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Abstract Tube is similar to 'YouTube',

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"A video abstract is the motion picture equivalent of a written abstract. Usually not longer than 5 minutes, video abstracts help the viewer to get a quick overview on a scholarly paper, research article, thesis or review: and to quickly ascertain the purpose and results of a given research." 

-- Wikipedia


Abstract Tube Inc. is primarily a software and services company which works as an online platform to upload and publish academic videos. What makes us unique is that there are no other dedicated video portals (that we know of) in the market which offer video hosting for academic abstracts such as journal articles, conference papers, thesis and dissertation abstracts. We are also unaware of any project-summary-as-abstract video services (or academic work publications that offer short and concise video formats). Therefore, a dedicated video portal for this purpose was much needed, and thus Abstract Tube Inc. was born. Studies have found that scientific video abstracts engage people more. Scientific journals are encouraging authors to provide video abstracts. 

Abstract Tube Inc. is going to be the next generation search engine for abstract videos from journal articles, conference papers, theses and dissertations. We are planning to collaborate with journal publishers, universities and even scientific conference events. Soon, we will start offering services for video production, script writing, background music creation and others. We have not identified any direct competitors yet in terms of a dedicated video portal for academic abstract videos. But there are some service providers who help with abstract video creation (e.g. American Journal Experts, ChemistryViews, Research Square - Wiley). 

Funds from this crowdfunding campaign will be used for marketing and branding to raise awareness among students and researchers and will also go toward web and mobile technology development of the platform. We are currently in the testing stage and will begin mobile and web development after finalizing our funding round. We are hoping for a late 2018 web and mobile application launch.

A Note from the Founder

"A short 3-5 minute abstract video gives one the opportunity to summarize and illustrate the key findings in the thesis, journal article, conference paper or any research project. Academic video content is gaining popularity among the students and scholars, but there is no specific video hosting site for all scholarly publications. If there were to be a particular video hosting site where a proper depository could be made, it would become a great place to search for recent video abstracts in any. particular subject. From the citation perspective, most online video abstract citations are not done correctly. Therefore, a service like Abstract Tube is necessary to resolve these issues. As the scholarly community embraces video creation for their publications, Abstract Tube can become the new scholarly video archive site. "

Dear Investors, please invest in us and embark on our journey

Together, we can make a true difference in the world. 

"Yes We Can

Investment Offering

Security Type: Convertible Promissory Notes

Valuation Cap: $500,000

Discount Rate: 20%

Interest Rate: 5% yearly

Maturity Date: December 31, 2019

Conversion Trigger: $1,000,000

Minimum Investor Purchase: $100

Maximum Investor Purchase: $50,000

What is a Convertible Note?

A convertible note offers you the right to receive shares in Abstract Tube, Inc. The number of shares you will receive in the future will be determined at the next equity round in which the Company raises at least $1,000,000 in qualified equity financing. The highest conversion price per share is set based on a $500,000 Valuation Cap or if less, then you will receive a 20% discount on the price at which the new investors are purchasing. You also receive 5% interest per year added to your investment. When the maturity date is reached, if the note has not converted, then you are entitled to either receive your investment and interest back from the company or convert into equity.

What the Science and Journalism Communities Are Saying about Video Abstracts

 In a recent case study by Scott Spicer (University of Minnesota) published in Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication, he mentioned that "Video abstracts are a natural evolution of science communication into multimodal environments. Publishing trends will likely continue to grow gradually, with appreciation for non-traditional scholarship (multimodal scholarship) and new measures for assessing impact (altmetrics) potentially encouraging greater adoption."

John Kuemmerle, online editor of the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology said "Video abstracts grew out of the realization that the Internet allows us to communicate with each other in ways that were never before possible. It allows us to personalize our papers in ways that were never before possible."

Karen L McKee asked a question in ResearchGate about the creation of a video abstract for a scientific journal publication. She also suggests that video abstracts help in describing research work better than traditional journal print. A lot of people appreciated the idea of video abstract creation for better explanation of research work. 

Harvard University chemist George Whitesides said "You had to be able to describe your science in words, or tables, or in plots, in two-dimensions on a piece of paper. With videos, you can now describe dynamic phenomena which are simply too complicated, too complex, too unusual, too full of information to do in words and two-dimensional pictures."

Online editor Dr. Kuemmerle said "I believe the video concept is here to stay. The members of our readership are increasingly comprised of digital natives and a growing group of digital immigrants. It is a way for interested learners to interact with journal content in a social media environment."

Canadian Science Publishing encouraged researchers not be shy in front of camera and explained how to create video abstracts, as these are the new medium of scientific communications. 

According to Dove Press (open access to scientific and medical research), "Video abstracts will enhance the reader's understanding and appreciation of an article through the accessible presentation of the main results and conclusions reported. To maximize engagement and visibility, authors are encouraged to combine footage of themselves with other relevant material of interest—such as footage of an experiment running or a lab tour." They also organize yearly competition for Best Video Abstract Competition. 

In a recent article , Attila Dávid Molnár and Attila Andics explained how to turn an abstract into a video abstract. "Since publishers launched their own video channels on the internet, there is a growing demand toward short science videos explaining a given research. Studies have shown that such short videos aka video abstracts, have a positive feedback on the citation of the research paper they are associated with. To produce a video abstract, scientists often assign professional filmmakers. Other authors however choose the cost-effective and quick way and produce the video by themselves. To encourage authors to choose the latter option, we combined the writing and editing skills of actively publishing authors and documentary filmmakers and created a special training. We found that in two countries - Germany, Hungary - scientists and university students learn to produce short science videos for the internet in a considerably short period of time, given that proper supervision is provided. These findings can contribute to a further increase in the numbers of citable scientific video abstracts."


Websites such as Science Sketches started creating a video archive for abstract videos, but the videos were all uploaded through 'YouTube'. In some cases, researchers upload their work through 'Vimeo' or another video hosting site. The biggest hurdle when searching abstract videos in YouTube or Vimeo is that it is very difficult to find related work based on narrator (or author) or publication title or discipline. Sometimes, Master's or PhD students uploaded their thesis or dissertation abstract videos through YouTube. But it is very hard to keep track of those videos because university libraries don't keep track of them. It's also hard to cite these videos if they're uploaded by a random username or if a full thesis link isn't provided.



"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"

This is a paid promotional material. Participants in this video were paid.

These are paid promotional materials. Participants in these videos were paid.

Market Size and Description

Our product targets students, researchers, professors, and scholars around the world. We are projecting to reach our product to a minimum of 500,000 students, researchers, professors and scholars around the world. We found that the popularity of video abstract in Europe and Canada is more than in the US. But we believe that proper marketing and awareness will help video abstracts to reach a wider audience in the US. Our product also targets university and public libraries, journal publishers and conference organizers. Based on our research, we are projecting to market our product to a minimum of 2400 institutions, 500 publishers and 500 conferences.


There is no direct competitor (that we know of) in the market. We have already started working on our intellectual property development. If we successfully obtain these, we will be able to stay on top of the competition (in case any other company starts to become our direct competitor in the near future).

Revenue Streams

1. Subscription Model

2. Sponsored Videos

3. Landing Page Advertisements

4. Paid Content

5. Affiliate Earning

6. Video Preparation Service FEE

7. Embedded Advertisements

Business Model

Our business model is divided into several parts.  

In the subscription model, anybody can gain access to all of the videos at a small fee per month (or yearly) without interruption. The subscribed users will also be able to upload any number of videos. But the users who are not subscribed will be limited to a set number of videos per day/ month. Free users will also be limited in the number of videos (and size of the videos) they can upload. In the other subscription-based model, university and public libraries, conference organizers and journal publishers will pay for unlimited video hosting and access to the videos.   


Advertisement videos from industry professionals, university degree programs, conference events, product launch, jobs and scholarships etc. will be displayed in the user community. 

Paid content is another part of the business model similar to advertisement video but is instead partnered with a specific company or organization, i.e. a video of the latest model of an instrument launch of a company, a video of a patent developed in a university, and more.

Affiliate earning is another aspect in the business model. Affiliate partners pay a commission on the sale of that particular product, for example: enrolling in an online course, the sale of newly released books, or ticket sale for a conference event, etc. 

Video preparation service fee is another source of revenue. Video preparation will be done at any particular university or institution where our representatives are present. A service fee will be charged for video preparation. Also, this could also be done remotely if any representatives are not physically on site at a university.

Significant Market Finding

"Technavio’s market research analysts predict the global digital video content market to grow at a high CAGR of more than 25% by 2020." Source

"By 2019, video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US." Source

"The global digital video content market was valued at $38.71 billion in 2015 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25.7% during the forecast period to reach $121.47 billion by 2020. Till 2009, digital video content market was limited to content on YouTube, video ads on Facebook, and promotional videos on company websites. Since then, digital video content market has grown exponentially." Source

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global"The largest single repository of graduate dissertations and theses, includes 4 million works – grows by 130K each year. International scope – deposits from universities in 88 countries. Accessed by 3000 institutions – over 45,000 downloads every month."

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) is growing significantly.

"The conference industry is booming, and it is only getting bigger." Source

Increase in graduate theses or dissertations on blended learning over the years (from a special project entitled "An analysis of research trends in dissertations and theses studying blended learning"). Source

One example of conference abstract submission numbers: The 59th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the American Society of Hematology hosted in Atlanta from the 9th to the 12th of December 2017. Source

Amazon is also planning for their own video portal launch and does not want to be dependent on Youtube.

Users Growth Chart (Next Four Years Projection)

Number of Abstract Video Submissions Per Year (Projected)

Plans Moving Forward

  • A minimum of 50 students appreciated the idea and showed interest to create and send their abstract videos of conference papers and thesis abstracts (once they graduate) from different universities.
  • Several students liked the idea of a meetup event for abstract video preparation help and guidelines. 
  • We are also focusing on building a group of campus representatives at different institutions.
  • We will start developing helpful guidelines for better abstract video creation.
  • We have done a patent search for our intellectual property. We will soon file our first provisional patent. 
  • We will start developing our online platform and start doing beta-testing with our MVP.

Exit Plan: In next 3-7 years via M&A or IPO

Thank you!


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In the Press

Abstract Tube Finds a Video-Sharing Niche

Sarbojeet Jana says few people ever read the paper abstracts stacked up in libraries.

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Provisional Utility Patent Application Filing

over 4 years ago

Amending our Securities Offering

over 4 years ago

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Abstract Tube offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of that change:

Abstract Tube will be extending their raise 60 days.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

Some of our competitors in the abstract video production industry

over 4 years ago

We think $1500/ abstract video production is less affordable for a graduate student, even though tuition waivers remain untaxed for now. We are working towards bringing the price down so that more video abstracts could be brought into life.   

Abstract Video Preparation Agencies








American Journal Experts


Amending our Securities Offering

over 4 years ago

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Abstract Tube offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of that change:

Abstract Tube, Inc. is extending the end date of their campaign.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

Welcoming Mr. Souvik Kundu

over 4 years ago

We are welcoming Mr. Souvik Kundu in the Abstract Tube advisory board. He says, "to engrain a complex topic, there's no better way than presenting it in a succinct and succulent video format". He supported the idea of Abstract Tube and commented that the recent popularity of video consumption is not going to get reversed. "The young academic community will embrace the video format of academic expression pretty soon." 

Mr. Souvik Kundu graduated with a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Cincinnati, Ohio. He is currently working for Intel Corporation based in Phoenix, Arizona. 


Abstract Tube @ Columbus CEO

over 4 years ago

Answering a question: "Will the video content creators be rewarded at Abstract Tube?"

over 4 years ago

Dear investors and followers,

I have received this question from a number of people. To clarify that, yes, we have that thought in mind to reward video content creators at Abstract Tube in the future. We know how hard it is for academic community to meet the requirements for 'YouTube' video monetization and competing against videos titled 'gangnam style' or 'Try to stay SERIOUS -The most popular CAT videos', it's hard indeed. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Sarbojeet Jana, PhD

President, CEO, & Director

❤️ So excited to share our first Provisional Patent Filing ❤️

over 4 years ago

Happy St. Patrick's Day

over 4 years ago

Thank you!

over 4 years ago

A sincere thank you to all the investors who have invested so far! 

I am getting some direct questions of late regarding the type of company what Abstract Tube is. To clarify that I thought of writing it here as an update.

Abstract Tube is an online & mobile platform for hosting abstract videos of specific genres such as journal, poster or paper conference, graduate thesis and dissertation, patent, book, movie or documentary etc.

Abstract Tube is also a media production company. We plan to produce different bite-sized videos in different genres.

Please do comment and ask if you have any further questions or clarifications. 



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