Clear Water Distilling

Open your world to a whole new taste

Clear Water Distilling

Open your world to a whole new taste

Pleasant Grove, UT
Food & Beverage
Clear Water Spirits specializes in super premium spirits, a high-growth segment in the spirits market. With our product lineup, we feel we are offering consumers a new palate - as our spirits are created for flavor and not necessarily to fit into a category like rum or vodka. Using non-traditional marketing tactics to expand market share, our recent campaign generated the entire February projection in 8 days.


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Reasons to Invest

  • We are a celebrity endorsed distillery, offering a whole new category of expressive spirits to the market. We are using influencer marketing in aggregate, having multiple celebrity endorsements rather than only one.
  • Beverage alcohol e-commerce sales are expected to reach more than US $42 billion across key markets by 2025; a growth of +66%. A quarter of global drinkers are now ordering online. (Source)

  • Our sales are growing and beating estimates consistently because of our DtC efforts - all done with little time and money. 


We are a distillery that colors outside the lines

 “We won't be confined by standard categories to make incredible new spirits.” -Matt Eau Claire, CEO

And with that, our distillery strives to make spirits based on a target flavor, not category. After all, some of the best products out there do not fit in a box. 

This freedom of creativity results in a new palate for bartenders and mixologists - inspiring spirits that may have never existed before. We are here to offer the consumer the chance to try something absolutely new.


We have only just begun. We have many product ideas and a healthy appetite for continuous growth and imagination. Using non-traditional marketing tactics to expand market share - we feel we are poised for rapid growth. 

The Problem

Brick & Mortar Retail Consumerism is Shrinking


Our team is known to push limits and take on challenges when others won’t. In our view, companies that stick with a retail strategy are missing the boat. Online shopping is flourishing, and we believe our consumer-intelligence based DTC efforts are ahead of the curve in the premium spirits category.


Our Direct-to-Consumer Approach is Driving Sales


We not only use ingredients to express creativity, we also use our distillation process to do the same. 


Think of how a botanical basket is generally used for vapor infusing gin. We have taken that process and applied it to our ‘Lorenz’ which is mainly a cane-based spirit and infused it with cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. The process of emulsifying those oils picks up a tremendously delicious flavor - with no sugars

And when it comes to creating new spirits all together - our ‘Joséphine’ is a perfect example of just that. As the spirit opens, it changes flavor profile, and as the spirit ages, even in bottles, it changes character and deepens in complexity. Joséphine is made from fruits and molasses and rested, but not aged, with toasted oak. This gives it a profile of a lovely brandy but also with spice and smoky notes found in a fine Scotch, and then rounds out with earthy notes and a magnificent mouthfeel.  

Then there’s our 30-year-old imported Rene Rye-Magnac – a blend of fine XO French Armagnac and spicy American Rye Whiskey. These two unique profiles come together to form something better – adding to our iconic line of new spirit creations. 

Lastly, there’s our top selling product: our ScandaLust Cinnamon Whiskey. Intended for mature audiences, this all natural, unsweetened whiskey has a cinnamon kick that doesn’t leave anyone missing syrupy sweeteners. 


Continuing the creative spark - we also prefer to make batch-based products which will vary in flavor batch to batch due to idea improvements, and agriculture. Wine will vary year to year, why should spirits based on crops need to remain identical year to year? 

We’ve always known we want to be more than just a company that distills liquor. We want to create an engaged community that fosters awareness for things larger than themselves. In honor of the historical figures who inspire our liquors, we’re giving back to organizations that we believe our icons would have supported. 

When it comes to our business model - we are Direct to Consumer Focused. With that, we feel to be already ahead of the pack on at-home delivery, shipping to 45 states and SMS text ordering-enabled. 


The global ecommerce market for spirits and wine increased by nearly 43% from 2019 to 2020 (Source)

Needless to say - we are at the right place at the right time. Did we mention consumer demand is also outranking supply (Source)?

It's clear that consumers are looking for spirits outside traditional categories like gin, rum and vodka. That’s where we come in. We think a lot sets us apart from the rest, and here are just a few examples:

High Growth Market Segment: Clear Water specializes in Super Premium spirits - a high-growth segment of spirits sales

Offering Consumers a New Palate & Blurring Categories: Spirits are created for flavor, not to fit in a category, such as rum or vodka.

Creative Targeted Marketing: Using non-traditional marketing tactics to expand market share (social media influencers, cigar pairings). Recent campaign generated the entire February projection in 8 days.


Medaled in every competition we’ve entered

Along with that, we’ve also…

  • Hit $672k in lifetime revenue since March 2020
  • Established 5 award-winning product lines 
  • Increased production capacity since launch
  • Acquired 11 influencer marketing partners
  • Acquired 7,000+ people on email list

We also exceeded our entire February month revenue projection in a single, week-long influencer marketing campaign. There, we completed $23.1K sales and 328 orders - all in 8 days. Adding to the momentum, we have outperformed our forecasts 6 months in a row.


Clear Water Distilling is a new kind of distillery

We believe we create spirits that span categories - going far beyond traditional spirit categories such as rum, gin, vodka, or whiskey. 

With that, we think Clear Water has poised itself to be a pioneer in true craft distilling, even trademarking the terms RyeMagnac and ScandaLust.


We believe to be creating an entirely-new experience for bartenders and consumers alike. Join us, and invest in a future full of expression

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The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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7 days ago

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Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Clear Water Distilling offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is extending campaign end date.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

Clear Water Investor Glass with Rene

8 days ago

As a thank you to Clear Water Distilling Co’s investment family, we have a gift for you.  While supplies last, for each bottle purchased of René RyeMagnac, we will include an etched Clear Water Distilling Investor Kenzie glass. Use the coupon code “Investor” for online orders and mention your investor status for purchases at the Distillery in Pleasant Grove. 

We think fine spirits are meant to be shared. Please let your friends and family know about this investment opportunity with Clear Water Distilling Co.  We pride ourselves on creating ultra premium spirits, treating our customers and investors like family, and giving back to our communities. Remember, the more we raise the more we grow. If you love what we’re doing, please spread the word. 

Why Clear Water Distilling's Lorenz Should Be on Every Bar

15 days ago

While Lorenz has been compared to rum because it is primarily a cane-sugar-based spirit, there is no rum quite like Lorenz. 

White rum is usually considered a mixing spirit meant to blend in a cocktail. What makes Lorenz different is that it has a more interesting flavor profile than white rums, allowing it to mix more creatively and even be enjoyed neat. 

Lorenz is technically not a rum; it is a crafted spirit.  Lorenz may be mostly cane based, but it’s the addition of apple cider in the mash bill that shifts it outside of the rum category. A rum, by regulation, must be 100% cane sugar.  During distillation, the spirit is also vapor infused with real cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans, giving Lorenz its distinct flavor notes. There is no sugar nor additives of any kind, keeping Lorenz pure and ultra premium. 

For the trailblazing and defiant thinking that went into this spirit, it seemed only fitting to name it after our vote for the ‘most interesting man in the world’, Danish explorer Lorenz Peter Freuchen, who dedicated his life to Arctic exploration and oceanic conservation.

Lorenz is by far the most versatile spirit in our lineup. Some of our favorite ways to enjoy it, other than neat of course, include: Pina Colada, Margarita, Lorenz & Tonic, Caipirinha, with Sprite = apple pie, with Coke = cherry coke, in hot cocoa, in coffee, or in anything in which you’d use rum, vodka or gin. The cinnamon and vanilla notes really do enhance most cocktails, and have attracted fans from Nicholas Hamilton to Johnny Drinks.  We suggest you find out for yourself. 

Clear Water Distilling Hires Sales Director from Bacardi USA

22 days ago

We are excited to announce that we have hired David McGeary as Head of Global Sales for Clear Water Distilling Co. 

David brings 15 years of industry experience to Clear Water Distilling Co, with sales and distribution experience at industry titans such as Young’s Market, Southern Wine & Spirits, and most recently Bacardi USA.  For the past 6 years he was Region Director of Western Control States with Bacardi USA, responsible for all Bacardi brands including Angel’s Envy, Grey Goose, Bacardi, etc.  Needless to say, David will be able to hit the ground running, with the industry experience and insights he already possesses and Clear Water’s lineup of 8 ultra-premium spirits.

It is evident that the passion of the Clear Water Distilling team coupled with David’s industry expertise is a perfect match. This hire is a major step toward our goal of making Clear Water a household name. David will be focusing on expanding sales within Utah as well as getting our spirits on store and restaurant shelves around the nation. This is exceptional news for Clear Water Distilling and more evidence that this is a brand on the rise.  

Clear Water Distilling Vodka Now Available Online

27 days ago

You asked, we answered. Vodka can now be shipped to your home in 45 states. Its silky smooth mouthfeel, subtle sweetness, and lightly peppered finish provides for a vodka unlike any other. Mixes beautifully in your favorite cocktail and stands proudly on its own neat or on the rocks. Try it Now  

Clear Water Labor Day Update

about 1 month ago

Due to recent legislative changes by the Utah DABS, we will be open on Labor Day, September 5th. Clear Water is the ONLY place to purchase bottled spirits on Sundays and Holidays in Utah County since the change took place in June. Each progressive Sunday we have seen a steady increase in sales, now ranking 3rd behind only Saturday and Friday. 

We have also recently acquired a walk-in humidor, which we are in the process of restoring. This is in response to the increasing premium cigar sales that we’ve had, being the only premium cigar retailer outside of Salt Lake and Park City. As we hoped, we are becoming a destination for premium cigar smokers, who often pick up a spirit or two on their visits as well. 

We invite all of our investors and followers to visit us if you are ever in Utah.

And keep a lookout for the Vodka, which should be available online in about a week. 

Thank you for following and please let us know if you ever have any questions. 


Clear Water Vodka and a Fundraising Milestone

about 1 month ago

We have raised over $150k and are grateful to those who have invested. Your investments help us to expand our marketing and operations, in turn growing the brand. 

Last weekend’s cigar event was also well attended with over a dozen brand new customers, and some existing ones, enjoying their proximity to a premium cigar and spirits location.



More good news is the feedback on our new Clear Water Distilling Co Vodka. It’s been available in Utah for two weeks and has been selling very well. The elegantly smooth mouth feel, subtle rock candy after-taste, and distinctly clear flavor have surprised many customers. When it comes to Vodka, this is one of the few you can enjoy neat and at an excellent price point of just $25.

This adds a second crystal clear spirit to our product line and brings us up to 6 spirits in the full time product lineup.

The Vodka will be available online for nationwide sales within a few weeks, so stay tuned and be sure to sign up for updates.


Clear Water Distilling's Joséphine & AB Connecticut Cigar Event

about 1 month ago

This Sunday is our second cigar pairing event where we will be sampling the pairings of Joséphine Eau de Vie with the AB Connecticut, a pairing suggested by the CEO of Alec Bradley Cigars himself, Alan Rubin. There are still available slots, just make sure to select the 3 pm event on Sunday the 28th. 

If you’re not local and cannot attend, we suggest having a glass of Joséphine and a light Connecticut cigar on a cool summer evening. You can thank us later.


Remember, next week is the final week for the investment bonus. Invest now for a 2% bonus before it runs out!

Clear Water & Johnny Drinks Bourbon Sells Out in Record Time

about 2 months ago

What an overwhelming response to the exquisite spirit that was the Johnny Drinks Bourbon. We had over 2,000 people sign up for our text to buy service in a matter of days just to try to get their hands on the Bourbon!

It is completely sold out, and at $300 for the set, that is a testament to the Johnny Drinks fanbase and Clear Water’s reputation for exceptional spirits. There is much more to come with this partnership, and we’re eager for the next collaboration. 

Clear Water Distilling’s Local Events and a Bit About Joséphine

about 2 months ago

We want to thank Craft Lake City and everyone who came out to participate in the event this past weekend. We always enjoy interacting with our customers and participating in local events. 

We are excited to collaborate with a very nearby business, Premier Throwing. They are an ax throwing venue in our business complex, and regularly send customers our way. We are co-sponsoring their event this weekend, the Cottonwood Bowl. Think you have what it takes? Head over to the Cottonwood Bowl page to buy tickets. The event starts on Friday August 19 and runs through Sunday August 21. After competitors are done throwing, we are inviting them to step over to the distillery for a tour and a bottle of Joséphine or another of our craft spirits to help relieve that competitive tension. 

Curious about Joséphine? Joséphine was one of our first crafted spirits offered to the public. Her concept was born from the idea of Matt Eau Claire, who asked the question: What happens if we distill a sangria? Distilling a wash of apples, pears, and other fruits, she was then mixed with red and white wines. Beloved by friends already, the process continued with further refining and the addition of molasses to the fermentation and an oak-conditioning period after distillation. This new batch had friends raving and, though hard to categorize, encouraged the idea that would one day become Clear Water Distilling.

Joséphine is now one of three in our icon series. Named after Joséphine Baker, an amazing woman who overcame many obstacles, our eau de vie is as much an enigma as the dancer/ singer/ actress/ spy/ activist was in her day. We’ve best heard it described as if Scotch and Brandy had a baby. It also pairs exceptionally well with a Connecticut cigar. If you’d like to learn more about the beginning of Clear Water Distilling or our spirits, stay tuned here, or head over to our news page to read more about the company, spirits, and awards. 

We are now into the final 2 weeks for an investment bonus. There is a 2% bonus for the next 14 days. 

Clear Water Distilling releases JohnnyDrinks Bourbon, their own premium Vodka, and participates in Craft Lake City. Just Keep Moving Forward

about 2 months ago

You can now add a unique piece of Clear Water Distilling and Johnny Drinks’ history to your collection with the Johnny Drinks 9 Yr Aged Bourbon. There are only 140 hand signed and numbered bottles. This premium set retails for $300 and we've sold over 120 in 24 hours. You might be able to still get your hands on one through Valet, our text-to-buy service. 

To sign up with Valet, text johnnydrinks to 926-848.  At last check, we were down to just a handful of bottles remaining. 

There is also a Special Edition Johnny Drinks ScandaLust which will be highlighted soon by Johnny Drinks on social media. This limited 1,000 bottle edition of the spirit is going to kick off the #ScandaLustChallenge, with people recreating that viral ScandaLust video. This was the video that catapulted ScandaLust onto the map and really fortified the collaboration between Clear Water Distilling and Johnny Drinks.

Clear Water Distilling Co Vodka is now available at the distillery in Pleasant Grove. This beautiful bottle is designed as a nod to the Vikings and their symbolism. Stop by and pick one up 7 days a week. 

Clear Water Distilling is the only place in Utah County to purchase bottled spirits on Sundays and Holidays, so we expect the Vodka to be a big seller, especially on those days. Not to mention, it has been the most requested spirit for addition to our portfolio. We appreciate feedback and listen to our customers. 

The Clear Water team is at Craft Lake City this weekend for the annual DIY festival. This event showcases creative makers of all things, including craft spirits. We’ll be serving cocktails through Sunday, so stop by and see us.

Why Invest in a Startup, Like Clear Water Distilling Co?

about 2 months ago

Investing in a Start-up is often a long-term commitment and can carry some significant risk, as there is not a financial history to compare to current production. However, investing in a company making changes in an established industry helps to show support for changes you’d like to see in the industry. If you feel like a new company is doing things that you believe in, investing in them can help sustain the necessary momentum for them to keep doing what you appreciate, and even send a message to the rest of the industry that this is what buyers want. 

Even small investments built up over time can create a massive impact on industries. For example, consider organic food options in the ’90s and early 2000’s. It used to be that organic foods were either exclusively in specialty stores or tiny segments of local grocery chains. Now, even international companies carry large sections of organic options. These changes are your money at work, no matter how small.

This idea is no different from the spirits industry and Clear Water Distilling Co. Here, we focus on quality spirits through the highest possible quality ingredients and no questionable additives. We have crafted award-winning spirits such as our René RyeMagnac, Joséphine Eau de Vie, and Lorenz Crafted Spirit through this approach. So, if you enjoy hand-crafted spirits made from quality, natural ingredients, then investing in a company like Clear Water Distilling shows your desire to see more spirits created this way. 

We appreciate all of our investors who believe in what we’re doing and want to be a part of it. We believe you must be the change you wish to see in the world, and we're glad you agree. 


For those in Utah who want to buy alcohol on Sundays or holidays, you can do so at the distillery in Pleasant Grove. As of June 1, 2022, Utah distilleries are allowed to sell alcohol on these days while the liquor stores remain closed. Whether you’re looking for something new or need to replenish your supplies, Clear Water Distilling is your solution. 

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments. 


Clear Water Distilling Aug 4 Update

2 months ago

We’re continuing to see growth on our StartEngine campaign with us having raised over $135k so far.  Investing now will provide you with 5% bonus shares so if you’ve been considering investing, now is the best time as investment bonuses decrease every 2 weeks. 

Our last update recapped our cigar event, which highlighted a pairing of René RyeMagnac with Alec & Bradley’s Gatekeeper. You can sign up for our next event where we will be pairing Joséphine Eau de Vie with the AB Connecticut, another pairing made by Alan Rubin, the CEO of Alec Bradley Cigars. If you’re in the local area, or planning to be for this event, you can sign up to attend on our tours page. You’ll need to select August 28, 2022 at 3pm to book the event.

In other exciting news, we are nearly ready to launch the special edition Johnny Drinks 9-year Bourbon to celebrate them reaching 1 million followers on YouTube! If you want first dibs at this Bourbon, text johnnydrinks to 926-848 and you will be the first to hear when it’s available. To find out more, you can sign up for our newsletter on our website or  follow us on social media: FacebookInstagramTikTokYouTube. You can also follow Johnny Drinks.  

We are also excited to participate in the upcoming Craft Lake City happening in Salt Lake City, August 12 - 14, providing you another opportunity to meet the minds behind Clear Water Distilling Co and sample our spirits in cocktails. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Finally, don’t forget to confirm your investment when you receive notification from StartEngine. Thank you!

Clear Water Distilling August 1 Update

2 months ago

We are officially one month into our StartEngine campaign! 

If you invest now, you will get 5% bonus shares for the next 2 weeks, plus 10% if you are a previous investor. 

Yesterday we had our first cigar and spirit pairing event at the distillery where we paired  René RyeMagnac with the Alec & Bradley Gatekeeper. This pairing was personally created by Alec Rubin, the CEO of Alec Bradley cigars. The next cigar event will be held on Sunday August 28, pairing Joséphine Eau de Vie with the AB Connecticut, another of Alan Rubin’s pairings. Don’t forget to put the date in your calendar if you’re in the area. Bookings for this event are available now on our tours page. Click on August 28th at 3pm to register.

If you are interested in trying out our spirits locally, we offer tours and tastings Tuesday through Saturday, and tastings on Sunday. You can book for these events on

Our craft spirits are available for home delivery from our website in 45 of the 50 states. Remember to order through Valet, our text to buy service to get free shipping on your first order. Text clearwater to 926-848. 

ScandaLust is also now available in Iowa state liquor stores. We are planning to release more spirits to Iowa in the coming months.

To those who are in states where delivery or store purchase is not available, we are working to expand our offerings. The best way to keep up-to-date with company events and news is through our newsletter- sign up on our website or follow us on social media, Facebook Instagram, TikTok, YouTube.  

Don't forget to read the Investor FAQ page for more information about investing.

Round 1 Investor in Clear Water Distilling?

2 months ago

Many people have been wondering, how do I check on the status of my Round 1 investment in Clear Water Distilling on Start Engine? 

If you are a previous investor, you should be able to see your shares in your StartEngine account at the top right where it says View My Investments. Round 1 Investors bought equity shares for $2.42 per share. The share price is now $4.06. Remember that this money could be illiquid for a long time, as noted in the investment documents on the campaign page. Your investment bought you shares in the company as a start-up, which is being used to grow the company and therefore grow the value of your investment. We appreciate that you believed in us then, and we appreciate you now.

We have created an FAQ page for common investor questions here. 

If there are any questions you’d still like answered, please feel free to comment below and we'll reply as soon as possible. We thank you for coming along with us on this journey. 

There are also bonus shares available in this round for previous investors, so investing in Clear Water again gives you a 10% bonus in shares you purchase in round 2. If you invest $250, you will get $275 worth of shares. 

We are also in the final days of the 7% early bird bonus. It ends at noon ET Sunday, July 31st.


Clear Water Distilling Passes 100 Investors

2 months ago

We’ve raised over $115,000 from 100 investors in just over 3 weeks. We're off to a great start!

You can still earn a 7% early bird bonus if you invest now. This reduces every two weeks until August 26th when the early bird bonuses run out. 

In other news, the canning line has arrived safely in Utah. We will be working to set it up and get it started on making Life Cider, a non-alcoholic apple cider vinegar beverage, in the coming weeks. 

Our upcoming Vodka has gotten label approval from the TTB, so we should start bottling that by mid-August. It will be released in Utah first, with nationwide shipping possible later.

If you live in Utah, remember that the distillery is now open on Sundays and holidays. This past weekend was Pioneer Day, a state holiday in Utah, and local sales were good. The regular liquor stores are still closed, but distilleries can now be open thanks to a new state law. 

In other Utah news, our first of 3 cigar pairing classes will be this Sunday, July 31 at the distillery in Pleasant Grove, with Jim Santangelo of the Wine Academy of Utah. There are still spots so register now. *Click on July 31st at 3pm on the calendar.* 

If you want to hear from Matt Eau Claire, our CEO, you can listen to him on a recent podcast with the Tastemasters

Don’t forget that we ship to 45 states, so send some spirits to yourself or someone you love. You can also get free shipping on your first Valet (text to purchase by sending ‘clearwater’ to 926-848) order so there’s no excuse not to try it. We cannot ship to UT, NC, VA, MA, TN. 

Please email us at or check out the Investor FAQ page if you have any questions. 

Over 100k in the First 2 Weeks, and Great Things to Share

3 months ago

We are excited to share that we have already raised over $100,000 in the first two weeks of the campaign. 

There is still a great incentive to invest now, with 7% in bonus shares added to any investment for the next 13 days in addition to all the other bonuses.

In other news, Clear Water Distilling Co is always working to grow and improve. 

We have recently partnered with a health food drink company, Life Cider. We will be making apple cider vinegar and the entire beverage in our warehouse, and also canning it. For that reason we have purchased a canning line which will not only allow us to make Life Cider, but also Clear Water Distilling Co alcoholic RtDs (ready to drink) beverages. This is an excellent opportunity for both companies.

We also recently attended the PCA (Premium Cigar Association) conference in Las Vegas where we met with some of our friends and partners in the cigar world. We are currently in the final stages of a new special release pairing of Clear Water Distilling spirits and Alec Bradley Cigars. 

In other white labeling news, we have recently finished the gorgeous bottling of the celebratory Johnny Drinks Bourbon, which they will be launching soon. 

Remember, we ship to 45 states (not UT, NC, VA, MA, TN) so if you want to try the spirits, you can. The new 3 pack is a great way to try the Icon spirits line without having to buy 3 full size bottles. It also makes a great gift. 

For local Utah customers, we are about to release a Vodka. It harkens to ancient Scandinavia and it’s as delicious and smooth as it is beautiful. 

Invest today for the best bonus

3 months ago

 Investing in your favorite spirits brand is easy.

But the super early bird investor bonus is about to end.

If you invest in the first 14 days (until July 15 10am PST / 1p EST), you get 10% bonus shares. 

Note that our time based bonuses last only 2 weeks at a time and are only available for the first 8 weeks of the campaign, with the bonuses decreasing over that 8 weeks.

So invest early for the best bonus. 

We've already raised over $80,000.  Find out more at our  StartEngine campaign page. 

As always, email us with any questions. 

Clear Water Distilling is back on Start Engine!

3 months ago

We are excited to announce that our second round equity crowdfunding campaign is now live on StartEngine. We've had a lot going on since our last Start Engine campaign, as hopefully you’ve seen from our investor updates. Now we’re back, raising money to continue to grow the business. 

A major perk is that we are offering early-bird and repeat investor bonuses.

If you invested with Clear Water in our first crowdfunding campaign, you get 10% bonus shares on any new investment. Also, if you invest in the first 14 days, you get another 10% bonus shares. So, previous investors who invest in the first 2 weeks, actually get 20% bonus shares. Investors in StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc also earn 10% bonus shares. There is also a 5% bonus for investing over $2,500 in a single transaction. 

These bonuses stack, so a previous Clear Water investor, StartEngine Crowdfunding investor, who invests in the first two weeks, and for over $2500 would earn 35% bonus shares! (For every 100 shares you purchase, you’d get 135.)  Note that our time based bonuses last only 2 weeks at a time and are only available for the first 8 weeks of the campaign, with the bonuses decreasing over that 8 weeks. 

So invest early for the best bonus.

Investments start under $250.

We’re proud to be a part of this revolution and invite you to learn more about us on the campaign page. You’ll find more information on our business and growth plan, financials, investor benefits, and a lot more. You can also visit our website at

We so happy to be back and to share our growth with you!

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