The Blendid offering is now closed and is no longer accepting investments.


The Worlds First Autonomous Robotic Food Kiosk


The Worlds First Autonomous Robotic Food Kiosk

Sunnyvale, CA
Food & Beverage
Blendid builds robotic and AI-enabled food automation solutions. The company’s first product, a fully autonomous robotic kiosk, crafts healthy and delicious smoothies that are made fresh-on-demand and customized to individual taste and nutrition preferences. Blendid recently signed a commercial agreement with Jamba and is ready to scale operations to achieve its mission of making healthy food more personalized and accessible.


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This offering ended on November 20, 2021 and is no longer accepting investments.

Reasons to Invest

Blendid and Jamba have signed a commercial agreement that will allow the companies to expand and deploy “Jamba by Blendid” kiosks across the country in various types of commercial locations. Blendid has also received a strategic investment from Focus Brands (parent of Jamba) as Blendid looks to scale up its manufacturing and operations to bring Jamba by Blendid kiosks to locations nationwide.
Blendid is already operating in big box retail stores, universities, and malls, including select Walmart and co-branded Jamba locations in California, with plans to expand to Georgia as our next market. Blendid has optimized its operations through real-world experience, having served over 50K smoothies already.
Blendid’s proprietary contactless, food-safe, and NSF-certified technology is poised for increased market adoption in the post-COVID world. Their AI-driven platform has 10 patents granted or in-process.



Healthy Food Made Accessible with Robotic and AI Technology

Healthy options always seem limited when we’re in a hurry. That’s where Blendid comes in. Their compact, accessible robotic food kiosk is designed to… 

  • Empower operators to meet consumer demand for fast, healthy, affordable food options with greater consistency and lower overhead than traditional food service models

  • Give consumers fresh, healthy, and personalized food options on the go

  • Provide consumers with a contactless, safe, and all-digital experience


The Problem

Healthy Eating Is Expensive for Consumers and Operators

People generally want to eat healthy, provided they can find options that also taste great and are easy on their wallets. However, it’s challenging to get affordable, delicious, healthy food on the go. That’s because it’s usually either unavailable where and when they need it, too expensive, or not in line with their taste preferences.

At the same time, operators face their own set of challenges, including rising food costs (source), hiring challenges and wage increases (source), and increased demand for healthy, affordable food (source). Covid-19 has added additional pressures, including the need for contactless ordering, assembly, and delivery.

The Solution

Hello, Blendid

Meet Blendid: a compact, autonomous, contactless robotic food kiosk that can be installed in a wide range of locations to provide 24/7 fresh food service at low operational costs.


Robotics and AI are changing the way we live, work, and eat. Blendid deploys this technology in an 8x8 foot kiosk to give consumers access to healthy, affordable, and delicious food anywhere. 

The Blendid solution is designed to optimize the consumer experience and maximize operator effectiveness with cutting-edge technology.

  • Blendid’s vision algorithms learn and adapt to recognize ingredients, recipes, and levels; their continuous calibration ensures that errors are eliminated even across diverse operating environments
  • Blendid's AI engine continuously learns and adapts to consumer preferences 
  • Blendid has 10 design patents awarded (4) or in progress (6) for software-driven food preparation and cloud-driven distributed IoT management
  • The company’s Restaurant Management System provides a full suite of provisioning, monitoring, and analytics tools to manage and operate kiosks remotely

Vision System - a perfect pour every time  

Blendid’s AI Engine Knows Consumer Preferences:

Blendid’s Restaurant Management System enables remote monitoring

The Market

Global Demand for Healthy, Accessible Food

Covid-19 has spurred significant, rapid changes in the food industry. While this reality has been challenging, it has also created a lot of opportunity for food service providers.

Here’s what the Global QSR industry looked like in 2019: 

  • Fast Casual Restaurants = $48 Billion (Source)

  • Fast Food Restaurants = $239 Billion  (Source)

  • Managed Cafeteria = $50 Billion (Source)

And based on the values of the current QSR industry, there’s no question that consumers are after food that is not only cost-effective but also fresh and healthy.

Better still, the food robotics market is projected to reach $3.1 billion by 2025, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.1% worldwide (Source).

In the US alone, Blendid has identified over 70,000 locations where the company's current offering is poised to bring value and capture market share. 

*Based on company research and management’s estimate of per-unit revenue.

Our Traction

Blending In

Blendid launched to the public in 2019 with locations at the University of San Francisco and Sonoma State University.

In 2020, Blendid signed pilot agreements with Walmart and Jamba:

  • First Walmart location launched in Fremont, California in October 2020

  • Second Walmart location, co-branded with Jamba, launched in November 2020 in Dixon, CA 

  • First mall location and second Jamba by Blendid co-branded location opened at the Stonewood Center in Downey, CA in October, 2021

Also in 2021, Blendid and Jamba signed a commercial agreement that will allow the companies to expand and deploy “Jamba by Blendid” kiosks across the country in various types of commercial locations. Blendid has also received a strategic investment from Focus Brands (parent of Jamba) as Blendid looks to scale up its manufacturing and operations to bring Jamba by Blendid kiosks to locations nationwide. 

In addition to expanding their relationship with Walmart and entering into a commercial agreement with Jamba, Blendid is working with other global food management and retail brands to deploy in a wide range of food service locations, including: 

  • Grocery and retail locations

  • Colleges

  • Hospitals 

  • Fitness centers

  • Corporate offices

  • Airports

  • Shopping malls

What We Do

Autonomous Food Solutions for a Post-COVID World

Blendid leverages advanced technology—including robotics, machine vision, and artificial intelligence—to prepare and serve healthy, fresh, and delicious food.

The company’s first concept makes use of this technology to prepare vegetable and fruit-based smoothies. Blendid’s smoothies are customized based on an individual’s preferences and made to order using nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, seeds, and superfoods. 

For the consumer, Blendid’s kiosk experience goes like this:

  1. Order at the kiosk on a tablet or ahead of time on the app

  2. Select and customize smoothie

  3. Receive notification when smoothie is ready,  approximately 3 minutes after ordering 

  4. Retrieve smoothie (stored inside the kiosk after being prepared)

All ingredients are either refrigerated or flash frozen to maintain freshness and optimal taste. Blendid uses only real, whole fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich ingredients.

The Business Model

Profitable For Operators

As a food service technology provider, Blendid licenses its technology to large, established food service and retail operators with deep expertise in activating and managing food service locations.  

While they operate a limited number of Blendid-branded locations to try new concepts and or establish proof points,  Blendid’s business is primarily driven by licensed, co-branded products (like with Jamba!).

Here’s what Blendid operators can expect when getting set up:

  • Purchase Blendid kiosk for $100k and pay 20% of sales as a licensing fee for use of the food operating platform and technical support  

  • Benefit from 24/7 remote support and coaching from Blendid’s network operation center

  • See kiosk purchase price decrease meaningfully over time, as Blendid scales up production

Then, due to low operational costs associated with Blendid, an operator can expect to achieve significantly wider margins that they would have realized through a traditional food service model. 

How We Are Different

More Than Just A Robot

While a variety of robotic food vendors have emerged to capitalize on this expanding market, there is nothing quite like Blendid.

The company’s cutting-edge design is supported by:

Blendid also brings together deep expertise in three key areas that are critical for success in this space - Technology, Business, and Culinary.

Blendid has spent five years advancing each of these areas - with a rockstar team of leaders and advisors from each discipline. The result is a field-proven operating and hardware system that works with very high uptime and is already in-market serving customers. 


A Team of Driven Leaders 

Succeeding in a space as complex as Food Tech requires strong leaders with complementary skill sets and unrelenting drive. 

When cultivating their winning team, Blendid sought out a combination of skills, passion, and creativity to innovate. 

Meet Blendid's all-star leadership team and experienced board members and advisors:

Vipin Jain; Kristen Rasmussen; Covahne Michaels; Venki Ayalur; Carrie Sams; Shirish Joshi; Vijay Dodd; Richard O'Brien; Ram Nagarajan; James D. White; Maisie Ganzler; Eric Benhamou; Michelle Gloeckler; Cody Rose; Gary Bradski; Luis Alvarez; Veronica Wu

The Vision

We Are Going Places - And We Know It

Over the next four years, Blendid has a vision to expand to thousands of national and international locations, with their food operating system automating a variety of cuisines to meet the needs and food preferences of millions of consumers.

This vision is supported by the growing food robotics market, which is estimated at $1.9 billion for the year 2020 and expected to reach $4.0 billion by 2026 (source).

Why Invest

Healthy Food Accessibility Is Ready to Launch

Food tech automation is here to stay and poised for rapid growth. Blendid has put in the work to build a strong foundation and is now ready to scale.  

Join Blendid in their mission to provide healthy food for everyone, everywhere!  

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Blendid Officially Expands in Georgia!

7 months ago

Blendid is now officially operating in Georgia! We opened our third co-branded Jamba by Blendid location at Georgia College & State University in Milledgville, GA. This is our first college campus with Jamba and our first location operated by Sodexo. We're excited to be a part of this community and introduce the future of food robotics to all!

Quickly following this opening, we launched our fourth co-branded Jamba by Blendid location at Kennesaw State University in Marietta, GA! We're both invigorated and humbled by the excitement around our product, delighting hundreds of students and faculty since we opened a few weeks ago.

"Since the beginning, we have wanted to test the Jamba by Blendid kiosks on college campuses. We know there is increasing demand for more ways to access our products and by introducing our robotic kiosks at colleges and universities across the country, we are making it even easier for consumers to enjoy smoothies 24/7," said Geoff Henry, president of Jamba. "It has been rewarding to see guests engage enthusiastically with our kiosks, and we are looking forward to speaking with future operators who are interested in testing with us and learning more about the opportunity."

President of Jamba, Geoff Henry, had a lot of exciting takeaways about the recent openings! Read more for all the exciting news and details.

New Location Opening This Month!

9 months ago

The latest and greatest Blendid kiosk is officially making a cross-country move!

Any ideas as to which venue you'll be seeing Jamba by Blendid pop up in next? Here's a hint - this crop of customers will have some refreshing smoothies to keep them hydrated all semester long! We'll be ready to welcome them by the end of the month and look forward to adding the convenience of freshly blended, made-to-order smoothies to their routine.

QSR Magazine Highlights Blendid and Jamba Partnership

10 months ago

QSR Magazine recently interviewed Geoff Henry, President of Jamba, about the moves his company is making into the robotic automation space and how their partnership with Blendid will facilitate that. You can also access the article, titled Behind the Scenes of Jamba's Game-Changing Kiosk, here.

Check out some of our favorite quotes and highlights below:

  • "Current trends indicate the kiosk is a winner," Henry says. Jamba became a market leader of what AI in foodservice could look like when it unveiled its first Jamba by Blendid robotic kiosk in Dixon in late 2020. Henry says the brand was one of the first smoothie concepts to pilot robotic kiosks as standalone units. "We're learning, and we're not afraid to experience mistakes along the way. That's only making us stronger. Just like any typical software, every iteration gets stronger every time they do a new release.

  • We think this opportunity may help us accelerate our performance in the non-traditional space even faster than we were initially anticipating,” Henry says.

  • I had a lot of confidence going into this partnership that Blendid was on to something strong and that we would only make it even that much more stronger,” Henry says.

  • "Already, operational performance has been excellent," Henry says. The majority of customers rank their satisfaction highly, and repeat order percentages are growing. Jamba plans to launch more units in a variety of channels in the first quarter of 2022, with the majority being those non-traditional units that offer Jamba a new type of growth potential.

  • It's entertainment, and it's amazing. It just represents so much of the progress that we've made as a society where we can get smart enough to have robots make customized, made to order, freshly blended, on-the-go smoothies.” 

If you'd like to stay current on where the Blendid journey goes from here, make sure to sign up on and keep up with all the exciting milestones coming our way!

Campaign Closed! Thank You Investors!

11 months ago

And that’s a wrap! Blendid’s crowdfunding campaign closed last night, and we raised over $1.4M thanks to almost 900 investors! We want to express our sincere gratitude to our community of investors and followers who have championed our cause to make healthy food more accessible through robotics and automation. You are now a part of the Blendid story.

We have a ton of exciting milestones ahead of us, so if you missed your opportunity to invest in Blendid during this raise, we encourage you to sign up for updates at to receive information about future investment opportunities. 

And, stay in touch with us and our updates by following us on social media:

The Window is Now Shutting - Less Than 3 Hours Left!

11 months ago

We are down to the wire. There are just 3 hours left in this campaign, and we wanted to share one final reminder before our round closes! It’s been a thrilling 12 hours for the Blendid campaign, and we’d like to thank the over 840 investors who believe in our mission and helped us ride to $1.37M so far.

You don’t want to regret missing the unique opportunity to become a shareholder. Food tech is the way of the future, and Blendid is ahead of the pack in making healthy food accessible through automation. The clock is officially ticking, so invest now!

Only 6 Hours Left + $1.3M Raised!

11 months ago

The investor interest in our product can’t be stopped! We only have 6 hours left to go before this campaign closes for good, and we’ve already raised $1.3M!

Blendid is building robotic and AI-enabled food automation solutions that craft healthy and delicious smoothies. Here’s a select sample of our refreshing menu:

These are all customized to individual taste and nutrition. Recently signed commercial agreements will allow us to scale operations and achieve our mission of making healthy food more accessible.

If you haven’t invested yet, we encourage you to do so now! This kind of opportunity is rare, and you’ll want to get in early to fully reap the rewards.

Just 8 Hours Remaining + Limited Space Left

11 months ago

We’ve had an incredible raise so far that saw the announcement of new locations across multiple geographies, and we’re right at the finish line. Our campaign has raised over $1.2M as of this afternoon, and it ends TODAY in just a short few hours. Thank you to the over 750 investors that have already joined our mission.

Many people wish in retrospect to have invested in pioneering companies when they had the chance. We’re here to tell you that Blendid is in that moment, and you shouldn’t pass it up. The food robotics market is exploding and poised to change the way we eat, access food, etc. We're taking the industry by storm and positioned for success in a way that no one else is.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to be an early investor in a company that’s already scaling and has the backing of big brand partnerships. Act now, as space is limited.

FINAL Hours to Invest

11 months ago

The barrier to entry in the food robotics world is high, and as a result, many companies can only speak to their prototypes. Blendid has met those demands with cutting edge software, hardware, and supply chain operations to be operating in the real world!

You can find our automated kiosks in universities, shopping malls, and retail stores, including select Walmart locations and a co-branded location with Jamba. Blendid has optimized its operations through real-world experience in colleges and supermarkets and has already served over 50K smoothies.

Our offering closes at midnight, so make sure to join us in changing the landscape of healthy food forever by grabbing your equity shares today! 

15 Hours Remaining + Top 3 Reasons to Invest Now

11 months ago

Blendid’s crowdfunding journey is ending. The opportunity to invest is officially closing tonight.

With just a few hours left to purchase equity in one of the food tech world’s hottest startups, here are the Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Blendid!

1. Industry Leading Technology - Blendid’s product team has developed a suite of novel robotics, machine learning, and AI solutions that power our robotic kiosks. While Blendid’s sleek robotic arm is one of the most notable parts of our ecosystem, there is way more going on than what meets the eye! 

2. Strategic Partnerships with Walmart and Jamba - Blendid and Jamba have signed a commercial agreement that will allow the companies to expand and deploy “Jamba by Blendid” kiosks across the country in various types of commercial locations. 

3. Growth of Food Robotics Market - The US food robotics market, currently valued at over $400 million, is expected to reach $745 million by 2026 (9.1% CAGR)! Blendid is proud to be a leader in this rapidly growing market, with an autonomous robotic food kiosk already successfully deployed in multiple locations and with exciting plans for further expansion in the works.

Make sure to join the over 700 investors who are uniting with Blendid to revolutionize the healthy food automation industry forever!

FINAL Day! We Have the Momentum!

11 months ago

As we kick off the final day of our equity crowdfunding campaign, Blendid has claimed the top spot on StartEngine for the most momentum! 🔥🔥🔥

This means we're generating interest all across the board and officially crossed $1M raised! We couldn’t be more excited for the support in our mission to disrupt the future of food through robotics and automation.

Vipin Jain, CEO of Blendid, had a few words of appreciation to share with our over 680 investors.

Blendid’s Powerhouse Team + $900K Raised!

11 months ago

Building an automated solution that satisfies the needs of operators and consumers alike in the food tech world is no easy feat, which is why we assembled an all-star team of top industry leaders with extensive track records in their respective fields. 


The complexity of our kiosk requires a myriad of skills to be brought to the table, and our powerhouse team does exactly that - The range of expertise from the food industry to machine learning software or supply chain operations, along with a passion for creativity and innovation is what drives our success and has positioned us at the forefront of the food automation world.

Thank you to the over 600 investors who’ve demonstrated their enthusiasm for our mission! We’ve already raised over $900K because of their belief in our mission. Join them and purchase your equity in Blendid before the round closes in just ONE day!

Final Investor Webinar + 1 Day Left to Invest!

11 months ago

Join our final investor webinar today at 10 AM PST! This is your last chance to ask questions of our CEO, Vipin Jain, and VP of Marketing, Covahne Michaels, before our campaign closes tomorrow. Sign up now.

The clock is ticking down! There is just 1 day left to invest in Blendid, and you will want to grab a share of this exponentially growing market. We are already out there serving real customers across multiple locations and geographies, and we’re ready to scale even faster.

You don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity. Invest Today!

48 Hours Left! We Are Over $800K + Message from our Co-Founder

11 months ago

We’re thrilled to announce that Blendid’s campaign has now raised over $800K! Thank you to the over 500 investors who have joined our mission to revolutionize the future of food through automation and attractive operator economics.

If you are still considering an investment, don’t wait any longer because we close in JUST 48 HOURS! Blendid is at the forefront of the food automation world due to its advanced software, hardware, and over 10 patents granted or in progress. Take a listen to our co-founder and Head of Engineering, Vijay Dodd, for a quick message on the power of Blendid.

Final Investor Webinar Tomorrow + 2 Days Left to Invest

11 months ago

This is your last chance to get all your questions answered by Blendid CEO, Vipin Jain, and VP of Marketing, Covahne Michaels! Join our final investor webinar tomorrow at 10 AM PST to watch the Blendid kiosk in action and engage in a Q&A session! Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Our campaign is coming to a close in just TWO days, and we want to make sure you seize the opportunity to purchase shares in one of the only food automation startups that is market tested and scaling in the real world!

Don’t wait any longer. The chance to join our journey at this stage is rare. Invest in Blendid today!

Panel Webinar TODAY + Only 3 Days Left

11 months ago

Join one of our last investor webinars with Blendid CEO, Vipin Jain, and select members of the executive team to get all your questions answered today! We’ll be going live at 1 PM PST (4 PM EST). Sign up now.

Meet Our Team Members

  • CEO & Co-founder Vipin Jain

  • CTO & Co-founder Venki Ayular

  • VP of Engineering and Co-founder Vijay Dodd

  • VP of Marketing Covahne Michaels

  • Executive Chef & Nutritionist Kristen Rasmussen

There are just THREE days left to invest in Blendid. One of the highlights of this round was announcing our expansion into the Atlanta, GA market to launch our sixth location overall. Don’t miss the opportunity to disrupt the food automation world, and invest now!


Over $700K Raised + Just 4 Days Left!

11 months ago

This crowdfunding campaign is heating up! We've officially raised over $700K, and our latest milestone demonstrates investor enthusiasm for the future of food automation. The Blendid team is excited to continue to scale across different verticals and geographies with leading technology, attractive economics, and important partnerships with recognizable brands.  

There are just 4 days left to become an investor in Blendid, so be sure to grab your equity shares before this limited public offering ends on Friday, November 19th. Invest today!

New Location Signed - We're Opening in Atlanta!

11 months ago

It’s official - Blendid is opening our next location in Atlanta, GA! The contract is signed, and assembly of our next generation kiosk is already underway. This will be our sixth location overall and first location outside of California. We look forward to bringing our delicious smoothies to a completely new region and developing some new recipes that incorporate the input of our consumers and even take into consideration the infamous Georgia peach!

Blendid's crowdfunding opportunity ends in just 7 days, so invest today as the window is narrowing quickly!

FINAL Week to Invest + Webinar Announcement

11 months ago

The clock is officially ticking, as we’ve entered the FINAL WEEK of our crowdfunding campaign! We’re thrilled with the momentum of this round so far and are looking forward to a strong close backed by a community of enthusiastic investors!

Are you interested in investing but have questions for our team? Look no further - we’ll be closing out this round with a couple of investor webinars, the first of which is next week on Tuesday, November 16th at 1 PM PST. Join Blendid’s co-founders and select members of the executive team for a live Q&A.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot now!

CTO of Blendid Discusses Software-Driven Food Prep

11 months ago

Robotics and AI are changing the way we live, work, and eat. When it comes to food robotics, Blendid is designed to optimize the consumer experience and maximize operator effectiveness with cutting-edge technology. But how exactly is this technology working, and more importantly, how does it deliver the end result of healthy, affordable, and delicious food to consumers?  

Blendid is more than just a robot - it’s a proprietary operating system we call FoodOS™.  This is the central nervous system powered by artificial intelligence for fully automated food preparation onsite and in cloud kitchens. Check out this video where our CTO, Venki Ayalur, takes a deep dive into what it takes to produce a successful software-driven food preparation system.

We Surpassed $600K + Chef Kristen on Creating with Blendid!

11 months ago

We are thrilled to announce that we are riding into the last 10 days of our campaign with a lot of heightened interest and over $600K raised already! A huge thank you to over 370 of our investors who believe in a solution that is designed to do the following:

  • Empower operators to meet consumer demand with greater consistency and lower overhead than traditional food service models

  • Give consumers fast and healthy food options on the go

  • Provide consumers with a contactless, safe, and entirely digital experience

Speaking of options for our consumers, listen to what our executive chef and nutritionist, Kristen Rasmussen, has to say about creating recipes with a tool as powerful as Blendid’s proprietary ChefOS!

2 Weeks Left to Invest + Insight from our CEO!

11 months ago

There are only TWO WEEKS left to invest in Blendid! Have you been mulling over investing in the company that’s leading the way in the food automation world? Here’s a little nudge:

  • We’ve signed a commercial agreement with Jamba to expand and deploy “Jamba by Blendid” kiosks in various commercial, nationwide locations

  • We’ve received strategic investment from Focus Brands, parent of Jamba, to support our goal to scale manufacturing and expand nationally

  • We’re actually out there operating in the real world! You can find us across big box retail stores, universities, and malls in California with plans to expand to Georgia next

  • Our proprietary contactless, food-safe, and NSF-certified technology is poised for increased market adoption in the post-COVID world, and we have 10 patents granted or in process

Take a minute and listen to our CEO, Vipin Jain, speak about the benefits of Blendid to operators and consumers alike and how the food robotics revolution is here to stay.

Disclaimer: Any new investor has the ability to cancel their investment up until 48 hours prior to the 19th, which is the close of our current campaign.

Notice of Funds Disbursement

11 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Blendid has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Blendid be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


Operating the Blendid Kiosk

11 months ago

While every Blendid kiosk has intricate software and hardware systems driving its functionality, the actual on-location operations of the kiosk are streamlined in such a way that our operator partners only have to manage a few simple steps. 

Watch one of our Blendid team members take you behind the scenes of one of our Northern California locations and explain the responsibilities required in re-stocking and servicing the kiosk.

Webinar TODAY + Meet our Co-Founder & VP of Engineering

11 months ago

Today at 12 PM PST (3 PM EST) - Join our leadership team for a live product demo and an audience Q&A that will dive into the details about this investment opportunity! Sign up with this link now, and we'll see you shortly!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to a core member of our leadership team and the innovative mind behind our industry defining hardware solutions. 

Meet Vijay Dodd, our co-founder and VP of Engineering!

Prior to co-founding Blendid in 2015, Vijay’s career notably spanned AT&T, Palm, and Barnes & Noble Nook as he augmented his large scale systems skills with industrial & product design and innovative materials. 

“Food preparation typically involves several intricate aspects coming together as a system,” he explains as his passion for systems and control, an interdisciplinary approach to solving a problem holistically, is mirrored in this.

As Blendid scales to new locations across multiple venues in the coming years, Vijay has great confidence that Blendid’s multifaceted solution will be hard to replicate.

“Food preparation on an automated basis is rather complex since several sub-systems such as electromechanical systems, transducers, and dispensing prescribed amounts of different states of food all have to come together cohesively and consistently in a closed loop. Add in food safety, which limits the choice of materials, and meeting stringent compliance for NSF certification as we have, and you have a huge challenge in building a system like ours. There is a reason why we have five patents issued with more along the way!”

Vijay and his team are forging the path for Blendid to lead the food automation sector and believe our FoodOS platform has been built to be a springboard to prepare many forms of food that can cater to the diverse needs of operators and consumers alike. Through their leadership, Blendid will be the first choice for multiple formats of food in a variety of locations - both domestic and international.

Invest today to join Vijay and the rest of our team in scaling Blendid!

We've Passed $500K!

11 months ago

We are excited to announce that we are riding into the last 3 weeks of our campaign with full momentum - thanks to over 280 investors, we’ve surpassed $500K raised!

We’re energized by the industry excitement around our product, which is certainly leading the way with an advanced output of software and hardware alongside multiple patents that allow us to scale. The Blendid solution is designed to optimize the customer experience and maximize operator effectiveness through multiple means of technology: 

  • Vision algorithms that learn and adapt to recognize ingredients, recipes, and levels

  • An AI Engine that continuously learns consumer preferences 

  • The company’s proprietary Restaurant Management System that provides a full suite of provisioning, monitoring, and remote analytics tools

If you’re still looking to invest and have some follow up questions, make sure to join our second investor webinar of this campaign at 12 PM PST on Tuesday, November 2nd. Members of our executive team will be leading a Q&A session.

Robotics are Powering the Fresh Food Revolution

11 months ago

With a little over three weeks left to invest in Blendid's campaign on StartEngine, we look forward to a strong close. At Blendid, we are powering the fresh food revolution with robotics.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to invest in the company where:

  • Blendid and Jamba signed a commercial agreement that will allow the companies to expand and deploy "Jamba by Blendid" kiosks across the country in various commercial and retail locations.

  • Blendid is already operating in big box retail stores, universities, and malls, including select Walmart and co-branded Jamba locations in California, with plans to expand to Georgia as our next market. Blendid has optimized its operations through real-world experience, having served over 50K smoothies already.

  • Blendid’s proprietary contactless, food-safe, and NSF-certified technology is poised for increased market adoption in the post-COVID world. Their AI-driven platform has 10 patents granted or in-process.

Keep following for more updates on how Blendid is building robotic and AI-enabled food automation solutions and support our mission of making healthy food more personalized and accessible. Click here to learn more and invest in Blendid.

Webinar Announcement for November 2nd

12 months ago

Are you still looking to invest in Blendid? Do you have questions about the advanced software that powers our machines? Look no further than our second webinar next Tuesday, 11/2 at 12 PM PST. 

Vipin Jain and Covahne Michaels, our CEO and VP of Marketing, will be discussing the exponentially growing food tech landscape, as well as Blendid’s unique value proposition. Following a brief presentation and live product demo, they will ensure that our audience has their questions answered in a Q&A session.

This event is free, but space is limited. Reserve your spot now!

Meet our CTO: Venki Ayalur

12 months ago

Blendid has made sophisticated advances in the food robotics landscape that distinguish us from our competitors. This is largely due to our technical innovation in the machine learning and artificial intelligence space. Today, we are excited to introduce you to one of the people whose visionary leadership is driving this.

Meet our CTO, Venki Ayalur! 

Prior to co-founding Blendid in 2015, Venki’s deep tech expertise spanned a career of 25 years and involved being at the forefront of market defining technologies such as e-readers and Motorola phones - all while being awarded multiple patents in the machine learning space.

“The motivation for Blendid started with my mom’s cooking,” Venki says with a laugh. “I wanted to build a solution that captures what each individual loves about their own favorite recipes and then creates that for them in a precise manner.”

While the end product is a delicious smoothie that seems easy to produce, Venki and his team have built a complex machine that learns through a continuous feedback flow.

“We had to figure out how to marry the software and hardware to allow the robot to properly process all the solid, liquid, and powder ingredients - the combinations are close to infinite when you consider the quantity of each ingredient, so that’s where we bring in machine learning and AI to help us navigate the variables.” The meticulous programming has to consider how every step impacts the final product - the dispensing of the ingredients, weight of the cup, the placement of the cup, and the intricate layer of personalization to name a few. 

Venki and his team are dedicated to building a fully autonomous food environment that will become a necessity in our lives as we continue to prioritize healthy, accessible food. His vision is to combine our patented software with reliable mechanics to deliver an experience that customers can’t live without.

Invest today to join Venki and the rest of our team in scaling Blendid, the future of food!

Blendid Awarded 5th Patent

12 months ago

The trickiest challenge in a completely autonomous & personalized food environment is figuring out how to dispense the precise amount of organically shaped solid foods (think sliced bananas, chopped kale, diced mangoes, etc.) down to a few grams, without compromising their shape, texture, or composition. This is a critical building block for any food tech company.  

Given the difficulty of this task, we’re extremely proud to announce that Blendid was awarded a second momentous patent on ingredient dispensing, which is also our fifth granted patent overall. We’ve invented a novel way to dispense all kinds of solid foods of different cuts, shapes and sizes very precisely. This means that consumers will get their food exactly how they want it and can expect consistency every time.

This patent provides a significant competitive advantage for Blendid, which in turn creates entry barriers for future competitors. Click here to read all the details, and be sure to invest in the food tech company that’s leading the way!

Webinar TODAY + 30 Days Left to Invest

12 months ago

TODAY at 1 PM PST (4 PM EST) - Join Vipin Jain and Covahne Michaels for a live product demo, conversation on the investment opportunity that Blendid has to offer, and an audience Q&A!  Sign up with this link now and join us later today!

Blendid’s campaign is closing on November 19th!

With over 1500 investors from our last campaign and this one so far, Blendid has built a community with incredible enthusiasm for our mission to use food robotics as a means to make healthy, on-the-go food accessible for all. We’re looking forward to a strong close as we race toward the finish line!

Why invest in Blendid?

  1. Blendid and Jamba have signed a commercial agreement that will allow the companies to expand and deploy “Jamba by Blendid” kiosks across the country in various types of commercial locations.

  1. Blendid is already operating in big box retail stores, universities, and malls, including select Walmart and co-branded Jamba locations in California, with plans to expand to Georgia as our next market.

  2. Blendid’s proprietary contactless, food-safe, and NSF-certified technology is poised for increased market adoption in the post-COVID world. Our AI-driven platform has 10 patents granted or in-process.

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this incredible company. There’s just one month left to invest, so purchase your shares today!

Blendid in the Press + Webinar Reminder

12 months ago

Have you seen what the media is saying about us? After the recent expansion announcement, the latest Jamba by Blendid location has been making a splash across the food tech world. The media has highlighted how Blendid is uniquely positioned due to our operational experience in a variety of venues, key partnerships, and advanced software technology. Read all the latest here.

Don’t forget to join Blendid CEO, Vipin Jain, and VP of Marketing, Covahne Michaels, this Wednesday at 1 PM PST for an informative webinar that will answer all your questions! Sign up now, as space is limited!

$400K Raised and a Birthday!

12 months ago

We’re excited to announce that we’ve crossed the $400K threshold in just over 2.5 weeks of launching! A huge thank you to the over 190 investors who now own equity in Blendid and have joined our mission to revolutionize food robotics and accessibility for all. We’re pleased to be partnering with you.

And that’s not the only milestone we’re celebrating today. Today marks a year since we kicked off our first retail location at Walmart in Fremont, CA. We launched in the middle of a pandemic with the goal of bringing a safe, contactless experience to our consumers, and we look forward to continuing to serve this community with our wholesome, on-the-go food.

Become an early investor today and claim your stake in our quickly accelerating journey!

Live Investor Webinar & Product Demo on October 20th

12 months ago

Join Vipin Jain, CEO of Blendid, and Covahne Michaels, VP of Marketing, next week as they host an investor webinar that will feature a product demo from one of our live locations! Vipin and Covahne will also be discussing the growing demand for Blendid across various venues in the US. They will conclude with a Q&A session so that prospective investors will have an opportunity to learn more about our exciting new partnerships, product development updates and growth of the food robotics market.

We hope to see you on Wednesday, October 20th at 1 PM PST (4 PM EST) for a great conversation about all things food tech and robotic automation.

Space is limited, so reserve your seat today! 

A Successful Grand Opening + Final Hours for Early Bird Perks!

12 months ago

It's been a thrilling grand opening week at our newest Jamba by Blendid kiosk at the Stonewood Center. Take a behind the scenes look at our weekend crowd that couldn’t help but sign up for the experience of their first robotic smoothies! The fervor and excitement over our kiosks and the convenience they offer in various venues is palpable.

Be a part of this journey with us and help us scale to even more locations in the coming months. We are now in the FINAL HOURS of early bird perks which allow you 10% in bonus shares! If you missed your chance to invest the last time around, this is it. Grab the opportunity before the window closes just after 1PM EST today!

Investments by Wire Transfer Now Available!

12 months ago

Calling all international investors and those who prefer to invest by wire transfer. There was a snafu opening up our escrow account, which means investors could not invest by wire until now. We’re happy to report that the issue has been resolved, so we can now accept wire transfer investments - just in time to take advantage of our early bird perks, which end tomorrow at 1PM EST! Don’t miss out on your last chance for bonus shares!   

$200K Milestone + 2 Days Left for Early Bird Perks

12 months ago

We’re excited to announce that our campaign is off to a hot start, and we’ve already raised over $200K in investments! We’d like to thank the over 100 investors who have already joined us on our journey to reshape the future of food tech.

If you haven’t invested yet, act now to claim your shares before the early bird perks expire in just 2 days.


The Advantage of Investing in Blendid Now

12 months ago

Friendly reminder that early bird perks for investing in Blendid are expiring this Wednesday, 10/13! You’ll get 10% in bonus shares for investing early. See our campaign page for full details on all rewards!

Blendid is leading the food tech revolution. Don’t miss your chance to seize this limited time opportunity!

Jamba® and Blendid™ Announce the Opening of Second Co-Branded Robotic Smoothie Kiosk

about 1 year ago

Today is a big day for Blendid!  We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our second Jamba by Blendid kiosk, now open at the Stonewood Center in Downey, CA! This is Blendid’s first mall location, which is a new vertical for us (after big box retail and universities) and the next step in the effort to open Jamba by Blendid kiosks in additional types of venues - from shopping malls to gyms and hospitals.

According to Geoff Henry, president of Jamba, this presents a massive opportunity for both companies and reflects a shared commitment to innovation and quality. 

“After a successful launch of our first Jamba by Blendid kiosk at Walmart in Dixon, CA, we’re excited to open a second test kiosk at the Stonewood Center, bringing freshly blended smoothies to mall shoppers. Jamba by Blendid provides an opportunity for our local franchisees to make smoothies more accessible to Jamba fans, while leveraging the latest in technology to deliver contactless food.”    

Vipin and the Blendid team couldn’t agree more.

“At Blendid, we are working to make delicious and customized food accessible to all through robotics and AI. It is thrilling to see our vision become a reality as we build out our Jamba by Blendid footprint and expand into new types of venues like shopping malls,” said Vipin Jain, CEO and co-founder of Blendid. “Our first Jamba by Blendid pilot location in Dixon, CA allowed us to prove that, working together with Jamba, our platform can provide the quality guest experience, amazing smoothies and reliability that live up to the Jamba brand.”

Read the full press release here, and play a role in Blendid’s exciting growth by purchasing shares today!

Coming very soon...

about 1 year ago

Blendid kiosks are in demand across multiple verticals and geographies right now, which means we are hard at work building and preparing to deploy kiosks. 

Here is a short yet exclusive insiders’ look into how our engineering team is doing just that at new locations. Due to our modular design, the process requires easy assembly and rounds of testing and calibration of the robot and all IoT devices. Our team can efficiently launch kiosks in a record time of 3-5 days as a result.

Stay tuned for the final look and location reveal of this kiosk - it's just around the corner. Meanwhile, invest today and join our mission of creating and enabling the future of food!

Early Bird Perks

about 1 year ago

We’re offering an additional 10% bonus shares when you invest in Blendid’s crowdfunding campaign during the first two weeks. This perk expires on October 13th, so don’t miss your chance!

We only kicked off our campaign yesterday, but we’re already seeing some fantastic momentum with over $50K raised. Please join us in our movement to make healthy food accessible and convenient for all.


Vipin Jain

CEO & Co-founder

Blendid crowdfunding campaign reopened! 🎉

about 1 year ago

The last you heard, we oversubscribed our previous $2M round by $400K which means many interested investors were unfortunately turned away. We also heard your disappointment with the exclusion of international investors.

Now we’re back with another raise that will create room for the waitlisted investors, international investors, and new and former investors looking to increase their participation! While we are hard at work deploying the prior funds for expansion into new geographies, the additional funds will provide the necessary fuel to help us scale even more quickly.  

The global pandemic sent the food service industry into a tailspin from concern over safety to exacerbated hiring challenges. Blendid is fortunate to be in the right place at the right time as the demand for contactless, autonomous food service solutions is through the roof. Our challenge is no longer about securing operators to license our technology, but instead about building and deploying kiosks quickly to meet the market need.

So, we invite you to join us again in our journey to make healthy and delicious on-the-go food accessible! We’re offering several investment perks, including an early bird perk for the first two weeks of the campaign, to our prior investors and loyal followers.  Our valuation and share price has increased modestly for this round, but if you invest with the early bird perks, you will be buying shares at a discount.


Vipin Jain

CEO & Co-founder

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