Bolt Mobility Corporation

Enabling Micromobility

Bolt Mobility Corporation

Enabling Micromobility

Miami, FL
Bolt is a micromobility company that provides sustainable transportation solutions to communities and organizations throughout the world, according to their specific needs and infrastructure. Our product suite includes electric scooters and bikes, imagined by world-renowned designers, that allow the communities and organizations who use them to maximize efficiency and mobilize their workforce.


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$300 Investment
Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt
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$1000 Investment
Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt, Virtual Q&A with Ed Welburn
$10,000 Investment
Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt, Virtual Q&A with Ed Welburn, 1% bonus shares, Unlimited rides for life on Bolt Scooter Network (Non-transferrable)
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Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt, Virtual Q&A with Ed Welburn, 5% bonus shares, 1 Next Generation 2021 Bolt Scooter
$50,000 Investment
Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt, Virtual Q&A with Ed Welburn, 10% bonus shares, 2 Next Generation 2021 Bolt Scooters
$107,000 Investment
Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt, Virtual Q&A with Ed Welburn, 10% bonus shares, 2 Next Generation 2021 Bolt Scooters, Virtual Meet & Greet with Usain Bolt

Reasons to Invest

Bolt was founded by Olympic gold medalist and fastest man alive, Usain Bolt. Joining the team is the legendary former VP of General Motors Global Design, Ed Welburn, considered one of the premier minds in automotive design.
The need for personal transportation devices has caused the e-scooter market to experience an increase in profits since the pandemic and the US Market is projected to be worth $300B by 2030. 
Since founding in 2018, Bolt has raised over $30M to fund their initial growth.

“Enabling micromobility worldwide”



To provide the best solution for short distance travel worldwide 

Bolt was founded in 2018 by Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt on the belief that world class design and a nimble, customizable approach can produce extraordinary micromobility solutions for communities around the world. Today, Bolt is enabling local business owners and individuals alike by bringing our technology and micromobility devices to expanding markets in the US and worldwide.


*The images above include prototypes or products that are currently in development.

With the addition of Ed Welburn, the legendary former General Motors VP of Global Design and creator of the Transformers Bumblebee Camaro, Bolt’s design team is poised to build upon its variety of best-in-class micromobility devices to serve the diverse needs of its various community partners.

The Problem

Today’s cities are overly congested and immensely polluted

Traffic gridlock. Parking congestion. And, of course, the related carbon footprint impact.  With these problems in mind, the Bolt team concluded that mobility options in cities lacked equity due to factors that included: accessibility to affordable transit; personal-vehicle costs; traffic congestion; and a lack of sustainability, the result of heavy dependence on fossil fuel. The team now had its mission: to create safe, smart and sustainable transport solutions.


Enter the Bolt customized approach to micromobility—transportation solutions for short distances. Through advanced, supply-and-demand data analysis, we devise a seamless commuting experience that integrates all modes of transport.

The Solution

High quality, user-friendly devices and technology, designed with safety and sustainability in mind

Our mission is to provide sustainable micromobility technology solutions throughout the world.

Our fleet of e-scooters and bikes has been designed for greater durability, safety, and sustainability, and features swappable batteries which eliminate the shuttling of scooters to charging centers/garages. Our dual forward-facing footrests ensure greater balance, visibility and safety, while NanoSeptic wraps, placed on handlebars and brake levers, turn dirty high traffic, public touch-points into continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Our product utilizes preventative maintenance driven by data real-time error inspections, reporting and resolution, with live 24/7 customer support so our users always have access to quality transportation.

While the devices move us from point to point, it is the software that bridges what is possible and what is real for micromobility. MobilityOS is our proprietary suite of software that allows for customization, control, connectivity, and scalability.

The Market

A growing multibillion dollar market

The US micromobility market is projected to be worth $300B by 2030*. Within the Japanese market, Bolt is positioned to be the dominant micromobility player.  As the pioneer of the B2B micromobility market and by democratizing micromobility, Bolt will define a portion of the TAM that has yet to be uncovered.

*(Source: McKinsey & Company, McKinsey Center For Future Mobility, “Micromobility’s 15,000-Mile Checkup”)

Our Traction

Making progress, even in the face of the pandemic

Bolt launched in July 2018 after conducting extensive analysis of transportation in dense, crowded urban environments. Since then, the company has raised $30M which has been used to develop and refine our technology and devices and fund our initial growth phase. With several additional markets and partners currently in discussion to implement Bolt’s micromobility solutions on the ground, Bolt will continue to provide its Mobility-as-a Service (MaaS) expertise to new communities, filling a vital and growing need for flexible, sustainable short-distance travel solutions.

We have made a name for ourselves as a pioneer in B2B micromobility in the US and have been able to maintain and even grow our business in 2020 despite the global economic downturn. In fact, scooters have become more popular and more widely used since the pandemic started (Source). Bolt is empowering local businesses, such as Portland, Oregon-based ‘We Ride Tomorrow’, by providing city residents with a much-needed affordable, sustainable, easy-to-use transportation solution.

What We Do


MobilityOS is an ecosystem of technology that powers micromobility. Creating an integrated solution that unites hardware and software, MobilityOS sets the global standard for micromobility technology by providing ultimate customization, compatibility, and turn-key solutions. With MobilityOS, Bolt is transforming our service from being a commodity to a personal experience.

E-scooters with a focus on safety, durability and fun

Bolt’s fleet includes two different scooter designs: the Bolt One and the Bolt Chariot, both of which have a 25+ mile range, a USB charging port for phones and electronics, an LCD screen with range, speed and time display, 10 inch wheels and a swappable battery. The Chariot features a phone holder and comfortably fits regular sized shopping bags.


Screens on scooters have a MobilityOS suite of products like multilingual support, custom IoT and a turn-by-turn navigation system. E-scooters are recharged/recycled/reused, rather than disposed of in landfills. Our new scooters also address current public health concerns by implementing self-cleaning NanoSeptic technology on the handlebars, using UV light to oxidize bacteria.

The Business Model

Pioneers in B2B micromobility

By providing a full-suite of tools and devices, Bolt is empowering local small businesses to take part in the expanding micromobility market. In every new market, Bolt works hand-in-hand with local authorities, businesses and entrepreneurs to determine the best possible design and deployment strategy given the specific needs and conditions on the ground. This results in a nimble and hyper-local business approach that produces differentiated value for customers wherever Bolt’s products are available. 

Equipped with both the technology and the devices to succeed, Bolt’s partners focus on the day-to-day operations supporting their local customer base while Bolt focuses on the technology necessary to propel them forward.


Bolt’s customizable approach has also enabled a business partnership model in select markets where Bolt is now leasing scooters to delivery workers, restaurants and other small businesses, offering a hygienic, cost-effective and sustainable strategy to maintain delivery-based operations through the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Bolt has been able to maintain and even grow its business in 2020 despite the global economic downturn.

How We Are Different

Enhancing lives, one community at a time

Bolt is improving the quality of life for users across the nation through our unique micromobility programs, which include our city partnerships, our B2B fleets, our leasing program and our partnerships with college campuses and delivery workers. We have set up our company in a way that enables and empowers individuals and businesses to benefit from the accessibility and affordability of micromobility devices. 

We have made it our mission to help your community wherever you may be with premium safety, navigation and battery technology, and 24 hour customer support. At the same time, we are helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and the local workforce become a more integral part of their community by offering a more localized approach than our competitors. We believe our solution is the best on the market.

The Vision

Global leaders in micromobility

Our goal is to be the micromobility technology industry standard and the most trusted and recognizable MaaS platform with MobilityOS. We are well on our way to being a global leader in B2B micromobility products and design-thought, with a trusted supply chain partnership. 

In addition to our current e-scooter fleet, we will also be introducing two new models to the market: the Bolt Bike and Bolt Moped.


Innovators in transportation technology, experts in speed

Co-founder and brand ambassador, Usain Bolt, is not only the fastest man alive, but he has made it his mission to fix an issue he experienced throughout his athletic career: safe, affordable transportation that can be accessed on the go. He brings his passion and drive to our team and is an active part of the innovation process. The Bolt team is made up of a cohesive group of talented individuals with a combined total of 120 years in design, technology, innovation and science. 

Recently, the team welcomed a new advisor, former VP of GM Global Design, Ed Welburn, who was considered one of the premier minds in automotive design during his 44-year career at GM.

With Usain’s passion, Ed’s innovation, CEO Ignacio Tzoumas' extensive leadership background and a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to the mission, Bolt is positioned to dominate and continue to define the micromobility market.

Why Invest

The micromobility market is growing fast and Bolt is poised to lead the movement!

As cities become increasingly congested and polluted, the need for affordable, sustainable and accessible transportation is clear. Bolt’s e-scooter addresses this issue in a way that the micromobility market has never seen before, with features such as self-cleaning handlebars, navigational tools, swappable batteries and cutting edge preventable maintenance technology. The US micromobility market is expected to reach $300 billion by 2030 and Bolt intends to make itself a global leader in this industry. We have continued to grow even during an economic downturn, by partnering with local communities and businesses across the US-- We hope that you will join our incredible team of industry experts as we expand upon this growth, widening our global network, to improve the lives of millions through access to safe, smart and sustainable transport solutions.

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Timed bonuses

Friends and Family - First 72 hours | 15% bonus shares

Super Early Bird - Next 72 hours | 10% bonus

Early Bird Bonus - Next 7 days | 5% bonus shares


$300 Investment = Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt

$1000 Investment = Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt, Virtual Q&A with Ed Welburn

$10,000 Investment = Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt, Virtual Q&A with Ed Welburn, 1% bonus shares, Unlimited rides for life on Bolt Scooter Network (Non-transferrable)

$30,000 Investment = Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt, Virtual Q&A with Ed Welburn, 5% bonus shares, 1 Next Generation 2021 Bolt Scooter

$50,000 Investment = Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt, Virtual Q&A with Ed Welburn, 10% bonus shares, 2 Next Generation 2021 Bolt Scooters

$100,000 Investment = Bolt "Owners Circle" T-Shirt, Virtual Q&A with Ed Welburn, 10% bonus shares, 2 Next Generation 2021 Bolt Scooters, Virtual Meet & Greet with Usain Bolt

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

We will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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We received the prototypes of our next batch of scooters!!

11 days ago

Some exciting things you can expect from our upcoming  E-Scooters and  E-Bikes include:

- Bigger wheels with enhanced shock-absorbers for an even smoother rider 

- Wireless charger that can easily hold even the new iPhone 12Pro Max (we made sure of that)

- Double-sided extra robust kickstand

 -Dual brakes and so much more we will reveal soon.

In the meantime, checkout a little sneak peek we posted on our instagram Prototypes sneak peek in

Did you know Bolt was honored with a key to City of Miami Dade?

13 days ago

We pride ourselves in working hand-in-hand with cities by bringing business, capital investments and jobs to the city. Our goal has always been to foster positive long term relationships in the markets where we provide our last mile transportation solutions. This philosophy earned Bolt Mobility a key to the City of Miami Dade at the 2019 Beacon Council Annual Meeting & Key ceremony. 

Below is our co-Founder and COO Kamyar Kaviani receiving the key from Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

Ed Welburn: Bolt Mobility's design advisor considered one of the premiere minds in automotive design

15 days ago

Needless to say the design of Bolt's next generation micromobility devices are in VERY good hands with Ed Welburn as part of the Bolt team. Welburn, former Vice President of General Motors Global Design, joined BOLT MOBILITY as design advisor earlier this year and is  leading the design of the next generation devices for the Bolt Mobility.

In addition to unifying all of GM design, Welburn holds the distinction of having been the highest-ranking African American in the global automotive industry. His departure from GM in 2016 capped off an impressive 44-year career that brought a bounty of beautiful vehicles into the world, that include an impressive collection of successful designs such as the latest Corvette and the revived Camaro, as well as groundbreaking concepts like the Cadillac Ciel, and Buick Avista.

“I’m thrilled to join Bolt Mobility’s extraordinary team and contribute to the innovative work this company is doing to make urban areas more sustainable,” said Welburn. “I have no doubt that we can achieve truly impressive things together.”

During Welburn’s 44-year career at GM, he was considered one of the premiere minds in automotive design.

“The man who brought beauty back to GM” 

As just the sixth head of design for General Motors and the first person ever to lead GM Design globally, Ed Welburn is one of the most influential vehicle designers of his time. Welburn was born in 1950 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His love of cars was evident almost from birth, but it truly blossomed when his parents took him to the 1958 Philadelphia International Auto Show where the Cadillac Cyclone concept car was on display.

It was then that Welburn decided he wanted to become an automotive designer. He later wrote a letter to a designer at GM, asking what he should do to become one, and received a response which advised him to keep sketching cars and to study industrial design. Welburn enrolled in Howard University’s fine arts program in 1969, where he studied sculpture and product design. After graduation, he was hired as an associate designer at the Advanced Design Studios for General Motors. Though he was the first African American designer ever at GM, Welburn did not immediately realize the significance of his position. However, he quickly understood that he was in the spotlight.

Welburn would later join the Oldsmobile design studio, where he worked on projects like the Cutlass Supreme. In 1987, he was charged with managing the creation of the Oldsmobile Aerotech, a concept car that fellow Automotive Hall of Fame Inductee A.J. Foyt drove to a record-setting 257 mph. In 2005, Welburn was asked to become the first head of Global Design for GM and tasked with uniting all ten of GM’s design centers and 2,500 employees. It was a monumental undertaking, but one that has produced an impressive collection of successful designs such as the latest Corvette and the revived Camaro, as well as groundbreaking concepts like the Cadillac Ciel, and Buick Avista.

Welburn was also awarded the Distinguished Service Citation when he was Vice President of General Motors Global Design. When appointed to this position in 2003, he became the first African American to lead a major automotive design house and only the sixth person to lead GM Design in the company’s 100-year history. He manages 1600 creative designers and sculptors who staff GM’s 11 Global Design studios.


Micromobility in the life of: Bolt Partner Timothy Robinson

18 days ago

Timothy Robinson grew up in Orange County, California, but since moving to Portland, Oregon in 2018, he’s come to consider Rip City his second home.  During that time, Tim has grown to appreciate the city’s enthusiasm for micromobility. 

“Portland has been on the forefront of micromobility for a while now,” Tim said. “Our population is passionate about reducing traffic and our carbon footprint. And since we’re not a massive city like Los Angeles, we’re ideal for e-scooters.”

Luckily for the city of Portland, Tim is an experienced entrepreneur in the apparel space, having led numerous ventures in Oregon and California. So when he saw that Bolt’s e-scooters could meet a real need for the city’s travelers and commuters, Tim didn’t have to wait for Bolt to arrive in Portland. He was able to bring Bolt there himself. 

The Bolt 1 is catching on in Portland

“I started to do a little research on how to launch my own scooter company, and realized that a partnership with Bolt Mobility represented the best opportunity for me,” Tim said. “I’ve gotten to know Bolt’s team and become familiar with their scooters, and the experience has been great. We chose to launch in Portland with the Bolt 1, which is a great model.” 

So far Bolt’s launch in Portland has been limited due in part to unrest in the form of the city’s ongoing protests for racial justice and the law enforcement response to those demonstrations. That hasn’t impacted Tim’s view of Bolt’s long-term future in the city. 

“I think that I have an advanced understanding as an African American entrepreneur who is trying to launch a business of the national political climate we are in,” Tim explained. “It is a bit of a catch-22 in the sense that my business is being disrupted by the protests. However, as an African American, I understand the protests and I deeply appreciate everyone’s efforts. I support people standing up peacefully and demanding positive change.

Tim believes that eventually Bolt’s premium product and safer scooter model will make it the premiere micromobility solution in Portland. In fact, he sees Bolt’s scooters as providing an essential service to the city, offering a more hygienic alternative to mass transit in the form of individualized, open-air, low-cost transportation. 

Tim is bringing Portland customers a new kind of micro mobility solution

“My company, We Ride Tomorrow, which operates in Portland, is launching a campaign to help keep the city safe. We’re supporting local businesses, helping residents however we can – and a big part of that is our micromobility partnership with Bolt.”

With Tim at the helm, Bolt and micromobility have a bright future in Portland.  

Why Usain Bolt joined Bolt Mobility and how you can be part owner too

19 days ago

"Join the Bolt movement. Be a part of something great.Movement is my life’s work. Bolt Mobility is changing movement for people around the globe, with micromobility solutions that make transportation smarter, faster, and more sustainable. Now, you can be a part of our movement at"

-Usain Bolt 

Notice of Material Change in Offering

26 days ago

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Bolt made a minor change to their perks

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