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Deuce Drone -- We Deliver!

Deuce Drone

Deuce Drone -- We Deliver!

Mobile, AL
With Deuce Drone, you don't change, but your sales reach and customer experience are drastically improved through your new delivery capabilities. We provide a hands-off automated delivery system that allows your customers to receive their order quickly while lowering delivery costs to both you and your customers. We provide every retailer the ability to become a distributor!


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Reasons to Invest

A $100+ billion (USD) market opportunity for drone-related services! Drone use will drive $100 billion in cost savings across industries by 2024 with the drone delivery and logistics market estimated to grow from $5 billion in 2019 to $11 billion in 2026, at a CAGR of 10.8%.
Our team is comprised of aerospace and logistics industry experts, MIT-educated engineers, robotics engineers, corporate executives all passionately focused on actualizing the company’s vision to bring autonomous, reliable, and safe drone delivery to the nation.
With 1700+ investors already invested, Deuce Drone is rapidly growing to meet the need for delivery speed.


We are Deuce Drone: your last-mile, delivery-by-drone company

At Deuce Drone, we are focused on making last-mile delivery cost-effective for businesses - all to achieve a competitive edge in today’s market landscape, and evolve market dynamics for tomorrow.  

Deuce Drone offers same-day, and same-hour, delivery for customers. 

Image used in this photo is of a prototype product. Deuce Drone is not currently available on the market.

To do so, we are developing networks and infrastructure within communities to connect businesses and consumers alike. We are rapidly developing a hardware and software solution that will allow our drones to achieve FAA-approved autonomy, all while adhering to stringent safety requirements and expanding the "last-mile" footprint of our delivery service.    

Collectively, these efforts will transform delivery services, expand the reach of businesses to customers, and revolutionize customer fulfillment.

We are not just developing a delivery capability to augment current delivery options - we have embarked on a journey whose final destination is fully autonomous, FAA-compliant airspace management, safe and secure customer fulfillment.  

Images used in these photos are of a prototype product. Deuce Drone is not currently available on the market.

In short, we are starting with a blank and borderless canvas on which we will indelibly imprint the expectations of delivery for customers, communities, and industries. 

The Problem

Solving the last-mile delivery challenge faced by businesses and consumers alike

  • Every retailer is affected by expensive manual packaging, handling, and delivery processes through the current over-the-road delivery systems.
  • Customers, in many cases, must wait hours for their food or days to weeks for their consumer products to be delivered with additional delivery costs.
  • Tampering that affects the quality of the customer’s order is commonplace.
  • Over the road delivery vehicles add to road congestion and adverse environmental conditions.
  • Traffic conditions affect how quickly a customer will get their delivery.

All these conditions have combined to make the last mile of delivery the most expensive and complex small package delivery problem plaguing our society today.


Source for Delivery and Consumers

Source for Lost Profit

THE solution

Offering same-day, in some cases same-hour, drone delivery solutions for retailers

Same-day delivery is a pain point to the retailer and customer. Utilizing drones will also make it a highly regulated business under the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Our solution is to automate nearly every aspect of the delivery process. 

  • Our advanced autonomous software will allow our drones to fly point to point with no human intervention.
  • Our flight control system will allow us to monitor our drones to ensure each delivery is completed within minutes of loading.  
  • Our ground-based autonomous package handling will allow a retailer to simply put the package in the delivery receptacle. With our proprietary equipment, the drone loading and delivery will be quickly completed without additional handling or affecting the quality of the contents to be delivered. 
  • Our team’s aviation experience will ensure a focus on safe day-to-day operations.

With the advanced technology developed by our engineering team focused on improving every customer’s experience through reducing the delivery time and cost of last-mile delivery, our team’s experience in aerospace operations provides a competitive advantage in navigating the complex safety and regulatory framework required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our knowledge of FAA regulations, extensive certification experience, and the ability to draw upon a vast network of aviation professionals will allow our team to achieve timely certification and set the stage for rapid expansion across the United States.


This combined with the growing acceptance of this technology bodes well not only for consumer product customers, restaurants, and emergency services but also for doctors and patients in need of rapid delivery of medical supplies and prescriptions making deliveries by unmanned aerial vehicles commonplace with no compromise!  

Here’s what that looks like: 

And here’s how we deliver:

Image used in this photo is of a prototype product. Deuce Drone is not currently available on the market.

Our business model is based on offering regional operations of drone delivery services on behalf of local retailers. The base operational model is a fee against the value of the product delivered with a minimum delivery cost.   

Supplemental revenue streams will include… 

  • Annual delivery subscriptions that allow for a  set number of deliveries per month
  • Emergency service support contracts for regions served
  • Franchise possibilities utilizing the service model under our name and regulatory approvals to allow faster expansion

*Below is a computer generated demo version of Deuce Drone. Product is currently under development.


The market opportunity for drone delivery and logistics is significant

Here’s a look into some of our market opportunities…

 Source: PWC Barclay McKinsey

Our primary difference is we are not designers and manufacturers of drones. We will source our drone fleet from companies that specialize in the design and manufacture of drones. 

This allows us to focus on the key enablers to market introduction of this technology, which are…

 1) Gaining regulatory approval

 2) Developing effective, automated flight management systems that handle safe flights, efficient route planning

 3) Providing building interface systems that allow for safe landing of drones along with package management on both the retail and customer sites.


We're coming up

We are still an early stage company heavily involved in the development of the core technology. 

We have signed several committed product launch customers in 2020, including a major regional Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee and Rouses Markets, a regional supermarket chain. 

Images used in this photo are of a prototype product. Deuce Drone is not currently available on the market.

In addition, we completed in June of 2021 an operational trial of all aspects of the business model completing a revenue drone delivery flight between a food retailer and an office building.     

Images used in this graphic below are of a prototype product. Deuce Drone is not currently available on the market.


Elevate your delivery system

Our vision is to develop the enabling technologies for local operational trials as well as completing the regulatory process within the next 18 months.  

Completing this will allow us to begin full revenue-based operations and expansion over the following 36 months on an ever-expanding geographic basis within the United States.  

Images used in this photo are of the prototype product. Deuce Drone is not currently available on the market. 

Join us, and watch us deliver. 

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Tier 5 perk ($25,000+) – 5% bonus shares + Tier 3 Perk

Tier 6 perk ($50,000+) – 10% bonus shares + 1 year free on DD Annual Subscription Fee

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

Deuce Drone, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus units for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class A Commomn Stock at $1.00 / share, you will receive 10 additional shares of Class A Common Stock meaning you'll own 110 shares for $100. Fractional units will not be distributed and shares bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole unit.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors' eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Inter company debt or back payments. Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative. Vendor payments.

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101 Best Massachusetts Transportation Companies and Startups

18 days ago

101 Best Massachusetts Transportation Companies and Startups: Deuce Drone Article

This week Best Startup released the 101 Best Transportation Companies and Startups in Massachusetts, ranking Deuce Drone 15th! While we are currently headquartered and operating in Mobile Alabama, our founding team initially developed the Deuce Drone concept in Massachusetts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and we have maintained our connection to the state through our Board of Director membership. We are honored to be on the list as it speaks volumes about our team’s innovation and how important your contribution has been to making drone delivery a reality! 

This article explains that the rankings are based off exceptional performance in these categories:


Innovative ideas

Innovative route to market

Innovative product


Exceptional growth

Exceptional growth strategy


Societal impact

Thank you for your support and your investment in Deuce Drone.

Deuce Drone and Greer's Market Announce Drone Delivery Technology Agreement

28 days ago

MOBILE, AL (November 4, 2021) – Deuce Drone Inc., a developer of last mile package delivery services by drone, announced today that it has entered a technology development partnership with Greer’s Markets for autonomous drone delivery service.    

 Greer’s Markets is a 5th generation family-owned business based in Mobile, AL with twenty-nine supermarkets in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida and four Greer's Ace Hardware Express locations in Mobile, Bay Minette, AL and Quitman, MS. 

 Deuce Drone will begin flights this month between Greer’s St. Louis Street Market and the Innovation Portal for the purpose of finalizing their autonomous flight and package handling systems. Deuce Drone will operate drones in the less than 55-pound category that carry a payload of up to 10 pounds.  

 “We are excited to partner with Greer’s Markets. Our agreement is an excellent opportunity to apply our technology in an urban setting.” said Bill Haub, Senior Director of Deuce Drone.  He also stated, “Our previous demonstration flights have proven that we are able to overcome many difficult challenges facing drone delivery. This development partnership is a great next step in Deuce Drone’s growth by providing the possibility of seamlessly transitioning to delivery service in downtown Mobile.” 

 “We are already invested in curbside pickup and delivery and look forward to offering an additional delivery option with Deuce Drone. We continue to focus on technological advancements that make shopping Greer’s in store and online advantageous to all consumers.” said Lucy Greer, Corporate Spokesperson of Greer’s Markets.

 All flights and operations will be conducted in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 rules and strictly adhere to privacy and confidentiality requirements. 

About Deuce Drone:

Deuce Drone is developing technology and services to provide last mile delivery for “brick and mortar” retailers by enabling drone shipment from existing stores.  Leveraging clients’ current infrastructure, we design, build, and operate drone delivery systems, transforming retail stores into customer fulfillment centers.  Deuce Drone provides a cost-effective, technology-driven solution for same-day delivery that allows retailers to compete with major e-commerce players. 

Deuce Drone is now an Industry Partner on ASSURE

29 days ago


Deuce Drone in the News: We are now an industry partner on the ASSUREuas Program

Deuce Drone, a last mile UAS delivery service, announced yesterday that it is now an industry partner on the ASSURE UAS (Alliance for Safety System of UAS through Research Excellence) research program. The ASSURE program is comprised of twenty-five of the world's leading research institutions and includes more than a hundred leading industry and government partners. Deuce Drone team members will be participants on technology research projects and working with UAS FAA certification experts who are working to solve UAS last mile delivery challenges. Deuce Drone would like to thank the ASSURE program for their leadership in UAS systems and we are very excited to be working with a group that is on the forefront of UAS technology development and is as passionate as we are about drone technology.

The Deuce Drone team appreciates every investment you make to build our future in drone delivery. 

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