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Digital Brands Group

Premium Denim + Luxury Closet Essentials

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Our portfolio model significantly increases revenues, decreases operating expenses, and establishes brand longevity.

Our strategy reflects what traditional luxury holding companies have done for decades. But instead of wholesale first, we modernized the model to reflect how consumers discover and shop today, which is digital-first. 

By eliminating administrative and operational responsibilities for our brands, we stimulate creativity, innovation, and a maniacal commitment to the product and customer experience.  This in turn drives emotional customer connections and brand longevity

DBG Highlights & Vision Driven By New Management Team

  • We hope to build a portfolio of 5 to 10 lifestyle brands each with the potential to generate $50 to $100mm in annual revenue
  • We own two brands currently and we are aiming for a possible acquisition in 2019
  • Our goal is to grow revenues to $250mm+ in 5 years or more
  • Actively seeking liquidity options once this Reg A offering closes, including the AIM or OTC
  • Liquidity would mean investors would be able to buy and sell their shares 

View our offering circular.


Store credit will be issued once your investment closes. Please allow four+ weeks for the funds to clear and be received by DBG. Once your funds have cleared, we will contact you with instructions on receiving your credit

We Are Driven By You - Our Customers, Investors, Partners, and the Crowd

Our community believes in us and we want to reward our community

We Plan to Publicly List on the AIM or OTC

Our goal is to create liquidity for investors right away

While we plan to publicly list, there is no guarantee or certainty that Digital Brands Group will become a publicly-traded company. Therefore, there is no guarantee that there will be liquidity for investors in the future even though that is a priority for Digital Brands Group.

Charlize Theron

Ellen Degeneres

Ben Barnes

Mila Kunis

Jennifer Lopez

Bella Hadid

Gavin Leatherwood

Hailee Steinfeld

Cara DeLevigne

Emily Ratajkowski

Carrie Underwood

Kendall Jenner

The photos above are public photos of celebrities are wearing our product - they do not endorse or recommend this investment.

The 3 to 5 Year Opportunity is Massive in a Portfolio Model

Driving shareholder value through organic growth, acquisitions, and liquidity via the AIM or OTC

Revenue Notes:

In 2018, we changed the supply chain from Asia to Europe, so we had no denim in stock for almost 6 months from May to September, which resulted in very low revenue for 2018 and created an abnormally low YoY comparison. There 2018 would have been 50% to 75%+ higher, which would make 2019 revenue growth around 65% to 75%.

Gross Margin Notes:
Gross margin increase is driven by volume purchases. Currently we are ordering minimum quantities. We would expect a significant decrease in cost per unit with orders for every increase in 1,000 units per style or 1% annually. This significant savings would . be slightly offset by higher inventory write-offs associated with larger orders and more style risk.

Contribution Margin Notes:

Contribution margin increase is driven by volume discounts in packaging and shipping costs. We would expect small decreases in packaging and shipping rates, but combined should equate to 0.5% annually.

Total Operating Expenses:
We would expect to leverage our salaries and benefits. We should not have to hire people at the same rate as our revenue growth.

We would expect to leverage our operating expenses as these are more fixed and do not require the same growth rate as revenue.

We would expect to leverage our marketing due to higher repeat customer revenue, which allows us to drive higher revenue without the same customer acquisition cost. The higher our repeat customer rate, the more leverage we get in marketing expenses.

Debt and Old Payables:
We expect to pay off our old payables between now and the end of 2020, as these need to be cleaned up.

We expect to pay off our debt with an equity raise in late 2020, which would significantly lower any potential dilution from this raise.

New Management Team is Transitioning Company from Good to Great

Laura Dowling

Chief Marketing Officer

Dowling recently joined DBG with the strategic intent to leverage her extensive retail track record. She strongly believes in the formidable opportunity at hand within the holding group model given her tenures at similarly structured organization such as Tapestry (Coach, Kate Spade Stuart Weitzman) and Swatch Group (Harry Winston, Omega, Breguet). 

During her tenure at Coach, Dowling conceived of and executed their inaugural collaboration with Selena Gomez. The campaign was recognized as one of the global brand’s most effective 360 marketing programs, leading to double digit sales growth, an overnight increase in stock price, and established a significant milestone in their continuous pursuit to reposition themselves amongst millennials. 

“The portfolio model achieves three major wins from a marketing perspective: 1. Internally, my team has greater creativity across multiple categories 2. Externally we are able to communicate at scale given the combination of branding budgets 3. Greater budgets enable my team and our brands to focus on tailored, targeted, and relevant content to continuously engage each customer base in a way that builds brand loyalty and an emotional customer connection.”

Selena Gomez in DSTLD

Customer’s AOV Continues to Increase Each Year

We have pricing power & product expansion

In late 2016, we took a price increase in denim to offset higher product costs. We did not experience a decline in customer demand or AOV, which suggests we have pricing power in the future,  if we need it.

In Fall 2018, we focused our marketing on leather jackets and leggings, which are $300 to $400. We saw a significant increase in the leather category, which suggests we have more pricing power and product opportunity than originally thought.  

In Spring 2019, we launched several new categories, all of which have sold well.  This also supports the belief that our customer will support new categories if relevant and well made.

Gross Margin Expansion Could Still Expand

Only in the first stages of gross margin expansion

2017 gross margin expansion was driven by a late 2016 price increase.

2018 gross margin expansion was driven by leather revenue, which has a higher gross margin.

We believe that we will experience meaningful gross margin expansion over the next few years. Our current production quantities are close to the minimums, which means  we will experience volume discounts every year as we grow.  This includes both fabric and cut & sew.  

DSTLD and ACE are utilizing the same factories and fabric mills whenever we can, as long as it does not impact the brand or the product.  This should also help drive gross margin expansion.

Repeat Customer Metrics Increasing

25% increase in customer retention rate in 2018

3.4% increase in repeat customer AOV

2018 customer retention rate increased 25% versus 2017,

The retention rate increase was driven by a broader product offering and a focus on repeat customer communications, especially in email.

We plan to increase our retention rate in 2019 by analyzing the data and trends of our repeat customer behavior.  Based on this data, we will create different customer buckets and specific messaging and photos for each of these buckets.     

We also believe that new product category launches and higher product prices will continue to driver a higher AOV.

New Customer Growth Is Exponentially Increasing

A 66% increase in new customer growth, and a $20 increase in AOV was well above plan

We acquired new customers at an exponentially higher rate than planned due to targeting new user psychographics plus broader audiences and interest groups.

We significantly expanded our customer reach because we increased our cost to acquire new customers. We knew this would result in acquiring a higher quality customer.  As expected, new customers are both higher quality and spending more.  

Interestingly,  our return on ad spend remained the same. This suggests we have much more acquisition power than we thought.  

Most importantly, we know this accelerated growth is sustainable.

New CMO Initiatives Driving Significant and Sustainable Growth in Q1

     Content is King              

200% increase in impressions driven by 1st content focused strategy

Created a systematic content generation strategy that feeds new content to our targeted audiences, increasing relevance scores, which increased deliverability and has yielded a 200% increase in impressions.

Targeted SMS Converts

19x increase in  Conversion Rate driven by targeted SMS triggers

By integrating targeted SMS triggers into our marketing strategy, we’ve been able to see 12x increases (6% to 72%) in click-through-rates & 19x increases in (3% to 58%) conversion rates. 

Multi-Touch Approach 

79% increase in volume driven by campaign launches

By shifting from simple one time product notifications, to longer term campaigns, with multiple touchpoints at different moments of the customer journey we’ve successfully increased total volume sales 79%. 

   Curation Connects      

1.4x returns by product focused marketing

By targeting new and repeat demographic audiences with curated content specifically surrounding higher AOV items, in this case, specifically leather jackets, we provided a lift to the entire leather category revenues by 40%.

New CMO Driving Strategic Content Strategy

Organic Instagram Stories

Engagement Growth

1300% increase in users engaging with content

While incredible, the increase in engagement to site was achieved by leveraging a channel, Instagram Stories, that is not heavily impacted by the platforms algorithm, and therefore received favorable engagement rates. 

    Paid Advertising            

Click-Through Increases

67% increase in click through driven by cohesive ad strategy

By infusing our paid advertising channels with consistent content specifically created for each individual channel to optimize each individual opportunity 

  Website Experience        

Time on Site Extends

54% increase in time on site driven by editorial imagery

By researching user behavior utilizing heatmaps and click tracking, we’ve ascertained that users engaged more with editorial content on site, and implemented a strategy that yielded the results above. 

Website Bounce Rates 

Significant Decline

20% Decrease in Bounce Rate driven by congruent content

By creating congruent campaigns, matching content from first impression through the entire customer journey, we decreased our bounce rates (users leaving site without interacting).  

Why The Portfolio Model Drives Shareholder Value

A Portfolio Model Drives Shareholder Value

We believe that buying and  building a portfolio of five to ten brands that can each generate $50 to $100 million in annual revenues has the potential to quickly scale revenues and profitability. 

Revenue Growth with Low Risk

We believe we can drive incremental revenue through cross marketing our brands to customers and reduce fashion and trend risk by owning brands in different categories. Our goal is to use some of our expense savings to re-invest in the highest performing marketing channels.     

Reducing Expenses & Increasing Margins

Through shared resources in operations, marketing, technology, fulfillment, and customer service, we believe we can significantly reduce redundant operating expenses. We also see the potential to generate meaningful volume discounts, which could lead to gross and operating margin expansion.

A Portfolio Model Increases Revenues and Reduces Operating Expenses

Direct to Consumer: Owning the Customer Relationship Creates a More Personalized Experience

How are Direct To Consumer (DTC) brands different than traditional wholesale brands?

How Vertical Integration Creates Customer Value

Data-driven Strategies Drive a Highly Personalized and Engaged Experience

Individual Brand Amplification

Authentically enabled at scale by collectively leveraging the budgets and team expertise

Audience-first Mindset

Integrating feedback and data from each brand to inform strategies across all channels

Continuous Engagement

Informed dialogue through each communications partner maintains brand loyalty

A Single CRM Creates a Seamless Customer Experience Across All Shopping Channels

Our Brands

DSTLD | Premium Denim + Essentials

ACE Studios | Luxury Suiting and Sportswear

DSTLD | Premium Denim + Essentials


DSTLD’s mission is to design and craft luxury-grade denim and essentials.

  • Founded in 2014
  • Born and based in downtown Los Angeles
  • 19 full-time employees
  • +$19mm lifetime sales
  • Celebrity fans include Charlize Theron, Mila Kunis, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Sofia Richie, Selena Gomez, Lily Collins, Jennifer Lopez, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ben Affleck, and more

ACE Studios | DBG's Second Portfolio Brand


ACE Studios is a luxury suiting and sportswear brand focused on quality, fit, and performance.

  • Launched in Q1 2019
  • Leveraged Hil Davis’ tailored clothing experience for supply chain and relationships
    • Cost less than $25k (excluding inventory) to launch 
    • Mills are holding additional fabric without requiring deposits so we can replenish faster
    • Factories gave favorable pricing given Hil’s experience and last success
  • Planning a Q4 2019 cross-brand promotion with DSTLD that might offer or include something like the following:
    • Buy an ACE sport coat and receive a free pair of DSTLD denim
    • We plan to target existing DSTLD email list
    • We believe this will result in increased Lifetime Revenue (LTR) of DSTLD customers across both brands


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Campaign Closing - one day left to invest & Webinar

over 2 years ago

We’re incredibly thankful for the ongoing support of our amazing customers. You’ve helped us raise over $8mm and generated a community of more than 4,100 investor advocates.

The close of our final Online Public Offering is Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 2:00pm. This is your last chance to invest in this offering!

JOIN OUR WEBINAR tomorrow, Tuesday, January 11 at 12pm PST.

As a reminder, we’re offering $500 in DSTLD credit with a $500 minimum credit. We hope you’ll join us - thank you for the continued support!


*A minimum $500 investment is required to receive the $500 DSTLD credit. A maximum of a

$500 credit will be distributed after the round closes. Limit to 1 $500 credit per person, new investors only.

Join our Webinar - Thursday, 1/23

over 2 years ago

Happy New Year! A lot happened in 2019, and we’re excited for what’s to come in 2020. We’re so grateful for the support we’ve seen from customers, current investors, and new investors in this round. We’ve raised an incredible $10M from our supporters, whose investments go directly to helping us continue to innovate in fashion, retail, and the way you invest.

We have 7,000+ people backing us in our potential IPO, we're very excited.

As we look forward to 2020, speak with CEO Hil Davis, CMO Laura Dowling, and CFO Reid Yeoman about the year ahead. Our campaign will be closing in a few weeks, so now is your chance to learn more about investing and ask DSTLD leadership any questions.

Thursday, January 23

12:00p PT / 3:00p ET


End of Year Webinar - Thursday, December 19

over 2 years ago

There's only a handful of weeks left in our campaign, and we want to give you one last chance to learn about investing in DSTLD. We are hosting a webinar with our executive team tomorrow, Thursday, December 19 at 1:00p PT.

On the webinar, we will update you on the acquisitions, new acquisitions we have reviewed, the timing of our potential IPO, and the final weeks of fundraising. The webinar will include our CEO Hil Davis, CMO Laura Dowling, and CFO Reid Yeoman. We will also leave plenty of time for Q&A's.


Thursday, December 19

1:00p PT

DBG Adds Former Nike, Qualcomm Exec to Team!

over 2 years ago

We’re so excited to announce the recent hire of Reid Yeoman, DBG’s new CFO and executive on our c-suite team


Reid is a seasoned finance professional with core Financial Planning & Analysis background at major multinational Fortune 500 Companies – Including Nike & Qualcomm.  He has a proven track-record of driving growth and expanding profitability within retail.


 Hil Davis, CEO of DBG, said, “we are excited to add another seasoned executive to our team.  Reid will instill the discipline and accountability for us to scale organically and through acquisitions.  With Laura and Reid anchoring our management team, we are now ready to execute our growth plan, which we will believe will drive meaningful shareholder returns.


Most recently Reid served as CFO / COO at Hurley – a standalone Global Brand within the Nike Portfolio – where he managed the full P&L / Balance Sheet and oversaw the Brand’s logistics and operations.  At Hurley, Reid was directly involved in all dimensions of the Business (i.e., product, marketing, sales, HR) and lead the Organization through complex foreign and domestic legal / tax / trade matters, and was responsible for negotiating licensing / distributor agreements and wholesale discount structures.      


Prior to his role at Hurley, Reid was a critical member of Nike’s Global Business Planning Team where he worked directly with the Nike CFO and Brand President to centrally manage the Company’s extensive operating overhead budget (~$7B) and capital investments to ensure expenditures were aligned to the Brand’s strategic priorities.


Reid is a native Californian and holds an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, and a BA from UC Santa Barbara.          

Join our webinar today!

over 2 years ago

We are thrilled with the support, excitement, and questions from our investors (and investors to-be!) on our call last month. Due to the overwhelming demand, we’ll be hosting another webinar for our community on Thursday, December 5 at 1:00 pm PT.


On the webinar, we’ll introduce you to the newest member of our leadership team: Reid Yoeman, who has joined us as CFO and COO. We will also address the questions we received during and after the webinar regarding the dilution associated with the acquisitions, what an IPO means for your investment, and the IPO timeline.


Thursday, December 5

1p PT / 4p ET

Early Investing Recommends DBG 3x

over 2 years ago

We are excited to share with our customers and investors that we received our third “buy” rating from First Stage Investor and, which is a first-ever for the publication. This the third year in a row that they we have received a “Buy” rating from them.

First Stage Investor helps members build an investment portfolio of early-stage private companies by researching startup opportunities and recommending their top picks to their readers. First Stage Investor is an independent research company, and does not accept compensation from any company for their research. 


Below are three highlights from their review, and links to all three “Buy” recommendations 

“DSTLD has exceeded our expectations in several key areas: sales, customer growth, cost efficiency, profit margin expansion, product line additions and supply line management.”         


“ DSTLD was able to significantly reduce risk to growth, business and profit margin in just a year’s time – a major achievement that more than justifies its valuation.”    


“The company has made progress in three particularly crucial ways...It’s selling more expensive items...It’s lowering expenses...It’s improving customer acquisition costs.”    



August 2016:

September 2017 

October 2018 

Join our Webinar 10/24 & Meet our New CFO!

over 2 years ago

We are thrilled with the support, excitement, and questions from our investors (and investors to-be!) on our call last month. Due to the overwhelming demand, we’ll be hosting another webinar for our community on Thursday, October 24 at 1:00 pm PT.


On the webinar, we’ll introduce you to the newest member of our leadership team: Reid Yoeman, who has joined us as CFO and COO. We will also address the questions we received during and after the webinar regarding the dilution associated with the acquisitions, what an IPO means for your investment, and the IPO timeline.


Thursday, October 24

1:00 pm PT  / 4:00 pm ET




Reid will join us on the call. Below is a brief overview of work history: :

  • CFO of Hurley for almost two years.
  • Hurley is owned by Nike, who has $39 billion in revenues and a $116 billion market cap
  • Previous financial background at Nike and Qualcomm for more than six years


Help us welcome Reid to the team!



Broker Dealer Approved! Everyone Can Now Invest in DBG!

over 2 years ago

Great news! 

Great News! We’re now approved to accept investments in all 50 states.

For the past few months, some of our customers and fans from Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Texas, and Washington, have had difficulty investing or have noticed that their investment has not yet funded. This is because our offering did not have a broker dealer that is required to accept investments from those states. As of today, that has all changed!

If you tried investing, or started an investment, and you live in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Texas, and Washington, you can now complete your investment!  

Thanks for your patience and support - we’re excited to have you as part of the DBG family!


Hil Davis

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