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CheerLife leaps into the future with a platform that connects brands and athletes by rewarding the behaviors that matter in life not just on the floor

Often times our youth are programmed that the only light worth seeking is the limelight, but we all know it's the behaviors hard work and act of courage that are in the dark that really matter. Here at cheerlife, we bring those behaviors to light, to offset some of the negative behaviors of social behaviors.

It's time for you to join  movement of shaping today's athletes into tomorrow's future leaders.

The company is seeking investment to  for growth capital since the platform is already built and producing astonishing engagement results and over 100 gyms have joined.

Future funds will be focused on

  1.  Growth and marketing 
  2. Final features requested by the gyms and coaches as a booking system.

First year - Milestones Achieved:

  • Developed a platform on iOS, Android, and web where we can empower gyms to communicate, train track and reward their athletes and parents.
  • 110 gyms & programs onto the CheerLife app in our beta program with over 23k+ athletes. 
  • 36 countries
  • 23,000 plus Athletes 
  • Sustained Engagement 
    • with user streaks of over 500+ days tracking actions daily.
    • User retention is 5x higher than entire app industry average. 
  • Partnerships 
    • Direct affiliate partnership with USASF (United States All Star Federation), the governing body of all-star cheerleading in the US.
    • Affiliate partnership with the Independent Event Producers Association (IEP) and their members
    • Teamed up with multiple major global brands to reward users for engagement. (included Free Swag from brands like PUMA)
    • Featured in WFN1 News, CheerDaily!, GoodLife Revolution, CheerUpdates, USASF.
  • $425k raised to date from Tahoe Industries, Investment Groups, multiple investors and others

Market Opportunity

  • Target market of 3500+ gyms, studios & recreational programs (b2b) and 10+ Million users worldwide represent a potential SaaS annual recurring revenue of over $11.8 million dollars. 
  • Target market of 3.5+ Million Cheerleaders and 7+ Million total users and rapidly growing*

Self-learning and automation are the future of training and growing industries. 

CheerLife leaps beyond gamification with a value reinforcement system that encourages athletes around the world to become goal-setters. Sponsoring and celebrating their wins and positive actions, brands get direct-to-consumer access to the entire ecosystem of cheerleading worldwide.

Cheerleading is experiencing a GLOBAL SHIFT.¹

We know that companies need mobile app technology to stay relevant, but teams and gym owners cannot afford to build apps of their own.

This is an opportunity where we are positioned to dominate.

Mobile apps are at the heart of a colossal shift in information delivery & data consumption. In fact, studies show that the average American checks their phone every 12 minutes. 10% of people check their phones once every four minutes*4. Of the time spent on their phones, 90% of mobile time is spent on apps.

Last year, there were more than 205 billion app downloads; that’s a 15% increase from the year prior. As shown in the graph below, experts predict that there will be a 25% increase in global app downloads between 2018 and 2022.

The devil is in the details.

While the app industry is booming, data also suggests that in order for an app to be successful, users need to download your app, and users need to use your app*5. App developers, in the midst of reaping billion-dollar acquisitions must truly understand the market niche and consumer that is being targeted, addressing the need for personalized customer experiences that is not a one-size-fits-all.

Laser-focused on the needs of teams, gym owners, athletes, coaches, parents and users that live day and night inside of this space, we were designed exclusively for the cheer and dance industry.  We're not just another “team sports” app.

Below are the most popular types of app downloads by category. CheerLife is uniquely positioned to capture 6 of the top 8 categories:

  1. Business: B2B team/gym customized app experience
  2. Education: Digital training content 
  3. Lifestyle:  track & reward behaviors
  4. Entertainment: Industry news & updates delivered via our multi-media in app channels
  5. Utilities: Real-time calendar event and training booking
  6. Health & Fitness: Entire industry is revolved around this

CheerLife's secret sauce? Our approach.

While the cheerleading market has been cornered by cheer-specific brands, namely Varsity Brands, large apparel companies like Nike, Adidas and Puma sit on the sidelines.

Large tech companies have recently targeted cheerleading businesses based on the growth of the sport, however, they are not offering a product designed specifically for cheerleading or serving the needs of the industry; they have failed to reach true saturation and have left gyms to use fragmented processes—requiring athletes and parents to participate on multiple apps.

CheerLife understands the demand for a digital solution, the market gaps, specific industry issues and how to solve them. The CheerLife founders grew up within the sport, they know first hand how demanding gyms can be and how important it is to offer products made especially for them. For this reason, CheerLife delivers a product that closes the gap on market shortfalls, addresses industry concerns and is grown from within.

Our turnkey solution, the CheerLife app with a SaaS model for b2b teams & gyms worldwide, is affordable for any team, and customizable to serve athletes, coaches, gym owners and users from the cheer industry.

The gamification component allows global brands from outside the cheerleading industry to access the market and gain powerful consumer insights while forging stronger relationships with one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

The last piece with a cherry on top? We have created a model that is scalable and adaptable to a multitude of sports in the future.

-David Hanberry - President of the Independent Event Producers Association and Founder Of Deep South Cheer and Dance

We aren't stopping at helping the Cheer & Dance Industry alone.

With your help, we plan to continue disrupting traditional social media habits that lead to self-doubt and insecurities amongst teens.

Teens and youth are some of the most highly targeted demographics on social media by advertisers and influencers looking to build their brands. Showing picture-perfect, curated lifestyles and life's highlight reels, perception is viewed as reality, leading to feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, self-esteem issues and depression.

CheerLife envisioned a world where every cheerleader was using CheerLife on a daily basis; and as a result our platform would be reshaping the unintentional negative side effects of other social media by encouraging positive behaviors and rewarding athletes for things that matter.  

The 3 categories of actions were designed to encourage users to:

1) Be a better athlete

2) Be a better person

3) Make the world a better place

CheerLife is disrupting social media norms with astonishing results.

“At first, we were nervous to see if these young athletes would use another app, in addition to Snapchat and IG.  The results have been humbling! We have thousands of athletes in over (110 gyms) who have 200-500 day streaks of never missing a day of action tracking, earning 100-day consistency badges for actions like cleaning their rooms, giving their parents compliments and taking action in school to stop bullying. This is all outside of the athletic related actions like stretching and tumbling.” - Kyle McCarthy, co-founder and President at CheerLife.

Here's how it works.

Integrated Market Solution

CheerLife is a solution that provides a mobile platform capable of reaching millions of active users with a solid revenue model.

CheerLife is a central hub for all things cheer; giving brands direct access to this demographic while providing central communication and engaging content for athletes, parents and coaches.

What Do Users & Businesses Get With CheerLife?

A fully customizable app for your gym to manage all your communication on one easy-to-use platform.

Gyms can utilize broadcasts to update their clients in real time.

Athletes can connect with each other and be rewarded for completing actions while parents have a clear communication portal to contact coaches, owners and schedule privates.

A Custom Platform for Cheer & Dance Programs

Building Culture Inside a Cheer & Dance Program

Improve the culture inside the gym, or create a habit driven culture using actions.


Incentivize athletes to train hard as they work their way up your leaderboard by tracking actions—whether it’s tumbling, doing their homework, or encouraging others.


Drive Positive Habits & recognize your most dedicated athletes.

We make it fun to track actions by rewarding and recognizing hard work with prizes and rewards for athlete standouts on the leaderboard!

Connecting Brands with our Users

Current Analytics and Metric Reporting

CheerLife has extremely powerful analytics and reporting, all updated hourly. These analytics contains individual user and app stats, behavioral stats, comparison stats, rewards and recognition stats, and more.



Enhanced Communication with tag-based chat.

Tag-based chat allows gyms to automate their chat groups based on user identity groups—such as junior/senior aged athletes, or separating parents from athletes.


It's no secret, in order to stay relevant in this day and age, businesses must have a mobile app since 90% of mobile time is spent on apps*3. Gym owners now have a consistent way to keep their brand in front of their customers by encouraging daily engagement within the app and rewarding their athletes - and parents - for staying accountable at practice and at home.

Increase Revenue for those who use CheerLife

CheerLife Premium offers programs an automatic e-commerce pro-shop channel built into their custom app, as well as a hyper-local marketing channel aimed at engaging local business to advertise and sponsor. We've created a unique turn-key program that can instantly bring drive revenue within a program using CheerLife Premium.

Following our business plan, there are two new features that are being developed:

1. CheerLife Marketplace. 85% complete and launched in Q3 2019.

A live digital marketplace for all products cheer and dance including: apparel, hair/makeup, equipment/shoes. CheerLife will take a portion of all transactions.

2. Scheduler. 50% complete and launching 2020. This is a real-time booking function that will allow athletes to connect and book private training lessons directly with certified coaches in the cheer industry.

This feature will serve as the “Uber” for booking private lessons, classes & events. CheerLife will charge a micro fee for processing payments.

*all numbers are potential numbers, and not to be considered as expected projections*

CheerLife has a rare revenue model that balances private customers and global market opportunities.


  • Teams & Gyms (B2B): provide a custom app experience to athletes and customers for a fraction of what it would cost to develop their own app. Leverage built-in engagement systems to reward athletes and customers and continue growing their businesses with out of the box solutions including a custom e-Commerce pro shop, fundraising systems, Rev share models & many more. 
  • Brands & Companies (B2B): a centralized platform to get products in front of one of the most valuable demographics in the world: 11-20-year-old tweens and teens through a gamified reward system focused on rewarding the positive actions. Includes push notifications and the ability to market and re-market while also leveraging on-site activations. 
  • Coaches & Instructors: a new age digital training platform for top-level coaches & instructors to share their knowledge on a global scale with a revenue sharing model.
  • Athletes: train, track and develop habits of a world champion... receive rewards from your favorite brands! Group chat with all your teams, learn tips & tricks from top instructors using digital training—even book private lesson right from your phone (in development). 
  • Parents: Stay informed with all news, updates, and events related to your child's performance. Access lesson booking through iClassPro and Jackrabbit within the app. Experience the power of a value reinforcement system for rewards that helps young athletes build healthy life habits.

The Value is in our Revenue Potential

Breaking Down the Numbers

The Chart on the right show potential revenue with expected costs per user based on the following assumptions:

  • 12% of gyms will utilize the USER subscription model
  • 18% of gyms will be in a gym subscription model.
  • 10% of our users will be Daily Active Users
  • 10% of our users subscribe to training content
  • We charge $1 fee on scheduler transactions with an average gym utilizing 75 private lessons per month.
  • 150 average users per gym (Includes Athletes, Parents, Coaches, Gym owners & Staff)
  • Total Cost of goods sold per user are estimated at 36% based on the following assumptions:
    • User Subscription model: Costs of goods sold is estimated at 50%
    • Gym Subscription model: Costs of goods sold is estimated at 10%
    • Advertising: Costs of goods sold is estimated at 20%
    • Training Content: Costs of good sold is estimated 60% (Paid out to content producers)
    • Marketplace: Costs of good sold is estimated at 70% (Average costs for purchasing products)
    • Scheduler: Costs of good sold is estimated at 10%

*The above figures are projections and market estimates, and may not accurately reflect future performance.

The above figures provide projected estimates of potential sales and revenue channels. The figures are general estimates that have not been verified or confirmed by any third parties. CheerLife may not be able to meet the above projections and its expenses may be larger than estimated. Additionally, CheerLife will be competing with other companies which may provide similar products and services which may influence the CheerLife’s pricing, sales success and position in the marketplace. All of these risks may impact the success of CheerLife, its financial performance and the results to all parties involved with CheerLife. Generally, in addition to the above risks, businesses are often subject to risks not foreseen or fully appreciated by CheerLife management. In reviewing this information, all parties should keep in mind other possible risks that could be important, and are advised to seek legal, tax and financial counsel prior to participating with cheerlife in any way.


According to Mobclix, Entertainment and utility apps on the iPhone generated more revenue than games, with $6.70 and $9.50 per user per month, respectively*2.


$6 per daily active user, US market of 3.5 million cheerleaders and additional 4-6 million additional parents, coaches and officials:

  • Total US market size 7.5-9.5 Million users 
  • 1M total users ~ 100,000 Daily Active users based on our beta test results
  • $7.2M in Potential Ad Revenue per year.

Costs of goods sold is estimated at 20%

User-Subscription Model

Users at a team or gym pay $4 per month to get premium access to a gym or teams custom app experience. CheerLife donates $2 back to the team or gyms as an incentive to use CheerLife's paid service.

Our first client has 1,500 athletes and is set to generate $3,000/month in revenue while CheerLife generates $3000/month in revenue as well.


1,500 (out of estimated 3500+ global gyms) at an average of 150 athletes, parents, and coaches per gym:

  •  225,000 users at $4 per month
  •  $900,000 Potential Revenue per month 
  • $10.8M Potential Revenue per year

Potential Revenue for different gym sizes

Costs of goods sold is estimated at 50%

Potential revenue for 50- 1500 gyms at 150 users per gym average.

Costs of goods sold is estimated at 50%

Gym Subscription Model

As an alternative, some teams & gyms may opt to pay for the premium service, absorbing the cost into gym operations with the app remaining free for their athletes.


1,500 (out of estimated 3500+ global gyms) opting for this method.

  • $69 per month subscription per team or gym.
  • $103,500 Potential Revenue per month 
  • $1.24M Potential Revenue per year
  • Costs of goods sold is estimated at 10%

Training Content Purchased Through Platform

Digital Training content features top coaches & instructors across the world.


  • Monthly subscription cost of $5.99.
  •  10% of total users subscribe to premium digital training content. 
  • $250,000 potential revenue per month
  • $2.9M+ potential revenue per year
  • Costs of good sold is estimated 60% 

CheerLife Market Place (in development)

A live marketplace where CheerLife sells cheer products and products for a predominantly female demographic ages 12-20.

Example products: training supplies, supplements, clothing, accessories, hair care products, makeup, travel luggage, home decor, etc.


  • 1% of total users making a purchase each month 
  • $10 average CheerLife revenue per sale
  • $150,000 potential revenue per month
  • $1.8M potential revenue per year
  • Costs of good sold is estimated at 70%

Scheduler (in development)

Real-time scheduler where teams, gyms and their staff can schedule private lessons, classes events & more.


  • CheerLife flat rate booking fee of $1 (on avg cost per private is $25-40) 
  • Average gym does approximately 75 private lessons per month based on our research. 
  • $112,500 potential revenue per month
  • $1.3M potential revenue per year 
  • Costs of good sold is estimated at 10%


A strong team with the right skills.

The founders and core team at CheerLife are entrepreneurs, engineers, tech and software developers, branding and marketing experts, choreographers, coaches and former athletes; all passionate about the sport of cheer. Their diverse and complementary strengths make them incredibly powerful.

They understand business, they understand the sport and they understand the business of sports.

Here's why you should invest in CheerLife.

  • CheerLife plans to become the consolidated resource for global Cheerleading and Dance communication and e-commerce.
  • CheerLife has a solid multi-channel revenue model with low expansion overhead.
  • CheerLife is built with a growth model in mind and is adaptable and scaleable to a multitude of sports.
  • CheerLife has a powerful industry background and is owned and operated by a diverse and complementary team.
  • CheerLife is fundamentally changing the way teams, coaches, athletes and parents interact (and generate revenue) on a daily basis.

The company invites forward-thinking investors and industry stakeholders to join them in bringing this transformative technology solution to the world.

The Offering

In order to fast-track development of the technology and handle national and international expansion, CheerLife has resolved to offer an equity funding round with bonus perks. Investors who take part in the Class A Common Stock offering, deliverable in the form of ownership stock in the company, will also receive additional ownership stock as a bonus perk if they contribute more than the minimum investment. Class A Common Stock shareholders will be entitled to sharing profits of the company via dividends (if and when they are available) as well as receive their proportional buyout amounts in stock value in the event that the company is purchased or acquired for a profit.

Investment: Class A Common Stock deliverable in the form of ownership stock in the company

$0.31/share of Class A Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future equity value will exceed $7.5M.


Class A Common Stock: The Offering includes 322 shares of Class A Common Stock for every $100 invested. In addition, the following bonuses apply, and these perks are subject to the Bonus Rates and Terms noted below.

Individual Bonus Rates: Individual Investors who participate in the CheerLife crowdfunding campaign may be eligible to bonus shares if they contribute more than the minimum investment. The size of the bonus will depend on the size of the investment, and the bonus thresholds are as follows:

  • $500+ — If you invest $500-$1999, you'll receive a 10% Bonus, for an average price per share of $0.28 cents
  • $2,000+ — If you invest $2,000-$4,999, you'll receive a 15% Bonus, for an average price per share of $0.27 cents
  • $5,000+ — If you invest $5,000-$9,999, you'll receive a 20% Bonus, for an average price per share of $0.26 cents
  • $10,000+ — If you invest $10,000-$49,999, you'll receive a 30% Bonus, for an average price per share of $0.24 cents
  • $50,000+ — If you invest $50,000-$99,999, you'll receive a 40% Bonus, for an average price per share of $0.22 cents
  • $100,000+ — If you invest $100,000+ you'll receive a 50%  Bonus, and receive your shares for an average price per share  of $0.20 cents.

*Additional Perks for Industry Stakeholders
We built this to give back to the industry that gave us so much. As an additional bonus and thank you, in addition to the individual bonus rates above, the bonuses below are designed specifically for investors from cheer & dance industry. (non-industry investors, of course you get these as well!)

  • $2,500+ (Bronze) — If you invest $2500-$4999, you'll receive a CheerLife T shirt and an Owner certificate. You will also receive a subscription to a premium CheerLife app for free for your program of choice for one (1) year if applicable.
  • $5,000+ (Silver) — If you invest $5000-$9999, you'll receive all bronze tier bonuses, plus you receive a subscription to a premium CheerLife app for your program of choice for free for three years in addition to a virtual meet and greet with our team at CheerLife.
  • $10,000+ (Gold) — If you invest $10,000+, you'll receive all Silver and Bronze tier bonuses, plus you receive a subscription to a premium CheerLife app for your program of choice for free for life in addition to a virtual meet and greet, strategy or consultation session with our team at CheerLife.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed. "Applicable" refers to if you have a gym, program, or team that you would like to offer a custom app membership for. This could be for a sibling, relative, your own facility, a business, etc.

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.

Shares of Class A Common Stock

Description:  Investors will have an equity ownership stake in the company with shares of Class A Common Stock, with rights, preferences, privileges, and restrictions as designated in the Articles of Incorporation and attached as an Exhibit to the Offering Document.

Investors will receive shares in book-entry form.

Virtual Meet & Greet

Description: Investors at the Silver and Gold levels can utilize the virtual meet and greet in numerous ways. This can be custom private lessons, gym consultation, CheerLife strategy, all of the above or something else you may want to discuss. Its your session and you get to decide how you'd like to use it.

Offering Summary



The Spirit Apps, Inc.

Corporate Address


10120 south eastern ave #200, Henderson, NV 89130

Offering Minimum



Offering Maximum



Minimum Investment Amount

(per investor)




Offering Type



Security Name


Class A Common Stock

Minimum Number of Shares Offered



Maximum Number of Shares Offered



Price per Share



Pre-Money Valuation



*Maximum subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonuses below

Early Bird Investment Bonuses

Invest $1,000+ within the first 48 Hours and receive 20% Bonus Shares

Invest $1,000+ within the first 30 Days and receive 10% Bonus Shares


Invest $2,500+ and receive a CheerLife T shirt and an Owner Certificate (if applicable) you receive a subscription to a premium CheerLife app for your program of choice for free for a year.

Invest $5,000+ and receive all lower tiers plus (if applicable) you receive a subscription to a premium CheerLife app for your program of choice for free for three years in addition to a virtual meet and greet with our team at CheerLife.

Invest $10,000+ and receive all lower tiers plus (if applicable) you receive a subscription to a premium CheerLife app for your program of choice for free for life in addition to a virtual meet and greet with our team at CheerLife.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed. "Applicable" refers to if you have a gym, program, or team that you would like to offer a custom app membership for. This could be for a sibling, relative, your own facility, a business, etc.

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

The Spirit Apps, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed, within 24 hours of this offering going live, by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. shareholders who invested over $1,000 in the StartEngine Reg A offering which closed earlier this year.

StartEngine shareholders who invested $1,000 or more in that StartEngine Reg A offering will receive a 10% bonus on this offering within a 24-hour window of this offering’s launch date. This means you will receive a bonus for any shares you purchase. For example, if you buy 1,000 shares of Class A Common Stock at $0.32 / share, you will receive 1,100 Class A Common Stock shares, meaning you'll own 1,100 shares for $320. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% bonus is only valid for one year from the time StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. investors received their countersigned StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. subscription agreement.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


Notice of Material Change in Offering

2 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the CheerLife offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Extended length of campaign.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

New Season means new users, new partnerships, and new beginnings!

3 months ago

Alex, CoFounder, and CEO here. We are excited to show the world that we are leaping into the future with a platform that connects brands and athletes by rewarding the behaviors that matter in life not just on the floor.

Often times our youth are programmed that the only light worth seeking is the limelight, but we all know it's the behaviors hard work and acts of courage that are in the dark that really matter. Here at CheerLife, we bring those behaviors to light, to offset some of the negative behaviors of social behaviors.

Our retention has grown to above 23% in the last 90 days, which is an exciting huge testament to athletes around the world working hard. It shows that the world is hungry for recognition and we provide it by recognizing the values that matter most.

This summer is going to be filled with some exciting news lined up. I can't wait to show you how impactful our mission is to the youth athletes around the world.

We have some key announcements approaching regarding some new strategic partners that we've aligned ourselves with. It's going to be an incredible summer taking the app to a whole new level!

Stay Tuned for more information :)  

Take Advantage and Don't Miss Out

4 months ago

We want to take the time to thank all those that have invested in the CheerLife campaign. The great thing about a successful community ownership crowd funding campaign, is that it raises the necessary operational funds for growth, but it helps cement a community of loyal owners, customers and brand advocates as well. All part of a solid foundation for building an exciting and revolutionary global brand.

To StartEngine first time CheerLife investors, welcome aboard our exciting adventure, and thank you for your investment and show of confidence.

But we also want to remind investors / potential investors, we are still accepting investments in the 10% Early Bird BONUS mode of our campaign. The Early Bird Discount will only last for the first 30 days of our campaign and it is set to expire in 11 days. So if you've already invested and are considering more, or if you're still thinking about an investment but have yet to commit, there's a real value to do so while the 10% BONUS is in order.

For details of the 10% discount, refer to the "Terms" Tab of our offering page.

Price of Pursuing Passion

4 months ago

We hear it all the time....there's no such thing as a free lunch. A journey in cheer is fulfilling and rewarding but it comes with a heavy price tag for the parents of devoted athletes. We estimate an average household will spend almost $15,000 per year on each cheerleader. This doesn't include all the sweat hours put into practice, shuttling between practices and competitions, and the stress of juggling school and family balance on top of the monetary cost. But it's all worth it.

We believe we are building a platform which will change how the industry functions, and we want parents to have an opportunity to allocate a portion of their cheer budget to invest in us so we can grow together. Invest in what you're already investing in so we can all see a return in the future of Cheer.

Estimated Annual Cost of Cheer

  • Tuition: $5,400
  • Shoes: $125
  • Privates / classes: $1,500
  • Travel: $4,000 approximately, not including year end events
  • Summit/WORLDS/Year End Event: $3,000
  • Swag:$300
  • Uniform: $400 (every other year) 
  • Team Bonding Events: $50
  • End of Year Party: $50
  • Competition Wristbands for Parents: $300
  • Total: $15,125 annually

These numbers add up quickly and even moreso when you have multiple children participating in the sport. Why not budget a portion that you will receive a tangible asset for? Invest in the what you're investing in already and join us today! 

What does a mission even mean??

5 months ago

“At CheerLife, our mission is to redefine how we communicate as an industry and provide a fun environment for athletes to stay connected between practices, encourage each other, explore passions and build positive habits that lead to lifelong success.”

We brainstormed and reworded this statement many many times with our marketing team to come up with a pretty one-liner that sums up what we are trying to do at CheerLife and this is what we came up with. Communicate. Fun. Connected. Encourage. Positive. Success. Sounds easy enough, right?

The CheerLife team lives the passion of cheer on a daily basis and has been doing so for over 40 years combined. In it, we saw the disconnect between teams, negative reinforcements being created by current social media platforms, and just a general lack of organization. We believe that we can do better and offer a unique solution to bring together all the things we love about Cheer. This is our vision. This is what drives us. This is our mission.

We invite you to join us today!

We're where you are too

5 months ago

Huge congrats to all of our athletes who competed in the Cheerleading and Dance Worlds Championship at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and the The Summit All Star Cheerleading Championship at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida these past weeks. Its always amazing to feel the energy of thousands of our cheerleading friends in one space, doing what we do best - cheering.  

The CheerLife team was out in full force at both championships, not only on the sidelines supporting the athletes but also coaching throughout the events. We met TONS of gym owners, coaches , choreographers, parents and event producers  who were introduced to CheerLife's functions and can't wait to adopt our app for the upcoming season.

People were excited to hear about how our platform can elevate the performance of athletes and gyms to the next level by creating a positive atmosphere and increasing efficiencies. More fun and more time, who couldn't use some of that?

Our team is regrouping for a couple days and then gearing up for The D2 Summit All Star Cheerleading Championship this weekend. See you all there!

People are talking!

5 months ago

We don't blame them for wanting to...our press release was featured on We're so excited for our friends in the industry to learn more about what we're doing here. Click here to read more about it:

This is Us

5 months ago

In the Winter of 2016, Alex & Kyle McCarthy had an idea to develop a mobile app for the cheer community. After playing around with some ideas, Alex and Kyle met with Jeremy Wong and Dean Grey to develop an idea they would later call CheerLife.

The first working prototype wasn't stellar, but the potential was there. From that vision, came the desire to develop new and better features that would be able to provide tools for gym owners to improve their business needs while also providing a social platform for all cheerleaders, coaches, parents and fans across the world.

A few months and a lot of hard work later, we were able to launch a beta test version of CheerLife to a few programs across the world. We were able to test some of our features and see what we needed to develop in order to fully launch our platform. CheerLife raised a seed round of financing through friends and family to allow us to grow our development, features, company and brand.

In early 2018, CheerLife was able to create a team of passionate and experienced people that helped take us to the next level. From internal team members to manage customer service to positions like CMO, our team was developed strategically and allowed us the ability to partner with multiple brands across the cheer and dance industry.

Our team is continuing to grow, as is our following and users on Cheerlife! All of this was an amazing learning experience and we are grateful to all of the community members who joined us since the beginning of this journey. From 2017-2019 brought many updates, and we look to generate more with this new opportunity.

Without our community, we would not be who we are today. Reach out to find out more and join us in continuing to make CheerLife great.

First 72 hours wrapped up and we're blown away.

5 months ago

Hello everyone, we're beyond excited to announce that we are well under way after our first 72 hours of launching. We still have a long ways to go, and to those that have committed to supporting us, you are amazing and we greatly appreciate everything you've done. We're very excited, thank you so much. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or feedback as you get to know us better.Can't wait to continue this journey with you!

The CheerLife Team

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