Pencilish Animation Studios

A Crowd-Owned Animation Studio

Pencilish Animation Studios

A Crowd-Owned Animation Studio

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Franklin, TN
Pencilish Animation Studios is a new entertainment company ready to disrupt how new animation content is created, released, and monetized. Made up of top industry professionals from Disney, Warner Brothers, and more, Pencilish is developing world-class IP, co-owned by our everyday investors, for entry into a multi-billion-dollar global market.


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Reasons to Invest

Pencilish’s founding team has worked on enormously popular animated films that have grossed billions worldwide, including The Lion King, Pocahontas, and Mulan.
The global animation market is projected to grow to $587B by 2030, with 2D animation expected to see the highest growth rate and market share.*
Pencilish has successfully raised over $2M to fund its initial efforts and has since released the first episodes of two new original series, “Bjorn the Last Unicorn” and “Mind Over Murphy.” The third series, “JuJu Brain” Episode 1, releases in July!

*Market information provided by Precedence Research (source)

A Crowd-Owned Animation Studio Created by Top Disney Alumni

Animation is the holy grail of entertainment: evergreen and beloved by generations young and old. Our team at Pencilish Studios has designed a few pretty great animated characters ourselves—ever heard of Simba, Pumbaa, Kronk, Pocahontas, or Mushu?

Along the way, we’ve learned first-hand that while it takes a village to bring an animated story to life, the only way to make any real profit is by owning the IP (intellectual properties). That’s why we’ve brought together an incredibly talented crew of artists and directors to build out a library of world-class content designed for the way we distribute and consume media in today’s digital age. Pencilish is developing IP that can be licensed and merchandised just like the big studios do, but at a fraction the cost - in partnership with our community of investors (you!). 

More than 4,500 investors believed in our vision and previously helped us raise $2.1M, enabling us to execute our "Phase One" plans in 2021. As we gear up for "Phase Two" of our journey, we are excited to share this opportunity with the StartEngine community.

Today, Pencilish has a slate of four shows in development, two of which have officially launched with pilot episodes currently available online. Looking ahead, we plan to add another four unique series to that list with the help of this new wave of investors

Pencilish is uniquely positioned to seize the epic opportunity presented by a multi-billion-dollar animation industry—and we can’t wait for you to join us.

The Problem

Pencilish is Redefining Creative Ownership in the Digital Era

We are living in the golden age of content creation—and creators no longer want to commit their blood, sweat, and toil for a tiny percent of revenue and a line in the end credits. Though teams of talented artists have created and brought our most beloved characters and stories to life, it’s the massive corporations that actually own the IP and reap the benefits of its success. 

With social media and streaming platforms spurring more demand for entertainment than ever, old-school production models are seeing a shake-up. Animation entertainment companies have traditionally taken a large percentage of ownership due to limited margins. However, now that smaller creative teams can develop and distribute their own IP, the landscape is primed for change.

Creating Characters and Stories That Will Last for Generations

The age of creative gatekeeping is over. With the explosion of YouTube, TikTok, and other content creation and distribution platforms, anyone can launch their stories and ideas into the world. 

At Pencilish Animation Studios, we want to take things one step further by inviting our investors to be involved in the development and ownership of new IP that then opens the door to longer-term merchandising opportunities. By cutting out the middleman, we not only have greater control, but we’ll also be able to secure better deals, partnerships, and opportunities—all made possible by you.

Thanks to our world-class team of animation pros who’ve held key roles in creating billion-dollar IP for big corporations such as Disney and Warner Bros, Pencilish is uniquely positioned to be a trailblazing force in this new age of content development.

Pencilish is creating short-form animated series perfect for widely-accessible, digital content channels such as YouTube. Our stories are designed for a family audience, with a focus on older kids who have access to smart devices for entertainment. We work virtually and leverage the best small studios around the world for a fraction of what Hollywood spends.

Yet, as insiders already know, the real money comes from all the ancillary licensing and merchandising deals across publishing, toys, video games, etc.  As we build a growing audience, we’ll take our most popular IP and strike up partnerships to achieve the true financial potential those characters and content have to offer.

Important to the growth of our audience is the community we create around Pencilish. For that reason, we just launched our new “AnimToon” playlist on our branded Youtube Channel. We are reaching out to animation schools around the world and will be continually curating a playlist where we celebrate “the next generation” of animation talent by licensing their films, giving them a chance at Youtube monetization, directing lots of eyes to their content!

The Market

Animated Series and Character IP Make Trillions of Dollars Worldwide

When the COVID-19 pandemic brought live-action productions to a screeching halt, animation saw a huge boom in demand which doesn't appear to be stopping any time soon. The global animation market is now expected to grow from $372B in 2021 to $587B by 2030, with 2D animation anticipated to see the highest growth rate and market share. (source)


Beloved classics remain stronger than ever, with the creators of South Park recently closing a $900M deal to make six extra seasons and 14 movies. Meanwhile, new internet sensations such as the preschool series CoComelon demonstrate there are enormous opportunities within digital distribution channels. Started as a father's side hobby, CoComelon is now YouTube's most viewed channel in the U.S. and the second most-viewed channel in the world (source, source). Averaging 3.5 billion monthly views, CoComelon makes an estimated $120M each year through ads, and the company behind the series was recently acquired for $3B.

As the global children's animation and drama show market is projected to reach over $7B in 2025, and in 2021, global toy sales crested $104B, it's clear the market has huge potential with plenty of room for new entrants (source, source). We believe Pencilish is perfectly positioned to launch our own animated IPs with platforms such as YouTube as the launchpad for our high-quality content.

Our Traction

Over $2M Raised and Four Animated Series In-Production

Pencilish Animation Studios is a small but mighty force, ready to introduce the world to an amazing lineup of children’s characters and shows. Our team is brimming with industry talent, and our advisory board is made up of seasoned vets, including two Disney feature film directors and a former Disney VP. 

In the past year, we have successfully raised $2M+ with the help of over 4,500 investors, while also beginning development on our first four animated series. 

In April 2022, we released our first episode of “Bjorn the Last Unicorn,” which quickly surpassed over 100K views. The following month, the first episode of “Mind Over Murphy” premiered, achieving over 50K views in just 14 days. 

Most recently, Pencilish has announced our partnership with Aro Lucha Entertainment to begin development on the “Aro Lucha” animated series, and we’ve continued to build additional relationships with independent studios across world, including Brazil and New Zealand. 

We now have four more Pencilish series concepts slated to begin development in 2023 as part of our “Phase Two” plans. Our creativity is flowing and we’re rearing to go!

Why Invest

Legends from Disney, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros... Want YOU!

Pencilish Studios possesses a unique opportunity to become a major name within the entertainment industry. By combining a talented team with an increasing popularity in animated content, we believe there's never been a better time to invest in our animation entertainment studio.

Funds raised from this campaign will be put towards our "Phase Two" goals, including adding more top talent to our studio and continuing the development and animation production of both new and existing animated series.

We can’t wait to create characters and stories that people around the world will come to know and love - and with your help, Pencilish can forge memories for a whole new generation.

In the Press

Tom Bancroft of Pencilish Animation Studios: Second Chapters; How I Reinvented Myself In The Second Chapter Of My Life

An article about CEO Tom Bancroft, his years at Disney and how he decided the time to launch his dream studio, Pencilish, was now.

Legendary Disney Alum Tom Bancroft Heading Up New Pencilish Animation Studios

Live news interview with CEO Tom Bancroft about launching indy animation studio Pencilish Animation Studios

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You haven't seen Mind Over Murphy Episode 2??

6 hours ago

I gotta say, this episode may be one of my favorite things we've done so far!  The music by our Music Director, Walter Rodriguez and his team is just OFF THE CHARTS!  The humor and animation that Brazilian animator Diego Perez brought to it is amazing!  AND- the voice actors, Max St. John (Murphy, show writer and co-creator) and Brian Hull (Brain, and nicest guy you want to meet) is perfect!  Enjoy!  Oh, and invest already!

Be the FIRST to see our NEW PENCILISH "Team" logo!

1 day ago

I know, this is a small thing, but it's still cool to me- we worked last week to create a banner for our display at Lightbox Expo next week and one of the elements we wanted was our Pencilish Logo, but surrounded by all of our characters!  It took me going over designs, creating sketches, and then our graphic designer working to make it all work and create the vector linework and color.  I'm pretty dang happy with it, so here it is: 

Viva La Animation!  -Tom B., CEO

Meet Up with CEO Tom Bancroft NEXT WEDNESDAY!

2 days ago

Hey All!  Myself and my Animation Producer, Pam Darley will be in Burbank, CA for meetings and the Lightbox Expo event NEXT WEEK!  We thought: Let's get together with our investors and potential investors to get to know them!  SO, we are inviting you to: 

That's right!  Free coffee and fun people getting together at a hotel near the Burbank airport!  This couldn't be more fun unless there were freebies- oh, and there ARE freebies!  It's Wednesday, Oct. 12, from 2pm-2pm Pacific at the Ramada By Wyndham Burbank Airport in conference room "Whispers".  Classy!  We only have limited seating so get your "ticket" (you don't need it, we just want to know who's coming. here:

See you soon!  Viva La Animation and Coffee!  -Tom Bancroft, CEO 

Announcing our SHORTS- focused new series: "Dustin"

4 days ago

I mentioned in an update a couple days ago that Youtube has just announced that they are going to start partnering with creators and monetizing Shorts (1 minute or less content) and that this feeds into what Pencilish is already doing- and it's time to elaborate!

Again, I will be transparent with you investors, one of the hardest areas in our business model is fast delivery.  One thing that will ALWAYS be true about animation is that it is slow and (therefore) expensive.  Also, I choose to make sure that Pencilish always has a quality level that we don't go under.  So, our challenge has been to try and deliver MORE animation, MORE often and at an affordable price.  That is hard.  At the same time, we ALSO believe that short form entertainment is where the world is moving.  They want SOME long form entertainment (bingeable series and feature films- which we will get to one day) but they want ALOT of short form entertainment.   Well, we know we have to crack this nut and we think we have a plan to do it.  We plan on introducing TWO "Shorts" (vertical format, a minute or less) series to our line up, with plans for more down the road!  The goal will be to deliver these Shorts once a WEEK!  I'll get to the second one down the road, but for now,  the first will be: "Dustin"! 

DUSTIN is a stand up comedian bear that is struggling to support his family with his comedy.  It is based on the real-life personality of DUSTIN NICKERSON (, popular, family-friendly stand up comedian.  The Shorts will be of Dustin the bear doing his stand up- gag based shorts that are very "sharable".  The second layer of this project is that we are ALSO creating a longer form "The Nickersons" (for lack of a better title) series that will be a full story of him, his family life, and his friends in the stand up/ dad life struggle.  We are well into that development also and it's looking SO good!  

As we are developing his character, I looked at the real Dustin and tried to get some of his expressions and posing into our character of "Dustin".  Here's some of those rough sketch expressions: 

It's already been a fun project and we haven't even animated a thing yet!  We are just finalizing development of the DUSTIN "Shortisodes" (my new term for episodes of Shorts) and will be moving into production of them within the next month or two.  We hope to start releasing them weekly as soon as December/January.  Look for WEEKLY shorts dropping on our Youtube channel (and other social media hubs) soon!  

Oh, and invest in Pencilish Animation Studios, why don'tcha?  Go to : 

Viva La Animation Revolution!  -Tom Bancroft, CEO 

Investor FAQ, Pt. 3: How is Pencilish poised to be part of THE FUTURE OF Entertainment Distribution?

7 days ago

What Bill Gates wrote over 20 years ago will still apply in the future: "Content is King".  This is the story of what Pencilish Studios is  doing and how we plan to get there. 

Think about how your kids or grandkids view their entertainment.  It's not like my generation did- sitting at a TV set with only 3-4 channel options. More likely, they are on a streamer channel (or OTT- "Over the Top" channel) like Netflix or Disney Plus, or on Youtube- viewing them via a computer screen, their mobile phone, or a traditional TV screen (via an app).  

Traditional media concepts are a thing of the past, the entire industry is undergoing fundamental change: streaming services are no longer just platforms for the consumption of films and TV programs, now they are investing in the production and licensing of globally successful owned content – and are thus in direct competition with the traditional TV and video industry.  At the same time, broadcasters and media companies are launching their own on-demand offerings and global content producers are setting up their own streaming services.  

We believe that Youtube is one way we can DIRECTLY reach the largest audience, retain ownership and control of our content, and monetize that content via many different ways.  Many of those exist on Youtube itself: ad based monetization is one, but there are 9 other monetization streams that are possible via Youtube- with "Shorts" just announced a week ago as a new monetization channel.  Pencilish Studios is building a content library of IP (intellectual properties) that is aligning with where the Web3 internet is headed.  

Building a community is also how you make money on YouTube and Pencilish is off to a fast start!  YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, announced in January of 2020: "We're always focused on expanding the YouTube ecosystem to help creators capitalize on emerging technologies, including things like NFTs, while continuing to strengthen and enhance the experiences creators and fans have on YouTube."  

Ultimately, OWNERSHIP of our characters and series (the Intellectual Properties- or “IP”) is what makes Pencilish in the drivers seat to make any number of partnerships, licensing and branding deals.  Ownership of content is also bulletproof as to which direction the distribution channels sway or the ebbs and flows of the economy since people will always seek out entertainment for their kids and families.  

I believe Pencilish Studios is in the right place, at the right time and is aligned with where Web3 and the future of entertainment distribution is headed.  Join us in this Animation Revolution!  Invest in Pencilish Studios!  (

- Tom Bancroft, CEO

Youtube JUST ANNOUNCED monetization for SHORTS!

8 days ago

Youtube SHORTS monetization

This is a quick update to say that it feels good to hear we are moving in the right direction at Pencilish Studios. Recently, we've been meeting with some Youtube consultants to make sure we are doing all we can to get the viewership our work deserves, but also to lean into our community on Youtube.  One of the things we know we have a problem with is FREQUENCY.   Yep, how often we can get out a new animated episode of one of our original content series.  Every Youtube tutorial about growing your following will tell you- you need to post ONCE A WEEK to grow your subs and followers.  Well, we make ANIMATION and that takes time.  And- it's broadcast quality, not done by one person overnight and thrown up there.  We write scripts, storyboard, voice record, hand animate, clean up, color, and do original scores!  Whew, it's time consuming.  BUT-  we just decided, we HAVE TO GET INTO THIS GAME of SHORTS.  That means content that is a minute or less and can be scrolled through on Instagram, Youtube, and Tik Tok!  We have a couple projects that this style of posting and content creation fits and I will be talking more about that in the next update!  In the meantime, click on the link at the top to see an article about the new Youtube SHORTS monetization announcement.  PS- Why hasn't your rich Aunt or Cousin invested in Pencilish Studios yet?  Tell them!

Viva La Animation Revolution! -Tom Bancroft, CEO


15 days ago

I must admit, even one of my buisness advisors asked me this question early on.  He's not in the animation industry, he's a business man, so his eyes are (rightfully so) always on business profitability (its also whey he's my advisor!).  The question went something like this: 


To be honest, it would be tempting to do that.  It's SO much easier coming up with animated series ideas and creating a new 5-7 page Powerpoint pitch with some nice concept artwork in it and then hire an agent to get meetings with all the big studios and entertainment companies to pitch those ideas around Hollywood in the hopes of selling one or two of them.  That's what most people do.  But, the part that most people in animation don't know/haven't realized is that those days are done!  The studios/streamers want you to CREATE the shows now, to get them on social media or Youtube, to get them out there and get HUGE FOLLOWINGS for that thing.  THEN, they will look at your project.  Why have they shifted from ideas in a paper napkin to this "you do it first, then we will look at it" way of buying animated series?  

Easy- its like every other buisness deal for any other buisness, they want as little risk as possible.  Take the risk out of your project by showing it- done- and that people already like it and you are FAR DOWN THE ROAD to them wanting to buy it.  And- we frustrated creators did it to ourselves!  Along came Youtube and creators could go DIRECT TO THEIR AUDIENCE!   We all had dream projects that we couldn't wait to get out into the world so we worked for free, often times for YEARS, and made those things and released them to to public on our Youtube channels.   Some of those projects/series were well done and they gained millions of followers.  Soon, Hollywood discovered them and started making deals.  Nearly "sure fire" deals for them but if the creator is savvy, hopefully for him/her also.  

SO- I feel we HAVE TO put the work/love/effort into our projects UPFRONT so when we do roll them out to our investors/audience/ (and soon) streamers/studios/licensors, we are in the drivers seat both creatively and finacially.  AND- yes, we are ALSO creating pitch packets for some of our PHASE 2 new projects that haven't been animated yet.  Win-win.  We now have nearly 10 diffferent projects we can pitch to studios- with 4 of them animated/in production.  And that has only been in YEAR 1!  Why haven't you invested in Pencilish Studios?  Share it with friends at !

Viva La Animation Revolution!  -Tom Bancroft, CEO


16 days ago

I get a few questions often and I'm going to create a few posts that answer those questions.  (I've already done one big one in an earlier post, "How is Pencilish going to get investors their ROI?" scroll in the updates for that update. )  This one is for those wondering:

"Why is Pencilish Studios launching/distributing on YouTube- for free!"


I added that last part because it's true, we are GIVING our content away- for now!  Let's face it, the world wants "Free" these days.  And, they want premium/ quality content on top of that!  It's a big order to deliver.  The short answer to this question is:  We are launching on Youtube (with our branded channel- @pencilishstudios) because that's where the EYES of the world are!  Literally, the WORLD is on Youtube.  We are in a solid two years of content CREATION right now.  We want to create our short form episodes as well and as fast as we can to get them on our Youtube channel for the WORLD to see/react/fall in love with!  THAT is what we are doing right now.  As any farmer will tell you, you plant, (create), grow it (following)- the harvest/reaping comes later.   That "later" isn't as far off as some studios take, it's year 3-5 in our trajectory, in my opinion.  

When we first launched Pencilish Studios (with over 4500 investors and 2.2 M in investment), I COULD have decided to launch a Pencilish Studios WEBSITE to create a subscription wall around all of our original content (this never works, as many will tell you, but especially for new, unestablished content) or I could have launched a OTT or CTV channel to broadcast our new shorts (we would have needed a LOT of content right off the bat so its not really a great plan for launch).  Bottom line, in both scenarios is we would spend A LOT of money on set up and running those websites/channels instead of putting that content INTO MAKING THE CONTENT!  Meanwhile, there's already something out there called Youtube that has BECOME THE BIGGEST SOURCE OF CONTENT IN THE WORLD!  Let's dig into that: 

According to a recently published article and study, here's a couple quick numbers/facts that you may not know about Youtube creators.

- YouTube brought in $28.8 billion last year alone in ad sales.  Their ad sales have grown 254% since 2017.  Much of that goes to creators.

- INDIA, a country with relatively low TV penetration, is the company’s biggest market by users in the world with over 325 million users.  (Btw, it's also the biggest audience for Pencilish Studios also.)

-572,117,085  -This is the number of views ANIMATED YouTube star Cocomelon got during the last week of August.   Cocomelon, the nursery rhyme juggernaut,  regularly rakes in over 500 million views a week. Six of the top 10 channels by views are made for children, proof that kids entertainment—despite a regulatory crackdown—is still a mega-business online.

- 700 million  -in one month, people watched more than 700 million hours of YouTube on smart TVs alone, according to the company. YouTube is a leader in the race for mobile screen time, but it’s also contender on televisions. YouTube frequently calls TV its “fastest-growing screen,”. This year, the company made its first appearance at the so-called upfronts, TV’s biggest marketing confab. And HBO made the first episode of its big-budget series, “House of the Dragon,” available on YouTube for free.

(For the FULL ARTICLE on BLOOMBERG, go here: "8 Numbers on Why Youtube is so BIG" -

I hope this answers this question for you and you learned some interesting facts to boot!  I think it makes a TON of sense to invest in an animation studio that is both disrupting how Hollywood approaches animation but ALSO is leaning into the viewing habits/needs of it's audience!  Invest in Pencilish Animation Studios - or share it with your friends at 

Viva La Animation Revolution!  -Tom Bancroft, CEO  

Voice Acting at Pencilish Studios!

17 days ago

Many people forget, but there's a WHOLE job involved in getting the audio side to our animated series- and it's JUST AS IMPORTANT as our visuals!  We will talk about the music side of Pencilish Studios soon, but for now, let's concentrate on the voice acting!  This "Behind the Pencil" episode spotlights me (as director), Falon Danita (as voice recording assistant) and the GREAT Brian Hull (Youtube star and pro voice actor!) who plays "BRAIN" in "Mind Over Murphy":  

 Pencilish Studios Youtube - is the place to go if you love BTS videos, you'll love our "Behind the Pencil" series on our Pencilish Studios Youtube channel!  We have over 50 of them up there for you to dig into now!    

Viva La Animation Revolution!  -Tom Bancroft, CEO

Trailer for "Mind Over Murphy"- Episode 2!

18 days ago

We can't wait for you to see our second episode of "Mind over Murphy"!  The team in Spain that we are working with has got these characters DOWN and it really shows in the animation!  The full episode comes out THIS FRIDAY on our youtube channel, but until then, here's a sneak peek trailer for you!  Oh, and if you haven't invested in Pencilish Studios, why not today?  Become a part of what could be the NEXT BIG THING in animation entertainment right here on Startengine! ( )- Tom Bancroft, CEO

New BEHIND THE PENCIL for Aro Lucha!

22 days ago

Pencilers!  Are you keeping up with our "Behind the Pencil" series?  Yep, we have OVER 50 behind the scenes videos where our Pencilish artists are sharing/ showing how they create the shows that you are investing in!  From animation, to character design, to ink and paint- we're taking you along for the ride as we create the series that you know and love!  New Behind the Pencil's go up every two weeks on MONDAY!  The newest one, below, is animator Chloe Arvin talking about animating a shot from "Aro Lucha" our newest property!  

And- if you're still on the fence, or your super rich friend is, than let's all just settle this once and for all and hit this link:


Two ways to STAY UP TO DATE AND BE INVOLVED with Pencilish!

24 days ago

Did you know Pencilish Studios sends out a UPDATE email every other week, on Tuesdays??  If you don't, its because you're not on our Mailing list!  Get on there TODAY by going to  and scrolling down to the Newsletter sign up!  

Pencilish Studios at Lightbox Expo in October!

25 days ago

We are proud and excited to announce that Pencilish will have a CORNER BOOTH (#835) at the amazing Lightbox Expo in California!  What is Lightbox Expo, in short, it's an artist's expo for creatives in the Animation and Film community, with many of the animation studios also in attendance.  Here's how they put it on their website: "LightBox Expo connects fans with the artists and creators behind their favorite films, animation, games, TV shows and illustrations. It’s a place for aspiring artist to come and learn and be inspired, and it’s also an amazing art marketplace like no other. It’s a celebration of art!"

The DETAILS: LightBox Expo will be happening in Pasadena, California on October 14-16, 2022

This will be our first BIG convention of getting our name out there in the animation community, so we are excited about this opportunity.  Fortunately, many of the Pencilish Studios employees where going to go anyway, so we will have a good chunk of Peniclish Studios representing!   Myself and our producer, Pam, ALSO will be meeting with Animation and Toy companies while we are there to introduce them to what we are doing at Pencilish.  We hope this is just the start to us making waves (and future deals!) in the industry!  If you are going to be there, please stop by the booth- all investors get something for free!  AND- maybe we could do a spontaneous "Investors Meet Up" on Wed. Oct. 13th?  If anyone has a good spot for that (I don't want to spend investor money, just have coffees together or something), let me know.  Send it to 

The OTHER thing we will be discussing at Lightbox will be ANIMTOON!  As you know, this is our brand for "The World's Greatest Student Animated Short Films!".  With all those animation students walking those halls and exhibit area, this will be a prime time for us to let them know about this exciting part of Pencilish Studios.  AND- speaking of which, we JUST LAUNCHED the Instagram for ANIMTOON- please follow it- @animtoon.pencilish !  Thank you! That's it for now!  Viva La Animation Revolution!-   Tom Bancroft, CEO

Announcement: A NEW CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP has been made!

28 days ago

Hello Pencilish friends and investors!  I have been saying that some new announcements would drop over the next few months and that has already started- The Aro Lucha title sequence animation reveal- for one (if you missed it, go to our Pencilish Studios Youtube channel to watch it- ).  And here's another:

We just signed an agreement to create a show with up and coming stand up comedian DUSTIN NICKERSON!  Here he is on the Late Late Show with James Corden:  

But what are we doing with him?  I can't reveal everything just yet but we are NOT JUST STARTING THIS.  We have been developing something with Dustin for quite some time.  I'll get into the launch plans at another time, but for now, here's the story: 

I was already following Dustin on Instagram and was a fan of his fun "dad" humor.  He's got 75.5k on Instagram, 38k followers on Facebook, and 27.6 K on Youtube but the best thing about his comedy is it's clean but not bland.  So, about a year ago, I contact him on Instagram and explain who I am and what Pencilish Animation studios is and then I end it with this: "I'm interested in creating a show that is about you and your family, where you are a struggling comedian trying to "make it" and take care of your family and a side job you hate- but you're all bears."

He wrote back, "You had me at bears."  

That's where it started and now it's grown into something that is REALLY fun and I see it as one of our upcoming break out new shows: "Dustin"! (Temporary name).    It's set in a forest world and he preforms his stand up at a bar/coffeeshop/ club made of trees, stumps and acorn microphones.  I'll leave it at the images below (which will change) to just get you into the mood.  I'm excited to share this with you all and look forward to giving you more info on it as it unfolds!  Welcome to the world of DUSTIN:  

Above artwork by Tom Bancroft
Above artwork by Audrey Witherspoon
Above artwork by Audrey Witherspoon
Above artwork by Audrey Witherspoon
Above artwork by Audrey Witherspoon

BTW-  Please invest in Pencilish Studios to be included in all this exciting properties and OWN PART OF THEM!  Share this with your friends and family!  -Tom B., CEO, Pencilish Studios

How to run a VIRTUAL Animation Studio- PENCILISH style!

about 1 month ago

Hello Pencilish investors and friends!  Its an extended holiday weekend but I need to play some catch up on a few of our series' episodes!  But- I wanted to take a moment to give you a glimpse into a PIECE of how I run a virtual animation studio!  By having Pencilish Studios be a virtual studio, we are able to work with the best, brightest, and most cost effective artists and creators all over the world!  Also, we can be more productive by having mutual animation groups working on our projects simutaneiously!  Virtual studios are only one way we are creating the best animation we can, as fast as we can, and as LEAN as we can!  Watch this video and enjoy!  Happy holiday!

Please invest in Pencilish Animation Studios and share with your friends and family here:

Viva la Animation Revolution!  - Tom Bancroft, CEO

SO- What's the PLAN, Pencilish???

about 1 month ago

Hello to the new investors in Pencilish Animation Studios!  We are glad you are joining us!

This update is about that question that everyone wants to know:  What's the intended the plan for Pencilish and how might I potentially see ROI?

(NOTE: I have to be careful about how I word things when talking about this subject.  During an investment raise, I can't make promises of success or even state things with too much hyperbole or I can get in trouble with the SEC.  So, if this is still slightly vague or not worded as excitedly as I'd like it to be, just know that I am bubbling up with excitement with what we are doing and where we are headed!)

The Plan: 

Pencilish Animation Studios is creating an IP library of characters and concepts so that our company is attractive and valuable in the animation marketplace, with the personal goal to be the "#1 independent animation studio in the world"!  I have over  30 years experience in animation, and during that time, I saw many successes (I worked on "The Lion King") and  flaws in the system:

  1. Creators have little to no ownership of their IP that they create for the major studios.  For example, I created Mushu the dragon for the Disney film "Mulan".   Although I designed the character, I make no money on any toys or licensing deals for the last 24 years!  At Pencilish, we offer part ownership to creators.  Pencilish will work with creators to get their work into the world while also doing something only the big studios do (and do well): market/advertise those series to the public. 
  2. Everyone is looking for their “quick fix”. Short form entertainment (ex. TikTok, Instagram Reels, YT Shorts) is where the people are, yet animation is not.  We pride ourselves in being one of the first studios to get our foot in the door in this growing area: Short form serial entertainment. 
  3. Original intellectual properties set us apart. We are creating a library of Pencilish IP to build a broad audience of all ages and geographic locations.   In the past, the large studios would be the only ones to reap the financial benefits of the streaming and licensing deals- because they own the IP.  We are changing that.

Advisory Board:

We have an advisory board of animation industry legends including two Disney directors, a VP from AIG, a former VP from Disney (who created Disney Interactive and publishing), and even a movie star: Ming Na-Wen (The Book of Boba Fett, Agents of Shield, voice of Mulan).  

Investors/ Our crowd:

Pencilish Studios has over 4,500 investors and has raised over $2.2 million this year.   We have the studio up and running in just over a year with 4 animated series already launched.  We are moving into "Phase 2" that could include acquiring a live action documentary feature film about the nostalgia of hand drawn animation, as well as multiple new IP launches.  

The bottom line is, we all have a distribution system in our pockets (our smart phones), why do we need the large studios owning everything we artists create?  Those days are gone.  

We call Pencilish Animation Studios an “Animation Revolution” because it’s a studio funded/owned by fans and we are working with creators to give them a chance that few in the animation industry have.  Our investors will own a piece of that IP, and the creators’ will also. We all win! 

Future Revenue

Our crowd of fans and investors is growing into the tens of thousands already.  This is a group that wants to see what we are developing and what we are releasing next!  Job one is creating great entertainment that people can enjoy and follow.  Second, is to start making deals with those characters and stories.  We see our future revenue coming from multiple potential streams: ad revenue/monetization on Youtube and other social media, expanding the series with partnerships with large streaming platforms, and licensing deals for merchandising our characters/series.  Ultimately, selling the company to a major entertainment studio is also a possibility.  

If you're still on the fence about investing in Pencilish, I hope this makes you FALL over that fence and invest today!  Join us in the Animation Revolution.  Share this with your friends and family, we have great stuff coming up!  Here's the link: 

Viva La Animation Revolution!  -Tom Bancroft, CEO

TONIGHT! "Bjorn the Last Unicorn" Episode 2 DROPS!

about 1 month ago

This is a big day for Pencilish Studios!  We are officially no longer "one hit wonders", because we are starting to drop all of our Episode 2's for our THREE ANIMATED SERIES- starting TODAY at 5PM Pacific/ 6PM Central/ 7PM Eastern- with "Bjorn the Last Unicorn" episode 2!  Hit this link when it's time (or after that time) to view it: 

Now, if you were ever wondering if you should INVEST in Pencilish Studios, let this be the thing that makes you decide!  We think you're going to love both episodes of Bjorn (with more coming!) and all our other shows (with more coming!).  This is your chance to JOIN INDUSTRY VETS make the LARGEST INDEPENDENT ANIMATION COMPANY in the world!  That's our goal, if it sounds big, it's because we are big thinkers and we have deep experience in this business to get that job DONE!   Please leave a comment on the Bjorn episode on Youtube but also, tell your friends about PENCILISH ANIMATION STUDIOS:

Viva La Animation Revolution!  - Tom Bancroft, CEO 

"ARO LUCHA" title sequence TEASER Animation!

about 2 months ago

ANOTHER big teaser drop this week!  Yep, this is one of the projects we worked hard on all summer- a "Title Sequence" teaser for our "Aro Lucha" project that we have been working on while creating our other three animated series!  This one is a project we co-own with the Aro Lucha Entertainment company (bringing live Lucha Libre wrestling to the US) as well as Starlight Runner, the premier transmedia development company (  It's a solid team and we are excited about getting this multi-cultural animated series out into the world!  Amazing music is by Pencilish Music Director Walter Rodriquez and his team!  We will be pitching this around Hollywood shortly and you are the first to see it!  Enjoy and please tell your friends and family about their opportunity to invest in Pencilish Animation Studios at !

Viva La Animation Revolution!

-Tom Bancroft, CEO, 

Pencilish Animation Studios

TRAILER DROP: "Bjorn the Last Unicorn"- Episode 2

about 2 months ago

As I mentioned last week, we have a few new trailers and previews dropping this week- and here's the first one!  This is the episode 2 trailer for our Pencilish Studios series: "Bjorn the Last Unicorn"!  Please show this to your friends and family and please subscribe to our Pencilish Studios YouTube channel!

 Thank you for your investment support here on Startengine also!  -Tom Bancroft, CEO Pencilish Animation Studios

BIG DROPS ARE COMING! Pencilish Studios update!

about 2 months ago

What have we been doing all summer?  I mentioned some of it in the last update, but we have animation coming VERY soon!  One of them is not a secret, it's that Bjorn episode 2 will drop a week from Friday on our Youtube channel!  We will have a teaser trailer for that on THIS FRIDAY, another nice surprise coming soon, and then the Bjorn 2 release on Friday, August 26th!   

Here's a sneak peek of some rough animation of that surprise animation piece that is coming soon: 

We are so excited for you all to see what we've been up to!  Please share about this investment raise right here on Startengine with your friends and friends!

Viva La Animation Revolution!  - Tom Bancroft, CEO


about 2 months ago

Whew!  It's been a BUSY summer over here at Pencilish Studios- and I wanted to give new (and Founding) investors an UPDATE on where we are and what we have accomplished this summer!  I just did my first LIVE "Quarterly Update" on Youtube and many of you were there with questions, thank you for that.  Some of what I'm discussing here was shared in that update, so if you want to watch that (AND see some juicy new artwork I shared on two up coming series, and an animation preview of Bjorn episode 2) you should go here: !  

 Let's dig into this: 

Below is a release schedule for the next few months/into the new year of when we will be releasing our first three shows!  It continues on this once a month release schedule into 2023 until all three series have all 5 episodes (of each) released.  That's over 25 minutes of animation for each of our three Phase 1 series!  Aro Lucha will probably fit into this schedule somewhere and become our 4th series.  We are locking that down still.  

Lastly, this is the update on where we are RIGHT NOW on our releases and all the work we've put into each one.  It's a complex thing to have multiple animated series going all at once and our amazing team of production people, led by the amazing Pam Darley, our producer on all of our shows!  Here's that update:

Bjorn the Last Unicorn-
Episode 2 is finished in animation, finalizing clean up and ink and paint this week, music and sound is next week- it releases August 26th!  Bjorn 3 starts into animation next week and half the backgrounds are already completed.  The remaining two remaining episodes have voice actors recorded and are storyboarded.

Mind Over Murphy- Episode 2 is ¾ of the way animated in Spain and will premiere in September.  The remaining three episodes have voice actors recorded and are storyboarded.

JuJu Brain- Episode 2 is in production now and will premiere in October.  All four remaining episodes have been voice recorded and are storyboarded. 

Aro Lucha- Completed a fully animated 1-minute teaser/title sequence,  ( We will be sharing this 1 Minute animation very soon!) 

Main characters are designed and some main locations.  Scripts are being written.  Possible financial partners are being approached now.  ( 

Animtoon - This playlist on our Youtube channel is booming!  This is the home to "The World's Best Animated STUDENT Films"!  As of this writing we have 16 SHORTS uploaded with more added WEEKLY!   Here's a link to check them out:

And that's it for this update!  I hope this is interesting to you and it gives you at least a little glimpse into what we are doing now.  What I didn't mention is PHASE 2 development.  There's a lot going on there also- new shoes and new initiatives- but those announcements are coming soon!  

Thanks for sharing this investment raise that is going on right now- with your friends and family.  We need this investment to move into the exciting Phase 2 projects!  Here's the link to share:

Viva La Animation Revolution!

Tom Bancroft

CEO, Pencilish Animation Studios!


TONIGHT! Live Youtube talk with CEO Tom Bancroft!

about 2 months ago

Hey Pencilish-ers!  I wanted to give you a quick update that I will be doing a live "Update" for all investors and interested parties on where things are with Pencilish Animation Studios!  I will give some art previews, a "summer" update, and take some live Q and A.  It will be recorded if you need to view it later, but you'll want to be there LIVE to ask your questions!  See you this evening!  Times are at 4PM P/ 6PM C/ 7PM E and on our Youtube channel and Investor only Facebook page, simultaneously.  Share with your friends that love animation and want to be a part of a THE NEXT BIG THING IN ANIMATION!  Go here on Youtube:

The World is on FIRE, stocks are up, my back hurts- seems like a bad time to invest in ANIMATION?

2 months ago

Just a light note from me today.  A reminder- if you want to call it that- that there are always doom and gloom people out there saying to invest only when the market is at it’s highest, safest, and brightest.  Many of them almost need the the world itself to be in perfect rotation and all is well to suggest investing in one company or another.  As we have seen in the past, that is not always true.  Investing when things are down is when you get the best opportunities for growth.  Besides that, investing in start up companies, while risky for sure, have paid off big for many people throughout time.  We all know numerous examples of this from the recent past.  Then there is Pencilish Animation studios start up investment!  Animation has been a strong entertainment financial option since Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse in 1928!  Walt had to find a new way of making money with animation- through making shorts that went out in front of feature films.  Pretty soon, Mickey became so loved that people were going to the films just to see the shorts!   And- it wasn’t just in the US, even before the internet, Mickey Mouse became the most recognized character world-wide!  Through Mickey Mouse the world discovered that creating loveable, relatable characters is universally appealing.    

Now, along comes Pencilish Studios.  We are setting out to do what the big studios do: make fun, relatable characters and put them in interesting story lines to win the hearts of the world.  The financial rewards follow in this formula.  And yes, we have those merchandising and liscensing plans in place already too!  

So, you just need to decide: in this heat wave stricken, bad market, pains and ails, or whatever else: does the world still want to be entertained?  I say “YES” and that’s where we come in!  Please tell you friends and family to check out our page for more information and their chance to invest in “What’s next” in animated entertainment! 

Viva La Animation Revolution!  -Tom Bancroft, CEO

Thank you for over $250k!

2 months ago

I just wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU for how fast this investment raise has gone so far- and it’s all thanks to you!  

This company is already so near and dear to me and all 16 employees we now have!  We love what we are able to do because all of you have banned together in belief of the dream!  What is that dream?  That some other company than Disney/Pixar/Marvel/ Star Wars can make money by creating animated tv series and feature films!  And it can be an Indy company, to boot!  We have the team, we have the concepts, we have the industry relationships, and now with YOUR help, we are taking are swing for the bleachers!  Our advisory board, has been a part of films, product launches, and tv series that have made multiple BILLIONS for our employers (mostly Disney), what if we owned even a fraction of those things we did for them?  Now is that time!  Thanks for joining us!

Lastly, I have some exciting news to share very soon, so please keep reading these updates!  We are a company that is moving fast and we have a lot in the works!  

Viva la Animation Revolution!

-Tom Bancroft, CEO 

Pencilish Animation Studios

Introducing Pencilish Animation Studios, on STARTENGINE!

3 months ago

Hello!  I'm excited to announce that Pencilish Animation Studios is now accepting investment into our second round!  We have already raised $2.2 Million with over 4500 investors on Wefunder and we are excited to be working with StartEngine this time/round!  

AND- If you invest in the next 2 days, you get 15% BONUS SHARES!  Share the link with all your friends and family!

Who we are:  CEO (me) Tom Bancroft, a former Disney Feature film supervising animator, tv series show creator (Larryboy for Veggietales), animator, character designer ("Mushu" in Mulan) and director (Veggietales and Superbook) and our amazing advisor board that consists of former Disney VP and creator of Disney Interactive, Film and TV star Ming- Na Wen,  two Disney directors (Brother Bear and Mulan), and more!  We are a team of animation pros that are coming together to create the first crowd-funded, fan owned animation entertainment company!  

What we are doing: The goal of Pencilish Animation Studios is to create ORIGINAL intellectual properties (tv series, to start) that we will produce and get out into the world (via our branded YouTube channel) We've already launched the first episodes (as of next week) of THREE animated series we are creating.  We have many more already developed with three almost ready to go into production.  With YOUR help, we will be a company with an amazing IP library of characters and stories that we can then take to the huge licensing and merchandising world to make deals and partnerships for our characters.  Likewise, we can partner with the major studios and streamers on our projects to get them even wider release into the world!  This is a multi-billion dollar market that we know how to navigate because our team has helped Disney and other studios make their billions already!

What's next:  With YOUR help, we are continuing with Phase 1- our first three animated series- and we will launch into Phase 2!  In this phase, we will add in another 2-4 new series to add to our production pipeline and to our growing IP library!  Just so you know, this is a long term investment (as are ALL startups).  We are building and creating right now.  Making and marketing.  In these first couple years, we create and grow our following as well as our characters'.  Then, we move into making deals.  We hope to start some of those as soon as within the next year, but we want to be in the drivers seat when it's time to make most of the deals, so that's in about 3-4 years.  

Join us in our goal of making the next BIG independent animation entertainment company: Pencilish Studios!  

Viva La Animation Revolution! 

-Tom Bancroft, CEO

3 Days left for the "Super Early Bird Bonus" SHARES!

3 months ago

Hey Pencilers!  I just wanted to pop in with an update to say "Thank you" again for your amazing support!  Thanks to all of you, we are featured on the main page of StartEngine right now as a company with "Most Momentum"!  In only a couple days, we have zoomed past $220,000 invested!  Wow!  

BUT- if you didn't get the "Friends and Family" Bonus shares within the first 72 hours, you need to know- it's NOT TOO LATE to get BONUS SHARES!  We are now in the first Super Early Bird BONUS for the next 3 days!  In this time, you can receive 15% Bonus Shares!  Make sure you watch the countdown clock on the SUPER Early Bird Bonus "Reward" tab in Green on our page: !  

Please share this with your friends and family that love animation and want to be a part of a new indy entertainment company on the ground floor!  

Viva La Animaton Revolution!  -Tom Bancroft, CEO

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