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The World's Largest Social Network for Good

Invest in Care2

Care2 was founded with a simple mission:  to help make the world a better place. Based in Silicon Valley, we are the world's largest social network for good.  We are a community of over 40 million standing together, starting petitions and sharing stories that inspire action. 

For the past 19 years, Care2 has been a pioneer in online advocacy and we continue to focus on being on the forefront of creating technology that connects people to ways to make a difference in the world.

From the beginning, our vision has been to create a community for the people, by the people -  and now, because of the recent passing of the JOBS Act, we can make this a reality and offer YOU the chance to become a partial owner of Care2!  As we grow as a company, you can share in the financial upside as we stand together to build a kinder, more inclusive and sustainable world.  

This is your chance to be a part of something special, but you must act now as due to regulations we have a limited number of shares available!

$1.35/share of common stock.

This offering places a pre-money valuation of $34,235,901 on the Company.  The pre-money valuation was calculated by multiplying the $1.35 stock price by the total number of shares of common stock outstanding and underlying all outstanding convertible securities, and adding the amount of the aggregate liquidation preference payable to the holders of outstanding Preferred Stock.

How We Plan To Use The Money

The money raised will be used to help Care2 extend our reach, expand our technology platform, and continue to provide outstanding service to our members and clients as we dramatically increase the size of our community.  Specifically, among other things, that includes hiring key community building staff, investing in tech infrastructure to help us scale to meet growing demand, and expanding software development to deepen our member and client product offerings.

The Upside For Investors

We aim to prove it's possible to do well AND do good. That means financial upside for investors, and a positive impact on the world.  We're well on our way, with 2017 revenue expected to surpass $17 million.  Like other successful tech startups, we expect our track record and future growth to provide investors a positive return through dividend payments, strategic acquisition, or other forms of liquidity.


Invest $249.75 - $499.50:   

In addition to shares, you will receive:

  • Care2 Confidential Investor Newsletter (Quarterly)
  • Care2 to make a gift on your behalf to protect 1 acre of rainforest by helping to expand the Airo Pai Community Reserve in Peru.

Invest $500.85 - $2498.85:   

In addition to shares, you will receive: 

  • Care2 Confidential Investor Newsletter (Quarterly)
  • Care2 to make a gift on your behalf to provide 1 day of meals for a bottle-fed kitten in foster care.

Invest $2,500.20 - $9,999.45:  

In addition to shares, you will receive: 

  • Care2 Confidential Investor Newsletter (Quarterly)
  • Care2 to make a gift on your behalf to provide 1 week of school meals for a hungry child.

Invest $10,000.80+

In addition to shares, you will receive:

  • Care2 Confidential Investor Newsletter (Quarterly)
  • Care2 to make a gift on your behalf to provide 1 year of safe drinking water to a child in a developing country.

*All perks occur after the offering has been completed.

19 Years of Pioneering Online Activism

Care2 was founded in 1998. Since then, we've continued to grow while sparking wide-reaching change around the world. Today, Care2 is a highly engaged social network of over 40 million citizen activists, nonprofits and mission based brands. Care2 combines cutting-edge Silicon Valley technology with good old-fashioned community to help power the new world of philanthropy.

With over 600 million petition signatures to date, we've been involved in significant change on every scale, from protecting wolves around Denali National Park to winning justice for victims of discrimination. We've saved dogs from euthanasia, secured medicine for a 7-year-old girl suffering from epilepsy, stopped an old growth oak grove from destruction, shut down an abusive farm, and even stopped the killing of rare owls. 

  • We have not accepted money from venture capital. We believe this allows us to remain unswayed and unbiased by outside voices about which campaigns we'll promote - allowing us to stay true to our loyal members and the causes they care about.

  • Care2 provides hands-on advice and training for activists, with live video training sessions and a vast library of expert advice.


  • We work with over 2,700 nonprofits and mission-based brands to help them grow their email databases by recruiting supporters through permission-based email marketing.

  • We're a fast-growing, privately-held company.

And We Get Results...


members subscribe to Care2


Care2 petition signatures


nonprofits and mission-based brand partners









"Care2 is a great place to start a petition and mobilize supporters who are truly passionate about making a difference."

- George Takei

Actor & Activist

"Care2 helped us drive over 94,000 signatures on our petition to defend the Arctic. The staff mobilized supporters, creating impact that resonates."

- Whitney Clapper

Global Brand + Enviro Marketing Manager, Patagonia

"Through Care2, I've been able to build a movement of people who are energized and committed to defending our planet."

- Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Climate Activist, Hip-Hop Artist & Leader of Earth Guardians

A Few Of The Causes We Fight For

Animal Rights

LGBT Rights

Environmental Activism

Women's Rights

Children's Rights

Wildlife Protection

Human Rights

Educational Rights

Healthcare Rights

Civil Rights

And many more...

Care2 Raises Funds From Individuals, Not Venture Capital

We built Care2 to be a platform to make the world a better place for the people, by the people - and we strive to be the only petition site with a like-minded community that has been able to stand by that ideal since our inception.  

For the last 17 years, we have chosen not to sell shares in the company to venture capital firms, allowing us to stay independent from Wall Street investors focused more on quarterly earnings than long-term growth and impact.  And now, because of a new crowdfunding law, we can offer individuals like you - who care about the causes we care about - the opportunity to join us as shareholders of Care2 and truly fulfill our vision of making Care2 a platform for the people, by the people.

How Care2 Makes Money

Care2 works with over 2,700 nonprofits and mission-based brands to grow their communities faster, and more efficiently, by connecting them to supporters who are passionate about the causes they support.

Nonprofits and brands come to us with a goal.  They may want to grow their membership base, drive comments during public comment periods, start letter-writing campaigns or drive signature counts on petition campaigns.  We help them reach their goal, and create real impact, by tailoring our services to their needs through permission-based outreach to our 40M+ members.

And we're just getting started.  We believe there has never been a greater need for individuals and philanthropic organizations to stand together for what is good.  We're looking to expand not just to every city and town in America, but also across the globe.

We currently have Care2 employees and representatives in over 20 cities around the U.S. and in Canada, the UK and Australia.  With additional funding, we'll be able to expand our proven model even further.

We've helped more than 2,700 nonprofit organizations to efficiently grow their membership base by leveraging the power of the Internet.  Many of our largest clients have been with us for more than 10 years, and are increasing budgets, because they feel we are simply more effective at recruiting donor prospects than traditional channels such as direct mail. With additional funding, we'll be able to deepen our product offering, help additional nonprofit organizations and mission-based brands and continue to deliver outstanding results for clients as we grow.

Powering Progress for Nonprofits & Brands

Care2 Helps Nonprofits & Brands Recruit New Donors and Advocates!

With Care2, Nonprofits & Brands Can:

  • Recruit new donors, members & supporters
  • Drive traffic to their website or landing page
  • Grow email subscribers
  • Grow their Facebook community
  • Mobilize grassroots activists
  • Integrate Direct Response Fundraising

     Our Guarantee:

  • Pay for performance, not impressions
  • Pay only for net-new contacts
  • Get the number of contacts they need in the time frame they need them
  • Get more responsive supporters than those recruited through other methods

"The supporters we recruited from Care2 were incredibly responsive and engaged, and they donated at astonishing rates. Progressive candidates and organizations: Here's your secret weapon online."

- Kenneth Pennington

Digital Director, Bernie 2016

"The types of donors who see us on Care2 are highly engaged and just incredibly receptive to our donation appeals, including appeals to become monthly sustainer donors."

- Adam Scruggs

Associate Director Director of Data Acquisition & Analysis, Human Rights Campaign

The Market Opportunity

As a pioneer in online advocacy, Care2 has been working with nonprofits for 19 years to help organizations transition from traditional direct mail to the Internet. The migration started slowly in 1999, when email was still relatively new, picked up in the mid-2000's with the advent of social networking sites and accelerated even more as we became addicted to our cell phones and mobile devices.

Now in 2017, we have seen an even greater enthusiasm for activism, and Care2 works to be at the forefront empowering individuals to make a difference.  We have seen online actions and organizing become a dominant force for everything from hyperlocal campaigns to international movements. Care2’s uniquely engaging model combines cutting-edge technology with its massive like-minded community to help  nonprofit clients connect with prospective members and donors. We have seen passionate supporters become loyal and committed donors in a way that can't be matched by direct mail campaigns.

Significant Market

Every year nonprofits spend $50 billion on marketing, which represents 13.6%[1] of their donation revenue. Currently only 6.8%[2] of their marketing spend is for digital advertising, so there is a significant opportunity for the digital migration. Care2 makes it easy and cost effective for nonprofits to recruit new donors.  With the rapid growth in overall digital marketing, we expect 1/3 of nonprofits’ marketing spend will move to digital advertising, creating a market opportunity for Care2 of $16.5 billion.

Brands are also discovering that cause-based marketing is an effective way to find new customers and activate their brand promise. Consumers want to know that the brands they support reflect their personal values. Consumer packaged goods companies spend $109 billion[3] on marketing, with $6 billion[4] allocated for digital advertising and $45 billion[5] for direct advertising. This market opportunity is also growing, as the overall digital market grows and brands shift budgets to direct acquisition. If 1/3 of direct advertising moves to digital, it would add $15 billion to digital advertising for a total market opportunity of $21 billion.

We believe Care2’s combined market opportunity with nonprofits and brands is $37.5 billion.

[1] Source: IBISWorld Report - Conservation & Human Rights Org 2015

[2] Source: M+R 2016 Benchmarks Report

[3] Source: 2014 CMO survey; average of B2C product businesses, IRi CPG Growth Leaders Report 2015

[4] Source: eMarketer The US CPG and Consumer Products Industry 2016 Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Trends

[5] Source: Consumer Marketing 2016-2017, ZenthiOptimedia

The Team

The Care2 team is made of humanitarians, animal lovers, feminists, rabble-rousers, nature-buffs, creatives and the naturally curious.  We stand against bigots, bullies, science deniers, misogynists, gun lobbyists, xenophobes, the willfully ignorant, animal abusers, frackers and other mean people.  We work on building a community of like-minded people working towards progress, kindness, and lasting impact.  Our mission is to help make the world a better place.

A Few Words From Care2's Founder

One of my favorite movies growing up was Dr. Seuss', "The Lorax" who says "UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” I started Care2 because I wanted people to know, "You care. We Care2."  You may be the only one in your family, or town, that believes in gay rights, or getting toxins out of our foods, or protecting the welfare of animals - but there's a whole community of people who Care2.

As a pioneer in the social enterprise space, it was really hard to find financing. Investors wanted to invest in the next Cisco or Microsoft. Donors wanted to support their favorite nonprofit. At the time, almost no one believed it was possible to do well AND do good at the same time. Fortunately, I was able to find a few crazy dreamers who shared my belief in a new model - where a company could make money by actually making the world a better place.  I call this model an engine for good. It works like this: the more good we do, the more revenue we make. We then use that revenue to help people do more good, in a virtuous cycle.

  Join us!

Together We Can Change the World for Good!

In the Press

Thousands Sign George Takei's Petition to Stand With Muslim Americans

Japanese Americans were deemed to be a threat to national security during the conflict, and FDR's decision to intern them remains a dark spot on American history. Today, Takei wants to make sure the same fate doesn't await Muslim Americans.

Is Today's Google Doodle A Poke At The Trump Administration?

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is among the tech firms that are critical of the Trump administration's executive order barring Muslim immigrants from certain countries.

Bill Seeks to Enlist New York Hotels to Help Fight Sex Trafficking

Ms. Lucas started an online petition in January calling for legislation mandating that hotels post clearly visible signs explaining what sex trafficking might look like, and that they train employees how to recognize victims and signs of trafficking.

Sarandon asks you to empty bank account to protest Dakota pipeline

You've shared the protest videos and checked in at Standing Rock Indian Reservation on Facebook. But are you willing to clear out your bank account to show your opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline?

Advocates Rally Around Afghan Girls' Robotics Team Denied Travel Visas to US

An online petition calls on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to grant visas to six Afghan girls invited to compete in Washington, DC this month.

11,000 people are begging Disney to stay on Netflix

More than 11,000 people have signed an online petition asking Disney to reconsider its decision to remove its shows and films from Netflix as it launches its own streaming service.

Breitbart sees huge advertising drop in May: report

Breitbart News has experienced almost a 90 percent drop in advertisers in May when compared to March, according to a Tuesday report.

New Patagonia Short Film Wants You To Help Protect The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

A 15-minute film from Patagonia and the non-profit Alaska Wilderness League conservation group, telling the story of two Gwich’in women fighting for their ancestral home, and the survival of wild animals from oil drilling and industrial development.

Petition urges Penguins to skip a White House visit

A petition that seeks to convince the Stanley Cup champ Pittsburgh Penguins to pass on a White House visit, if an invitation is extended, had reached over 5,000 backers on Wednesday.

Janet Mock wants you to fight for trans students with #DearBetsyDeVos campaign

The author and activist recently opened up about her high school experiences as a trans student in a viral New York Times essay, calling on the Trump administration to grant trans students essential protections. Now, Mock wants you to join her in putting pressure on Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

How Connie Britton Is Giving Back on Mother's Day

Connie Britton is giving back on Mother's Day. The Nashville alum has partnered with Care2 and the nonprofit United Nations Development Programme to raise awareness about women who are suffering from famine and drought in Africa and the Middle East.

Dog meat to be BANNED at China's annual Yulin festival after activists campaigned to end the trade that sees millions of animals stolen and slaughtered each year

Dog meat will be banned at an annual Chinese festival after activists campaigned to stop millions of animals being stolen and bludgeoned to death each year. The government is set to prohibit restaurants, street vendors and market traders from selling dog meat at the barbaric Yulin festival.

"Gangsta Gardener" Ron Finley fights to save urban farm from eviction

A self-proclaimed “Gangsta Gardener” of south Los Angeles is fighting to save his own urban-farm from eviction.

Petition Urges Congress To Fund FEMA, Not Trump’s Border Wall

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, an online petition asking Congress to fund the Federal Emergency Management Agency rather than President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexican border has amassed more than 15,000 signatures and counting, as of Wednesday afternoon.

Upskirting - how one victim is fighting back

When a man took an upskirt photograph of Gina Martin at a music festival she went straight to the police. And when they closed her case, she began a petition to get it reopened, as she explains here.

Petition Urges Sony Music to Drop R. Kelly Amid Sex 'Cult' Allegations

A new Care2 petition is demanding Sony Music Entertainment releases R. Kelly from its label after allegations went public Monday of the singer operating a sex "cult."

Kate Mara on Why She’ll Never Stop Fighting for Animals’ Rights

Yesterday, actress Kate Mara joined the Humane Society’s rally outside the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington D.C. Along with fellow protesters, she delivered a Care2 petition urging the USDA to restore deleted online records regarding licensed animal facilities and violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act and Horse Protection Act.

Petition To Change Hurricane Irma's Name to Ivanka Is Taking Internet By Storm

The social networking website Care2 opened an online petition letter Wednesday requesting the World Meteorological Association change the name of Hurricane Irma to Hurricane Ivanka, in reference to President Donald Trump’s daughter. The petition, which aims to reach 10,000 signatures, has gathered more than 4,000 supporters.

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A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


Today is the last day to invest in Care2!

almost 4 years ago

We are so thankful to all of you who have chosen to become partial owners of Care2, alongside employees and original investors.  Today is the very last day to invest in Care2.  2017 has proved to be a breakout year for Care2 and we are on our way to posting incredible growth for the year.  

In Q3 we exceeded expectations, with $5.2 million in revenue and 36% growth year to year!  As a result, we have increased our 2017 forecast to $18.5 million in revenue and $500,000 net income.

We hope you will take this one last chance to join us today in making the world a better place and seeing a potential return on your investment as we grow.

Thank you for the support!
Care2 Team

Care2 Reports 36% Growth in Q3!

almost 4 years ago

Great news!  We're pleased to report that Q3 exceeded expectations, with $5.2 million in revenue and 36% growth year to year!  As a result, we have increased our 2017 forecast to $18.5 million in revenue and $500,000 net income.  2017 is shaping up to be a breakout year for Care2, with the resurgence in activism driving significant growth in our community and client campaigns.  

Thanks to the support of investors like you, our momentum will continue into 2018 and beyond, building the value of the company for all investors and enabling us to collectively be an even greater force in making the world a better place!

The investment window is coming to a close and for those of you who have not yet invested during this limited time opportunity, this is your last chance to become a partial owner of Care2.


Marlin Miller
COO, Care2

International Investment Minimum Lowered to $250!

almost 4 years ago

We are really excited to announce that we have been able to lower the minimum investment for international investors to $250, matching the U.S. minimum.  We hope this gives even more of our members and supporters the chance to become a partial owner of Care2.  

Now Accepting International Investors

about 4 years ago

We are so excited to announce that we are now accepting investors outside of the U.S.  One thing to note, due to SEC regulations there is a minimum investment of $1,000 for international investors and payment must be made via wire transfer or credit card.  We are thrilled to offer our members and supporters outside of the U.S. the opportunity to own a piece of Care2!

Randy Responds: "How Will I Make My Money Back?"

about 4 years ago

We are so excited about the interest we have seen in our offering so far!  

A question I’ve gotten from some individuals who are still considering investing is; "I love what Care2 is doing and can see the impact on the world, but how will I make my money back?"  

Great question! 

Care2 is among a group of pioneering companies proving it's possible to make money while making the world a better place.  We use business as a force for good.  

We've all seen the destruction that happens when businesses pursue profits blindly using old models. Instead, imagine a new model, where the actual product of the company is "doing good" (e.g. Care2), so the company generates profits by doing good.. and then reinvests those profits to do even more good.  I call that an "engine for good".  

Make money and do good - the two can, and should(!!), go hand in hand. That's how we transform the economy, and the world.

Can that success translate into financial gain for investors? Absolutely. There are a growing number of "socially responsible" companies that have done just that. 

For example, Annies Homegrown, Burt’s Bees, Honest Tea, Method, Seventh Generation, and The Body Shop all started with a single person and a dream, had models with deep socially responsible business practices, and each generated considerable returns for investors when the company was acquired by a larger corporation.  Some have even had an IPO (Initial Public Offering), such as online retailer, Etsy.

It's been our goal since Day 1 to provide a strong financial return to our shareholders. We're now at a size and growth rate that is closer than ever to achieving that goal, and we hope you will join us!


Randy Paynter
Founder & CEO, Care2

Credit / Debit Cards Now Being Accepted

about 4 years ago

We are so excited about the interest in our offering and thank all of you for visiting our page. Due to popular demand we just added the option to invest using a credit / debit card. We hope that this additional payment method will be helpful. Thanks!

<<Please note there is a limit for credit/debit cards of $2,000 per investment.>>

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