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Herbal Wellness Transformed

Invest in CannaKorp

CannaKorp has designed and manufactured the world’s first pod-based vaporizer system for the inhalation of beneficial, natural botanicals and herbs. We call it the Wisp. Some people instantly compare it to the very popular single-cup coffee systems…and they're not wrong. Just like the coffee systems, the convenience and simplicity of the Wisp system is a hallmark of this innovative consumer product for inhaling natural herbal remedies.  And it certainly helps that the team behind the Wisp includes some of the same people who made Keurig one of the most successful consumer products on the planet!

To bring our innovation to market, CannaKorp partners with cultivators and processors in local territories to put their herbs in CannaKorp’s proprietary Wisp pods. Retailers sell the filled pods and Wisp devices. CannaKorp earns a flat-fee for each pod. Simply, our business model is all about recurring revenue as loyal customers regularly buy new pods.

After securing more than $7 million in seed and two successful equity funding rounds, we're now inviting investors like you to join in CannaKorp's journey to bring a new wellness benefit to people everywhere. With your investment, we can roll out the Wisp to consumers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe in the months and years to come, promoting herbal wellness around the globe.

The Offering

$0.52/share of Non-Voting Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $22M.

With thoughtful technology, CannaKorp empowers people everywhere to embrace the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and nature’s profound array of beneficial flowers, plants and herbs.

Help Us Make Lightning Strike Twice

A Brief Word from our Chairman

“As Chairman of CannaKorp, I am excited about our prospects because it reminds me so much of my days as a senior executive at Keurig/Green Mountain—the company that changed the way we drink coffee behind a unique pod system. Similarly, our Wisp system is revolutionizing herbal vaporization with pods that deliver incredible convenience and a great experience. The value proposition for consumers and partners is so strong that I became an early investor in the company. They say lightning rarely ‘strikes twice’—we are striving to prove that wrong! It is not going to be easy—and many challenges lie ahead—but our team is dedicated to making it happen.

We want to be totally transparent with you as a potential investor. You should be aware that we are a non-revenue company at this point, on the  verge of launching our Wisp herbal vaporizer in North America. We have successfully raised over seven million dollars from private investors to get to this point but need additional capital to continue.

Like many start-ups, we are raising money via crowdfunding to allow us to continue operations—without crowdfunding or significant other private investment our company could be in danger of having to cease operations. We are excited about our product—and your help will enable us to go to market. Our mid-term goal is to have enough financing to enable us to go public on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) before Fall of this year which should make us well capitalized.”

Dave Manly


Introducing the Wisp

A Revolutionary Herbal Vaporizer

Our unique technology makes vaporizing easy and produces a clean vapor directly from whole-flower herbs.

Our patent-pending Wisp Pods and Wisp Vaporizer are specially designed and tested to produce a vaporexperience like no other.

The Wisp's microprocessor ensures optimal performance by managing temperature, time and air flow.

The Wisp's hygienic vapor-capturing sleeve is easily removable forquick replacement.

"This is the way people will consume cannabis over the next decade."

Travis Howard

CEO, Shift Cannabis

Wisp Pods lock out air and light to preserve freshness and quality.

Easily create vapor with a single touch operation.

Inhale naturally from the personal Wisp Vapor Bottle.

Users enjoy a naturally rich and tasty vapor in minutes.

Add Wisp to Your Wellness Program

...And a Range of Herbal Remedies

The Wisp is an herbal wellness device for lots of plants, herbs and botanicals!

Since ancient times, herbal wellness has been used by many different cultures all over the world to treat illness and support health. While herbal wellness is not a licensed profession in the United States, herbal remedies in the form of extracts, tinctures, capsules, tablets and teas may be recommended by healthcare practitioners of many different disciplines as a practical way to address a wide variety of health concerns.

The Wisp gives consumers an entirely new method and much easier way in which to explore, experiment with, and enjoy herbal wellness.


With our pods, there's no grinding, rolling or touching. In only a minute, users can begin vaporizing the herbal remedy of their choice.


Our Pod-O-Matic system allows the growers we partner with to deliver a consistent experience to our users each and every time.


We ensure that the growers CannaKorp works with only offer high-quality ground flower and not de-natured extracts.

"The company’s sleek, white-plastic vaporizer heats marijuana just enough to release the active compounds while stopping short of actually burning the plant. Users breathe in the vapors released through a canister, and the marijuana comes in small, single-use “pods” that are independently filled by legally authorized growers."

The Boston Globe


We hold our partners to the highest standards, ensuring that only lab-tested products go into Wisp Pods.


CannaKorp with a “K” is a kind company founded on a commitment to customers, partners and the community.


We give our customers the opportunity to explore an entire universe of herbal blends and strains so they can find the ones that work best for them.

"Just place the pod in the device, press a button and (minutes) later you have a clean, safe, consistent way to enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana."


Taking a Closer Look at Our Cultivators

It's What's on the Inside that Counts...

We know that choice will be incredibly important to Wisp's users, which is why we're forging partnerships with some of the best companies in the world. These partners will create Wisp pods with the highest standards, and sell them through their own or other retailers who also sell the Wisp.

Below are four of our awesome partners...

How They Describe Themselves...

"Bear blend is just herbs from the ground, bro. We’ve taken the most high-quality herbs & then crafted blends with them to offer a dynamic range of effects from uplifting to relaxing. This isn’t a high like cannabis, it’s more of a gentle vibe, like a nice breeze through a meadow after it rains. Plus these are all Certified Organic herbs and fair trade harvested."

Learn more about Bear Blend here!

How They Describe Themselves...

"MedReleaf sets The Medical Grade Standard for cannabis in Canada and around the world. The first and only ISO 9001 certified cannabis producer in North America, MedReleaf is a R&D-driven company dedicated to patient care, scientific innovation, research and advancing the understanding of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis."

Learn more about MedReleaf here.

How They Describe Themselves...

"Cann Group is building a world-class Australian business to take advantage of opportunities in the emerging medicinal cannabis industry. Cann’s board and management has extensive experience in the agriculture sector and with developing and commercializing agricultural technology. Cann’s vision is to be a leading developer and supplier of medicinal cannabis into the Australian market."

You can learn more about Cann Group Limited here.

How They Describe Themselves...

"We’re not Big Pharma. At SIRANATURALS, we take science very seriously but we also believe in taking a natural approach to creating medical marijuana products. The pharmaceutical drug industry wants to isolate active molecules and sell you pills and chemicals. We want you to feel better naturally, instead. While synthetic THC exists, natural cannabis appears to be more effective. A simple parallel may be drawn between whole grain and white flour. Separating grain into its components reduces its nutritional benefits. The same is true for cannabis – science hasn’t caught up to nature. That’s why we do what we do."

You can learn more about SiraNaturals here.

The Team Behind CannaKorp Makes the Difference

Experience That Can't Be Matched

The team of entrepreneurs and executives at the helm of CannaKorp is a real difference maker.  Dave Manly, CannaKorp’s Chairman, is a former Keurig senior executive who helped lead the company's killer product that took over the coffee-drinking world. The team includes four other former Keurig people, including CTO Ian Tinkler, the lead executive engineer behind Keurig's groundbreaking product.

Overall, CannaKorp has attracted very experienced, multi-disciplinary people from a cross section of related industries: consumer goods, medical device, software, finance and industrial goods.

The Health and Wellness Industry

Massive Global Market with Tremendous Opportunity

At CannaKorp, we recognize that you are at the heart of your own wellness, and you want to decide what’s best for your mind, body and soul...

The past three years have been dedicated to research and development and ensuring that the Wisp and its associated products are prepared to meet the demands of today's consumer. We've now moved from R&D to go-to-market, and we're confident that the Wisp is poised to become the premiere easy-to-use home appliance for vaporization and herbal wellness.

CannaKorp is focused on delivering technology that provides people with unique alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical and over-the counter remedies. According to the Global Wellness Institute, 37% of the world's 3.2 billion workers report significant stress related to their employment.

The Wisp provides everyone a simple and consistent way to alleviate stress, work-related and otherwise, through herbal remedies. And it's this herbal remedies market in which CannaKorp sees incredible global potential.

An incredible amount of potential exists within the cannabis industry, particularly with public opinion of cannabis and its myriad health benefits evolving rapidly in the United States. By offering a user-friendly, consistent and reliable experience, the Wisp can appeal to current cannabis users and also introduce it to new demographics!

Currently, cannabis sales in the United States are valued at around $6 billion annually, but that figure is expected to grow to as much as $50 billion by 2026. There are now 32 States and Territories with medical legalization and eight states with full legalization. The general consensus is that its only a matter of time and that legalization will continue to increase and will naturally push these projections even higher. Cannakorp stands ready to enter and capitalize on this exciting and rapidly growing market.

Overall, the global wellness market represents a $3.7 trillion dollar industry. Of that, "Complementary & Alternative Medicine" comprises approximately $200 billion. Within this niche market, CannaKorp is carving out a new place for itself, namely the vaporizing of natural botanicals and herbs. In addition, we'll also be working within the global cannabis market, which has an estimated value of $65 billion.

Overall, the global wellness market represents a $3.7 trillion dollar industry. Of that, "Complementary & Alternative Medicine" comprises approximately $200 billion. Within this growing market, CannaKorp is carving out a new place for itself, namely the vaporizing of natural botanicals and herbs. In addition, we'll also be working within the global cannabis market, which has an estimated value of $65 billion.

The Wisp Is Coming Soon...

The United States

Beginning in Massachusetts, in partnership with Sira Naturals, we begin rolling out the Wisp state by state.


With a world-leading national medical marijuana program and adult-use legalization planned for the summer of 2018, the Wisp is poised to address one of the most progressive markets in the world in partnership with MedReleaf.

Australia & New Zealand

In partnership with Cann Group Limited, CannaKorp will be rolling out The Wisp in Australia and New Zealand for use by medical doctors in dosing medicinal cannabis.

CannaKorp Is Well Known and Respected

What Others Are Saying About CannaKorp and the Wisp

"I'm a long-time venture capitalist. One thing I love about the Wisp product and the team behind it is they have a very deep background as operating executives, as inventors, as entrepreneurs, as marketing professionals. And that's one reason that I invested behind this company and this team."

Jeanne Sullivan

Venture Capitalist

CannaKorp Advisor & Investor

"CannaKorp has developed a single-usepod and vaporizer system for medical marijuana. The machine is designed around a one-way valve, doesnot require grinding, and claims to deliver a consistentflavor and aroma during each experience."

from 2017 Cannabis Trailblazers

"The Keurig of kush successfully closed its Series A round of funding in January and has plans to roll out across legal states later this year. As the world’s first single-use pod-based vaporizing system, it plans to deliver unprecedented quality, convenience, and consistency through a complete system that includes the ground-breaking device; single-use, pre-measured 'CannaCloud Pods' filled with lab-tested ground cannabis; and an automated processing and filling machine, the 'CannaMatic.'"

from Haute Box: 9 Must-Have Home Cannabis Appliances

Q&A With Our Co-Founder

James Winokur Answers Common Questions About Wisp and CannaKorp

How do you plan to scale?

CannaKorp has the opportunity and will manage its business to scale globally. We already have a big head start on the personnel, systems and supporting vendor-partners needed to scale the business in two different ways: first as an eCommerce company selling Wisp devices throughout the world in adherence with regulatory requirements, and second as a technology company supporting partners who will fill pods in the U.S. state-by-state and internationally. Wisp Pods will be available with natural, botanical herbal blends globally and, in accordance with cannabis laws, within countries such as Canada and Australia and as an exported/imported product to other legal territories.

What is the competitive landscape?

Every day more and more people are turning to herbal wellness and away from medicines that can be addictive or include detrimental side effects.  Finding innovative ways to extract herbal benefits and devices to consume them is an ever-evolving process. CannaKorp is excited to contribute to the evolution. In the cannabis space, more and more products are invented every day. The competitive landscape includes all the ways you could ingest, inhale or apply herbal medicines.  Direct competitors include devices for which the individual must understand the make-up of the herbs, prepare the herbs, set the right temperature for vaporization and be experienced enough to get it all right. The hand-held or portable device category for cannabis includes some well-known brands which have earned good reputations. But, they are inherently inferior to the larger home-use or desktop devices. These devices include three or four well-known brands but each requires a good deal of experience and are based on aesthetic and sometimes mechanical designs that are outdated.

What are the competitive advantages unique to the Wisp?

No matter what, the competitors’ devices are only as effective and efficient as the person who is preparing and controlling the process. CannaKorp’s Wisp is a step above the rest, because the automated system and pre-measured pods deliver a consistent, efficient experience every time. The whole point of the Wisp is to make it super easy for the user by providing advanced technology - it should feel like magic. Technically, the secret of the system is the marriage of the pre-measured Wisp Pod, the Wisp Pod design and the manner in which the Wisp device heats the pod and controls the air flow through it and into the Vapor bottle sleeve. No other device on the market automates the process like the Wisp or delivers the vapor extraction efficiency the Wisp does.  


What are the barriers to entry?

There are three main barriers to entry: patents, partners and positioning. But, as with any successful product, we expect fast followers to emerge. First, we have filed several patents on the Wisp device, Wisp Pod design and how they work together. Those filings were done in many countries around the world.  CannaKorp will have to vigorously defend its patent but that is in our plan. Second, our partner model targets the “best-of-the-best”. There’s no question the herbs inside the Wisp will be a big part of the experience and value to our customers. Those herbs need to be of the highest quality in terms of efficacy and laboratory tested to be free of any harmful elements. Fast followers may find other partners, but they will not be able to partner with our network. Third, CannaKorp is on the cusp of going to market with its unique product, which means the Wisp will forever be known as the first pod-based vaporizing system. Every other product will be compared to and will have to catch up to our first-mover advantage.

What is this “herbal wellness?”

Humans have been using natural elements as medicine since the dawn of time: flowers, roots, trees, vegetation, etc. The Wisp device is uniquely positioned to allow people the opportunity to explore various options using natural herbs. Sometimes those herbs are a blend of ground botanicals and sometimes they are ground cannabis flower. In both cases, people have found benefit from each.  Much like herbal teas.  But in this case, through inhalation rather than ingestion.

What is your exit strategy?

CannaKorp is a privately held company that has raised money in various equity rounds of funding. The management team is very mindful of its shareholders and takes great care in making decisions that are intended to be in the shareholders best interest. To that end, the management team plans to build the value of the company through great product, great support and great attention to its customers. With that foundation, shareholder value grows and exit opportunities emerge. The dream of the management team is to go public in the United States on a major stock exchange. A public offering’s goal would be to provide shareholders liquidity and take advantage of the ability to buy and sell CannaKorp shares. Before we get to that stage, CannaKorp intends to explore all options along the way that could also provide shareholders with the best exit outcome. Those options include, but are not limited to, merger, acquisitions, international public offerings and private equity funding.

What is CannaKorp’s Banking situation and strategy?

CannaKorp has a very stable and favorable banking relationship. With complete transparency into all of our business operations, e.g. business lines and international opportunities, we do not anticipate any near-term issues. However, given the possibility that banking or other federal laws can change we will have to navigate those changes as they arise.

Will CannaKorp operate outside the U.S?

CannaKorp currently has definitive partner agreements in Canada and Australia for cannabis pod-filling and distribution. Each country operates national programs and each country allows for export. In Canada, in the summer of 2018, their new provincially regulated adult use cannabis markets will launch. CannaKorp will operate with its pod-filling partner as well as the provinces and retail partners for distribution of the Wisp into the adult use market. CannaKorp is also continuously monitoring and researching opportunities in Central and South America, Europe and Africa. As appropriate, we expect to operate in those territories as well.

How will you use funds raised through this crowdfunding initiative?

In order to launch and expand the business as we have described, the initial use of funds from crowdfunding will be to build the resources necessary to establish pod-filling partners state-by-state in the U.S. and the related launches. Those resources include the upfront cost of pod-filling equipment, personnel and promotional activity. In parallel, given regulatory approval, CannaKorp will conduct the same activity with our Canadian partner, MedReleaf. While inventory has already started to ship, additional funds will be used for manufacturing and inventory build-up.

Invest in CannaKorp Today!

Take Part in the Future of Herbal Wellness

Just like single-serve coffee pods transformed the coffee market, so too does Wisp have the potential to transform the herbal wellness and cannabis markets. Our single-serve herbal vaporizer has incredible potential, especially as it can draw in consumers who wouldn't normally consider vaporizing.

By becoming an investor in Wisp, you can help us to capitalize on the global wellness market with an irresistibly simple and effective product. Your investment will help us to accomplish this by allowing us to fund our state-by-state launches, purchase more inventory, hire more personnel, and launch our full marketing and promotional efforts.

The buzz surrounding the Wisp has been incredible, and we're on the precipice of taking the next step... Invest in CannaKorp today, and get in on the ground floor of the future of herbal wellness!

In the Press

A former Keurig executive explained why he left to work at the 'Keurig of Cannabis'
July 10, 2016

"It's the perfect consumer product to have on a shelf," Manly said. "I'm a consumer product guy. My vantage point is we're going to make our product very approachable and very easy to buy."

Pot-vaporizer maker lands $4.1m investment
January 12, 2017

Investors have poured another $4.1 million into CannaKorp, a Stoneham startup developing marijuana vaporizers reminiscent of single-serving coffee machines, following the legalization of recreational use of the drug by Massachusetts and three other states in 2016.

The Keurig of Weed Vaporizers May Soon Be a Real Thing
May 24, 2016

From the consumer's perspective, it's expectedly simple to use. Just place the pod in the device, press a button and a minute later you have a clean, safe, consistent way to enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana.

Australia’s Cann Group Partners With The USA’s CannaKorp
August 28, 2017

Cann Group Limited announced last week it had inked a licensing and distribution agreement with CannaKorp, Inc. to import and sell the Cannacloud vaporizing device and to produce medical cannabis pods used with it.

The 'Keurig for weed': $150 pod-based smart marijuana vaporizer set to go on sale
May 25, 2016

CannaKorp has developed what is being hailed the ‘Keurig for weed’ – a vaporizer that releases marijuana from single-serving pods.

We Have High Hopes For The So-Called "Keurig Of Weed"
May 30, 2016

There are already Keurig-like pods and devices for Campbell's soup, juicing, and cocktails. The machine is arguably all we need to fuel up, fill up, and wind down. Now, marijuana tech startup CannaKorp is promising a new way to Netflix and chill.

Do Any of These Keurig Wannabes Actually Work Like a Keurig?
September 11, 2017

Is this a high-end humidifier? No, it’s the CannaCloud, a tech-forward weed vaporizer that is guaranteed to get modernists totally baked in no time, man.

There will soon be Keurig-like pods for pot
May 24, 2016

Massachusetts-based CannaKorp will soon have a machine for weed users that emulates the Keurig coffee pod experience with capsules filled by legally authorized growers. The machine then vaporizes the contents for consumption.

Consume responsible amounts of marijuana with a Keurig for weed
May 23, 2016

CannaKorp's vaporizer will be sleek and white, and vaporizes the marijuana by heating it without setting it on fire. The company argues that their product combines simple design with powerful efficacy.

These 9 Audacious Ideas Will Be Huge in 2016
January 6, 2016

There's already a "Keurig for pot," a vaporizer by CannaKorp that uses friendly single-dose pods. Maybe Grandma would be comfortable keeping one on her side-table.

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CannaKorp, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based technology start-up company that is simplifying and improving the experience for herbal vaporization. CannaKorp has developed a single-use pod and vaporizer system aimed to deliver quality, convenience and consistency.

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