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Equity Crowdfunding in Review: August 2019

September 12, 2019 3 min read


Equity Crowdfunding in Review: August 2019

The following data covers Regulation Crowdfunding raises between May 16, 2016, and August 31, 2019. Data is sourced from all publicly disclosed Form C filings with the SEC, as well as public websites.

Standard Analysis

Index: 2325

In August:

  • Companies raised $10.4M
  • 58 companies launched Regulation Crowdfunding offerings
  • The Index grew 5.2%

In total, companies have raised $232.5M via Regulation Crowdfunding.

By State

Capital Raised via Reg CF in August by State

In August, companies in California raised the most capital, with $2M raised. New York followed with $1.7M and Texas with $1.4M.

By County

Capital Raised via Reg CF in August by County

Fairfield County, Connecticut (which is just north of New York City along the coast) raised the most capital in August with $1.1M. New York County followed close behind with $1M, and Fulton County, Georgia (Atlanta) rounded out the top 3 with $983K.

By Industry

Capital Raised via Reg CF in August by Industry

The Media & Entertainment Industry took the top spot in August, with companies raising $2.4M. Food & Beverage followed with $2.1M, and Technology with $1.7M.

StartEngine in August

Capital Raised on StartEngine via Reg CF in August

Coffee delivery service Goffee raised the most capital in August, with $379K. AquaVault, the portable travel safe, raised $189K, and outdoor apparel company Adv3nture raised $176K.

Did You Know?

On average, corporations that raise capital through Regulation Crowdfunding have more than double the total assets that Limited Liability Companies do.

Raising in Los Angeles


campaigns in progress, up 4 from the previous month


new offerings filed with the SEC, down 2 from the previous month


raised in August

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