Solutions Vending International

Proprietary kiosk and software platform.

Solutions Vending International

Proprietary kiosk and software platform.

Columbus, OH
Self-service and automation are the future of retail. PopCom is at the forefront with an automated retail technology platform for vending machines and kiosks that allows retailers to engage and understand customers, sell more products, and learn from big data.


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Everything in the Emerald Tier + 2 VIP Tickets to PopCom Investor Summit in Columbus, Ohio, and dinner with executive management (currently planned for the fourth quarter of 2020)

In the Press

May 31, 2018

Serial Entrepreneur Dawn W. Dickson, founder and CEO of PopCom, a software company for self-service retail, and Flat Out Heels, a producer of rollable flats for women and children sold online and through vending machines, always prepares for the next big opportunity.

Entrepreneur builds self-service kiosk for e-commerce
March 13, 2018

Dawn Dickson got into self-service retailing in 2011 with a very simple plan: create a vending machine to sell flat shoes for women on the run. But in the course of launching this business, she learned that self-service retailing technology was not sufficiently developed.

Meet The Women of The Blockchain: Dawn Dickson Founder & CEO of PopCom
January 1, 2018

I use my success and access to help other women and people of color, that is what I am most passionate about.

The State of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Today [Radio]
May 6, 2018

On this episode of StartupNation Radio, your host, Jeff Sloan, chats with Dr. Luke Pittaway, Ohio University College of Business Copeland Professor of Entrepreneurship, and Dawn Dickson, founder and CEO of PopCom and Flat Out of Heels.

3 black female founders share how they got funded in the Midwest
April 29, 2018

Female founders are underfunded and underrepresented, but black female founders bear a disproportionate share of the burden. While female founders overall receive 2.7 percent of all venture funding relative to their male counterparts, black female founders receive 0.2 percent.

PopCom Making the Vending Machine of the Future
April 23, 2018

Vending machines as we know them—a customer chooses an item, inserts cash and punches in the corresponding letter and number combination—are on their way out. Modern digital technology is finally catching up with standalone retail machines, and Columbus company PopCom, formerly known as Solutions Ve

PopCom: Are Vending Machines the Future of Retail? (#31)
April 18, 2018

When you think of cutting edge technology, it’s unlikely vending machines pop to mind. But Dawn Dickson has a plan to change that with her startup, PopCom.

This company is powering the future of retail…here’s how
April 23, 2018

In retail, every transaction is an opportunity. An opportunity to make an impression. An opportunity to build revenue and turn product into profit.

CES unleashes a gold mine of self-serve retail technology
February 7, 2018

As consumer technology brings new conveniences, retailers and brands are finding they have to work harder to stay on top of emerging innovations. Those attending the recent CES event in Las Vegas found a gold mine of self-service products designed to help retailers and brands stay relevant as e-comm

Meet The First Black Woman To Raise Over $1 Million In A Secure Token Offering
December 27, 2018

A full feature on PopCom and our CEO in Forbes.

17 Top Black Influencers You Should Partner With In 2018
December 27, 2017

For a demographic that has a consumer buying power of $1.3T by the end of 2017, there still seems to be a huge gap or disparity with the representation of Black Influencers in various industries.

Marcus Lemonis says don’t sell, it may be the next big thing!
March 1, 2014

Flat Out of Heels sells rollable ballet flats for women. CEO Dawn Dickson launched the Miami-based company in 2012, and the product has been selling like crazy ever since.

Inc Magazine Top 100 Female Founders
October 1, 2018

Dawn Dickson, PopCom CEO, mentioned as one of the Top 100 Female Founders in 2018 by Inc Magazine.

Smart Business Network: Fundraising Lessons From a Serial Entrepreneur
August 28, 2018

Fundraising lessons from a serial entrepreneur

Launch Pad: PopCom Builds a Smarter Vending Machine
August 1, 2018

Industry experts, investors, and users weight in on the potential of PopCom as a company. "...The PopCom kiosks fill every gap we've imagined."

How These Black Women Startup Founders are Using Blockchain

In the blockchain and crypto community, there’s a major gender imbalance that’s even more pronounced for black women. These two entrepreneurs are trying to change that.

Black-Owned Startup Finds New High-Tech Way to Crowdfund

PopCom CEO Dawn Dickson speaks about why the company was looking to an STO for funding and how it successfully raised $1,070,000.

PopCom raises $1M in equity crowdfunding for cannabis vending tech

Startup raises $1M in crowdfunding for high-tech vending machines that could dispense cannabis


StartEngine's CEO, Howard Marks, covers our CEO and our company's journey on the StartEngine Blog.


Spotted: The American startup PopCom is working on a vending machine that would allow the legal purchasing of government-regulated items. So, alcohol, medication and cannabis vending machines could be around the corner.

Meet the Entrepreneurs In Our Fall 2019 Milestone Makers Cohort

Read about PopCom & our CEO Dawn Dickson in the extremely competitive Nasdaq Milestone Makers Cohort.

Self-checkout beats the drum hard at NRF 'Big Show'

Read about PopCom and the automated retail landscape at NRF 2020.

PopCom’s Interactive Retail Kiosk Incorporates Facial Recognition, Data Collection

Self-checkout is one of the hot-button technologies retailers are embracing as they embark on "store of the future" omnichannel initiatives. Checkout this breakdown of PopCom's tech.

Serial Entrepreneur Vows to Make Vending Machines Smarter

Columbus native and Ohio State graduate Dawn Dickson has spent the last two years spanning the globe, marketing PopCom, a software company which uses data analytics for self-service retail.

US House Committee to Hold Hearing on Blockchain Benefits for Small Businesses

Read about PopCom in an upcoming hearing in front of the US House of Representatives.

How Blockchain Can Spark Efficiencies, Innovation in Small Businesses

Experts tell Congress how the technology can drive costs down, while boosting security and operations.

Ohio Small Business Owners Explain Benefits of Blockchain to Congress

On Wednesday, Dawn Dickson was one of two Ohio entrepreneurs in Washington to testify before the House Small Business Committee about the type of technology her company has embraced.

This Is What a Productive Congressional Blockchain Hearing Looks Like

Read about PopCom at the Building Blocks of Change: The Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Small Businesses hearing at the US House of Representatives.

Building Blocks of Change: The Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Small Businesses

Dawn Dickons (PopCom CEO) is a witness at a US House committee hearing. Get the info here.

Congress Looks At Upside Of Blockchain In A Hearing On The Technology

Read about PopCom's conversation with Congressional lawmakers.


How Women Entrepreneurs Are Navigating The Effects Of COVID-19

Black Enterprise

Dawn Dickson Raises Capital Amid COVID-19

Rolling Out

Entrepreneur Dawn Dickson Explains How Crowdfunding Jump-Started Her Biz


Founder of Black-Owned Startup Makes History, Raises $2.3 Million Through Crowdfunding


Dawn Dickson: Forbes Blacklist 2020

Coin Telegraph

Smart Vending Machine Maker Popcom Crowdfunds $1.3M


PopCom’s History-Making Dawn Dickson Raises Over $2M in Crowdfunding Capital


PopCom Featured on the Homepage of CNN

11 days ago

PopCom CEO Dawn Dickson was interviewed by Kristina Hooper for Invesco QQQ about smart vending technology and the future of retail in the e-commerce age.  The story was featured on the homepage of giving PopCom amazing global exposure. 

You can watch the full feature HERE

PopCom Awarded a Patent on the PopShop

12 days ago

The PopCom team has been working on the design of the PopShop digital pop-up shop since 2017. We have developed several prototypes and conducted numerous tests on our mission to develop a vending machine that changes the way people see and think about automated retail. When we started this journey three years ago, our #1 goal was to think 'outside of the box' literally and figuratively. We simply did not want a box shaped machine, we wanted to create a design that is cool, unique, and high tech that demonstrates the ideal use case for our software. We filed for our design patent on the PopShop and it was awarded to us in September 2020.

U.S. PATENT #D896310


Here are a few key points that makes the PopShop unique:

  1. Sleek new design, inspired by the iPhone, we like to call it "the iPhone of vending machines"
  2. The PopShop has two cameras installed on the exterior of the machine to collect anonymous customer data including age, gender, emotion and how the customer engages with the machine. To do this, the camera counts traffic passing by against daily sales to measure conversion rates.
  3. The PopShop 15" point of sale (POS) machine to mirror the e-commerce shopping experience. The software can deliver targeted ads, messages and product suggestions to the customer in front of the machine.
  4. The PopShop is equipped with a full 32" advertising screen to allow retailers to monetize their machines by selling advertisements in addition to selling products.
  5. Digital product display. Unlike traditional vending machines, the PopShop does not display the products to the customer, they can view product images and information on the POS
  6. The PopShop is completely cashless, it accepts all major credit cards (chip, swipe, and tap) - we have digital currency acceptance in our future plans, along with 'pay with face' and other biometric payments
  7. The PopShop can be used with a pen, stylus, or gloves, making it truly 'contact-less'
  8. Unlike traditional vending machines, the PopShop is powered by the PopCom software which allows the entire store, including inventory, to be managed remotely
  9. The PopShop can accommodate various product sizes and packaging types due to our improved bin dispensing system.
  10. The PopShop has wheels and castors which allows it to be easily moved and transported safely.

We are so excited to reach this important milestone!

PopCom Now Accepting New Investments + Q4 Update

22 days ago

Greetings to Our Followers & Investors on StartEngine!

We hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. Like the rest of the world, 2020 has been quite the year for PopCom. Our team is expanding, we have adjusted to the new world we live in post-pandemic, and we are focused on scaling. Since the pandemic we have made a few key changes in our business model:

  1. We have moved our manufacturing supply chain from China to the U.S.
  2. We are re-engineering the PopShop dispensing mechanism to be able to accommodate more products and packaging sizes
  3. We have added new ‘contactless’ screens to our PopShop that can be used with gloves, pens or a stylus
  4. We have introduced our new ‘Starter Program’ to give select retailers the opportunity to lease the PopShop in order to get to market faster

These necessary changes caused a delay in our product release however we are excited to be back on track with a December 11 delivery date for our new PopShop. We are focused on making 2021 our best year yet, and we are raising more capital to make that happen.

We have exciting news to share – our Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding campaign is live and we are now accepting investments in PopCom. As you are aware, we have been working to get qualified by the SEC to raise capital via a Regulation A+ offering (what’s that?) for some time now. While waiting for our qualification we open and closed yet another oversubscribed Reg CF campaign in May only 47 days after going live.  The process to get qualified was long and the due diligence was extensive (and expensive), however we are excited to now be qualified to raise up to $5 million to scale PopCom.

The minimum amount to invest is $250.25. As always, investment rounds are limited in amount and time so we invite you to take a look at our offering and invest today.

Although the timing is sensitive due to the COVID pandemic, we must continue to look towards the future and deliver our products to the market. While some industries are hurting, we believe that the retail market will continue to move towards self-service and contactless retail. Vending machines and convenience services are becoming more essential, and retailers are looking for more ways to deliver their products direct-to-consumer with less human friction. We are excited about what is to come.

We are raising capital to grow our operations, build our sales team, reach more customers, go into full production of the PopShop, and scale our age-gating and ID-verification product for regulated retail. Your investments will help us reach the next milestones to success. 

Our new offering is now live:


Offering Circular:, Selected Risks: - Reg A+ offering available through StartEngine Primary, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

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