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StartEngine Founder’s Summit: Free Yourself From VCs

May 1, 2019 2 min read


StartEngine Founder’s Summit: Free Yourself From VCs

During the last panel of the day, StartEngine’s Vice President of Sales & Business Development Allen Jebsen led a discussion with several StartEngine clients that are preparing, or currently raising capital through, Regulation A+ offerings.

The three panelists were Mark Hanchett, the founder & CEO of Atlis Motor Vehicles, Matthew Mills, the COO & President of Med-X, and Hil Davis, the CEO of Digital Brands Group.

Allen probed the three panelists on their decisions to raise capital through crowdfunding and how it has helped their business. Their conversation covered the following:

  • Why Regulation A+ is a good alternative to venture funding and to Regulation D 506(c)
  • Turning investors into consumers of your product and vice-versa is a powerful way to grow and strengthen your community
  • The challenges of raising capital and continuing to run a business
  • The process of raising capital through repeated equity crowdfunding offerings—Atlis Motor Vehicles has raised capital with Regulation Crowdfunding and is preparing for a Regulation A+ offering, and Digital Brand Groups has raised capital through Regulation A+ offerings 4 times
  • Why calling your investors is a good tactic for your campaign
  • The path from Regulation A+ to creating liquidity for investors in secondary markets, and more

You can watch the panel in full here:


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