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Fast Growing Lifestyle Brand Using Recognizable Licenses Leading to A Powerful Customer Acquisition Model

Invest in Contenders

Featuring licenses with WWE, Rocky and other sports and entertainment properties (and with more licenses in the pipeline) for boxer briefs and other product categories in the future, Contenders is an exciting men’s and youth lifestyle brand with a growing line of its own Contenders-branded apparel.

Our customer acquisition model is fueled by our licenses whose properties have an audience size of over 100 million people which strengthen our Contenders brand and leads to a low cost of acquisition.  We are working closely with our licensors to better leverage their fan bases as well as their individual athletes and stars which will hopefully allow us to even further reduce our cost of customer acquisition.

Contenders is uniquely poised to meet the needs of our vast audience:

  • Our growing license portfolio gives us a marketing advantage that leads to a powerful customer acquisition model.
  • We make unique products in the marketplace from our boxer briefs and tees, hats and other categories and anticipate our licenses will include other products.
  • We offer youth sizes which increases our average order value as parents look to buy associated products for their children.
  • We produce a high-quality product that competes at a favorable price against our competitors in the premium lifestyle apparel category.
  • We are more than boxer briefs featuring incredible licenses: we also sell products under our our own lifestyle brand, Contenders.

The men's underwear market has undergone significant change in recent years. Unable to find the quality and style they want at brick-and-mortar stores, men have turned to direct-to-consumer brands to meet their apparel needs.

In only two short years, we've proven the incredible potential of our business model generating over $500,000 in gross sales; and, we believe Contenders is poised to rise up to the challenge of our rivals.

We're seeking your investment in order to make Contenders into a CHAMPIONSHIP BRAND:

  • With the massive audience sizes of our WWE, Rocky and future licenses, we are seeking to reach our audience at a faster rate with larger marketing budget.
  • We will continue to expand our portfolio of licenses across sports, entertainment, fitness brands, athletes and stars.
  • We will be expanding our youth product offerings.
  • We will introduce on-demand printing for our boxer brief collection. 
  • We will expand our Contenders branded product lines, capitalizing upon the traction that our high-quality licenses provide.

An investment in Contenders connects you with a fast-growing lifestyle apparel brand boasting a collection of recognizable licenses that translate into a powerful customer acquisition model. Even more, an investment in Contenders is a chance to be directly connected to some of the world’s most recognizable franchises.

Invest in Contenders! Experience the thrill of the fight as we rise to the top while building the next great men’s and youth apparel brand!

The Offering

$1.00/share of Class C Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $7.0M.


$500 or more 

  • As long as you are an investor, you will receive 30% off our retail pricing at

$1,000 or more

  • 30% off our retail pricing at
  • A gift certificate equal to 10% of your investment (e.g., if you invest $1,500, you will receive a gift certificate for $150 – you can designate who should receive the electronic gift card)

$2,000 or more

  • 30% off our retail pricing at
  • A gift certificate equal to 10% of your investment (e.g., if you invest $2,500, you will receive a gift certificate for $250 – you can designate who should receive the electronic gift card)
  • Receive all new boxer brief styles upon company release.

$5,000 or more 

  • 30% off our retail pricing at
  • A gift certificate equal to 10% of your investment (e.g., if you invest $5,500, you will receive a gift certificate for $550 – you can designate who should receive the electronic gift card)
  • Receive all new boxer brief styles upon company release.
  • We will donate up to $500 in boxer briefs to your selected cause or charity or organization as part of our Everyday Contenders program:

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.

"We aren't in the apparel business per se; we're in the Rocky and WWE business."

Jonathan Snyder


Proven Contenders

What Real Customers Say About Our Boxer Briefs

"These are awesome! The design is great, the material is light, thin and you can tell it's good quality. Great product, fast delivery, I would definitely recommend this to friends!"

"Highly recommended for; who, who, who? Recommended for all of you because Contenders Clothing rocks!"

"These are extremely comfortable. I've worn under armour boxers and compression shorts for many years and I find these to be superior to both for comfort."

"Awesome underwear, bought Creed and Drago to go with. Such a great concept."

"Great and comfortable fit. I plan to buy all the Rocky underwear. Reasonable price. Great company."

"These are the best underwear I've ever owned!"

An Incredible Market Opportunity

The Biggest Opportunity in Men's Apparel Since Socks

Men's Underwear by the Numbers


CAGR from 2016

$6 Billion

Market by 2026

$1.8 Billion

Boxer Brief Segment by 2018

Source: Future Market Insights, Men’s Underwear Market: Increasing Number of Metrosexual Men in the U.S. Anticipated to Fuel Revenue Growth of the Boxer Shorts Segment During the Forecast Period: U.S. Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2016-2026

Our Licenses Give Us a Competitive Advantage

It wasn't long ago that men's underwear was a purely utilitarian product. But now, demand for men's underwear that's not just fashionable, but also comfortable and cool is continuing and escalating.

This is where Contenders comes in.

We've already proven the potential of our business model.  With an Average Units Per Order of nearly 3, we significantly outperform industry norms...And all of this was before the successful launch of our WWE line, a license with even greater reach and potential audience, in September of last year.

With this market quickly expanding, the e-commerce and direct-to-consumer segments are wide open. When you combine that with the tried-and-true licenses that we've assembled, we believe that Contenders has the recipe for championship-level success.

The Weigh In: Contenders Is Ready to Scale


Average Order Value



On Holiday Marketing Spend


Repeat Buyers

Past 6 Months


E-Commerce Conversion

A Growing Fan Base on Social Media




Contenders Works with Internationally Known Franchises

In the eyes of many consumers, licensed underwear has typically been associated with low quality. For Contenders this perception presents a golden opportunity. By taking two of the world's most recognizable franchises -- the WWE and Rocky -- and providing fans of both with a high-quality licensed product, we're changing minds and effectively inventing an entirely new product category.

WWE: Tale of the Tape

$1 Billion

Retail Sales in 2015

600 Million

Facebook and Twitter Followers


Live Events per Year

Rocky: Tale of the Tape

$1 Billion

Worldwide Gross

$550 Million +

Domestic Gross

11.3 Million

Likes on Facebook

Contenders' Expanding License Portfolio

Increasing Our Reach Through Battle-Tested Brands and Franchises

We are rapidly growing our licenses, and this growing portfolio of licenses provides us with an easier way of acquiring customers. And, we are looking to increase the product categories that are covered by our licenses.

Soon, we plan to launch a curated selection of boxer brief styles related to world-renowned sporting events. These events include the FIFA World Cup 2018, for which we will focus on patriotic, flag-themed products. We will also be working in collaboration with core yoga, boxing, MMA and circuit fitness brands. Finally, we also expect to continue releasing new graphic t-shirt styles, hats and hoodies in connection with our existing portfolio of licensed properties. 

The Karate Kid

Coming 2nd Quarter 2018

Since its original release in 1984, the Karate Kid has been a cultural touchstone shared between multiple generations. Fans of the franchise will find what we have planned irresistible.

New Licenses

Coming 3rd Quarter 2018

We are currently hard at work arranging a new license to follow the Karate Kid. There are several big-name franchises we're considering, and we'll be announcing our selection in the very near future.

Building The Contenders Brand Using Licenses

Contenders-Branded Products and Apparel Have Real Potential

While licensing forms the cornerstone of Contenders' business model, that's not the whole picture. In fact, we believe that licensing provides us with an incredibly cost-effective means of customer acquisition, which will in turn fuel the rise of the Contenders brand overall.

Right now we offer Contenders-branded products that possess the exact same quality and cool factor as our licensed products. As our brand rises to the top of consumers' minds, we believe they'll reach for Contenders when they're buying:

  • Hats
  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Bags and Totes
  • And More!

We're excited about our growing license portfolio, but our own branded products are where we see even more potential for long-term success.

Over the next 12 months, we intend to experiment with print-on-demand product offerings for our core boxer-brief product. This will allow customers to select and customize their desired design. The results will be printed on our blank boxer-briefs on a real-time basis and sent directly to the customer within about a week. This innovative product offering is an exciting prospect, as it will allow us to offer a greater design assortment mix while minimizing production and inventory risk.

How Contenders Will Climb the Ladder

Well Positioned for the Title Bout

We're only at the beginning of our climb up the ranks. The two licenses we're working with now -- WWE and Rocky -- are just the start... And we've only begun to maximize their potential because of the sheer size of their respective marketing audicences! As the year continues, we plan to expand upon our use of both licenses with even more styles.

The WWE in particular presents an exciting opportunity for our future expansion. As a brand, WWE is multi-generational in its reach. As it evolves, so too can Contenders. Likewise, we can delve even further into the WWE's rich history, bringing products to market that appeal to WWE fans from older generations.

As we expand we can leverage our relationship with the WWE even further. For example, we can conduct outreach to the WWE's more than 78 million direct followers on Facebook. In addition, the potential exists for us to get our products out in front of more consumers (and rabid WWE fans) through the WWE's own talent.

Needless to say, the potential is huge... And that potential only multiplies once we add more licenses and expand our product offerings.

Sizing 'em Up

In a Crowded Market, How Can Contenders Differentiate Itself?

We're obviously not alone in the men's underwear and apparel industries, even when you only consider direct-to-consumer segments. However, Contenders has a number of competitive advantages that we believe make us rise head and shoulders above the rest. Further, we think that your investment will help us to further capitalize on these advantages. We're ready to start landing some knock-out blows; will you invest?

The Competition Can't Stand Toe-to-Toe

  • Limited Direct-to-Consumer
  • No Other Product Categories
  • One Style to Choose From
  • Not Direct-to-Consumer
  • No Style Choices
  • No Other Product Categories
  • Limited Licensed Product
  • No Youth Sizes
  • No Licensed Products
  • No Other Product Categories
  • Limited Monthly Styles
  • No Licensed Products
  • No Youth Sizes

Contenders Giveback

Supporting Our Communities

Just as the fictional Rocky Balboa used his burgeoning fame and success to give back to the Philadelphia community that supported him, so too do we give back to the communities that have supported us. Charitable giving is at the very core of what we do at Contenders, and it will be a significant part of our brand moving forward.

In the aftermath of the senseless tragedy in Las Vegas in the Fall of 2017, Contenders sprung into action to support the victims.  We did this by contributing $2 from each sale of some of our most popular products. The funds gathered are used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families of this American tragedy.

Invest in Contenders Today

You're the Added Edge We Need!

With your investment, Contenders can increase the penetration of our potential audience with current licenses, expand our product offerings both within our licenses and for our own Contenders brand and continue to obtain additional licenses. In turn, this can increase our topline growth rate and greatly expanding our consumer base. Your investment will help us to:

  • Expand our penetration into the huge audiences of WWE, Rocky and the other licenses we’re obtaining.
  • Continue to leverage our licenses for greater audience share and look to offer additional licensed product categories within existing or new licenses.
  • Expand our Youth offerings in both licensed and unlicensed categories.
  • Offer more Contenders branded boxer briefs in related areas as well as introduce new apparel categories.
  • Introduce our print-on-demand services to reduce design risk and lower inventory requirements.
  • Pursue new (and back-logged) licensing opportunities.

Invest in Contenders! Be a part of an exciting and fast-growing brand and add a piece of some of the world's most recognizable brands to your portfolio.

In the Press

Contenders Clothing partners with WWE for licensed boxer briefs
February 13, 2017

Contenders Clothing has partnered with WWE to create a co-branded exclusive collection of WWE-inspired boxer briefs, called ‘WWE Contenders Collection’.

February 14, 2017

When longtime entrepreneur Jonathan Snyder walked into TankFarm, a small men’s boutique in Seal Beach, California two years ago, he didn’t expect his life to change.

Contenders Clothing, WWE announce boxer brief collection
February 14, 2017

Contenders Clothing (Contenders), the men’s active lifestyle apparel company inspired by die-hard competitors but designed for the everyday man, has partnered with WWE to create a co-branded exclusive collection of WWE-inspired boxer briefs, called “WWE Contenders Collection”.

WWE and Contenders Clothing Announce New Boxer-Brief Collection
February 13, 2017

PW Insider reports that WWE is teaming with Contenders Clothing for a collection of WWE-themed boxer briefs called the “WWE Contenders Collection.”

Contenders rolls out WWE-inspired boxer collection
February 14, 2017

The boxer briefs feature WWE superstars John Cena and Roman Reigns, as well as WWE Hall of Famers “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Entrepreneurship Is All About the Fight
February 15, 2017

Entrepreneur and CEO Jonathan Snyder talks about the struggles and victories everyone with a great idea will encounter.

Contenders: Clothing Line Looking for Bigger Forum
December 30, 2015

Skateboarding and surfing have launched hundreds of brands, but for John Anderson, the inspiration for the new Contenders clothing line came from one of the oldest of sports: boxing.

Contenders Clothing Has Released Their Officially-Licensed WWE Boxer Brief Collection in Time for the Holidays
November 21, 2017

The men's active lifestyle apparel company, Contenders Clothing, has launched their new WWE Contenders Collection, a co-branded boxer brief collection.

Yo! Make Your Junk Look Truly Triumphant With These Rocky-Themed Boxers
April 21, 2017

Are you team Balboa or team Drago?

Snag These Rocky Balboa-Inspired Underwear
April 19, 2018

Take that, Drago.

REVIEW: Contenders Clothing DTC Men’s Active Apparel Brand Needs To Be On Your Radar
April 27, 2018

Time to put Contenders Clothing on your radar, bros.

Offering Summary

Irregular Use of Proceeds

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Now It's For Real - 6 hours left!

almost 2 years ago

Only a few hours to be a part of something special!  

CORRECTION: Campaign Ends Tonight at 11:59pm pst

almost 2 years ago

There is still time.  We don't end until tonight.  We are very close to $100,000, currently at $98,907.  Thank you to your new investors, we are excited to have you aboard!

5 Hours Remain...Then The Curtain Drops!

almost 2 years ago

5 hours left in our campaign...please don't miss out on joining us in this journey to build the next great apparel brand featuring incredible licenses from worldwide brands.


almost 2 years ago

It has truly been an amazing campaign especially because of comments from a new customer, now investor below.  We believe our strategy of doing collaborations with iconic brands to help drive customer awareness in a low cost manner but also building the Contenders brand at the same time is a unique and capital efficient strategy.  We have raised close to $95,000 and we know how we will invest the proceeds to achieve a significant ROI.  This is my 6th start-up with multiple successful exits and I can say that this is the one I am most excited about.  The management team at Contenders are also contenders committed to doing whatever it takes to make this a success for all of us.  To those who have bought shares, we thank you!  To those who are considering it still, we hope you will come with us on this journey!

Alan Jacobson Contenders Clothing - Potential Investor 5 hours ago 

Hi guys, I truly wish more people knew how great your products are. I've invested in a large number of crowdfunded companies here and elsewhere but this is only my second in anything related to clothing. I know how competitive your market is but in doing research about what has made other start-ups successful I see that you are doing everything right and really do have the ingredients that have worked for others. Having also ordered two of your products I can honestly say that everything you say about their quality and style is true. Best of luck!

2 Days Remaining...Don't Miss This Opportunity.

almost 2 years ago

We are now over $94,000 raised with 73 new investors.  We can't wait to take Contenders to the next level with your support.  If you are still considering an investment, please reach out to me at and I will answer any remaining questions you might have.  This is your final 2 days to BE A CONTENDER!

Only 3 Days Left and we are over $94K..Let's Go Over $100K!

almost 2 years ago

We have just seen a big increase in the funds raise in this campaign - over $20K in the past week.  THANK YOU for your support!  We only have 3 days left.  Our team is working hard to get ready for all of the new designs for current and now new licenses (4th license is coming soon!).  We have Karate Kid boxer briefs coming soon and 3 new Rocky styles arriving just in time for Creed II opening in November!  Hurry...don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Contenders/CEO Article in Entrepreneur Mag

almost 2 years ago

Someone recently sent me this interview I did last year with Entrepreneur Magazine about my thoughts about being an entrepreneur.  They said that it gave them motivation and the drive to keep going in their pursuit.  I was touched and wanted to share it with you as I think it captures the essence of what we're doing at Contenders.  COMPETE:

7 Days Left + New License Announcement Coming Soon

almost 2 years ago

Its been a great campaign! The Contenders team is so excited to put the capital to work to grow the value of the company's shares.  Our new license with an MGM property will be announced soon.  If you haven't invested yet, there are still 7 days left for you to become an owner of Contenders and join our team as we build Contenders into the next big brand.  Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

CORRECTION: 9:24am PST Presentation - Contenders

almost 2 years ago

OUr presentation will be at 9:24 am PST.  Please sign-up to watch our pitch live during StartEngine's virtual demo day! Sign up here: .

UPDATE: Contenders Presentation Time Tomorrow (5/31)

almost 2 years ago

We will be presenting at 9:24am tomorrow, Thursday (5/31).  If you are interested, please sign up here: 

Up To ~$78,000 Invested + Demo Day

almost 2 years ago

We are really in our final stretch - 9 days left!  Thank you to everyone who has invested thus far.  I have some sizable commitments coming funding soon that should get us over $100K invested.  

After a successful Licensing Show, we didn't think it possible but we are even more excited about the future of Contenders.  Karate Kid has performed great and we are seeing an increase in sales of our other products both licensed and unlicensed.  We will announce our 4th license hopefully before the end of this campaign.  And, we just had a record Memorial Day weekend in sales.

Finally, we will be presenting in StartEngine's Demo Day which is taking place tomorrow (5/31) starting at 9am pst.  We will be going through our presentation with Q&A to follow.  We invite you to join us for this presentation as you will be able to hear our CEO walk through the company and opportunity and you will have a chance to ask questions.

See Our First Karate Kid Boxer Briefs Designs

almost 2 years ago

We have already experienced incredible momentum with our online gross sales (up 76% through April over last year) and now our campaign has reached close to $77,000 invested.  We were at the Licensing Show this week and have a lot of new initiatives on deck, including adding new products to our existing licenses and entering into new licenses across the worlds of sports and entertainment.  

We have now placed orders for our first couple of Karate Kid boxer brief designs - these are only the first two designs but will be limited as we have many more designs coming right behind.  Because there are only a couple of weeks left in our campaign, the team has decided to tease these designs below so you can share our team's excitement. 

We have 14 days left...if you haven't invested yet, we encourage you to reach out with any questions or JOIN THE CONTENDERS TEAM!

Great First Day at the Licensing Show

about 2 years ago

Contenders had a great first day the Licensing Show.  We met with representatives from MGM who were very impressed with our results for Q1 and also excited about our new styles - Rocky I, Clubber Black and Apollo Creed in Red - that we will be releasing soon.  We also discussed Creed 2 (opening November 21, 2018) and we will be seeing the creative assets for the film soon.  Sounds like its going to be amazing (no spoilers).  Also, I pleased to announce that we discussed adding new product categories to our Rocky license and with their approval we can add more lifestyle and everyday wear.

We also connected with partners with whom we have an ongoing dialog about various sports and entertainment properties.  We are working on a fairly big license in a major sports category that took a number of steps forward yesterday.  

Finally, we looked at some new brands that would be really interested and would compliment some of our more pop culture influenced products.  The licenses would be some very big international companies.

The team is so excited about our prospects and where can take the company.  If you have already made an investment, we thank you for your support - the team is working hard to build value for all of our stakeholders.  If you have not yet invested, there are 16 days left in the campaign and we invite you to reach out with any questions to or on the StartEngine page.

Licensing Expo Next Week - New Licenses Coming

about 2 years ago

We will be at the Licensing Expo next week, meeting with our partners Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Sony Pictures Entertainment and WWE.  We are finalizing our 4th license (final draft is in my inbox) and will be working on new opportunities with our current partners and new licenses across the worlds of sports, entertainment and pop culture.  

We are extremely excited about what the future holds both for our current properties as well as the new license opportunities.  Our 4th license will bring us a new sport to add to our boxing, karate and wrestling and could lead to other similar licenses.

We are in our final a part of Contenders!

What A Week! Up to $76,000 and Other Great News!

about 2 years ago

We have raised approximately $76,000!  I continue to speak to potential investors have received great feedback from them.  We have such an incredible opportunity to take advantage of these licenses and build the next great apparel brand.  This is an exciting time for Contenders...this is what happened only in the past week!

  1. Our Karate Kid license looks incredibly timely with the Cobra Kai series being a runaway hit with over 20 million views and with a second season already ordered 
  2. Karate Kid pre-sales have exceeded our expectations and we are already ordering more product.  Right now, we are busy filling stacks of orders and customers have begun to receive their Karate Kid products.
  3. Added a top-tier sports and media advisor, former head of Fox Sports, Jamie Horowitz, to the team.  Jamie brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic relationships.
  4. Great coverage from MR MAG:
  5. Finalizing Contenders 4th license agreement
  6. Received in more Contenders-branded products - new shorts, hoodies and other

Oh...and Creed 2 is releasing on November 21st.  I will be meeting with MGM executives next week to discuss the licensing plan for this upcoming release.  We are already timing the release of 3 new Rocky styles around the premier of the film with more surprises coming soon.

The time for Contenders is now!  Become a part of it before the campaign ends.

Contenders Adds Experienced Sports Media Executive To Its Advisory Board

about 2 years ago

Contenders is pleased to announce the addition of former President, FOX Sports National Networks' Jamie Horowitz to its Advisory Board.  While at FOX, Jamie oversaw all programming, marketing and scheduling for FOX Sports 1 and 2.  Previously, Jamie held positions at ESPN, where he is largely credited with expanding the sports debate format, and NBC. 

We are really excited about Jamie's addition to our Advisory Board which also includes Barry Lublin (experienced apparel licensing executive) and Daniel Weinrot (securities attorney, public company General Counsel).  Jamie brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and relationships in worlds of sports and entertainment - a perfect fit for Contenders' brand positioning. 

Cobra Kai Success: Already Picked Up For Second Season

about 2 years ago

As we have been saying, Cobra Kai is a runaway hit - over 21 million views for the first episode.  And, now it has been picked up for a 2nd season.  See  article on CNBC below.  The success of this series has fueled our pre-orders while we have been busy finalizing our full Karate Kid collection.  We now have most of the Karate Kid product in our warehouse and have sent out the first wave of orders; we are psyched that our customers can show off their new gear.  

Contenders have under a month left in its campaign, and to date we have raised over $71,000 raised.  Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of Contenders as we experience this growth and incredible momentum. More press coverage will be coming soon, which will give us more positive impact results.  


More Great Press For Contenders - MR MAG Covers Karate Kid!

about 2 years ago

Contenders continues to receive great press coverage.  Here is an article in MR MAG which has strong credibility in the fashion industry and ~50,000 unique views per month.  We are reaching such a wide audience and its helping to fuel our current growth.  Please check it out:

April Online Gross Sales Up 16%, Overall Sales Up 75% Through April

about 2 years ago

Gross Online Sales are up 16% for the month of April and up over 75% for the first 4 months of 2018.  May is already trending up 100% over May 2017 with the launch of our initial Karate Kid Collection.  In addition, we are anticipating a lot of press coverage for our Karate Kid collection as well as for Contenders in general, so May and June results are expected to greatly exceed our budget.

Our forecast for 2018 of $1M in gross sales (up 3x over 2017) is looking solid as we are ramping up for an expanded Karate Kid collection (boxer briefs to be unveiled soon), releasing new Rocky designs and adding more Contenders-based products - more boxer briefs, tees and other (shorts).

We are over $70,000 raised and we are so excited to have you as owners in Contenders.  Our team is executing on our plan and we fully expect to bring Contenders to the next level.

Over $70,000 Raised and Going Strong!

about 2 years ago

We have now raised over $70K, growing every day.  Thank you for your support.  Our Karate Kid launch has already been a great success and we will be announcing our boxer brief designs soon.  With 31 days left in our campaign, this is really the final stretch to own shares in Contenders Clothing.  I have received many emails and calls from interested investors, so if you have a question about this offering, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at  

We believe Contenders is something special and will quickly grow into a major apparel brand.

Cobra Kai Series Is A Smash Hit (And over $67,000 raised)

about 2 years ago

Our timing couldn't have been better with our Karate Kid license with the Cobra Kai series launching and now with it being a certified hit.  Since my updated a couple days ago, it is up to 11M views!!!  See Rotten Tomatoes review below.  I met with our design team yesterday and we are greatly expanding the collection and working on a lot of Cobra Kai designs (NO MERCY).  We are taking pre-orders for this initial capsule and it has been going great (see: Contenders Karate Kid Collection).  So, in addition to Karate Kid (and our new license which has not been announced) and with Creed II coming out in November and Summer Slam for WWE, Contenders is in the perfect position to build this brand!  And, we want you to be a part of the excitement and growth.  

Best Product Release For Contenders Ever: Karate Kid

about 2 years ago

The Cobra Kai series premiered on YouTube and it's already #1 in YouTube's trending list (~6,000,000 views). It's awesome!  So, it's no surprise that we had our best product launch ever with our Contenders x Karate Kid Collection.  We have only started by marketing Karate Kid to our customer base and added some social posts. The response has been amazing: from a ton of pre-orders to positive comments about our collection.  Remember, this is only an initial capsule timed to launch around the release of the Cobra Kai series.  We have more designs and additional products and of course, our Karate Kid boxer briefs (these designs rock).  The boxer briefs will be unveiled soon!

We were recently featured in StartEngine's email as one of the companies with the most momentum - over $65K raised and growing every day!  Thank you to those who have invested with us in Contenders!  If you are thinking about an investment in Contenders, we believe the time is right with our successful Karate Kid launch, new Rocky styles on the way and more Contenders-branded categories (more shorts!).  If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at or comment directly here on StartEngine.  We want you to join us on this journey to build the next great apparel brand!



Our Karate Kid x Contenders Collection Launched!

about 2 years ago

We have been gaining so much momentum in our campaign as of late, close to $64,000 raised.  Since the Cobra Kai series "kicks" off tomorrow, we are marketing pre-orders of our Karate Kid x Contenders mini-collection of tees, hats and sweatshirts.  There are more designs and products to come, but we raced to get a limited collection launched to coincide with the Cobra Kai series on Youtube. 

Please check out our collection here: Contenders Karate Kid Collection

Remember, if you have invested $500 or more you receive a 30% discount on purchases...if you are planning to invest or have invested at this level, please contact me and I will give you a 30% discount code (

You can see the Cobra Kai channel on YouTube here: Cobra Kai YouTube



New License Announcement Coming Soon

about 2 years ago

We just received the final License Agreement for a new license we are pumped about.  It is in the world of sports meets entertainment - just a perfect fit for our brand.  This would be our 4th license and it is coming in way ahead of schedule.  

This new license combined with our current Rocky, WWE and Karate Kid licenses gives us a huge potential customer base.  Karate Kid is a license we are really excited about and with the initial Karate Kid capsule launching soon around the release of the Cobra Kai series, this is shaping up to be an exciting year for Contenders.

We are now in the home stretch of our campaign so if you haven't invested yet, please reach out with any questions.  We have raised over $61,000 and we are seeing growth every day.  Don't miss what we believe is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

REVISED - we are now at approximately $64,000!!!

Amazing Karate Kid Review in New York Times! There's Still Time to Invest - Let's Finish Strong!

about 2 years ago

Up over $61,000!  At $70,000, i will reveal more of the Karate Kid initial capsule.  Sony loves our collection - boxer briefs, tees, hats and sweatshirts.  Here is a great review of the Cobra Kai show : or click the image below

Awesome Contenders Review + Up Another ~10% to close to $59,000

about 2 years ago

We are seeing great activity every day now.  Very exciting - we are now close to $59,000 raised and up 10% from yesterday!  We are getting ready to launch our Karate Kid initial capsule soon and the new Rocky styles (including a restock of Rocky II's) is now under way.  And, the world is starting to notice.  We had a great article in Men's Health (Men's Health Contenders) and we just received this awesome review in Brobible which gets 2.8M unique visitors/month ( or click the image below.

Up Over $53,500; Now Seeing Daily Momentum ($2,500 yesterday)

about 2 years ago

Momentum is building as we get closer to our Karate Kid launch and the manufacturing of our new Rocky designs.  I have been having great conversations with interested investors. Please do not hesitate to reach out on StartEngine or with any questions. Like any Contender, LET'S KEEP IT GOING!



Explanation Of Our Share Structure and Your Ownership

about 2 years ago

Another question I have received when speaking to interested investors is: what is the difference between a Class C share and the other shares - Class A and Class B? Great question as StartEngine doesn't do a good job of explaining this.  

The answer is that Class A, B and C are exactly the same in terms of economics but different in voting rights.  What I mean by "same in terms of economics" is the following.  When you purchase 250 Class C shares of Contenders for $1/share (our minimum investment is $250), you get the same rights as the Class A and B when it comes to distributions upon sale and/or dividends.  Your percentage ownership is the number of shares you purchase divided by the total shares outstanding.  For example, if you were to purchase all shares in this offering you would own 1,000,000 shares out of a total of 7,000,000 (6,000,000 shares outstanding before the offering and 7,000,000 after 1,000,000 shares are issued) or 14.2% of the company. If we were sold for $35,000,000, the Class C shareholder would receive ~$5,000,000 or 5x return on his/her money.

The only difference is in voting.  The Class A shares have 1 vote for every Class A share owned.  These are the Company's early seed investors (my close friends and family).  I own Class B shares which have a 10 votes for every Class B share owned.  And the Class C shares are non-voting.  We structured it this way because we simply did not know who would be investing this offering and their intentions.  Our current shareholder base is small and is comprised of my good friends and family and our operating team (our awesome designers John & Mike Anderson, our brilliant Creative Director Sean, my long-time business partner and VP of Ops, Jim Bunte etc)

Over $50,000 Invested, Increasing Every Day

about 2 years ago

We have an opportunity to do something really special with Contenders: to build a big brand that speaks to the CONTENDER in each one of us. Contenders get after it every day.  They don't quit.  They compete.  The determination and will to succeed in a Contender burns far brighter than the dim of long odds. In speaking with one of our many customers, I have heard the same thing - Contenders embodies their spirit. That when they wear our boxer briefs, tees and other products, it fuels their purpose for the day.  Become an owner/shareholder in Contenders just like me and our team, and participate in the increase our company value through:

1.  Increased sales with our existing licenses - WWE and Rocky (we are up 100% in the first quarter over last year)

2. New licenses bring new customer segments and new brand awareness - initial Karate Kid capsule launches in a week or so; more licenses in the works

3. Contenders-branded products becoming a bigger part of of our sales mix: Contenders tees, shorts, hats hoodies, and other products

4. Expanded retail sales as the Contenders brand is elevated 

All of these initiatives should increase the value of your shares which are priced today at $1/share.  If you are considering an investment, now is the time.  This is the one time we will be offering shares through a crowdsource equity offering - we want you to be a part of it.



Karate Kid Production in Full Swing (Collection Preview)

about 2 years ago

We had such a great week last week - investments increased meaningfully and Men's Health published a phenomenal article about our boxer briefs and tees (Men's Health Article).  Our Contenders team has been working hard to launch our Karate Kid capsule collection launched around the premier of the new series, Cobra Kai (we are excited about this show on YouTube Red).  All of our designs have been approved by Sony and we are now working with vendors and manufacturers to launch the collection on our store.   I have shared a preview of one of our tees for you "Cobra vs Crane" below.  We have shown the collection with select retail accounts and have been received an overwhelmingly positive response. 

We are now in the home stretch of our campaign and I am expecting more investment to come in based on my conversations with our Contenders nation.  If you are interested in investing, now is the time.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly on on StartEngine.  Like any Contender, let's finish strong!


Great Article In Men's Health / Investments have grown to ~$48,000

about 2 years ago

We received amazing coverage in Men's Health magazine yesterday that I wanted to share with you.  It really captures the essence of what we're doing and how we want our customers to feel when they wear our boxer briefs.  Also, we had a great week of investments, with total funds raised reaching close to $48,000.  Based on the feedback I am getting, we will see a lot more investments come in over the next several days.  If you are interested in investing and have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out here or to me personally.

Link to Article is here:

How Do I Make Money From My Investment/Ownership In Contenders?

about 2 years ago

I have been getting some great feedback from our current and potential investors in Contenders about our StartEngine common stock (equity) offering.  I have had some investors tell me they plan to invest more and others who are readying to make their investment.  One question I have received a few times from our community is: how will I make money on my ownership in Contenders?  First, you are an owner just like our team; everyone you see listed there is an owner of the company.  We all stand to make a return in the following ways: (1) if and when the company makes a payment to shareholders in the form of a dividend, (2) if the company is sold wherein we sell all of our shares to a buyer, or, (3) if we have a event where we as shareholders can sell some but not all of our stock to a buyer.   

The next question I get is: how do we increase our value over where you are invested now at $1/share?  For 2018, we are targeting growth of over 3x to $1M in gross sales. With: 

  1. our current and growing pipeline of licenses, 
  2. increased penetration into WWE/Rocky audiences (over 100M potential audience), 
  3. expanded youth selections, 
  4. a wider assortment of Contenders-branded gear, and,
  5. cash flow provided by the increased sales (with much greater scale on marketing leveraging PR and notable social media influencers), 

we are forecasting gross sales of ~$6M for 2019. With this growth rate and the efficiencies we gain on our marketing spend, the multiples given to e-comm businesses like ours should enable us to generate a significant return for our shareholders over and above the current valuation. Contenders is already up 100% in sales over Q1 last year and this is BEFORE we've used the capital raised in this offering.

Comments from A Customer Turned Investor/Owner

about 2 years ago

Dear Contenders Clothing-

I am very excited to be a LIFETIME Contenders Customer and now investor!

For a relatively small investment, I became a member of the Contenders Clothing team, enjoy a LIFETIME CONTENDERS CLOTHING INVESTORS DISCOUNT and GENEROUS CONTENDERS CLOTHING GIFT CARD.

I LOVE WWE and ROCKY COLLECTIONS. As a child of the 1980’s, I am so excited about the KARATE KID collection and other CONTENDERS CLOTHING LICENSING LINES COMING OUT.

Thank you Jonathan Snyder and the entire CONTENDERS CLOTHING TEAM for this EXCITING OPPORTUNITY.


Starting Production on Karate Kid Designs

about 2 years ago

We have pushed the go button on our Karate Kid collection ensuring that our tees, hats and sweatshirts will be ready when the series launches and the boxer briefs will not be far behind.  For boxer briefs, we will have the ability for customers to see those designs and pre-order on the site.  The whole collection is incredible and Sony loves it.

We are working on another license which we hope to be able to announce soon - designs for this brand have already been developed. Another collection we are very pumped about.

Let us know if you would like us to preview some of the Karate Kid designs?   

Sony Pictures' Cobra Kai Series Premier Announced

about 2 years ago

We are excited to be partnered with Sony Pictures for their Karate Kid franchise and have developed some amazing designs .  We are working to release certain designs around the  launch of new Karate Kid series, Cobra Kai, which premiers on May 2, 2018 on YouTube Red.  Any fan  of Karate Kid is going to love this series and premise; check out the trailer (warning: chills alert):  

Overview is here:

In the highly-anticipated return of two iconic characters, the arch-rivals from the legendary Karate Kid film series reunite over 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. Now living in the affluent hills of Encino, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) leads an enviable life with his beautiful family, while running a successful string of car dealerships throughout the valley. Meanwhile, his high school adversary, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), whose life has taken a rocky turn, seeks redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo. Their lives inevitably become intertwined and the rivalry is reignited, setting forth the next generation of “karate kids” in COBRA KAI, a YouTube Red Original Series. COBRA KAI is produced by Overbrook Entertainment in association with Sony Pictures Television.

WrestleMania 34 Sets Records

about 2 years ago

Great news to report from WWE...awesome to be partnered with a brand that is crushing it.  We watched WrestleMania and the event did not disappoint; Ronda Rousey's debut was better than anyone could have imagined.  

WrestleMania 34 was in New Orleans this year and outpaced its results from the last time they were in town in 2014.  It set its own records at the Superdome for both gate ($14.1M vs $10.9M) and attendance (78.1M vs 75.1M). WrestleMania 34 is at 6th place all-time in attendance (just 250 fans below WrestleMania 28).  On the streaming side, according to KeyBanc analyst Evan Wingren, WrestleMania likely drew 2.05 million viewers on the WWE Network and was the biggest subscriber acquisition event of 2018. 

With fan interest up and the brand doing so well, we are optimistic about our WWE Collection going forward.

Please come back to our page and see all of our progress.  Investments help create more investments so please let us know if you have any questions about this campaign.

WrestleMania 34 Brings New WWE Designs (OHHH YEAAH)

about 2 years ago

With WrestleMania 34 upon us (Sunday) and the introduction of the new faces of the WWE like Ronda Rousey, we felt it important to provide more detail on our WWE strategy. One of our stated goals with the new capital being raised in this StartEngine campaign is to increase our reach into the WWE fan base.  Our original WWE Collection featured 2 legends - Stone Cold and Ultimate Warrior - and a number of new stars such as Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and the New Day. The WWE audience is massive and we believe that with an increased marketing budget focused on the WWE and the introduction of new styles we will be able to acquire significantly more customers at an accelerated rate.  Given the response to our original collection, this year, we will be offering more legends styles for adult and and a greater variety of current stars for youth.  Here are a couple of new legend designs that will are readying to launch...Macho Man and Ric Flair - both iconic legends of the WWE.

RESEND: Check Out Our Awesome Update Video - Over $40K and Growing Every Day!

about 2 years ago

Check Out Our Awesome Update Video - Over $40K and Growing Every Day!

about 2 years ago

Over $40K & Karate Kid Designs Approved

about 2 years ago

We have now broke $40K in capital raised. We continue to see great support from our community of Contenders.  Thank you for the support.  

In other positive news, we have received approvals on our Karate Kid designs and will start production on those soon.  As we make more progress on the raise, we will also tease some of those designs on this page.

Let's keep it going!



March Online Sales Grow 127% and Q1-18 is up 98% Over Last Year

about 2 years ago

March 2018 online gross sales grew 127% to $31,200 with orders increasing by 155%.  Overall, Q1-2018 online gross sales also grew significantly to approximately $90,000 up 98% from Q1-2017.  We are on pace to match online gross sales from all of last year by the end of our second quarter!  And, we have now reached $40,000 raised in our crowdsource campaign and we believe that the momentum of our raise will get even stronger.

We believe that our growth is being fueled by the increased reach and awareness of the Contenders brand, making our advertising more efficient.  Also, we launched our WWE collection in only Q4 last year, so we have had another quarter of sales contribution from that license.

Management believes that we still have a significant opportunity within the audiences of our existing licenses and this does not include the additional audience reach from our new licenses like the Karate Kid.  We hope to announce even more licenses soon.

Real Company. Real Contenders.

about 2 years ago

One thing we profiled on our campaign page was our reviews - real reviews from real customers.  We take great pride in making apparel that our customers rave about and that's why we consistently receive 5-star reviews. Our customers have the option to provide a review on an email they automatically receive from us after their purchase.  You can see our customers love our gear and they come back and order again and again.  Here are a sample of some of the reviews we received just over the past week...

We Have Now Raised $35,000! Let's Keep It Going...

about 2 years ago

We had a amazing 3 days of funding, raising close to $10,000 since the last update.  The team at Contenders greatly appreciates your support.  We would like to be at $50,000 by the end of the weekend to build on this incredible momentum.  

We have received a few direct questions clarifying what investors are purchasing in this campaign.  You are buying common shares of Contenders - that is, you will become an owner just like us.  If you invest at our minimum level of $250, you receive ownership in Contenders. Similar to buying stock of companies in the stock market, you are buying shares in Contenders - the difference being, we are currently a private company. Our share price is $1 so with an investment of $250, you would receive 250 shares and have the same economic position like any other shareholder. So, anything good that happens to the company - higher stock price, payment of dividends or even a sale of the company, you would participate to the extent of your ownership. 

As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions (or on the campaign page).  Thank you again for your support.

Investments Continue to Grow (Over $25K) & New WWE Tease

about 2 years ago

Our funds raised is now over $25K and continues to grow every day.  We are also encouraged to see larger investment amounts.  With this growth capital, we are preparing for a big sales year. The team is currently working on sizing our orders for Rocky, WWE, Youth and additional product categories like more shorts (and more tees!).

Like Rocky, we have already received our samples for new WWE designs.  In an earlier update, we shared some of our new Rocky designs with you. So, let us know what you think about this one...WOOOOO!

Over $20K and Growing

about 2 years ago

We have now raised $21,220, up from $10,000 less than a week ago.  We are readying our designs for our new licenses and finalizing designs for our Contenders branded products including new boxer brief styles.  And we're preparing orders for our other categories where stock is low such as shorts and hoodies.  Equally as important, our current sales numbers are WAY up over last year.  The team can't wait for you to be a part of our journey to build Contenders into the next big brand!

Hulk Hogan Rumored To be Coming Back To WWE

about 2 years ago

We have known something was in the works but now it looks like the news is now public. According to's Mike Johnson, Hulk Hogan reportedly could return to the WWE.  The report goes on to say that discussions are underway for Hogan to return after discussions had been occurring for several weeks. This would be an amazing addition to our WWE Legends Collection which currently features Stone Cold and Ultimate Warrior.  Oh, we've got great new WWE designs that are going to be we hit another funding milestone, we will tease one or two of the designs (hint 2 are Legends).

Our New Rocky Styles Coming Soon (Sneak Peak)!

about 2 years ago

As we mentioned in an earlier update, our new Rocky designs are complete, so we wanted to give you a little glimpse.  Our current Contenders Rocky collection includes Apollo, Rocky II, Rocky III, Drago and Clubber.  We have received so many requests from our customers for additional styles from the Rocky films.  We listened, developing 3 new styles - Rocky I, Apollo from Rocky II and Clubber in Black from Rocky III.  Images of our design packs are attached. These new Rocky styles will give us some really awesome marketing opportunities as well as the ability to offer our customers different packs (vs just the "Rocky Pack") - the Clubber Pack, the Apollo pack, the villain pack etc.  Our customers and our team loves Rocky!

What a Day!

about 2 years ago

A day after we reached our minimum (THANK YOU again), we had our single biggest investment day, so far raising $6,000.  The Contenders Team is so psyched to be getting this kind of support from our Contenders Community.  We are currently working on orders for new Rocky designs...we are missing a few that our Contenders fans have mentioned and those are coming: Rocky I, Apollo Creed's trunks from Rocky II and Clubber Lang in Black.  Tease to come soon!

Reached Our Minimum!

about 2 years ago

We have met our minimum investment amount!  Thank you for helping us achieve this first milestone. Momentum is definitely building in this campaign and we are seeing more and more traffic to our campaign page in addition to thoughtful questions and comments throughout our social platforms. Even better, is that we are continuing to see strong sales and on pace to beat last year's sales as we did in February.  We are really optimistic for what the future holds for Contenders!

Karate Kid Designs

about 2 years ago

We are finalizing Karate Kid designs. Collection is looking incredible.  I will be able to tease a few of the designs here soon.  With the new YouTube Red series to be released soon, we are busy getting all of the designs ready, fabrics purchased and factories spooled up.  Check out the official trailer: 

Sizes Back In Stock

about 2 years ago

Great news: we just received a restock order of a number of our styles after strong sales during the holidays and during the first part of 2018.  We took in Drago and Clubber runs as well as our youth sizes including John Cena and New Day.  Its always great to replenish inventory so we can meet the demand for our products. 

February Online Sales Up 100% Over Last Year

about 2 years ago

Had a phenomenal February...Online Gross Sales were approximately $33,000 up 100% over February 2017's Online Gross Sales.  Great variety of products from Rocky, WWE and our new tees - 1979, IPA and Raging Bull leading the way. March has started equally strong.  We are very excited about the timing of this crowdsource campaign.

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