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The StartEngine Owner’s Bonus: Extra Shares, Launch Notifications and Priority Investing

December 23, 2019 3 min read


The StartEngine Owner’s Bonus: Extra Shares, Launch Notifications and Priority Investing

Receive 10% bonus shares on certain investments. Learn about new offerings at launch. Get to the front of the line in waitlisted investment opportunities.

These perks are part of the StartEngine Owner’s Bonus, a program reserved exclusively for StartEngine shareholders. To foster our community and help us improve the platform, StartEngine itself is raising capital through a Regulation A+ offering. Users can invest in us and get access to unique perks through this bonus program.

What is the StartEngine Owner’s Bonus?

We set up the Owner’s Bonus program as a way of saying thank you to those who invest in us and giving our investors exclusive benefits when investing in other companies on our platform.

When any StartEngine member invests $1,000 or more, or makes more than two investments, in StartEngine’s Regulation A+ offering, they get a year of access to some amazing perks:

1. Earn 10% Bonus Shares

StartEngine investors can earn 10% more shares when investing in participating Regulation Crowdfunding campaigns. For instance, if you invested $1,000 at $1 per share in a company, you would receive 100 bonus shares, meaning you would hold 1,100 shares for $1,000.

2. Launch Notifications

Those with the Owner’s Bonus receive a notification when a bonus-eligible company launches on StartEngine. With these notifications, you will never miss hearing about early-bird perks, whether it’s additional bonus shares that are only available during the first 48 hours of launch or a product discount for those that invest in the first week. Plus if a company’s raise takes off quickly, that launch notification can serve as a notice to invest before the raise reaches its maximum funding goal.

3. Priority Access

StartEngine shareholders with the Owner’s Bonus move to the front of the waitlist when investing in participating companies that have surpassed their maximum funding goal, getting priority access to invest should more room to invest becomes available in the event of cancelled or failed investments. In 2019, 20 companies surpassed their maximum funding goal, and this perk moved owners to the front of the line.

4. Recognition

StartEngine investors also receive a special badge next to their name in the comments section that displays across the entire platform, showing their support for StartEngine and equity crowdfunding as a whole.

How Does It Work?

A $1,000 investment in StartEngine activates the bonus for one year. Secondly, if an investor makes a second (or third) investment of any amount in StartEngine, they will receive the Owner’s Bonus for one year, or renew their bonus for a second year if they already have it.

Lastly, if an investor makes two investments of any amount within the first fifteen days of having the Owner’s Bonus, they will receive an additional year of Owner’s Bonus benefits.


The StartEngine Owner’s Bonus program is our reward to those who truly believe in what we’re doing – so much so that they invest in the platform, not just on the platform.

Last year, over 225 companies participated in the Owner’s Bonus program and over 855 investments were made with the Owner’s Bonus.

Learn more about the Owner’s Bonus here.

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