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The Future of Foodservice

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Company Description

Running a restaurant requires owners, managers & staff to wear a lot of different hats.  Dine Inc. was founded by a foodservice industry veteran keenly aware of the lost efficiencies and gaps prevalent in modern restaurant technology.  The DineGigs platform is being created to give owner/operator restaurants an industry-first enterprise resource planning (ERP) infrastructure, connecting every facet of restaurant management. 

The Phase I suite of four modules is set to launch July 22nd, 2019. These address the most basic concerns of every restaurant; posting jobs, finding candidates, hiring, and employee communication.  Phase II, DineHR, expands on the Phase I offering and is currently being scoped for release in Q4 2019. Over five development phases spanning more than 20 modules, Dine Inc. is building a completely integrated platform/software as a service (PaaS/SaaS) that will revolutionize how independent restaurants operate. By mid-2020 we expect all five phases of the DineGigs ERP infrastructure to be released.

**DineGigs Inc. shortened its name in January 2019 to Dine Inc. to better reflect our direction going forward.  Both trade names are unanimous with the same entity.  We now go by "Dine Inc." with our product known as "DineGigs".

Key Hightlights

  • DineGigs’ is the only free job board dedicated to the foodservice industry (to our knowledge). With approximately 15 million workers, hospitality is one of the largest employment sectors of the US economy.**

  • Phase 1 international launch is scheduled for July 22nd, 2019.

  • DineHR, Dine Inc.’s first subscription product targeted for launch in Q4 2019, will be the only comprehensive human resource management tool designed specifically for the challenges restaurants face.  DineHR features full integration with the DineGigs job board; managing hiring & onboarding in just a few clicks.

  • Chosen as one of twenty-five disruptive startups amongst more than 15,000 candidates to receive software development venture funding by KiwiTech in late 2017.  KiwiTech has extended Dine Inc. $500,000 in services and a dedicated Agile software development team to bring the DineGigs infrastructure to life.

  • Founded and created by an awardee of OpenTable’s “Top 100 Restaurants in America” and Executive Chef at one of the US’s highest grossing boutique restaurants.

  • The DineGigs ERP infrastructure is Patent Pending*

*Patents filed by Duncan Parker regarding the DineGigs product have been assigned to Dine Inc.

**Source Bureau of Labor Statistics https://www.bls.gov/emp/tables/employment-by-major-industry-sector.htm

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The Future of Foodservice

The Problem

A Hole in the Industry

As one of the largest employment sectors of the US economy**, everyday tens of thousands of hospitality employers and employees are looking to connect, but where?  Once upon a time Craigslist was the foodservice job board of choice.  A few years ago, Craigslist began charging for job ads which alienated much of the industry.  Many now try to retrofit Facebook into a job board, but are dismayed when they find potential customers see more “help wanted” posts from their favorite establishments than “tonight’s specials”.  One thing is clear; the foodservice industry has depended-on and wants a free foodservice job board.  Why can’t it have what it wants, and more? Perhaps an elegant and affordable HR solution designed specifically for them, as well?

If you happened to work in a restaurant 20 years ago, you’d probably be surprised to find that not much has changed.  They might even be using the same point-of-sale purchased back in the late 90’s.  Out of touch economies of scale leave restaurants paying high dollar for relatively simple technology.  This hampers the restaurant technology upgrade cycle and presents the opportunity for disruption we now have today.

Prototype of the DineGigs job board. Product is currently in development and scheduled for July 2019 release.

Take employee communication, for example.  Restaurants don’t provide enterprise email accounts for all employees or have mailboxes in the back room where they distribute memos.  It’s done on sticky notes, whiteboards, scribbled lists on a torn piece of paper, legal pad, etc. There must be a better way, not just because it’s inefficient, but because there must be both for legal liability and complying with constantly changing regulations.  It’s hard to believe, but no one has set out to create an affordable & scalable solution that solves even this simple issue for restaurants.

The Market

The Foodservice Industry Giant

Foodservice stands as one of the largest contributors to US GDP with approximately $500 Billion in sales in 2018.  By most estimates, there are over 1 million restaurants in the US alone, employing 15 million people at any given time; equating to an astounding 10% of the total US workforce.  Of those 1 million+ restaurants, nearly seventy percent can be categorized as owner/operator or independent/non-franchise with single-unit operations; these businesses employ roughly 12 million people. Internationally, the pool is even larger.  The DineGigs infrastructure is being built with international scale in mind, to unite the world of foodservice.

According to our research, large franchises have vast proprietary software offerings created specifically to fit their needs.  DineGigs is designed for small businesses; businesses that would not have access to this crucial technology without us.

As the only free dedicated foodservice job board we know of, DineGigs is in a class of its own. We’re aware of a handful of employment sites that are foodservice specific, but at much higher price points and with limited market penetration outside of their immediate regions of sales force operation. Our expected return on marketing amounts to adding 12,000 restaurants and 300,000 registered users annually.  With growing regulation around scheduling and human resources, we believe that DineGigs will be able to stand out as one of the only platforms compliant with strict New York and California employment laws.

The Solution

Filling the Void

As the cornerstone of our Phase I release, the DineGigs job board fills the industry’s “want” for a free place to find foodservice talent.  User profiles double as their resume, simplifying the process of applying for jobs. Business profiles detail all open positions available at a restaurant currently and allow job seekers to learn more about the restaurants where they’re applying.  Restaurants using the platform can track applicants for each position, simplifying the hiring process and remaining compliant with employment application regulations.  Think “LinkedIn” with an added robust applicant tracking system; for restaurants, for free.

Our answer to the need for improved employee communication is DineWall.  With a user interface similar to the feed of Facebook, users can connect with other users & businesses around the world in a familiar UX. Upon becoming employed by a restaurant using DineGigs, DineWall becomes a curated feed where private communications from their employer or groups within the establishment are given priority above posts from non-employment related posts.  Employers have the ability to mark posts “mandatory” requiring employees to acknowledge or respond to a post before moving further down into their feed. 

Prototype of a Business Profile. Product is currently in development and scheduled for July 2019 release.

We could’ve called it, “business in the front, party in the back”, but DineWall seemed more fitting.

DineGigs, DineWall, the employee & business profile modules, MyGigs (where users save their favorite jobs) and MyBusiness (basic business page administration), as well as the behind-the-scenes infrastructure foundation upon which the entire future application is dependent are our first modules to be released on July 22nd, 2019.  An intangible quality we strive to create is the ability for restaurants to organically use the modules they want, while ignoring the rest.  It’s of utmost importance to us that restaurants operate how they like without software dictating change of operational systems & processes.  However you wish to use the patent pending DineGigs infrastructure, it will be fully integrated with each of our modules, ready to adapt to you.

Looking Forward

Phase II of the DineGigs infrastructure is currently being scoped for release in Q4 2019.  Collectively, this suite of modules is known as “DineHR”.  As one of the first HR solution designed specifically for the foodservice, we expect this suite of modules to bring a collective sigh of relief to where there was none before.  With streamlined hiring and paperless onboarding, DineHR makes hiring a… click!  Background checks and identity verification are handled seamlessly while self-service benefit and employment information update access keep all systems synced without the need for management administration.  Employees show up on their first day ready to work without a mountain of paperwork left for managers to navigate between bookkeepers and government form filing.

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate the most advanced restaurant scheduling software you can imagine.  Employee availability, rankings and other data are utilized in a proprietary algorithm that automates the schedule-making process, saving management several precious hours each week, an industry first.  Scheduling will integrate with our TimeClock module, both of which are included in Phase II, ensuring workers are only allowed to 

Prototype of User Profiles. Product is currently in development and scheduled for July 2019 release.

clock-in for the position in which they are scheduled (and not a different position with a higher pay rate – a common cheat).  Further, Phase III will incorporate smartphone geofencing from our mobile app, and integration with security system facial recognition technology to better record time in/out for missed clock-ins.  Our final Phase II module, DineDash, provides a unified dashboard where users can manage their entire DineGigs experience.  We expect to retail DineHR for $35/month all-inclusive with unlimited premium featured job postings and digital onboarding, available Q4 2019.

As you see, each phase of DineGigs brings a new level of functionality simplifying restaurant management with enterprise-level technology.  Our other 12 modules (yet to be announced), plus mobile apps, will expand even further on the theme; culminating with the release of Phase V with a goal of becoming the world’s most advanced, intuitive and affordable restaurant management system.  We expect to release a new phase of modules every three to four months after the initial DineGigs Phase I release this June; all five phases are expected to be completed by the second half of 2020.

The Business Model

Our Growing Platform

The Phase I release is intended as a service to the service industry.  We believe such a useful, free set of modules will build a recurring userbase who depend on DineGigs; it’s a loss leader we all gain from.  Within the DineGigs job board, premium a la carte job postings can be purchased at the top of the page, with the free chronological feed below.  These premium postings will be featured for 10 days for $20.  Major cities with highly competitive hiring markets will likely be the largest consumer of the premium ad space.

The extended features offered in Phase II build upon everything created in Phase I and further simplify the hiring & HR needs of restaurants.  Most competitors offering only employee scheduling software retail their programs at $50 per month or more.  By adding DineHR, Scheduling, DineDash, TimeClock, unlimited featured job posts and digital employee onboarding for $35/month, DineGigs will not only be the most comprehensive platform available, but also the most affordable.

With three more phases of 12+ modules planned to be released after Phase II, you could say there’s a lot up our sleeve.  

Prototype of DineWall. Product is currently in development and scheduled for July 2019 release.

Although we’re keeping our lips sealed (for now) we can tell you that there are several new revenue streams being added with each new phase, and not all of them are subscription based (and definitely not click-based).  We will announce our Phase III modules upon the release of Phase II in Q4 2019, Phase IV upon the Phase III release in early 2020, and so on.

By 2022, our goal is for the DineGigs platform to be utilized by 100,000 restaurants and 3 million employees in the United States alone.  Internationally, we aim to expand by an additional 60,000 restaurants and 2 million users over the same period.  Overall, the target is 10% US market penetration and 3% world market share; plenty of room to grow.  

Our Traction

Company Growth

Dine Inc. was officially founded in June 2017 after more than two years of planning.  To date, we’ve raised nearly $200,000 in cash via an oversubscribed $93,000 Common Equity Seed Round and $101,500 in Convertible Notes, which convert upon filing of this Reg CF raise.  Further, our venture partner KiwiTech has placed a $5 Million valuation on Dine Inc. for the first $250,000 software development tranche. Our Reg CF raise valuation of $5 Million is based upon KiwiTech’s valuation; all convertible notes exercise at the $5 Million par valuation without discount. Upon exhaustion of the first $250,000, KiwiTech will extend an additional $250,000 at a post-money $10 Million valuation, for a total $500,000 investment in Dine Inc.  Currently, Dine Inc. has utilized approximately $100,000 of the first $250,000 tranche and expects to begin utilizing the second $250,000 tranche post-raise in late 2019 at the $10 Million valuation.  A 409A Valuation contract has been executed with Carta (formerly eShares, Inc.) and will be completed post-raise in Q4 2019. 

Prototype of MyGigs. Product is currently in development and scheduled for July 2019 release.

A Delaware C Corporation, Dine Inc.’s offices are headquartered in the Startup Virginia/CapitalOne business incubator in the Shockoe Bottom neighborhood of Richmond, VA.

Dine Inc.’s partnership with Big Sass Marketing, a channel marketing firm with outstanding reach & understanding of the foodservice industry, is expected to be a key driver of our success.  Together, we’ve created an extensive marketing plan covering digital media, direct mail, outbound sales, blogs and multimedia, foodservice media, digital video, and the use of strategic industry connections to canvas our market at launch.

The Financials

Picturing Our Future

Our initial target benchmark in this crowdfunding campaign is to raise $250,000; $100,000 to ignite our marketing campaign and $150,000 for R&D, working capital, operations and employment. Funds raised in excess of $250,000 will be used to speed our product launch timeline and expand our marketing reach. Should the round maximum be achieved, we anticipate funding our marketing campaign for six to twelve months (not including revenue earned over that period – we do expect sales revenue in that time-frame excluding capital raised).  We will look to expand our executive leadership & international product support team around the time of Phase II launch, ensuring an excellent customer experience and developing a corporate culture centered on our driving inspiration, well-executed foodservice.

Based on our current projections, our goal is to begin generating revenue in Q4 2019 with 3,000 restaurants and 100,000 individuals having created profiles on the platform. Acquisition cost per business is expected to be approximately $38.  With each business adding roughly 35 users, we expect an intrinsic cost of acquisition per user of around $1.

Screenshot of images loading to user profiles in Phase I release scheduled for July 2019.

Who We Are

Vast Experience, Knowledge and Expertise

Dine Inc.’s founder and creator of the DineGigs platform began his career in foodservice at the age of 13 as a dishwasher.  Over the next 12 years and through two college degrees he continued to work in restaurants until starting a career on Wall Street with Morgan Stanley in Santa Monica, CA in 2006. Duncan moved back to the east coast in 2008 and then continued his career with Merrill Lynch, where he worked until 2012.  He continued as a professional prop trader on New York Stock Exchange until 2014, when the call of the restaurant biz brought him back to his hometown of Richmond, VA.  Having spent so much time in his youth in restaurants, he often dreamed about going into the restaurant business. 

The opportunity would arise for him to take the reigns as General Manager of a Richmond restaurant that had faced serious challenges over the previous five years, with severe revenue declines.  That restaurant was LuLu’s, and it was in dire need of a turnaround.  After 10 months of nonstop work, LuLu’s was listed for the first time in its history on OpenTable’s “Top 100 Restaurants in America” for its now famous brunch, out of more than 30,000 restaurants.  That first year saw a revenue increase of 66% over the previous year; the following year revenue increased an additional 68% -- an uncommon feat by any measure.

“As a restaurant manager, I was constantly looking for tools to make my job easier.  I kept thinking to myself ‘when are they going to create this or that?' One day it clicked, I had to do it.  No one else was able or aware of the opportunity for disruption that was so clear to me.  Four years later, here we are.  DineGigs is ready to launch and will change the foodservice business forever.”

It was during this time that Duncan began envisioning the DineGigs platform.  He became Executive Chef of a swanky new restaurant called Kabana Rooftop and worked further in his spare time to improve the platform for back of house operations.  By the end of 2016, Duncan had officially held every title in the restaurant business; dishwasher, prep cook, line cook, host, busser, server, bartender, Executive Chef and General Manager.  It was time to bring DineGigs to life. The original DineGigs job board launched May 12th, 2017.  An hour after launching, DineGigs received its first unsolicited investment inquiry. A week later the check was cashed.  The rest is history. 

This July 22nd, 2019 the next chapter of DineGigs begins.  We want you to be a part of our future.

In the Press

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KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership with DineGigs


Matchmakers For Restaurateurs And Gig Staff

Richmond BizSense

Startup Looks to be a Go-To for Restaurant Gigs

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DineGigs.com is now LIVE!!!

10 days ago

Hey everyone, it's Duncan again!

Great news, the new DineGigs.com is now live!  This is such an exciting day for all of us who've worked so hard to bring this to life.  Thanks to all of you for your support in helping us achieve this milestone!  I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for so many people coming together to make today happen, thank you all so much!

Now, a new chapter of hard work begins in letting the world know about DineGigs.  Please help us get the word out!



Notice of Funds Disbursement

13 days ago

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As you might know, Dine Inc. has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Dine Inc. be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


We're launching September 12th!

16 days ago

Hello everyone,

It's Duncan again here to update you with terrific news; we're launching the new platform on September 12th!!!

We really appreciate your patience as we were dealt a slight delay in our original launch date.  Everything is back on track and better than ever!  I'm so excited to finally see the project come to life after years of working towards this moment.  Thank you all so much for believing in what we're doing and helping us achieve this goal.  We're about to launch a world-class platform!

If you own, work or know someone who owns or works in a restaurant, please help spread the word about our launch next week!  I'll be working hard to get restaurants on-board the new platform and appreciate your help spreading the word.



Notice of Funds Disbursement

about 1 month ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Dine Inc. has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Dine Inc. be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Pardon our dust!

about 2 months ago

Greetings, investors & followers!

While we work through final issues before going fully live on DineGigs.com, we have completed development and invite you all to experience our Phase 1 product. Feel free to visit https://dinegigs-stage.kiwi-internal.com and create a profile.  From there, follow restaurants by viewing their job postings on DineGigs and be sure to connect with me on DineWall by searching @dunc & our chef profile @mohit. Create your own sample restaurant, post a job, have fun!  This is our sandbox; you can't hurt anything by playing around.  Even better, send your feedback to me duncan@dinegigs.com

We'll be live soon enough and thank you all for your support!



We're almost live!

2 months ago

Hey everyone, it's Duncan again.

Just a brief update to let you all know we're in the process of porting code from our development server to the live server on dinegigs,com.  The process should be complete shortly and we will begin to propagate our dns thereafter, which could take up to 72 hours.  Regardless, we should be very live, very soon.  We're excited and hope you are as well!



Three Weeks to Launch!

3 months ago

Hey everyone, it's Duncan from DineGigs.  What an exciting first week it's been since the launch of our raise on StartEngine!  I'm thrilled to see early traction from investors and so many following our campaign.  It's really neat to know that what we're doing at Dine Inc. resonates with you; thanks all of you so much for your support!

Just a quick update on our development timeline -- we are on schedule and all-systems-go for the launch of our new platform on July 22nd!  We've completed development of the Phase 1 modules and now are making minor improvements while completing the final regression testing of all features. Our marketing campaign will kick-off in unison with the platform launch.

And, if by chance any of you happen to be nearby Richmond, VA July 18th please be sure to join us for our launch party on the rooftop of our office at 1717 Innovation Center.  We'll be previewing the new platform for investors, partners, restaurateurs and friends & family of Dine Inc. Let us know you're coming by reserving tickets here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dinegigs-20-launch-party-tickets-63058262962

Until next time.



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