The Horror Equity Fund offering is now closed and is no longer accepting investments.

Horror Equity Fund

Film & Entertainment Investment Platform

Regulation Crowdfunding
Beverly Hills, CA
Accepting International Investment
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If You Love Horror, Own It!

Horror Equity Fund, Inc. (HEF)

Investing in Horror



Assists Content Creators with Funding – Accelerates Projects to Market

Works to Bring Investors Lower Risk Investments

Creates a Centralized Community where Fans and Investors, for the First Time, can Profit from their Passion


Establishes a cross-collateralized, diversified portfolio and profit participation strategy that mitigates risk 

and increases the opportunity for success.


(And please, check out the “Updates” below for the latest info!)

Shareholders in HEF may participate in defined, realized profits from all HEF projects past, present and future.

“Today, we are experiencing a new golden era in Horror entertainment. Our model establishes a cross-collateralized, diversified portfolio that mitigates risk and subsequently increases the opportunity for the highest return on investment. HEF curates, develops, and accelerates to market projects in film, television, virtual reality, augmented reality, live presentations, publishing, video gaming, merchandising, internet, and other transmedia categories, creating a unique portfolio of profit participation.  


Though the commitment to Horror and Thriller entertainment is thriving, the world of Horror has lacked a community where they can find one another, participate in and profit from this popular genre. Horror Equity Fund offers those fans, content creators and investors transparency, honesty, integrity and one of the deepest creative benches in Horror. 


Fans, Content Creators, and Investors will begin to experience the benefits of HEF and immediately participate in the Mutual Fund of Horror.”  

Marlon Schulman, Founder and CEO

The Investment


Class A Common Stock | $1 / share

If you invest, you're betting HEF will be worth more than $8.5M in the future.


At the bottom of this page, you can see details of the exclusive perks available to our investors.

HEF's mission is to establish itself as the premier destination for investors and content creators to join forces in making profitable horror properties in film, TV, gaming, live events and publishing.

Bringing a Breath of Fresh Air to Hollywood

The Problem

People who want to invest in the exciting and potentially lucrative business of entertainment cannot:

● Identify potential profitable projects

● Cherry-pick the very best

● Benefit from diversification

● Cross-collateralize their investment

● Significantly mitigate their risk

● Gain access to the single Highest ROI and Lowest Risk Segment of the entertainment industry.

Horror Fans and Content Creators are not being served by a single, unified platform.

"As a horror purist and one who has been heavily influenced by my father who was once called the “most dangerous filmmaker in the world,” I believe the landscape for filmmakers working outside the traditional system has not only changed but is poised to return to the visceral nature of what the giants who came before us all worked to achieve. With HEF's attention to our intentions and dedication to honorable business practices, it’s wonderful to see them working to restore the belief that #filmsusedtobedangerous."

George C. Romero, Director / Writer

"I love the way Horror Equity Fund makes mitigation of risk a top priority.

The fact that they are guided by honesty, integrity, and transparency is a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. They are going to help democratize the independent filmmaker's journey by watching out for the investor."

Scott Valentine, Excelsior Capital, Actor, Executive Producer

HEF's Solution

“Horror Equity Fund” and the “Federation Of Horror” offers Content – Funding – Experience – Community. HEF has vast knowledge and resources in the world of Horror and its team consists of professionals at the top of the gaming, film, production and entertainment fields. 

For the first time in entertainment, the HEF team will be aggregating the world of Horror in a single virtual location - The Federation of Horror – (FOH) where professionals, fans, horror merchandise, and information will exist side by side in a social media-driven  “stocked game preserve." 

The vast community of fans and professionals will become and act as part of that team, assuring pre and on-going publicity, activity, and mitigation of risk at the earliest stages. 

Backed by Industry Talent

Sean Patrick Flannery, Actor, The Boondock Saints

Bill Oberst, Jr., Actor, Krampus: The Christmas Devil

HEF Spreads the Risk

HEF is not a production company, but it offers investors, through direct investment into HEF, the opportunity, knowledge, and ability to participate and profit in this previously inaccessible world of entertainment. “Projects” include films, video games, AR/VR, live action entertainment, transmedia projects, board and card games, books, toys and other “horror-centric” entertainment properties. HEF is cognizant that “horror” is an elastic term subject to a relatively wide definition (i.e., occult, creatures, psychological thrillers, ghosts, revenge, science gone awry).

Direct investors in HEF gain participation in a cross-collateralized, diversified portfolio of professionally accelerated long-lived Projects. HEF “spreads the risk” while increasing the opportunity for the highest returns. HEF builds upon a proven business model and adds additional value. HEF’s flexible and scalable model accommodates Projects of all sizes, offering partnership potential with the largest possible array of studios, advertisers, distributors, sponsors and media companies.


HEF prides itself on...

● Expert selection 

● A reverse-engineered product where we attempt to identify distribution before funding

● Acceleration to market, cross-collateralization and diversification 

● Ability to “cherry-pick” Projects for direct HEF funding

● Purchasing power and distribution market potential from social media

We Believe "Horror" is a Flexible Term

Filmmakers Attest to Our Success

"Brian and Marlon are a rare find in today’s entertainment business and we look forward to the opportunity to partner with them and HEF.  All of us at Nandar Pictures are excited to watch their journey and the success HEF will bring to the Horror Industry."

Nancy Criss, Producer/Director,

The Creepy Chronicles

"For my writing partner and myself as screenwriters ("Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!"), HEF has been a joy to work with. They are amazingly insightful as to the nuts and bolts of a horror screenplay, providing excellent feedback on character, story development, and that all-important horror movie element, jacking up the tension and scares."

Ron Brawer, Writer, Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!

"As a new indie filmmaker seeing the struggles of so many, much more talented than I, I have been wondering what the solution to these woes could be - and then I saw this and was like, This is amazing. I genuinely believe what you guys doing is what's needed right now for the industry!"

Paddy Murphy, Irish Filmmaker

Welcome to The Golden Era of Horror Entertainment

Since 2010, the Top Films Based on ROI Have ALL BEEN HORROR

Horror is a $7 Billion Market (and Growing)

“Horror continues to be one of the bright spots during a roller coaster year at the box office. This is a horror gold rush at the theaters... It's been perhaps the most consistently positive story this year."

- Paul Dergarabedian, comScore Senior Media Analyst  (emphasis added).

Next Stop? The $108B Gaming Market 

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the “New Frontier” — and particularly for horror content for which the total immersion experience of VR seems custom designed. 

With 130-150M headsets predicted to be in the VR/AR/Mobile Markets within the next 2-3 years and overall game software revenues to soon top $108B. ( insights)

Mobile Video Game Example:

The Room / The Room Two/Room Three

Approx. total production budget — $2.5m (The Room 1-3 based on current rate of exchange)

Revenues —  $10M. (The Room/The Room 2/The Room 3)

"No money spent on advertising. . . marketing . . . PR . . .analysts . . . analytics." - Barry Meade - Founder - Fireproof Games

Invest in Projects Like...



In Starleaf, hikers find a secret grove of extra-terrestrial marijuana growing in the Olympic Mountains, and must fight for their lives when they anger the other-worldly forces protecting the plants.



ZBurbs is a Zom-com, a triumph of love trapped in a Zombie apocalypse/government conspiracy that infects one suburban tract home, possibly right next door: "If you were dinner, you'd be home by now."

The Family Hurt


Thrice Bitten


Identity Theft


Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!


"Investing in horror does not have to be SCARY — only the project does."


HEF takes a profit position in projects across all media.

Project Fees and Profits

HEF owns a piece of each project and charges fees for services.

The Federation of Horror

Subscription, membership, and ad revenues.

Reg CF Raises

Fees for marketing and administering campaigns.


Careful Selection

Upon full financing, HEF will invest in carefully selected projects.

Deep Reach with Reg CF

HEF will run campaigns on Reg CF portals that use the synergy of FOH and our ability to reach the vast horror community.

Established Sources

HEF will engage with traditional and established funding sources.

What is The Federation of Horror?

Gathering fans, investors, and content creators in one centralized location.


  • Projects are submitted for consideration by community, vetted by individuals and organizations.


  • Direct-invests in "cherry-picked" projects.
  • Third party-traditional equity investments.


  • Obtains distributor input PRIOR to funding.
  • Distribution leads to multiple distribution partners.
  • VOD/OTT branded streaming service and OTT multi-channel network


  • Aggregation of global fans accessible to project creators.
  • Defined target audience: marketing, research, PR and direct sales.
  • Membership program providing benefits.
  • Paid “premium” services (collectible merchandise, events).

More Industry Support

"I’m thrilled about the ongoing relationship with the team at HEF. It’s an excitingly robust business model and HEF continues to be a solid partner not only for producing, filmmaking and screenwriting students but all the rest of us horror filmmakers as well! It’s fantastic to have a creative and financial venue available to all of us."

Rich Thorne, Producing Chair of the New York Film Academy

"HEF is an excellent resource for emerging and seasoned independent filmmakers seeking a transparent and focused partner for their financial raise. Their dedication to each of their project is indisputable and we look forward to working with them on future projects.” 

Luke Taylor, Founder & Executive

Buffalo 8 Productions

"Indie filmmakers need all the help they can get, and HEF is there to help keep the horror of movies out of your creative life and up on the screen where it belongs!"

Stacy Title & Jonathan Penner, Directors, Writers and Producers, The Bye Bye Man

HEF Consultants

Our team of consultants has years of experience across major films and brands.

Craig Allen, Spark Unlimited – Gaming, VR/AR

Devon Blaine, The Blaine Group – PR

Jeff Buhler, Writer

Dean Cundey, Cinematographer/Director

Jesyca Durchin, Nena Media – Gaming

Anthony Ferrante, Director

Jordan Fields, Shout Factory – Distribution/Video/Sales

Jeffrey Giles, Automatic Entertainment – Distribution/Sales

Larry Goebel, Imagination World Wide – Distribution/Sales

Alejandro Hildalgo, Directing/Writing

Louise Levison, Business Plan, Financial Advisor

George C. Romero, Romero Pictures – Director/Producer

Franco Sama, Production Finance

George E. Sinski, ECD Gericsin Entertainment Group

Anne Stimac, Product Placement

Alyssa Padia Walles, Gaming

Straw Weisman, Production/Post Production

HEF Strategic Partners

HEF has carefully selected strategic partners to assure our projects are brought to market. 

Acort International

Sales and distribution 

Arena Cinelounge

Independent theater chain

Ascension Media

Production, marketing, VFX

Brain Damage Films

Sales and distribution


Film financing against union bonds

Buffalo 8

Film finance 

Dark Sky Pictures


Digital Cube

European post house, financing

Excelsior Capital Partners

Film finance


Graphic novel publishing

Gore Shriek

Horror genre comic books

Happy Trails Animation

Animation and graphic design 

Ikan Corp

Film accessories and equipment

Nandar Entertainment

Production, distribution, sales 

Moving Picture Media Group

Production, finance, consultants

Platinum Studios

Film/TV, games, graphic novels

Puzzle Tree Media

Academy award winning VFX

The Horror Community is Behind HEF

"HEF is the Indie filmmakers new go to company for Horror. Through my lens they look pretty darn good!"

Dean Cundy, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner for Cinematography, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future

"HEF provides and wonderful creative environment and support system for film artists and financiers. Horror Cinema is a true community and HEF represents the best of that spirit. I am excited to see the incredible projects that come to fruition through their work."

Jeff Buhler, Writer,

Midnight Meat Train, Jacob’s Ladder

"We truly are inspired by what [Horror Equity Fund] is doing."

Nora Unkel, Producer, Writer, Director

A Nightmare of Wakes

"What’s most amazing about HEF is that no one thought of putting something like this together until now."

"HEF will allow fans to be involved in, and possibly profit from, what they love: horror! From films and TV to comics, books and toys, the world of horror is a massive force which HEF plans to make manageable. As a 40-year horror veteran, I wish them success!"

 Tom Skulan, FantaCo Enterprises

"What’s most amazing about HEF is that no one thought of putting something like this together until now. What a tremendous soup-to-nuts resource for horror filmmakers."

Grant Cramer, Actor, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, ProducerLone Survivor

An Investment With Perks*

*Investors will be contacted by HEF at the conclusion of the Offering for Investor's Selection of Desired Perk.

$100 Investment


30 Day Free Trial on Shudder


35% off any Zombie Gnome


From Chris and Jane's Place: Zombie Gnomes

$250 Investment

Choice of:

Zombie Gnome and Book

(Legless Larry or Patient Zero)

$41.50 retail value


$50 Ikan Gift Card

Filmmaker Accessories


$25 Gift Card

Dinner and 2 movie tickets from FANDANGO

$500 Investment

Choice of:

Zombie Gnomes and Book

(Rising Herd)

$81.50 retail value


$100 Ikan Gift Card


$50 Gift Card for Dinner and 2 movie tickets from FANDANGO


1 Year Membership to Shudder

$47.88 retail value


Any two perks from the lower tiers

1 Full Year of Shudder Streaming Service

The Rising Herd & Zombie Gnome Book

Dinner and a Movie

$1000 Investment

Choice of:

Zombie Gnome Collection

$137 retail value


$200 Ikan Gift Card


$100 Gift Card and 2 movie tickets from FANDANGO


Any two perks from the lower tiers

Zombie Gnome Collection & Book

Dinner and a Movie

$2,500 Investment

Choice of:

Oscar B-20 Camera Backpack ($159.99) and $50 Ikan Gift Card


"Thank You" in Credits in a HEF Produced Film



Any two perks from the lower tiers

Camera Case Backpack

Comes with the Backpack!

"Thank You" film credit

$5,000 Investment

Choice of:

Fly X3 Plus Gimbal ($259.99)


Visit to the Set 

and Walk-on in a HEF Produced Film 

and Thank You in Credits of a HEF Produced Film**



Any two perks from the lower tiers

Camera not included

3 Axis Gimbal

"Thank you" Credit!

$10,000 Investment

Choice of:

DS2A Angled Gimbal ($749)


 Visit to the Set 

and Walk-on in HEF Produced Film

and 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation in Film Location

and Thank You in Credits of a HEF Produced  Film**



Any two perks from the lower tiers

Camera not included

Angled 3 Axis Gimbal

Walk-On, 2 nights Hotel and a Thank you!

$25,000 Investment

Choice of:

EC1-Beholder 3-axis Gimbal plus Monitor ($1399)


a SPEAKING ROLE in HEF Produced Film and 2 Nights Hotel at the Location**



Any two perks from the lower tiers

Camera not included

3 Axis Gimbal and Monitor

A Speaking Role and 2 Nights Hotel!

$50,000 Investment

Choice of:

Armor Man 2 Gravity ($2399)


and a SPEAKING ROLE in a HEF Produced Film

and 2 Nights Hotel at the Location and Airfare***



You can also trade your $50K perk for any of the perks above

Armor Man 2 Gravity  Camera Stabilizing System

A Speaking Role, 2 Nights Hotel, and Airfare!

$100,000 Investment

Indie Filmmaker Starter Kit from Ikan "Because We're Filmmakers too". Tripod, 7" articulating arm, Fly Plus 3 Axis Gimbal for Smartphones with extra battery, DS2A - Beholder Gimbal with a DH7 monitor kit, Mylo Mini Bi-Color 2 Point LED light kit, Micro Flood Light, Micro Spot on Camera Light, Onyx 240 Bi Color On-Camera LED light, 2 Stage Aluminum Tripod w/GH06 Head, Oscar DV Bag with Dolly, Saddle Sandbag & Weight Bag, Production Slate, Lyra/Rayden/Onyx Light Kit. 

$4621.62 Retail Value


Gravity 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal System for Cinema Cameras & DSLRs w/ Motion Mimicking Control System & Hard Case.

$4799 Retail Value.


Any two perks from the lower tiers

Indie Filmmaker Starter Kit - Gimble, Lights, Cases, Sliders, and more 

Only two available at this investment level.

Camera not included

Ultimate Handheld Cinema Gimbal

         Additionally, All investors will receive a certificate of investment to display proudly!                       Certificate is ceremonial and has no financial value.

All investors will receive 35% off any Zombie Gnome from Chris and Jane's Place: Zombie Gnomes

**At these perk levels, investors are responsible for their own travel; location might not be in Los Angeles.

***Airfare must be coach and domestic. Travel is provided for two people.

At the conclusion of the CF raise, Investors will be contacted by HEF to confirm and finalize the Investor’s choice of perk(s). All perks will be handled and distributed by HEF and/or our associates.


Exactly what is the “Supermarket of Horror”?

It’s the place where horror fans and investors can find a wide array of projects in which to invest.  This includes all things horror such as films, television, graphic novels, video games, memorabilia, services, etc. 

How can I be sure the Horror Equity Fund, Inc., is an SEC compliant company?

We have gone to great lengths to hire and confer with a team of legal experts known for their expertise in the arena of crowd investing and SEC compliance. 

Do I have a choice which entertainment projects I can invest in?

When you invest in HEF you invest in all of our endeavors.  Your investment is both diversified and cross-collateralized, and that minimizes your risk.  Of course, that doesn’t preclude you from investing in individual projects that HEF offers up for funding.

What kind of entertainment projects does the fund invest in?

If it’s Horror and Thriller, we will consider it.  We will look at graphic novels, books, live events – like haunted houses and hayrides to escape rooms, computer games and apps, 3D VR interactive, TV series and events, and of course, films.

Why is the Horror Equity Fund different from other entertainment investment opportunities?

a.   We are currently the only community company that focuses exclusively on the potential high ROI of Horror and the mitigation of risk associated with the genre.

b.   We implement and run (jointly manage) the marketing campaign for our clients that use our crowd investing platform.

c.    We have identified and answered the three main obstacles for the independent filmmaker, giving access to money, talent, and distribution.

d.   We strive for the greatest of mitigation of risk to the investor through diversification, cross-collateralization and initial “high-threshold” qualification. 

What is a cross-collateralized portfolio?

When you invest in a single property, your money is at the whim of that projects success or failure.  By investing in HEF, you’re investing in multiple properties and spreading the risk across a given number of projects in a variety of media (Film, TV, Publishing, Games, AR/VR). In addition, HEF will exploit other revenue streams from our community website, P&A fund, Casting fund, and various services, all with any eye of minimizing risk and maximizing profit.

How do you choose your projects?

We are a team of seasoned professionals that have carefully vetted and hand-picked what 

we consider the projects with the highest profit potential.  We review the concept and package, and review for potential profitability. If the project is a good fit then we dig deeper in the IP and review and evaluate the script.

I’ve noticed some low budget horror films are showing large returns at the box office these days.  What do you anticipate your film budgets to be at?

Horror Equity Fund is philosophically budget agnostic. We anticipate films ranging from micro-budget (under$250,000) to multi-million-dollar properties.  The majority of the films that we look at currently are well under $5 million. We believe that the budget has to be as tight as can be without doing harm to the filmmaker’s vision, and large enough to give the creator all the necessary tools to do their very best.

How does HEF make investing in horror-centric entertainment less risky?

We start with the script.  We have a team of highly professional filmmakers and development executives who “know” what makes great movies and understand the market.  We have a unique concept of “reverse engineering” our projects by conferring with distributors, trying to assure that every film has a plan for distribution and thus, a way of returning on investment.  We also put an accountant on every project (if commercially reasonable), reporting to us as to the proper and professional utilization of funds; and lastly, we are committed to changing the perception of investment in Hollywood and film as unreliable and untrustworthy.  We know and deeply appreciate that our ultimate goal is to make investors “repeat customers” – and we try to do everything that helps make that goal a reality. 

Can you explain the Federation of Horror and how it’s a part of HEF?

Federation of Horror is HEF’s Horror Community Aggregation site. We are building a home for fans, content creators, and investors to meet, exchange ideas, shop, find resources. We foresee a place where there are discounts on entertainment related goods and services, access to companies that provide those services, educational videos, and the ability to exchange ideas with experts in all things horror. While the site will be free to visit, there will be subscription services that will include a crowd-sourcing track. The crowd-sourcing track will give projects approved by the subscriber’s access to HEF for funding and acceleration to market.

If I invest in Horror Equity Fund, do I get anything?

You are awarded OWNERSHIP in what we believe is one of the most awesome companies around. Apart from reaping the potential reward of the highest return on investment segment in entertainment, there are some amazing gifts coming your way as a “thank you” for investing in HEF.  Depending on the level of investment, “perks” range from Zombie Garden Gnomes to dinner and a movie on HEF to a speaking role in one of HEF’s produced films.  And that’s just the beginning.  We are rolling out rewards on every level during our campaign with you in mind. In addition, EVERY investor will receive a digital Certificate of Investment suitable for proudly displaying, BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE – everyone receives a 30 day FREE TRIAL to SHUDDER the horror movie streaming service.

A View From Above

In the Press

Rex Sikes' Movie Beat talks with team behind Horror Equity Fund, LLC

Horror Equity Fund, LLC leads the industry in genre-specific funding solutions for horror-centric projects including films, ancillary rights exploitation and other horror-related projects. Unlike “pre-sale” or donation-based crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, which solicit donations or contrib

Print Feature

Under media and Entertainment, HEF looks to make investing in Horror a little less scary.

Nothing Scary About Horror Equity Fund

Marlon Schulman and Brian Herskowitz have been in the entertainment business long enough to know it is far from a meritocracy. Many factors influence what you see and what you don’t beyond the quality of the script or uniqueness of the concept: Cost, personal preferences/biases, star power, or lack

Horror Equity Fund disrupts horror entertainment financing

Los Angeles, CA–Investing in the entertainment industry can be scary, but Horror Equity Fund attempts to lessen the fear and mitigate the risk with its proprietary evaluation process.

Tony Timpone Joins the Horror Equity Fund

Former Fangoria alumnus and now Dread Central’s Tony Timpone has something big cooking for horror fans as he’s just joined the Horror Equity Fund.

Episode 119 – Horror Equity Fund with Brian and Marlon!

This week we have two very special guests, Brian Herskowitz and Marlon Schulman from Horror Equity Fund! We hear all about what the Horror Equity Fund is, what it does and how they work with filmmakers and investors to make the business side of filmmaking work!


The Horror Equity Fund (HEF) CEO/Founder Marlon Schulman, CCO Brian Herskowitz, and all at HEF are thrilled to welcome Tony Timpone on board as Senior Vice President. Timpone was the former Executive Editor-in-Chief at Fangoria with a magnificent resume in horror.

Horror Equity Fund with Brian Herskowitz

Brian recently became the Chief Creative Officer for Horror Equity Fund, a revolutionary new company that develops, accelerates to market, and funds entertainment projects in the Horror genre arena of the entertainment industry. As CCO, Brian is credited as EP or Co-EP with a number of their baker’s

The World’s 15 Bloody Best Genre Fests, 2018

Put all the people who’ve weathered hurricanes’ swift destruction of communities, withstood the wrath of earthquakes, lived in the shadow of nuclear threats, and endured the horror of random gun violence in a room together, and they’ll agree on one thing: We are scared.

Horror Equity Fund Welcomes Tony Timpone As Senior Vice President

Horror Equity Fund is the ground-breaking platform and community for fans, content creators and investors focused exclusively on horror-centric projects and films with the head office located in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Tony Timpone Joins the Horror Equity Fund

Former Fangoria alumnus and now Dread Central’s Tony Timpone has something big cooking for horror fans as he’s just joined the Horror Equity Fund. What’s that, you ask? Read on for the details. From the Press Release: Former Editor-in-Chief at Fangoria and well-respected genre authority Tony Timpone

Offering Summary

Maximum 1,070,000 shares of common stock ($1,070,000)

Minimum 10,000 shares of common stock ($10,000)

Horror Equity Fund, Inc.

Corporate Address
208 S. Beverly Drive, Ste 204, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Description of Business
Horror Equity Fund (HEF) was born of the necessity for a central place for professionals, fans, and investors to meet, offer services, find opportunities, discover content, and find funding for horror-centric projects.

Type of Security Offered
Class A Common Stock (Non-Voting)
Purchase Price of Security Offered
$1 per share

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 


$100 Investment Receive: 30 Day Free Trial on Shudder

$250 Investment: Choice of: Zombie Gnome and Book (Legless Larry or Patient Zero) $41.50 retail value OR $50 Ikan Gift Card Filmmaker Accessories OR $25 Gift Card Dinner and 2 movie tickets from FANDANGO

$500 Investment: Choice of: Zombie Gnomes and Book (Rising Herd) $81.50 retail value OR $100 Ikan Gift Card OR $50 Gift Card for Dinner and 2 movie tickets from FANDANGO OR 1 Year Membership to Shudder $47.88 retail value OR Any two perks from the lower tiers

$1000 Investment Choice of: Zombie Gnome Collection $137 retail value OR $200 Ikan Gift Card OR $100 Gift Card and 2 movie tickets from FANDANGO OR Any two perks from the lower tiers

$2,500 Investment  Choice of: Oscar B-20 Camera Backpack ($159.99) and $50 Ikan Gift Card OR "Thank You" in Credits in a HEF Produced Film Priceless OR Any two perks from the lower tiers

$5,000 Investment:  Choice of: Fly X3 Plus Gimbal ($259.99) OR Visit to the Set  and Walk-on in a HEF Produced Film  and Thank You in Credits of a HEF Produced Film** Priceless OR Any two perks from the lower tiers

$10,000 Investment: Choice of: DS2A Angled Gimbal ($749) OR  Visit to the Set and Walk-on in HEF Produced Film and 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation in Film Location and Thank You in Credits of a HEF Produced  Film** Priceless OR Any two perks from the lower tiers

$25,000 Investment: Choice of: EC1-Beholder 3-axis Gimbal plus Monitor ($1399) OR a SPEAKING ROLE in HEF Produced Film and 2 Nights Hotel at the Location** Priceless OR Any two perks from the lower tiers

$50,000 Investment: Choice of: Armor Man 2 Gravity ($2399) or and a SPEAKING ROLE in a HEF Produced Film and 2 Nights Hotel at the Location and Airfare** Priceless OR You can also trade your $50K perk for any of the perks above

$100,000 Investment: Indie Filmmaker Starter Kit from Ikan "Because We're Filmmakers too". Tripod, 7" articulating arm, Fly Plus 3 Axis Gimbal for Smartphones with extra battery, DS2A - Beholder Gimbal with a DH7 monitor kit, Mylo Mini Bi-Color 2 Point LED light kit, Micro Flood Light, Micro Spot on Camera Light, Onyx 240 Bi Color On-Camera LED light, 2 Stage Aluminum Tripod w/GH06 Head, Oscar DV Bag with Dolly, Saddle Sandbag & Weight Bag, Production Slate, Lyra/Rayden/Onyx Light Kit. $4621.62 Retail Value OR Gravity 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal System for Cinema Cameras & DSLRs w/ Motion Mimicking Control System & Hard Case. $4799 Retail Value. OR Any two perks from the lower tiers

Additionally, All investors will receive a certificate of investment to display proudly! Certificate is ceremonial and has no financial value.

**At these perk levels, investors are responsible for their own travel; location might not be in Los Angeles.

***Airfare must be coach and domestic. Travel is provided for two people.

At the conclusion of the CF raise, Investors will be contacted by HEF to confirm and finalize the Investor’s choice of perk(s). All perks will be handled and distributed by HEF and/or our associates.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary payments to Company founders Marlon Schulman and Brian Herskowitz. As identified previously in the "Use of Funds", the Company may repay portions or all of the related party notes.

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Most recent fiscal year-end:
Prior fiscal year-end:
Total Assets
$6,503.00 USD
$1,470.00 USD
Cash And Cash Equivalents
$6,503.00 USD
$1,470.00 USD
Accounts Receivable
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Short Term Debt
$3,488.00 USD
$1,105.00 USD
Long Term Debt
$57,047.00 USD
$47,743.00 USD
Revenues And Sales
$5,000.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Taxes Paid
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
Net Income
-$6,704.00 USD
-$47,578.00 USD


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


First Official Update for HEF Shareholders!

over 4 years ago


First of all, we’d like to thank you for your support and faith in HEF.

It is very much appreciated.

Here is what is going on:

Since the Campaign closed, there has been a continuing period of time where StartEngine arranges the transfer of funds to HEF. Because HEF had not taken any “draw” during the campaign, all individuals pledges had to be cleared through individual card and banking entities.

As of this date, certain individual investments have not yet been cleared.

Certain other individuals have had “problems” with their investment – please check your email boxes (including SPAM) for communications from StartEngine as to what to do!

HEF has received most, but not all, of the invested funds, but, we HAVE been granted permission to write and post this update.

Happily, we just received your individual contact info!

Please expect communication directly from HEF soon asking about your choice of perks for which you might qualify.

We will then arrange for the perk(s) to be delivered to you, as well as send you the appropriate CODES for the SHUDDER streaming service!

We apologize for the delay and assure you we are committed to moving forward as quickly as possible.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to write directly to and identify yourself as a  HEF SHAREHOLDER!

We are working hard on some exciting projects – so make sure to register on the HEF website for our

And once again – thank you for your faith and support.



One Day Left! This is it!

over 4 years ago

This is it! 

We don't know if this opportunity will be available again to all fans, creators or investors!

We do know that these exact circumstances are a "moment in time" that will certainly never be available again to all fans, creators or investors!

While this campaign has been underway, the entire HEF Team has been working diligently on seeking out, reviewing and signing projects that fit the Company's core values and our commitment to mitigating risk to the investors.

We recently announced our partnership with ERIC RED (The Hitcher, Near Dark, Body Parts, and more) and further projects will be announced as they are officially signed.

Take the leap NOW and join HEF as a shareholder!


One Day Left To INVEST!

over 4 years ago

Creator of Near Dark & The Hitcher partners with Horror Equity Fund for new horror movie, White Knuckle

over 4 years ago

Visionary writer/director, Eric Red, is teaming with Horror Equity Fund for the new horror movie, WHITE KNUCKLE. Eric will direct from a screenplay based on his novel of the same name. Horror fans know Eric as the writer of genre favorites, Near Dark (1987) and The Hitcher (1986). He is also the writer/director of Body Parts (1991) and Bad Moon (1996).  

WHITE KNUCKLE tells a gripping story of female empowerment. The film follows a woman who survives an attack by a serial killer, and then takes it upon herself to stop him from hurting anyone else.  

Eric Red says, “I’m very excited to be joining forces with Marlon Schulman, Brian Herskowitz and Tony Timpone at Horror Equity Fund for my new film, WHITE KNUCKLE. It’s a great team to be working with making a terrifying road thriller in the tradition of THE HITCHER.”

Tony Timpone says, "Very happy that the first project I brought into Horror Equity Fund to be fast-tracked is Eric Red's super-kinetic WHITE KNUCKLE. Eric's previous work in the genre, THE HITCHER, NEAR DARK and BODY PARTS, were unique and terrifying. WHITE KNUCKLE will keep people off the highways like JAWS kept 'em out of the water. And HEF supporters can be part of the ride!"

LAST CHANCE - 29th it's OVER!

over 4 years ago

January 29th - the END of THIS CAMPAIGN

Don't be left out! You've waited long enough! 

Take the plunge and INVEST IN HORROR! (and pick up a cool (or horrible!) PERK!) 

(I am looking you straight in the eye!):

Here is your chance to own a piece of an entertainment company laser-focused on the highest ROI segment of the film market!

Here is a opportunity, whether you are a fan, a creator or investor to perhaps "Profit From Your Passion!" And unlike "The Postman": Opportunity might not knock more than once!  



over 4 years ago

The last update referred to certain individuals whose email address was not "recognized" or "accepted" by the site. It wold appear that they tired to invest, but that they received no "confirmation email" of any sort.  

Appropriate levels of support at StartEngine are looking into that circumstance. 

If any prospective investor has received an email indicating that their investment has been accepted - but their card (if that is how that investor chose to pay) appears not to have been yet charged - NEVER FEAR! That is normal until such time as there has been a "closing" and/or the end of the campaign. Neither circumstance in this campaign has yet occurred. Detaisl can be found elsewhere on the StartEngine site.


Spread the Word! 

Tell Your Friends! 

Please know that there is a great deal going on "Behind the Scenes" & we will announce all asap! 

Thank you all for your support! 

Having trouble INVESTING? (Site Trouble)

over 4 years ago


 We have been alerted that some prospective investors in HEF have recently had difficulty registering their investments. 

STARTENGINE  has been alerted and will be addressing the problem (hopefully) immediately. 


 If you have experienced (or do experience) any such trouble – please write directly to with your name, date of trouble, and contact information. 

We will forward the same to StartEngine and rectify the problem! 

Thank you! 

Exciting Partnership with

over 4 years ago

Horror Equity Fund Announces Partnership with

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with HNN!

The HEF/HNN alliance creates a new space where fans and pros can be participants in every level of the horror experience, from conception to investment to production!

Michael Joy, HNN Operations Manager said, "We are excited about this partnership and all of its possibilities. Marlon, Brian, and VP Tony Timpone at Horror Equity Fund are creating a once in a lifetime investment opportunity for horror fans. Fans are now able to own shares in a horror company and its movies and other projects. can't wait to support them in their endeavors and add our own twisted flavor to the mix.
To quote Hellraiser, We have such sights to show you!’"

HEF Film in TOP TEN of 2017!

over 4 years ago

Congratulations to the Cast & Crew!

ZBurbs Makes TMS' "Top Ten Independent Horror Films - 2017"

HEF is proud that Raul of "The Movie Sleuth" (TMS) has declared our latest release


"One of the Best Independent Horror films of this past year!" 

(And HEF Investors may participate in defined profits!)

Remember: There's Only a LIMITED TIME REMAINING to Invest!

ZBurbs is Now Available thru iTunes, Amazon and other outlets

Oh Yeah, Happy New Year!

over 4 years ago

Let's Remember That This Is Our Home

In 2018, Let's Treat It As Such! 

...and while we're at it:  

Let's Do Unto Others As We Would Have Them Do Unto Us! 


From the Entire HEF Team 

Earth Pic Courtesy of NASA - Used By Permission

We've Surpassed the Minimum Raise!

over 4 years ago

With your help, HEF just reached a MILESTONE, and so we are announcing this:


Now frankly, we don't HAVE anything to ship that wasn't already going to be SHIPPED FOR FREE  - but it sure makes us feel good to be able to announce this SPECIAL OFFER!                                                                   

FREE SHUDDER Streaming Service - Limited Time Availability!

over 4 years ago


over 4 years ago

Hello Everyone! $ome Exciting NEW$ from HEF!

Numerous people have asked

HEF sounds GREAT! 

But before I purchase – I need/want an EXIT $TRATEGY! 

  • Can I transfer my shares? When? 
  • How exactly does my investment in HEF make ME money? 
  • And WHEN? “

 So, here’s the answerwithin the limits of what we can say under SEC rules and regulations: 


You can sell/transfer your shares! Here’s how: 

The shares sold from this offering have a one-year period before becoming unrestricted and are able to be freely sold (or given as a gift) through a transfer agent.

We anticipate that there will be, in the relatively near future, the establishment of an expansive, secondary market for the securities, much like there is one already for Large Online Public Offering shares (Title IV) (HEF is being presently sold as a Small Online Public Offering (Reg. CF))

Reg. CF Shareholders are generally restricted from reselling their shares for a one-year period after they were issued, unless the shares are transferred:

  • to the company that issued the securities (that’s HEF);
  • to an accredited investor;
  • to a family member (defined as a child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, stepparent, grandparent, spouse or spousal equivalent, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, including adoptive relationships.);
  • in connection with your death or divorce or other similar circumstance;
  • to a trust controlled by you or a trust created for the benefit of a family member; as part of an offering registered with the SEC.

See more at:

And there’s more, even if you don’t sell or transfer your shares.  

HEF shareholders can experience a “liquidity event (timed events that will allow shareholders to sell their shares such as in a BUYBACK by the from you, the shareholder. While none are currently planned, we know that such an “event” is something you, the shareholder wants – and:

Our goal is to give that to you!

 AND, while not anticipated for some time, if at all, another way your investment can earn you money is through dividends that might be paid to shareholders by the Company. 

There may be other methods of profiting from your investment shares that are not yet available, and we will update as those become a reality.

In all cases, being part of the HEF Family will allow for any discounts, promotions, excitement and news to be passed directly to you.   

Feel free to ask questions - We will give prompt, on-point answers!

LEARN THE "SECRETS"! Founder Podcast on

over 4 years ago

Now, you can learn ALL the TRUTHS and SECRETS from HEF Co-Founders Marlon and Brian! 

(Well, we hope you'll learn something and be entertained - but "Truths & Secrets"? - maybe not so much!) 

Visit thru the link below and listen to a podcast you just will not believe! 

(Well, actually, we think you will totally believe and understand everything that is talked-about!)

"Tune in"! Have Fun! 

Spread the word (and the link)!

Thank you! 

(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at Free 

REDDIT AMA is now OPEN! Please Go To:

over 4 years ago

All Questions: Many Answers! 

About ...just about everything! 

 - Here is your chance to ask the Founders about: 

- Horror!

- Plans! 

- HEF!

- Baseball! 

- Your Choice!

Please spread the news (and URL)! 

"Ask the FOUNDERS Anything!" An Online Press Conference - Monday, December 11th

over 4 years ago

Marlon Schulman (HEF CEO) & Brian Herskowitz (HEF CCO) say:

We are hosting a Reddit AMA! 
Follow us @MarlonSchulman, and go to the AMA general page HERE 
Join us LIVE on Monday, December 11th between 9am - 2pm Pacific Time!" 

A "Reddit AMA" is an online site. Users may post 'AMAs' (for "Ask Me Anything"), or similarly "AMAAs" (for "Ask Me Almost/Absolutely Anything".) Visitors are invited to ask questions about virtually any topic. 

AMAs are open to all Reddit users. The site's comment system is used for both questions and answers.

It is similar to a press conference but online

So here is your long-awaited chance! 

Get your questions answered about:

  • HEF 
  • Equity crowdfunding 
  • Horror/Thrillers 
  • Movies
  • AR/VR projects 
  • Production
  • Screenwriting
  • Why "doughnut holes" used to be free and now are not, BUT addictive!  

So please, come and join the online press conference! 

You can jump in at any time! 

10% Percent OFF - Another DISCOUNT for Investors!

over 4 years ago

We are excited to announce that ALL INVESTORS (at any level) will receive a TEN PERCENT (10%) Discount on purchases made directly through the website of:  

                                                       ikan - A Company of Filmmakers

HEF is so pleased to be able to bring even MORE VALUE to our investors through the support of our expert partner! 

(Discounts will be made available after the conclusion of the HEF Campaign) 

FREE 35% Off Coupon for ALL INVESTORS (any level) - Give A Good Home To a ZOMBIE GNOME!

over 4 years ago

By SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT with our perk partner, Chris and Jane's Place,  ALL investors (any level) will receive*:

 a FREE 35% OFF coupon for the ZOMBIE GNOME of your choice

Buy one! Buy three! Create your own marauding (but staggering) horde!

UnDead Gnomes! Just Dead Gnomes! Naughty Gnomes! Drunk Gnomes! (my personal favorite) Groups! Couples!         "We...Are...Fam-i-ly!"

Make a Statement! 

Oh! What fun you'll have! 

They make Fabulous Holiday gifts to your loved ones (and enemies):

*But remember -  The actual COUPONS (and their use) will only be delivered AFTER the conclusion of the Campaign. 

HEF's second film "ZBurbs" a HIT with Reviewers!

over 4 years ago

ZBurbs is a hit with Ben Cahlamer of Spoiler Free Movie Sleuths

Read the first review RIGHT HERE!

And we are pleased to say that more positive reviews have followed . We will be posting them shortly. 

Look for more NEWS very soon! We have some new PARTNERS and HEF is in serious negotiations with talent for our Projects. 

Please - Spread the Word: IF YOU LOVE HORROR - BE A SHAREHOLDER!

Horror Equity Fund (HEF) @ American Film Market (AFM)

over 4 years ago

HEF founders Marlon Schulman and Brian Herskowitz. along with Sr. VP Tony Timpone had a full week at the AMERICAN FILM MARKET (AFM). Non-stop meetings and lunches on the go were the norm for all seven days of the premiere film market event in the United States. 

HEF met with filmmakers, distributors, sales reps, and studios from all over the world and formed new alliances with companies in Spain, Columbia, Ukraine, as well as New York and Arizona! Projects were pitched, new relationships formed, and old ones were solidified. 

All will add to the worth of HEF to investors. All in all, a very productive and exciting week!

Welcome and Thanks...and more!

over 4 years ago

Its been a tremendously exciting week! 

Scrambling up to the launch; the launch; first investors (thank you!) and Press Releases going out across the country! 

Our animated "Brand Ambassadors" - Herbie & Julie have been out there via Twitter, FB, Direct email, Instagram and LinkedIn, tongues planted firmly in cheek - explaining and extolling the virtues and model of HEF. And the reaction has been GREAT!

 We just concluded a very busy American Film Market and will be posting soon about developments all good!) and some new Strategic partners: all of which will be, no doubt, of great interest to prospective and present investors! 

So please, check back soon for more info and announcements! And don't be shy about asking questions - we truly believe in "honesty, transparency and integrity": so the more clarity - the better! Tell your fiends, errr..friends!

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