Atlis Motor Vehicles is currently in the Test the Waters Phase for Title IV investments.

Atlis Motor Vehicles

Building a 100% electric full size truck

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Atlis Motor Vehicle's New Offering is Now Live!

The electric pickup truck with no compromises 

Pickup trucks are the last frontier for electric vehicles

We know that people count on their trucks. From long hauls to mini excursions, they lead to quiet roads and new adventures. From the weekend road-trip to the work site and everything in between, the truck is ultra-reliable and practical.

We want to preserve these experiences. Atlis XT electric pickup truck can handle the needs of today and deliver more.

No burden of fluctuating gas prices. No hassle of long charge times or range anxiety.

"To build a better future, we need to create better alternatives. We created Atlis Motor Vehicles because pickup trucks are some of the most popular vehicles on the market and a vehicle that can benefit significantly from electrification. To deliver an all-electric pickup truck, it must not compromise the existing experience."

- Mark Hanchett, Founder



Atlis Motor Vehicles is designing and building a plug-in battery electric pickup truck. We want to build a truck with unprecedented capabilities at a reasonable price. We also want to change the customer experience from sales, ordering, financing, and delivery to maintenance and service.

This is a "Testing the Waters" campaign and we are currently giving you the opportunity to reserve shares in Atlis Motor Vehicles.

Vehicle ownership should be easy


Owning a vehicle that meets your needs shouldn't break the bank. From the initial purchase price, to ongoing fuel costs, to lifetime cost-of-ownership, a vehicle should fit your budget.


Your vehicle should allow you to pick up and go where you need, when you need, without having to spend excessive time planning your trip or stopping for extended periods along the way.


Keeping a vehicle safe, reliable, and long-lasting shouldn't be a chore. Maintaining the vehicle shouldn't cause you to be without it for days on end, having to organize a ride to drop it off and pick it up from a shop.




Gas prices can fluctuate wildly and unexpectedly, impacting your choice of vehicle years after purchase. As vehicles age, the fuel economy only degrades.


The need to plan for charging stops and account for the time is at best annoying, and can impact your ability to travel freely.


Service bills can catch you off-guard at the least opportune times. Complex combustion engines can fail in complex ways, stranding you without your vehicle.


Our electric ecosystem is a holistic approach

To build the best electric truck, we had to put our attention on more than just the vehicle. The entire experience is built upon the vehicle's capabilities and charging infrastructure. So we're developing a battery electric platform, an electric pickup built on that platform, and a charging network - all of which will help us deliver the best experience possible.

The XT Pickup Truck

The world's first 100% battery electric full-size pickup truck, with zero compromises. Capable of up to a 500 mile range and with subscription options that include maintenance. Every truck is custom built to order starting at $45,000.

The XP Platform

Our 100% electric vehicle platform is capable of integration into RV's, box trucks, delivery vehicles and beyond. Capable of extending range, adding accessory battery power, and adding tandem axle configurations for medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

Advanced Charging Station

Capable of delivering enough power for our 15-minute charge times today, and 5 minute charge times tomorrow. We will deploy along major highway corridors to enable long-distance travel, and key metro areas where Atlis customers are concentrated. With a Plug-and-charge experience, you will never have to waste time interacting with a screen and payment system.

Note: Atlis Motor Vehicles will be compatible with existing charging standards. Atlis Motor Vehicles is openly discussing partnerships to advance this development at a faster pace.


Who are our customers?


From the daily drivers to the off-roaders, from weekend warriors to the truck enthusiasts, consumers of all kinds will appreciate the ease of electric vehicle ownership with the capabilities they need.


Individuals and businesses who use trucks to do their job benefit from reduced cost of ownership, less repair time, a quiet vehicle on the work site, extra storage, and on-board power.


Upfitters looking for an electric platform for delivery vehicles, people movers, RVs, and more will find the highly customizable XP platform can fit their varied needs.



The benefits of quiet and capable vehicles with redundant drive systems are obvious, and coupled with autonomous capabilities will free up resources and keep troops safer.




The Atlis Motor Vehicles XT Pickup Truck



Expected Towing Performance

  • Gradeability: 65mph at 6%
  • 5th wheel/gooseneck trailer tow rating: Up to 35,000 pounds GCWR*
  • Hitch trailer tow rating: Up to 17,000 pounds*
  • Payload rating: Up to 5,000 pounds*

Expected Acceleration and Speed

  • 0 to 60 mph unloaded: Less than 5 seconds
  • 0 to 60 mph at max GCWR: Less than 18 seconds 
  • Top Speed: 120mph 


Note: These are minimum requirements the vehicle is intended to meet. Atlis Motor Vehicles will certify performance against industry criteria, such as the SAE J2807 tow rating standards.


*Expected capabilities at maximum are with dual rear wheel, heavy duty truck model. Results may differ based on configuration.

Key Features

  • Standard Range: 300 miles
  • Optional Range: 500 miles
  • Expected Charge time: 15 minutes
  • 2-door and 4-door options
  • 6.5-foot and 8-foot beds with dual rear wheel option
  • Four-wheel-drive with independent power delivery for maximum traction control
  • Single-speed direct-drive gearboxes 
  • Independent air spring suspension front and rear
  • 12 to 15 inches of ground clearance
  • Massive front storage space
  • 360 degree camera view including in-cabin digital mirror displays
  • Autonomous driving capabilities to be added in the future
  • Regenerative braking with independent wheel control
  • Accessory power plugs available
  • Power windows and locks
  • Remote cabin preconditioning
  • Electronic window dimming 
  • Vinyl floors


The XT Pickup offers the largest available front-trunk storage area ever. It’s capable of handling two large suitcases, your groceries, tool boxes, and beyond. With air springs and independent front suspension, the XT Pickup lowers for easy loading and unloading, while remaining level when in motion.

The huge front cargo space with a folding down front gate is perfect for work and play. Containing two power outlets, you can charge your items and power your tools.


A center-mounted digital touch screen will serve as the hub for vehicle settings, heating and cooling, and infotainment with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Use its physical rotary knob to make fast commands and quickly change settings.

The dash instrumentation will be a multi-split digital touch screen displaying all live vehicle information, including live video feeds from the standard driver assistance cameras.

The unique UI behind the wheel ensures the user is in complete control and allows for various customization. This creates a personal connection as you will be able to create an aesthetic you want.



Choose to add an air compressor to your bed.


6.5ft bed or 8ft bed (standard with dually option).


Choose your cab configuration: 2+2 extended cab or a 4-door crew cab.


120 volt / 20 amp and 240 volt / 40 amp power available.

Supporting the aftermarket community

The aftermarket is essential to Atlis Motor Vehicles success. Trucks are tools for people to do a job and are among the most highly customized vehicles to suit a wide variety of purposes. As such, we want the truck to be adaptable to as many situations as possible to meet the needs of the various customers. We alone aren’t going to be able to do it, and there are tens of thousands of accessories and add-ons in the truck market already. We want our trucks to be customized, to do real work. Atlis Motor Vehicles will work with top aftermarket vendors to ensure that the XT can be tailored to meet any needs.



Reduced cost of ownership

The Atlis Motor Vehicles XT pickup truck is expected to cost you less to own, putting more money in your pocket.

  • Competitive initial price
  • Zero Cost-of-Maintenance guarantee with subscription
  • Reduced operating and energy costs
  • Warranty for 10 years
  • Available tax credits are not considered in our pricing model

The XP Platform

Atlis Motor Vehicles completed the rolling XP platform prototype in March of 2019, complete with suspension and steering systems integrated in our modular drive system design. The modular drive units are nearly identical front and rear, with the exception of the steering mechanisms. In the future 4-wheel-steer will be possible with this system, but by using this modular approach we are able to keep supplier and manufacturing costs down compared with traditional approaches. With this platform we are performing testing and refining our design, such as improving our air-over-shock setup and creating an independent rear suspension dually version.


Battery development

In October of 2018 we completed a prototype battery pack that we were able to fully charge in less than 15 minutes - under 13 minutes, actually - beating our goal by over two minutes. This battery pack was about 3 kWh in size, and was charged with a Chademo DC fast charge station. Our prototype pack has a unique cooling system for optimum temperature management during charging or operation. Atlis Motor Vehicles is in the process of scaling this pack to a larger size to continue testing.


Our revenue streams



Owners may purchase their vehicle outright in cash or finance through our select vendors. Vehicle purchases will include our maintenance-free guarantee, minus consumables such as tires, as well as our 10-year vehicle warranty. The XT Pickup will start at $45,000.


Atlis Motor Vehicles will be offering a subscription service for vehicle owners who want to replace their vehicle every 3, 5, or 7 years. This subscription model includes the cost of the vehicle, vehicle charging, vehicle insurance as well as all regular maintenance such as tire changes and repairs for one low monthly price - starting at $700 a month.


Any vehicle returned to Atlis at the end of the subscription becomes an asset, allowing us to profit from the vehicle a second time. We will resell or re-subscribe subscription returns based on condition and time frame, otherwise batteries can be re-purposed for energy storage.


Atlis Motor Vehicles will receive charging revenue from its charging network - supporting non subscription customers and any other medium or heavy duty vehicle with a high power charge requirement.


All XT pickup trucks are made to order with all purchases made through our online configuration menu and delivered directly to you. Maintenance and service will also be scheduled online, and can often be performed at your convenience, while you're at home or work. Atlis Motor Vehicles will continuously expand our network of local repair shops.


The Market

$116+ Billion Dollar Market*

  • In the United States, full-size American pickup trucks are #1, #2, and #3 best selling vehicles for the past 5 years (2014-2018)

  • Top 3 selling pickups have grown 7.1% in sales year-over-year for the past 5 years

  • 2.4 million full-size trucks sold in 2018

* based on average selling price of $48,377 (source: Detroit Free Press) on 2.4 million full-size trucks sold in 2018

Electric vehicles have penetrated almost every segment of transportation - from bicycles, skateboards, and surfboards to motorcycles, buses, ferries, and mining equipment - but not pickup trucks.  The most popular vehicle segment in North America has slipped through the electrification cracks, and the demand is already there.


"The Atlis XT is the all-electric truck of the future" - MAXIM

"In one word, this monster looks intimidating" - TopSpeed

"...there’s the Atlis XT, which could be the most practical EV pickup" - Jalopnik

"Electric Truck? Yes please! Atlis Motor Vehicles is coming out with the XT all electric truck and it is looking good!" - Vanish

$600 Million

We have an estimated $600 million worth of reservations - this is a calculation based off of our 10,000+ reservation holders.

$1.07 Million

We have already raised over $1 million from our crowdfunding seed round with 2,000 investors participating.


Governments and organizations are also pushing for electric solutions

Global governance trends show that combustion engine vehicles will be banned from new sales in many countries in the upcoming decades, and older combustion engine or diesel vehicles are starting to be banned from certain locations like city centers.  The reason for the push is mostly due to efforts to improve air quality in cities, an increasing problem globally.




Ford, Chevrolet, and RAM Trucks have not made any public announcements of a battery-electric pickup, with the recent exception of Ford's ambiguous announcement that an electric F-150 may be coming around 2022.  So far, their only concept of electrification in the truck space has been mild hybrid (HEV) systems. GM has put such systems on SUVs in the past (though canceled the program), and Ford has also talked about doing hybrids in the future, but to date, no existing or upcoming full-size truck platform from these manufacturers has ever had a plug. GM’s VP of Global Strategy recently stated: “The core business is going to be the core business for a couple of decades to come” … “There will not be any AV/EV pickups.”


The Workhorse W-15 is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) with an all-electric range of 80 miles. Targeting mainly fleet markets, their solutions do not decrease the maintenance requirements or fully take advantage of electric power.


Tesla, Rivian, and Bollinger are other US-based EV companies which are also developing electric pickups. These developments are proof of the growing demand for electrification within the truck and SUV segment.

Tesla has been talking about doing a pickup truck for some time, though to date has only released a single sketch. Tesla has stated that the pickup would come after Model Y, and an announcement regarding the pickup is expected in the summer of 2019. 

Rivian has revealed the R1T, a mid-size pickup with a short bed. The truck is aimed towards the luxury/adventure market with pricing starting above $69,000.

Bollinger Motors is developing a mid-size pickup based on the same platform as their B1, called the B2. It will have a range of 200 miles and a focus on being a utilitarian work truck. They are currently in a pre-production phase, having completed a prototype of the B1 SUV.



Around the clock support via the center console or the mobile app. Our local certified technicians can also come to you.


With our 15 minute charge times and 300-500 mile range, there's no need to waste time on planning your trips.


With low fuel and maintenance costs, and focusing only on the features important to our customers, we are able to keep costs affordable.


When ordering online with our configuration tool, you can build a vehicle based on your specific needs, not a selection of packages.


The next steps

Our current priority is to raise funding to complete our development and testing and take us into the early small-scale manufacturing phase. This includes expanding our facilities, growing our team, deploying charging stations, and more. We have finalized many technical requirements for the vehicle, and will continue to refine these requirements as we develop the full-scale working prototype of the XT pickup truck. This effort will involve many short-term and long-term partnerships with organizations that can assist Atlis Motor Vehicles in bringing our XT pickup truck to prototype and to production. We will begin a pre-order campaign as we get closer to the start of manufacturing. 



We want to give our supporters and future vehicle owners the opportunity to share in our financial success. Together, with the support of our community, we will continue the growth of our company and provide products that exceed customer expectations.

Having the support of our customers and community helps us to validate that we're satisfying the needs of the market.

So join us as an investor, a customer, and a follower.



Will Atlis expand into other types of vehicles such as passenger cars?

We believe in sticking to what interests us, and more importantly what the industry is most interested in. Car sales are declining while trucks and SUVs are increasing. We have no intentions of developing an electric passenger car at this time.  We may consider other types of work vehicles, pursuing other styles that may make sense on our platform such as vans.

Where will you be selling your truck?

You will be able to purchase and receive your Atlis Motor Vehicles XT pickup truck within any of the 50 United States when we begin shipping.  We do not currently have a plan to sell internationally immediately following the launch, however, we are working on proposals for certain international markets and will provide more details in the future. Where we focus our efforts will depend on the opportunity in other regions.

How will you interact with the service and aftermarket communities?

Atils Motor Vehicles understands that trucks are tools for you to customize to your needs.  As such, we want to work with the aftermarket community to make sure you can configure your XT pickup to do the jobs you need.  We also support the concept of right-to-repair and will ensure that the proper diagrams and diagnostic tools are available to owners and certified service facilities.

What will you do for the legal blocks to your plans, such as direct sales in certain states, and digital mirrors which aren't legal in the US?

We understand that the legal landscape is constantly changing and that new technology and business models are often ahead of the law.  Of course, Atlis Motor Vehicles must work within the current laws but we always have our eye on the future.  Tesla - and others - are already fighting some legal battles which will benefit Atlis Motor Vehicles and others to follow as well.  If the laws haven't changed when we're ready then we will implement alternate options which are in compliance.

How will you compete with other EV startups, Tesla, and Ford who may also be planning electric pickup trucks?
There is no full-size battery-electric production pickup truck in existence to date, nor are any of them on the near-term production horizon for the next couple of years.  There are a few players who have made a variety of announcements, but the market is still wide open.  Atlis Motor Vehicles always welcomes competition as it drives innovation for everyone.  The pickup truck market in America is a very large market with many sub-segments, and it is still growing so we believe there is a great opportunity for disruptive technologies like our own.

How will your batteries handle 15-minute charge times, when nobody else is doing it?

Current battery technology can support charging at a 4C rate (15-minute full charge) and already does so (and more) in a variety of consumer industries.  Batteries rated at 4C are readily available from numerous manufacturers.  Hyundai EVs have had over 2C charging rates for years, and the upcoming Audi and Porsche vehicles will be approaching 4C rates as well.  The problem isn't so much the batteries, but when assembling these batteries into a large battery pack for an EV then other problems arise such as thermal management, and ability to transfer current through a human-manageable cable and connector.  These are the issues that Atlis is working to solve.

Please note - The number of shares you reserve is not the final amount of shares your will receive once the offering becomes available. The amount of shares will vary depending on the final price found in the qualified Form 1A Filing.


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Electric Truck? Yes please! Atlis Motor Vehicles is coming out with the XT all electric truck and it is looking good! The standard range is 300 miles but there is an optional 500 mile package. The battery can be recharged in 15 minutes! Just enough time for a coffee and a bathroom break...

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Zac sits down with Atlis Motor's CEO Mark Hanchett to discuss the companies vision for the future of electric pickup trucks.

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Atlis Motor Vehicles from Arizona is working on a fully electric pickup truck. Their first model boasts four electric motors and three battery variants for ranges between 480 and 800 km. A small series is to hit by 2020.

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August 14, 2018

In the US specifically, pickup trucks are insanely popular and are a segment that hasn’t seen any disruption in a very long time. One company, Atlis Motor Vehicles, plans to change that with their XT Pickup Truck.

Are capable electric pickup trucks on the horizon?
September 7, 2018

Atlis is in the early stages of creating an electric pickup truck platform that can deliver all the function and capability of current full-size pickups (half ton or heavy duty), as well as provide a few new surprises that could allow for more customization and modular functionality.

Atlis Motor Vehicle Sets The Bar High For Fully Electric Truck Concepts
September 9, 2018

Mesa, Arizona–based Atlis Motor Vehicles has set its sights on perhaps the most lucrative segment of the internal combustion vehicle market head on — pickup trucks. Founder and CEO Mark Hanchett is a truck guy through and through and was mystified that nobody had built an electric pickup truck.

Atlis Pickup Truck Battery Charges In Under 13 Minutes
October 17, 2018

Atlis Motor Vehicles, a startup founded in 2016 to develop XT electric pickup truck and XP electric vehicle platform, achieved its first milestone. The company’s prototype battery pack was successfully tested at one of the EVgo fast chargers in Phoenix, taking a full charge in just 12 minutes, 35 se

Electric Truck Startup Boasts Full Charging in Under 13 Minutes
October 18, 2018

Arizona-based EV manufacturing newcomer Atlis Motor Vehicles just achieved a record-breaking charging time of 12 minutes, 35 seconds.

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Atlis Motors is working on an all electric pickup truck but they are still relatively new automaker in its early stages. They had some exciting news this week about their fast charging battery testing and I thought it was worth talking about.

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Have you heard of Atlis Motor Vehicle company that is working on an all-electric pickup truck? You probably already seen a story about this concept here on, but the Atlis company has been quietly teasing their debut prototype for nearly four months via Instagram.

Electric pickup truck startup claims ‘full charge in less than 13 minutes’
October 18, 2018

Arizona-based electric vehicle startup Atlis Motor Vehicles claims that it achieved “a full charge in 12 minutes, 35 seconds” of a prototype battery pack that it believes is scalable for its upcoming electric pickup truck.

January 4, 2019

Move over, Rivian. There’s a new player on the field. Earlier today, Atlis Motor Vehicles unveiled their highly anticipated 2020 XT Pickup Truck—and we’re nothing short of impressed. Even as hardcore truck guys, our editorial team was drooling at the spec list...

Atlis XT Electric Pickup Truck Revealed: 500-Mile Range, Tows 35,000 Pounds
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Atlis Motor Vehicle company is a new-ish name on the scene, but its soon to break out after this news. Atlis says its XT electric pickup truck is among the most capable trucks to ever be revealed. According to the automaker, the truck can be configured to go up to 500 miles on electric...

Atlis XT 500-mile electric truck to challenge Detroit 3's pickup dominance
January 7, 2019

There's another electric car startup that aims to challenge the bread and butter of the Detroit 3 automakers, by offering a full-size pickup truck boasting some serious numbers. The company is Atlis Motor Vehicles, which so far has been operating in stealth mode but this week revealed the XT...

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January 7, 2019

Meet the newest battery-powered pickup looking to electrify the light truck . Hatchbacks may still be the norm when it comes to EVs, but these days you can get fully electric sedans, crossovers, coupes... even supercars. The next frontier, then, may very well be pickup trucks.

Atlis announces plans for XT electric pickup with 500 miles of range
January 8, 2019

Startup Atlis Motor Vehicles is planning to launch an all-electric pickup truck called the XT. The company's ambitious plan is for the truck to have up to 500 miles of driving range, up to 35,000 pounds of towing ability and even a duallie setup.

The Atlis XT Electric Pickup Concept Could Have 500 Miles of Range and Tow 20,000 Pounds
January 8, 2019

The electric pickup market is heating up, first with Tesla’s big beef boy pickup concept sketch, then the stylish Rivian R1T, and now there’s the Atlis XT, which could be the most practical EV pickup if it can stay true to all of its unbelievable performance claims.

January 8, 2019

With Tesla promising a truck along with their semi and startup Rivian nearing production with their truck and SUV, electric trucks are poised to enter the mainstream. Atlis Automotive is previewing their XT full-size truck built on their XP platform.

January 9, 2019

The Atlis XT is the all-electric truck of the future. Another automotive startup is developing an all-electric pickup truck that's just as impressive as the Rivian R1T.

January 8, 2019

In one word, this monster looks intimidating. Instead of playing it safe by opting for a design that will please all and offend none, Atlis decided to make the truck look quirky and bold; something that will draw polarising opinions.

Atlis Motor Vehicles Punts Another Electric Pickup Into the Auto Arena
January 7, 2019

Unlike some of its would-be competition, the XT is banking on ability rather than accessibility. Atlis wants to offer a proper full-sized pickup that doesn’t sacrifice anything just because it’s electric.

Exclusive Interview: Founder of Atlis Electric Trucks Exudes Confidence
January 16, 2019

The fast-talking and energetic Hanchett comes off as a legitimate chief executive. He speaks with authority and confidence. Hanchett believes the secret to succeeding when other EV startups have failed is staying lean, focusing on execution, and showing tangible results.


Progress Continues

11 months ago

Hello Atlis fans,

We wanted to update everyone with some of the items we’ve been working on since the release of the XP Platform.  We’re moving up into the body, starting with the rear of the truck - specifically the bed, tailgate, and taillight assemblies.  Tail light assembly prototypes are being 3D printed and tested, with good results so far.  We’ve taken this approach to develop our own tail lights due to the high cost of outsourcing the prototype lights.  Some very minor body modifications have been performed to clear up a couple of continuity and clearance issues we ran into.  We’ve begun 3D printing the first body panels for the bed area this week, again utilizing some of the latest technology to maximize cost savings and increase speed.

On the drivetrain design and prototype, updates continue with a new gearbox and motor design nearly complete and starting the build process.  We’re designing dual-rotor axial-flux motors with an induction component for high starting torque to meet our requirements of torque, power, and top speed.  Our motor controllers are functional, awaiting the new motor design to fully test end-to-end from accelerator pedal to output shaft.

Of course the intensive paperwork process of getting this crowdfunding campaign up and running is happening in the background as well, though there are still a number of steps to completion, not the least of which is the SEC approval process.  Our timeframe for the launch has pushed toward the end of Q3 before this SEC approved Regulation A+ campaign can go live.

CEO Atlis Motor Vehicles

XP Platform Update and happy Earth Day!

about 1 year ago

We said it was coming, and we've shared on Social Media. But here it is in all its glory, the XP Platform from Atlis Motor Vehicles. This prototype is just that, a concept and prototype of the design intent behind Atlis Motor Vehicles' vision of the future.

The XP Platform shows some very unique capabilities we're developing, and this platform will be used to continuously develop technology as we work towards production readiness in late 2020.

  • A modular drive system sub assembly with integrated cooling and power management that is completely isolated from the rest of the system. This unique approach allows each system to manage performance independently of other systems. 
  • A very large center structure to support battery pack sizes to meet our 300 and up to 500 mile capabilities. 
  • Front and rear steer capabilities
  • A frame architecture which can be adjusted to accommodate different vehicle sizes, capabilities, and needs while keeping to main drive sub systems and battery pack modules common to massively reduce costs. 
  • A plug and play integration with vehicle bodies. Utilizing complete drive by wire capabilities, with isolated thermal management systems, our XP platform will be a true plug and play solution. 
  • High ground clearance with a comfortable ride. Utilizing air springs and software enabled shock controls, we can provide a vehicle which is comfortable on the street when loaded or unloaded. 

XP Platform is coming soon!

about 1 year ago

Hello Start Engine investors and community,

Better pictures will be coming soon, but we wanted to be sure that we update our community of investors on the XP Platform. The suspension is aired up with lots of ground clearance, 99% of the XP platform assembled in this picture. We'll have better, high-quality photos in another week for everyone to view. 

Over the last month, we've been working through development efforts with the XT pickup truck, finishing up final touches for the XP Platform, we've been interviewing potential team members, reached out to our contest winners, and working our next Regulation A+ offering. 

We've added some new team members. We've brought Glenn Reese on board with Atlis Motor Vehicles, Glenn is our new VP of Business Development and he is assisting us in reaching out with potential partners. 


CEO - Atlis Motor Vehicles

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