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Meeting a Growing Need for Law Enforcement and the Intelligence Community

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Join the CTT family and help us save lives! Our technology will empower law enforcement and national security agencies to stop drug trafficking, human trafficking, gang violence, terrorism, and more.  Currency Tracking Technologies (CTT) is developing proprietary software applications and systems for recording and managing information on U.S. currency to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community in detecting and solving crimes.

Our Story

We are a dedicated team of law enforcement and military veterans who have joined with technological innovators to design and implement software applications and a secure network for law enforcement and the intelligence community to track and share currency data.  We believe this software, database and network will become the industry standard for managing currency information, creating a national index of currency records and establishing uniform protocols related to the processing and accounting for currency seized by law enforcement.

Cash is a critical component in criminal activity.  CTT will provide law enforcement with a valuable tool in tracking cash marked for buy operations, which can lead to the apprehension and conviction of criminals.  Once processed through CTT’s system, each bill is associated with the related case file and current sting deployment information, and can be quickly identified by any participating agency nationwide.  The tracking of currency used in illegal activities can be a critical investigative tool in solving a number of crimes, particularly drug trafficking.  (Source:

"Combating Money Laundering and Other Forms of Illicit Finance: Regulator and Law Enforcement Perspectives on Reform" - Statement Before the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, Washington, D.C., November 29, 2018)


CTT will provide real-time data searches, analytics and reporting capabilities. The system will feature a user-friendly interface, secure access controls, cloud-based storage, blockchain technology and advanced encryption.  Created for law enforcement professionals, CTT’s applications can be customized and integrated with existing local, state, regional, and federal crime information networks.

Why Paper Currency Tracking is so Important to Fighting Crime

“Currency Tracking Technologies is dedicated to making our world safer by providing law enforcement with the most advanced systems to identify and solve crime. It is estimated that about 60 percent of terrorism is funded by organized crime and the illicit drug trade, which deal in cash.  CTT’s national database of currency information will improve the resources and capabilities of law enforcement by facilitating secure data sharing across agencies and jurisdictions.” 

Reference on the 60 percent statistic: “The Link Between Terrorism and Drug Trafficking” Posted on November 6, 2017 By Trajan Evans for, The University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law

David Young

CTT's Chief Operating Officer

The suitcase full of cash is not just an image used in gangster movies. Paper currency is still one of the biggest facilitators and motives for most of the major categories of crime, including drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal gambling, counterfeiting, money laundering, robbery, illegal arms trading, and terrorism.  Because of the link between cash and illicit activity, law enforcement needs to leverage available information and technology related to the tracking of currency.  (Source:  International Chamber of Commerce - Commercial Crime Services

To identify crime patterns and interdict crime, cash can be a valuable tool for law enforcement.  One method of using cash to apprehend criminals is to conduct undercover sting operations using these bills as “buy” money.  

Bills that have previously been confiscated, processed and recorded can lead to criminals much in the same manner as a GPS tracking device.  To exponentially increase the effectiveness of law enforcement’s ability to detect crime through currency tracking, CTT is developing powerful applications and a secure network which allows inter-agency sharing and cross-matching of data.  The linking of criminal activity and crime networks to seized cash is a challenge for law enforcement, as criminals take advantage of the disconnect between agencies and their exchange of information.

Source:  National Institute on Drug Abuse

Development Stage

Currency Tracking Technologies (CTT) was organized by the investors in a legacy company that had developed a closed system with the technology to scan currency, capture serial numbers, securely maintain that data on a local level, allow queries, and produce reports.  This system was installed in a number of county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including DEA, and was successfully used in sting operations as well as several counterterrorism operations abroad.  That experience and know-how were passed along to CTT, including reports, wireframes and law enforcement contacts.  Although the previous platform that had been created was successful, law enforcement demanded the further development of a secure network and database that would enable law enforcement agencies to communicate and share critical information to help thwart or better prosecute criminal activity.  Technology has advanced significantly in terms of cloud storage, processing power, and data transmission speed.  Through blockchain security, an immutable chain of evidence can be created.  In addition, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have been mandated to improve their communications and sharing of information.  CTT represents the evolution of the initial concept, the collection of data from an advanced function currency scanner and its transference into a secure database through a proprietary network for access by law enforcement.  The Company has identified the specific user requirements and product features, the system framework and components, technology partners and software applications, the security protocols, the data elements to be captured, and the standard reports that will be available.  With the funds from the crowdfunding offering, CTT will develop the system that has been designed.  The Company is filing a provisional patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office regarding a shared secure network and database using blockchain technology to create an immutable chain of evidence for law enforcement.  The expected timeframe for completing CTT's system is three to six months with a product rollout in mid 2020.

The Offering


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Minimum Investment $500

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CTT to the Rescue

Organized Crime

In the case of organized crime, with drug trafficking for example, cash is frequently recycled and to a large extent maintained within the criminal enterprise system.  Some of the illegal activities become sources of financing for other crimes, like terrorism, which is regularly financed through drug trafficking and other forms of organized crime. (Source: International Chamber of Commerce - Commercial Crime Services


Money is laundered through various methods including deposits in legitimate financial institutions and services companies or cash exchanged for other monetary instruments to enable funds to eventually move to where they are needed.  In order to help solve these crimes where cash is involved, marked or controlled bills, or bills with electronically recorded serial numbers using CTT’s technology, are used for buy money in sting operations.

What Our Software Accomplishes

CTT’s technology will provide law enforcement with a turnkey solution for recording currency information, including serial numbers.  These bills can be identified with and tracked through sting operations, from point to point.  Police use marked or controlled currency to trace and identify money used in illegal activities. The serial numbers are recorded electronically through a digital optical reader transmitted through CTT’s secure network into a database maintained by CTT.  Law enforcement and the intelligence community can track currency movement and patterns throughout the country as a tool to catch criminals or determine criminal activity.

Criminals caught with cash and those bills' serial numbers are checked against CTT’s database of registered serial numbers which could lead to a break in the case where the marked bills were used.

A Typical Sting

A typical sting will have an undercover law-enforcement officer or cooperative member of the public play a role as criminal partner or potential victim and go along with a suspect's actions to gather evidence of the suspect's wrongdoing.  There is no way for criminals to be sure the bills are unmarked because recording serial numbers does not affect the physical bill in any way. 


Most experienced criminals ask for non-sequential bills.  Patterns of illegal activity will become apparent as intelligence is compiled and analyzed from CTT’s currency tracking information in combination with money laundering monitoring through reporting from the financial industry.

Our Timeline for Success

The founders of CTT have spent several years studying and validating the business concepts for CTT and understanding the market potential.  As part of this process, senior management has researched:

  • Currency scanners

  • System architecture and data security

  • The information that can be acquired from scanning currency

  • Database technology

  • Marketing strategies

  • The various applications for law enforcement and the intelligence community   

An initial stand-alone version of our system, financed and developed by some of the organizers of CTT in a legacy company, proved a success in a number of law enforcement offices. Because of this, the need was presented to establish CTT as a secure network of currency data.  

The existing investors have enabled CTT to assemble a world-class team and generate significant interest in the marketplace through social media to financially support this platform and as a result, law enforcement.  

This crowdfunding raise follows seed investment and the culmination of years of investigation and diligence exploring the enormous opportunity for CTT’s software both in the U.S. and abroad.

The Marketplace

We believe there is no other software that does what we can do!

To our knowledge, law enforcement and intelligence agencies are constrained by budgets that underfund software and new technologies. As many software developers before us, we as private citizens are committed to helping our government and lawful citizens by developing technologies that will both save lives and make our law enforcement agencies more efficient and effective.

Revenue and Business Model

CTT’s business revenue is based on licensing its software to law enforcement agencies and other governmental organizations, which allows secure access to CTT’s system and currency database. The licensing fees are determined by the number of authorized users and the number of terminal installations. In addition to licensing fees, CTT’s business model includes selling or leasing digital imaging equipment and additional fees for monthly maintenance, client support and customized reports. CTT may offer volume licensing and bundle packages for services and equipment.

Money Laundering in America

National Money Laundering Risk Assessment from US Department of Treasury

"In its 2015 National Money Laundering Risk Assessment, the Treasury Department estimated that about $300 billion in illegal proceeds is generated annually in the U.S. That money comes from many sources, including narco-trafficking, international organized crime, foreign corruption and kleptocracy, trade-based money laundering, and garden-variety fraud."

By Chuck Grassley March 16, 2018

United States Senator for Iowa

Words From Our Leadership

Why Invest?

It is time for us to assist our law enforcement professionals and the intelligence community with state-of-the-art technology to make them more effective in saving lives and keeping us safe.  Our proprietary software will assist our police, FBI, and other agencies in stopping crime and terrorism. 

We are a team of experts ready to take action and make our country safer.  Are you ready to join us by becoming an investor?

Offering Summary

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Minimum 10,000  membership interests ($10,000)

Currency Tracking Technologies, LLC

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Developing proprietary software applications and systems for recording and managing information on U.S. currency.

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Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company is not projecting an irregular use of proceeds.

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