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A Band of Anglers designs and sells innovative fishing lures and tackle to catch more and bigger fish consistently. Our patent-pending technologies improve the swim action, performance, and durability of lures. We are tapping into a massive, growing community of anglers passionate about fishing who are eager for top quality, great fish-catching, fun to use, and innovative products.


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* access to exclusive quarterly webinars and * 12% Bonus Shares and * 1 day of fishing in Florida with Patrick Sébile, transferable
Invest now and receive:
* access to exclusive quarterly webinars and * 15% Bonus Shares and * 2 days of fishing in Florida with Patrick Sébile, hotel and food included, transferable

Lure: 2022 Loader Minnow - Color: Black Shiner

Reasons to Invest

  • Innovative fishing lures (protected with pending patents), poised to capture significant market shares from the $15B global fishing tackle market.
  • Our founder and CEO Patrick Sébile is both:
    • a fishing lure designer with an unparalleled total of 24 industry awards; 
    • a top 20 worldwide angler with 43 world records; 
    • a prominent sportfishing figure featured to date in 200+ magazine covers and 200+ TV shows worldwide;
    • a business figure in the fishing tackle space with an exit to his belt (Sébile lures was sold to the global leader, Pure fishing, in 2010). 
  • $2.3M cumulative revenues, ready for aggressive growth with a 30-lure product range, and 800 references.
  • Top-tier retail distributors and big boxes (including Bass Pro Shops / Cabela’s, Tackle Direct, Big Rock Sports, Folsom, and Tackle Warehouse).
  • Fast-growing community of 100,000+ anglers who love our products.


Revolutionary Fishing Products from One of the World's Top Anglers.

A Band Of Anglers provides much-needed empathetic & experienced innovation in lure technology. Our goal is to meet the needs of anglers worldwide, both in fresh and saltwater, and build an enthusiastic community around the brand.

By joining A Band Of Anglers, investors will share the success of one of the best fishing tackle designers in history, our Founder & CEO Patrick Sébile, whose lures have sold worldwide over 30 million units since he started his career in 1986. 

He is also one of the best anglers in the world!


While most lure designers are either anglers with no technical background or pure technical engineers with little fishing experience, Patrick Sébile was voted one of the best 20 anglers in the world, has spent an estimated 8,000 days on the water and is a trained engineer specialized in mechanical engineering, mold design, injection molding, and composite materials. 

The Problem

Most Lures on the Market are based on Historical Designs, but don't Leverage Modern Technologies to Match ANY Anglers’ Needs.

Lure: Dartspin 5.5 - Color: Double Pepper / Chartreuse

While the industry experiences constant innovation for new boats and other expensive gear like electronics, the technology behind lures has evolved slowly… until now.

The Solution

Empathetically Designed Fishing Tackle, loaded with Innovations, but Always Accessible.

Our lures embrace cutting-edge innovation to consistently give any angler the best chance to catch bigger fish. However, it doesn’t mean that our customers need to be professional or avid anglers to use our products, as most of the market is recreational and family-oriented. We always pay attention to user-friendliness.

We design our lures addressing all kinds of fishing situations; purchasing just one often provides the value of several competing products combined. Each lure made by A Band Of Anglers contains at least one of our innovations. It can be a new action (how the lure behaves in the water, the main factor that turns fish bite on), increased performance (casting distance), or durability (Soft-Tough Material). These are significant benefits from using Patrick Sebile’s creations. And guess what? All our lures are fun to use! 

The Market

An Increasingly Popular Sport Driving a Growing Market

Fishing is an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, whether they go for a family outing or give themselves a chance on a Sunday morning local tournament.

55 million Americans fished at least once during 2020, the highest number recorded since participation tracking began in 2007. That’s 18% of the U.S. population, up from 16.5% in 2019. 

There are more people fishing than golfing and playing tennis combined!

The US fishing lure market was valued at $630 million in 2020, a mature market, still growing 6% year over year since 2018 despite COVID. Together with international marketsA Band Of Anglers is tapping into a $1.5 billion lure-only market. 

Lures are only a first step for A Band Of Anglers. Our founder Patrick Sébile has numerous potential market-changing ideas for other fishing tackle categories, including rods, fishing lines, terminal tackle, fishing apparel, tackle boxes, and eventually reels. As a reference, he was involved in the development of  300+ products other than lures, including 50+ for the global leader, Pure Fishing. 

These future markets represent an additional $5.3 billion in the US and over $13 billion worldwidebringing the total fishing tackle market addressable by A Band Of Anglers to $6B in the US and $15B globally. 

Product Examples

Star Products


Innovation:  Long-lasting soft body + blade (patent pending)

The Dartspin brings together 2 types of lures: a soft plastic body together with a spinning blade. Extremely efficient, this bait became an instant best-seller and a sensation on shows, media, and anglers alike. This is thanks to its packed innovations, and because it excels at catching fish, all kinds of fish, in all kinds of situations. Thanks to the SofTough material used, the patent-pending inside of the lure has been engineered so that pre-welded cavities allow for easy rigging in almost any way without damaging the lure.

It lasts ten times longer than traditional softbaits, it’s compatible with almost any type of rigging, and the blade action adds vibrations and flashes to the attraction. 

This is a truly universal lure with huge market potential as it can be used in freshwater as well as in saltwater, from light spinning tackle to power jigging. The perfect example of a bait that satisfies as well the beginner and the most advanced tournament angler!

Loader Crank. 

Innovation: Double-Anchorage Lip

The Loader Crank is the ultimate power fishing lure! Crankbaits are a favorite type of bait for bass anglers, and ours with its exclusive Double-Anchorage lip allows for contact and deflection with both strengthened resistance and better swim action at any speed – the best of both worlds that usual ABS bills cannot achieve. The advanced body shape design with cutting edge weight positioning is made for longer and more accurate casts that reach swim depth fast to put lure in action and ready to catch fish asap.

Patrick Sebile’s tuned swimming creates the right amount of action without pulling hard as do other crankbaits on the market, allowing for hours of cranking and fast retrieval to cover water effectively for increased efficiency and more fun!


Innovation: Unique 3D Action

The Rota-Shad allows anglers to catch fish using our unique Rota-Move action. When jigged at the right cadence and amplitude, this twin lure rotates 360 degrees as long as the cadence continues, creating flash and swings while the angler gives a minimum jigging action to the rod tip - something both truly unique and very efficient especially when fish aren't active feeders.

Very snagless thanks to hook points turned inward, this lure mimics 2 baitfish moving and feeding alike which creates a lot of water turbulence and a unique 3D visual effect that attracts fish from around, by simple curiosity or eagerness to eat such a prey. The Rota-Shad can be used in a wide range of situations from ice fishing, crappie fishing in brushes, walleye around a rock pile or suspended largemouth bass - and more.


After four years of operations and $2.3 million in cumulative sales, this fundraising will allow A Band Of Anglers to grow its comprehensive fishing lure & tackle range and first-class US distribution network.

  • Superior products: designed and manufactured a 30-lure innovative and comprehensive product range of 800 SKUs; 
  • Strong distribution: achieved referencing in less than 2 years at some of the major US retailers (Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Dicks Sporting Goods, West Marine, etc.) and distributors (Big Rock Sports, Folsom, Gulfstream, etc.);
  • Solid branding: market attention drawn by Patrick Sébile’s worldwide fame and retail space maximized through 5 brands, each with a strong identity;
  • Lean organization: light overhead base with mostly variable costs;
  • Fundraising: $1.9 million raised to date from 10+ successful entrepreneurs;
  • Industry recognition: A Band Of Anglers won the most sought award at ICAST (the worldwide industry gathering), with the Hyperlastics “Dartprop Pro SK” being named “Best Of Show 2020” in the Freshwater Soft Lure category.

Product Line

Comprehensive Product Line with Strong Margin

  • Saltwater hard lures under “Ocean Born”
  • Hybrid hard/soft lures with concealed leader technology under “Spooltek”
  • Long-lasting soft lures under “Hyperlastics”
  • Soft & Hard “core gear” lures under “Engage”
  • Vertical fishing metal lures under “Up&Down”

The average retail price of one of our lures is $10.00 and our gross margin is 50%.

Our community

Building Our Community of Anglers

We are committed to developing a “Band Of Anglers” brought together by our familiar brand and innovative products and because we all love fishing and have fun doing so! 

Currently, most of our sales are B2B. In the future, A Band Of Anglers intends to grow through to our community of anglers with direct sales without compromising our retail relationships. 

Why Invest

Building a Global Sportfishing Community Around Our Products

A Band Of Anglers has a unique opportunity to disrupt the $15 bn global fishing tackle industry with our revolutionary designer, founder, and CEO Patrick Sébile and his original approach to creating fishing tackle.

With already raised $1.9M and generated $2.3 million in sales to date. With our line of outstanding products, we are ready for aggressive growth. 

In the future, we plan to continue domestic expansion through both B2B and D2C sales and expand internationally. We are committed to continuous innovation even as we expand into product categories such as rods, fishing lines, apparel, and more. 

In the short term, our marketing efforts will focus on growing our community and converting it into sales by developing content aimed at our members and all anglers,  boosting online customer acquisition, creating a network of pro-staff anglers and local influencers with e-commerce capability, and increasing interactions with and between end consumers. 

And of course, we are currently working on a V.I.P Program so that those of you who love fishing and become investors in A Band Of Anglers will have privileged access to our friend and CEO Patrick Sébile to share exciting ideas, tips and techniques about our shared passion!

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Early Bird

- Friends and Family - First 7 days: 15% bonus shares

- Early Bird - Next 8 days: 10% bonus shares


Invest $200 and receive 

* access to exclusive quarterly webinars (be part of the Band!)

Invest $500 and receive:

* access to exclusive quarterly webinars and 

* $50 gift card available on abandofanglers.com

Invest $1,000 and receive:

* access to exclusive quarterly webinars and

* $125 gift card available on abandofanglers.com

Invest $2,500 and receive:

* access to exclusive quarterly webinars and

* 2x $175 gift cards, i.e. $350 in total available on abandofanglers.com

Invest $10,000 and receive:

* access to exclusive quarterly webinars and

* 5% Bonus Shares

Invest $25,000 and receive:

* access to exclusive quarterly webinars and

* 10% Bonus Shares

Invest $50,000 and receive:

* access to exclusive quarterly webinars and

* 12% Bonus Shares and

* 1 day of fishing in Florida with Patrick Sébile, transferable

Invest $100,000 and receive:

* access to exclusive quarterly webinars and

* 15% Bonus Shares and

* 2 days of fishing in Florida with Patrick Sébile, hotel, and food included, transferable

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

A Band Of Anglers will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class B Common Stock at $5.00 / share, you will receive 110 Class B Common Stock shares, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $500. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors' eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

Insider Investment Notice

Officers, directors, executives, and existing owners with a controlling stake in the company (or their immediate family members) may make investments in this offering. Any such investments will be included in the raised amount reflected on the campaign page.

Patrick Sebile, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, has invested $20,400 in the Company’s current Reg CF offering.

Barry Stockhaus, the Company’s Vice-President of Sales, has invested $1500 in the Company’s current Reg CF offering.

Constantin Pellissier, a Company director, has invested $5,000 in the Company’s current Reg CF offering.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments.

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Most recent fiscal year-end:
Prior fiscal year-end:
Total Assets
$514,696.00 USD
$622,957.00 USD
Cash And Cash Equivalents
$98,523.00 USD
$17,654.00 USD
Accounts Receivable
$53,772.00 USD
$28,305.00 USD
Short Term Debt
$127,720.00 USD
$33,137.00 USD
Long Term Debt
$507,376.00 USD
$234,421.00 USD
Revenues And Sales
$690,774.00 USD
$848,780.00 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold
$346,089.00 USD
$393,286.00 USD
Taxes Paid
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Net Income
-$377,210.00 USD
-$625,704.00 USD


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


Discover Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers Lures & Creations: Wormstick 5 1/2'' (Hyperlastics)

2 days ago

The Wormstick, as its name implies, is a stick worm but with unique twists: pre-molded cavities for easy rigging gives you the ability to rig in ways that many fish have never seen before. From finesse to power fishing, heavy cover to bed fishing, and beyond! 

Featuring long lasting Softough material, this lure is buoyant and will stand straight up on a jighead or head-weight, for superior presentation in the water, and will raise a single, or even a treble, hook for suspended off bottom or topwater presentation. From conventional Texas to Carolina Rig, and literally everything in between, the options are endless for any scenario that an angler might come across! 

A Inner Weight for slow sink rate.

B Mushroom Weights for Texas rigging. Can also be positioned in the center hole, allowing for a horizontal fall.

C Mushroom Jighead for Ned rig and also jighead wacky rigged - great on rocky, logs and sparse brushstick areas.

D Wide Belly Hook Texas rigged with either A or B weights. Or rigged weightless in one of the 3 center holes for a floating topwater wacky action or add a weight in the nose to get that Neko rig stand-up action.

E Position one Mushroom Weight in the last tail hole, and use a Wide Belly Hook or worm hook in the front. The tail will stay on bottom while the nose and hook stay up! This is our unique bedding rig.

F Worm hook for finesse Carolina rigging & sling shot rig.

G Weighted long-neck widegap hook, for twitch & jerking action, as well as drag and pause - opposite but efficient techniques for freshwater and saltwater predators alike!!

Online reviews:

Videos about this lure:

Wormstick - first introduction

Wormstick - rigging options

360 degree view of Wornstick

Buy this lure online:


A Band Of Anglers' Patrick Sebile guest star on On The Water Angling Adventures Presents: Fall Run Stripers and Bluefish on the may 17th "The Latest Stories" release

4 days ago

The month of May is one of the best for Anglers targeting striped bass in the North East as the fish are typically freshly arrived and the bite is hot. 

This is why On The Water's "The Latest Stories" is much sought after from anglers, looking to learn about where the fish are as much as to find out any tips that can help them to be more successful targeting their favorite fish species. The may 17th issue includes a TV show that includes Chris Megan, Kevin Blinkoff and A Band Of Anglers' Patrick Sebile fishing in Cape Cod bay.

A Band of Anglers’ Patrick Sebile joins On The Water’s Kevin Blinkoff and Chris Megan for an exceptional striper and bluefish blitz in Cape Cod Bay, giving great exposure to lures such as the Asturie, Patchinko, Curlyminn & Sandyll:

Curlyminn https://abandofanglers.com/collections/curlyminn
Asturie https://abandofanglers.com/collections/asturie
Patchinko: https://abandofanglers.com/collections/patchinko
Sandyll: https://abandofanglers.com/collections/sandyll

A Band of Anglers

Click here below to watch this show:

Watch the show "Fall run Stripers and bluefish" show here

A Band Of Anglers is in the news on "Pacific Coast Sportfishing" May 2022 issue

12 days ago

The May 2022 issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine just got released and contains several visuals and text about various A Band Of Anglers lures.

Famous California captain, tournament winning angler & rocker, Ocean Born & Xorus pro-staff member Jimmy Decker bring onboard journalists from Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine on a tuna trip to cover the topic of "7 steps to Offshore fishing success", his rods showing Ocean Born Wideback Minnow and Asturie lures - including on a tuna just landed onboard which couldn't resist this Xorus, noisy-pointed topwater lure and became one of Jimmy's all-time favorite lures (pages 24-25).

In the "New on Deck" double pages, which feature new products for fishing and boating enthusiasts, the lure of the month presented besides of Costa new sun glasses and Izorline Spectra braided line is A Band Of Anglers' Ocean Born Flying Popper (page 76).

Read the magazine:

Pacific Coast Sportfishing - May 2022 issue

Discover Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers Lures & Creations: Flying Popper 100 (Ocean Born)

16 days ago

The Flying Popper is a narrow-necked popper with greater casting distance and action! 

Shaped for castability and versatility, from still to rough waters, the Flying Popper is aerodynamically engineered to increase casting distance and experience tuned actions that bring in more fish.

The Flying Popper 110 pops, spits, or walks, creating a tremendous bubble trail. It comes in Floating (FL), Super Long Distance (SLD), and Rocket  Models. The SLD offer a great swimming action, on a slow to medium steady retrieve. Also, the SLD & Rocket models can be jigged to reach fish at various depths, a totally unique feature for a topwater lure!

You can’t catch fish you can’t reach!! Design elements such as side wings and low air friction ribs allow the Flying Popper™ to seemingly fly far away through the air, even under windy conditions. Catch the fish others can’t reach with the Flying Series! 

Online reviews:

Videos about this lure:

Flying Popper 100 - 360 degree view

introduction to the Flying Popper 100 by Patrick Sebile

Flying Popper - Tackle Direct

Article about this lure:

Field Testing the Ocean Born Flying Series - On The Water Magazine

Buy this lure online:

Flying Popper - Tackle Direct

Discover Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers Lures & Creations: Dartprop (Hyperlastics)

23 days ago

The Dartprop is the most advanced engineered soft plastic prop bait. Made of Softough durable material, it uses patent pending Instronghold in the tail and molded holes & sots for easy, secure rigging. Plus a great prop-enhanced action!! 

Winner of the prestigious 2020 ICAST's "Best freshwater softbait" award.

The Sinking model is extremely versatile. Fish it on the surface with a medium to fast retrieve or down to 10ft deep after letting it sink then use a super slow retrieve. Perfect in both open water up to medium cover. Shines when used in lily pads, submerged trees and brush. 

The Topwater model is perfect for surface fishing. from open water to almost all kinds of cover. Unweighted, it is buoyant enough to stay on top even with a super slow retrieve, and makes great commotion on medium to fast retrieves. It really shines when fished in lily pads, underneath branches & docks, and above submerged weeds & grass flats. A steel washer stopper located on the shank of the unweighted widegap hook keeps the hook point in the back slot, making it weedless. On a slow retrieve, the Dartprop Topwater develops a very seductive side-to-side billed minnow action along with flashes and turbulence caused by its tail prop. 

Videos about this lure:

Dartprop - first introduction

Dartprop - video of the week

Article about this lure:

ICAST 2020 best of show winners - Dartprop Hyperlastics

Buy this lure online:

Dartprop - Topwater

Dartprop - Sinking

Dartprop - unpainted bodies

Dartprop - painted bodies

Discover Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers Lures & Creations: the Stretch (Spooltek)

about 1 month ago

The Stretch is a hard bodied swimbait with a replaceable soft tail, available in Sinking (SK) & Super Long Distance (SLD) models. 

It features a stainless steel concealed leader. It is perfect for long casts and can be fished with a steady retrieve, jigged or with erratic slash movements. While posing on the bottom, it floats with the hook up thanks to its buoyant, Softough made replaceable long lasting soft plastic tail.

The concealed leader allows the use of the lighter leader for stealthier presentation and better lure action. Once the hook is set it pulls away from the lure, providing superior abrasion resistance and dramatically reduces fish loss due to shake off. Also, a great benefit when fishing toothy critters such as bluefish, pike & musky.

Videos about this lure:

Using the Spooltek Stretch - with On The Water TV & Team Goose Hummock

Article about this lure:

Spooltek lures review - Salt Strong 

Buy this lure online:

Stretch 9'' - TheMightyFish.com 

Stretch 7'' - TheMightyFish.com 

Stretch 5.5'' - TheMightyFish.com  

Discover Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers Lures & Creations: the Swimming Bucktail (Ocean Born)

about 1 month ago

The Swimming Bucktail is the most advanced cast-and-retrieve & jigging bucktail on the market!! 

Advanced features such as side wings and belly ribs give the Swimming Bucktail a unique approach to bucktail fishing, allowing for more fish-catching action, rock/structure deflection resulting in less snagging and lures loss.

Use it as it is, right out of the package, or rig it up with your favorite soft plastic trailers - Dartspin, Minwaow & Curlyminn from Hyperlastics are amongst the best to pair with it.

1. Line tie forward for swimming, twitching/looping action
2. Sidewings for lift – allow to pick a heavier bucktail, but same swimming depth
3. Belly ribs create turbulences for increased attraction
4. thread wraps
5. PS Inversed Bend Hook, for a stronger hold on the fish

6. Twitching action but tracks straight on steady retrieve
7. Less snagging due to sidewings deflection

Videos about this lure:

Swimming Bucktail

Swimming Bucktail - on the Goose Hummock tank


Article about this lure:

The Ocean Born Swimming Bucktail - On The Water Magazine


Buy this lure online:

Swimming Bucktail - Kittery Trading Post

Notice of Material Change in Offering

about 1 month ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the A Band Of Anglers offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is updating their financials and extending their campaign.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

A Band Of Anglers is in the news on "Le Magazine des Voyages de Peche" #152 (France, French speaking)

about 1 month ago

The French magazine specialized in fishing travels around the world included the news about A Band Of Anglers' European distributor Yannick Cordier (Ultimate Fishing's CEO) using various Ocean Born lures in a recent trip in Panama (page 16) and recommending their use for various species and techniques both there and abroad. 

Read the magazine:

Le Magazine des Voyages de Peche #152

Discover Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers Lures & Creations: the DeadAlive

about 1 month ago

The DeadAlive is a SofTough made bait that mimics an injured, dying baitfish, one of the most enticing prey for predators both in fresh and saltwater. That is actually one the our best lures from Hyperlastics when it comes to catching bass, redfish and snook.

The swimming action of this lure is one of the most realistic available on a steady retrieve or simply using a cadence of double twitches and 10 seconds pause to better mimic a dying fish.

Also, its buoyancy offers the ability to have the DeadAlive floating on top at rest or standing up on the bottom, depending on the hook and rig used. The angler can choose to use it weighted or not depending on the fishing conditions and depth. 

Videos about this lure:

DeadAlive presentation by Patrick Sebile

DeadAlive introduction at Icast Show

DeadAlive for Pike Fishing (French Language)

Buy this lure online:

Deadalive - Bass Pro Shop

Come meet Patrick Sebile at Goose Hummock (Orleans / Cape Cod, Massachusetts) Friday, April 1st 1:30-5:30PM & get an autographed lure!!

about 2 months ago

If you are interested to meet Patrick Sebile and discuss the A Band Of Anglers investment campaign, he will be Friday, April 1st 1:30-5:30PM at well known Cape Cod fishing & outfitters tackle store Goose Hummock, located 15 Rte. 6A, Orleans, MA 02653 - Tel (508) 255-0455 

Anyone joining will receive a lure prototype hand signed!!

Goose Hummock website

Ocean Born lures

Hyperlastics lures

Meet Patrick Sebile in Kittery, Maine (1h North of Boston) to see lures in action, discuss the A Band Of Anglers Investment Campaign Sat. 2 & Sun. 3

about 2 months ago

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd, April 2022, Patrick Sebile will be at Kittery Trading Post, a leading Fishing and outdoors retailer, located in Kittery, Maine.

Patrick will be on his tank to demonstrate the underwater action & movements of his artificial lures Saturday at 9-10AM & 5:30-6:30PM, and Sunday 1-2PM.

These will be 2 great days for any investor or person interested to invest in A Band OF Anglers to come meet him to discuss about the campaign and the company itself!

Kittery Trading Post Fishing Fest 2022

Discover Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers Lures & Creations: the Loader Minnow

about 2 months ago

The Loader Minnow Jerkbait from Engage features patent pending technology that outperform other jerkbaits in your tackle box thanks to its unique bill that offers a thinner but strong bill, allowing for great action and confidence it will hold - the best of both worlds!!

The Loader Minnow jerkbait utilizes a thin double anchored stainless steel metal lip, which provides an erratic darting action that won’t break when fishing over hard structure like rocks and logs and is definitely more resistant against impact than regular ABS made thin bills.

This unique bill also creates flashes that are well known to attract fish from Bass to Redfish, Trout or Pike. 

This lure suspends when paused so anglers can fish it fast or slow depending on the mood of the fish and stay in the strike zone. Complete with two sharp treble hooks and covered in a highly detailed paint job, the Loader Minnow is the most erratic and durable jerkbait currently available on the market.

Several videos about this lure: 

Loader Minnow presented to Tackle Warehouse

the Engage Loader Minnow

Loader Minnow 360 degrees view

ICAST Show 2021: Patrick Sebile's Loader Minnow

Buy this lure online:

Tackle Warehouse - Loader Minnow

Fishing Shows Are Back!!

2 months ago

After 2 years of pandemic and most public fishing shows canceled since early 2020, 2022 is bringing things back to normal.

Anglers are delighted to come back visiting popular shows across the country, where they can see new fishing lures and tackle presented to them by the brands or on display for sale at retailer's booths.

That is equally a great feeling for all the industry professionals who were eager to be back, boots on the ground and face to face with the many thousands avid anglers looking for a talk about a technique, a fishing tip, or buying the latest lure designed to be thrown at super long distance.

Since the show season got started, Patrick Sebile and the A Band Of Anglers crew have been on the road every week-end, demonstrating the range of 6 brands, 42 lures and more than 800 references to everyone interested - not only on pegs and explaining the techniques and uses for each model, but also thanks to TheMightyFish.com tank, in real action in the water, and through seminars.

The Bassmaster Classic in Greenville, Atlantic City Boat show, New England Saltwater Fishing Show in Rhode Island, Saltwater Fishing Expo in Edison have all been great, some beating previous attendance records!

Two more shows are to happen soon, the Connecticut Fishing & Outdoors show in Mohegan (March 25-27), and the Fishing Fest & Spring Hunt Event at Kittery Trade Post (April 2-3) where Patrick Sebile will appear to meet anglers. You are welcome!!

Discover Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers Lures & Creations: the Rota-Shad

2 months ago

The Rota-Shad allows anglers to catch fish using our unique Rota-Move action. 

When jigged at the right cadence and amplitude, this twin lure rotates 360 degrees as long as the cadence continues, creating flash and swings while the angler gives a minimum jigging action to the rod tip - something both truly unique and very efficient especially when fish aren't active feeders. 

Very snagless thanks to hook points turned inward, this lure mimics 2 baitfish moving and feeding alike which creates a lot of water turbulence and a unique 3D visual effect that attracts fish from around, by simple curiosity or eagerness to eat such a prey. The Rota-Shad can be used in a wide range of situations from ice fishing, crappie fishing in brushes, walleye around a rock pile or suspended largemouth bass - and more. 

A few videos here below about this lure:

Rota-Shad presentation by Patrick Sebile

Rota-Shad on Monster Bass website & special video

Find the Rota-Shad on our website:

Rota-Shad range

Discover Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers Lures & Creations: the Dartspin Pro

2 months ago

The Dartspin™ Pro is a very versatile and advanced engineered soft plastic bait. 

Its body can be rigged many ways - on a weedless swimbait hook, jig head, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, football jig, drop shot, inline treble hook, or a super strong and compact single hook for big fish - while the willow leaf blade adds flash and vibration. Great as a trailer bait on swimming jig, rubber jig, spinnerbait, buzzbait and others! 

In our Hyperlastics lures, the word "Pro" means the lure is hand painted, for a more realistic finish than injected colored soft plastics.

This is currently our best-selling model.

It can be used pretty much for all fish species from Bass to Tuna, and be fished as well in fresh and saltwater. It is made of long lasting Softough material.

A few videos here below about this lure:

Dartspin 7''

3 new Pro colors added to the Dartspin Pro range

how to rig Dartspin on Jigheads

how to rig Dartspin on Widegap hooks

Find the Dartspin on our website:

Dartspin range

TWO Patrick Sebile designed lures are featured in March issue of The Fisherman magazine's "15 Hot Striper Lures For ‘22" article

3 months ago

Patrick Sebile is the only lure designer there to have 2 of his creations, through 2 different brands (A Band OF Anglers' Ocean Born & SEBILE Innovative Fishing) be part of this selection that also includes power house brands such as Shimano, Megabass or Savagear: 

"Ocean Born Flying Pencill

I credit Nick Honachefsky for this one.  The Fisherman’s NJ/DE Bay field editor handed me a couple of these heavyweight pencils in the fall which I left in the console of my truck.  During the fall into winter run at the Jersey Shore in 2021, there were multiple occasions when wheeling and diving birds over fish were just a tad out of reach for my favorite big woods; the 4-1/8-inch, 2-ounce Flying Pencill model 110SLD did the trick, making its way from console to plug bag for those distance casting situations.  No, it’s not a typo, the trademarked Flying Pencill with two L’s – for LONG distance I guess – has been engineered for longer casts, and can be worked on top with steady retrieve and twitched as you would a traditional pencil, but it also boasts a swimbait style action on slow or medium retrieved; the SLD model can also be jigged, making this a unique boat or beach offering that has a bit of versatility in many different situations you’re apt to encounter on the striper grounds.   –JH

Sebile Magic Swimmer

About a decade ago I wrote a story about regional striper lures, at the time, certain lures just stayed inside certain regions despite their effectiveness on stripers. In the decade since, social media has given anglers reach that would’ve been impossible at any other time in striper fishing history. As a result of our viral society, all of the methods I wrote about in that story have found mass appeal all over the coast. But there’s still one plug that doesn’t seem to get any play outside of the place where its ‘magic’ was discovered. The Sebile Magic Swimmer (now made by Berkley) went from oddball on the shop wall, to reputed striper slayer in a matter of a few weeks during the summer of 2008. That all happened in the Cape Cod Canal and it really hasn’t left the rocky embankments of the Big Ditch. Let me tell you, it works, everywhere stripers swim. Whether you’re crawling it through boulders in the night surf or ripping it at warp speed through a bunker blitz, the snakey-swim of this three-piece swimbait has convinced big stripers – inside and outside the Canal – to eat; and it’s not going to stop working any time soon. –DA"

read the full article on The Fisherman magazine march 2022 here.

A Band Of Anglers' Patrick Sebile guest star of On The Water Angling Adventures, Sunday 10 AM on NBC Sports Boston, Season 19, Episode 3, "Fall Run Stripers and Bluefish / Cape Cod Bay"

3 months ago

At the height of the fall run, big schools of peanut bunker gathered off the east end of the Cape Cod Canal, where migrating striped bass and bluefish feasted for almost two full weeks. In this episode, Kevin Blinkoff and Chris Megan chase blitzing stripers and blues in Cape Cod Bay with lure designer Patrick Sebile. 

Watch "Fall Run Stripers and Bluefish | Cape Cod Bay" episode here

On The Water Angling Adventures is brought to you by: 

Yamaha Outboards :  https://yamahaoutboards.com/ 

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On The Water Store: https://www.onthewateroutfitters.com/ 

Catch On The Water Angling Adventures Sunday at 10 AM on NBC Sports Boston.

The A Band Of Anglers campaign is on "Le Magazine des Voyages de Peche" #151 (France, French speaking)

3 months ago

The famous French magazine specialized in fishing travels included the news about our crowdfunding campaign (page 8) in its February/March 2022 issue (#151), as well as articles about new fishing tackle from A Band Of Anglers (page 22) and a big presentation about the strongest and meanest fish to catch in the World's waters for which they interviewed famous anglers including Patrick Sebile, who named 3 fish species (Pages 52-62):

Le Magazine des Voyages de Peche #151

The Angler Magazine, February 2022 issue, Pages 14 & 15 - this monthly magazine is sent over to 3.4 million licensed anglers in the US alone.

3 months ago

"Patrick Sebile, fishing & tackle design legend, invites you to discover and invest in his new fishing lure company, A Band Of Anglers.

A Band Of Anglers designs and sells innovative fishing lures and tackle to catch more and bigger fish consistently. Our patent-pending technologies improve the swim action, performance, and durability of lures. We are tapping into a massive, growing community of anglers who are passionate about fishing who are eager for top quality, great fish-catching, fun to use, and innovative products."

To read the magazine click on link below:

The Angler Video Magazine February 2022 - pages 14/15

A Band Of Anglers article in Angling International magazine,

3 months ago

"French born Sébile, now a US citizen living in Florida, created ABOA after leaving Pure Fishing in 2017. He began his career in 1976, working with Mepps and Mister Twister, and then came to the fore by creating Sebile Innovative Fishing in 2004, selling the business to Pure Fishing in 2010.

During his career he has amassed 43 different IGFA world records, appeared on nearly 200 magazine front covers, written seven books and featured on numerous TV shows."

read the entire article here:

Sébile offers investment opportunity in A Band of Anglers

A Band Of Anglers is on FTR Magazine, the leading business magazine of the sportfishing and marine industry!

3 months ago

Ken Duke of Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine features ABOA's StartEngine campaign in its print issue sent out on February 7.

"A Band of Anglers Is on StartEngine

Have you ever wanted to own a tackle company…or even just a small part of a tackle company? I’m not talking about a tackle shop, where you sell fishing products. Many of you reading this are already in that position. You’re the critical connection between manufacturers or distributors and consumers. I’m talking about owning a company that designs and manufactures fishing products that are then distributed to retail shops and eventually sold to anglers all over the world.

For most of us, owning part of a tackle company has not been a practical option…until now.

A Band of Anglers, Inc., the company started by legendary tackle designer Patrick Sébile, is looking for investors. ABOA is the parent company of Engage (core gear lures), Hyperlastics (soft plastic lures), Ocean Born (saltwater baits), Spooltek (concealed leader lures), and Up ‘N’ Down (vertical lures). It’s also the official distributor of Xorus lures in the Americas.

Sébile and his partners will be using the online crowdfunding platform StartEngine to gather capital for their continuing efforts. The global pandemic, supply chain issues, and other challenges have presented stumbling blocks for ABOA—and nearly every other tackle manufacturer—but they report a bright future with plenty of inventory available for 2022.

If you’re involved in the fishing tackle world, or even if you’re simply an avid angler, you’re already familiar with Patrick Sébile. He’s one of the most accomplished anglers and decorated tackle designers in the history of our sport. The French-born tackle pro (now a U.S. citizen living in Florida) has been inventing and creating fishing products since he was just eight years old. He created Sébile Innovative Fishing in 2004 and sold the company to Pure Fishing in 2010, working for the tackle giant until just a few years ago.

Sébile’s creations have won 24 major industry awards (in the U.S., Europe, and Australia) and have sold tens of millions of units worldwide. In 2007, he accomplished what many believed could never be done. He “swept” the lure awards at ICAST that year, winning both Best Hard Lure and Best Soft Lure. More recently, his Hyperlastics Dartprop Pro SK won Best Freshwater Soft Lure at ICAST 2020.

His skills as an angler have naturally informed his talents as a tackle designer. Sébile has caught 783 different species of sportfish in 71 different countries. He holds or held 43 different IGFA world records. He has appeared on the cover of nearly 200 different fishing publications and been featured in over 1,000. He has hosted or appeared as a guest on more than 200 television fishing programs, written seven books on fishing and authored more than 800 magazine articles.

If you think of most celebrity anglers, their renown is usually limited to one country. Sébile is truly a worldwide angling and tackle design star.

“A Band of Anglers was born of the passion I have for fishing,” Sébile explains, “but it’s not just my company. It’s something I want to share with other like-minded people who love the sport. Opening it up to investors of all levels and from all over the world is a natural next step, and I’m very excited about where it will take us on this journey.”

To get there, ABOA has enlisted the online services of StartEngine.com, a crowdfunding platform offering public access to private investments—like ABOA. If you’re familiar with Kickstarter, you may know it’s a crowdfunding platform for creative projects that offers nonmonetary rewards. With Kickstarter, patrons get no equity in the efforts they support.

But StartEngine, which launched in 2015, is different. Patrons are actual investors and get equity in the projects.

Kevin (“Mr. Wonderful”) O’Leary, the well-known investor and star of the television program “Shark Tank,” is a shareholder in StartEngine and a strategic advisor to the company.

A Band of Anglers is valued at $7,790,000 in this crowdfunding round with individual shares at $5 and a $200 minimum investment. Investors can access the ABOA offering on the site right now.

You can learn more about this investment opportunity on StartEngine.com. The site contains lots of information about the company, including reasons to invest, the size and prospective health of the sportfishing market, the intellectual property behind some of Sébile’s designs, and more.

It obviously remains to be seen if crowdfunding will be the path to the kind of financing that ABOA seeks, but if it works, two things are certain. First, other companies will try it. Second, it will help to revolutionize the way we look at and think about equity and ownership in the fishing tackle market.

Extraordinarily well-funded private equity firms have changed the outdoors and tackle industries in recent years, starting with YETI. Those kinds of investments and ownership structures have led to impressive growth, but often with the goal of “flipping” or re-selling the company to another private equity firm in three to five years. Crowdfunding of the type sought by ABOA may be a route for financing the large-scale production of tackle and giving small investors a stake in the operation without replacing the leaders, founders, and principals that started it.

ABOA believes that crowdfunding is the future of industry financing. What’s more, they like the fact that their investors will be building the brand and growing the business every time they catch a fish on or recommend a product made by ABOA.

Become a Shareholder of Patrick Sébile’s Fishing Tackle Company TODAY!      "

Here also is a direct link to this issue, see page 27:


A Band Of Anglers recently promoted Barry Stockhaus as Vice-President of Sales - article seen on FTR Magazine

4 months ago

It is my pleasure to announce that I promoted Barry Stockhaus to VP of Sales at A Band Of Anglers.

Barry and myself have been working together for the past 25 years through 4 different companies: Mepps/Mister Twister where we met first, then he became General sales manager of my previous company SEBILE, next like myself he joined Pure Fishing in 2010 and won the award of Salesman of the year - the worldwide most coveted award in the fishing tackle leading company -, and finally joined ABOA September 1st 2020. 

Time matters to build the best team to successfully grow a business, and given the great job Barry has done, it was just a natural fit for him to get his new title - and the responsibilities that goes with. 

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