Transforming The Way Patients Receive Care


Transforming The Way Patients Receive Care

Los Gatos, CA
Health Tech
At CAREMINDr we believe our approach to remote patient care is a game-changer for the industry. That's because CAREMINDr enables patients who need on-going care to now have their doctor regularly check-in with them through convenient "Digital House Calls ", using just their cell phone. Using technology to deliver better access and regular connection fundamentally changes how people receive care. This is a business transformation that is happening today, and we believe that our approach shows that a new level of care can be achieved, especially for underserved communities. We are fully operational today, have 30 Federal Qualified Health Centers as clients, and have filed 10 patents.


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Reasons to Invest

  • We believe our platform is a highly cost-effective, efficient method to identify, target and support early interventions, avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits, striving to achieve better outcomes for patients.

  • We have entered an enormous, overlooked market - the Federally Qualified Health Centers that treat about 29 million patients each year. This system is primarily financed by federal and state governments and has been in operation for over 55 years.

  • We are driven by a team of executive leaders and physicians with decades of experience in healthcare technology, evidence-based medicine, government-financed care, public and private health insurance, pharmacy management, and population health. And WE HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE.  –  Our team has a proven record of starting and growing technology companies in health care.    


Transforming the Way Patients Receive Care

Founded in 2017 in Silicon Valley, CAREMINDr enables patients to have regular periodic check-ins from their doctors, a "Digital House Call " that monitors each patient's health without requiring visits to the office.

By communicating with their doctors and clinicians between office visits, and being able to easily provide important information about their conditions, patients can better work with their care team and strive to be as healthy as possible. In underserved, lower-economic populations, our technology overcomes many of the obstacles they encounter: difficulties with transportation, inaccessible appointment times, or problems involving language or familiarity with healthcare terminology.

the market

Healthcare delivery is an enormous industry

Healthcare is enormous: tens of thousands of doctors, clinics, hospitals, and specialists. 

We fully understand this, and CAREMINDr has laser-like focus on one specific segment of this industry.

Our market is the largest primary care system in the US. It serves about 29 million patients; it's been around for over 55 years --- and it's likely you've never heard of it.

It is the Federal Community Health Center program: over 1,400 locally governed, non-profit organizations that operate about 14,000 sites. They get base funding directly from Washington, this year about $6 billion.

You probably don’t know of them because their 29 million patients are mostly low-income people, covered by Medicaid. About 1/3 are under 18, including teenage moms, the rest are working-age adults, with a small percentage over 65. Some are veterans, some are uninsured, some are homeless. They come from all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Over 55 years ago this program was implemented as a safety net for U.S. healthcare, to assure that basic services were available even in the poorest neighborhoods, so that hospital emergency rooms were not overwhelmed with patients needing everyday care.

The COVID pandemic was brutal in these communities.

In mid-2020 low-income people, especially those who were people of color, were dying at unacceptably high rates.

The main reason is that these families have more obstacles in receiving care, difficulties with transportation, food, housing, and even language.

The pandemic put a bright spotlight on this inequity, and Congress responded.

Last April, the American Rescue Plan was passed. It sent an additional $6.1 billion to the 1,400 Health Centers, and added almost a billion more in September. The 2021 Federal funding for Health Centers was over $12 billion.

With this money comes disciplined accountability. Every year each center must file a highly detailed report that lists over 100 key statistics about their patients and the care they delivered.

More importantly, each Health Center lists 20 clinical issues, showing the number of people in each category, and how well they are managing that group's condition. Strict guidelines dictate how performance is measured. Each score is then compared to the other 1,400 centers and a grade is assigned based on where they rank.  This is a true quality of care report card --- and it is public.

There are also special programs that provide additional funding. Last January $90 million was awarded to about 500 Health Centers specifically to improve Hypertension. This is where CAREMINDr first entered this market.

Today we have over 30 Health Center clients who are providing nearly 40,000 blood pressure cuffs to their patients. CAREMINDr enables these Centers to regularly check in with each patient and track their progress.  These Digital House Calls can instantly identify and help the patients who need attention. We enable Health Centers to exceed the performance goals set by their funding, at levels never before achieved.

Here are 5 reasons why we like this market, the Community Health Center system:

First, it is really big, about 29 million patients (source).

Second, it has enormous needs, and challenges that require new technology to overcome (source).

Third, there is a staffing crisis. Healthcare workers are exhausted or burned out and all of the centers have staff vacancies they are not able to fill. They need to get the job done with the team they have on hand; our technology is automation that performs key patient care tasks, freeing up current staff time to help solve this problem. (source).

Fourth, there is proven financial support. Significant money has been made available, focused on overcoming major problems that truly need to be addressed.

And fifth, there is accountability: mandated reporting pushes each center to take action and not delay, providing them a way to provide accurate reporting (source).

The pandemic greatly accelerated the evolution of the ways primary care can be delivered outside of traditional offices and especially to underserved vulnerable communities. We think CAREMINDr is a way to lower the cost of providing such care while improving the outcomes of care patients receive. This combination is recognizably valuable to the entities who are the financial risk-bearers in the system, from the federal government to the local community health centers.

Moreover, we are not aware of any direct competitors facilitating the Doctor-Patient communication that CAREMINDr enables for Community Health Centers; it is an underserved market. 

Being able to effectively sell to the 1,400 Community Health Centers only recently became possible,  when the pandemic drove the universal adoption of video business meetings.

the problem

Going to see a doctor is a hassle

Especially if you need to go back time after time for an ongoing condition.

In our eyes, the current system relies on too much human effort and, because of this, is inconsistent and cannot be scaled to serve large communities of patients effectively. Disadvantaged people also face problems with transportation, or the inability to find time for appointments. 

This is where CAREMINDr comes in, providing an easy-to-use way for a patient to conveniently complete a short form that periodically tells their doctor key information about their condition. The questions on the form are multiple-choice or a number, so the patient does not need to compose a sentence or worry about word choice.  This all occurs on a pre-set automated schedule so no check-in dates are missed. 

the solution

Transforming the way patients receive care

We’re leveraging patients’ affinity for mobile technology to keep doctors informed about their chronic health conditions and adherence to treatment plans. We have seen how such communication improves the health of large patient populations at the clinics we serve.

We do this by creating automatic check-ins between doctors and their patients - we refer to it as a “Digital House Call,” built to be convenient, private, and fitting patients' schedules.

This remote patient care is designed mostly for patients who have ongoing health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and pregnancy. These check-ins help a doctor track how a patient is doing, keeping them up to date in case any problems come up that require intervention.

We are unique in that CAREMINDr performs at least 15 key patient care tasks typical to a doctor checking in with a patient who has a condition that lasts for an extended period (source).

We believe we are delivering value that is seldom available to our current community health center partners, with technology rarely seen in this market segment.  (source).

Our traction

Gaining speed with partnerships and patents underway

We have signed 30 community health center clients, and have launched large-scale operations with them, initially directed at 80,000 hypertensive patients. This hypertensive cohort represents less than 20% of the 500,000 patients our clients serve each year, who themselves are a small fraction of the 1,400 community health centers nationwide (source).

For programs that have been operating for at least 3 months, our clients are achieving results that are at high-quality levels unprecedented in the industry.

Beyond hypertension, we have expanded our library of clinical management to a growing list of primary care conditions, now including diabetes, asthma, depression, COVID-19, flu, and many others.   

Regarding Intellectual Property, we have ten patents in process, one of which was recently filed and is in provisional status. All the others are non-provisional and two have reached the pre-release publication-for-comment stage.

Why invest

Join CAREMINDr to make a difference in healthcare

We are actively helping the providers who care for those most in need - this means Medicaid recipients, the poor, the uninsured or underinsured, veterans, and the homeless: anyone who seeks their primary care from Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and FQHC Look-Alikes (LALs). These facilities are tasked with providing healthcare services to these underserved populations - and we are here to help.

With this in mind, we aim to be leading edge innovators in how primary care should be delivered to everyone.  

CAREMINDr is here to be a large part of how all of U.S. healthcare evolves.

We not only believe to have the best technology solution to achieve these goals, but we also believe we may be one of the only vendors with a broad suite of solutions ready to go today, with a particular focus on an underserved yet increasingly well-funded market segment. 

Remote patient care is a reality.  Its challenge and potential in the patient population served by Community Health Centers is real and well-recognized. CAREMINDr delivers a solution

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The Will County “Dream Team” Talks About CAREMINDr!

2 days ago

Taking on a host of tasks frees up clinical staff to focus on what they do best!

CAREMINDr is happy to acknowledge our third recipient of the “Recognizing Innovation In Remote Digital Care” award. The Will County Health Department and Community Health Center’s Renee Foster-McFarland and Michelle Budzinsk, joined us on June 22nd to share their experience using CAREMINDr as an integral part of their workforce and how well it was received by patients as well as their clinicians and doctors.

Here is a link to the entire interview, as well as a few key excerpts from Renee and MIchelle:

Will County CHC 6.22.2022 (29 mins)

Will County CHC "Dream Team"

“We spoke to our providers about our ability to have an impact on patients and that it makes a difference that the provider is aware that we are not waiting until the patient comes back in a month, and that we’re actually able to look at the reading on a daily basis.”

“Once we were able to integrate CAREMINDr into our EMR, the providers were able to click into the patient’s EMR and see their blood pressure in real time.”

“We made sure that the patients that were enrolled in the program and received one of the devices actually knew the nurse that would be working with them directly.  That made a big difference.”

“In the beginning, I tell them about the program and how we are going to give them a free blood pressure cuff and download the app on their phone and explain to them that once they take their blood pressure and hit send, that the reading goes right into their chart and their provider gets to see it right then and there.”


CAREMINDr is very happy to partner with the Will County Health Department and Community Health Center and other FQHCs across the nation to success with their HRSA Hypertension program and improve the health of their patient base!

Partnering to Transform Primary Care!

4 days ago

CAREMINDr is helping FQHCs reach more at-risk patients, more often and the results are outstanding!

In May, Family Health Centers in Louisville, KY became the second recipient of the CAREMINDr “Recognizing Innovation In Remote Digital Care” award. With three employees dedicating about 50% of their workday, they are caring for over 600 patients active in the program to gain control of their hypertension!  We spent some time talking with Kristin Munro-Leighton, who is responsible for managing the program.

Here is a link to the entire interview, as well as a few key excerpts from Kristin:

Family Health Centers, Louisville, KY 5.25.2022 (25 mins)

Kristin Munro-Leighton and Bart Irwin, M.D.

“We feel very fortunate that (CAREMINDr) did that outreach to us after we received the HRSA grant, and I’m not sure what our program would look like without CAREMINDr.”

“The whole goal of our program is based on getting patients back in the office to address blood pressure that is out of control or even dangerously out of control. So CAREMINDr allow us to do that, to get them in to with their providers sooner than they would originally have been scheduled. We can then share the data sent in by the patient with the provider to help with their treatment plan”

CAREMINDr is very happy to partner with FHC Louisville and other FQHCs across the nation to help them achieve success with their HRSA Hypertension program and improve the health of their patients!

Our Community Joins In! | Insider Investment Notice

8 days ago

We're excited to see our community come in and invest in CAREMINDr! 

Our Insiders have invested a total of $5,000.92 into the offering to date!

We hope you join in as well! Invest in CAREMINDr

Please refer to the Company’s offering materials for further information and refer to the Company’s Risk Factors.


Proof That CAREMINDr Works!

9 days ago

Listen to what our clients are saying!

CAREMINDr is highly invested in our clients’ success.  In April of this year, we recognized the achievements of Franklin Primary Health Centers in Mobile using CAREMINDr in their National Hypertension program funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), a US Department of Health and Human Services agency.

Here is a link to the entire interview, as well as a few key excerpts from Jessica Willis:

Franklin Primary Health Centers 4.20.2022 (25 Min)

Jessica Willis & Brandy Dixon

“CAREMINDr has given us access to our patients at home, that we would not have had otherwise.”

“We’re that connection between the provider and the patient, regardless (of) if they’re in the most rural of areas, we are that connection if they don’t have transportation, if they don’t have their medications, we’re able to close that circle.”

“It greatly allowed us to go into the homes (in essence) of the patients and help them manage not only their hypertension needs, but dietary and even smoking cessation…that all ties into reaching that hypertension goal.”


CAREMINDr is delighted to be able to help facilitate these success stories for our clients!

CAREMINDr Surpasses $100k in One Week!

15 days ago

We asked and you answered!  

In just 7 days, you have helped us to continue helping those who need it most by raising more than $100,000.  We now stand at more than $122,000 and are well on our way to our goal.


We will continue to issue updates on our progress, not only on the investment front, but as we continue to meet the challenges faced by our current and future Health Center client-partners!  Please feel free to share this with your own circle of influence to follow us here and on LinkedIn.  

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