the ones we make offer incredible quality at a price that we believe others simply can't match.


DSTLD’s approach to modernize retail, and fundraising, has generated returns: we have been able to efficiently allocate resources from our first Online Public Offering ($1.7M) toward marketing and key hires to bring our current lifetime sales to over $13.8M, up from $3M in June of 2016. Additionally, our second Online Offering yielded an impressive $3.1M, which we've put toward launching key retail concepts (guide shops) in both Los Angeles and New York (with plans to expand to Chicago and San Francisco). Retail has proved a powerful addition to our marketing initiatives for both customer acquisition and retention. We find that return rates are reduced by 50%, the customer's Average Order Value is about 1.6x, and 85% of purchases made in store are first-time customers.



Do stylish, high-quality garments require a luxury price tag? At DSTLD, our answer is a resounding no. 

We have always valued a top-quality product and customer experience over the name on the label of our clothes. But as educated consumers living in Los Angeles, the denim capital of the world, we found it impossible to find well-made jeans and go-to essentials without the premium price tag. 

With backgrounds that span from photography, design, and creative direction, to operations, e-commerce, and consulting, we knew we could build a brand that set us apart from traditional premium labels. A brand that was different, better, and had an edge. A brand for the modern consumer. Our distinct vision and progressive platform has made it easy to find a multi-talented crew of like-minded individuals. Modest yet agile, the DSTLD team comes from some of the top household name brands and companies in the world, all who left corporate culture to endure the even more demanding startup world. 

At DSTLD’s inception, we focused on denim. Los Angeles being the epicenter of premium jeans, combined with the nearly mandatory denim uniform worn by today's creative class, made it a clear choice. A year in, our focus expanded to include luxury essentials like made in LA cotton tees, timeless outerwear, and after a lot of tweaking, the best leather jackets around. 

DSTLD just four years old, yet is proud to be backed by leaders in the investment community, such as Plus Capital, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Wavemaker Partners, Baroda Ventures, Amplify.LA and CrunchFund. DSTLD is based in Los Angeles, California and helmed by Corey Epstein, Co-CEO, Co-Founder, and Creative Director, and Mark Lynn, Co-CEO and Co-Founder.


In the Press

Designer Spotlight: Jeans Company Is First Fashion Brand To Pursue Public Equity Funding
November 10, 2016

After developing a cult following in the highly competitive jeans market, DSTLD expanded its edgy, sophisticated aesthetic into everyday basics, including jackets, tops, & accessories. They refer to themselves as ‘the tattooed brother of Everlane’.

Meet the denim company that will change your life (and wardrobe) for good
January 27, 2016

Epstein​ and Lynn's distinct vision and progressive platform has turned DSTLD into one of the most coveted online fashion brands around.

Introducing the Premium Denim That Will Only Cost You $65
April 7, 2014

By selling online, the brand allows customers to buy direct from DSTLD and pay only a fraction of what you'd be paying for other brands. It all goes back to their desire to purify the whole process.

The 8 Best Designer Jeans for Men
April 1, 2017

Thanks to its direct-to-consumer business model, this LA-based brand (pronounced, distilled) boasts prices that are hard to beat: $65 to $85 for a pair of premium, quite perfectly cut jeans. Who can argue with that?

Denim startup DSTLD is raising a Series A round from everyday customers
August 5, 2016

As a direct-to-consumer e-commerce brand with no brick-and-mortar stores or retail partnerships, having a committed base of customers who are also investors can play an important role in helping the brand to grow.

Offering Summary

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


Content is King! Laura Dowling at The Glossy Summit

over 1 year ago

Hi everyone! We hope you had a great long weekend.

Our current campaign has raised over $3.6M! Don't wait to invest - we are offering amazing perks with purchase!

View the campaign here.

Last week, our Chief Marketing Officer Laura Dowling had the honor of presenting at the GLOSSY Conference. She spoke in front of 150 industry executives, media, and brands on sustainability, the DBG way and our audience-first approach to marketing in a presentation called: Beyond Buzzwords: How to Target & Sustain Millennial Consumers

Younger shoppers are changing the way they shop and engage. With the rise of social media, they have a direct channel to brands, and they’re gravitating toward transparent and ethical companies. Understanding customers’ values and behaviors, in addition to their demographic, has never been more important. 

Laura spoke at length about keeping our influencer relations in-house. While a few other attendees said that working with an influencer agency affords opportunities and reach that would not be attainable otherwise, Dowling was not the only one in the audience who believed that an influencer agency was increasingly irrelevant.

Here were three key takeaways from her presentation, as well as a great article in that covers it!

Beyond Buzzwords: How to Target & Sustain Millennial Consumers

  1. DSTLD’s millennial customer base values ethical behavior and transparent brand messaging, and DSTLD is an audience-driven brand. The mission of the denim and leather company is to distill its shoppers’ wardrobes down to essentials by updating the quality and consistency of the pieces, said Dowling. Unlike other brands, its sustainability message is not centered on the changeover of styles but rather on the lack of waste the brand is producing. “Quality equates to longevity,” she said.

  2. In the name of transparency and authenticity, the brand recently made changes: It has moved its production from Asia to Europe to ensure it is using mills that are ethical and sustainable, both in the materials they use and also in the radius in which they operate. “Our carbon footprint is as small as possible,” said Dowling. In addition, it has added a quality control step to production, enabling it to have just 3% waste, when the industry standard is 7%.

  3. To amplify its message for credibility, Dowling said the brand leans into press, letting industry publications tell its story. It also taps into relevant opportunities to amplify the story. On Earth Day, it launched an education-based marketing campaign for eco-conscious consumers on how best to wash jeans. 

If you have any additional questions about our marketing or would like to set up a time to speak to the team, please email us at!

Over $3.5mm RAISED & New Product Sneak Peek!

over 1 year ago

The week is off to a great start! We recently hit over $3.5mm in our campaign and have released a sneak preview of our fall line! Your investment will go directly into help funding out fall product line. 



Thursday, May 23

10:00a PT


We're so excited to have recently welcomed season marketing expert Laura Dowling to our team. She comes to us with an impressive background, having held major positions at Coach, Harry Winston, and Ralph Lauren, to name a few! Her game changing initiatives have catapulted brands to new heights of success - which we're already seeing with DSTLD.


Thursday, May 23

12:00p PT


Interested in a deeper look of the DBG model as a whole? Hear from Hil Davis and Laura Dowling on the vision for DBG and the potential we see in a possible IPO.

Watch our Webinar + $250 Credit!

over 1 year ago

Hi everyone!

Due to popular demand, we're posting the recording of our webinar here for you to review. During the webinar, Hil and Laura discuss recent company milestones, review our latest deck, and provide a potential timeline for a potential IPO. It's a must listen!

View our current offering here:

Also as a reminder :

When you invest THIS WEEK, you receive a $250 CREDIT TO DSTLD!

This offer ends Sunday, May 19 - so act now!

Last Day for $500 + Today's Webinar!

over 1 year ago

Hi all! Happy Friday - we're going to kick this off this weekend update with a highly important notice:

Today is the last day to receive $500 in credit when you invest - so invest now!

Even if you only invest the minimum investment, that's 100% match, dollar for dollar, in store credit to one of our brands.
It's basically free clothing.

As a reminder, you can find our new campaign page here:

If you haven't RSVP'd - do so now! Our first webinar kicks off at 12p PT today. This is your chance to meet Hil Davis (CEO) and Laura Dowling (CMO) and get an inside look into our Q1 success, marketing milestones, and most importantly, ask questions about the offering.


If you can't attend, we will post a link of the recording here as well.

We'll leave you with a FUN 'Weekend Update'!

Lily Collins stepped out in London this week to promote her new film 'Tolkien' wearing DSTLD Wool Maxi Coat. This coat has proven a celeb-favorite and been photographed on the likes of Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Mila Kunis, Sofia Richie, and more! It has sold out over 4x this season. We're looking forward to re-stocking an updated version in our fall collection.

Q1 Revs are up 65% and Join our Webinar this Friday!

over 1 year ago

Hi everyone! The week is off to a great start, as DBG has had tremendous moment since launching on Friday! We wanted to share with you an update on some exciting growth we saw in Q1 2019.

As always, thank you to those who have already invested! For those of you that have not yet, our $500 store credit offer expires on Friday! You can view our latest offering here:


we’ve had an incredible Q1...and we’re not stopping there! Join our webinar this Friday, May 10 to hear more from Hil Davis about the plans ahead, including publicly listing and re-opening the Reg A.

Laura Dowling, our new CMO whom we introduced in February, will also be joining to discuss her background in Marketing (Coach, Harry Winston, and Ralph Lauren, to name a few) and incredible marketing milestones DSTLD has achieved since she joined us.

Friday, May 10
12p PT / 3p ET


Q1 Revs Increased 65%

Q1 revenues increased 65% year over year driven by new marketing strategies, implemented by our new CMO Laura Dowling, who joined us in mid February. As an example, in March, new customer growth increased 66% to 161k while AOV increased $20 to $158. Please see the additional marketing metrics below in the Introducing Laura Dowling section, where we also listed some KPI’s, new product launches, and recent press features.

We believe that our new marketing strategy focused on both repeat customer retention and frequency, along with our new customer acquisition strategy, will drive significant revenue increases year over year. We are overhauling the marketing approach and strategies, just like we did the supply chain. That final step will be an overhaul of our finance and operations processes, which we expect to happen this summer.

We believe there is a lot of low hanging opportunities as no one had done customer retention and purchase analysis.  We plan to bring on a third party analytics firm to help us dive into the data and create specific marketing and content strategies based on what the data shows us.


We're Back! Raising again under Digital Brands Group - Invest TODAY for a $500 gift!

over 1 year ago

Hi everyone! We're so excited to be back on the StartEngine platform raising funds for DSTLD! We've already raised over $3.2mm - momentum is cranking!

DSTLD is now part of Digital Brands Group. Digital Brands Group is a curated collection of luxury lifestyle, digital-first brands. We bring together like-minded direct-to-consumer names under one portfolio to share operational, infrastructure, and data resources as means to drive down redundant fixed costs that are difficult to establish and expensive to maintain. By eliminating demanding administrative responsibilities for our brands, we stimulate creativity, innovation, and a maniacal commitment to the product and customer experience.

We are particularly excited about this Reg A+ offering (our third!) because we plan to publicly list immediately after close, and we plan to make this round a short one, as we're already in the process to make this happen. These are the final few weeks we will be able to offer shares before listing!

Liquidity is important to our investors, as well as to our acquired brands, and our customers and investors are our top priority. As experienced equity crowdfunders - we believe in this approach to growth...we want to you reward YOU! 

As a reminder, we're giving those who invest in the first 7 days of our campaign a $500 gift to -- that's a 100% match to our minimum investment! If you are thinking about investing, now is the time!

If you have any questions, please feel free to post or reach out to us at

Please check out our latest offering here!


about 2 years ago


Don't miss your chance to join the company shaping the future of retail.

$10M+ Raised to Date

3,400+ Investors

$15M+ lifetime Revenue

71,900+ Customers

Actively Seeking Liquidity

Experienced Management: 

Executive team has founded some of the fastest growing e-commerce startups in the US (Winc, J. Hilburn), and raised over $100M in venture capital.



about 2 years ago


Hi Everyone,

With our campaign closing tomorrow, Thursday August 9, we wanted to provide a few recent updates!

1. We recently surpassed $15,000,000 in lifetime revenue from nearly 72,000 customers.

2. Men's Health just featured our Men's Knit Blazer in a fashion round-up (see below).

3. InStyle just featured our Women's Silver Moto in their Fall Trend Report (see below).

4. recently featured our Men's Light What Denim in their round-up of Best Light Wash Jeans.

As a reminder, our campaign is closing early; the last day to invest is tomorrow, Thursday, August 9.


InStyle Trend Report // Men's Health Style Feature


about 2 years ago


Hi everyone!

DSTLD’s small Online Public Offering is closing one week early, Thursday, August 9, so we wanted to provide a quick refresher on our mission as well as share with you some news.

DSTLD is about eschewing trends and wasteful fast-fashion practices to offer stylish, well-made garments at fair prices. We consider our Online Public Offering another necessary step in “distilling” down the retail chain. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us. When we decided to take this route to raise funds, we knew it wouldn't be easy, but our mission has always been to give back to those who have supported us from the start. 

We have an already established investor community of 3,400 people, and we’re always looking for ways to maximize shareholder value and brand growth. With the closing of this round, we feel it's important to be transparent and announce that we are exploring options that will bring increased liquidity to our current investors. If you have questions about what this could mean for your investment, please comment below.

To those of you that have already invested, thank you! And to those still to come, please let us know any questions we may answer. And be sure to check out yesterday’s post with some KPI’s from July!

As a reminder, our offering is closing early, Thursday, August 9; don’t miss your chance to be part of retail’s future.

Corey and Mark

July 2018 KPI's + Updates

about 2 years ago


JULY 2018 KPIs

  • Revenue: $14.9M+ (lifetime)

  • Customers: // 71.6K (lifetime)

  • New Customers: 1,317

  • Repeat Customers: 56.09% 

  • Items sold: 6,345 (July) // 208,672 (lifetime)


  • Independent research company KingsCrowd listed DSTLD as a “Top Buy”! Only the top 10% of startup deals are featured in this section. Read the full recommendation here!


Thanks for Joining Our Webinar!

about 2 years ago

Hi all,

Thank you for joining our webinar today! We hope we were able to shed a bit more light upon DSTLD and provide insight into the opportunity at hand. If we were unable to answer your question during the Q+A portion, please feel free to post your questions or comments below. Additionally, in case you're interested in reviewing our deck again, you may download it here.

As a reminder, we will be announcing our closing date this week - so time is running out!

Thanks again,



about 2 years ago

CLOSING SOON! Join Our Live Webinar Pitch

Hi Everyone!

Please join DSTLD co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Accounting Officer Kevin Morris Tuesday, July 31 during StartEngine's digital demo day!

Our presentation will begin at 12:12p PT, so we encourage you to login to the event a few minutes early to ensure you don't miss anything. We'll review our deck and be answering any questions you may have about the investment opportunity.

You can reserve your spot here!

Hope to have you there,



about 2 years ago

Hi Everyone!

Our offering is closing soon - but we still have time to connect!

We'll be presenting live at StartEngine's Digital Demo Day, Tuesday, July 31 (stay tuned for our time slot). This is a great opportunity to hear directly from us what makes our brand so special and ask any questions.

We'll be announcing our closing date shortly, so make sure you RSVP or ask us questions directly on our page!


Hope to see you there!

Corey + Mark

July 26: New Recommendation from KingsCrowd

about 2 years ago

DSTLD Listed As 'Top Deal' On KingsCrowd

KingsCrowd, an independent research company that is bringing together financial experts and technologists to help all types of investors make more informed startup investment decisions, today featured DSTLD as a 'Top Deal' on their platform; Top Deals are reserved only for the top 10% of all equity crowdfunding deals. Read why they think we're a Top Deal!

Hurry - the full article is only accessible to non-KingsCrowd paid members until Monday, July 30.

Note: We did not solicit or pay for this recommendation; KingsCrowd is an unbiased, independent research company.

A Letter From Our Co-Founders

about 2 years ago

Since 2010, the retail landscape has undergone an undeniable shift away from traditional brick and mortar stores toward digital-first and direct-to-consumer brands. Three quarters of today’s consumer expects to directly connect with the brands they’re passionate about and demand brands to tout a compelling mission, transparency, exceptional quality at a fair value, an and an unparalleled customer experience; this is where DSTLD maintains a competitive edge over traditional retailers. Moreover, direct-to-consumer sales are predicted to reach $16Bn by 2020, up from $6.6Bn generated in 2015, with acquisitions rising. We feel there is a strong opportunity to explore listing in the coming months.

We launched DSTLD four years ago with the mission to ‘distill’ the business of fashion through:

  • A ‘distilled’ collection of luxury-grade essentials in only black, white, and denim
  • A ‘distilled’ business model that bypasses the traditional wholesale model (department stores, boutiques), selling directly to you with no retail markups

We decided to pursue this newly created avenue of equity crowdfunding instead of raising funds through venture capitalists because we felt it was very “us” -- another way we could cut out the middleman; a bigger-than-ever opportunity to honor our customers and foster a more connected, collaborative, and dynamic relationship. A partnership. Not to mention - you’re the reason we are standing here today. So if we make it big thanks to you, you should rightfully share in our success.

Response to our past equity crowdfunding campaigns has been enthusiastic, previously raising $1.7M and $2.9M in 2016 and 2017 respectively. These investments from our motivated, passionate customers have resulted in impactful growth for DSTLD (doubling our team, enhancing product quality and QC processes, and nearly 200% growth in revenue!). For those of you that have already invested - thank you! We look forward to having you join our team of over 4,000 customer-investors.

For those of you who still have questions, please feel free to comment below and we'll be sure to get back to you!


Corey and Mark

Notice of Funds Disbursement

about 2 years ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, DSTLD has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in DSTLD be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.



about 2 years ago


Through Tuesday, July 17

Here's your chance to try DSTLD for yourself. Enjoy our entire selection of denim, tees, jackets, dresses, leather bags, and more -- all at 20% off. We don't do this often so make your shopping spree count!

Use code SPLASH20 at checkout


about 2 years ago

HEY NYC: Have You Visited Our Soho Store?

458 Broome St.

Read what UrbanDaddy has to say about our NYC store and stop in while you still can! 

Get the facts on fit and fabric with a personal DSTLD stylist who will work with you one on one to achieve style perfection. A full size range of our entire collection is available to try on including new arrivals and coming soon pieces.  All orders placed in-store will receive free shipping, while any leather goods purchase is available to take home immediately.

You might leave hands free, but your confidence will be full.

458 Broome Street - until August 31, 2018
New York, NY 10013 

Monday - Saturday: 11a - 7p
Sunday: 12p - 6p

Learn more about our LA location here.

DSTLD is's 'Best Leather Jacket

about 2 years ago

View the whole article on

June 28 - July 1

about 2 years ago

Hey LA: Join us at DSTLD MELROSE for our first-ever sample sale!

On offer: denim, tops, tees, dresses, accessories...and leather jackets!

Items are priced from $5 - $50.


8406 Melrose Ave.

West Hollywood, CA


Thursday + Friday: 10:00a - 8:00p

Saturday: 10:00a - 7:00p

Sunday: 10:00a - 5:00p

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